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1. Clarify your objectives. Put them in writing. Then set your priorities. Makesure you°Ore getting what you really want out of life1、明晰你的目标:把他们写下来,设定优先级别确定你正在获得生活中真正想要的;. Focus on objectives, not on activities. Your most important activities are thosethat help you accomplish your objectives.、专注目标,而不是事务你最重要的事务是那些能帮助你达成目标的; 188Did you know that “Loving Vincent” will be the world’s first feature length painted animation, with every shot painted with oil paints on canvas, just as Van Gogh himself painted? Directed by the classically trained Dorota Kobiela and based out of Poland, over 0 painters were needed to create the film’s oil paintings per-second animation. According to IMDB, the film should be released sometime this year.  你可知《致敬梵高将会成为世界首部动画长片?每一个镜头都是油画作于帆布上,如同梵高自己作画一般这部影片由科班出生的多克塔·科比拉导演、故事设置在波兰,由超过百名画师来创制电影每秒幅油画的动画据互联网电影资料库称,这部电影会在今年发布  “Loving Vincent is an investigation delving into the life and controversial death of Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world’s most beloved painters, as told through his paintings and by the characters that inhabit them,” s the film synopsis. “The intrigue unfolds through interviews with the characters closest to Vincent and through dramatic reconstructions of the events leading up to his death.”  “梵高是世界最受人喜爱的画家之一,《致敬梵高这部电影中,梵高的画作及其时常表现的人物角色逐步展现了梵高的生活及其备受争议的死亡,”电影概要里这么写道“影片采访了和梵高关系最为密切的人物、重塑了步步引发其死亡的戏剧性事件,谜团也随之逐步展开“ 66

A woman in Canada called the emergency services after mistakingher neighbor noisy toilet efts a violentdisturbance.加拿大的一名女子误将邻居上厕所时因“努力”方便而发出的噪音当成了一场暴力袭击事件,并打电话向紧急援助中心求助The woman was worried her neighbour was in trouble after hearingloud yelling and shouting at 5am.这名女子在早上五点的时候听到邻居大声喊叫,担心她的邻居惹上了麻烦Police officers rushed to the scene and found the man had onlybeen on the toilet.警方很快赶到了现场,却发现邻居的男子只不过是在上厕所罢了The officers asked him to keep the noise down his futureendeavors.警方建议这名男子在今后上厕所“努力”方便时尽量将音量降低

Jackie Chan thinks the success in China of game adaptation Warcraft: The Beginning could lead to an increase in homegrown blockbusters.成龙认为游戏改编的魔兽电影在中国的成功将导致国产大片的增加The Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West secretly separated? A report claims the couple isnt being truthful about the state of their marriage. Gossip Cop, however, looked into the story and can reveal the real truth.金·卡戴珊和坎爷是不是秘密分居了?一则报道声称这对夫妻对他们的婚姻状态并没有说实话然而,绯闻警察调查了他们的故事,还原了事情真相;Separated Again! Miserable Kim Kardashian Hiding The End Of Her Marriage,; s an accusatory headline from RadarOnline. In the , a so-called ;source; is ed as similarly saying, ;Kim is hiding how bad things are with Kanye right now.; The site claims Kardashian is upset the rapper ;fled their home amid their crumbling marriage,; but the snitch acknowledges West went to ;work on his music; while she films ;Keeping Up with the Kardashians.;;再度分居!伤心欲绝的金·卡戴珊隐瞒婚姻的终结;,RadarOnline网页的头条新闻指控道原文中,一位所谓的;消息来源;类似说道,;卡戴珊正在隐瞒她和坎爷的糟糕近况;该网站声称卡戴珊对这位说唱歌手十分失望;在婚姻破裂之际离开了他们的家,;但这位告密者也承认坎爷是去;研究他的音乐;,而卡戴珊则继续录制;与卡戴珊同行;The way it written, it implied West committed some kind of crime by leaving Kardashian behind as she shoots her reality show, as if it problematic that he working on something else at the same time. That a rather irrational interpretation. The goes on to allege Kardashian is ;amping up her public appearances; to ;deflect the absence of her husband,; with the webloid purported tipster asserting, ;Kim is trying to keep all eyes on her.; That contention doesnt make much sense, either. Wouldnt solo appearances only make it more obvious that West is not currently with her?文中的写作手法暗示着坎爷把卡戴珊一人留下就是犯了一种罪,就好像他在卡戴珊拍真人秀节目的同时做其他事情就是有问题一样这真是一种不合理的解读文章还继续说道卡戴珊正在;提高她在公众面前的曝光率;以;避开丈夫不在身边,;而该网站所谓的内幕人士声称道,;卡戴珊试图吸引大家的注意力;然而这一论据根本就说不通难道只身一人现身不是在广而告之坎爷目前不和她在一起吗?The story has another logic problem. The outlet alleged ;source; maintains ;Kim never tells anyone how things are with Kanye. All she ever says it [sic] that things are great and that she loves him,; and insists, ;She is covering up a lot.; But how would this person know Kardashian is ;covering up; the true status of her relationship if she ;never tells anyone how things are; and only says ;things are great;? How would this ;source; know that she really ;hiding; things, but not share what those things are?这个故事还有另一个逻辑问题该网站所谓的;消息来源;坚持说;卡戴珊永远都不会告诉别人她与坎爷的情感状况她只会说他们感情很好,她很爱他,;还坚持道,;她掩盖了太多真相;但如果卡戴珊;永远都不会告诉别人她与坎爷的情感状况;并且只会说;他们感情很好;,那么这个人又怎么会知道她;隐瞒;了自己的情感现状呢?那这个;消息来源;怎么会知道她真的在;隐瞒;一些事情,但却不分享这些事情到底是什么呢?Why cant it just be Kardashian is telling the truth and not actually ;hiding; anything? It actually seems like RadadrOnline is the one having issues. The site refers to ;Kimye demise,; a ;beleaguered marriage,; and her ;miserable relationship.; Yet this doesnt actually back up any of those bold statements with evidence of a ;demise; or why their romance is ;beleaguered; and ;miserable,; despite telling ers that ;marriage troubles continue to plague the couple.;为什么不是卡戴珊说的都是实话,并没有;隐瞒;任何事情呢?似乎RadadrOnline才真正有问题呢该网站还提到了;坎爷的死亡,;一段;困境重重的婚姻,;和她;痛苦不堪的感情;但这篇文章除了告诉读者们;婚姻问题继续困扰着这对夫妻;之外,并没有提供任何持这些大胆言论的据,没有据说明;死亡;,也没有据说明为什么他们的浪漫是;困境重重的;和;痛苦不堪的;译文属 5873m (£1m) film which grossed a mere $.m in the US its opening weekend surprised analysts with m at the Chinese box office from its first five days in cinemas.在美国,这部1.6亿美元(1.亿英镑)电影上映的首个周末总共获得0万美元,而在中国上映5天就取得1.56亿美元票房形成鲜明对比,让分析家们加感到惊讶Speaking this weekend at the Shanghai film festival Chan said the result will worry Hollywood execs. “Warcraft made 600m yuan [£6m] in two days. This has scared the Americans. If we can make a film that earns bn [£1bn] then people from all over the world who study film will learn Chinese instead of us learning English.”成龙在本周末的上海电影节说,这个结果将让好莱坞高官们担忧“魔兽两天之内收入6亿元(600万元英镑)”这个结果震惊美国人如果我们让一部电影挣0亿(亿英镑)那么全世界研究电影的人将学习中文而非英语 966

Jiang Wen is at the top of the world - the world of Chinese cinema, that is. His year-end release Let the Bullets Fly has just broken the box-office record a domestic film with some 700 million yuan ( million) in gross receipts. 姜文登上了中国电影界的巅峰年末上映的电影《让子弹飞国内总票房收入高达7亿元(合1.亿美元),缔造了中国电影史票房新纪录He does not need others to tell him how great he is - not any more. 他不再需要别人来告诉自己有多出色了That does not mean he is not proud of Bullets. It`s just that Bullets, him, is fun. He is aware of all the political interpretations of his story that have sprung up across the Web and mainstream media. 但这并不意味着他不为《让子弹飞而感到骄傲对于他来说,创作这部电影是为了好玩他明白,各种关于《让子弹飞的政治解读已在网络和主流媒体上传得沸沸扬扬"No, I did not mean to embed political meanings into the story," he says straightwardly. 他直截了当地说:“不,我没有刻意在电影里掺杂政治观点”The Goose Town, the central setting the movie, has come to symbolize China some film buffs with a political leaning. Yet, Jiang repeatedly uses the location as an outing to the murky world of genre-film making. 故事发生在“鹅城”,一些带有政治倾向的电影爱好者认为“鹅城”象征着中国然而在电影里,姜文屡次地把这个地方比作深入险境The most brilliant touches in his movies all seem to traverse the stream of reality, example, in Bullets opens with a train pulled by white horses. 电影中最出的片段似乎都与现实相关,比如电影开篇的白马拉火车"I did not invent this set-up. 30 years in the early th century, there was a segment of rail line in Northeast China that was powered by horses," he explains, without getting into the symbolic significance of such devices. "You may conceive the most unlikely scenes, and you`ll find that fact is stranger than fiction." 他解释道:“这个场景不是我凭空想象的世纪头30年,中国东北有一段铁路就是靠马拉火车”这些场景并没有暗指什么“你设想出了最荒诞的场景,接着你会发现,事实比电影情节更不可思议” 69

This is the view of Palm Jumeirah from 500 meters above sea level.在海拔500米的空中俯瞰棕榈岛Dubai is the largest city in the ed Arab Emirates and has origins that date to the seventh century.迪拜是阿联酋最大的城市,历史可追溯到公元七世纪Dubai is known its plentiful attractions. The green below is Emirates Golf Club.迪拜有很多吸引人的地方,图中绿色的部分便是酋长高尔夫球俱乐部 95


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