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Orlando:Hand me that Worcestershire sauce.奥兰多:递给我那瓶辣酱油Janine:Here. Youre not putting that on your burger, are you?珍妮:给你你不是想把那个倒在汉堡里吧?Orlando:No, Im using it my hot dog.奥兰多:不,是我的热要加点Janine:Wait. Youve put ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce on your burger,珍妮:等下你在汉堡里已经加了番茄酱、芥末、蛋黄酱,还有烧烤酱,and now youre going to put Worcestershire sauce on your hot dog?现在你又准备在热里放辣酱油?Orlando:Sure, youve got to have Worcestershire sauce on your hot dog.奥兰多:当然,你的热也得加点辣酱油Janine:No, I dont. I dont know anybody else who puts Worcestershire sauce on their hot dogs.珍妮:不,我不喜欢这个我不知道别人是不是也在热里加辣酱油Orlando:Youre missing out.奥兰多:你错过了美味蘸料I just need to add a little steak sauce, horseradish, tartar sauce, and a dab of chili sauce and this hot dog is y to eat.我只需要在这热上加一点点牛排酱, 辣根酱, 塔塔酱, 还有辣椒酱就可以享用了Janine:That sounds disgusting! Is there anything you wont put on your food?珍妮:听起来真恶心!还有什么是不加的么?Orlando:On this food? Maybe maple syrup.奥兰多:在这个食物上?或许枫糖浆不加Janine:What?! Youre the one missing out. Hand me that syrup.珍妮:什么? !你才是错过美味的人递给我那糖浆Orlando:That is truly revolting!奥兰多:听起来真的令人作呕!Janine:To each his own.珍妮:萝卜青菜各有所爱 33377[00:.58]知行英语[00:.8]Listen and Share[00:.0]知行哈哈糖[00:.68]Substitute Teacher [00:.9]代课教师[00:19.]A substitute teacher[00:.73]was trying to make use[00:.68]of her psychology background.[00:5.9]She began her class by saying,[00:.78]"Everyone who thinks you're stupid,[00:3.38]please stand up."[00:.9]Right away, Little Johnny stood up.[00:38.]The teacher said,[00:0.3]"Why do you think you're stupid, Little Johnny?"[00:.51]"I don't, ma'am,[00:6.18]but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!"[00:5.69]中文大意[01:1.96]语言点[01:3.75]substitute 代替的[01:9.86]substitute teacher 代课教师[01:.7]make use of 利用[01:37.81]We will make good use of our time.[01:.]psychology 心理学[01:50.97]right away 立刻,马上[01:5.96]right off[01:56.33]immediately[01:59.68]ma'am[:01.90]madam[:.7]I hate to see you standing there all by yourself.[:.51]all by yourself[:.9]yourself[:19.]alone[:3.7]谢谢收听

[00:.58]知行英语[00:.36]Listen and Share[00:.60]Banned Movie 禁播电影[00:.78]词汇扫描[00:.56]censorship 审查[00:31.56]banned 禁止的[00:.88]collection 收藏[00:38.37]英文原文[00:0.]I was preparing to teach a college course on the history of movie censorship[00:.81]and went to the library to take out films that had been censored.[00:9.7]"Do you have any banned movies in your collection?" I asked the librarian.[00:53.8]"Oh yes," she answered.[00:55.56]"We have some really good ones.[00:57.]What would you like: Tommy Dorsey? Glenn Miller?" [01:.76]中文大意[01:9.90]逐句对照[01:.58]I was preparing to teach a college course on the history of movie censorship[01:3.91]and went to the library to take out films that had been censored.[01:50.80]"Do you have any banned movies in your collection?" I asked the librarian.[01:58.93]"Oh yes," she answered.[:.9]"We have some really good ones.[:.]What would you like: Tommy Dorsey? Glenn Miller?" [:.61]多学一点[:19.95]censorship 审查,审查机构, 审查制度[:6.3]censor 检查新闻、书报、电影[:.5]banned 禁止的[:38.51]ban 禁止,禁令[:.39]banned movie 禁播电影[:7.19]band movie 乐队音乐电影作品[:51.]collection 收藏,搜集,藏书[:5.39]邮票收藏 stamp collection[:57.19]古董收藏 antique collection[:.91]banned movies 禁播电影[:.5]band movies 乐队电影[:.]Tommy Dorsey Glenn Miller[:.]重新听一次故事原文[:.59]I was preparing to teach a college course on the history of movie censorship[:9.30]and went to the library to take out films that had been censored.[:33.7]"Do you have any banned movies in your collection?" I asked the librarian.[:38.]"Oh yes," she answered.[:0.01]"We have some really good ones.[:1.81]What would you like: Tommy Dorsey? Glenn Miller?" 119

  In the News: pretexting, “stay the course,” The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, “if that anything to go by,” color vs. hue, contribute vs. attribute, “the die is cast”Words:pretexttingstay the courseto mocksatireparodypolitical punditloudmouthif that anything to go bycolorhuecontributeattributethe die is cast 37


  American Authors-Alex Haley; American Bandstand; continuous versus contiguous; let alone and to kick the bucket; the birds and bees talkWords:journalismfreelanceautobiographygenealogyto captureslaverydescendantfictionalto airsegmentspotlightto ratecontinuouscontiguouslet aloneto kick the bucketthe birds and the bees

  American Cities: San FranciscoBay Area; the ACLU; using back to refer to the past; failure versus error versus mistakeWords:imagestraitbayliving expensessteepcable carliberalcostumecivil libertieslitigationto lobbyto infringe uponbackfailureerrormistake 66Victor:Turn off the TV and put down that phone.维克多:关掉电视,放下电话I know what youre about to do.我对你心知肚明,知道你要干嘛Julia:I wasnt going to do anything.朱莉娅:我什么也没想干Victor:Youre watching the home shopping channel and you have the phone in your hand,维克多:你正看电视购物频道,而且电话就在你手中,which means youre about to call them and order something. Admit it.你要打电话买些什么承认吧Julia:I just wanted to ask some questions about this amazing item that on- screen right now.朱莉娅:我只是想问一些关于现在屏幕上出现的这个神奇物品的问题It 30 percent off if I call within the next eight minutes.如果我在接下来的8分钟内打进电话会有30%折扣哦Look how nice it looks on the model.看起来是多么好看It a limited edition necklace.这是一款限量版的项链If I dont call soon, theyll be sold out!如果我不快打电话,一会儿就卖完了!Victor:That why I have to keep you from calling.维克多:这就是为什么我必须阻止你的原因You dont need another piece of second-rate jewelry from the home shopping channel.你根本不需要买电视购物上频道的另一款二流珠宝Julia:Oh, look what youve done!朱莉娅:噢,看你都做了什么!Theyre sold out. But hey, look at that machine theyre demonstrating.卖完了但是嘿,看看那台他们正在展示的机器It amazing what it can do.它的功能令人感到吃惊Victor:You dont need another ridiculous gadget that you buy after watching some rigged demonstration.维克多:在你看了忽悠人的演示后就不会需要另一个可笑小玩意的You know that they never work the same way at home as they do on TV.你心里清楚它们到家后和在电视上的展示效果完全不一样Julia:Some of them do.朱莉娅:其中一些可以的Remember that machine I bought washing nuts? That worked well.还记得我买的那台洗坚果机器吗?工作得很好Victor:Yeah, and how much use did we get out of that?维克多:是啊,我们的利用率怎样?We have an entire garage full of steals you just couldnt resist.我们有一整车库你禁不住诱惑买的便宜货That why I need to do something drastic.这就是为什么我需要做一些不理智事情的原因Julia:What?朱莉娅:什么?Victor:Im confiscating that remote!维克多:我要没收遥控器! 56  The World Biggest Family  Mr. and Mrs. Albina dont know where all their grown-up children are living now. They arent sure how old all their children are either. Ask them, example, ;How old is your daughter Susanna?; and they say, ;Were not sure.; They might even ask, ;Which Susanna?; But it is understandable that the Albinas cant keep track of their children addresses and ages. After all, they have 53 kids. Mr. and Mrs. Albina, with 53 kids, have the world largest family. Not one of their children are adopted.  ;How is it possible? How can one woman give birth to 53 kids in her lifetime?; The answer is simple: Every time Mrs. Albina gave birth, she had twins or triplets. She was a triplet herself.  The Albinas married when Mrs. Albina was years old and Mr. Albina was 30, and they spent the early years of their marriage in Argentina. Then they decided to move to Chile. To travel from Argentina to Chile, they had to cross the Andes Mountains. They and their sons made the difficult two-week journey on mules. One night there was a terrible snowstorm in the mountains. During the storm, Mrs. Albina gave birth to triplets, a boy and two girls.  Mrs. Albina now has more girls, including the twins who are months old. The oldest Albina children are in their 30s and 0s. Theyre on their own now, but 18 of the kids still live with their parents in a two-room hut. The ut has electricity but no toilet or running water. Obviously the Albinas dont have enough money and food the big family. Why, then, do they continue to have children?  The Albinas do not use birth control because it is against their religion. They could let other people take care of their kids, but Mrs. Albina doesnt allow it. ;When my two brothers and I were babies,; she says, ;our mother left us at an orphanage and never returned. Then a couple adopted my brothers, and I was left behind. I was heartbroken. I promised myself that when I became a mother I would never give my children away.;  So the Albina family continues to grow. They have so many kids that they run out of names them all and had to give some children the same name. There are three Susannas, three Miriams, two Estrellas, and two Soledades.  Will the family stop at 53 kids, or will there be more? Mr. Albina is 77 years old, and Mrs. Albina is 59. ;Im getting old,; she says with a smile. ;I would like God to think of me and consider my age. But if God sends more children to me, yes, there will be more.; 18

  Susanna:What going on in the office next door?苏珊娜:隔壁那家公司里怎么了?I heard that the police shut down their business.我听说警察封了他们公司Clark:You heard right.克拉克:你没听错The cops had long suspected that the business operating out of that office wasnt legit.警方一直怀疑的那家公司的业务不合法Susanna:Not legit?苏珊娜:不合法?Clark:Yeah, it was a front money laundering.克拉克:是的,这是一个洗钱场所The so-called services it offered were a sham.所谓的提供的业务其实是骗局It was a way people to send them dirty money and the business to legitimize those funds.人们给他们送去脏钱,公司利用业务之名将那些钱合法化Susanna:But who was involved?苏珊娜:但是参与其中的是谁?Clark:Im not sure, but I imagine theyre people who want to evade taxes or to circumvent certain laws or regulations.克拉克:我不确定,但是我想他们是想逃税或者规避法律、法规I wouldnt be surprised if their clients were people with underworld connections.他们的客户要是和黑社会的人有关系的话我一点都不吃惊Susanna:You mean organized crime?苏珊娜:你的意思是有组织犯罪吗?Clark:Yeah, theyre probably drug lords, smugglers, and racketeers.克拉克:是的,他们可能是毒枭,走私犯,敲诈勒索人士Susanna:Wow and the people who helped them were working next door to us all that time.苏珊娜:哇,隔壁的人竟然一直以来都是这样Clark:And we didnt know a thing about it. How awful.克拉克:我们一点也不知道太糟糕了Susanna:How exciting!苏珊娜:真令人兴奋! 383058  The Origin of Carnival  Carnival is a Christian creation derived from the Latin ;Carne vale;, meaning ;farewell meat;. And this referred to stop eating the meat. Despite its religious origin, Carnival has developed a secular meaning.  Today, Carnival is time a revelry all. It is a celebration life and revival. Thus parades, parties, with music and dances are part of it. Wild, noisy, colorful parades of revelers in bright costumes go to main streets to participate and share the joy. Carnival took on aspects of some spring rites and still keeps them.  In the ancient festival of Saturnalia the Romans used to burn the statue of the king of ancient Saturnalia. He was an ugly-looking man and the master of revels. He suffered a real death when the revels were over.  In the countries like Italy, Spain, and France where the influence of Rome has been deepest and most lasting, the statue of Carnival is burnt, drowned, or beheaded to the pretended sorrow or true delight of the revelers. This burnt out statue, as pointed out by the famous anthropologist Sir James Frazer, is no other than the direct ruler after the old king of Saturnalia. In fact, this tradition of statue burning had come as a part of an ancient rites of celebrating the end of the battle between summer and winter.  The wild revelry, which is an important part of Carnival, is also what is left of the same ancient tradition of spring festival. They are believed to imitate the wars between summer and winter so commonly fought at the coming of spring. The colorful costumes of the revelers are also said to represent the spring when the white face of nature is cast aside a colorful look. The popular tradition of wearing masks during the Carnival also comes from the feature of the New Year festivals. The masks are said to represent the dead or spirits from the nether world who come closest to the human at his time of changeover.  Carnival is still a wonderful festival of joy in Brazil, Peru, and other parts of South America. It is also celebrated with much excitement in the European countries ruled by the Catholics. Thus it is widely celebrated in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. 1866


  Brothers Choco and Furby have lived together eight years (Come on in.) and apprehensively entered their new caged quarters. The economy has orphaned the Chows. -She gave up two family members when she brought them to us. Their owner lost her home. -These dogs are here because the owner actually ended up in a eclosure, having the downsized situation, couldn't afd to keep them any longer.It is a sad tale playing out pet owners around the country. Michael McGeough lives a lean life on a fixed income. But rising gas and grocery costs ced him to surrender his cat to a shelter.-Yeah, I (had a ) hard time letting her go, she cried all the way there.All he has left of Zeba is her food dish. McGeough says he could no longer afd to feed her.-Well, I was getting the help you know on the food bank and came through a lot of times that they haven’t stuffing. By the time we finished grocery shopping, and summed by cat food, I'm like broke.As money strains grow, shelter workers worry so will pet surrenders and the number of owners putting off annual check-ups they can't afd. Finances are still tight McGeough. But he no longer fears his cat’s fate. -I felt good when I heard that she was adopted. Now these victims of eclosure need a new home too.In Bellevue, Elisa Jaffe, Komo News.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. eclosure : N-Vareclosure is when someone who has lent money to a person or organization so that they can buy property takes possession of the property because the money has not been repaid. (BUSINESS). play out : phrasal verbIf a dramatic event is played out, it gradually takes place.3. live : verbIf you say that someone lives in particular circumstances or that they live a particular kind of life, you mean that they are in those circumstances or that they have that kind of life. . lean : adj If you describe periods of time as lean, you mean that people have less of something such as money or are less successful than they used to be. 5966。

  B. Keywordschoice, woman, children, mother. Vocabularytherein, infertility, obsess.The following is a conversation among several women about whether to have children or not. Listen carefully and write down the key words each of the speakers, so as to get an idea of their opinions.I have many many friends who have opted a child-free life. I have great deal of respect their choice.But therein lies the key: It was their choice. Infertility was not my choice. Is a woman less of a woman without children? Absolute not in my opinion.But I had to have children, I dont know why. People have asked us, you know, Well, what was that just made you so obsessed and compelled and driven?I dont know, I dont...I dont know that Ill ever know. All I know is I had to have children.Well, my daughter, interestingly enough, is the same way.She was very eager as soon as she finishes law school to get married and have children.And we talked about this and she said, ;Mom, you dont understand. Ive been thinking about having children since I was 8 or 9 years old;Yes, that how I was. Whereas I didnt.But she been thinking about it so long in her life and I was really surprised when we had this conversation to learn that, she been observing me as a mother, observing other mothers, trying to decide what kind of a mother she was going to be when motherhood came her way.Well, that...that exactly how I have always felt. But I have to say that I certainly respect people who dont choose motherhood. 506

  9V]hnq6Xe%%a!z7Z@q-nPDts0dHWzS*a~8fV1He had a beautiful car. It was a Cadillac. It was a 1993 Cadillac. It was a four-door Cadillac. It was light brown. It had a big engine. The big engine didn’t leak oil. The big engine didn’t leak water. He drove his car only five miles a day. He took good care of his car. He washed it every week. He washed it by himself. He washed it with dishwashing soap and water. He dried it with paper towels. He vacuumed inside the car every week. He vacuumed it with a small vacuum cleaner. The outside of his car was clean. The inside of his car was clean. He never ate anything inside his car. He never drank anything inside his car.tP6,a]~WREifMW-#JjL0QJdzvPmIzZi.H5n[Kwt+VNRZwz]]0_i~ 1376

  Ask an American: Chocolate; dispute versus disagreement versus conflict; using “times” in comparing amounts; use of infinitive “to” phrases as adjective, adverb, or nounWords:comt foodto melt in (one) mouthsensationhot off the pressesto tend torefrigerationprevalentto securedelectable treatdelicacyto speak to (something)soulthere nothing betterdisputedisagreementconflicttimes 35635

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