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上海九院激光去红血丝多少钱上海腋窝脱毛价格上海哪家医院脱腋毛比较优惠 Exactly 70 years ago, on September 19, 1946, Sir Winston Churchill delivered his famous speech in Zurich calling for the creation of a ed States of Europe.整70年前的1946年9月19日(原文发表于9月19日——译者注),温斯顿#8226;丘吉尔爵士(Sir Winston Churchill)在苏黎世发表了一篇著名演说,呼吁建立欧罗巴合众国。Britain’s wartime leader was revered across the continent for his role in the defeat of Nazi Germany, despite the fact that he had lost office as UK prime minister after the general election of 1945. 尽管丘吉尔在1945年的大选中丢掉了首相之位,但这位英国的战时领袖因其在击败纳粹德国过程中发挥的作用赢得了欧洲各地民众的尊敬。His ringing call for reconciliation between France and Germany, and the re-creation of the European family, struck a chord for both the victors and the vanquished emerging from the devastation of two world wars. 他对法德两国和解以及再造欧洲大家庭的大声疾呼,在从两次世界大战的浩劫中走出来的战胜国和战败国之间都引发了共鸣。It inspired a European movement that led to the creation of the Common Market, and, ultimately, to today’s European Union.丘吉尔的呼吁激发了一场欧洲一体化运动,促成了欧洲共同市场(Common Market)的建立,并最终形成了今天的欧盟(EU)。Churchill was called the father of ‘Europe’, and he said much to justify that label, the British journalist and political commentator Hugo Young wrote in his seminal history of Britain and Europe. But he was also the father of misunderstandings about Britain’s part in this Europe. 丘吉尔被称为‘欧洲’之父,他当之无愧,英国记者、政论家雨果#8226;扬(Hugo Young)在其关于英国与欧洲历史的影响深远的著作中写道,但他也是英国在新欧洲所扮演角色被误解的始作俑者。He encouraged Europe to misunderstand Britain, and Britain to misunderstand herself.他助长了欧洲对英国的误解以及英国对自身的误解。As Churchill urged a Franco-German partnership to lead his vision of a new Europe, he declared that Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, along with the US and USSR, should be friends and sponsors of the project. 虽然丘吉尔力劝法德建立伙伴关系、带领欧洲向他设想的新欧洲迈进,他却宣称,英国、英联邦应同美国、苏联一道,成为该计划的持者和赞助者。He did not talk of the UK becoming a member itself.他并未谈到英国自身应成为新欧洲的一员。We are with Europe, but not of it, he wrote in an earlier essay. We are linked but not comprised. 我们与欧洲在一起,但并非其中一员,他在早前的一篇文章中写道,我们彼此关联,但并无隶属关系。That ambiguity has haunted Britain’s relationship with its continental neighbours ever since, culminating in the UK referendum vote on June 23 for Brexit.自那时起,这种含糊不明一直困扰着英国与其欧陆邻国的关系,直到今年6月23日英国公投表决退出欧盟时达到顶点。First the UK refused to join in 1957, dismissing the negotiations for the Treaty of Rome as irrelevant. 起先,英国在1957年拒绝加入欧洲经济共同体,并将罗马条约(Treaty of Rome)的谈判斥为无足轻重。Then, when Harold Macmillan changed his mind, for fear of being left out of an economic success story, his membership bid was vetoed by France’s president Charles de Gaulle. 后来,当哈罗德#8226;麦克米伦(Harold Macmillan)因担心英国错失一个经济增长机会而改变主意申请加入时,他的申请却被法国总统夏尔#8226;戴高乐(Charles de Gaulle)否决。When Edward Heath finally succeeded in negotiating membership from 1973, it was seen by many as a defeat for UK exceptionalism, not a victory for European solidarity.当1973年爱德华#8226;希思(Edward Heath)最终成功地通过谈判让英国加入欧共体时,许多人将之视为英国例外主义的失败,而非欧洲一体化的胜利。That British attitude is rooted in its imperial history — Churchill’s great passion — and a perception of British security, its interests and its diplomacy, as global, not narrowly European. 英国人对欧洲的这种态度根植于大英帝国的历史——丘吉尔的一大爱好——以及这样一种观念,即英国的安全、利益和外交都系于全球、而非仅系于欧洲。That feeling, along with resentment at the apparent roles of Germany and France in setting the European agenda, was a constant subtext to arguments in favour of Brexit.这种感觉(以及对德法两国在设置欧洲议程方面明显作用的不满)一直以来是暗含在主张退欧理由中的潜台词。Yet, in spite of the centrality of strategic concerns to the intellectual UK debate on Europe, the subjects of foreign policy and security received scant attention during the referendum campaign. 然而,尽管外交政策和安全议题在英国知识界关于去留欧盟的辩论中处于战略关切的中心,但这两个议题在此次公投运动中几乎没有受到关注。It was dominated instead by the debates on immigration and the economy.反而是围绕移民和经济的辩论占了主导。When foreign, security and defence policy was discussed#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;it was predominantly in terms of the costs and benefits to the UK of being a member of the EU, says Richard Whitman, professor of politics and international relations at the University of Kent. 在讨论外交、安全和防务政策时……主要谈论的是英国作为欧盟成员国的成本和收益,肯特大学(University of Kent)政治与国际关系教授理查德#8226;惠特曼(Richard Whitman)说,There was no substantive rehearsal of what the future EU-UK foreign and security policy relationship might be with the UK outside the EU.关于英国退欧后欧盟与英国外交及安全政策关系可能会有怎样的未来,根本没有切实的预演。It was a curious and alarming omission, given that such questions have always been at the heart of British historic hesitation about the EU.这是一个蹊跷且令人担忧的遗漏,因为这些问题一直都处于英国对欧盟犹豫不决历史的中心。For Churchill, as for the overwhelming majority of the British establishment in those early postwar decades, the British empire (and the Commonwealth that succeeded it) and the special relationship with the US, were the nation’s two most important strategic priorities. 对丘吉尔以及战后初期几十年英国绝大多数建制派而言,大英帝国(及后来的英联邦)与英美特殊关系是英国最重要的两个战略重点。Nato was seen in London as much the most important alliance in Europe. 伦敦方面将北约视为欧洲可以说最重要的联盟。The Common Market, launched in 1957 by the Treaty of Rome, was seen as largely irrelevant to national security.根据1957年《罗马条约》建立的欧洲共同市场基本上被视为对国家安全无关紧要。In the Brexit camp, the idea of reviving an Anglosphere centred on the special relationship between London and Washington (especially in intelligence co-operation), and underpinned by close ties with the old Commonwealth of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, was very popular. 在退欧阵营,复兴盎格鲁文化圈(Anglosphere)的想法非常流行,盎格鲁文化圈以英美特殊关系(尤其是情报合作)为中心,以与澳大利亚、加拿大、新西兰几个老英联邦国家的紧密联系为撑。The question now is whether that romantic attachment to old imperial and English-speaking ties can be turned into an effective policy. 现在的问题是,这种对昔日帝国和英语圈联系的不切实际的依恋,能否转化为有效的政策。The world in 2016 is very different from that of 1946.2016年的世界已经与1946年的世界截然不同了。The number one problem is that everyone else has moved on, says Prof Whitman. They have been pretty successful at forging ‘post-British’ foreign policy identities. 首要问题在于,所有其他国家都已经向前看了,惠特曼教授说,在塑造‘后英国’外交政策认同方面,他们一直非常成功。Australia and New Zealand have refocused their foreign and security policy on the Asia-Pacific region, in which China is the dominant player. 澳大利亚、新西兰已将本国的外交和安全政策重心重新调整到亚太地区,而这一地区的主导者是中国。Canada has defined itself as an independent-minded US neighbour with increasingly strong Asia links to balance its traditional European ties.加拿大已将自身定义为美国的独立自主的邻居,并利用与亚洲日益强有力的联系来平衡与欧洲的传统关系。As for the US, successive regimes have made it clear that they see European integration as an essential part of western security policy and they have made no secret of wanting the UK to be a full-hearted player. 至于美国,历届政府都明确表示,他们将欧洲一体化视为西方安全政策的重要组成部分,并毫不掩饰地表示希望英国全心全意地促进欧洲一体化。Opinion in Washington was overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of Brexit during the referendum campaign, with the exception of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate.此次公投运动期间,除了共和党总统候选人唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)之外,反对英国退出欧盟的意见在华盛顿占压倒性多数。Leading members of the Brexit camp, such as David Davis, now the minister responsible for the exit negotiations, and Liam Fox, minister for international trade, have always based their arguments on the irrelevance of the EU to UK security, and the far greater importance of Nato. 退欧阵营主要成员——如现在负责退欧谈判的大臣戴维#8226;戴维斯(David Davis)、国际贸易大臣利亚姆#8226;福克斯(Liam Fox)——一直将欧盟对英国的安全无关紧要、北约要重要得多作为自己的立论基础。The expectation now is that the UK will throw itself with redoubled enthusiasm into beefing up the Nato alliance, to make up for its gradual withdrawal from the EU. 现在的预期是,英国将以加倍的热情投入增强北约联盟力量的努力中,以补偿其逐步退出欧盟的不利影响。That could mean bolstering the UK military support for the Baltic republics, however much such a move might infuriate Moscow.这可能意味着加强英国对波罗的海国家的军事持——无论此举可能会多大地激怒俄罗斯。For the rest of the EU, the prospect of UK withdrawal is a mixed blessing. 对欧盟其他成员国而言,英国退欧带来的前景可谓喜忧参半。On the one hand, the most serious and rapidly deployable military forces in the EU are those of Britain and France. 一方面,欧盟最重要及部署最快速的军事力量就是英军和法军。The UK has played a leading role in the anti-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia. 在打击索马里附近海域海盗的行动中,英国发挥了领导作用。British diplomats have also played an important role in establishing the European External Action Service — the EU’s own diplomatic arm.英国外交官在建立欧盟自身的外交机构——欧盟对外行动署(European External Action Service)方面也发挥了重要的作用。On the other hand, the UK has been increasingly hostile to the development of an EU defence policy, and to any weakening of intergovernmental control (and therefore a national veto) of security policy. 另一方面,英国越来越反对发展欧盟防务政策,反对以任何形式削弱对安全政策的政府间控制权(因而也反对削弱国家否决权)。British departure from the EU would free the other member states to move forward with the creation of a stronger military operational and planning core, as favoured by France, and more support for a stronger European defence industry.英国退欧将使得其他成员国能够自由地推进创建一个更强大的军事行动和规划核心(如法国所青睐的),增加对更强大的欧洲国防工业的持。In the three months since the referendum vote, there has been no indication from Boris Johnson, the new foreign secretary, or prime minister Theresa May as to how they see the future focus of foreign and security policy.进行公投后的三个月里,新任外交大臣鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)和新任首相特里萨#8226;梅(Theresa May)都未说明他们对英国外交和安全政策未来的工作重点有何看法。The truth is that the process of negotiating Brexit, and reorganising the UK-EU relationship for the future, is likely to dominate everything else on the British government’s agenda for years to come.事实是,英国退欧的谈判进程以及重新定义英国与欧盟未来关系这两件事,可能将在未来多年主导英国政府的所有议程。The UK’s key foreign policy priority for the foreseeable future will be sorting out its relationship with the EU, says Prof Whitman. We will have to devote far more energy and effort to the EU than to the wider world. 在可预见的未来,英国主要的外交政策重点将是理顺其与欧盟的关系,惠特曼教授说,我们将不得不对欧盟投入比对世界其他地区多得多的精力和努力。We will need more EU experts than ever before.我们将需要比以往任何时候都更多的欧盟专家。That is the irony of the Brexit decision. 这正是英国退欧决定的可笑之处。At least for the foreseeable future, it will mean a lot more EU, rather than less, on the UK government agenda.至少在可预见的未来,这意味着英国政府的议程将更多、而非更少地考虑欧盟。 /201609/467905Australia is the top destination for millionaires on the move.澳大利亚是百万富翁移居的首选目的地。An estimated 11,000 millionaires moved to Australia in 2016, according to a new report by wealth research firm New World Wealth. That compares to 8,000 millionaires who moved Down Under the previous year.根据财富调查公司新世界财富的一项新报告,2016年估计有1.1万富豪移民到澳大利亚。而前一年移居澳大利亚的富豪人数为8000。The US and UK have traditionally attracted the highest number of wealthy migrants. But the allure of Australia has increased in recent years, especially for wealthy citizens of China and India.传统上,美国和英国吸引的富有移民人数最多。不过近年来澳大利亚的吸引力一直在增强,特别是对中国和印度的富人。New World Wealth said migrating millionaires are drawn to the sunny Australian lifestyle, as well as the country#39;s highly rated health care system, which is considered to be in better shape than those in the US and UK.新世界财富公司表示,澳大利亚的医疗保健系统评价很高,超越了美国和英国,移民的富豪们也被充满阳光的澳洲生活方式所吸引。It#39;s considered a safe place to live and raise children, and it#39;s geographically isolated from conflicts in the Middle East and the refugee crisis in Europe.澳大利亚在地理上与中东的战乱和欧洲的难民危机隔绝,被认为是生活和育儿的安全地方。Business considerations also play a role: Australia is a good base for doing business in emerging Asian countries such as China, South Korea, Singapore and India, the researchers said.研究人员称,商业上的考虑也是其中一个因素:对于中国、韩国、新加坡和印度等新兴亚洲国家的人而言,澳大利亚是做生意的好基地。The US is still considered a highly desirable destination, welcoming 10,000 foreign millionaires last year. New World Wealth expects demand to remain high.美国仍然被视为非常理想的移民目的地,去年吸引了1万富豪移民。新世界财富公司预计移民美国的需求将会继续保持在高位。;We don#39;t think the new leadership in the US will have a big impact. We expect another big net inflow of high-net worth individuals into the US in 2017,; said Andrew Amoils, head of research at New World Wealth.新世界财富公司的研究部主管安德鲁?阿莫伊尔斯说:“我们认为美国的新领导人对移民趋势不会产生太大影响。2017年我们预计还将有大批高净值个人移民美国。”Canada also saw of surge of 8,000 new millionaires coming to its shores. Rich Chinese citizens are moving to Vancouver while Europeans generally head to Toronto and Montreal.加拿大也迎来了8000个富豪新移民。富裕的中国公民选择移居温哥华,而有钱的欧洲人则移居多伦多和蒙特利尔。Fleeing France逃离法国Meanwhile, France is suffering from a major exodus of rich individuals.与此同时,法国正遭遇富人大举外迁的局面。Over 12,000 millionaires left France last year, according to New World Wealth. In total, the country has experienced a net outflow of over 60,000 millionaires since 2000.据新世界财富公司的数据,去年超1.2万富人离开了法国。自2000年以来,离开法国的富豪总人数已经超过了6万。The authors cited religious tensions as one reason why the rich are packing their bags and moving to countries including the UK, Canada, Australia, the US and Israel.研究报告作者指出,宗教紧张局面是富人们举家迁往英国、加拿大、澳大利亚、美国和以色列等国家的原因之一。France#39;s sluggish economy and recent terror attacks may also be contributing to the exodus.法国疲软的经济和近期的恐怖袭击事件应该也是导致外迁的原因。New World Wealth said that crime, taxes and financial issues are some factors that push millionaires to leave their home countries. Increased migration is worrying because millionaires ;take large amounts of money with them, which impacts negatively on the local currency, local stock market and local property market.;新世界财富称,犯罪、税收和经济问题是迫使富人离开祖国的一些因素。移居国外人数增多令人担忧,因为富人们“带走了大量金钱,对当地的货币、股票市场和房地产市场都会造成负面影响。”The group#39;s annual report is based on wealth statistics, property data, investor visa information and interviews with migration experts, second citizenship platforms, wealth managers and property agents.新世界财富的这一年度报告基于财富数据、房产数据、投资签信息和与移民专家、第二国籍平台、理财经理和房产中介的访谈。Got a visa?签问题Rich individuals still face visa and passport restrictions when moving to a new country.在移民到一个新国家之前,富人们还是要面临签和护照的种种限制。Investor visa programs have become an increasingly popular option, especially for millionaires in the Middle East and Asia. But only one in five migrating millionaires actually use these programs for their move.投资签是日益受欢迎的移民途径,尤其对中东和亚洲的富豪而言。但只有五分之一的富豪移民是通过投资签达到目的的。;Most still come in via work transfers, second passports, ancestry visas, spousal visas and family visas,; the authors said.研究报告作者写道:“大多数富人依然是通过工作调动、第二国护照、祖籍签、配偶签和家庭签实现移民的。” /201702/494224上海毛细血管扩张

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上海五官科医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱 The ability of policymakers in Beijing to roil global commodity markets has been underlined by a breathtaking rally in a key steelmaking ingredient that has caught consumers cold, but promises a profit windfall for the struggling mining industry.一种关键炼钢材料的大涨价突显出北京政策制定者搅动全球大宗商品市场的能力——这种上涨让消费者感到不适,但有望给陷入困境的采矿业带来意外利润。The price of premium hard coking coal has more than doubled in the past six weeks to more than 0 a tonne as supplies have dwindled and buyers have scrambled to find cargoes in the spot market.随着供应缩减以及买家竞相寻找现货市场货源,优质硬焦煤的价格在6周期间(截至上周)上涨了两倍多,至每吨逾200美元。Behind the surge — or “met coal mania” as it has been dubbed by one bank — are production curbs in China where the government is restricting the number of working days at domestic coal mines to 276 a year, down from 330.价格飙升(或者被一家称作的“焦煤热”)的背后是中国的限产政策——中国政府将国内煤矿每年的工作日天数从330天降至276天。This policy is mainly aimed at improving the profitability of its bloated and heavily indebted coal industry so it can repay loans to domestic banks. But it has also reduced output and tightened the global coking coal market. Its impact has been magnified by a string of disruptions in Australia, a leading supplier to the seaborne or export market.该政策主要目的是提高臃肿而负债累累的煤炭行业的盈利能力,从而让它们能够偿还国内的贷款。但它也降低了产量,减少了全球焦煤市场的供应。澳大利亚一系列的生产中断放大了该政策的影响——澳大利亚是焦煤海运或出口市场的主要供应国。If the price rise is sustained it could add billions of dollars to the bottom lines of the industry’s biggest producers, which include Anglo American, BHP Billiton, South 32 and Canada’s Teck. Coking coal is an important raw material used in blast furnace steel production.如果价格持续上涨,就可能让该行业最大的生产商增加数十亿美元的利润。它们包括英美资源集团(Anglo American)、必和必拓(BHP Billiton)、South 32和加拿大的泰克(Teck)。焦煤是高炉钢生产中使用的重要原材料。“It’s been a perfect storm on the supply side,” said Christopher LaFemina, analyst at Jefferies.杰富瑞(Jefferies)的分析师克里斯托弗#8226;米纳(Christopher LaFemina)表示:“这是供应方面的完美风暴。”Caught between an oversupplied Chinese market and faltering demand for steel, 2016 was supposed to bring more pain for the coking coal industry. But things have not worked out that way.受中国市场供应过剩以及钢铁需求低迷的困扰,焦煤行业在2016年本应更加艰难。但情况并非如此。Instead of adding to last year’s 30 per cent drop, coking coal has staged a dramatic recovery, rising 164 per cent which has made it the best performing commodity of 2016.焦煤价格没有继续去年下跌30%的势头,而是步入明显回升阶段,上涨了164%,这让它成为2016年表现最佳的大宗商品。“In bulk and base commodities if you get Chinese policy right you are a long way towards getting the market right,” said Colin Hamilton, head of commodities research at Macquarie.麦格理(Macquarie)大宗商品研究主管科林#8226;汉密尔顿(Colin Hamilton)表示:“在大宗商品领域,如果你光是弄明白中国政策,你离弄明白市场还远着呢。”China sprang its first surprise this year when policymakers, alarmed by slowing economic growth and capital flight, injected a huge amount of cash into the banking system. This boosted construction activity and demand for steelmaking materials such as iron ore and coking coal.中国政策制定者对经济增长放缓和资本外流感到不安,向业体系注入了大量资金,这是中国今年首次的意外之举。它拉动了建筑活动,推高了铁矿石和焦煤等炼钢原材料的需求。The credit surge was followed by the 276-day policy, which first lifted the price of thermal coal, used to generate electricity in power stations.信贷飙升之后是276个生产日政策,这首先提高了用于电厂发电的热能煤的价格。Coking coal did not start its vertiginous ascent until July when heavy rain and flooding reduced supply from Shanxi province. This forced Chinese buyers into the seaborne market, which was then hit by a number of unexpected outages at mines in Australia that further crimped supplies.焦煤价格直到7月暴雨和洪水导致山西省供应下降后才开始了令人目眩的上涨。这迫使中国买家进入海运市场,当时澳大利亚煤矿发生了一系列意外生产中断事故,进一步减少了供应。While about 300m tonnes of seaborne coking coal is produced each year most of it is traded on a contractual basis and priced off the spot market or monthly or quarterly averages. The amount of material ily available to buy — even when the market is not grappling with supply side issues, is very small — fewer than 10m tonnes according to Mr Hamilton.尽管每年的海运焦煤产量大约有3亿吨,但这些焦煤大多按合同价交易,价格低于现货市场或者月度和季度平均价格。汉密尔顿表示,即便市场没有供应问题的困扰,现成可买的焦煤数量也非常少,不足1000万吨。“We have basically gone from 0 to 0 a tonne on the back of a few deals,” he said of the recent rally.他在谈到最近的上涨时说:“在一些协议的持下,我们基本上从每吨100美元涨到了每吨200美元。”According to Ernie Thrasher, chief executive of US coking coal producer Xcoal, most of the recent buying in the spot market has come from steel mills in Europe and India. “They realised they needed coal but the market had started to run away from them,” he said. “Buyers tend to be much more reactive when the price goes against them.”美国焦煤生产商Xcoal首席执行官厄尼#8226;思拉舍(Ernie Thrasher)表示,最近现货市场上的买盘大多来自欧洲和印度的钢厂。他说:“他们意识到他们需要煤炭,但市场开始远离他们。当价格对他们不利的时候,买家往往积极得多。”Industry watchers do not think the price surge can continue for much longer. Knowing that contract prices will rise in the fourth quarter — possibly to 0 a tonne — steel mills will have been buying as much as they can under existing arrangements. Many of these contracts have options to buy an extra 10 per cent of agreed volumes, say traders.行业观察家们认为这种价格飙升不会持续太长时间。钢厂知道,合同价将在第四季度上升(可能到每吨170美元),因此将在现有协议下尽可能地购买焦煤。交易员们表示,许多合同带有可额外购买约定总量的10%的选项。Tom Price, analyst at Morgan Stanley, said that road conditions in Shanxi had started to improve while China’s National Development and Reform Commission has requested a short-term lift in coal supply primarily to cap thermal coal prices.根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)分析师汤姆#8226;普莱斯(Tom Price)表示,山西路况开始改善,同时中国发改委(NDRC)要求短期增加煤炭供应,这主要是为了限制热能煤价格。Prices above 0 a tonne will also trigger a supply response, particularly from producers in North America.每吨200美元以上的价格将引起供应方面的回应,尤其是北美供应商的回应。Mr Thrasher said Xcoal would increase its exports and expected others to follow although they might take a bit longer — between three and six months.This is because many US mines were mothballed in 2015 while others were placed under 11 bankruptcy protection.思拉舍表示,Xcoal将会增加出口,并预计其他生产商将会效仿,尽管它们花的时间可能更长些,估计在3到6个月之间。这是因为许多美国矿场在2015年停产,同时其他矿场处于第11章破产保护的状态。“What you will see at this price level is that anyone who can produce will produce,” he said.他说:“你在这个价格水平上将会看到的是,所有能生产的都将生产。”However, few people expect prices to fall sharply unless Beijing performs a policy U-turn, something that seems unlikely in the near term.然而,没多少人预计价格将会大幅下降,除非北京方面的政策发生一百八十度大转弯,这在近期似乎不太可能。“We expect supply increases to put some downward pressure on the coking coal prices in the very near future,” said Mr LaFemina. “But we do not expect a collapse to the levels of earlier this year as the government clearly wants to avoid financial stress in the domestic coal industry.”米纳表示:“我们预计供应增加将会在近期内对焦煤价格产生一些下行压力。但我们预计不会下跌至今年早些时候的水平,因为中国政府显然希望避免本国煤炭行业出现财务紧张局面。” /201610/469358上海全身吸脂医院上海哪里割双眼皮好



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