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You probably count on your daily jolt of caffeine to wake up your brain and stay sharp all day long. But downing that coffee, tea, cola, or chocolate bar may be giving you a leg upin another unexpected way: It can improve your proofing skills, according to a new study. 也许你现在每天要靠咖啡来醒脑、醒神。但其实咖啡、茶、可乐和巧克力棒还能在其他方面给你意想不到的帮助:一项最新研究表示,它能帮你提高你的校正能力。 In the study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, researchers asked 36 college students who consumedlow levels of caffeine -- about a half-cup of coffee a day -- to do a "language task." The students were given 5 minutes to a one-page news story, and needed to identify and correct as many spelling and grammatical mistakes as they found in that time. 在《实验心理学期刊》上发表的文章:研究者让36名对咖啡摄入程度较低的大学生——每天咖啡摄入量低于半杯——做一个“语言测试”。给这些受测试者5分钟时间来读一篇长度约为一页的文章,让他们找出并更正文内的拼写和语法错误。 Forty-five minutes before taking the proofing test, students were randomly given a capsule containing one of four doses of caffeine: none, 100 milligrams, 200 milligrams , or 400 milligrams. 在校对测验开始前45分钟,有四种剂量的咖啡因胶囊,分别是不含咖啡因、100毫克、200毫克、和400毫克,这些胶囊让参加测验的学生任意领取一枚。 /201111/160545静安区埋线法双眼皮手术青浦区激光祛疤多少钱Repeat after me: “I promise…”请跟着我说:“我愿意......”“I will accept everything I am, and everything I am not.”“我愿意接受全部的自己,无论好坏。”Self-worth comes from one thing: thinking that you are worthy. So be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are, and aren’t, that you will truly find happiness and success.自我价值来源于对自我的认可。所以自信一点吧。太多时候,我们都把时间浪费在了与他人的比较之上以及期许自己成为另外的样子。每个人都有自己的优缺点,只有当你接受全部的自己,无论好坏,你才能真正地找到快乐与成功。“I will appreciate others for who they are.”“我愿意欣赏他人最真实的一面。”Sometimes the way you think about a person isn’t the way they are. On the outside, maybe they laugh, and maybe they cry; but you would be surprised at everything they keep deep inside. So pay close attention, and love the people you care about for who they are, and not for who you want them to be. In the long run, this is how you will get the best of them.有时候你觉得别人是什么样子的,不代表他们就是你所想的那样。从外表看起来,他们可能欢笑,也可能流泪,但你要为发现他们内在的真实而感到惊奇。所以,仔细观察你在乎和你爱的人,只因为他们原本的样子,而不是你希望他们成为的样子。长远来看,只有这样你才能发现他们最好的一面。“I will speak kindly and consciously to others.”“我愿意心平气和地与人交谈。”Open your mind before you open your mouth. Don’t mix bad words with a bad mood. Just be calm and deal with your emotions. You’ll have many opportunities to change your mood, but you’ll have an extremely tough time recovering the words you have spoken.三思而后行。不要因为心情不好而口出恶言。冷静下来,好好处理一下自己的情绪。你有很多机会可以调整自己的心情,但是一旦说话伤到了别人,就很难再恢复你们之间的关系了。“I will stop trying to control everything.”“我愿意停止想要掌控一切的想法。”You can’t control everything in your life no matter how many safeguards you put into place. But thankfully, you don’t have to control everything to find peace and happiness. It lives with you always, deep within. More than getting into the nuances of control itself, you should be more interested in encouraging yourself to commit to giving it up, on purpose. See what happens when you loosen your grip, throw your hands into the air, and allow life to just happen and flow as it does, without constant micromanagement.无论你为自己设置多少重保护,你都无法掌控一切。幸运的是,你不需要掌控一切,依然可以找到快乐与宁静,它们就存在于你内心深处,时刻与你相随。与其为了控制一切而忧心忡忡,不如有意识地鼓励自己学会放手。当你松开你的掌心,让生活顺其自然,不再施加任何的控制时,看看生活会发生什么变化。“I will appreciate the beauty of small moments.”“我愿意欣赏从小处散发出来的美。”Positive minds live positive lives. There is always, always something to be thankful for and something to smile about. The happiest people are not those who get everything they want; they are those who, while in pursuit of worthy goals, notice and appreciate the beauty and sweetness of everyday moments.乐观的人会有乐观的心态。生活中总是会有东西值得你去感激,去微笑面对。世上最快乐的人不是那些得到了一切想要的东西的人,而是那些在追寻自己的目标的过程中,能够发现并欣赏每一个小细节中所散发出的美好。“I will do what I think is right.”“我愿意做我认为正确的事情。”What comes easy won’t always last, and what will last won’t always come easy. So do the right things, not the easy things. Whatever comes your way, whatever battle is raging inside you, you always have a choice. In the end, it’s the choices you make that make you who you are. And no matter what, you can always choose to do the right thing.容易得到的东西不会长久,能够长久的东西不容易得到。所以,做正确的事不是一件容易的的事。无论你遇到什么,无论你的内心有多挣扎,你总能做出一个选择。最终,是你的选择成就了你是什么样的人。事实是,无论怎样,你总能选择去做正确的事。“I will grow from my challenges.”“我愿意从挑战中成长。”You can be stunned, awakened, and changed by what happens to you, but choose to grow from it, and refuse to be reduced by it. Repeat after me: “I am determined to live a happy life no matter my challenges. I will turn all my tales of fury into tales of glory. I will turn all of my tales of woe into tales of WOW!”在面对挑战时,你也许会被吓到,会受刺激,会做出改变,但你应该从挑战中成长,而不是被挑战所打败。跟着我说,“无论我面对的挑战是什么,我都要幸福地生活。我会把所有的愤怒转变为荣耀,让所有的敌人为我惊叹!”“I will realize and use my power.”“我愿意发现并施展我的才能。”The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. In a world filled with doubt, you must dare to dream. In a world filled with anger, you must dare to forgive. In a world filled with hate, you must dare to love. In a world filled with distrust, you must dare to believe. And once you do, you will find that power you once thought you lacked.很多情况下,人们放弃自己的才能是因为觉得自己没有才能。在这个满是怀疑的世界中,你必须敢于梦想;在这个满是愤怒的世界中,你必须敢于原谅;在这个满是仇恨的世界中,你必须敢于去爱;在这个满是失信的世界中,你必须敢于相信。一旦你这么做了,你就会找到原本你认为自己不具有的才能。“I will follow the path my heart longs to take.”“我愿意听从自己的心声走下去。”Life is too short to live with regrets. So love the things that make you smile, let go of the things that make you cry, and believe that everything happens for a reason. Follow the path that your heart longs to take; it’s your time to shine. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. You are far from what you once were, but not yet who you are going to be.人生苦短,岂能留憾?去爱那些能让你微笑的事物,放弃那些会让你哭泣的东西,相信世间万物的发生都有其原因。追随心之所向,这是你的闪耀时光。如果机会降临到你面前,抓住它。如果它会改变你的生活,那就顺其自然。你已经不是过去的自己了,未来的路还得由你自己来走。 /201301/218169A recent article suggests the period for making BFFS the way you did in your teens and 20s is over – so have I accumulated the right kinds of friends?最近的一篇文章提到,结交最好朋友的阶段是在青少年时期和20多岁这段期间,过了这段时间,结交朋友的方式会发生变化,也很难交到好朋友了。——那我现在有没有积累够合适的朋友呢?Once, after spending four straight days alone in my flat, communicating only with an editor (via email) and myself (via the bathroom mirror), I asked myself (in the back of a spoon): ;Do you really need friends? You seem to be doing just fine all by yourself.; It was my cue to drop the spoon, get dressed and make plans to see a friend as soon as possible.曾经有一次,我一个人在公寓里呆了整整四天,只和编辑交流(通过电子邮件),再就是自我交流(对着镜子),我问我自己(对着勺子的背面):“你真的需要朋友吗?你看起来自己一个人就挺不错的了。” 这提醒我扔掉勺子,穿上衣,尽快安排和朋友见面。Earlier this week, I Alex Williams#39;s New York Times piece in which he explores the difficulties of making friends after the age of 30. Actual close friends are in shorter supply, argues Williams. ;No matter how many friends you make, a sense of fatalism can creep in: the period for making BFFs, the way you did in your teens or early 20s, is pretty much over. It#39;s time to resign yourself to situational friends: KOF#39;s (kind of friends) ...;本周早些时候,我读了作家阿莱克斯-威廉斯在《纽约时报》发表的一篇文章,在文章里他探讨了30岁以后交朋友的难处。威廉斯认为,很多人实际上都缺少亲密的朋友。“无论你有多少朋友,一种宿命感会潜入到你心底:遇到最好朋友的时机过了,在青少年时或20岁左右交朋友的方式也已经结束了。现在是时候重新调整自己,结交情境式朋友:我们称其为 KOF(准朋友)。”The article made me think. I will be 30 this November, and while I have a stable of friends accrued over a lifetime, I began to worry about the looming deadline, this most depressing of cut-off dates. Are my true friend-making days numbered? Have I collected all the real friends I am likely ever to have? Most important, have I accumulated the right kinds of friends? Who among my friends is the Rachel to my Monica?这篇文章引发了我的思绪。今年的11月份,我就30了,按照文章中的理论,我一辈子的所有朋友也就是我现在的这些朋友了,我开始担心这不断逼近的生日,它太让人沮丧了。我结交朋友的天数屈指可数了吗?我已经拥有了可能有的所有真正的朋友了吗? 更重要的是,我的这些朋友交的恰当吗? 我的朋友中,谁和我的关系是像瑞秋和莫妮卡那样?My oldest and best friend is my sister, born three years before me. The key factor in our becoming friends was clearly proximity, but our friendship is one that endures outside our sisterly bond, and in spite of our many differences. My school years were easy; I was a confident child, and managed to form a series of intense friendships that hallmark youth. At boarding school, I got so close to another girl that we shared the same bed for several months – a fact that was more or less forgotten by the time we returned in the new term and both moved on to greener friendship pastures.我的和我做朋友时间最长,也是我最好的朋友,她比我大三岁。我们成为朋友的关键因素显而易见,但我们的友谊超过了我们的情感,尽管我们之间存在着很多的差异。我上学的时候很轻松;我是一个自信的孩子,收获了标志着青年时期的一系列亲密友谊。在寄宿学校里,我和另一个女孩走得很近,我们几个月都用一张床——这件事新学期我们就或多或少给忘了,我们又各自开拓新的朋友领地去了。I had a different ;best friend; for every year at secondary school – entirely normal behaviour for teenage girls. We moved continents when I was a child, relocating to Nigeria for a decade, before returning to London as a teenager in Year 11. My Nigerian friendships are all but over – Facebook keeps up the charade – and I have no contact with anyone from secondary school. I don#39;t mourn the loss of those friendships too much.在中学时每年我的“最好朋友”都不相同,青少年期的女孩都这样。当我还是孩子的时候我们家在世界各地不断迁移,搬到尼日利亚过了十年,然后在我读11年级的时候回到伦敦。 我在尼日利亚的那些友谊基本上都结束了,虽然在Facebook上看起来还存在,但我现在和中学时期的朋友没有任何联系。失去了那些友谊,我也并没有觉得很难过。Much as you rarely marry the first person you date, it is inevitable that the friends you make in the early days are not the ones that endure. I think that as you get older, friendships become more utilitarian – ;my kid likes your kid; or ;we met at NCT class; or ;we work together and I don#39;t entirely hate your guts;.就像很少会有人嫁给自己的初恋,很明显大部分的人和小时结交的朋友间的友谊并不长久。 我认为,当你年纪变得越来越大,友谊会变得更加实际:“我的孩子喜欢你的孩子” 或“我们在NCT课上遇见的。” 或 “我们一起工作,我不讨厌你。”The intensity of the friendships of my youth was borne of a lack of baggage and an abundance of time. You have greater emotional reserves when you make those friendships and when they fail, you bounce back, get back out there and try again. For most people, that resilience leaches away over the years.我年轻时的结交友谊通常非常亲密,这是因为没有负担并、也拥有大量的时间。当你在交友时你拥有较多的情感储备;当友谊失败时你会卷土重来,回到原地并重新尝试。对于大多数人而言,这种弹性随着时间的流逝慢慢消失。I look at my parents and their friends: my dad has had the same friends pretty much all his life. These friendships continued across marriages, deaths and continental moves. My mother is the opposite: she has one solid childhood friend – who we call ;auntie; even though we share no blood – but still manages to form friendships: deep, intense and emotional. The cost of such bright-blazing friendships is that they are often short-lived and excised from the record as soon as they end. I find the thought exhausting, even as I admire her way of flinging herself out there time after time.我也观察了我父母和他们的朋友之间的关系:我爸爸一生中的朋友基本不变。这些友谊见了他们的婚姻、死亡和搬迁。我妈恰好相反:她只有一个稳定的童年朋友,我们叫她“阿姨”,虽然我们之间并没有血缘关系。妈妈仍在不断地和他人建立友谊:那种深刻的、亲密的和恳切的友谊。这样炙热友谊的代价是它们通常时间较短,当友谊结束时不久就会忘记。我发现这种方式让人精疲力尽,我甚至很佩她能一次又一次地投入情感。The friendships that have lasted for me are more considered and meaningful. I made my two closest friends at university more than a decade ago, when we would loll in the student union pub for most of the day, eating chips and ogling boys. We all live in different cities now, two are coupled up and one has two children, so it#39;s hard to find the time to see one other very often. Our bond is still strong, but we are also more realistic about our expectations.对我而言,能持续下来的友谊都是经过深思熟虑并富有意义的。十多年前,我在大学里交了两个最好的朋友,那时我们成天懒洋洋地待在学生会的酒吧里,吃着薯片,和男孩们眉目传情。现在我们三个生活在不同的城市里,其中两个人结婚了,还有一个有两个孩子了,所以很难找时间见面。我们之间的感情依然深厚,但是我们的期望也更加现实。I have made friends online – people who started out as anonymous witty sentences on a comment th – who have gone on to become a part of my ;real life;. Nobody#39;s perfect, but we all draw the line on the things we will and will not put up with. The friendships that last are the ones where you both recognise that you have a good thing going. Getting older might mean you don#39;t make that many new friends, but maybe that#39;s a good thing. The payoff is that you treat them with more care.我交过网友,在贴下留下幽默诙谐的语句慢慢成为我“真实生活” 的一部分。没有人是完美的 ,但是我们都会在能忍受和不能忍受的事情中间画上界限。能够持久的友谊,是双方都意识到继续交往下去会感觉不错。年级变大可能意味着不能结交很多新朋友,但这也许是件好事。这样你会更加关心你的老朋友。And why the mad rush to make all these friends in later life? ;Friends: One to three is sufficient.; Good advice.为什么要急着去交以后生活中的朋友呢?“朋友:一到三个足矣。” 这个说法真不错。 /201210/204367上海腋自清

上海市皮肤病医院美容中心宝山区中西医结合医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格费用Brits the length and bth of the country are currently gripped by London 2012 Olympic fever.如今,英国四处洋溢着2012伦敦奥运会的狂热气息。While many of us are hugely inspired by the phenomenal achievements of the athletes, the sad reality is that only a minority of us share the same enthusiasm for being active.当我们许多人因为运动员的杰出成就受到极大鼓舞时,残酷的现实却是:仅有少数人与他们一样拥有运动的热情。Scientific journal The Lancet has carried out a global study, including results from 122 countries, to establish which nations are the laziest.科学期刊《柳叶刀》进行了一项全球研究,其中包括来自122个国家的调查结果,列出了世界上最不爱运动国家的排行榜。The UK, it found was one of the most inactive countries, with a staggering 63.3% of the population being inactive. It was ranked eighth laziest country in the world.研究发现,英国是最不爱运动的国家之一,居然有63.3%的人口不爱运动,位列排行榜第八。The UK was put to shame when compared with its US friends. The study found just over 40 per cent of those in North America were inactive, putting it in the 46th spot.当与他的好朋友美国比较时,英国应当感到羞愧。调查显示只有40%多的北美居民不爱运动,处于第46位。Meanwhile, Greece was labelled the least lazy nation in the study. Only 15% of the population of the balmy Mediterranean country, which also boasts one of the world#39;s healthiest diets, was classed as inactive.同时,希腊是研究中最爱运动的国家。这个气候宜人的地中海国家只有15%的人口被归为不爱运动,他们同时也享受着世界上最健康的饮食。Overall, women rated lower than men in the study. The highest percentage of inactive women was found in countries where they find it difficult to find employment due to social constraints, such as Saudi Arabia, which ranked third least active country.总的来说,此项研究中,女人比男人更缺乏活力。不爱运动女人的最高比率出现在妇女失业率高的国家,比如位列第三的沙特阿拉伯。Of the countries surveyed almost one third of their population is considered inactive.调查的国家中基本上都有三分之一的人群不爱运动。And 80 per cent of adolescents rated as below the standards.而且80%的青少年低于标准。The results of the study, the researchers said, are being release to coincide with the Olympic Games to help spur lazy members of the public to choose to lead more active lives.研究者说,公布调查的结果是为了与奥运会相呼应,帮助激励群众中的懒惰分子选择更有活力的生活。The researchers point out that lack of exercise is now a leading cause of death and a third of people across the world do not meet the minimum activity recommendations, which is generally about 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week.研究者指出,现在缺乏锻炼是死亡的主要原因,世界上三分之一的人口没有达到最低运动量推荐标准,也就是每星期一共适度运动2.5个小时。They hope that the timing of the series, along with Olympic excitement, will give people a push into more physical action.他们在奥运会四溢之时推出这个榜单,希望能促使人们参与到更多的体育运动中去。 /201208/193801第九医院修眉价格费用九院光子脱毛多少钱

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