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S: you are an early bird, Tom. What do you do in the morning then?T: exercise. The morning hours are the most precious period within a single day. We should not pass them up easily. Seize the time and do something useful.S: so, you choose to spend it on bodybuilding. Where do you exercise?T: usually, I run to the Black Bamboo Park as a warm-up. Admission is free. Then I start my activites. S: do you do the same exercises every day?T: no, I've deliberately kept a balance between various exercises: parallel bars, push-ups, sit-ups, bunny-hops, five-kilometer run, and so on. I alternate them over the weekdays. Sometimes, when I find myself in a bad state, I will simply idle about in the park.S: why don't you just stay in bed when you feel unfit for exercising?T: It's not easy to keep a good habit, you know. I fear that if I fail to get up early one day, I may find it still more difficult to rise early the next. Besides, a mere walk in the early morning is much fun, too. Here and there in the park, you meet whole gangs of senior citizens who might be singing operas or old songs, playing er'hu, chess, or just chatting and gossiping. It's interesting to join them.S: oh, yes. Singing is also a good way of keeping fit, at least mentally. /201004/102182武汉哪里的医院看皮肤科比较好30. You're So Nice.I'm a good pianist. 我是一位了不起的钢琴家。The chicken will be dinner. 晚餐要吃鸡肉。I want to be the "big boss". 我想当“大头目”。I'm going to be late. 我要迟到了。I'm a genius, aren't I? 我是个天才啊。This mouse would be delicious. 这只老鼠似乎很是可口。How fierce can a lion be without his teeth? 没有牙的是狮子也可怕吗?I don't want to be bitten. 我可不希望被它咬一口。I don't want to be with either of you! 我不希望跟你们两人在一起。The plane has crashed. 飞机失事了。I'm behind the bars. 我在度铁窗的生活。He is imprisoned. 他被捕入狱了。The boy is shot. 那个男孩遭到了击。Help! I'm being killed. 救人呀!我要被杀死啦!I used to be a pilot. Now, I'm a parachutist. 我曾经做过飞行员,如今是伞兵了。My head has been hurting. 我头痛。The apple will be eaten quickly. 我能立刻吃掉一个苹果。We're becoming a good band. 咱们会逐渐成为一出色的乐队。They will be together forever. 他们将会永远结合在一起。 /200803/28337武汉生殖医院有哪些电影词典:Aerial Shot 航拍镜头美国俚语:From 《天罗地网》“The Thomas Crown Affair”Cross somebody 激怒谁,惹恼谁 to anger somebody or incur their displeasuree.g.lt;1gt;The gangsters AI Capone used to get rid of anyone that crossed him. 那个黑帮头子AI Capone会把任何招惹他的人干掉。 lt;2gt;At our company if you cross him he will fire you right away. 在我们公司如果你惹了老板,他会立刻把你炒了。经典对白1. Check off : 核对,核查 to confirm that it is correct and in ordere.g.lt;1gt; I need to go through the companys inventory and check off that everything is there. 我需要检查一下公司的库存以便核对其准确性。 lt;2gt; If you agree with the contract you can go through it and check off all the points and then just sign at the bottom.. 如果你对这份合同没有异议,你可以再核对一下所有的要点,然后在末尾处签字就可以了。 2. Beat someone up : 痛打谁 to attack someone violently.e.g. My younger brother and I always used to beat other up, especially when we couldn’t agree on what to watch on TV. 我和我弟弟总是打架,特别是在要看什么电视节目的这件事上。3.Take one’s chances 赌一把,试一下 to take risk and count a lot for a good outcome.e.g. lt;1gt;He is really taking his chance leaving his job. He might not be able to find a new job right away. 他现在把工作辞了真是有点悬,他可能不会立刻找到一份新工作。 lt;2gt; He didn’t want to take any chances when he went on vacation, so he made sure he bought travel insurance. 他不希望旅游的时候发生什么意外,所以他一定要上一份旅游险。原声碟Once upon a dreamOnce upon a dreamI was lost in love's embraceThere I found a perfect placeOnce upon a dreamOnce there was a timeLike no other time beforeHope was still an open doorOnce upon a dreamAnd I was unafraidThe dream was so excitingBut now I see it fadeAnd I am here aloneOnce upon a dreamYou were heaven-sent to meBut it wasn't meant to beNow you're just a dreamCould we begin againOnce upon a dream /01/60711It's a shame that we can't go.我们去不了真是太遗憾了. /12/93220咸宁市中心医院治疗阳痿多少钱

武汉人民医院中医科专家武汉协和医院割包皮1. Argentina is an incredibly strong team for Korea Republic. However, the game of soccer is full of possibilities and Korea is notorious for pulling magic out of thin air. This will be a fantastic game to watch!对韩国来说,阿根廷绝对是个强队。不过,在足球比赛中,一切皆有可能。况且韩国队向来以凭空创造奇迹而闻名。这场比赛一定会很精! /201006/106470工作报告会 Meeting of Work Report我会做些调查再给你回复。Ill have to do a little research and get back to you.A: That is the end of my report.Open for questions.B: I have a question.Is the data mentioned in your report allowing for inflation?A: Well,Im not sure with the data,since I didnt handle that part. But I will have to do a little research and get back to you.我们必须清楚自己的处境。We must know our real situation.A: Id like to summarize my report with one word, that is,we must know our real condition.B: True.This is vital to the future development of our company.A: Sure.Though our company is a growth company,we must have clear awareness.我们的强项是售后务。Our strength lies in after-sale service.A: We have achieved great success last year. The most important is that we realize our strength lies in after-sale service.B: Your achievement is obvious to all.A: What we will do is to strengthen it.B: Yes,this is also the competitive edge of our company.我们必须要认识到我们面临的威胁。We must be aware of the threat we face.A: All of you have reported your achievements. Id like to remind you that we must be aware of the threat we face.B: The same with the previous speaker,we must know how things stand with us.A: Yes,we must keep a clear mind with the tough competition.B: Its the time to emphasize sense of crises.市场份额 market shareA: We have successfully fulfilled our work plan. In fact,we are No.1 in terms of market share.B: You have gotten amazing success.Congratulations!A: I hope we can continue to get support from the departments concerned.B: Without a doubt.Relevant department will try their best.我们的业务增长迅速。Our business has grown by leaps and bounds.A: Over the past 3 years,our business in Europe has grown by leaps and bounds.B: Its sure the case.占40%的市场份额 pick up 40% of this marketA: How about the market share in Asia?B: We would normally pick up 40% of this market.失去一部分老客户 lose some existing customersA: If we dont correct this situation,we will stand to lose some existing customers, and the loss of reputation could hurt us in acquiring new ones.B: Thats really damaging. /201202/172193武汉割除包皮哪家医院好英语口语王 第1部分:第3章Section two:Ending a conversation.结束谈话A:Oh,it's getting late. I've got to run.It was nice talking to you,karren.哦,很晚了,我得走了,很高兴跟你谈话,凯瑞。B:Thanks,Tim.Nice meeting you,too.谢谢你,Tim.我也很高兴认识你。A:I guess we'll see just around.我想我们应该会再碰面吧。B:Ye,I hope so.well.Take it easy.是啊,希望如此。呃。。那你就保重啦。A:You too.你也是。详细解说:1.Oh,it's getting late.哦,很晚了。关联用语:1.Actually.I have another appointment.我还有其它的事。2.I've got to run.我得走了。同义词句:I'd better go.我得走了。I'd better be on my way.我得走了。I've got to get going.我得走了。3.It was nice talking to you ,karren.很高兴跟你谈话,凯瑞。间接用语:Good to have met you.很高兴认识你。Nice meeting you.很高兴认识你。4.Take it easy.保重。关联用语:Take care.保重。see you later.改天见。Bye.再见。So long.再见。Stay in touch.保持联络。Keep in touch.保持联络。Let's meet at some time.改天再出来聊吧。武汉男科医院有效

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