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Once the titan of global smartphone sales, Samsung is looking to retake its throne after Apple made inroads with its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. On Sunday, in a room filled with technology journalists in Barcelona, Samsung used the 2015 installment of Mobile World Congress to announce the latest models of its Galaxy line of smartphones: the S6 and S6 Edge.三星一度曾是全球智能手机销量的霸主,在苹果凭借iPhone 6和6 plus强势攫取了不少用户后,此番三星再次携新品汹汹而来,力图夺回王座。上周日在记者云集的巴赛罗纳2015年世界移动通信大会上,三星发布了Galaxy系列手机的最新力作:Galaxy S6和S6 Edge。Both devices take the Galaxy line in a completely new direction, and on multiple fronts. The most apparent change, at least the first time you lay eyes on the duo, is the noticeable lack of plastic formerly synonymous with Samsung smartphones. With the S6 lineup, Samsung opted to go with a combination of metal and a glass housing.从多个方面看,这两款手机都将Galaxy系列产品带向了一个全新的方向。最显眼的变化(至少是你一次看到这两款手机的时候),是三星手机的“万年大塑料”不见了,三星为S6系列产品首次配备了“金属+玻璃”的材质组合。The S6 Edge features a curved display on both edges of the screen, offering enhanced functionality. (An on-stage demonstration showed custom color alerts for incoming calls, and shortcuts to favorite contacts). A revamped fingerprint sensor sits below the home button, foregoing the need for a user to swipe her or her finger across the button. Instead, he or she only needs to place a finger on the button and wait for the scan to complete. The change makes the experience nearly identical to that of Apple’s Touch ID, and appears to eliminate a complaint I had about last year’s Galaxy S5.S6 Edge首次在屏幕左右两边都采用了曲面屏设计,在功能性上有所提高。(在舞台演示环节中,当有电话呼入时,曲面屏会显示定制的颜色提醒,另外从曲面屏可以快捷进入常用联系人)。Home键下嵌入了一颗经过升级的指纹传感器,使用户无需像S5那样扫屏解锁指纹,而是只需将手指放在Home键上等待扫描完成即可,使用的感觉几乎和苹果的Touch ID一模一样,从而终于打消了我一年前对Galaxy S5指纹识别功能的抱怨。Sure to disappoint Samsung loyalists, the South Korean company ditched two features long used to mock Apple’s AAPL 0.49% iPhone: expandable storage and a replaceable battery. Looking beyond the aesthetic changes are a faster processor, higher-quality camera, curved display, and wireless charging capabilities.令不少忠实三星粉感到失望的是,这次三星抛弃了历来被三星粉用来嘲笑苹果的两项“高大上”的技能,即可扩展内存和可更换电池。除了审美层面的变化外,S6还配备了更快的处理器、更高质量的摄像头、曲面屏以及无线充电功能。There are two features that have made the new Galaxy models more alluring to me than previous editions. The first is called Samsung Pay. The company’s mobile payment solution takes a two-pronged approach by combining a near-field communication (NFC) chip with the magnetic secure-transmission technology it acquired from LoopPay to transmit payment information between your device and a point-of-sale terminal.S6有两个新功能,使它比以前的Galaxy手机对我更有吸引力。其一是所谓的“三星付”功能,该方案采取了双管齐下的付方法,一是集成一块近场通讯芯片,二是集成了三星从LoopPay公司收购的电磁安全传输技术,保障了S6能够与销售点终端系统传送付信息。When I reviewed LoopPay last year, I found the technology to be magical, yet disappointing. I was forced to carry around and manage yet another device. The promise behind mobile payments is convenience; the LoopPay fob was not convenient. A quick refresher: You hold the LoopPay fob up to a normal credit card er, press a button and the machine would interpret the signal in the same manner it would a card being swiped. The payment was then processed, without the machine—and often time the clerk—realizing you did anything different.去年评测LoopPay的时候,我发现它是一项神奇的技术,但在某种程度上也令人失望,因为我得随时带着另一台设备,并且还得管理它。移动付的前景在于它的便利性,而LoopPay配件绝对不够便利。当你拿着LoopPay配件接近一台普通的信用卡读卡器并按下按钮时,机器解读LoopPay信号的方式其实与扫描一张普通信用卡没有什么不同。不要说读卡器,就连结账的售货员都没有意识到有什么区别。Now that that technology is embedded into the device and combined with the ability to use NFC for payments, Samsung Pay is very appealing. And it has a leg up on Apple Pay, which is limited to working only at retail locations and outlets with the necessary equipment to process NFC payments. (This is a drawback I experienced first-hand when I tried to go a week using Apple Pay for every purchase in my small, Colorado town.)现在这项技术被嵌入到Galaxy S6中,而且与NFC付技术进行了整合,使三星付功能变得非常有吸引力。它在技术上领先了苹果的Apple Pay一步,因为后者只能在持NFC付的零售场所和终端使用。(这也是我亲身体验的Apple Pay的一个缺点。当时我曾试着在科罗拉多的一个小镇仅凭Apple Pay购买一周的所有用品。)With Samsung Pay, users won’t be caught in the middle of a spat between competing payment platforms as Apple is with the likes of CVS completely disabling NFC terminals. So go right ahead, CVS, disable NFC. The Galaxy S6 has a trick up its sleeve.有了三星付,用户就不用再为了Apple Pay和CVS不持NFC那点事儿打口水战了。所以CVS不想持NFC就让它不持吧,Galaxy S6另有一套绝活对付你呢。Another thing: Each year when Samsung would announce the latest Galaxy device, it would announce a slew of new software-based features that served little purpose. Having a smartphone watch my eyes, then scroll a webpage or pause a based on where I’m looking? No thanks. The “enhancements” slowed down the device, drained the battery, and offered little benefit to the end user. In other words, they served only to pad the spec sheet.另一件事:每年三星推出新款Galaxy手机时,都会顺便发布一大堆基本上没有什么用的软件功能(比如眼球追踪什么的)。这些所谓的“进步”会让设备速度变慢,而且也是耗电大户,且为终端用户提供不了什么福利。换句话说,它的意义就仅限于纸面上。With this year’s release, Samsung cut the fat, at least with regard to its proprietary user interface known as TouchWiz. Any unnecessary s or overzealous prompts were left out, it seems. The litany of excess apps notoriously preinstalled on the Galaxy line has been removed. All in all, the company claims to have cut down so-called software bloat by 40 percent, and the phones now include only a trio of Microsoft apps and select Samsung apps (S Health and Milk, Samsung’s music service). At least, until wireless carriers get a hold of it.在今年的发布会中,三星把这些东西都删去了,至少在它的TouchWiz界面中,貌似所有不必要的菜单和过分热心的提示都不见了。Galaxy手机一向恶评如潮的大量预装软件也不见了踪影。总而言之,三星称已将这些无用软件删减了40%,目前手机上只预装了微软的“三件套”和一些精选三星应用(比如S健康和三星的音乐务Milk等)——至少在运营商往里掺他们那些玩意儿之前是这样。For years, Samsung’s flagship phones have been long on features, but short on follow-through—at least to me. The new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge appear to lay the groundwork for a lineup of devices that are quite the opposite.多年以来,三星的旗舰手机一直是长于功能,短于跟进——至少在我看来是这样。而最新的Galaxy S6和S6 Edge则代表了三星开始选择另一条道路,并为以后的一系列机型奠定了道路。 /201503/362742。

  • As the smartphone market in China slows, Apple has taken a big step towards expanding its presence in India by applying for official government permission to launch its first flagship retail store in the country.随着中国智能手机市场放缓,苹果(Apple)向拓展印度市场迈出了一大步。苹果已向印度政府提出申请,希望在该国开设首家旗舰零售店。The move underlines a broader search for new growth markets for Apple, at a time when some Wall Street analysts predict iPhone sales might fall this year, for the first time in its history.在部分华尔街分析师预测今年iPhone销量将出现自问世以来的首次下滑之际,此举突显苹果正在广泛地寻找新的增长市场。The world’s most valuable business by market capitalisation has steadily increased its operations in India over recent years but the long-awaited decision to open a shop is likely to be viewed as a clear statement that Apple plans to expand more aggressively in the fast-growing Asian market.以市值计,苹果是全球最有价值的公司。苹果近年来已在稳步扩大在印度的业务,但在印度开店这个迎合外界长久期待的决定,很可能会被视作一个明确表态,表明苹果计划更加积极地在快速增长的亚洲市场上拓展。Apple confirmed it had filed an application to India’s department of industrial policy and promotion, which, if accepted, would allow it to open its first solo branded retail outlet.苹果实已向印度工业政策和促进部提交申请,如果获批,将可以在印度开设首家品牌专卖店。Until recently, Apple’s relatively expensive iPhones have struggled to compete in India’s cost-conscious electronics market, winning a reputation as a prized status symbol among affluent buyers but at prices beyond the reach of ordinary consumers.直到最近,苹果相对较贵的iPhone在印度注重价格的电子产品市场上还难以与其他产品抗衡。它在富裕买家中被视作重要的地位象征,但其价格超出普通消费者的承受能力。In the longer term, however, Apple views India as the most likely replacement for the booming sales in China that have powered its rise over recent years. Analysts say smartphone sales in China are levelling off, as are those in industrial economies.但从较长期来看,苹果将印度视作中国市场最可能的替代者,正是蓬勃发展的中国市场为苹果近几年来的上升提供了动力。分析师表示,与在工业化经济体一样,智能手机在中国的销量也趋于稳定。India’s smartphone sector boomed during 2015, becoming the world’s fastest growing market for the devices. Roughly 250m Indians own smartphones, a level expected to double by 2018, according to industry estimates.2015年印度智能手机行业发展兴旺,成为全球增长最快的智能手机市场。约有2.5亿印度人拥有智能手机,据业内人士估计至2018年这一数字将增加一倍。Apple responded by bolstering its marketing and shaking up its distribution network. It also launched a big advertising campaign for its iPhone 6S, which it sold mostly via online retailers and high-street phone shops.针对印度市场状况,苹果加强了市场营销力度,重组了分销网络,并举办了一场iPhone 6S大型推广活动。目前苹果主要通过在线零售商和手机店销售iPhone 6S。The company has viewed India’s market as too small and complex to sustain its high-end shops but has experimented with “store-in-store” mini-shops, in partnership with retailers.过去苹果认为印度市场规模过小也太复杂,不适合自己开设高端商店,因此一直与零售商合作,采取“店中店”的迷你店铺形式。The application is also likely to raise speculation that Apple may soon begin to manufacture in India. Foxconn, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer that makes most iPhones, announced plans to set up factories in India last year.苹果此番申请开设门店还可能引起猜测,苹果可能很快会开始在印度生产。为苹果制造大部分iPhone的台湾合同制造商富士康(Foxconn)去年宣布计划在印度建厂。 /201602/424105。
  • Eight new planets have been discovered in the #39;Goldilocks#39; zone of their stars, orbiting at a distance where oceans and life could exist.科学家已经发现了8个新的可能有海洋和生命的行星。它们位于这些行星的恒星的适居带内。The discovery doubles the number of small planets less than twice the diameter of Earth which are believed to be in the habitable zone of their parent stars.该发现使直径不到地球两倍、被认为位于它们母恒星可居住带内的小行星数量翻了一倍。Among these eight, astronomers say there are two that are the most similar to Earth of any known exoplanets to date.天文学家说,在这8个行星中,有两个是迄今已知所有外行星中和地球最像的。#39;Most of these planets have a good chance of being rocky, like Earth,#39; said lead scientist Dr Guillermo Torres, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in Cambridge, US.美国剑桥大学哈佛-史密森天体物理学中心首席科学家吉列尔莫·托雷斯士说:“这些行星中的大多数都很可能像地球一样有岩石。”The two most Earth-like planets, known as Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b, both orbit red dwarf stars that are smaller and cooler than the sun.那两个最像地球的行星分别是Kepler-438b和Kepler-442b。它们都绕红矮星轨道运行。这些恒星(红矮星)不仅比太阳小,还比太阳冷。With a diameter just 12 per cent bigger than Earth, Kepler-438b has a 70 per cent chance of being rocky, the scientists have calculated.科学家估计,直径只比地球长12%的Kepler-438b有岩石的几率是70%。Kepler-442b is about one-third larger than Earth, and the likelihood of it being rocky is around 60 per cent.Kepler-442b只比地球大三分之一,有岩石的几率约是60%。To be in the habitable zone, also known as the #39;Goldilocks zone#39;, a planet must be not too hot or too cold and receive roughly as much sunlight as Earth.如果一个行星处在可居住带内,就必然不太热或不太冷,还会像地球一样受到充沛阳光的照射。Too much heat from its star, and any water would boil away as steam. Too little, and the water would freeze solid.如果行星从恒星那里得到过多热量,行星上的任何水都会像蒸汽一样蒸发。如果得到的热量太少,水就会冻成固体。#39;For our calculations we chose to adopt the broadest possible limits that can plausibly lead to suitable conditions for life,#39; Dr Torres added.托雷斯表示:“为了计算,我们选择使用了似乎都可以导致适和生命存在条件的最广泛的限制标准。”Kepler-438b receives about 40 per cent more light than the Earth giving it a 70 per cent probability of having a habitable zone orbit. In comparison, baking hot Venus has twice as much.考虑到Kepler-438b有一个可居住带轨道的几率是70%,这个行星受到的太阳照射可能比地球多了约40%。相比之下,非常炎热的金星受到的太阳照射可能是地球的两倍。Co-author Dr David Kipping, also from the Centre for Astrophysics, said: #39;We don#39;t know for sure whether any of the planets in our sample are truly habitable. All we can say is that they#39;re promising candidates.#39;研究负责人之一同时又是哈佛-史密森天体物理学中心科学家的大卫·基平表示:“我们不能确定我们样本中的任何行星是不是适于居住。我们只能说它们是很有希望的候选者。”Neither of the planets are our close neighbours. Kepler-438b is located 470 light-years from Earth while the more distant Kepler-442b is 1,100 light-years away.这两个行星都不是地球的近邻。Kepler-438b距地球470光年,而更远的Kepler-442b距地球1100光年。The team, whose findings were presented at the American Astronomical Society#39;s annual meeting in Washington DC, studied planetary candidates first identified by Nasa#39;s Kepler space telescope.这个科研组研究了美国宇航局开普勒太空望远镜最早识别的行星候选者。改组的科学家还在华盛顿举行的美国天文学会年会上提出他们的发现。All the planets were too small to confirm by measuring their masses. Instead, they were validated using a computer program that determined they were statistically likely to be planets.所有这些行星都太小,所以不能通过测量它们的质量进行确认。但科学家用一个决定它们在统计学上可能是行星的电脑程序进行了这项工作After the analysis, follow-up observations showed that four of the planets were in multiple star systems.分析后,后续的观测结果显示,这些行星中有4个处在多重星系中。The research is also published in the Astrophysical Journal.《天体物理学杂志》刊登了该研究。 /201504/369105。
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