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长宁区激光祛痘哪家医院好上海丰胸医院哪家好It is no secret that men and women don#39;t see eye to eye on certain things. I bet most of us have witnessed or even been in one of those situations where a guy thinks he#39;s complimenting a woman and she takes the compliment for insult…男人和女人对某些事物看法并不一致,这一点并不是秘密。我敢打赌,我们很多人都曾经目睹甚至亲身经历过这样的场景:一个男人以为他在赞美一个女人,但那个女人却认为那是一种侮辱……To make it a bit more clear about how men and women see the world around them differently Alex Distasi and Nomi Kane have created a series of hilariously accurate comics. Created for College Humor, the comics show how men and women see the same situations in different ways. They#39;re so accurate, both men and women will relate! Check them out below.为了更清楚地展示出男人和女人如何用不同的眼光看待周围的世界,亚历克斯?迪斯塔斯和诺米?凯恩创作了一系列犀利的搞笑漫画。这组漫画是为《校园幽默》杂志而作的,表现出了男人和女人如何以不同方式看待相同的情境。它们画得如此犀利,不论男女都会深有同感!一起来看看吧!#1 First Dates第一次约会Man: I hope she doesn#39;t think I#39;m weird…男人:我希望她不要觉得我是个怪咖……Woman: I hope he doesn#39;t want to murder me!女人:我希望他不要想杀了我!#2 New Job新工作(Super Important Business Presentation)(非常重要的商务演讲)-Great job, Darrel. We can#39;t wait to watch you soar up through the company!干得好,达雷尔!我们迫不及待地看你在公司中得到飞速发展!(Exact Same Presentation)(完全一样的演讲)-Great job on the little slides, you looked very cute up there!小幻灯片做得很棒,你站在上面看起来很可爱!#3 Style穿衣风格Ice rock mountain scented deoderant冰山味除味剂Only pair of shoes without holes唯一一双没洞的鞋子Jeans that have been washed exactly once洗过一次的牛仔裤Eyeliner that had to be redone 7 time必须画过7次才满意的眼线Prescription deodorant on one can know about无人知晓的定制版除味剂3 hours straightening hair and fixing bangs you shouldn#39;t have gotten用3小时拉直的头发和调整好的刘海,刘海本来不该留的Vanilla perfume so you smell like a cookie香草味香水,这样就能闻起来像小饼干一样New dress because your other 12 dresses have decided your boobs don#39;t fit it新裙子,因为其余12件裙子胸围都不合适#4 Family家庭How#39;s school and work?学习怎么样?工作怎么样?Are you pregnant yet?怀了吗?#5 Traveling旅行Man: Hey dude! Wait, a girl on the street is checking me out…Better catch up in case she wants my number!男人:嘿,兄弟!等等,街上有个姑娘在看我……赶紧赶上去,万一她想要我的电话号码呢!Woman: Hey, I#39;m walking home from the bar… Wait, this guy behind me is waving me down… Please stay on the phone!女人:嘿,我正从酒吧走回家……等等,我后面的男人正挥手示意我停下……别挂电话! /201703/498516上海小腿吸脂减肥的价格 Sleep is as mysterious as it is vital for our wellbeing. Over the decades, researchers have proposed several mechanisms through which sleep rejuvenates us, but we still don#39;t fully understand the big picture. Now, two recently published studies come up with an interesting explanation: we sleep to forget some of the things we learn during the day.睡眠对我们的健康至关重要,但它神秘莫测。过去的数十年里,研究人员提出了若干种睡眠让人焕然一新的机理,但我们依然没有完全掌握有关睡眠的全部知识。现在,两篇新近发表的研究提出了一个有趣的解释:我们入睡是为了忘掉白天学到的某些东西。We store memories in networks in our brains. Whenever we learn something new, we grow new connections between neurons, called synapses. In 2003, Giulio Tononi and Chiara Cirelli, biologists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, proposed something very interesting: during the day, we learn so much and develop so many synapses that things sometimes get fuzzy. Since then, the two and their collaborators have made quite a few interesting additions to that study.我们通过大脑网络存储记忆。无论何时学到新东西,神经元之间都会建立起一种叫做“突触”的联结。2003年,威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校的生物学家朱里奥#8226;托诺尼和基娅拉#8226;西勒利提出了一种很有意思的观点:我们在白天学到了那么多东西,构建了那么多突触,有时候把自己搞糊涂了。从那时起,这两位生物学家就和同事们一起在这项研究的基础上不断添加了许多有趣的内容。For starters, they showed that neurons can prune out some synapses, at least in the lab. But they suspected the same things happens every day, naturally, in our brains — probably during sleep.首先,他们告诉大家:神经元会修剪掉一些突触,至少在实验室里是这样的。但他们猜测同样的事也会每天在自然状态下的大脑中发生,而且很可能是在睡眠中发生。So they set up a painstaking experiment, in which Luisa de Vivo, an assistant scientist working in their lab, collected 6,920 synapses from mice, both awake and sleeping. Then, they determined the shape and size of all these synapses, learning that the synapses in sleeping mice were 18 percent smaller than in awake ones. That#39;s quite a big margin.所以,他们设置了一项非常费力的实验:他们实验室中的一位助理研究员路易莎#8226;德#8226;维沃从老鼠身上找了6920个突触,这些老鼠有的醒着有的睡着。然后,他们弄清所有这些突触的形状和大小,发现睡着的老鼠身上的突触要比醒着的那些小18%,差距非常大。After this, they designed a memory test for mice. They placed the animals in a room where they would get a mild electrical shock if they walked over one particular section of the floor. They injected some of the mice with a substance that had been proved to prevent the pruning of new synapses. The mice that experienced this were much more likely to forget about the section and after a good night#39;s sleep, they tended to walk over the section again, while mice that slept normally remembered better.然后,他们为老鼠设计了一项记忆测试。他们把老鼠放在一个房间里,如果它们走到地板上一个特定区域,就会受到轻微电击。他们往一些老鼠体内注射了一种物质,经验,这种物质能阻止神经元修剪新突触。接受过注射的老鼠更容易忘记电击区域,好好睡过一夜之后,它们还是会走到那个区域,而正常睡眠的老鼠则记得更清楚。Then, Dr. Tononi and his colleagues found that the pruning didn#39;t strike every neuron. Some 20% were unchanged, likely well-established memories that shouldn#39;t be tampered with.这样,托诺尼士和同事们就发现了:修剪并不会牵涉到每个神经元。大约有20%的部分不会改变,很可能牢固构建的记忆不会窜改。In other words, we sleep to forget — but in a smart way.换句话说,我们睡着是为了遗忘——但是是以一种聪明的方式遗忘。 /201702/491507上海宝山区中西医结合医院韩式隆鼻多少钱

闵行区中医医院做隆鼻手术价格费用上海市玫瑰整形医院做祛疤手术多少钱 Bangkok#39;s Husky Cafe – A Must-See for Dog Lovers控一生推:曼谷哈士奇咖啡馆If you#39;re a dog lover visiting Bangkok, you simply must stop by the True Love Café, a wonderful place where you can get a taste of Thai cuisine, or enjoy some refreshments in the company of dozens of adorable huskies.如果你也是个控,又恰好去泰国旅游,可千万别忘了到“真爱咖啡馆”坐坐。因为,在这个神奇的咖啡馆中,你不仅能尝到地道的泰国美食,还能在几十条呆萌的哈士奇陪伴下享受茶点。The True Love Café opened in 2013, when Chotiros Ratanabirabongse, Paw for short, a long-time husky breeder, decided to convert his farm into a place where people could interact and learn more about this wonderful canine breed. The place instantly became a hit with tourists, and today it is one of Bangkok#39;s most popular attractions.“真爱咖啡馆”在2013年开业,店主Paw之前是资深哈士奇饲养员。某天,他突然决定把自己的畜牧场改成一个人们可以了解和与哈士奇互动的地方。谁曾想,刚改造完毕,这地方就变成旅游胜地,也成了曼谷最受欢迎的景点之一。To be able to meet the 25 huskies of True Love Café, patrons must pay a fee of 350 baht () per hour, which also includes a free cake and drink. The doggies get 5 different play times every day, 3 of which (12:30pm, 3:30pm and 6:30pm) are open to human visitors. But before you get to enter their caged areas to play with them and pet them, there#39;s a strict protocol that you have to follow. Patrons must wash and disinfect their hands, put on plastic foot coverings and watch an etiquette explaining various rules that need to be followed when interacting with the dogs.游客付350泰铢(约10美元)/小时的费用,才能一睹咖啡馆里25条哈士奇的风采,当然茶点是免费的。们每天有5个不同的游戏时间,其中3个时段(中午12:30, 下午和下午6:30)对游客开放。但在你进入笼区跟它们玩乐之前,必须遵守严格的协议。不但得洗手消毒、带上塑料脚套,还要观看视频。视频中会教你跟互动时需要注意的各种规章制度。This charming True Love Café is home to 25 gorgeous huskies, 2 Australian Shepherds, 1 Japanese Akita and 1 little Shih Tzu. They are all very friendly with humans, and love nothing more than posing for selfies and being petted.“真爱咖啡馆”一共有25条哈士奇、2条澳大利亚牧羊犬、1条日本秋田犬和1条西施犬。它们都与人类相当亲近,最爱配合自拍摆姿势和享受爱抚了。True Love Cafe is the world#39;s first and only husky cafe, but certainly not the only animal cafe. Japan is famous for its cat cafes, reptile cafes and even owl cafes, and South Korea has its own dog cafe, as well as a sheep cafe, among others. It seems that whatever animals you#39;re into, there#39;s bound to be a cafe you can interact with them at.“真爱咖啡馆”是世界上第一家也是唯一一家哈士奇主题咖啡馆,但不是唯一的动物主题咖啡馆。日本有著名的猫咪、爬行动物,甚至猫头鹰主题咖啡馆;韩国也有和小羊主题咖啡馆。这么看来,不管你中意何种动物,总有一家咖啡馆适合你!译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201612/485218上海九院整形美容科胎记多少钱

复旦大学附属闵行医院隆鼻价格费用I have had my fair share of bad first dates - I could probably write a full-length novel comparable to the size of Bible. But in all the first dates I#39;ve been on - almost all of which have been laughably unsuccessful - I have learned a lot. I mean, like, a lot. I#39;ve become an encyclopedia of reasons not to accept a second date with someone.我有很多次糟糕的约会——这些约会都够我写一本与《圣经》一样厚的长篇小说了。但在所有的首次约会中——几乎所有的首次约会都是可笑的失败——我学到了很多东西。我是说真的很多。不与某人进行第二次约会的理由?我就是这方面的百科全书。1. He says things that are degrading to women but, like, just in passing1. 他轻描淡写的说一些有损女性人格的话语This guy that I most recently dumped would refer to me as his ;call girl.; We hadn#39;t even started having sex yet. (Spoiler alert: we never had sex. Ever.) It was like it was his creepy version of a pet name or something. When I told him I didn#39;t like him calling me that, he told me that I should have a better sense of humor. Um, excuse me, Mr. Poop Emoji, but I have a great sense of humor, just no tolerance for behavior that foreshadows an entire relationship reminiscent of a 17th century Puritan guide to marriage.我最近刚刚甩了的那个男生将我称为他的“应召女郎。”我们甚至都还没有发生过关系呢。(剧透:我们从没有发生过关系,从来没有。)就好像这是他宠物名或其它东西的猥琐版。当我和他说我不喜欢他称我为“应召女郎”时,他却对我说你应该更幽默一点。额,不好意思,屎表情先生,我很有幽默感的好嘛,我只是容忍不了你暗示着我们的这段感情将是十七世纪清教徒指导婚姻的行为。2. He claims he never even liked the girl he dated for two years2. 他有个约会两年的子,但他却说自己从来都没有喜欢过她I was on a date with a guy who said this as if it was something he was proud of. So you just strung someone along for two years and made her think that you loved her - for what? Sex? Fun? Providing a red flag for the next girl that comes along? If a guy says this, he is 1) definitely lying, because that#39;s just illogical and 2) not exactly a winning point for his emotional stability.我当时就和这么个男生约会,他对此引以为傲。所以你只是和子谈了两年,让她以为你爱她——为了什么呢?性吗?还是觉得好玩呢?对另一个要和你约会的子发出危险信号?如果一个男生说了这样的话,第一点:他肯定是在撒谎,因为这不合逻辑。第二点:这对于他的情感稳定性并不是个加分点。3. Or talks poorly about any exes in general3. 总的来说会说前女友坏话We all talk smack about our exes. But on the first date? Anytime someone brings up a past relationship out of context on a first date, that#39;s usually a sign that the ex is on their mind . . . meaning he probably isn#39;t over her. But talking badly about an ex shows that this person is not even focused on the date that they#39;re having with you! And you#39;re awesome! And deserve their attention!我们都是会说前任坏话的。但在首次约会时就说?第一次约会,只要他毫无缘由的提出了之前的恋情,这通常表明他还想着前女友、还没有忘记她。但说前女友的坏话就表示这个人根本就没有对这次约会上心!而你是很棒的,是值得他注意的!译文属 /201611/479117 上海仁济医院祛眼袋多少钱上海脱唇毛价格



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