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上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院去痘印多少钱崇明县丰胸多少钱Larry有件事要告诉李华,但是他要李华保守秘密。 李华今天会学到两个常用语Hush-hush和Blabbermouth。 LL: So, Li Hua, I have some news I'd like to share with you, but I'd like you to keep it hush-hush. LH: Hush-hush? 我知道,hush-hush是要人别出声, 保持安静。Larry,你为什么要我别出声呢? LL: Something that is hush-hush means private and secret. It is something you don't want other people to know about. LH: 原来hush-hush在这里是指秘密的,不能告诉别人。 难道你有什么秘密吗? LL: I got a new job! LH: Wow! 你找到新工作了,太好了, Larry。 我还以为是什么不可告人的事情呢。这么好的消息你为什么不告诉大家呢? LL: Well, I am excited about it, and I do want to tell everyone, but my new job won't start for several months. I want to keep it hush-hush until I'm y to tell people at my current job. LH: 新工作要几个月以后才开始,你现在还不想让老板和同事们知道。那好,我一定为你保密。不过这个秘密我们要保守多久呢? LL: About two months. Then I'll tell my boss and co-workers, and you won't have to keep my news hush-hush any more. LH: 两个月以后你就要告诉老板和同事了。我想他们一定会舍不得你走。 Larry,我也要告诉你一个秘密。 It is all very hush-hush. LL: What's that? LH: 我的一个学生最近在华盛顿申请了一份工作, 听说是去一个秘密机构。 LL: If it is so hush-hush, how do you know about it? LH: 因为我给她写了推荐信, 那个单位还找我谈话,调查这位学生的情况。 LL: Hmm, a hush-hush organization. Is she applying to become a secret agent? LH: 你说她在申请作特工? 这我可不能告诉你, 你知道我必须保密。 LL: Oh, I know. I'm just curious. Sometimes it is hard to keep things hush-hush. Like the fact that my friend Dave is dating your friend Mary. LH: Dave 和Mary? 他们在谈恋爱? 我怎么没听说呢? LL: Dave asked me to keep it hush-hush for a while, because he wanted to be sure that Mary liked him and that it wasn't a one-time thing. LH: Dave要确定Mary是否真的喜欢他后才公开。这我完全理解。 ****** LL: I thought about telling you, Li Hua. But I didn't want to be a blabbermouth. LH: Blabbermouth这个词我知道, Blabbermouth指的是嘴快、不能保守秘密的人。 LL: Wow, you are *good*, Li Hua. A blabbermouth is someone who blabbers; they talk, talk, talk and can't keep a secret. LH: Larry,在Dave这件事上, 你可真是守口如瓶啊,You are not a blabbermouth。 有你这样忠实的朋友,Dave一定很放心。 LL: Thanks, Li Hua. Dave and Mary have been dating for several weeks, and he told me I could tell you and our other friends now. LH: Dave让你告诉我啦?那他和Mary一定很合得来, 太好了!Larry, Dave当时幸亏没有告诉Jennifer, 全世界的人就都知道了。 LL: Jennifer is a blabbermouth? What do you mean? LH: 她总喜欢打听和议论别人的私事,然后到处乱说。 LL: Have you ever said anything about it to her? LH: 我怎么好意思对她说:Don't be such a blabbermouth! LL: Well, then I'll remember the next time I have something I want to keep hush-hush: Don't tell Jennifer the blabbermouth! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是hush-hush,意思是不要公开的,是秘密的。还有一个是blabbermouth,这是指那些嘴快,不能保守秘密的人。 /200810/51523静安区除皱的费用 4月15日,一张上海市卢湾区红十字会在某私人会所消费的近万元餐饮发票被曝光,引起众多网友的围观和质疑。次日,上海市红十字会在其网站上通报了对该事件的调查及处理结果,辩解称餐费非“社会各界捐赠的救灾款”而是“工作业务经费”,并表示超出“人均150元公务接待标准”的7309元人民币由个人承担,责令退回。4月19日,中国红十字会秘书长王汝鹏接受媒体专访表示,天价餐费属于“严重违规”,对红十字会形象产生负面影响。我们来看相关英文报道:The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) promised on Tuesday to enhance transparency by setting up a platform to release information and close loopholes in its financial management system after a luxury feast scandal in its local division aroused a public outcry.A netizen posted a dining invoice for the Red Cross office in Shanghai's Luwan district on a microblogging site on April 15. The invoice showed that the total cost of the dinner was 9,859 yuan (,509), sparking widesp public concern about abuse of donations.中国红十字会地方分会的天价餐丑闻引起公众强烈抗议,周二中国红十字会承诺,将在其财务管理系统上建设一个发布信息和堵住漏洞的平台,进一步加强红十字会的透明度。某网友4月15日在微网站上公布了上海卢湾区红十字会的一张餐饮发票。发票显示一顿饭的总花费为9859元,这引起了公众对滥用捐款的广泛关注。【讲解】文中的dining invoice即是餐饮发票, invoice是我们通常说的发票,是指a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer,是一种付款凭。假发票我们可以说成fake invoice。文中的luxury feast 即指天价饭或天价餐。另外,文中的microblog就是当下很流行的“微”。 /201104/133189上海第九人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱

上海妇幼保健医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱停车场的故事还真不少,这不,好像以前也发生了一些小事故,还真是无巧不成书! Listen Read LearnMr. Li: I am sorry for damaging your car, sir.Benjamin: Don't worry about it. Just leave it to the insurance companies.Mr. Li: The car park in this community is over crowded, isn't it?Benjamin: Yeah, more and more cars. People should try to take public transportation.Mr. Li: There aren't enough buses in this city, are there?Benjamin: Yeah, sometimes I really feel like writing a letter to the mayor.Mr. Li: That's too much of hassle. We just want a little bigger parking space.Benjamin: Have you taken this to the property management, yet?Mr. Li: No. but I'm gonna. You know, several months ago, I backed into red Honda when parking.Benjamin: Where? On the road?Mr. Li: No, right here in the parking lot. It was parked right here in your space. The left rearview mirror was smashed.Benjamin: Is the car owner a lady with deafening voice?Mr. Li: Yes! How do you know that?Benjamin: That's my wife!Mr. Li: You mean…听看学李先生:真抱歉弄坏你的车,先生。本杰明:别担心。让保险公司来处理吧。李先生:我们小区的停车场太拥挤了,不是吗?本杰明:是啊,私家车越来越多了。人们应该试着使用公共交通。李先生:我们市里没有那么多公交车,不是吗?本杰明:是啊,有时我真想给市长写信。李先生:那倒不至于。我们只要有一个大点的停车场就好了。本杰明:你跟小区管理处反映过这事儿吗?李先生:没有。但我正有此打算。几个月前,我停车时,倒车倒到一辆红色丰田车上去了。本杰明:在哪儿?路上吗?李先生:不,就在这个停车场。那辆车就停在你现在的地方。我把它的左后视镜给撞碎了。本杰明:那辆车的车主是不是一个嗓门很大的女人?李先生:是啊!你怎么知道的?本杰明:那是我太太。李先生:你是说……经典背诵 RecitationBenjamin: We need a little bigger parking space in our community. My car was damaged twice because of the narrow parking space last year. First the rearview mirror, and then the new paint. Things are getting worse these days because there are more and more cars. I think we just need more buses.生词小结crowded adj. 拥挤的mayor n. 市长private adj. 私人的property n. 财产,物业transportation n. 交通rearview mirror 后视镜语法小结 Grammar反意疑问句反意疑问句由两部分组成,前面是陈述句,后面是简短的问句,如果前面是肯定,后面一般为否定,如果前面是否定,则后面多为肯定。1.句中有 I am,反意疑问应该是aren't I, 而不是am not I 或 amn't II am right, aren't I? 我是对的,不是吗?2. everything 和 nothing 作为陈述句的主语是单数,因此反意疑问句的主语要用it, 值得大家注意的是,nothing 做主语时,反意疑问句中的动词要用肯定形式。Nothing is wrong, is it?没有什么错误,是吗?3.主语为everyone, everybody, anyone, nobody 或no one 时,反意疑问句中的主语用they,要注意nobody 和 no one 是否定词,因此反意疑问句同样应该用肯定的形式Nobody knows it, do they? 没人知道这个,是吗?4.如果陈述句部分有no, never, hardly, scarcely, rarely, seldom 等,那么,陈述句本身就是否定的,所以要接一个肯定的反意疑问句She has never been there, has she? 她从来没去过那里,是吗?5.如果陈述句的动词是wish,那么反意疑问句中要用mayI wish to go there with you, may I? 我想和你一起去,行吗?6.包括听话人在内时,let's的反意疑问句要用shall we。反之,反意疑问句要用will youLet's go, shall we? 我们走吧,好吗?Let us go, will you? 大家走吧,好吗?家庭总动员 Do it together反意疑问句两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方挑选出合适的翻译。1. 等我一下,行吗?2. 市里没有足够的公交车,是吗?3. 爸爸的车被损坏了,对吗?4. 我希望把车停在这儿,行吗?5. 每个人都知道,是吗?1. I wish to park my car here, may I?2. Everybody knows it, do they?3. Wait for me, will you?4. Dad's car is destroyed, isn't it?5. There aren't enough buses in this city, are there? /200805/37692玫瑰专业整形医院 英语口语王 第3部分:第31章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/50312上海复旦大学附属华山医院激光去红血丝多少钱

复旦大学附属闵行医院减肥瘦身价格费用我不是在开玩笑.I am serious! Example:-Andy, you didn't pass the exam!-I know you are kidding.-No kidding. /200805/40412 22. Rumors Fly...We'd better not go out tomorrow, son. 孩子,我们明天最好不要出去。According to the weather report, tomorrow Lost Angeles will be partly cloudy with occasional rain shower. 根据天气预报,洛杉矶明天将是阴天偶雨居多。But the yesterday's forecast reported it'd be fine. 不过,昨天的预报说是会放晴的。In fifty years there'll be twenty people per square yard, it is written here. 这里写着,再过五十年每平方码将要住着20人的人口密度。The fallout will probably infect millions. 辐射尘可能对数百万人造成影响。Is it true, darling? 这是真的吗,亲爱的?They say everything. 他们什么事都说。They say there's a traffic accident in front of us. 据说在我们前方发生了车祸。Rumor says I won't get any insurance. 根据传闻,我无法领到保险金了。John had a rough time last night. 约翰昨晚好像挺轰轰烈烈的样子。Somebody said she's not. 有人说她还是小姑独处哪。No, I heard she's married with two kids. 不,我听说她已使君有夫,还有两个孩子。Everybody talks about me. 大家都在谈论着我。 /200802/27681普陀区去咖啡斑多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心做祛疤手术多少钱



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