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静安区妇幼保健医院丰胸多少钱奉贤区改脸型的费用上海东方医院美容中心 French leader Francois Hollande#39;s new Socialist government got down to work on Thursday with the first order of business a symbolic 30 percent pay cut for the president and ministers.法国新任总统弗朗索瓦-奥朗德带领社会党政府本周四正式履新,首项政策即宣布对总统和所有内阁部长一律减薪30%。Following the cabinet#39;s inaugural meeting, spokeswoman Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said the salary reduction was to ;set an example; as the government looks to tackle France#39;s troubled public finances.在内阁就职会议后,女发言人娜贾#8226;瓦洛-贝勒卡西姆表示,在政府寻求解决法国面临的公共财政困难之际,减薪措施“树立了榜样”。The move was also aimed at drawing a distinction between Hollande and former president Nicolas Sarkozy, whose gross salary famously increased by 170 percent to 21,300 euros (,000) per month after he took office in 2007.此举是为了将奥朗德同前任总统萨科齐区分开来,后者在2007年就任总统后,就把总统薪金增加了170%,达到每月2.13万欧元(合2.7万美元)。The gross salaries of Hollande and Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault will fall to 14,910 euros per month, while ministers#39; gross salaries will drop from 14,200 euros to 9,940 euros per month.奥朗德和总理让马克-埃罗的工资总额降至每月14910欧元,内阁部长的工资总额从每月14200欧元降至9940欧元。The head of the main opposition centre-right UMP party, Jean-Francois Cope, denounced the salary cut as a ;sham;, noting that the new government had 34 members -- 14 more than Sarkozy#39;s first cabinet in 2007.主要反对党、中右派人民运动联盟的领袖让-弗朗索瓦-科普认为减薪是个“骗局”,指出新政府有34位内阁成员,比萨科奇2007年初就任时多出14名。;Decreasing salaries by 30 percent cannot hide the simple fact that Francois Hollande#39;s government will cost a lot more to the taxpayer,; he said in a statement.他在一份声明中说:“奥朗德的政府会花纳税人更多的钱,减薪30%也不能掩盖这一简单的事实真相。”However Sarkozy#39;s last government had 31 members including ministers and secretaries of state.但萨科奇离任时,内阁成员已达31人,包括内阁部长和政府秘书。Senior ministers said the government#39;s first concern would be to tackle the European debt crisis and push Hollande#39;s vow to shift the European Union#39;s economic focus from austerity to growth.高级部长表示,法国政府的首要考虑是解决欧债危机,以及推动奥朗德的竞选承诺,把欧盟的经济焦点从节约转向促进经济成长。;The priority is to disentangle the crisis in Europe,; Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told news channel BFMTV. ;I am profoundly European but we need a different Europe, a Europe that is much more focused on jobs.;法国外长洛朗#8226;法比尤斯告诉新闻频道BFMTV,“政府的优先要务是化解欧洲的危机。我完全是个欧洲人,但我们需要一个全然不同的欧洲,一个更加专注于就业的欧洲。”Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici reiterated that Paris would not ratify the EU#39;s fiscal austerity pact if it does not include measures to boost growth.法国财政部长皮埃尔-莫斯科维奇强调,除非欧盟财政紧缩条约的内容包括推动经济成长的措施,否则法国不会核准。Moscovici also gave assurances that the Socialists would keep public finances under control.莫斯科维奇也承诺说,法国社会党会把公共财政出控制好。;I want to be very clear, Francois Hollande has said it repeatedly, we must tackle the public debt, reduce deficits, and secure France#39;s situation. That is fundamental, a country that runs up debt is a country that is getting poorer.;他说:“我想说清楚,奥朗德已反复重申,我们必须应对公共债务、削减赤字、稳定法国的局面。这些都是最根本的,一个债台高筑的国家只会越来越穷。” /201205/182837Banpo Culture半坡文化Banpo Culture belongs to the Yangshao Culture of the Neolithic Age( about 10000 B.C. to 5 000 B.C. ),半坡文化属于新石器时代的仰韶文化(大约公元前10000年——公元前5000年),which originated in the middle valley of the Yellow River.它发源于黄河的中部山谷。As this culture was discovered in the vicinity of today’s Banpo Village, in Xi’an City in Shaanxi Province, it was named after this village.因为这个文化在如今陕西省西安市的半坡村附近被发现,所以以这个村子的名称命名。However, thousands of years ago it was not so called.然而多年以前,它并不叫这个名字。Primitive Banpo villagers lived 6 800—6 300 years ago, and they came from two different tribes.原始的半坡村民生活在大约6800到6300年前,来自两个不同的部落。In light of many kinds of farm implements and fishing tools excavated,根据挖掘出的各种类型的农耕工具和器具,it is inferred that the Banpo people depended primarily on farming and fishing for survival.可以发现半坡人主要依靠农业和来生存。At the same time, the Banpo people cultivated a colored Pottery Culture, one of the most representatives of Yangshao Culture.同时,半坡人创造了一个陶文化,而陶文化正是仰韶文化最具有代表性的东西。Their earthen wares were uniformly red in color and decorated with black pigment.它们的陶器都是红色且以黑色颜料作为装饰。The craftsmen had their potteries simply decorated, the most striking are the designs of fish that can be seen everywhere.手工艺人们简单装饰他们的陶器,最引人注目的就是随处可见的鱼的图案。The fish was finished in symbolic pattern.鱼用象征符号所描绘。It is concluded that fish should be the totem of ancient Banpo people.由此可见,鱼是古代半坡人的图腾。Here the masterpiece wares include: a tip-bottomed bottle, which is a water sucker under the principal of shifting gravity center (not really clear);在这里,器皿中的杰作包括一个尖底瓶,它是一个吸水器,依据了重心改变(不一定如此)的原理;and a painted basin with design of a human face holding fish at the corners of mouth.还有一个着色的水盆,里面有一个人脸嘴角含鱼的图案。Moreover, on certain similar parts of potteries are found twenty-two kinds of mysterious marks, which are estimated to be some primitive script.不仅如此,在陶器的一些相似的地方发现了22中神秘的符号,这些符号被可能是某种远古的文字。Meanwhile Banpo Culture witnessed the time of matriarchal clan society.同时,半坡文化见了母系氏族社会。Women took a dominant position in everything and there were no permanent couples.女性在任何事物中占主导地位,没有固定的伴侣。After death, adult women and men were buried separately in communal graveyard,去世以后,成年女性和男性被分别葬在公用的墓地,having potteries and beads of animal bones as burial objects.以陶器和动物骨头的粉末为陪葬品。Children, however, were not allowed be buried with adults.孩子却不被允许和成人葬在一起。The mother would put the body of her child into pottery jar and bury it in a pit close to her house.母亲会把死去的孩子放在一个陶瓶里然后埋在家附近的井里。This special burial jar practice reveals that child was still not counted as the member of primitive community.这种特殊的瓶中埋葬方式说明孩子仍不算远古社会的一员。More burial articles were found in girl’s pit than in that of boys.在埋葬女孩子的井里发现了比男孩子的井里更多的陪葬品。 /201508/393926上海市第六人民医院东院纹眉多少钱

上海哪个医院脱毛好上海交通大学医学院附属同仁医院做隆鼻手术多少钱 Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s longest-serving and only woman prime minister, has died aged 87 after suffering a stroke, prompting a flood of tributes from across the globe.玛格丽特#8226;撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)因中风去世,享年87岁,在世界各地引发了一阵哀悼浪潮。撒切尔是英国任职最长的首相,也是唯一的女首相。Leaders lined up to pay their respects to the former prime minister, who revolutionised the UK economy during an 11-year tenure, as she rolled back the state and put in place some of the country’s most radical and controversial reforms.各国领导人纷纷向这位英国前首相表达敬意。在其长达11年的任期中,撒切尔领导了英国经济的革命,缩减了政府职能,并实施了该国最为激进、最有争议的一些改革。David Cameron, UK prime minister, described the former Conservative prime minister as the “greatest peacetime prime minister”.英国现首相戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)把这位前保守党首相称为“英国和平时期最伟大的首相”。“[She] took a country that was on its knees and made Britain stand tall again. We can’t deny that Lady Thatcher divided opinion. For many of us, she was and is an inspiration. For others she was a force to be defined against.卡梅伦表示:“(她)临危受命,让英国重新站起来,再度屹立。不可否认,人们对她的评价各异。在我们许多人看来,她过去和现在都是一位鼓舞人心的人物。在其他人看来,她是一种特色鲜明的力量。“But if there is one thing that cuts through all of this – one thing that runs through everything she did – it was her lion-hearted love for this country,” he said.“但如果说有一个中心贯穿着她的一生——在她所做的每一件事中都体现出来,那就是她对这个国家的无比热爱。”President Barack Obama said: “The world has lost one of the great champions of freedom and liberty, and America has lost a true friend.”美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)表示:“世界失去了一位积极倡导自由的领袖,美国失去了一位真正的朋友。”The prime minister’s office announced that parliament would be recalled for a special session on Wednesday to pay tribute to Thatcher. Her funeral will be held at the end of next week at St Paul’s Cathedral.英国首相办公室宣布,周三议会将召开一次特别会议,向撒切尔致哀。她的葬礼将于下周末在伦敦圣保罗大教堂(St Paul#39;s Cathedral)举行。She will have a “full ceremonial funeral” with military honours as was afforded to the Queen Mother and Lady Diana. The British flag flew at half mast over Parliament to honour Thatcher as all UK political parties suspended campaigning for the local elections on May 2.撒切尔将享有带有军事礼仪的“礼仪葬礼”,礼遇同王太后和戴安娜一样。英国国会降半旗向撒切尔致哀,各政党暂停针对5月2日地方选举的竞选活动。Thatcher, who transformed Britain with her free-market revolution, had been in poor health since suffering minor strokes in 2002.自从2002年患上中风以来,撒切尔的健康状况一直很差。她曾以自己的自由市场革命改变了英国的面貌。Statesmen past and present shared their memories of the woman dubbed the “Iron Lady”. Tony Blair, the second longest-serving postwar prime minister, called her “a towering political figure”. “Very few leaders get to change not only the political landscape of their country but of the world. Margaret was such a leader. Her global impact was vast.”已卸任和在任的政治家们共同悼念有“铁娘子”绰号的撒切尔。英国战后任期第二长的首相托尼#8226;布莱尔(Tony Blair)称撒切尔为“一位伟大的政治人物。”“不但改变本国政治版图、还改变世界政治版图的领袖人物非常少,撒切尔就是其中的一位。她在全球播下了深远的影响。”George W. Bush, former US president, described her as a “great ally” who “strengthened the special relationship”.美国前总统小布什(George W. Bush)称撒切尔为一位“强化了美英特殊关系的伟大盟友”。Thatcher had a particularly close relationship with Ronald Reagan, the former US president.撒切尔与美国前总统罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)之间保持了一种极为密切的关系。With Reagan, she helped bring about the end of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The British prime minister saw herself as the perfect intermediary between the two countries, having struck up constructive relationships with both Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet president, and a man with whom she told Reagan “we can do business”.她和里根一道促成了苏联的解体和柏林墙的倒塌。这位英国前首相把自己视为美苏两国间的完美中间人,与里根和苏联总统米哈伊尔#8226;戈尔巴乔夫(Mikhail Gorbachev)都建立了富有建设意义的关系。她告诉里根,戈尔巴乔夫是一个“我们能和他打交道”的人。Mr Gorbachev said Thatcher helped end the Cold War: “Thatcher was a politician whose word carried great weight,” he said in a statement on his website. “Our first meeting in 1984 marked the beginning of a relationship that was at times difficult, not always smooth, but was treated seriously and responsibly by both sides.”戈尔巴乔夫在自己网站上发布的声明中表示,撒切尔帮助结束了冷战:“撒切尔是一位一言九鼎的政治家。我们在1984年第一次会面,随后便开启了一段时而棘手、并非一帆风顺但双方都认真负责予以对待的关系。”Lech Walesa, Poland’s former president and anti-communist freedom figure, said Thatcher was key in hastening the fall of the Iron Curtain: “She was a great person. She did a great deal for the world, along with Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Solidarity, she contributed to the demise of communism in Poland and central Europe.”波兰前总统、反对共产主义的自由派人士列赫#8226;瓦文萨(Lech Walesa)表示,撒切尔在加速“铁幕”(Iron Curtain)倒塌的过程中发挥了关键的作用:“她是一位伟人。她为世界做出了巨大的贡献,她与罗纳德#8226;里根、教皇约翰#8226;保罗二世(Pope John Paul II)和波兰团结工会(Solidarity)一起,推动了波兰与中欧共产主义政权的终结。”Her other great success abroad was in the Falklands War against Argentina, which invaded the islands in 1982. Thatcher defied resistance in her own cabinet to send a 25,000-strong task force to the tiny archipelago, which troops eventually recaptured after two months.撒切尔在海外的其他巨大胜利,还包括1982年的英阿福克兰群岛战争(Falklands war,又称马岛战争)。她不顾自己内阁的反对,向面积微小的福克兰群岛派出了2.5万人的特遣部队,最终于两个月后夺回了该群岛。Her legacy was just as long-lasting at home. A succession of prime ministers, Labour and Conservative alike, have felt unable or unwilling to depart from the blueprint she established of a state serviced by privatised utilities and free of the stranglehold of organised unions.撒切尔在国内留下的遗产同样意义深远。历任首相,无论出自工党还是保守党,都感到不能或不愿背离她为英国设定的蓝图——公用事业私有化,企业不受有组织工会的钳制。 /201304/233939上海那个医院可以纹纹身

上海市第二人民医院吸脂手术多少钱Copper and aluminium prices hit four-month highs as industrial metal prices continued their ascent on the back of China#39;s 8bn infrastructure programme announced last week. 中国上周宣布的1580亿美元基础设施建设计划推动工业金属价格继续攀升,铜价和铝价触及四个月高点。 Benchmark iron ore, which had plummeted over the past few months on slowing Chinese demand, rose more than 7 per cent from Friday as optimism sp thanks to Beijing#39;s plans to plough funds into railroads, highways and water treatment facilities. 在过去几个月里因中国需求放缓而大幅下跌的基准铁矿石价格,自上周五以来上涨逾7%。由于中国政府计划投入大量资金发展铁路、高速公路和水处理设施,市场的乐观情绪开始蔓延。 Copper for three-month delivery on the London Metal Exchange rose 1 per cent to ,066 a tonne. Aluminium was up 1.9 per cent to ,057.25. The iron ore price for material containing 62 per cent iron delivered in China jumped to a tonne, according to Platts, the price reporting agency. 伦敦金属交易所(LME)三个月期铜价格上涨1%,至每吨8066美元。铝价上涨1.9%,至2057.25美元。价格信息提供机构普氏能源资讯(Platts)的数据显示,在中国交货的基准铁矿石(含铁量62%)价格飙升至每吨97美元。 Iron ore, a key ingredient in steelmaking, is essential for the profit of mining houses, which saw an uplift in their share prices. Vale, the Brazilian miner, gained more than 5 per cent. Rio Tinto rose 1.6 per cent. 铁矿石是主要钢铁生产原料,对矿业公司的利润非常关键。矿业公司的股价上涨。巴西矿业公司淡水河谷(vale)上涨逾5%。力拓(Rio Tinto)上涨1.6%。 Raymond Li at Freight Investor Services, the largest iron ore swaps broker in China, said the prospect of the infrastructure spending had sparked a rally in iron ore swaps in Singapore. 航运投资者务公司(Freight Investor Services)的Raymond Li表示,中国基础设施出的前景引发了新加坡铁矿石掉期市场的反弹。航运投资者务公司是中国最大的铁矿石掉期交易经纪商。 But many analysts and traders remain unsure about whether it marks the end of the downturn or is a short reprieve. Mr Li said it was too soon to call the end of the downturn. ;We haven#39;t seen real demand yet from those infrastructure projects. We don#39;t know in what way those infrastructure projects will become real demand.; 但许多分析师和交易员仍不确定这标志着下降趋势的结束,还是暂缓下跌。Raymond Li表示,目前说下降趋势结束还为时尚早。;我们还未见到来自那些基础设施项目的真实需求。我们不知道那些基础设施项目将通过什么方式变成真实的需求;。 Graeme Train, commodities analyst at Macquarie in Shanghai, pointed out that inventories were high in China#39;s overbuilt steel sector. ;The reality is that we haven#39;t fully flushed out all the excess steel yet.; 麦格理(Macquarie)驻上海的大宗商品分析师格雷姆#8226;特雷恩(Graeme Train)指出,中国钢铁行业产能过剩,库存很大。;现实情况是,我们迄今还未完全消化所有的过剩钢材;。 /201209/199143 Visitors to London have marked its hotels as the worst in a list of 100 cities due to overpriced minibars, lousy breakfasts and slow service, according to a survey released on Friday.周五进行的一项调查显示,到访伦敦的游客在一份百座城市宾馆排名名单上将伦敦的宾馆选为最差,因为这里的迷你酒吧漫天要价,早餐质量差劲,务效率低下。A study by travel metasearch website Trivago of hotel reviews from more than 140 accommodation booking sites found London came last in a list of 100 cities that had at least 135 hotels and 60 reviews. It did not include TripAdvisor postings.由旅游元搜索网站Trivago对伦敦140多家住宿预订网站上的宾馆评价进行的调查发现,在一份百座城市宾馆排名中,伦敦排名垫底。这份排名至少包括135家宾馆和60份评价,TripAdvisor旅游社区上的帖子并没有包括在内。The German city of Dresden came top with its hotels receiving the highest ratings and most positive reviews from guests.德国城市德累斯顿位居榜首,该市的宾馆评级最高,受到顾客的好评也是最多。;Users praised Dresden hotels for their value for money, whilst London hotels were criticized for their prices,; said a spokeswoman for Trivago.Trivago的一位女发言人表示,“顾客给予德累斯顿宾馆的评价为‘物有所值’,而伦敦宾馆则因价格不合理而饱受诟病。”;In particular, reviewers felt the minibars were overpriced and breakfast service was both overpriced and disappointing, whilst hotels in Dresden were praised for their delicious and well-valued breakfasts.;“评价者尤为觉得那里的迷你酒吧漫天要价,早餐又贵又难吃,而德累斯顿的宾馆则因早餐可口、价格合理而备受称赞。”She said London hotels were also criticized for overcrowding at breakfast, long queues at check-in, inability to cope with large groups of people, small rooms and poor views.她说,伦敦宾馆饱受诟病还因为早上就餐顾客拥挤,取餐口排起长龙,难以应付大量顾客入住,房间狭小,观景较差。On the other hand, hotels in Dresden were praised for their exceptional service, efficiency, helpful staff, as well as their spacious rooms with excellent views.另一方面,德累斯顿的宾馆备受称赞是因为那里的务周到、效率高,务人员有求必应,以及房间宽敞,观景超赞。Close behind Dresden in the list of cities with good hotels were Hanoi in Vietnam, Tokyo, Chicago, and Krakow in Poland.拥有最佳宾馆的城市排名中,仅次于德累斯顿的是越南河内、东京、芝加哥以及波兰克拉科夫。Joining London in the bottom five were Rio de Janiero, Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam.与伦敦一起排名最靠后的五个城市还有里约热内卢、哥本哈根、巴黎和阿姆斯特丹。The spokeswoman from Trivago, which is majority owned by Expedia Inc., said the website released its reputation ranking classifying destinations according to the reputation of their hotels twice a year.Trivago的这位女发言人称,该网站根据旅游目的地宾馆的信誉度每两年公布一次排名。Metasearch engines allow users to send requests to other search engines and databases to get a single list of results and are popular with consumers facing an overload of information on various competing deals.借助元搜索引擎,顾客可以向其他搜索引擎和数据库发送申请,获得一份结果列表。在面临信息量过大、门类繁多难以取舍这一问题的顾客中,元搜索引擎也倍受欢迎。The 10 best cities for hotel rooms:十座最佳城市:1. Dresden, Germany1.德国德累斯顿2. Hanoi, Vietnam2.越南河内3. Portland, US3.美国波特兰4. Tokyo, Japan4.日本东京5. Santiago de Compostela, Spain5.西班牙圣地亚哥-德孔波斯特拉6. Gdansk, Poland6.波兰格但斯克7. Chicago, US7.美国芝加哥8. Seattle, US8.美国西雅图9. Krakow, Poland9.波兰克拉科夫10. Budapest, Hungary10.匈牙利布达佩斯The 10 worst:十座最差城市:91. Los Angeles, US91.美国洛杉矶92. Kiev, Ukraine92.乌克兰基辅93. Frankfurt, Germany93.德国法兰克福94. Panama City, Panama94.巴拿马巴拿马城95. Brussels, Belgium95.比利时布鲁塞尔96. Amsterdam, Netherlands96.荷兰阿姆斯特丹97. Paris, France97.法国巴黎98. Copenhagen, Denmark98.丹麦哥本哈根99. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil99.巴西里约热内卢100. London, UK100.英国伦敦 /201301/223511上海哪里做冰点脱毛好九院点痣价格费用



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