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浦东新区周浦医院韩式三点双眼皮价格费用上海交通大学医学院附属仁济医院打玻尿酸多少钱上海正规的整形医院 德国研究人员近日研究实,交通污染会引发儿童过敏性疾病。German researchers say they have found some of the strongest evidence yet linking traffic pollution to childhood allergies.The risk of developing asthma, hay fever(花粉症),eczema(湿疹) or other allergies is about 50 percent higher for children living 50 meters (yards) from a busy road than for those living 1,000 meters away, they said in a study released on Friday.Previous research has linked pollution to allergies, but to date observational studies in the field have been inconsistent, said Joachim Heinrich, an epidemiologist at the Helmholtz Research Centre for Environment and Health in Munich."We consistently found strong associations between the distance to the nearest main road and the allergic disease outcomes," Heinrich, who led the study, wrote in the American Journal of Respiratory(呼吸的) and Critical Care Medicine.The study followed 3,000 healthy children from all over Munich for six years from birth to determine rates of allergy-related diseases and exposure to traffic pollution.The researchers mapped each residential address and the distance to busy roads, then developed a model to calculate exposure to pollution at birth and age two, three and six. A busy road was considered one used by 10,000 cars each day."We developed a model to predict air pollution concentration at one point in a metropolitan area," Heinrich said in a telephone interview.This allowed the researchers to monitor more than one site as well as follow a large group of children over a long period of time, things many other studies did not do, Heinrich said.The researchers will continue monitoring the children over the next few years to determine whether moving to a less-polluted area can reverse any of the traffic pollution-related problems, he added. /200806/42585上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

上海市第二人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱上海激光祛痣多少钱 PAINTER Luo Dan#39;s name is the Chinese transliteration of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), the French sculptor famous for works such as ;The Age of Bronze,; ;The Thinker; and ;The Kiss.;画家罗丹的名字是奥古斯特#8226;罗丹(1840 - 1917) 的中文音译,法国著名雕塑家,作品有《青铜时代》、《思想者》和《吻》。His painter father, Luo Zhongli, an accomplished artist and president of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, had high hopes for his son in the art world.他的画家父亲罗中立,一位多才多艺的艺术家,四川美术学院院长,在艺术界对他的儿子寄予厚望。;Frankly, my life has been quite smooth but that doesn#39;t mean my path in art has been easy,; says 32-year-old Luo, whose paintings are on exhibit at Sinan Mansions.“坦率地说,我的生活一直很顺利,但这并不意味着我的艺术之路一直很容易,” 32岁的罗丹说,他的画在思南公馆展出。With his father also a famous artist, comparisons are inevitable, but Luo says they are unfair.由于他的父亲也是一个著名艺术家,比较是不可避免的,但罗丹说这是不公平的。;I always face the same question, whether or not I feel the shadow of my father,; he says. ;No, I don#39;t. We have different backgrounds. It would be meaningless to put us together.;“我总是要面对同样的问题,我是否感觉到父亲的阴影,”他说。“不,我没有。我们有不同的背景。把我们放在一块是毫无意义的。”Luo Dan also plays the piano, violin and likes to sing.罗丹也会弹钢琴,拉小提琴,喜欢唱歌。Music is a regular theme in his work, especially the rebelliousness of rock #39;n#39; roll. His subjects sing and revel in music. From their facial expressions, viewers can almost feel their passion and hear the music that they hear.音乐是他作品中的一个常规主题,尤其是叛逆的摇滚乐。他作品中人物歌唱并陶醉在音乐中。从他们的面部表情,观众可以感受到他们的热情,听到他们所听到的音乐。Luo is quick to say that his paintings do not have a social message.罗丹很快就说他的画没有社会信息。;I am not reflecting on history and society,; he says. ;I only care about the existing world, the lifestyles of my peers.;“我没有反思历史和社会,”他说。“我只关心现有的世界,我同代人的生活方式。”His works have evolved toward themes of tradition colliding with modernity, wildness clashing with stillness.他的作品从传统与现代碰撞、野性与沉静冲突的主题演变而来。Born in Chongqing, Luo graduated from the Middle School attached to the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2000. He studied at Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany. In 2004, he graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and studied at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, the UK.罗丹出生在重庆,2000年毕业于四川美术学院附属中学。他在德国卡塞尔艺术学院学习。2004年,他毕业于四川美术学院油画系,曾在英国威尔士大学卡地夫学院深造。Asked whether his father gave him artistic advice over the years, Luo says, ;I tried to hide my paintings from him since I felt a bit awkward. I want to retain the purity and distinctiveness of my own art.;问及这些年他的父亲是否给予他艺术指导,罗丹说,“我试图对他隐藏我的绘画,因为我感到有点尴尬。我想保留自己艺术的纯洁和特殊之处。” /201305/241789上海瑞金医院做丰胸手术多少钱

复旦大学附属华东医院做去疤手术价格费用 Watching a horror film could burn off a whole bar of chocolate, according to a new research released today.根据今天发布的最新研究,观看一部恐怖片让人消耗的热量相当于一根巧克力棒所含的热量。Viewers who put themselves through 90 minutes of adrenaline-pumping terror can use up as much as 113 calories, close to the amount burned during a half-hour walk and the equivalent to a chocolate bar.看完90分钟恐怖片可以使人消耗多达113卡路里的热量,接近于散步半小时,或者一根巧克力棒所含的热量。The movie top of the list of calorie-burners was found to be the 1980 psychological thriller The Shining, with the average viewer using up a whopping 184 calories.位居十大最能燃烧卡路里的恐怖片榜单之首的是1980年的心理惊悚片《闪灵》,平均每位观看者会消耗多达184卡路里的热量。Jaws took the runner-up spot, with viewers burning on average 161 calories, and The Exorcist came third, with 158 calories.排在第二位的是《大白鲨》,观看者平均消耗161卡路里热量;排在第三的是《驱魔人》,平均消耗量为158卡路里。 /201308/251035上海公立三甲医院治疗腋臭多少钱上海玫瑰美容医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱



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