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上海市宝山区中西医结合医院开双眼皮多少钱上海市妇幼保健医院祛眼袋手术多少钱Have you ever wondered why some cuisines, like Indian and Thai, are so spicy and others, like English, are so bland?你是否也曾好奇,为何印度菜和泰国菜辛辣无比,而英国菜却近乎清淡无味?Lets see,India and Thailand are very hot countries,while England is cold and damp.印度和泰国气候炎热,英国则又冷又潮,这么说来,或许每一种菜肴都和当地气候有关吧?So the answer has something to do with the climate associated with each cuisine?每一种菜肴都和当地气候有关?Yes,it sure does.是的,当然。The first one is spices mask spoilage, and in a country with a hot climate and without refrigeration, that can come in handy.一种解释是,辛辣香料能防腐,尤其在气候炎热又没有冰箱的国家,可备不时之需。Some scientists suggest that the spices in hot cuisines help protect humans from certain kinds of bacteria found in food.一些科学家推测,辛辣菜肴中的香料有助杀死食物中的某几种细菌,使人们免受其害。In fact, the hotter the country, the more likely it is that its recipes will use the kind of spices that slow down the growth of bacteria.事实上,所处地带越是炎热,食物的烹饪中越会使用辛辣香料来抑制细菌增长。You mean some ingredients can slow down the growth of bacteria?你的意思是一些原材料可以抑制细菌增长Thats right.是这样的。For example, onion, garlic, oregano and all spice alone all kill or inhibit up to twenty-nine different kinds food-borne bacteria.说得对。比如说,洋葱、大蒜、牛至和多香果就能杀灭或抑制多达29种不同的食物细菌。In fact, most spices inhibit bacteria to some extent.实际上,辛辣香料或多或少都能抑制细菌。And if you think about it, this makes sense.细想一下,这是有道理的。As plants evolved, they had to learn to fight off parasites and bacteria in order to survive.在进化过程中,植物必须击退寄生虫和细菌才能得以生存。Thats how they got their distinctive flavoring in the first place.辛辣香料原有的独特味道就因此而来。 /201404/293155上海市第一人民医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 宝山区中西医结合医院激光去痘价格费用

上海复旦大学附属浦东医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱Leave it on the shelf too long and honey begins to crystallize. 蜂蜜放在货架上太久是会结晶的。Heating the honey returns it to its original condition, but if you add water, you could ruin the honey completely. 将蜂蜜加热使它转化成最原始的状态,但如果你往里加水,你就有可能会完全毁了蜂蜜。Thats because honey, which is a preservative in its original state, ferments once its diluted. 那是因为蜂蜜在其原始状态下是不变质的,而当加水稀释后则会发酵。In ancient times, honey was used as a food preservative. 在古代的时候,蜂蜜被用于食物防腐剂。It works as a preservative because the high concentration of sugar in honey forces the water out of any yeast or bacteria cells that could otherwise contaminate the food. 它作为防腐剂的工作原理是蜂蜜中的高浓度的糖会将酵母或细菌细胞中的水分排出来,否则这些细胞会污染食物。This process, known as ;osmosis,; is also what makes salt such an effective preservative. 这个过程叫做“透析”,同样也使得盐成了一种有效的防腐剂。Eventually, the process of osmosis destroys those cells by drawing out all their water--in other words, by drying them up. 最后,这个透析的过程会通过吸干所有的水分,换句话说就是使其变干燥,从而破坏细胞。So because of its high sugar concentration, pure honey will never ferment or go bad. 所以说由于它的高浓度,纯蜂蜜将永远不会发酵或变质。It may crystallize but by soaking the jar in hot water you can turn it back into a liquid. 蜂蜜是会结晶的,但如果你把蜂蜜罐放到热水里,它是会再变回液体的。Adding water, however, lowers the concentration of sugar in the honey and turns a natural preservative into an excellent food for yeast and bacteria. 加水,降低蜂蜜中糖的浓度,会将天然防腐剂转成酵母和细菌的绝好食物。You may not want a fermented jar of honey on your shelf, but ancient people turned that characteristic of honey to their advantage in creating what may well have been the very first alcoholic beverage. 你可能不会想在你的书架上摆一瓶发酵了的蜂蜜罐子,但是古人利用蜂蜜的这个特点,创造出了第一批酒精饮料。Honey mixed in water and allowed to ferment, produces the drink called ;mead.; 将蜂蜜和水混在一起,让其发酵,制出来的饮料叫“蜂蜜酒”。So you may or may not want to add water to your honey. 但你可能想也可能不想往蜂蜜里兑水。If what you want is mead, go ahead, but if you want your honey to last, . . . keep it pure. 如果你想要的是“蜂蜜酒”,那可以兑水,但如果你想要的就是蜂蜜,那就不要兑水。Next time on ;A Moment of Science,; well see why honey can help baked goods last longer. 下次在“科学时刻”,“我们将会看到为什么蜂蜜可以帮助烘焙食品保质更长时间。201307/250045上海玫瑰整形美容医院褐青色痣怎么样 Business商业报道The music industry音乐产业Beliebing in streaming高举丁日的旗帜Record bosses now hope that online streaming could become a big enough business to arrest their industrys long decline唱片公司老板们正希望线上流媒体能成为一盘足够大的生意,以阻止他们产业的长期衰退AT THE headquarters of Pandora, an online-radio firm, in Oakland,位于奥克兰市的Pandora总部中,about a dozen headphone-clad analysts fill in a long questionnaire as they listen.约有12名头戴耳机的分析员听着歌曲信息,完成着一份很长的调查清单。They rank whether a songs mood is joyful or hostile, the vocalist breathy or gravelly.他们会将一首歌的基调做出分类,如欢快或狂暴;同时也会对歌唱家进行分类,如气息流派或声线沙哑型。They note whether they can hear electric guitars, lutes or bagpipes.他们会记录一首歌曲当中是否有电吉他、琉特琴或风笛等等的乐器演奏。Their ratings help to shape algorithms that push music to the services 76m users.他们的分类评级,是构成一款拥有760万名用户音乐务的关键程序之一。Pandora is in the vanguard of a revolution in which ever more consumers are streaming music over the internet to their smartphones or computers,如今Pandora正是这样一场革命的先锋,消费者们正以前所未有的数量进入到音乐流媒体的世界当中,通过互联网这一渠道,他们不再收藏音乐,instead of owning collections of songs.而是直接通过自己的智能手机和电脑收听音乐。For the first time since Apple popularised the paid download in 2003,这是自2003年苹果公司普及付费下载模式以来,the record business is changing key again.唱片行业的又一次巨变。From wax cylinders via vinyl, cassettes and CDs to MP3s,从乙烯树脂制成的黑胶唱片,发展到了卡带和CD唱片,再到了MP3,it is undergoing another format shift—maybe,此行业又将面临一次音乐制式转换。some in the business muse, its last.而有些人沉思道,或许这是唱片行业的最后一次变革。Streaming services give music-lovers access to millions of songs,流媒体务能够让音乐爱好者们接触成千上万的歌曲,but the services are not all alike.但这些务类型都不尽相同。Online-radio versions, including Pandora and Apples iTunes Radio, choose what consumers hear,包括Pandora和苹果音乐电台在内的线上电台模式,能够为消费者们提供他们想听的音乐,and the firms make their revenues through advertising.并且务商将通过广告业务实现盈利。Others, such as Spotify and Deezer, let customers select songs from a catalogue of 20m-30m, charging premium subscribers a monthly fee.另一方面,如声破天和Deezer的务商,则让消费者们从200万至300万的曲目中挑选歌曲,并对高级会员收取月费。Free services that stream music s, such as YouTube, also get plenty of play.一些免费的音乐录影带流媒体务,如YouTube公司,也在市场中分到了一杯羹。All the variants pay the record labels some fraction of a penny each time someone clicks on a song.以上各类的音乐务的每一次点播,都意味着需要给予唱片公司一定的报酬。Streamings rise makes music bosses as giddy as a bunch of teenage Beliebers queuing to see Justin Bieber.流媒体业务的迅猛发展,让唱片公司老板们都处于轻佻浮躁的状态当中,就像一群排队等着见丁日的丁日粉一样。Yet at first glance a report on March 18th by IFPI, a record-industry group, suggests that things are still getting worse.然而,在最初看到唱片业组织IFPI在3月18日发布的报告之时,形势不容乐观。Music labels worldwide revenues fell by 4% last year to 15 billion, a reversal of 2012s slight rise.与2012年的轻微上升截然相反,去年唱片公司全球收入为150亿美元,较往年下降了4%。But much of the fall was due to Japanese consumers finally giving up on CDs, as much as the rest of the world had aly done.但这很大程度上要归因于日本消费者的转变。他们终于放弃了对光碟产品的购买,跟上了世界其余国家早已达到了的市场态势。A closer look shows that streaming services are starting to bring the business back into profit in countries that have suffered steady declines, such as Italy.而进一步细究可知,在一些音乐产业持续衰退的国家,比方说意大利,流媒体务已经开始将这一行重新带入盈利当中。Streaming now has around 28m paying subscribers, and several times as many who use free versions.如今,流媒体务的付费用户约为280万人,免费用户则是前者的数倍之多。Last year subscription-based versions like Spotify had combined revenues of more than 1 billion, up more than 50% from 2012.就像Spotify之类的以付费订阅为基础的务商们,去年获得了超过10亿美元的总收入,与2012年相比业绩上涨超过了50%。That figure does not include online-radio firms, which last year had revenues of 590m in America alone,这一数字并不包括线上电台模式的公司。仅以美国当地来计算,去年线上电台模式的公司获得了5亿9千万美元的收入,a rise of 28% from the year before.较往年相比涨幅为28%。In America, the largest music market, 21% of the industrys 2013 revenues came from streaming, whose growth more than offset declines in CD sales.在全球最大的音乐消费市场美国,2013年唱片行业21%的收入来源于流媒体,而该项业务的增长效益超过了相抵之下光碟销售的下滑。Streaming services have taken off thanks to wider smartphone adoption, faster internet connections and the sp of cheap online cloud storage for music files.流媒体务的成功发展归功于以下几点原因:更广泛的智能手机应用,更快的网络连接,以及音乐文件的廉价线上云储存务。Even so, only 4-5% of music consumers in America and Britain have so far signed up for subscription streaming,即便在这样的市场环境下,目前美国和英国的音乐消费者当中,仅4-5%订购了流媒体务。says Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Consulting.MIDiA咨询公司的马克·穆里根表示。But if just 10% of the people in rich countries were to subscribe, the industrys fortunes would be transformed,但只要富裕国家中有10%的人选择订购,那么整个唱片行业的命运将会转变。says Claudio Aspesi of Sanford C. Bernstein, another research outfit.伯恩斯坦分析师克劳迪奥·阿斯佩西这样认为。YouTube, Googles popular online service,谷歌公司旗下最热门的线上视频网站YouTube,is expected to launch a paid-for music-streaming service in the coming months, which should help boost the numbers.有望在未来数月中实施对音乐流媒体务的收费,而这将令付费的用户数量激增。So might bundling music with a mobile-phone subscription, as ATamp;T is doing with Beats,将音乐与手机务捆绑销售也能达到同样的促进效果,而这正是美国电话电报与魔音的合作项目。a seller of headphones that has branched into subscription music.魔音公司是一家跻身进入付费音乐领域的耳机销售商。Arms around the world着眼全球Having previously fought losing battles against technological change, record executives have been quicker to embrace streamings surge.在输掉了前面几场科学技术战役后,唱片公司的老总们正迫不及待地依靠流媒体业务的快速增长打一个翻身仗。Until recently Apples iTunes was the sole king reigning over the digital-music realm;直到最近为止,苹果音乐一直是唯一一位统治着数字音乐世界的霸者;now there are dozens of princelings.而如今,则进入到了群雄并立的时期。This gives more negotiating power to the surviving three major record labels, down from six 15 years ago.这能让仅存的唱片巨头从15年前的6家缩减至目前的3家,拥有更多的谈判优势。I see myself as an arms dealer selling to everyone who will buy, says a gleeful record executive.一位心情愉悦的唱片公司老总说:我把自己当成一位军火商,只要有人买,我就卖。Streaming is also good news for independent labels, some of which are enjoying double the market share they had on CDs.流媒体的发展对于独立唱片公司来说,也是个极好的消息,其中一些公司将市场份额扩大到了光碟时期的两倍。It is also making it easier for music to travel beyond national boundaries.与此同时,跨国界的音乐传播也因此变得更为便利。We are getting revenue from markets where we never had a presence in the physical world, such as Brazil,现在,我们正从以前没有进入过的实体唱片市场当中取得收入。says Fredrik Ekander, the boss of Cosmos, a Swedish label.瑞典唱片公司Cosmos的老板Fredrik Ekander表示。Charles Caldas of Merlin, a licensing agency for independent labels, says streaming also helps monetise the nostalgia market.查尔斯·卡尔达斯是全球性版权许可机构Merlin的CEO,而他认为流媒体同样能让怀旧之情转换成利润流入。In the physical world more than two-thirds of sales are for new releases;在实体唱片市场当中,超过三分之二的音乐销售额是由新发行的歌曲构成的;on Deezer only a third of songs streamed are new.而在Deezer,只有三分之一的流媒体点播是新歌。To distinguish themselves from rivals and help users navigate their vast catalogues, streaming firms are offering curated playlists,为了胜过同行的务以及为了更好地帮助用户管理曲目,流媒体公司们提供了精选的播放列表,compiled by algorithms, celebrities and consumers themselves.而这份列表是由系统算法、歌手和消费者自身共同编制而成的。Users can also see what their friends on social networks are playing, and share tracks and playlists,用户们不仅仅可以看到他们在社交网站上的朋友所听的歌曲,还能对外分享歌曲和播放列表,which helps new acts take off.同时这也促进了新歌手的成长。Avicii, a Swedish DJ, has become the most streamed artist on Spotify.在声破天网站上,一位瑞典DJ艾维奇成为了最多点播量的艺人。Streaming is forcing a creative but undisciplined industry to pay more attention to data.流媒体的发展令一个从前具有创造性但管理模式混乱的行业,变得更加注重数据处理。In early March Spotify reportedly paid 200m for Echo Nest,在三月初据报道称,流媒体音乐务Spotify宣布它已经收购了音乐智能技术公司Echo Nest,which analyses data for music services and helps shape playlist algorithms.后者为诸多流媒体公司提供数据分析,以及构建播放列表等务提供持。Beats soon followed by purchasing TopSpin Media, which collects data to help artists connect with their fans.魔音公司随即收购了TopSpin Media,而这是一家能够通过采集信息去帮助艺术家们与粉丝联系的公司。Warner Music Group recently launched a new label in partnership with Shazam, a music-recognition app.华纳音乐集团近期与音乐雷达合作成立了一家新的唱片公司。Together they will trawl Shazams listener data to identify rising artists to sign up.他们将一起收集分析Shazam的听音数据,以寻找并签下冉冉升起的新星。Providing the streaming services can be persuaded to share their data,提供流媒体务的商家,也能够与唱片公司们分享自己的数据。record labels will be able to see the response to new songs immediately,而在这样的情况下,唱片公司们能够马上得知一首新歌的反响,and put marketing dollars behind those that strike a chord.并能从中挑选出扣人心弦的歌曲,从而投入市场推广资金。Performers will get a better idea where their fans live, to optimise their tour schedules.与此同时,音乐表演者们也能够对他们自己粉丝的居住地有较好的了解,从而优化他们的巡回演出计划。The economics of streaming look quite different from those of earlier music formats.流媒体的盈利模式与先前的音乐格式相比显得十分不同。On-demand streaming services pay a record label about three-tenths of a cent each time one of its songs is played,以需求量为标准的流媒体务商在每首歌点播之时,会给予唱片公司的3/10美分,and online-radio services even less.而网络电台务商则付得更少。But music fans may play a favourite tune dozens, maybe hundreds of times,但一些粉丝或许会连续播放一首自己喜欢的曲子数十遍,甚至上百遍,so those fractions of pennies can add up.因此这些零零碎碎的加总能得到一个很高的数字。Streaming subscribers pay around 120 a year,流媒体的付费订阅者每年大约要付120美元,which is more than double what the average American music consumer spends.而这一数字大约是平均美国音乐消费者花费的两倍。Yet some performers are unconvinced.然而,一些歌手却对此表示怀疑。Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead, has called Spotify the last desperate fart of a dying corpse.Radiohead乐队的主场汤姆·约克将Spotify称为一个垂死之人所放的绝望的最后一个屁。Music services have responded by being more open about how artists are paid,而务商们对此的回应是,让歌手们的收入方式更为自由,and arguing that their cheques will grow larger as more people sign up, as has happened in Sweden.并表示歌手们的收入会随着付费订阅人群的增加而增加,就像瑞典的案例一样。It is more complicated in countries with a well-established download market,音乐市场状况在一些早已建立起了下载规范的国家来说显得更为复杂,such as America and Britain, where industry executives worry that streaming may cannibalise downloads.比如美国和英国,这些国家的老板们担心流媒体务或许会催生出将音像资料分割开来的非法下载。However, the bigger issue for artists is that so few people overall pay for music, says Will Page, an economist at Spotify:然而,Spotify的经济顾问威尔·佩吉表示,对于歌手来说更大的问题是只有很少一部分人为音乐务付费。Half the population in the West spends nothing on music.他说:目前西方国家当中的半数人口享受着免费音乐,You cant cannibalise zero.对此你可以不必担心所谓的分割下载能够损害唱片行业利益。For years music has been a toxic place to invest.多年以来,唱片行业都不是一个投资的好领域。But the internet is at last bringing sexy back, as Justin Timberlake, a pop star turned actor and entrepreneur, might say.但最终随着网络发展,唱片行业或许最终能像贾斯汀·汀布莱克所说的一样,实现强势回归。Since investors have poured more than 1 billion into digital-music services in private transactions.自年以来,私人交易领域中投资者们已经对数字音乐务投入了超过100亿美元。Speculation is mounting that Spotify, which was reportedly valued last year at more than 5 billion, will soon go public.针对Spotify公司近期上市的传闻越来越多,而据报道称去年这家公司的估值已经超过了50亿美元。Shares in Pandora, aly listed, have nearly tripled in the past year.上市公司Pandora的股价在去年几乎增长至原先三倍的水平。Its market capitalisation is now almost 7 billion.目前,该公司的市场价值约为70亿美元。Such valuations assume that the services popularity will continue to grow,从这样的估价我们可以推断出,流媒体市场的热度将会持续上涨,and that subscription-based ones will persuade a sufficient proportion of those using their free versions to upgrade to paid varieties.并且付费订阅的务商也会令足够大的一部分使用免费务的用户,升级进入到付费市场当中来。Worryingly, churn tends to be high: around 46% of users of subscription services have either switched or say they plan to, according to Mr Mulligan of MIDiA.令人担忧的是,此行业的客户流失率也很高:来自MIDiA机构的穆里根先生所提供的资料显示,约有46%的付费订阅用户已经改变自己的音乐消费或者正打算改变。Nevertheless, people in the record industry are talking about another golden age.尽管如此,唱片行业的人都讨论着新一轮黄金时代。There is bound eventually to be a shake-out among the many new streaming services.在这为数众多的新进入市场的流媒体务商当中,最终肯定会进行一次洗牌。But for the music labels, it now seems clear that, once the physical CD has eventually gone the way of the wax cylinder,但目前对于唱片公司来说,如果实体光碟最终像黑胶唱片一样逐渐消亡,they will still have a profitable way to exploit their catalogues,那么他们也能找到另外一条有钱赚的路子,以继续歌曲创作事业。based on music fans being offered instant access to a near-limitless online jukebox.而这条路,便是持续地为音乐爱好者们提供一个几乎毫无限制的线上点播务。 /201403/281871上海妇幼保健院治疗痘痘多少钱

上海市宝山区中西医结合医院整形科When you eat a fatty food, it moves through the stomach andon to the intestines.当你食用富含高脂肪的食物时,脂肪通过胃流入肠道。In the intestines, a number of processes occur to transfer fat from the foodto special fat cells in your body.在肠道中,脂肪经过一系列的消化流程从食物转化为体内的特殊脂肪细胞。First, the gall bladder produces bile that breaks the foods fat droplets into smaller droplets.首先,胆囊分泌胆汁分解食物脂肪滴,使其更小。Next,the pancreas secretes enzymes that attack the fat droplets and break them down into two parts:fatty acids and glycerol.然后,胰腺分泌胰腺酶作用于脂肪滴,将其分解为两个部分:脂肪酸和甘油。This happens because fat droplets are too big to pass through cell membranes.这是因为脂肪滴过大,无法穿过细胞膜。The broken downfat is absorbed by the cells lining the intestine, where it is reassembled into fat molecules andeventually shuttled into the bloodstream with the help of lipoprotein particles.分解的脂肪被肠粘膜细胞吸收,重组成脂肪细胞,最后负载在脂蛋白颗粒上进入血液循环。For the most part fat is stored in the fat cells that compose fatty tissue.大部分的脂肪储存在脂肪细胞内,形成脂肪组织。Think of a fat cell as a tinyplastic bag filled with a drop of fat.脂肪细胞好比一个容纳脂肪滴的塑料袋。Interestingly, fat cells do not multiply.有趣的是,脂肪细胞并不会变多。The body contains a finitenumber of fat cells that expand as they absorb fat.身体内的脂肪细胞数量有限,它们在吸收脂肪后体积膨胀。So how can you make those fat cells smaller?那么,如何使得这些脂肪细胞变小?Eat well and exercise.健康饮食和运动。When you work out, yourbody burns energy, primarily in the form of glucose.运动时,身体消耗葡萄糖以燃烧能量。After breaking down stores of carbohydratesto produce glucose, the body goes after fat, which it breaks down into fatty acids that can also beused to make glucose.当储备的碳水化合物转化成的葡萄糖被完全消耗后,身体就开始分解脂肪,由此产生脂肪酸,而脂肪酸也会产生葡萄糖。201408/324212 Financing energy efficiency能源效率融资Money for nothing钱不是万能的Green loans are proving less popular among homeowners than expected事实明绿色贷款在房主中并不如预期受欢迎RETROFITTING houses to use less energy should be a no-brainer for homeowners. Over time, money spent on ways to reduce heat loss from draughty houses should produce a handsome return in lower fuel bills. In practice, many are cautious. Some improvements, such as solid-wall insulation and solar panels, can take over 25 years to cover their initial cost. Few owners are willing to wait that long: by then many are likely to have sold up and moved on.对于大多数房主来说为了节能而翻新房屋是一件再简单不过的事了。房主把钱花在运用某些方法上使透风的房子能够减少热损失,随着时间的推移,这些钱应该会因为低额的燃料费而产生丰厚的回报。但是事实上,大多数屋主还是很谨慎的。像换上绝缘墙、太阳能电池板这样的翻新措施往往要花上超过25年的时间才能回本。大多数房主都不愿意这么做,因为到那时很多人可能已经把房子卖掉了或者已经搬走了。Several governments have started finance schemes designed to address this problem. Since 2008 PACE programmes have offered American homeowners loans to finance improvements, repaid through higher local taxes on the property, whoever it belongs to. In Britain, the Green Deal offers loans over a 25-year period, with repayments added to energy bills. Countries including France and Canada have similar initiatives.一些政府已经为解决此问题而开始了融资计划。2008年以来,“清洁能源财产评估”计划已经为很多美国房主提供了低息贷款,以资助他们进行房屋设施的翻新改善。这种贷款通过对该房屋征收更高的地方税而得以偿还。在英国,“绿色协议”会提供超过25年期的贷款,该贷款通过追加能源账单而得以偿还。包括法国、加拿大在内的国家也采取了类似的举措。In theory, these schemes should boost investment in common energy-saving measures, such as extra insulation and new boilers, as the first owner does not have to pay all the costs upfront. But enrolment rates have disappointed, according to Sean Kidney at the Climate Bonds Initiative, a think-tank. In Britain, just 1% of those assessed for the Green Deal have signed up. In Berkeley, California, home of the first PACE scheme, the take-up rate is similarly paltry.按理说,这些方案应该会促进在节能措施上的投资,比如在购买额外的绝缘设备和新的热水器的时候,首次购买者不必预先付所有费用。但是根据来自气候债券倡议智囊团的肖恩·基德尼所说,这些方案的采纳率令人失望。在英国,仅有1%同意签署了“绿色协议”。在“清洁能源财产评估”计划出台的地方,也就是加利福尼亚州的伯克利,该方案的采纳率也是非常得低。Homeowners are unimpressed chiefly because the interest rates on the loans look high. The Green Deal charges 7%; some PACE schemes a hefty 8%. As these rates are fixed for decades, they will inevitably look unattractive when short-term interest rates are low.房主不愿意采纳这些方案的主要原因是看似颇高的贷款利率。“绿色协议”提供的贷款利率为7%,“清洁能源财产评估”计划提供的贷款利率更是达到了相对较高的8%。尽管这些利率将保持几十年不变,但是在短期利率较低的时候,就像现在,这些利率就不可避免地看上去毫无吸引力。Many people also doubt they will save enough on their energy bills to cover the repayments. For instance, claims in Britain that installing loft insulation can cut energy bills by 20% have been dented by a government study that found it reduced gas consumption by only 1.7% on average. Others fear that green loans may reduce the value of their home. In America, firms that underwrite mortgages are hostile to PACE loans.许多人也会怀疑自己是否能节省下足够的能源费用来付贷款在英国,有人宣称,安装阁楼绝缘材料能砍掉20%的能源费用,但一项政府研究打击了这一断言,该研究发现,该材料平均仅能降低1.7%的天然气消耗。而其他人则担心绿色贷款会使自己的房屋贬值。在美国,抵押贷款的承销公司坚决反对“清洁能源财产评估”计划提供贷款。Green loans have not been a flop everywhere. Around 250,000 households in Germany sign up for them each year. They do so because they need pay only 1% interest on them each year, thanks to an annual public subsidy of 1.5 billion. Whether that is an efficient use of taxpayers’ money is another question.然而,绿色贷款也不是在哪儿都遭遇窘境。在德国,每年都有近25万户人家会签署绿色贷款协议。他们这样做的原因是每年他们只需要为此付1%的利息,因为每年政府都会发放15亿欧元(约21亿美元)的公共财政补贴。然而这是否是有效利用纳税人的钱又成了另一个问题。 /201405/295259浦东新区周浦医院祛疤价格费用第六人民医院金山分院打玻尿酸价格费用



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