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2018年03月20日 23:49:11 | 作者:飞排名好医生 | 来源:新华社
Is this the world#39;s best make over? A duck farmer tries modelling at 71 and becomes an internet sensation这是世界上最棒的形象重塑吗?71岁养鸭农民成为网红 These incredible pictures show the transformation of a 71-year-old duck farmer from rural China into a fashion icon.这些照片展示的是一位中国71岁老人从一个养鸭农民向一个时尚偶像转变的过程。Wang Zhunsong, from Luoyang in central China#39;s Henan province donned a series of trendy outfits for a photo shoot, reports Huanqiu, an affiliate of the People#39;s Daily Online. 环球网报道,来自河南洛阳的王准松穿着一系列时髦的装摆拍。The images have proved popular on the country#39;s social media sites, where it#39;s been seen by more than 23 million people.这些照片在中国社交媒体上流行开来,已经有2300万人点击查看。According to reports, Wang was asked to do the photoshoot by a photographer.据报道,王是在一名摄影师的要求下才拍的。The man usually works as a duck farmer but left that behind for a day in order to take part in the photo shoot. 他是一个养鸭农民,但是为了这个拍照活动,他停工一天。Pictures from the shoot show the farmer dressed in youthful outfits such as denim shorts, a white shirt and stylish glasses. 照片显示他穿着年轻朝气的装,比如牛仔短裤,白衬衫和有型的眼镜。In another image he is seen wearing a trilby hat and a white t-shirt with a smiley face teamed with a blazer. 在另外一张照片中他穿着软毡帽,白衬衫,颜色鲜明的运动上衣,面露微笑。Many people have compared him to Chinese actor Huang Lei. 很多人将他比作中国演员黄磊。The man has become an instant hit on China#39;s social media site Weibo where more than 23 million users have seen the images. 这名男子很快就在微上走红,已经有2300万人点击查看。One user wrote: #39;A stylish old man.#39; 一名网友说道:“一个时髦的老男人。”While another commented: #39;These clothes make the grandfather look awesome.#39; 还有人说:“老爷爷穿这些衣真好看。”And one user said: #39;If I met him at a coffee shop, I will definitely go and speak to him.#39;又有人说道:“要是我在咖啡店遇到他,我肯定过去搭讪。” /201608/461546

The Original of Chinese Numbers中国数字的起源Numbers came into use about 5 000 years ago in China. From ;1; to ;10;,to hundred,thousand,ten thousand, the number system was complete even in Shang Dynasty and the decimal system even started since that time.约5千年前中国开始使用数字。从“1”到“10”到百,千,万,在商代数字系统是完整的,并自那时以来,十进制开始使用。Numbers are, in fact, originally coming from the early hunting practice. The ancients worship numbers as they do to the language,so numbers are always culturally connotative. People believe that some numbers can bring fortune and luck, and some may bring misfortune and even disaster to them. In China,the mystery of numbers has been much influenced by theconcept of Yin and Yang. Ancients divide the ten numbers into two groups: the odd numbers are Yang, implying ;the Heaven,the male;: while the even numbers are yin,implying ;the Earth,the female;.数字其实最初是从早期的狩猎实践而来。古人崇拜数字和语言一样,所以数字始终是有文化内涵的。人们认为,一些数字可以带来财富和运气,有的可能带来不幸,甚至给他们带来灾难。在中国,数字之谜一直备受阴阳概念的影响。古人把十个数字划分成两组:奇数是阳,意味着“天道,男性”;而偶数是阴,这意味着“大地,女性”。 /201606/446484

People in northern Japan have been warned to stay away from mountain forests after four people were killed in a spate of bear attacks.在因一连串的熊袭击事件而使4人丧命之后,日本北部的居民嫌疑被警告远离山区森林。Police in Akita prefecture found the body of a woman they suspect was mauled by a bear in a mountain forest. The victim, Suzuki, 74, suffered injuries so horrific that local authorities were initially unable to identify her.日本秋田县警方日前发现了一具女人的尸体,他们怀疑这是因受到山中的熊类重创所致。受害者铃木年龄今年74岁,身上伤痕是如此的惨不忍睹,以至于地方当局最初都无法确定她的身份。Suzuki, who lived in neighbouring Aomori prefecture, had gone to the area alone to pick edible wild plants, according to public broadcaster NHK. Her death comes soon after three men – two in their seventies and one in his sixties – died from what have been described as ;severe; injuries sustained in separate attacks in the same area.据NHK公共电台报道,铃木住在青森县附近,曾独自一人去摘食野生植物。在她死亡之前,已经有另外三名男子在同一区域遭受到了袭击,因;严重;的伤害而亡。这其中有两人都是70多岁,另一人60多岁。The men were foraging for bamboo shoots when they were attacked, Japanese media reported.根据日本媒体报道,这些男子是在采摘竹笋的时候被袭击的。Takeshi Komatsu, a local vet, said it was possible that the four were killed by the same bear. ;After tasting human flesh for the first time, the bear may have realised that it can eat them,; Komatsu told Kyodo news agency.当地兽医北野武小松表示,这四人很可能是遭到了同一只熊的袭击。武小松接受日本共同通讯社采访时表示。:;在第一次尝了人肉之后,熊可能意识到人可以吃。;While officials have set traps and told people not to go into the mountains in search of plants and vegetables.目前政府官员已经设置了陷阱,并警告人们不要进入山林寻找植物或野菜。Sightings of brown bears and black Asiatic bears in northern Japan have risen to over 1,200 aly this year, almost twice the number reported last year. Aside from Akita, there have been sightings of mother with their cubs in several other prefectures, as well as reports of injuries due to bear attacks.据悉,在日本北部目击到的棕熊及亚洲黑熊的数量今年已经上升至1200头,几乎是去年报道的两倍。除了秋田县,也有人目击到母熊带着小熊出现在其他几个县,此外也有遭熊类袭击受伤的报道。 /201606/450764

A very well groomed dog from Korea is making waves on social media for a her flowing hair, cute outfits and ever-changing repertoire of impressive hairstyles.一只毛发打理有型的韩国小在社交媒体掀起狂潮,小毛发飘飘,衣着可爱,发型多变不重样,令人印象至深。Miho, a Maltese pup from Seoul, has played a starring role on the Instagram account of a pet store called Moelleux, which has over 8,000 followers.“猕猴”是条来自首尔的马尔济斯犬,在Instagram一个名为Moelleux的宠物店扮演明星角色,已有超过8000人关注。The adorable pooch has long and luscious white hair that can be tied up into a buns and pony tails.这条可爱的混种毛发又长又惹人爱,可以束起来扎丸子头和马尾辫。Little Miho has been pictured out and about the Gangnam area of Seoul modelling different clothes and accessories.小“猕猴”的照片已经拍好,还在首尔江南地区身着不同衣和佩饰摆模特造型。The model dog has been dressed in an elegant bow and pearls, wearing cute jumpers and jackets, and in adorable little hats.模特小佩戴优雅的小领结和珍珠项链、穿可爱的针织套衫、头戴讨人喜欢的小帽子。Social media followers have commented on the pup#39;s cute and stylish looks. In another post the stylish dog poses towards the camera wearing a neon yellow jacket with her hair up in a bun.社交媒体粉丝已经说小的造型可爱时髦。另一张照片上,有形有款的的小身穿霓虹亮黄的外套,头发束成髻,冲着照相机拗造型。 /201607/453115

Michael Phelps will have the honor of carrying the US flag as he competes at his fifth Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this month. 泳坛名将迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯将出任美国奥运代表团旗手。本月在里约热内卢,他将出战个人的第五届奥运会。He will be the first swimmer to be the flag-bearer since Gary Hall in 1976, leading the American team in Friday#39;s opening ceremony. 自1976年蒙特利尔奥运会的加里#8226;霍尔之后,他是美国又一位担任旗手的游泳运动员。周五,他将带领美国代表团参加开幕式。;I#39;m honored to be chosen, proud to represent the US, and humbled by the significance of carrying the flag and all it stands for,; said Phelps, who is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals. 菲尔普斯说:“很荣幸能当选旗手,能代表美国我万分自豪。旗手的重要性和它代表的涵义让我感到责任重大。”拥有22枚奖牌的他是史上获得荣誉最多的奥运选手。;For Sydney, I just wanted to make the team. For Athens, I wanted to win gold for my country. For Beijing, I wanted to do something nobody else had done. In London, I wanted to make history. “在悉尼,我只想成为团队的一员;在雅典,我想为祖国赢得金牌;在北京,我想做些前无古人的事;在伦敦,我想创造历史。”;And now, I want to walk in the opening ceremony, take it all in, represent America in the best possible way and make my family proud. This time around, it#39;s about so much more than medals.; “而现在,我想走进开幕式,以可能的最好方式全身心地代表美国,也让我的家人感到骄傲。这次经历的意义要远远大于奖牌。”Phelps retired after the London 2012 Olympics, where he took his career haul to 18 gold medals, but came out of retirement two years later. 菲尔普斯在2012年伦敦奥运会后退役,当时,其职业生涯的金牌数达到18枚。两年后,他宣布复出。He was banned for six months after being arrested for drink driving and speeding, missing the 2015 world championships, but subsequently qualified for the 100 and 200 meters butterfly plus the 200m individual medley. 因酒驾和超速被捕,菲尔普斯被禁赛六个月,错过了2015年游泳世锦赛。但随后,他获得了100米和200米蝶泳,以及200米个人混合泳的奥运资格。Now 31, he is only the second American swimmer to have qualified for five Olympic Games, and the first male. 现年31岁的他是第二位能够参与五届奥运会的美国游泳选手,也是第一位有此资格的男选手。Phelps will resume his rivalry with US teammate Ryan Lochte in the 200m medley, while he will have the chance to avenge a rare defeat in the butterfly. 菲尔普斯将继续和队友瑞安#8226;罗切特在200米混合泳展开竞争,而在蝶泳项目上,他将有机会为此前罕有的一次战败“复仇”。While Phelps beat Chad le Clos in the 100m in London four years ago, the South African claimed a notable success in the 200 as he defeated his childhood hero -- winning by just 0.05 seconds. 四年前的伦敦奥运会,尽管菲尔普斯在100米蝶泳比赛中战胜了南非选手查德#8226;勒#8226;克洛斯,但克洛斯却在200米的竞争中获得了令人瞩目的胜利——以0.05秒的优势打败了自己的童年偶像。 /201608/458719

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