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黄浦区脱小腿毛多少钱上海市第九医院割双眼皮多少钱[社会]#;泰勒分手保险#;涉非法集资已下架 --1 ::50 来源:sohu 还在赌泰勒和汤姆的恋情能否持续?醒醒吧粉丝们! Still betting on the #Hiddleswift relationship? Wake up fans! 近日,中国电子商务网站-淘宝,在官网上移除涉及非法集资的;泰勒斯威夫特分手保险;据说,该商品在下架前可谓是相当畅销,每笔交易虽只需1元(0.美元),但如果泰勒和汤姆在一年内分手,买家便可获得双倍的赔付 Recently, an item billed as ;breakup insurance; the relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston was removed from Chinese e-commerce site Taobao on suspicion of illegal fund collection. The item, which was allegedly selling well bee its removal, cost only 1 yuan (0. USD) and promised to double customers' bet money if Swift broke up with Hiddleston within one year. 淘宝高层怀疑该商品可能涉及集资诈骗,故决定一并移除这一产品及与其相关的其他几款可疑产品现在在淘宝上搜索''泰勒斯威夫特分手保险'',已没有相关结果显示 Taobao executives suspect that it could be a case of fraudulent fundraising. The item has been removed from Taobao, along with several other suspicious products. No results can be found on Taobao ;Hiddleswift breakup insurance; now. Photo source: Taobao上海复旦大学附属闵行医院打美白针多少钱 还想升级Win?法国政府批评Win泄露个人隐私 -- 18:: 来源: 据法国数据在一份正式通知中表示,Win收集了“过多”的用户个人数据 Following complaints the operating system breached France’s Data Protection Act, the National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) found "many failures".之前曾有多项投诉指责Win违法了法国数据保护法案,法国国家数据保护委员会还发现了“许多失败”The CNIL has now given Microsoft three months to comply with the act.法国国家数据保护委员限定微软在3个月之内同意这一法案A Microsoft executive said the company would "work closely" with the CNIL.一名微软高管表示,该公司将和法国国家数据保护委员“密切合作”By default, Windows collects various data on how it is used - this includes what apps are installed and how much time is spent within them, example.在默认情况下,Win会收集用户们使用的各种数据--举例来说,包括安装了什么应用程序,在应用程序上花费了多少时间等"[Microsoft] is collecting excessive data, as these data are not necessary the operation of the service," said the CNIL.法国国家数据保护委员表示说:“微软正在收集过多的数据,因为这些数据并不是Win务系统所必须的”The authority also criticised the fact that an advertising ID is activated by default, which allows apps to monitor user browsing and then offer targeted ads.该部门还批评了广告ID被默认激活的事实,这允许应用程序监控用户们的浏览记录,然后向他们推送有针对性的广告In the CNIL’s view, this has been done "without consent".在法国国家数据保护委员看来,这一切行为都“没有获得允许”Plus, data was being transferred outside the EU despite a Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision, in October last year, to prohibit this.此外,数据还被转移到了欧盟之外的国家,而欧盟法院(CJEU)曾在去年月份禁止这一行为"We built strong privacy protections into Windows , and we welcome feedback as we continually work to enhance those protections," said David Heiner, Microsoft vice-president and deputy general counsel.微软副仲裁、副总法律顾问戴维·海纳表示说:“我们在Win系统中建立了强大的隐私保护机制,我们欢迎用户做出反馈,因为我们将不断努力以加强这些保护措施”"We will work closely with the CNIL over the next few months to understand the agency’s concerns fully and to work toward solutions that it will find acceptable."“在接下来的几个月里,我们将和法国国家数据保护委员密切合作,从而完全了解该机构的担忧之处,并且努力拿出他们觉得可接受的解决方案”Mr Heiner added that a new privacy statement would be issued by the company next month and that it planned to adopt the Privacy Shield - a recently approved US-EU pact to allow data flow across the Atlantic.海纳补充说道,微软将在下个月发布一份新的个人隐私声明,并且微软计划将采用《Privacy Shield协议--这是美国和欧盟最近批准的一项协议,允许数据跨大西洋流动"It is high time that companies are called to about the amount of data they collect about us without our consent," said Harmit Kambo, campaigns director at Privacy International.“隐私国际”的宣传总监哈米特·肯说道:“现在正是时候呼吁公司们算一算,微软到底在没有允许的情况下收集了我们多少数据”"Why do they need so much data about us, and why are they not open with us about it?"“为什么他们需要这么多关于我们的数据呢?为什么他们不对我们坦白这件事呢?”Mr Kambo added that he hoped other companies would also consider the implications of the CNIL’s decision.肯补充说道,他希望其他公司也考虑一下法国国家数据保护委员这一决定的意义"CNIL’s public notice to Microsoft Corporation should be a wake up call to all companies, that it’s unacceptable to hoover up their customers’ data without their consent," he said.他说道:“法国国家数据保护委员对微软公司的公共声明应该给所有公司都提了个醒,在未经顾客允许的情况下,收集他们的数据是不可接受的”NBA季后赛西部决赛:勇士遭遇连败,晋级前景岌岌可危 --6 :1:56 来源: 西部决赛第四场,勇士在雷霆主场再遭屠戮,以9-8的比分输给了雷霆队目前两队比分变为3-1,雷霆队抢得赛点OKLAHOMA CITY -- The stage was set a classic, and the defending champion Golden State Warriors instead suffered another stomping from an Oklahoma City Thunder team that appears to be the paradoxical dominant underdog. Game of the Western Conference finals ended after the Warriors lost contact in the second quarter and couldnrsquo;t close the gap in a 8-9 loss on Tuesday night.俄克拉荷马城现场报道--舞台为经典而设,一如本轮西部决赛赛前不为人所看好的俄克拉荷马雷霆队高歌猛进,再次将卫冕冠军金州勇士队斩落马下周二晚间(北京时间周三上午)西部决赛第四场,勇士在第二节挖下大坑,此后再无力追平比分,以9-8的比分败走俄城Bee the slaughter, the Warriors faced some miniature adversity at Tuesday morningrsquo;s shootaround. A group entered some of the cheaper seats at Chesapeake Energy Arena and started screaming chants their home team. With mischievous intent, Draymond Green, who stirred controversy in Game 3 kicking Thunder center Steven Adams below the belt, kicked his leg in their general direction.在今夜遭遇惨败前,勇士队在上午进行投篮训练时还遇到了一些麻烦一群狂热的球迷冲进了切萨皮克能源球场,高声为自己的主队加油看到这一幕时,德拉蒙德;格林恶作剧似地向人群的方向踢了一脚,不由使人联想到他在第三场比赛脚踢亚当斯的裆部所引发的巨大争议If he was to be public enemy No. 1 in these parts, he might as well relish it. Greenrsquo;s game is multifaceted, but defiance might define it. When he started the game, boos serenaded his every touch. But he was pressing, far too hard. The result was a series of passes nowhere close to the mark.格林似乎很享受成为头号公敌的感觉格林多面性比赛风格的核心可能源于其;蔑视一切;的精神比赛开始后,格林每次触球都引得现场嘘声四起为了明自己,格林有些用力过猛,换回的是一记记不着边际的传球After this latest stomping in Oklahoma City, itrsquo;s now hard the Warriors, down 3-1 in the series, to stand in defiance of the facts -- and an ominous reality. Are they done? No, not technically. Itrsquo;s theoretically possible a team to win three remaining games with two left at home. But itrsquo;s difficult to find even morsels of optimism within these latest permances, back-to-back losses the first time all season.在俄城吞下两连败的苦果,比分改写为1-3,陷入岌岌可危的境地,勇士队再也无法如此笃定了他们的卫冕之路走到尽头了吗?目前还没有,从技术层面上来说还没有剩下的三场比赛将有两场在勇士队主场进行,理论上讲,连胜三场的可能性是存在的可看看这队伍两连败的表现(勇士队本赛季首次遭遇客场背靠背连败),如此乐观的预测又从何谈起呢?If Stephen Curry is going to miss badly at the rim, if Green is going to throw away passes, therersquo;s little chance of going 3--3. Odds are long and the death watch is on the 73-win team.如果库里的投篮继续打铁,格林的传球继续失灵,将比分扳成3-3简直是天方夜谭这创下73胜9负常规赛最佳战绩的队伍逃过此劫的机会极其渺茫,万丈悬崖却已在近在眼前In the past, Golden State has struggled against teams that favored a differing style. Now, the supreme challenge is a squad that wishes to run. And when Oklahoma City runs, it does so with superior speed and size. Russell Westbrook(36 points, 7 shots, assists) looked quite comtable moving at warp speed as Curry (19 points, shots) was moving as though under water.雷霆队最希望跑起来打球,这和勇士队此前遇到的球队的风格迥然不同奔跑起来的雷霆队队员那无与伦比的速度和体型令勇士队吃尽了苦头维斯布鲁克似乎非常享受高速的进攻节奏,出手7次拿下36分,送出次助攻;库里却好似溺水般挣扎,出手次仅入账19分Between moving fast on offense, a once questionable Thunder defense has leveraged its size to devastating effect, hounding Golden State into costly mistakes. Curry and Green looked especially affected while trying to throw through traffic.今天的雷霆队除了打出了高速的进攻节奏,从前为人诟病的防守也发生了质的改变,变得极富侵略性,迫使勇士队付出了沉重的代价库里和格林在试图冲破雷霆的封锁时看起来尤为挣扎 the Warriors, even when things go well, they donrsquo;t. On one play in the second quarter, Green wisely shoveled the ball to Shaun Livingston while Kevin Durant was in midair. Incredibly, Durant leaped as though projected by a geyser to rob Livingston of a sure dunk. Thatrsquo;s one of a few plays that may as well symbolize the series. The Warriors have plans, and the Thunder have intensely applied athleticism to disrupt them.对于勇士队来说,有时似乎怎样也无法洞穿对方的防线第二节勇士的一次进攻回合中,杜兰特跳起防守时,格林送出一记秒传,想将球塞给利文斯顿,此时不可思议的事情发生了:杜兰特好似突然爆发的间歇泉般成功断球,破坏了利文斯顿几乎板上钉钉的扣篮勇士队纵有千般张良之计,雷霆队亦有千把过墙之梯,凭借杰出的运动能力打乱了勇士队的进攻节奏Klay Thompson gave the Warriors a brief burst of CPR in the third quarter, awaking to score 19 points in the stanza. Though he closed the gap to something theoretically manageable (eight points), he just couldnrsquo;t get his backcourt mate to join in on the march (Curry was scoreless in the third).汤普森在第三节爆砍19分,使勇士队看到了一丝希望汤普森的暴走一度将比分追至相差8分,理论上讲这个比分有扳平甚至反超的希望可是汤普森却无法唤醒库里这位后场搭档,后者该节一分未得Ultimately this was a game lost in the first half, when the Warriors again let the game run away from them. Golden State will almost certainly broadcast belief -- the squad won 73 games after all. But at the present, Oklahoma City is bigger, tougher and playing substantially better. The great season that served as a postseason preamble canrsquo;t be counted on to save the Warriors from this lurch. They must rapidly improve -- and immediately.说到底,上半场结束时,勇士队其实已经输掉了比赛勇士队肯定仍会宣扬自己是那缔造73胜神迹的队伍,可眼下,雷霆无疑是那更受球迷拥护,打球更强硬,表现更出色的队伍常规赛史上最佳战绩为季后赛开了个好头,却绝非解决眼下困境的倚仗勇士队目前需要的是快速的提升,而且是那种十万火急的提升闵行区妇幼保健医院做抽脂手术多少钱

金山瑞兰美白针多少钱英国脱欧主将法拉奇请辞 政坛地震持续 -- :1: 来源: 英国独立党领袖法拉奇辞职,引英国政坛动荡 Mr Farage said his "political ambition has been achieved" with the UK having voted to leave the EU.英国独立党领袖法拉奇日前表示,鉴于英国已经投票退出欧盟,他的“政治野心已经得到了实现”He said the party was in a "pretty good place" and said he would not change his mind about quitting as he did after the general election.法拉奇说独立党目前的“处境非常好”,并且表示自己不会改变辞职的主意,正如同他在年大选之后所做的那样Leading UKIP was "tough at times" but "all worth it" said Mr Farage, who is also an MEP. He added that the UK needed a "Brexit prime minister".法拉奇(他也是欧洲议会会员MEP)说道,领导独立党“有时候会很艰难”,但是却是“值得的”法拉奇指出,英国需要一个“脱欧派首相”Mr Farage said the party would campaign against "backsliding" on the UK’s exit from the EU, saying he planned to see out his term in the European Parliament - describing his party as "the turkeys that voted Christmas".法拉奇表示说,独立党将会开展政治活动,来抵制英国退欧决定的“倒退”法拉奇表示说,他将继续在欧洲议会任职,直到任期结束--他还把独立党描述为“给圣诞节投票的火鸡”He said his party’s "greatest potential" lay in attracting Labour voters, adding that he would not be backing any particular candidate to replace him.法拉奇表示说独立党“最大的潜力”在于吸引工党选民,并表示说他将不会持任何特定的候选人来替代他的位置"May the best man or woman win," he said.法拉奇说道:“希望最适合的人能够赢得这个位子”Mr Farage said he would "bury the hatchet with anybody" including UKIP’s sole MP Douglas Carswell, who tweeted an emoji picture of a smiley face as the leader’s resignation was announced.法拉奇表示说,他的辞职将“平息所有人的攻讦,”包括英国独立党独立议员道格拉斯·卡斯韦尔当法拉奇辞职的消息被宣布后,卡斯韦尔在推特上发了一张笑脸颜文字图片The two have repeatedly clashed and tensions rose when they backed rival Leave campaigns ahead of the referendum.这两人之间曾多次爆发冲突在公投之前,随着两人各自持阵营的冲突加剧,两人之间的关系也愈发竞争Mr Carswell told the B’s Daily Politics Mr Farage had "played a role" in the EU referendum, but said his departure represented a "huge opporty" the party.卡斯韦尔向B“今日政治”透露说,法拉奇在这场英国公投中“起了一些作用”,但是卡斯韦尔又指出卡拉奇的下台将给该党带来“巨大的机遇”He described the chances of him running leader as "somewhere between nil and zero" and said the winning candidate had to "steer UKIP away from the temptation of becoming an angry, nativist party."卡斯韦尔说自己成为独立党领袖的“机会为零”,并且表示说,获胜的候选人将不得不“引导英国独立党远离成为一个愤怒的、本地人的党的诱惑”Another of the party’s high-profile figures, mer deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans, said she would "love to" become leader.该党另一名高层、前副主席苏珊·伊万斯表示说她将“很乐意”成为该党领袖However, she is currently suspended from the party after an internal disciplinary meeting found she had publicly criticised a fellow candidate and held herself out as a party spokeswoman without authority.但是,她目前正被该党暂时剥夺党员身份,因为之前的一场内部会议发现伊万斯曾公开批评一名候选人,并且在没有授权的情况下并自诩为该党发言人Ms Evans told the B: "I’ve always said if Nigel ever stood down whatever reason, I’d love to have the opporty to lead UKIP but I’m in this rather bizarre situation that despite people wanting me to do that and wanting to do it myself, I’m actually technically suspended from the party at the moment until the end of September.伊万斯对B说道:“我以前总是在说,不管因为什么原因,如果法拉奇下台了的话,我将很乐意抓住机会成为英国独立党的领袖但是在目前这么奇怪的情况下,尽管人们想要我成为党领袖,而我自己也想这么做,但是我现在实际上被暂时剥夺了党员身份,到九月底才会结束”"So obviously if I’m not technically a party member, it’s going to make it very difficult me to stand." mer Conservative minister Neil Hamilton, who leads UKIP’s group in the Welsh Assembly, said he was surprised at the timing of Mr Farage’s resignation and would not be standing to replace him.“很显然,如果我不具有党员身份的话,那么我将很难以参选”前保守党部长尼尔·汉密尔顿目前在威尔士议会引导着独立党的组织,他说他对法拉奇在这个节点上辞职感到惊讶,并且表示说自己将不会参选那个位子"We would not have won this referendum but the battle he has fought over the years," he added.汉密尔顿补充说道:“要不是法拉奇在这些年里的努力拼搏,我们可能赢不了这场公投”Mr Farage announced his decision to stand aside in a speech in London, saying: "I want my life back, and it begins right now."法拉奇在伦敦的一场演说中宣布了自己将下台的决定,他说:“我想重拾我的生活,现在立刻就这样做”He has been leader of UKIP most of the past eight years, standing down briefly in and being re-elected the following year.在过去的8年里,法拉奇在大多数时间里都是英国独立党的领袖,他曾在年下台过一次,但是第二年他又重新选举夺回了领导人的位子He said he would quit after failing to win his seat at last year’s general election, but stayed on after the party rejected his resignation.在去年的大选中,法拉奇没有保住自己的位子,随后他便表示说自己要辞职,但是遭到了该党的反对,由此法拉奇才继续留在任上至今上海华东医院整形 双语:英国警方在线拍卖赃物净赚7万英镑 --31 :3: 来源:   A police ce has raked in over £70,000 in the past year by selling confiscated goods on the online action website ebay.  地方警力靠在Ebay网上公开拍卖去年一年里缴获的赃物净赚7万英镑,大大发了一笔  Leicestershire police became the first ce in the country to use ebay to sell the seized assets of criminals which included flashy sports cars and designer jewellery.  莱斯特郡的警方成为了第一个英国在ebay上拍卖赃货的警方,其中不乏豪华跑车和时尚珠宝设计  The items that were auctioned off included luxury cars, computers and clothing which the courts confirmed had been paid with criminal cash.  拍卖掉的物品有豪车,电脑,衣,它们都是些确定是以赃款购得的东西  All the money the site generates will go back to fund crime-fighting work. Leicestershire police said it hopes it will prevent criminals from benefiting from their loot.  网上拍卖的所有钱都会用于资助打击犯罪工作莱斯特郡警方表示,希望这会阻止罪犯从赃货中获利  Many of the items were confiscated thanks to tip-offs from the public, who became suspicious of people who were living the high life despite having no obvious legitimate income.  有些怀疑对象尽管没有合理的正当收入却过着奢豪的生活——多亏了公众的密告,很多物品都被充公了  In the past year, it has sold an Aston Martin DB9 car £63,000, an Audi A5 £9,500 and a Range Rover £,500 and a Mercedes car £7,751.  在过去的一年里,ebay以6万3000镑卖掉了阿斯顿马丁DB9,以万9500镑卖掉了奥迪A5,以1万5500镑卖掉了路虎,还以7751镑卖掉了梅赛德斯  Meanwhile, police sold a Rolex watch online more than £,000 and a signed autograph by legendary crooner Frank Sinatra was snapped up £60.  与此同时,警方在网上以1万3000镑卖掉了劳力士手边,而传说中的低声吟唱歌手法兰克辛纳屈的亲笔签名抢购,炒到了60镑  Paul Wenlock, head of Leicestershire Police's economic crime , said the site had been a 'huge success'.  莱斯特郡警方经济犯罪科的长官保罗·文洛克说,网站获得了“巨大的成功”上海市仁济医院吸脂手术多少钱

上海/一般割双眼皮多少钱三天三夜搭建价值万乐高雕塑,一朝被熊孩子毁坏 -- :1:3 来源: 在一场展览上,艺术家用乐高积木搭建了一个巨大的《疯狂动物城里尼克的雕塑但是展出不到数小时,就被一名岁大的熊孩子推到,变成了碎片 The statue is said to have cost more than 0,000 yuan (,38 pounds) and taken creator Mr Zhao three days and nights to build.据悉,该座雕塑耗资高达万元(约合18英镑),并且耗费了其创作者赵先生三天三夜的时间来制作He posted bee and after photos of Nick on the Sina Weibo social network.赵先生在新浪微上贴出了尼克毁坏前后的照片A "no touching" sign in place at the Chinese Lego expo seems to have been of little help.在中国乐高世会上有一个“禁止触摸”的标识,但似乎没有太大的作用Following the incident, the hashtag ManSpends3DaysAndNightsBuildingBlocks has been used over ,000 times on Chinese social media.在这一事件过后,在中国社交媒体上“男子花三天三夜搭积木”的标签被使用了1万3千次以上’The child did not intend to break it’“小孩本无意毁坏它”According to some reports, the parents of the boy apologised and offered to pay the damage. Mr Zhao said he would not be accepting any compensation as the young boy had not done it on purpose. "The child did not intend to break it," he insisted.据一些媒体报道,“肇事”小孩父母进行了道歉,并且愿意赔偿损失赵先生表示自己不会接受任何赔偿,因为小男孩并不是故意毁坏这件雕塑的赵先生坚持道:“小孩本无意毁坏它”Clearly there are risks involved with art installations and paintings that are within touching distance of little (and big) hands.显而易见的,艺术品和绘画作品都有被小孩(和成人)触碰的风险Last month CCTV caught two young boys who were seen touching and pulling the delicate angel wings of a piece in the Shanghai Museum of Glass in China. The two adults accompanying them were seen filming the boys on their phones then walking away after the wings were smashed.上个月CCTV报道了两个熊孩子的事迹当时在上海玻璃物馆里展出了一件纤细的天使之翼,监控器拍下了俩孩子触摸并且扯动这件作品的场景陪同的两位成人只是站在一旁给俩孩子摄像,而当这件作品被扯下来摔碎时,他们就走开了The artist, Shelly Xue, called her work Angel in Waiting. It took 7 months to build as a dedication to her newborn daughter.创作者雪莉·薛将这件作品称为“天使在等待”这件作品花费了她7个月的时间,以此来献给她刚出生的女儿Shelly decided not to fix the damaged piece and instead renamed it Broken.雪莉决定不修复这件作品,并将其重名为“折”In , a boy visiting a museum in Ipswich accidently smashed an 18th Century jug.年,一名男孩在参观伊普斯维奇一家物馆时,不慎打碎了一个18世纪的壶The Delftware puzzle was broken into about 65 pieces. Each of the pieces of the jug was then logged and photographed. The jug was eventually repaired and moved to Ipswich Museum and Art Gallery in the High Street.这件代尔夫特陶器被摔成了65块,就像拼图一样后来每一件壶体碎片都被记录下来,并且拍了照这个壶最终得以被修复,并被转移到了伊普斯维奇物馆和位于高街的艺术画廊It is not just children who are to blame the accidental destruction of museum pieces.然而,并不是只有孩子才会不小心毁坏物馆里的艺术品In , an adult visitor tripped over his shoelace and destroyed three 300-year-old Chinese Qing Dynasty vases in Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge in the UK.年,英国剑桥菲兹威廉物馆,一名成年参观者因被鞋带绊倒而损毁了3件拥有300年历史的中国清代花瓶Casino Tycoon and art collector Steve Wynn accidently elbowed a painting by Pablo Picasso while trying to sell it in . However, after restoration he was able to sell the painting $ million more than its pre-accident price.年,大亨、艺术品收集者史蒂夫·温曾试图出售一幅毕加索的画,但是他却不慎将其毁坏了但是在这件作品被修复后,它的售价却要比未损毁前还要贵00万美元In , cleaners at the Museion museum in Bolzano, Italy decided to clean up what they mistook the aftermath of a good time had by museum staff.年,意大利尔扎诺Museion物馆,一群清洁工把一件展出作品无任务是物馆工作人员消遣过后的垃圾,并把它给清理走了The installation called, "Where shall we go dancing tonight?" consisted of empty bottles, confetti, cigarette butts and paper streamers. Cleaners threw objects into bin bags assuming the mess was left over from an actual party.这件艺术品名为“今晚我们去哪里跳舞”,作品由空酒瓶、纸屑、烟头和纸带组成清洁工们把这些东西装进垃圾袋里,认为这些东西是一个聚会过后留下的In , an elderly parishioner stunned Spanish cultural officials with an alarming and unauthorised attempt to restore a prized Jesus Christ fresco.年,一位教区老居民被西班牙文化局的所作所为震惊了,他们擅自对珍贵的耶稣壁画进行粗劣的修复Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) by Elias Garcia Martinez had held pride of place in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza more than 0 years.“Ecce Homo”(“你们看这个人”)是埃利亚什·加西亚·马丁内兹的作品在过去的0多年时间里,这件作品一直是萨拉戈拉附近慈悲教会避难所的荣誉Cecilia Gimenez took her brush to it after years of deterioration due to moisture - but her "restoration" rather failed to impress.由于水分的缘故,这幅壁画有了一些破损塞西莉亚·吉梅内斯对这幅壁画展开的修复工作,但是她的“修复”却似乎将情况变得更糟糕了 川师杀人砍头案:犯罪嫌疑人被拘留 死者身中50多刀 -- ::0 来源: 不久前,四川师范大学一学生因与室友在唱歌方面发生争执,一气之下将该室友杀害,并将其头颅砍下目前,这位犯罪嫌疑人已被警方拘留成都市警方已经实该学生被拘留的消息,并对这起发生在上个月的案件进行立案调查A college student in southwest Chinarsquo;s Sichuan Province has been detained by the police after he allegedly beheaded his roommate following an altercation over music.Police in Chengdu city has confirmed the detention and the murder which took place last month.不久前,四川师范大学一学生因与室友在唱歌方面发生争执,一气之下将该室友杀害,并将其头颅砍下目前,这位犯罪嫌疑人已被警方拘留成都市警方已经实该学生被拘留的消息,并对这起发生在上个月的案件进行立案调查The victim, identified by his surname Lu, was a freshman in Sichuan Normal University.这位受害人姓卢,是四川师范大学的一名大一新生He was stabbed over 50 times and beheaded by his roommate, identified by the surname Teng, around midnight, state-run Xinhua news agency ed Lursquo;s relative as saying.据新华社报道,受害者小卢的堂哥透露,案件发生在凌晨左右,现场法医鉴定后发现弟弟全身被砍50多刀,并被凶手砍下头部,而制造这起惨案的凶手正是他的舍友滕某Lu, , allegedly got into an altercation with Teng on March 6 over Lursquo;s singing in the dormitory. But two other roommates helped the two make amends.3月6日,犯罪嫌疑人滕某和受害人卢海清因为其在宿舍唱歌一事发生争执宿舍其余两个舍友帮忙调停Teng left the campus on March 7, and returned to his dormitory late at night, and asked Lu to accompany him to a nearby study room.3月7日,滕某离开学校,并在晚上回到宿舍,要求卢海清陪其一起去自习室Teng later returned to the dormitory, asking the other roommates to call the police and went back to the study room and locked the door.在杀害卢海清之后,滕某回到宿舍,并要求宿舍其他舍友报警,自己又返回到案发现场,并反锁上自习室的门Teng was arrested at the school.随后,滕某在学校被警方逮捕Campus murders resulting from dormitory disagreements in recent years have raised concerns about studentsrsquo; psychological state and interpersonal relationships.近些年来,因为宿舍口角纷争而发生的校园谋杀案件屡见不鲜在此背景下,学生的心理健康以及人际关系等问题引起了社会的广泛关注In , Ma Jiajue, 3, a biochemistry student at southwest Chinarsquo;s Yunnan University, killed four roommates after what were described as ;trivial squabbles;.Another famous case involved a medical student, Lin Senhao, who poisoned his roommate Huang Yang at Fudan University in Shanghai in .年,云南大学生物化学专业的马加爵因和舍友因一些琐碎之事发生口角,后来将其四个舍友先后杀害此外,年,复旦大学医学院研究生黄洋被投毒死亡案也曾轰动一时,下毒者林森浩同样是其室友上海/小腿肌肉瘦腿针上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心光子脱毛多少钱



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