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徐汇区韩式三点双眼皮的价格上海华山医院去痣多少钱Exercise 3-1 :Word-by-Word and in a SentencethatHe said tht its OK.thanIts bigger thn beforeasz soonz he gets here...atLook t the time!andhamn eggshaveWhere hv you beenhadHe hd been at home.canCn you do itExercise 3-2:Finding , , and SoundsThere are five ,ten ,and seventy-five sounds in the following paragraph.Underscore them in pen or pencil.The first one of each sound is marked for you.Next, check your answers with the Answer Key, beginning on page 193.Finally, take your markers and give a color to each sound.For example,mark green, blue, and yellow.Turn your CD offand the paragraph three times on your own.Exercise 3-3:Vowel-Sound DifferentiationHere we will down from 1 to 24,then we will each row across.Give the sound a clear double sound ee.Also, the o is a longer sound than you might be expecting.Add the full ooh sound after each ;o.;AnnbancancatDanfangaphatJanlampmanmatterNangnatpanransandshallchancetackvanwaxyamzaponbondconcaught/cotDon/dawnfawngonehotJohnlawnmonstermottononnot/knotpawnRonsawnSeanchalktalkVonwantyawnczarun~buncomecutdonefungunhutjumplumpMondaymutternone/nunnutpunrunsunshutchucktuckvugwon/oneyoungresultacross1.Annonun~2.banbondbun3.canconcome4.catcaught/cotcutTo have your pronunciation tested, call 800 457-4255.Exercise 3-4:Reading the SoundThe Tn MnA fashionably tan mansat casually at the bat stand,lashing a handful of practice bats.The manager,a crabby old bag of bones,passed by and laughed,;Youre about average, Jack.Cant you lash faster than that;Jack had had enough,so he clambered to his feetand lashed bats fasterthan any man had ever lashed bats.As a matter of fact,he lashed bats so fastthat he seemed to dance.The manager was aghast.;Jack, youre a master bat lasher!;he gasped.Satisfied at last,Jack sat backand never lashed another bat.Pause the CD and The Tn Mn aloud.Turn it back on to continue.Exercise 3-5:Reading the SoundA Lt of Lng, Ht Walks in the GardenJohn was not sorrywhen the boss called off the walksin the garden.Obviously, to him,it was awfully hot,and the walks were far too long.He had not thoughtthat walkingwould have caught onthe way it did,and he fought the policyfrom the onset.At first,he thought he could talk it overat the law officeand have it quashed,but a small obstacle*halted that thought.The top lawyers always bought coffeeat the shop across the lawnand they didnt want to stopon Johns account.Johns problem was not office politics,but office policy.He resolved the problemby bombing the garden.Pause the CDand A Lt of Lng, Ht Wlks in the Grden aloud. /201509/397610普陀区人民中医院去除狐臭价格费用 讲解文本:skyrocket 飞涨,突然高升,一飞冲天Work hard and your chances of passing the exam will skyrocket.努力学习,你通过考试的可能性就会大大提升。The price of food is skyrocketing these days.最近食物的价格飞涨。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201612/4840418. Preparing for an Open house 8.为开放参观日做准备A: Good morning, Alice. Todays the big day!A:早上好,艾丽斯。今天是大喜的日子!B: Yes, it is. Are we y for this?B:是的。我们准备好了吗?A: I think so. You know Ive been working on the house.A:我是这样认为的。你知道我一直致力于这所房子。B: I know, Richard. I guess Im just nervous.B:我知道,理查德。我猜我只是紧张。A: I wouldnt worry, babe. Weve worked very hard on this.A:宝贝,我不担心。我们非常努力。B: Yes. I know, but still ...B:是的。我知道,但是……A: We cleaned the house, spruced up the yard, and painted the interior.A:我们打扫房子,整理院子,和绘室内。B: I know, Richard. Im worried about the things we didnt do.B:我知道,理查德。我担心我们没有做的事。A: I think well be okay. If something comes up, well deal with it then.A:我认为我们会很好。如果事情出现,我们将处理好它。B: You think of everything.B:你想到了一切。A: No. I dont, Alice. We think of everything.A:不。我没有,爱丽丝。是我们考虑到了一切。B: Youre right. Well be y. B:你是对的。我们会准备好。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/440228上海市第二人民医院做去疤手术多少钱

上海好整形美容医院奉贤区奉城医院胎记价格费用 unit 411打越洋电话至日本dialogue 英语情景对话A:Hello. Overseas operator. May I help you?A:您好,我是国际长途接线员。有什么能帮您的吗?B:Yes. Id like to make a collect call to Japan.B:我想打电话到日本,对方付费。A:Your name, please?A:请问您的名字?B:Its Helen Kent.B:我叫海伦.肯特。A:Who would you like to talk to?A:您想要找谁接电话?B:Id like to talk to Mr. Edna Kent.B:我想找阿达尼·肯特先生。A:Is that Mr. Edna Kent?A:是阿达尼-肯特先生吗?B:Thats right.B:是的。A:What number are you calling from, please?A:请问您的电话号码?B:From code 513, 432-6748.B:我的电话是5134326748。A:And the number in Japan, please?A:日本的电话是多少?B:Country code 81, area code 138, and the number is 846-8972.B:国家代码是81,区号是138.电话号码是8468972。A:Hold the line, please. Ill put your call through.A:请稍等,不要挂线。我给您接通。 /201605/443405上海玫瑰整形美容医院光子嫩肤手术怎么样

虹口区人民医院隆鼻多少钱栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:So far so good 到目前为止一切都好(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201503/364656 上海长征医院修眉多少钱上海玫瑰整形医院割双眼皮好不好

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