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重庆省妇幼保健院做输卵管通液多少钱重庆爱德华医院专家挂号重庆那个医院便宜还好 After its attempts to digest romance novels, one of Google#39;s artificial intelligence projects is now accidentally writing poetry, some of which would make the fictional Vogons proud.在读完几本言情小说后,谷歌公司开发的一项人工智能项目于偶然间写出了几段诗歌。其中一些可能会令沃贡人对自己种族的诗歌感到骄傲(沃贡人是小说《系漫游指南》中虚构的种族,以诗歌质量低下闻名)。Google is working with Stanford University and University of Massachusetts in the US to enhance the natural language skills of an AI technique called recurrent neural network language model (RNNLM), which is used within machine translation and image captioning among other tasks. It essentially builds sentences a single word at a time by analysing the previous words in that sentence.谷歌目前正在和斯坦福大学及马赛诸塞大学合作,改进一项名为循环神经网络语言模型的人工智能技术(RNNLM)。这项技术普遍应用于机器翻译和图像捕捉的任务中。而在人工智能搭建句子时,该技术会对句子中已有的单词进行分析,从而生成每个新的单词,在这一过程中起到至关重要的作用。Currently, RNNLM is not capable of implementing global themes or features, such as a set topic, within its sentence generation. Each sentence produced by the algorithms doesn#39;t necessarily flow smoothly into the next. The work, published as a paper through Cornell University#39;s open scientific paper archive, arXiv, details the researcher#39;s efforts to add the ability to apply a global theme to sentence generation using a system called a variational autoencoder and the results, including what could easily be mistaken for poetry.目前循环神经网络语言模型的组句部分尚不具备处理包括设定题目在内的全局主题和特征的能力,而这种算法产生的句子在前后衔接得并不顺畅。这项研究以论文的形式发表在康奈尔大学公开的论文库arXiv中。论文详细描述了研究者是如何运用名为变分自动编码器的系统帮助该算法实现识别全局主题的功能的,而得出的结果极易令人将其误认成诗歌。Some of it would arguably give Douglas Adams a run for his money, as the creator of the Vogons, the Hitchhiker#39;s Guide to the Galaxy and its Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning, during a recital of which “four of the audience members died of internal haemorrhaging and the president of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council survived only by gnawing one of his own legs off”, according to the book.道格拉斯·亚当斯创造的《系漫游指南》中一位诗人朗诵的《关于一个仲夏的清晨我在自己的腋下发现一团绿色胶泥的咏叹诗》糟糕到令“四位听了诗歌的委员会成员死于体内大出血,而中部艺术委员会的会长嚼完了自己的一条腿才保住了性命。”而如今人工智能写出的句子则烂到可以与这首诗一较高下了。The researchers fed the system starting and ending sentences and then asked it to fill in the gap. Below, the bolded text is what the researchers gave the algorithm and the text in between is what it produced. The results are generated by the machine based on what it learnt from thousands of romance novels, which made some of the topics “rather dramatic”, according to the authors of the paper.研究者准备了一段话的开头和结尾,要求系统进行填空。图中加粗的内容是研究者提供的内容,而两句话中间部分则是系统合成的内容。系统在阅读了上千本言情小说后才生成了这些句子。论文作者表示,看了这些言情小说令系统写出的一些句子“颇具戏剧性”。The generated sentences make grammatical sense, maintain a sort of theme and for the most part fit with the start and end sentence. Others weren#39;t quite as poetic, but still maintain the theme set by the start and ending sentences.这些句子合乎语法规则,遵循了同一主题,大部分内容与开头和结尾的句子相吻合。有些句子并未明显体现出诗的感觉,却仍能起到承上启下的作用。The results show interesting improvements in the ability of the machine to generate sentences that make sense together, which could led to much more human-like interactions with AI chatbots, perhaps even Google#39;s Now.上述结果反映了人工智能在生成有效句子方面富有趣味性的进步。这样的进步能促进人类和人工智能聊天机器人进行更多类人互动,互动的对象甚至可以扩展到谷歌的语音助手Now。 /201605/446488B News – Despite being closed to most foreigner visitors, North Korea may ironically be the saviour of one of the world#39;s greatest international migration routes - the avian East Asian Australasian Flyway.B新闻 – 尽管朝鲜对大多数外国游客闭关锁国,但颇有讽刺意味的是,它或许成了东亚 – 大洋洲这条世界最重要的国际候鸟迁徙路线的救星。Fifty million birds, from cranes to song birds, journey along the Flyway twice a year. Eight million of those are shorebirds - or waders. And for many thousands of those, North Korea#39;s west coast - on the Yellow Sea - is their sole stop-off point.从鹤类到鸣禽的5千万只鸟儿一年两次沿着迁徙路线奔波。其中8百万只是滨鸟 – 或鸻鹬类。对成千上万只鸟儿来说,黄海海域的朝鲜西海岸是唯一的中途停留点。In tidal mudflats, species such as the bar-tailed godwit,refuel on worms and molluscs. And the endangered great knots search for small clams.在潮汐滩涂上,斑尾塍鹬等鸟类靠吃蠕虫和软体动物补充体力。濒危的大滨鹬则搜寻蛤蚌。North Korea#39;s coast is considered so important because the shorelines of neighbouring nations - China and South Korea - have witnessed rapid and large-scale reclamation projects. Mudflats have been converted to dry land for agriculture and industrial development.朝鲜的海岸之所以被认为如此重要,是因为邻国中国和韩国的海岸线成了快速的大规模填海工程的地方。滩涂被改造成旱地作为农业和工业发展用地。Of the total area of Yellow Sea mudflat habitat which existed 50 years ago, only one third remains - according to shorebird ecology expert Richard Fuller of the University of Queensland, Australia.根据澳大利亚昆士兰大学的滨鸟生态专家富勒的说法,50年前存在的黄海滩涂栖息地总面积中,只剩下了三分之一。North Korea#39;s lack of development - compared to China and South Korea - means the country#39;s mudflats are largely intact. But the conservationists say the birds also benefit from there being fewer river-polluting factories, and lower levels of agricultural fertilisers and pesticides running off the land into the marine environment.与中国和韩国相比,朝鲜欠发展,这意味着该国的滩涂大部分完好无损。但环保人士说,鸟类还受益于那里污染河流的工厂较少,从陆地流入海洋环境的农业化肥和农药水平较低。 /201606/450621重庆妇幼保健院宫腔镜检查

重庆市爱德华医院治疗大便出血多少钱重庆妇科哪里医院正规 重庆市人民医院输卵管检查价格

江北沙坪坝区四维彩超多少钱Whether it is a married couple choosing a new car, two friends buying a holiday or business colleagues investing in stocks and shares, if one of the two is a woman then the pair will take fewer risks. 不管是夫妻挑选新车,两个朋友一起购买旅游度假产品,还是两个同事一起投资股票券,如果这两人中有一个是女性的话,那他们承担的风险就会小些。This means if you want a good deal, you should make sure there#39;s a woman in the negotiations. 这意味着如果你想完成一次比较成功的交易,你最好确定有一名女性参与到协商过程中来。A compromise is more likely when a woman is involved in the decision making, according to new research. 据一项新的研究显示,当有女性参与交易的最终决策时,形成折衷方案的可能性更大。Men making decisions together are dismissive of compromise and more likely to #39;assert their masculinity#39; by going for an extreme deal, says a study in the Journal of Consumer Research. 《消费者研究》杂志的一项研究显示,男性一起进行交易决策的时候,他们往往会对折衷的方案不屑一顾,而更倾向于通过极端的交易方案来显示自己的“男子气概”。Researchers from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College tested a range of buying and selling goods with a different range of prizes, on 900 pairs of volunteers.波士顿学院卡罗尔管理研究院的研究人员测试了900对志愿者在购买和销售价格各异的商品时的行为。#39;When men are in the presence of other men, they feel the need to prove their masculinity#39;, Professor Hristina Nikolova, lead author of the study said. 该研究报告的首席作者,哈里斯蒂娜#8226;尼科洛娃教授表示:“当男性和同性一起时,他们会感觉到需要明自己的男子气概。”#39;Both tend to push away from the compromise option because the compromise option is consistent with feminine norms. “他们双方都会避免折衷的选择,因为折衷的选择显得女性化。”#39;On the other hand, extremism is a more masculine trait so that#39;s why both male partners tend to prefer an extreme option when making decisions together.#39; “而另一方面,走极端的做法有着更加男性化的特征,所以两个男性一起做决定时,他们倾向于更极端的选择。”When a woman made a decision on buying with another man or woman, the outcome was more likely to involve a compromise. But two men together would end up at one extreme or the other. 当一名女性和一名男性或者另一名女性一起做购买决策时,最终结果更可能是一个折衷的方案。但是两个男性在一起的话最后的结果往往是走向极端。For instance, two men going to buy a car together would choose one which is the fastest, the most fuel efficient or the safest. 例如,当两名男性一起去购买汽车时,他们也许会选择速度最快的、或者最省油的、或者最安全的。But if a woman is involved in the deal either as a buyer or seller then the car chosen is more likely to be a compromise. She will not pick the safest, fastest or most fuel efficient but one that combines all factors. 但如果有一名女性参与到交易中,不管她是买方还是卖方,最终的选择就更有可能是一个折衷的结果。她不会选择最安全的、速度最快的,或者最省油的,而会选择这些方面特征都具备的。Women are more likely to go for the #39;Goldilocks effect#39;, the study reported - the name given to an aversion to extremes. 该研究表明,女性往往会遵从“金发女孩效应”——这种说法是出于对走极端做法的厌恶。The experiments involved 1,200 students conducting deals as pairs or individuals plus another 673 doing deals online. 本次实验中共有1200名学生两人结伴或者单独进行交易,另外还有673人进行网上交易.The deals ranged from discussing which printer to buy to paying different amounts for a lottery ticket but where the potential prizes ranged from high to low. 交易活动包括讨论买哪个打印机、投资多少钱买金额高低不等的票等等。#39;No matter what the product is, we see the same effects,#39; Professor Nikolova added. 尼科洛娃教授还说:“不管购买的产品是什么,我们都看到了相同的效应。”#39;The compromise effect basically emerges in any pair when there is a woman. “基本上只要两人中有女性,折衷效应就会出现。”#39;However, surprisingly, when you have men choosing together, they actually tend to push away from the compromise option and select one of the extreme options.#39; “而奇怪的是,当你让两名男性一起做决策的时候,他们真的会倾向于避免折衷选择,做出极端选择。”#39;Individuals and mixed-gender and female-female pairs will likely go for the middle option since it seems reasonable and is easily justified.#39; “单独行动、男女混合配对和两名女性配对的实验组更可能进行折衷选择,因为这样的选择似乎更合情理。”#39;In contrast to men,#39; said Professor Nikolova, #39;women act the same together as they would alone because they don#39;t need to prove anything in front of other women. 尼科洛娃教授说:“相对于两名男性的实验组,两名女性的实验组和女性单独行动的实验组交易行为差异不大,因为她们不需要在其他女性面前明什么。”#39;Womanhood is not precarious and does not need the same level of public defense as manhood. That#39;s why we observe the compromise effect in the joint decisions of two female partners.#39; “女性特质并不容易受到质疑,并不像男性特质那样需要在公共场所的活动中积极捍卫。这就是我们在女性配对进行决策的实验组中观察到折衷效应的原因。” /201608/460550 An 18-year-old Ohio woman is accused of using a social media app to film the alleged rape of her 17-year-old friend.近日,美国一名18岁的女性被指控使用一社交软件拍下了她17岁朋友被强奸的过程。Marina Lonina and Raymond Gates, 29, were charged last Wednesday with rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and pandering sexually-oriented matter involving a minor. The indictment said the alleged rape involved intercourse by force and the charge was not related to the alleged victim#39;s age.上周三,这名名叫玛丽娜·朗尼拉的女子和29岁的雷蒙德·盖茨被指控犯有强奸罪、绑架罪、性侵犯罪以及诱拐未成年少女罪。起诉书中写道,本次强奸罪涉及强迫发生性行为,但该指控并没有提及受害者的年龄。Periscope, an app for smartphones, uses a function to allow users to stream events live.Periscope是一款智能手机软件,用户可以使用视频功能记录生活中发生的点滴。Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O#39;Brien said Lonina and the victim were socializing with Gates at a home in Columbus on Feb. 27 when Gates raped the 17-year-old girl. Lonina used the Periscope app to livestream the assault.富兰克林县的检察长奥布赖恩表示,今年2月27日,在哥伦比亚的一处居所内,盖茨强奸了一名17岁的少女。当时朗尼拉也在场,并且她使用Periscope软件拍下了这一暴力行为。O#39;Brien said the motive for the livestreaming was unclear, but he said alcohol was a factor.奥布赖恩说,本次拍摄的动机尚不清楚,但酒精可能是一大因素。Lonina is also accused of taking nude photographs of the victim the night before the rape, according to WTTE-TV. The case came to light when authorities were contacted after an out-of-state friend of Lonina saw the images.据WTTE电视台报道,朗尼拉还被指控在发生强奸之前,拍下受害者的裸照。一位住在外州的朋友看到这些照片后告知了当局,这一案子才得以曝光。;People need to know and understand that the use of a smartphone to events can constitute serious felony crimes,; O#39;Brien said. ;They should think twice before they use their smartphones to either photograph or anything that#39;s of a sexual nature.;“人们需要知道并了解使用智能手机拍摄视频可能会构成滔天重罪,”奥布赖恩说。“他们在使用手机拍下或录下情色内容时,要三思而后行。”Lonina ;categorically denies these charges,; said her attorney Josh Bedtelyon. Gates is scheduled for arraignment Friday. He and Lonina each face up to 40 years in prison, if convicted.但朗尼拉的律师乔什·贝特尔昂却表示,她“断然否定了这些指控。”盖茨将于本月5日被传讯。如果被定罪,他和朗尼拉都将面临40年的有期徒刑。 /201604/438829重庆哪家医院做无痛人流比较好重庆妇幼保健院性激素六项检查



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