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上海长征医院激光去痘手术多少钱上海华山医院治疗青春痘多少钱上海玫瑰整形美容医院丰胸手术怎么样 Attorneys for jailed former Swiss banker Bradley Birkenfeld announced Tuesday that the IRS will pay him 4 million as a whistleblower reward for information he turned over to the US government.瑞士前职员布拉德利#8226;比肯菲尔德的律师本周二称,美国国税局将向他奖励1.04亿美元,以表彰其向美国政府举报逃税。The information Birkenfeld revealed detailed the inner workings of the secretive private wealth management division of the Swiss bank UBS (UBS), where the American-born Birkenfeld helped his US clients evade taxes by hiding wealth overseas.比肯菲尔德揭发的内幕信息详细指出了瑞银私密的私人财富管理部门的运作方式。出生于美国的比肯菲尔德在瑞银工作期间,曾通过隐匿海外财富的方式,帮助他的美国客户逃税。At one point during his private banking career, Birkenfeld reportedly brought diamonds across the US border secured inside a toothpaste tube.据报道,在比肯菲尔德从事私人业务的职业生涯中,曾把钻石藏在牙膏管里带出美国国境。Tuesday#39;s announcement represents an astonishing turn of fortune for Birkenfeld, who was released from federal prison in August after serving 31 months on charges relating to his efforts to help a wealthy client avoid taxes.本周二公布的这一消息让比肯菲尔德发了一笔横财。他在之前被控帮助富有的客户逃税,在联邦监狱刑31个月,今年八月刚刚出狱。He is currently under home confinement in New Hampshire. The terms of his probation prevented Burkenfeld from attending the press conference announcing his windfall.他目前还在新罕布什尔州处于家庭监禁阶段。他的缓刑判罚条款使他无法出席宣布对他实施奖励的新闻发布会。Birkenfeld attorney Stephen Kohn said the information the former Swiss banker turned over to the IRS led directly to the 0 million fine paid to the US by his former employer, UBS, as well as leading over 35,000 taxpayers to participate in amnesty programs to voluntarily repatriate their illegal offshore accounts. Kohn said that resulted in the collection of over billion dollars in back taxes, fines and penalties that otherwise would have remained outside the reach of the government.比肯菲尔德的律师斯蒂芬-卡恩说,举报的消息直接导致美国对瑞士罚款7.8亿美元,且超过3.5万名纳税人参与了特赦计划,自愿转回了非法离岸账户。卡恩说,美国国税局因此追回了50亿美元的补缴税款和罚款,否则这笔钱根本无法收回。Birkenfeld#39;s disclosures also led to the first cracks in the legendarily secretive Swiss banking system, and ultimately the Swiss government changed its tax treaty with the ed States. UBS turned over the names of more than 4,900 US taxpayers who held illegal offshore accounts. Investigations into those accounts are ongoing.比肯菲尔德的举报行为还导致具有传奇色的秘密的瑞士系统的首次曝光。最终,瑞士政府改变了和美国之间的税务协议。瑞银向美国政府提供了超过4900名持有非法离岸账户的美国公民的身份。对这些账户的调查仍在进行之中。In an interview with CN conducted in federal prison in 2011, Birkenfeld emphasized the value he had as an insider: ;I knew the other bankers. I knew the other banks. And I knew the headhunters,; Birkenfeld said at the time. ;So, I knew exactly who was doing this business.;2011年,比肯菲尔德在狱中接受消费者新闻与商业频道采访时,强调指出了自己作为内幕人士的价值,“我了解其他的从业者,了解其它。我也了解猎头。”他还说,“因此我清楚地知道谁在做这种生意。”Under the IRS whistleblower program which was revamped in 2006, informants are entitled to a percentage of the dollars recovered by the US government when fraud is exposed.根据美国国税局2006年修订的举报人计划,在揭发欺骗行为后,举报人将获得美国政府追回款项的一定的百分比作为奖励。This decision is expected to send a message to other potential informants that there is money, potentially big money, in turning to the government.这一决定也会让其他潜在的揭发者知道,向政府告发就有可能发财,而且是大赚一笔。 /201209/199592静安区妇幼保健医院激光祛痘手术多少钱

上海第九人民医院激光祛斑多少钱对于长期面临高强度工作的现代职场中人来说,由于缺乏及时的健康恢复和足够的营养补充,而导致健康受损。为了你的健康,有八件事情要避免。一忌盲目减肥。Bilndly lose weight嘉定区丰太阳穴价格 上海/眼袋处发青是怎么回事

上海/垫鼻子恢复过程照片The value of volunteerismOn April 21, President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. What better day than today to spotlight businesses that reflect the late Senator’s mission to expand national service. More and more companies–IBM (IBM), UPS (UPS), Target (TGT), General Electric (GE), Citigroup (C) and Pfizer (PFE), among them–are aiding not-for-profits by having their employees share skills. Done right, this sort of volunteerism can be win-win-win: image-enhancing for the company, morale-boosting for employees, and generally good for the world. A Billion + Change (”Great Talent for the Greater Good”) is the national program through which corporations pledge to expand their volunteered professional services to the nonprofit sector. Another member, besides the companies above, is Deloitte, whose CEO is committed personally. Here’s Deloitte CEO Barry Salzberg’s take on the value of volunteerism: Recently, I was sitting with several dozen inner-city teens, talking with them about college and careers. It was a free-wheeling conversation. I was peppered with questions–including, “How can I get your job?” I left absolutely convinced that as a result of that session, at least one kid who otherwise would have missed going to college will, in fact, be going. Let me tell you, it made my day, if not my week. And it reminded me of an often overlooked way to meet people’s needs, particularly in these hard times as non-profit organizations are seeing double-digit drops in funding–as demand goes through the roof. I’m talking about skills-based volunteerism. That is, donating high-value, professional skills–for free. Our company, Deloitte, recently conducted a survey on corporate volunteering. We found that 91% of respondents agreed that skills-based volunteering would add value to training and development, especially in fostering leadership and business skills. But only 16% of companies offer skills-based volunteering as an option for employees. Only one out of six. Given the obvious need out there and also given President Obama’s impassioned call for national service, we’ve gone way beyond surveying about volunteerism. We’ve pledged million in services–that’s right, million worth of our employees’ time–over three years to help non-profit organizations boost their effectiveness. Deloitte employees are donating skills in such areas as IT, marketing and personnel management at all sorts of non-profit organizations. For me, education is a special passion. I wasn’t the first in my family ever to go to college–my older sister claimed that honor. But I know what a profound difference it made in my life and in the lives of my two sons. So I work with a non-profit called College Summit. College Summit, in fact, brought me and those inner-city kids together. The organization’s goal: to take kids–many from families in which nobody has ever gone to college—and get them into college. The approach: Create a ‘college-going culture’ in high schools where college-going rates are low. We provide cash, lots of volunteer hours from our people, and pro bono work on systems that give principals and schools districts much better data about their students’ progress. Through personal experience, I’ve learned that skills-based volunteerism is one of those double bottom-line investments. It helps non-profits build capacity to serve more people with greater efficiency–which makes the non-profit more attractive for corporate support. That’s the no-brainer benefit. The less obvious benefit is the real-world training for our people, especially our younger people. We do valuable, low-cost training and we also do some good for the world. Barry Salzberg, with Deloitte for 32 years, has been CEO since 2007. /200908/82761 China#39;s recent government crackdown on gift-giving by officials may have crimped spending on premium spirits, but that hasn#39;t stopped distilleries from releasing pricey limited-edition bottles for Asian drinkers to splurge on.中国政府最近整顿官员送礼之风可能抑制了优质烈酒的消费,但这并未阻止酒商推出价格不菲的限量版产品供亚洲消费者挥霍。The Macallan has been making single-malt whisky in Speyside, Scotland, since the early 19th century, but on Thursday it released a new product in Hong Kong. Called M and available in just 1,750 bottles, the line is made of whisky selected from aged casks and bottled in 1.5-liter Lalique crystal decanters. Each is priced at ,500.麦卡伦(Macallan)从19世纪初以来就一直在苏格兰的斯佩赛德(Speyside)生产单一麦芽威士忌,但它5月30日发布一款新品却是在香港。这款新品名为“M”,只卖1,750瓶,由精选自陈年木桶的威士忌制成,装在1.5升的莱丽(Lalique)水晶瓶里,每瓶定价4,500美元。#39;It#39;s the first time we#39;re launching a product in Asia,#39; Ken Grier, director of Malts at the Macallan, told the Journal. #39;Asia is our top-selling region and Hong Kong is a window to the luxury world.#39;麦卡伦麦芽酒产品负责人肯#8226;格里尔(Ken Grier)说:“这是我们第一次在亚洲发布产品。亚洲是我们产品最畅销的地区,香港是通往奢侈品世界的一扇窗户。”Though toasts in China are traditionally made with the heady clear-colored liquor baijiu, more people are turning to single-malt Scotch whisky as the tipple of choice at drinking sessions and for gifts between rich businessmen.虽然中国人在干杯的时候一般都是喝易醉的白酒,但在饮酒场合或是在富商赠送礼物时,也有越来越多的人在选烈酒时选择了单一麦芽威士忌。The Macallan isn#39;t alone among Scotch distillers in promoting its products with expensive limited editions. Executives at French drinks giant Pernod Ricard RI.FR 0.00% told the Journal this week they are targeting affluent Asian buyers, whether at bars and clubs or at airport duty-free counters, with products like the Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute, which retails at ,000 a bottle. Meanwhile, earlier this year Diageo DGE.LN -0.28%-owned Johnnie Walker unveiled a Lunar New Year collection of 12 bottles specifically for the Chinese market, priced at ,800 per set.不止麦卡伦一家威士忌厂商在推销价格昂贵的限量版产品。法国酿酒巨头保乐力加(Pernod Ricard)的管理层上周向《华尔街日报》表示,他们面向亚洲富裕消费者推出了零售价2,000美元一瓶的Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute等产品,销售地点有酒吧、会所,也有机场免税店。今年早些时候,帝亚吉欧(Diageo)旗下的尊尼获加(Johnnie Walker)专门面向华人市场推出了12瓶装的农历新年版,每套定价4,800美元。The Macallan and Lalique have teamed up in the past. For instance, they collaborated on a single decanter of 64-year-old whisky that fetched 0,000 at an auction in New York in 2010. The pair have also created a series of four decanters for whiskies, ranging from 50 to 60 years old, and with price tags of up to ,000.麦卡伦和莱丽在过去也有过合作。比如它们曾联合推出过一件单瓶装的64年威士忌,这瓶威士忌在2010年纽约的一场拍卖会上卖到了46万美元。除此以外,两家公司还曾联手推出一系列50年到60年的四瓶装威士忌,定价高的达到了两万美元。Unlike those examples, which were one-off collaborations featuring a rare, old whisky, the new M will the first of a new annual ritual, Mr. Grier said.不过以上这些都是双方在稀有陈年威士忌上的一次性合作。据格里尔说,今后双方将展开一年一度的合作,新品“M”便是打响的第一炮。Asia now consumes half of the Macallan#39;s production, with Taiwan being the largest market, according to Mr. Grier. But China is growing fast and has huge potential: Sales of all single-malt whisky almost doubled in the country between 2007 and 2012, according to market-research firm Euromonitor.据格里尔说,现在麦卡伦产出的一半威士忌都是卖往亚洲,台湾是其中最大的市场。但中国大陆增长速度最快,并有着巨大的潜力:据市场研究机构欧睿信息咨询(Euromonitor)数据,从2007年到2012年,各类单一麦芽威士忌在中国市场的销量接近翻了一倍。But even with strong growth, single-malt whisky as a category lags far behind baijiu, cognac and blended whiskies such as Johnnie Walker.然而,尽管增长迅猛,单一麦芽威士忌作为一个门类还是远远落后于白酒、干邑和尊尼获加之类的混合型威士忌。#39;It#39;s a different drinking culture in China,#39; Mr. Grier said, noting that Chinese tend to #39;share a bottle between friends, or at a business dinner.#39; By contrast, #39;in the U.S., it#39;s more drinking at bars or individually.#39;格里尔说:“中国的饮酒文化不一样。”他提到,中国人往往是在朋友之间或商务宴请上共享美酒,而在美国,更多时候是在酒吧喝酒或一个人独自享用。The Macallan said its sales have been unaffected by China#39;s anti-corruption and gift-giving measures, maintaining that growth in the country remains in the #39;double digits.#39;麦卡伦表示其销量未受中国反腐败和整顿送礼之风行动的影响,其在中国的增长速度仍然是“双位数”。Mr. Grier attributed the Macallan#39;s continued growth to its measured approach to expansion. The brand#39;s emphasis, he said, is on top private clubs, bars and wine boutiques in the largest cities, with limit the quantities sold.格里尔将麦卡伦的持续增长归功于该公司有节制的扩张方针。他说,这个品牌的重心是大城市的高档私人会所、酒吧和葡萄酒专卖店,并且是限量销售。Edrington Group, which owns Macallan, currently holds second place in China for single-malt whiskies with a 24% share, behind the 34% share held by William Grant amp; Sons, which owns the whisky label Grant#39;s, according to Euromonitor.据欧睿数据,麦卡伦母公司爱丁顿集团(Edrington Group)目前以24%的份额占中国单一麦芽威士忌市场的第二位。持有威士忌品牌Grant’s的格兰父子公司(William Grant amp; Sons)则以34%的市占率位居第一。#39;We could easily sell another 25% of our current volume in China, but we want to control and preserve its cachet,#39; said Mr. Grier.格里尔说:“我们可以在当前中国市场销量的基础上轻松提高25%的销量,但我们想控制并保留它的品位。” /201306/242676上海去黑眼圈手术哪家医院好上海宝山区中西医结合医院做红色胎记手术多少钱



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