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Europe Greek politics Tsiprass travels The new government ruffles feathers abroad but gains popularity at home欧洲 希腊政治 齐普拉斯之旅 希腊新政府享誉国内却在国际上饱受指责RATINGS for the evening news soared this week as Greeks tuned into a new show: of Alexis Tsipras,their new prime minister,and his colourful finance minister,Yanis Varoufakis,sharing the spotlight as they separately toured European Union capitals. For Greeks worn down by five years of austerity,it was cheering to see their new leaders “standing up to the euro-zone bosses”,as an official from PAME,the communist trade union,put it.随着希腊新任总理亚丽克西斯·齐普拉斯和个性鲜明的财政部长雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯各自展开对欧盟各国的访问,两位新任领导者齐聚聚光灯下,而希腊在本周的晚间新闻中完全颠覆其原有形象。一位共产主义贸易联盟(PAME)的官员表示:在希腊经历了长达五年的艰难时期之后,现在能看着他们的新领导人“重新站在欧元区各位BOSS”面前,这着实让人振奋。Mr Tsiprass Syriza party has lost no time getting its anti-austerity message across since defeating Antonis Samarass New Democracy government on January 25th. Syriza fell two seats short of a majority in parliament,so Mr Tsipras signed up the Independent Greeks,a right-wing anti-austerity party,whose leader,Panos Kammenos,became defence minister.齐普拉斯的左翼政党在1月25日击败萨马拉斯的新民主政府之后,立即开始向大众传播他们的反紧缩政策。因为左翼联盟在议会中以两席之差,未能成为多数党,齐普拉斯选择与右翼反紧缩政党——独立希腊人党,而该党派的领导者帕诺斯·卡门诺斯也顺势成为国防部长。True to Syrizas promises,Mr Tsipras and Mr Varoufakis challenged their first visitors,Martin Schulz,president of the European Parliament,and Jeroen Dijsselbloem,chairman of the eurogroup of finance ministers,demanding an end to austerity,the dismantling of the “troika” of the European Commission,the European Central Bank and the IMF,and an international conference to restructure Greeces debt of 175% of GDP. In return,the Syriza government would crack down on tax evasion and corruption,which previous administrations ignored,and produce a programme of structural reforms in June.为了兑现左翼联盟的承诺,齐普拉斯和瓦鲁法克斯分别向他们的第一位拜访目标发——欧盟议会主席马丁·舒尔以及欧元集团主席戴塞尔布卢姆发起了挑战。他们的目标是终止紧缩政策,拆散由欧盟议会;欧洲央行以及国际货币基金组织组成的“三驾马车”,并且寻求国际会议来裁减希腊高达GDP总值175%的债务。作为回报,新政府将着力展开针对逃税以及腐败的治理行动,这两个问题也恰巧是前任政府所忽视的,与此同时新政府还计划在6月的时候进行体制重建。To the delight of many Greeks,other cabinet members also announced measures to reverse many earlier reforms: pension increases,a 45% rise in the minimum wage,a return to collective bargaining and a freeze on privatisations. Poor households will get food stamps and free electricity. Mr Kammenos said that the armed forces would have their pay restored to pre-crisis levels,plus compensation for four years of pay cuts. Mr Varoufakis has not spelt out the budget cost of all this,though he promises still to run a small primary surplus (ie,before debt interest).让很多希腊人兴奋的是,其他的内阁成员同时还宣布了很多之前改革的替代政策:养老金的最低额度上调45%;重新展开劳资双方谈判;冻结国企私有化的进程;贫困家庭将会获得食物补助和免费供电。卡门诺斯表示,最终的目标是让工资水平恢复到经济危机前,同时还要给予这四年间因工资降低所造成损失的补偿。瓦鲁法克斯并没有明确说出实现这一切需要的花费,尽管他还同时承诺国家经济会有少量的盈余(在结算欠息之前)。The reversal of reforms and the tough stance toward Greeces creditors have increased the new governments popularity. Opposition by the new foreign minister to more sanctions against Russia,albeit short-lived,was also welcomed by many who want the government to defend Greek interests,even against NATO and the EU. One opinion poll gave Mr Tsipras a 68% approval rating after his first week,better than any other recent Greek leader.因为颠覆性的执政策略以及对债权国的强硬态度,新政府在国内大受追捧。即便是新任外交部长反对制裁俄罗斯而得罪欧盟和北约的短期行为,也受到了那些旨在保护希腊利益的人的欢迎。近期的一次民意调查显示,齐普拉斯的新政府在上任的第一周之后,获得了68%的持率,这一数据超过了近年来所有的领导人。Yet the exhilaration could evaporate if Mr Tsipras and Mr Varoufakis fall out with the EU. They have watered down their demands: instead of a debt write-off,Mr Varoufakis now proposes a limited repayment via special bond issues. Greeces creditors insist it must stick to the terms of its bail-outs. Greeks are still removing cash from their bank accounts,though the pace of withdrawal has slowed since the election. On February 4th the ECB said it would no longer accept Greek government bonds as collateral. Earlier the same day an issue of six-month bonds was only just covered,because foreign investors failed to buy. The new government has a tough year ahead of it.然而一旦齐普拉斯和瓦鲁法克斯和欧盟的谈判失败,这一切也可能都是一场空欢喜。事实上他们已经开始降低自己的要求:瓦鲁法克斯现在试图通过特殊的债权来进行有限的偿还,而不再寻求裁减债务。但是希腊的债权国仍坚持要求按期偿还。尽管在大选后速度有所放缓,但是希腊从未停止从它的账户中拿钱的步伐。2月4号,欧洲央行宣布不再接受希腊政府债券作为担保物。因为国外的投资者无法购买,同一天的早些时候一个刚刚担保发行的半年期债券不得不胎死腹中。新政府接下来将面对及其艰难的一年。译者:曾擎禹 校对:邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201502/360853If you turn on any of the cable news channels, the odds are you will soon see a studio full of Republican analysts wringing their hands and discussing whether Donald Trump can be stopped. The answer, as the candidates convene on Michigan, is very likely not.Nobody I know really thinks Trump will lose the Michigan primary in five days, though the conventional, or establishment Republicans are talking about holding down his margin.Their last real hope of stopping him comes in twelve days. Beginning on March 15, most GOP state primaries switch to a winner-take-all system, rather than dividing delegates proportionally.They hope that Marco Rubio can win his home state of Florida and John Kasich his Ohio, denying Trump any delegates from those two big states, and hopefully preventing him from getting to the convention in Cleveland with a first ballot majority.Well, thats mathematically possible. But anytime you have a candidate who wins landslide primary victories in both Massachusetts and Alabama on the same night, you have a national phenomenon. There is also no candidate who offers countervailing universal appeal. But what many Republicans really fear, however, is not Trumps policies.They worry he will be defeated in a terrible landslide that will take hundreds of other Republicans in Congress and state legislatures with him. And that may be a legitimate fear. In fact, it happened before, with particularly devastating consequences for Republicans in Michigan. The year was 1964, and Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater was moving towards the Republican Presidential nomination.Goldwater was not as crassly vulgar as Trump. That was not an age when candidates made fun of their opponents appearances or had to be bleeped. But in other ways, the resemblance is uncannily familiar. Goldwater had policies that frightened people.He talked about selling off the Tennessee Valley Authority and making Social Security voluntary, something oddly echoed by Trumps proposal to replace Medicaid with block grants to the states. Trump talks about bombing ISIS into oblivion; Goldwater joked about lobbing a nuclear missile into the mens room at the Kremlin.Goldwater opposed the landmark Civil Rights Bill of 1964, saying it infringed personal freedoms. National Republican leaders reacted to all of that exactly as they are now. But all efforts to stop him were futile.Back then, Michigan governors still had to run every two years. George Romney, running for a second term, angered conservatives by refusing to endorse Goldwater. It was a smart move. Goldwater became the only presidential candidate in history to lose Michigan by more than a million votes. But more than 700,000 people split their tickets to reelect Romney.But otherwise, Michigan Republicans were devastated. They lost five seats in Congress. Democrats won enormous majorities in both houses of the legislature. Nationally, the picture was pretty much the same.Barry Goldwater lost by sixteen million votes. Democrats ended up with more than twice as many seats as Republicans in both houses of Congress, meaning President Lyndon Johnson could get pretty much anything he wanted, which is how Medicare and Medicaid and Head Start and many other programs came to be born. Republicans soon began to recover.But that election was a traumatic experience for the GOP. This year, there is increasing fear they may be about to repeat it.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201603/429475How can you be rejected by the boy scout.I dont know,some lady rejected me.she thought he is not the boy we are doing你怎么会被拒绝呢 不知道 就是某个女士拒绝了我 她可能就觉得我不是那种做童子军的男孩吧and rejection was like that the world ended up for me when I get rejected这个抛弃让我感觉到我走到了世界的尽头Im in a business when I was rejected constantly.all the time.Yeah,all the time我们这个圈也是得不断被拒绝的圈子 一直都是 是的 一直都是But I think,I think everybody has that,a lot of people have and I feel the same.但是我觉得每个人包括我都有这样的情况People are very sensitive are in the business.Maybe you got rejected from the boy scott too.这个圈子里的人都比较敏感 估计你当时也被童子军拒绝过Im sure I did,my mother try to put me brownies and I didnt like the outfits对啊 我妈曾经让我穿上那套棕色的衣 但是我不喜欢那装束Oh,really.yeah.I love these outfit,those were classy,thats a nice chocolate brown真的吗 是的 我喜欢那衣 优质而且是那种漂亮的 巧克力式的棕色Do you feel like the drinking contribute to,because I think everybody was shock about you and Couteney你觉得酒精是不是导致了 我觉得大家对于你和科特妮之间的事都很惊讶because youre just both of you individually great people and together you seem like the perfect couple,seem to be so close因为你们自己 都是出色的人 在一起的时候又是完美的伴侣 看上去那么亲密and do you think was partially that was the fault of break up,what do you think happen there你觉得你们分手某种意义上会是个错误吗 你觉得到底是发生了什么Weve gone part for quite a whole,and I was just really heart broken over it其实我们已经分开很长一段时间了 我的确很心痛and I sue it as an excuse to accelerate my drinking我用这个当做了我酗酒的借口You know,to be honest,I couldnt do a living anymore,I was just so heart broken and destroyed,My family was broken说实话 我甚至感觉生活无法继续 非常的心痛和绝望 我的家庭毁了 /201610/472260David is always involved in so many different types of charity大卫一直积极参与各种慈善活动you are good good man and recently you went to senegal and tell us about whats happening,what you doing now你是个善良的人 最近你去塞内加尔 和我们说说都发生了些什么 还有现在的情况呢I went to senegalin Africa for malaria no more,because a child dies every 45 seconds of malaria我去了非洲的塞内加尔为了那里的疟疾医疗 因为在那每45秒就有个孩子因为疟疾而死亡and they are really amazing charity if you get to the cross red.com他们是很棒的慈善组织 如果你登上红十字网站You can get little trinkets we brought back你能弄到我们带回来的小装饰品and help the support,I mean its all about education providing thats for people,were doing amazing work there而且这样持了我们 这都是为了那里的人民提供教育 我们做了很有意义的事Its senseless too,Its mosquito bite,its crazy.Its really about education这事没道理 它是被蚊子叮咬而传播 的确就是教育能解决的问题We get that for them,help them out我们为他们提供教育条件 帮助他们all right,thank you so much for doing that,you are an amazing guy.Giving back is part of the gift感谢你所做的一切 你是个善良伟大的人 回馈是人性的一部分At least we can do,being in this fortunate position至少我们比较幸运 能帮上忙Lets talk about the dance with the stars.Why did you want to do and how are you doing so far谈谈你的舞蹈吧 为什么想做 现在练得如何了Im exhausted.I do dance for like 5 hours a day,Its amazing我精疲力尽了 每天跳5小时 感觉很棒Every bone aches,Im starting to get a little situation.Really,thats great身体的每个关节都感觉有点疲倦 不过 有点感觉了 不错嘛 /201610/472782

You just took a selfie with the real First Lady,你刚刚和真的第一夫人拍了张自拍how cool was that!Surreal, how crazy is the show, how great is the show today!那太酷了 太梦幻了 这个节目太疯狂了 今天真是太棒了Our next guest is not The First Lady of the ed States.我们下一位嘉宾并不是美国第一夫人She just plays one on TV.Take a look.她只是在电视上演了第一夫人而已 我们来看一看Why did you meet with the governor of New Mexico?为什么你要和新墨西哥州的州长见面Because governor Martinez has been outspoken on this Clarence Parker mess.因为马迪尼斯州长 对于克拉伦斯·帕克的事公开发表了看法I wanted to hear her thoughts.I know a vetting when I see one.我想知道她的想法 我知道副总统审查是什么样You and Cyrus were giving her the once-over for V.P.你和塞勒斯在评估她是否能当副总统Cyrus thought it would be a good idea.塞勒斯觉得这是个好主意That does not mean shes the right person for the job.但那不意味着她是最适合这个工作的人You told me you were gonna pick someone boring and unelectable.你告诉我 你要选不可能当选的无名小卒I prostituted myself so that you would get your mistress back,我出卖了我肉体 让你赢回了你的情妇and now youre gonna take someone young and charismatic,现在你却要任命一个年轻有魅力的And female and Latina,And make her the vice president of the ed States?拉丁裔的女人 让她当美国的副总统How dare you?What happened to my turn?We had a deal, Fitz.你怎么能这样 我的机会哪去了 我们有过约定 费兹From ;Scandal; Please welcome Bellamy Young.欢迎《丑闻》剧组的贝拉米·杨 /201602/427172

Our next guest is a hardworking third grade teacher,Who just won 0,000.今天 下一位嘉宾是一位辛勤工作的三年级教师 她刚刚赢得了15万美元But what she did with that money.但是她处理这笔钱的方式Got her an invitation to my show from Boston, Massachusetts.使她受到艾伦秀的邀请 来自马塞诸塞州的波士顿Please welcome the amazing girl called Nicole Bohlmann.大家欢迎棒棒的妮可·波乐曼Hello - Hi Well,youre just an amazing woman.大家好 -你好 你真的很出色First of all, teachers, um, I love teachers anyway,首先 你是一名老师 我喜欢老师It is a very important underpaid position.这是一个非常重要却薪资不高的工作I mean, youre, you are so important,I dont know why dont make more money,你们那么重要 我不明白为什么没有赚很多钱But anyway, so, so, how did you,how did you make the 0,000.但是 不管怎样 你是如何 你是如何赢得这15万美元的First,can I just say Im so excited to be here?首先 我想说我非常激动能够来到这里And thank you so much for having me. - You are welcome.非常感谢你邀请我上艾伦秀 -不客气You are such an amazing person, such an inspiration to me.你是个很棒的人 你不断激励着我You are amazing, you are the amazing one.你最棒了 你才是那个最棒的人So I entered a Capital One Facebook Contest called wish for others.我参加了一个在脸书上的比赛 叫做;为他人许愿;And I made my wish that my third grade adorable kids,我许的愿望是 希望我可爱的三年级学生们could have a book to take home with them over the December Break.在12月放寒假的时候 能够带一本书回家And I ended up with winning 0,000. -Right.So you win that.Yes结果我就赢得了15万美元 -真好 于是你就赢得了奖金 是啊 /201512/418564

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