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_m~R5Y0^A0RownTy^HnVP+~@BIyRah!harvb;qLike the artist Chip Lord#39;s half-buried Cadillacs in the Texan desert, the fishing boats of Kazakhstan rise from the salty plain that once was the bed of the Aral Sea. But this is no art installation. It#39;s not a seaside attraction extolling the freedom and mobility of ships. It#39;s a folly, the legacy of the Soviet Union#39;s plan to divert rivers to grow cotton. Those diverted rivers no longer fed the Aral Sea. A dam was built on the Aral Sea and the life there got much better. The locals have also some income from fishing.jj@QU490D~GQ%qivcF就像艺术家奇普bull;罗德的那辆在克萨斯沙漠被半埋着的卡迪拉克车艺术品一样,哈萨克斯坦的渔船从平原;;曾经咸海的海床中升出+ppmAKne,]rCsEt。而后者很明显不是艺术作品JTPr]+bxC3Xh。这不是颂扬船只自由及运动性的海边景点4_eIe),Nx)CpD。这是苏联计划改道河流来种植棉花留下来的;愚蠢;遗产+#MwzKhlsm]p7!l;0。这些河流改道后不再注入咸海ypv(cqR%meT]PiQN3yV。在咸海建造了一个大坝,而那里的生态环境变得有所改观T3dUqG-rT44zG^^NSW。当地人也有一些依靠钓鱼而得的收入[M5y.VDCb4y]。2@TW.~Mpr4eZw词语解释:sZ.^Li.EkVx1_cZX#g~l1. desert n. 沙漠2. plain n. 平原3. attraction n. 吸引力CfWm3tmg#eh|G|v9J[dx!VNq[xAuzbIwbIaBprB.%d,Xqw6gD Article/201112/163560

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Don’t let the day-to-day pressures and hassles of life get to you. Unwind celebrity style.You Will NeedAn outdoor retreat A spa Exercise Meditation techniques Comfort food A bubble bath Your family Step 1: Get outdoors(去户外走动)Escape to the great outdoors. Whenever she feels stressed, Sandra Bullock heads to her ranch in Texas and enjoys the sights and sounds of nature.Step 2: Hit the spa(去美容沙龙)Spend the day at a spa, a tried-and-true relaxation technique for stars from Martha Stewart to George Clooney.Step 3: Exercise(锻炼)Exercise. Jessica Biel’s works out her stress and builds self-confidence by exercising regularly. Go for walks or hit the gym.Step 4: Meditate and practice yoga(练瑜伽)Meditate and practice yoga, like Madonna and Sting.Try a simple meditation technique where you focus on your breathing. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, and close your eyes.Step 5: Cook and eat comfort food(营养均衡)Try cooking, like Ghost Whisperer’s Jennifer Love Hewitt does. Or eating comfort foods – hers are cupcakes.Step 6: Soak in the tub(泡泡浴)Take a long hot bath – with lots of bubbles – or soak in a hot tub. That’s what Kristin Chenoweth does to recharge.Step 7: Enjoy family time(多和家人聚聚)Spend time with your family, a favorite for Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick, and Angie Harmon. Article/201003/98684

【Background】对希望以运动健身的人,到底应该如何搭配组合,在不同人生阶段选择适合自己年龄的运动方式?要想让运动起到促进健康的作用,选择适合自己的运动方式很重要。【Video】How To Match Your Workout To Your Personality on Howcast【Transcript】You’re a true individual — why shouldn’t your workout regimen reflect your personal style? When it comes to getting fit, you just gotta be you!You Will NeedSelf-awareness Desire to exercise While this is awesome, it didn’t go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.Step 1: Go intenseClassic type-A personality? Embrace that can-do spirit! Sign up for an intense spin class, or for power or Bikram yoga. Hone your inner gladiator through martial arts training, or by joining a competitive amateur sports team.If you’re really hardcore, pack yourself off to fitness boot camp.Step 2: Work out with a friendPerhaps you’re a social butterfly — more schmoozing than sweating. Get a workout partner for walk, runs, bike rides, or tennis games, or sign up your office for a softball league.Step 3: Find alternativesMaybe you’re the indoors type: You only run when chased, and the gym just brings to mind painful middle school memories. Bond with other merry misfits by joining an ironic kickball, dodgeball, or office-chair polo league. Or take part in a LARP (live-action role-playing) battle.Step 4: Get in touchNature nut? Honor the Earth Mother by trail running or hiking in the hills. Center your breathing — and your chakras — on a fitness retreat, or feel the flow in a trace dance class.Don’t forget to sp the love — get certified to teach Pilates or yoga.Step 5: Cross-trainToo spontaneous to settle into a routine? Break through boredom with cross-training, switching up your workouts every other day. Or hop on the trendy train with whatever fitness craze is of the moment.Step 6: Start smallMaybe you’re just really, really lazy. Start with baby steps — without leaving your couch. Play games that get you moving, or follow along with TV shows designed to get you healthy. You gotta start somewhere!Studies show exercise not only promotes better sleep, memory, and creativity, but it also can lead to better sex — for both men and women. Article/201007/109919

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