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We#39;re feeling a little misty-eyed thinking about true love. Well, you can create your own relationship success by looking for the right traits in a woman instead of just swiping right on everyone on Tinder.作为男生,我们有时会对真爱长什么样有些迷惑。如果基于以下10点特质寻找,你就会找到完美爱侣,再也不用在Tinder上到处浏览。1.She#39;s Independent1.独立No one gets into a relationship to be a babysitter. If she#39;s had a rough day at work, it#39;s great to be her shoulder to cry on. But if she can#39;t seem to function without you, you#39;ll eventually suffocate, and if you#39;re smart you#39;ll run for the nearest exit.谁也不想变成另一半的老妈子。如果她今天工作超累,你很乐意提供抚慰的肩膀。但如果她离了你就不行,总有一天你会窒息崩溃的。你要足够聪明,就赶快逃开!2.She#39;s Intelligent2.智慧I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the bimbo routine gets real old, real fast. A woman who can meet you at an intellectual level is a total turn-on. An intelligent woman will constantly surprise you and keep you on your toes. She won#39;t let you get bored or complacent.我真不想提醒你,但女人易老如鲜花易逝。一个在智力上与你匹敌的女性才是真性感!智慧的女性会持续带来惊喜,令人振奋!你不会无聊,也不会沾沾自喜。3.She#39;s Sexual3.性感For instance, if you#39;re into Samp;M and she#39;s more the ;fluffy lingerie; type, that#39;s a problem. The two of you have to be on the same page.举个例子:你喜欢SM,她却爱穿蓬松的内衣,那可能是个问题。在这点上得保持一致哦!4.You#39;re Attracted To Her4.她吸引你I know, this one is kind of obvious, but important nonetheless. Being seen with her should make you feel better about yourself. And this doesn#39;t mean that she has to be a Heidi Klum clone. Your mutual attraction should make you both want to stay looking your best.这个看起来显而易见,但真的很重要!和她走在一起,你应该感到自豪。不是说她得变成海蒂·克鲁姆(维密天使之一)的样子,而是你们能互相吸引、持续点亮对方的优点!5.She Respects You5.她尊重你This is a biggie. A great girlfriend will keep major disputes private rather than taking you down in public. She#39;ll make an effort to see things from your point of view (provided you do the same for her). The key here is that the respect be mutual.这条重要了!一个超棒的女友是不会让你在公开场合下不来台的,她会把争议放在私下解决。她会努力理解你的观点(我们假装你也能理解她)。此处的关键就是:尊重是相互的。6.She Lets You Be A Man6.她让你更ManDo not -- I repeat -- do not get involved with a woman who tries to get you to eat cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast and insists that you give up poker night with the guys. You will end up resenting her more than you can imagine. If she#39;s a great girlfriend, she#39;ll even bring you and your buddies a couple of beers and make you some of her famous sandwiches.千万不要-我重复一下-千万不要找一个早餐强迫你吃干白酪、水果,晚上不准你打牌的女朋友,故事的最后你会怀着无比的憎恨离开她。一个完美女友会在你和哥们相处时给你拿几瓶啤酒,做几份她秘制的三明治。7.She Doesn#39;t Nag Without A Good Reason7.她从不空穴来风地唠叨We#39;ve never met a man who was convinced to change his behavior because of his girlfriend#39;s nagging. A great girlfriend knows this and chooses her battles wisely. However, if you live together and you stay out all night without calling her. This is a situation that nobody would let slide -- not even a great girlfriend.我们从来没见过哪个男人因为他女友唠叨就改变的,好女友懂得如何沟通。当然,如果你们同居了,而你居然不打招呼就夜不归宿,再好的女朋友也不会忍受的。8.She Gets Along With Your Friends And Family8.她和你的亲友相处甚欢She#39;ll help your parents out at Thanksgiving, try to understand your brother#39;s twisted sense of humor. Your friends won#39;t roll their eyes and moan when you mention that she#39;ll be joining you guys when she gets off work -- she#39;s one of the crowd.她会在帮你爸妈一起准备感恩节,试着听懂你兄弟曲折的笑话。你的朋友不会在听说她要一起来玩时哀鸿遍野。她是你社交圈的一份子!9.She Loves You9.她爱你If you have found a woman who loves you for who you really are and not who you pretend or try to be sometimes, you should definitely hang on to her.如果你碰到一个女人,她喜爱你真实的模样,而不是伪装,一定要紧紧抓住她!10.She Makes You Want To Be a Better Man10.她让你变成更好的男人Any man who has a great girlfriend or wife will tell you that she makes him want to be a better man. She doesn#39;t have to say or do anything; it just is that way. If you suddenly feel bad about how you treated your sister when you were younger or find yourself trying to get your finances in order to prepare for the future, you might want to think about your motivation for doing so. It could be love.任何一个拥有好女友的男人都会告诉你,她让他变成更好的男人!她不用说什么、做什么,只是存在就让他想变得更好!如果你突然为小时候对待的方式感到懊悔,或正在为未来打理自己的财务,你可以想一下触发点是什么?没准是爱呢。 /201511/411601

Entering the dating world may be intimidating for some people but with the help of Bravo TV star and sex and relationship expert, Dr. Emily Morse, knowing the do’s and don’ts will make dating a bit easier. Voted as the No. 1 dating expert to follow on Twitter as well as the No. 1 dating and sex expert by DatingAdvice.com, Emily continues to answer questions on her website, Sex With Emily, that most might be too embarrassed to ask in person. There she discusses topics varying from proper first date etiquette to how to spice things up in the bedroom. Besides helping both men and women approach the opposite sex, Dr. Emily gives helpful advice on how to make sure first dates goes as smooth as possible. Here are Dr. Emily’s top 5 tips for a successful date.对有些人来说,约会可能是很恐怖的一件事,然而,在电视明星兼性学和恋爱专家艾米丽斯士的帮助下,了解哪些该做,哪些不该做将使约会更加轻松。艾米丽经Twitter投票成为第一约会专家,经DatingAdvice.com网站投票成为第一约会性学专家,她继续在个人网站——Sex With Family——为人们解惑答疑,大多都是人们不好意思当面问的问题。她在网站上讨论的话题包括:初次约会需要注意的礼节;如何在卧室增添乐趣。此外,她还帮助两性接近异性,关于确保初次约会顺利进行的方式提供有益的建议。下文是艾米丽士关于成功约会的5大建议。1.Be Present1.享受现在Don’t play out your future relationship with the person in your head. This is a first date. You are not in a relationship so don’t act like you are in one. This isn’t a good time to mention that you want to have their babies in the next year. On the other hand, don’t go into a date thinking that it is doomed. Try to enjoy the company of another person and analyze later. Worst case scenario, it’s a chance to tell all the funny stories your friends are sick of hearing.切勿在脑海中计划你与她的未来关系。这只是初次约会,还没有确定恋爱关系,因此,不要表现的像在谈恋爱一样。这样的场合不适合提到明年你想要和她生孩子诸如此类的话。此外,不要进入约会思维模式,认为你们是命中注定的。尽量享受另外一个人的陪伴,事后再做分析。如果你认为可以趁这个机会把所有朋友们讨厌听到的幽默故事讲给她听,那就太糟糕了。2.Don#39;t Be Glued to Your Cell Phone2.切勿紧盯手机I realize that pretending to check your cell phone is a great way to avoid awkward silences, but resist the urge. Stay engaged. Make eye contact with your date instead of with your phone, and ask them how many siblings they have or if they’ve seen Gravity yet.我知道假装查看手机是避免冷场的妙招,然而约会时务必要抵制这一冲动。与她保持互动,进行眼神交流。问她家里有几个兄弟,或有没有看过万有引力这部电影。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201509/401543

Good news for chocolate lovers: eating the sweet treat has been found to have a positive association with cognitive performance, according to a new study.接下来这个消息对巧克力爱好者来说绝对是极好的:根据最新一项研究显示,吃甜食与认知能力之间存在显著的正相关关系。Published in the journal Appetite, researchers used data collected from a Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study (MSLS), in which 968 people aged between 23 and 98. 该项研究是在《食欲》杂志上发布的。研究人员分析了968名来自缅因州锡拉丘兹纵向研究的、年龄在23岁-98岁之间的参与者的数据。The researchers found that regularly eating chocolate was significantly associated with cognitive function ;irrespective of other dietary habits;.研究人员发现,经常吃巧克力与认知功能显著相关,而与其他饮食习惯无关。Research shows that eating chocolate is significantly associated with ;visual-spatial and working memory, scanning and tracking, abstract reasoning and the mini-mental state examination.;该研究显示,食用巧克力与视觉空间记忆、工作记忆、扫描追踪、抽象推理及应对简易智力状况检查的能力有很大关系。Chocolate bars contain a nutrient, Cocoa flavanols, which seems to have positive effects on people#39;s brains, experts explained.专家对此解释称,巧克力含有可可黄烷醇,这种营养物质似乎有益于人类的大脑。High levels of flavanols are found in dark chocolate but less so in milk or white chocolate. High levels of flavanols are also found in tea, red wine and certain fruits such as grapes and apples.高含量的黄烷醇被发现存在于黑巧克力当中,但在牛奶巧克力和白巧克力中则相对要少很多。此外,茶水、红葡萄酒以及葡萄和苹果这一类的水果当中也富含黄烷醇。While the new study shows that choc treats can improve brain function, the researchers note that #39;appropriate caloric intake#39; still applies, suggesting that gorging on too much chocolate is still not great for health.虽然新的研究表明巧克力类的甜食有助于改善大脑功能,但是专家还是指出,“适当的热量摄入”仍然是正确的。专家们认为,吃太多的巧克力还是不健康的。 /201603/430969

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