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Bye bye Mr Socrates.再见,苏格拉底先生。He’s flying back to America leaving Tip Top Trading’s London team trying to work out how best to focus their business on the European market.他离开了Tip Top Trading的伦敦团队飞回美国,想办法如何把生意最好聚焦在欧洲市场上。Sorry to keep you waiting.抱歉让你们久等了。I had to go to the airport with Mr Socrates to see him off.我必须去机场给苏格拉底先生送行。We had a good chat in the taxi and he said some very positive things.我们在出租车上聊的很好,他说了很多积极的一面。Oh yes. Like what?是吗,比如呢?Err, well… well, how nice English beer is.英国啤酒很好喝。Yeah but what about the European marketing strategy – what are we going to do about that?是的,但关于欧洲市场战略,我们要怎么做?Well, Anna is supposed to lead on that, I’m taking a more biscuitorial control over it.安娜会全权负责,我更像是掌管饼干教学的人。A what?什么?It means you do all the work while he eats all the biscuits!意味着你来做所有工作,而他负责所有的饼干。Do you mind Tom.你介意吗,汤姆。Now, what I’m thinking is we put the feelers out – do some cold calling, see what people are buying at the moment.我想的是我们要先把触角伸出去,做一些无准备的调查访问电话,看看人们此刻需要买什么。Cold calling? But I like to be warm when I’m on the phone.冷冰冰的电话?但是我打电话的时候喜欢热情一点。No Anna.不是的,安娜。Cold calling is when you call prospective clients when they’re not expecting you to, to ask them something or to sell them something.“无准备调查电话”是当你给那些并不期待你来电的潜在客户打电话时,问他们一些问题或向他们出售东西。I’m very good at calling people.我很擅长打电话。Yeah, usually the hair dresser!是的,通常是发型师!So Paul, where do we begin, who do we call first?所以保罗,我们从何开始,先给谁打电话?Track down some potential clients in Europe, see what they’re buying now, see what they want in the future.找到一些欧洲的潜在客户,看看他们现在买什么,未来需要什么。Make them think it’s our laser-curved fruit they want!让他们认为我们的激光曲线水果正是他们想要的。But keep your calls brief, international calls are very expensive.但是谈话简短一些,国际长途很贵的。 /201703/497209

Let's briefly talk about (the) your wife, the junior senator from New York State. She now has another woman who is challenging her for the New York State, for her reelection, Jeanine Pirro. Listen to what she said: The Westchester County, a district attorney. Listen to this:Jeanine Pirro: When Hillary first came to New York and said she wanted to be a New Yorker, She asked us to put out the welcome mat, and New York did. But now she wants to use it as a doormat to the White House.Is Jeanine Pirro right?Jeanine Pirro is wrong. She...er... Hillary is... is not using any doormat and by the way she doesn't even have a Republican opponent yet. I don't know who the Republic is gonna nominate. I don't think you do. But I know one thing: she has been a great senator for New York. She serves with the Sanctions on the Arms Services Committee. She's been to the battle zones on more than one occasion. She's been a terrific senator for New York after 9.11, getting funds for the city to start again. She's gotten a large amount of money for working families to get health care for their kids. She's done amazing things on economic projects in upstate New York. And you know if had an opinion from my own, she would have voted 99% a time, she's been a senator. I think she still had ninety-seven and a half. So I'm really proud of the job she did as a senator. And according to all the surveys so are on New Yorkers, I think they know she's been a good senator. She has been a good senator for Republicans and independents and democrats and for every section of the state. And I think the people will support her service in the election next year. That's what I think is gonna happen.Yeah, you saw, perhaps, our recent CNN USA Today Gallup, a lot of democrats want her to run for the party's nomination in 2008. 46 percent registered democrats prefer her. Only 16 percent, ah, 41 %, excuse me, 16%for John Kerry, 15 % for John Edwards, 8 %for Joe Biden. She is the front-runner right now, isn't she?No, because she's not a candidate, and I don't know that she will be. We have a rule in our family, that I always follow and that she does. Don't look past the next election, or you might not get past the next election. So I am convinced in my own mind she hasn't decided on that. I believe I would know if she had. And I don't want her even think about that, I want her to focus on getting reelected and on doing a job as a senator. There'll be lots of time to think about that down the road. I just don't think she should do that.200707/15397



  Comoros Government Says Forces Have Seized Rebel Island 科罗军队收复昂儒昂岛大部地区  The government of Comoros says its forces have captured most of the rebel-held island of Anjouan, following a pre-dawn invasion.  科罗政府说,政府军已经收复了被反政府武装控制的昂儒昂岛的大部分地区。联军拂晓前攻占了这个岛。The spokesman for the Comoros government, Education Minister Abdourahim Said Bacar, says Comoran troops backed by African Union forces from Tanzania and Sudan landed before dawn on the rebel-island. 科罗政府发言人、教育部长塞义德.巴卡尔说,得到来自坦桑尼亚和苏丹的非洲联军援的科罗军队拂晓前在昂儒昂岛登陆。"The troops have moved in early this morning in the island of Anjouan. And they have aly taken possession of the three major cities," he said. 他说:“军队在今天早晨进入昂儒昂岛,他们已经控制了3座主要城镇。”He said the army is in control of the island's capital, Mutsamudi, its port as well as the towns of Ouani and Domoni. The spokesman said coalition forces encountered some resistance near the residence of rebel leader Colonel Mohamed Bacar in Barakani. There were no reports on casualties. 政府发言人说,军队目前控制了昂儒昂岛的首府穆察穆杜、该岛的港口、瓦尼镇和多尼镇。他说,联军在反政府武装领导人巴卡尔在巴拉卡尼的住所附近遇到一些抵抗。没有有关伤亡的报导。Comoran President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi announced the operation Monday on national radio. 科罗总统桑比星期一通过国家广播电台宣布了这次行动。The president said he had ordered the incursion in order to liberate Anjouan from what he called the "rebellion" led by Mohamed Bacar. He praised the Comoran soldiers and thanked the African Union and the countries that supported the operation. 桑比说,他下令发动攻势,把昂儒昂从穆罕默德.巴卡尔领导的叛军手中解放出来。他称赞科罗士兵,并感谢持这次行动的非洲联军。Mohamed Bacar was elected president of Anjouan seven years ago under a union constitution that granted considerable autonomy and a separate president to each of the three islands in the archipelago. He was re-elected last year in elections that he organized, but which were not recognized internationally. 穆罕默德.巴卡尔在7年前按照联盟宪法的规定当选为昂儒昂的总统,这项宪法给予昂儒昂相当程度的自治,并且在群岛的3个岛屿都各自单独设立总统。他在去年组织的选举中再次当选为总统,但是没有得到国际社会的承认。The French trained former policeman said he wanted more autonomy for Anjouan and in recent days offered to hold new elections. But after months of negotiations the African Union called the offer another delaying-tactic and said it backed a military solution for the island.  穆罕默德.巴卡尔原来是法国训练出来的警察,他说,他希望昂儒昂能够获得更多的自治,并提议在最近几天举行新的选举。但是,经过几个月的谈判,非洲联盟称这项提议又是一种拖延时间的策略,并表示持用军事方法解决昂儒昂岛问题。The African Union sent about 1,400 troops from Tanzania and Sudan with logistical support from Libya, France, and the ed States. 非洲联盟从坦桑尼亚和苏丹派遣了大约1千4百多名军队,利比亚、法国和美国提供了后勤援助。Spokesman Said Bacar outlined the Comoran government's priorities for Anjouan, once the situation has been stabilized. 政府发言人塞义德.巴卡尔概括了情况稳定下来之后科罗政府在昂儒昂岛需要解决的当务之急。"The first step is to establish a transitional government whose mission will be to organize the election in three months at the latest," added Said Bacar. 他说:“第一个步骤是建立一个过渡政府,这个政府的使命是在最多3个月内组织选举。”He says another priority will be to disarm Mohamed Bacar's militias and find their leader. The government says if the renegade colonel is captured it will to put him on trial for insubordination, corruption and human rights abuses. 政府发言人说,另一个头等大事是,解除塞义德.巴卡尔的民兵武装,找到他们的头目。政府说,如果发动叛乱的塞义德.巴卡尔上校被抓获,他们将以反抗当局罪、腐败罪和侵犯人权罪对他进行审判。During its 32 years of independence, Comoros has experienced several attempted secessions and more than a dozen coups or attempted coups, some of them led by foreign mercenaries.科罗在32年独立期间经历了几次预谋分离和大约10几次政变以及预谋政变,有些政变是外国雇佣军领导的。200803/32188

  The head of the world's largest police organization, Interpol, says he is satisfied with China's security preparations for the Beijing Olympics. He was speaking at Interpol's Asian Regional Conference in Hong Kong, where senior law enforcement officials from across Asia discuss ways to strengthen cooperation in combating crime - ranging from sex attacks on children to cyber crime.  国际刑警组织负责人说,他对北京奥运会的安全准备工作感到满意。他在香港出席国际刑警组织亚洲地区会议时说了这番话。亚洲各国高级执法官员在会议上讨论加强合作,打击儿童性侵犯和电脑网络犯罪等罪行。Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble praised China's security preparations for the Olympics, when he opened the police organization's Asian meeting in Hong Kong, Monday. 国际刑警组织秘书长诺布尔星期一在香港亚洲地区会议上致开幕词时,称赞中国对奥运会进行的安全准备工作。"We have been working very closely with China, in this regard, for years now and especially this year," he said. "I have made one personal trip to China for the purpose of seeing the progress being made and, as I said, the progress is significant and the preparations are of the highest possible standard." 诺布尔说:“我们近年来在这方面一直同中国密切合作,特别是今年。我对中国进行了一次访问,视察正在取得的进展。正如我说的,进展非常显著,准备工作达到最高标准。”But he urged China to remain prudent, saying any international event can be a potential terrorist target. 不过,他敦促中国继续保持谨慎,因为任何国际大事都会成为恐怖分子的潜在攻击目标。One of the main themes of this year's Interpol Asia conference is the tracing and apprehending of child-sex offenders in the region. He says many perpetrators are from outside Asia and often travel from one country to another, making their identification and arrest difficult. 今年国际刑警组织亚洲地区会议的主题之一是搜寻并逮捕亚洲地区的儿童性犯罪分子。诺布尔说,很多罪犯都来自亚洲以外地区,而且经常在亚洲国家之间旅行,给识别和逮捕他们的行动增加了难度。"What do we do as an international police organization if we know someone is engaged in this kind of sexual activity against the child victims and we know he is moving from one country to another country, because we don't have an arrest warrant? How can we stop his travel? Is there a way for the country of his nationality to suspend his passport and only allow him to return home? It is very complicated. These are the kind of issues we want to discuss during the conference," said Noble. 诺布尔说:“如果我们知道某人从事此类儿童性侵害活动,而且我们知道他在国家之间来回旅行,而且我们没有逮捕令,那我们最为一个国际警察组织能做什么呢?我们怎样才能阻止他旅行?他国籍所在国家有没有办法来暂时吊销他的护照,只允许他回国呢?这个问题很复杂。这也是我们希望在会上讨论的议题。”Other topics of the meeting include combating transnational intellectual property crime as well as so-called cyber crime. This includes international Internet fraud schemes as well as what Noble calls "cyber-terrorism" - sabotaging computer systems of governments or businesses.  会议的其它议题包括打击跨国知识产权犯罪以及电脑网络犯罪,这包括国际网络欺诈,以及被诺布尔称为网络恐怖主义的破坏政府或者商业电脑系统的犯罪。Noble says there are many examples of the successful cooperation between Interpol and police in Asia. Last year, for example, "Operation Soga" against illegal soccer betting, led to the arrest of more than 400 people in countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. 诺布尔说,国际刑警组织和亚洲警察之间有很多成功合作的范例。比如说,去年发起的打击足球的索加(Soga)行动就在香港、马来西亚、新加坡和越南等地逮捕了400多人。200803/28748to have ones head in the clouds ———— 不切实际(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) To be impractical; to be dreaming instead of facing matters at hand.例句 Our companys elderly founder has a son who will someday be our boss, but we worry because he always has his head in the clouds, and cant be trusted to manage our company well.我们公司的年迈创始人有一个儿子,他有一天将会成为我们的老板,但是我们担心,他不切实际,无法很好地承担管理公司的工作。 /201606/448951If threw these nails out into the crowd, extremely deadly shrapnel. Once the FBI knows what materials were used to build the bomb and how it was concealed, agents make a public appeal for information about the bomber. Today in showing you this backpack of this reconstructed bomb here, we believe we've given every possible opportunity to recount to the public to refresh their memories and perhaps can follow additional information. But Sachtleben reveals another secret for rebuilding bombs. Actually go to a bombing range and use, and sometimes, thousands of pounds of explosives inside of a vehicle that we think similar to the one used, detonate it. Go out, measure the crater, measure where the pieces were, were found, collect the evidence that we find there and compare it to what we had at the bombing scene. There is also another reason for these dramatic recreations. These images give jurors an unforgettable look at the devastation a bomb can cause. Sometimes, we'll actually go to our explosive range and reconstruct the device, detonate it, film that, so we can go into court and show that to the judge and jury. Eric Rudolph, the man accused of the bombings of both the Olympics and the abortion clinic in Atlanta has yet to face a jury, he remains at large. But thanks to the Explosives , McVeigh and Kaczynski will never again pose a threat to society. However, the FBI's ultimate goal is to catch terrorists before they strike. Bridgeport, Texas, the residents of this sleepy farm town outside Dallas have no idea that their lives are in danger. That's because the people caught on this surveillance are planning a terrorist attack. The suspected bombers are members of the Ku Klux Klan. They are scheming to destroy the Mitchell Energy refinery as a diversion for another crime, an armored car heist which would fund the war they are planning against the US government. But these terrorists are unaware that the FBI is watching their every move, that's because one of their own is secretly working undercover for the FBI as an informant.crater: hole formed by the explosion of a mine or other explosiveheist: armed robbery(slang)informant: (sometimes informer) is someone who provides information to law enforcement agencies 200809/51014

  A German zoo, under fire for letting a mother polar bear eat its five-week-old cub, apparently, has bowed to public pressure, and decided to hand-rear its last surviving baby.Their decisions to intervene, rather than let nature take its course, follows last year's worldwide campaign to save Knut, a young Berlin polar bear. Sue Turten reports.The five-week-old cub was taken from its mother, Vera, after a public outcry in the German press. Polar bear mom eats her babies. Vera seen here is the bear in public disgrace, but in spite of her behaviour, the zoo in Nuremberg was going to leave their only surviving cub with its mother Vera, saying nature should take its course.Up until now, we did not have any indication that the mother does not take exemplary care of her cub, therefore we clearly favoured a natural upbringing, just recently, we had clear evidence that the mother did not behave correctly any more, and therefore we intervened.Comparisons have inevitably been made with Knut, the cub in Berlin, who was rejected by his mother last year, and reared by keepers in spite of protests by animal rights campaigners.What can I say? I think it's not very different in nature, where the animals are on their own. Should they interfere here? I don't know what's right, but I think what they are doing is ok.It's hoped this cub will not let all the publicity go to its head, Knut now has his own blog and TV show, he's been in Vanity Fair. 200805/40241

  Georgia Orders Cease-Fire in South Ossetia格鲁吉亚请求美国调停格俄冲突 Georgia says it has ordered its troops in the breakaway region of South Ossetia to cease fire, after withdrawing its troops from South Ossetia's capital. There was no direct response from Russia to Georgia's offer to negotiate an end to three days of fierce fighting in the region. Russia says Georgia is still firing at targets in South Ossetia, Georgia says Russia has again bombed Gori, and dropped bombs near the international airport of Tbilisi.  格鲁吉亚说,它已经下令在南奥塞梯分离地区的格鲁吉亚军队停火,此前格鲁吉亚军队撤出了南奥塞梯首府。格鲁吉亚提出跟俄罗斯谈判,以结束双方在南奥塞梯地区持续了三天的激烈战斗,俄罗斯还没有做出直接答复。Russian officials say they now control most of Tkhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, as the conflict between Russia and Georgia widened. The fighting sp to Abkhazia, Georgia's other breakaway region, and Georgian officials said Russian planes bombed a military airfield outside the Georgian capital.  俄罗斯官员说,他们现在控制了南奥塞梯首府茨辛瓦利的大部分地区。在此同时,俄罗斯跟格鲁吉亚的冲突进一步扩大。战斗已经扩大到格鲁吉亚另一个要求独立的地区阿布哈兹。格鲁吉亚官员说,俄罗斯战机轰炸了格鲁吉亚首都郊外的一处军用机场。Abkhazia announced it had mobilized troops, and called up reservists Sunday to reassert control over the one part of the province that remains under Georgian control.  阿布哈兹宣布,它在星期天动员了军队,并召唤了后备军人,重新对这个省内仍在格鲁吉亚控制之下的一个地区加以控制。Russia sent naval vessels to Georgia's Black Sea coast. Ukrainian officials warned that they may bar Russian warships taken from the key Russian naval base in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol from returning.  俄罗斯向格鲁吉亚黑海海域派出了海军舰艇。乌克兰官员警告说,他们可能禁止从乌克兰塞瓦斯托波尔港出发的俄罗斯军舰返回。Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin condemned Georgia's offensive in South Ossetia, which began early Friday, when Georgia sought to gain control of the region from separatists.  俄罗斯总理普京谴责格鲁吉亚从星期五对南奥塞梯发动攻击,当时格鲁吉亚正在设法从分离分子手中夺回对南奥塞梯的控制权。Mr. Putin said there were signs of genocide against the Ossetian people. 普京说,有迹象表明对南奥塞梯人进行了种族清洗。Georgian officials described their troop withdrawal from South Ossetia's capital as a goodwill measure aimed at stopping the military confrontation. Officials said they have asked the ed States to mediate the conflict. 格鲁吉亚官员说,他们从南奥塞梯首都撤军是表示善意,为的是结束军事对抗。官员说,他们已经要求美国调解冲突。The ed States called Russia's actions "disproportionate" and called for a cease-fire and return to the status quo of August 6, before the Georgian offensive began.  美国说,俄罗斯的行动是“过分的”,并呼吁双方停火,回到8月6号,即格鲁吉亚发动进攻前的状态。Russia and Georgia agreed to open two humanitarian corridors to evacuate the wounded and refugees in South Ossetia.  俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚同意开通两条人道主义通道,撤离南奥塞梯的伤员和难民。Rita Khopzhayva, one such refugee, painted a bleak picture of the situation.  一名叫作丽塔的难民说,目前的形势十分严峻。"It's hell," she said, describing it as a massive use of bombs preventing escape. "Children are hungry," she said. "There is no water, no light, no b, no gas, nothing. It's a nightmare," she said, adding, "There is nothing you can compare it to." 她说:“这里简直是地狱。”她还说,俄罗斯发动大范围的爆炸袭击,以阻止人们逃跑。她说:“孩子们没吃的,没有水、没有电灯、面包、汽油,什么都没有。简直是一场恶梦,没有比这更糟的了。”The fighting began Friday when Georgia sought to regain South Ossetia from separatists in a major offensive. Russia, which has close ties to the province, responded by sending thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks. 交战是星期五开始的,当时格鲁吉亚试图通过一场大规模攻势从分离分子手中夺回对南奥塞梯的控制权。而同南奥塞梯关系密切的俄罗斯派遣了几千名士兵和几百辆坦克来反击。Leaders from around the world have called on both sides to end the fighting, issuing statements deploring the current situation and sending a delegation of high-level diplomats.  世界各国的领导人呼吁双方停止交战,并发表声明,谴责目前的情况,他们还派出了一个由高级外交人员组成的代表团。The recent violence is the worst since the region won de facto independence in 1992. South Ossetians are eager to join fellow Ossetians in North Ossetia, which was included within Russian borders following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. 最近发生的暴力袭击是南奥塞梯1992年获得事实上的独立以来最严重的敌对冲突。南奥塞梯渴望加入北奥塞梯人的行列。北奥塞梯自1991年苏联解体以来一直属于俄罗斯管辖。200808/45715

  This is ground zero of China’s economical boom, tens of thousands of factories churning out just about anything the rest of the world wants to buy, and financing China’s extraordinary turnaround, in just 30 years going from Communist/ backwater to by some accounts, the world’s second biggest economy.China has 1.5 trillion dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves built up from its exports, and now it’s spending some of that money to buy up big overseas, it’s got a 200 billion-dollar/ war chest taken from those reserves to start with, and an insatiable demand for energy, resources, financial services, tech firms, IT providers, anything that will help them secure the raw materials and the expertise their economy needs. The spin's so far this year modest by international standards, 5 billion/ dollars for a near 10% stake of Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley, and initial billion for a small stake in / fellow Wall Street of bear stearns with an option to spend billions more. 3 billion for 10% of private equity group Black Stone plus energy deals in Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.But it’s just the start, Standard Chartered Research Head Nicholas Kwan estimates China is laying out about 20 billion dollars this year with much more to come.What you've seen the last year or so, is just the beginning of a new trend that China’s going out more and more actively, to acquire the kind of resources they need for their own development.Next year, he says that figure could be several times higher. Rumors persist that it could buy the giant mining house Rio Tinto. That deal alone / could be close to 150 billion. So where are the targets? Anywhere in the world, say analysts, but Africa still looms large at energy and resources.I thing it's persistent where they are, we can expect China to continue its long-term interest/ in Africa.Africa has pretty much welcomed China with open arms, but the reception may not be as warm elsewhere. With / election year coming up in the US, how will politically-charged Washington view a major takeover funded with Chinese government money.Politics always makes business sometimes tougher, so I would expect more resistance/, more time of quarrels, and rubbles, here and there.but China is in this for the long haul, it needs to buy big overseas to protect and boost its own economic growth, as some in the investment community are now saying it’s just the start of China’s great leap outwards. Andrew Stevens, CNN, Hong Kong. 200807/43260。


  JP Morgan Chase Buys Troubled Washington Mutual Bank美国“华盛顿互惠”宣布破产 As U.S. lawmakers grappled over a 0 billion dollar bank bailout plan, one of the nation's largest banks - Washington Mutual Incorporated - collapsed under the weight of its enormous bad bets on the U.S. mortgage market. What is seen as the largest bank failure in U.S. history.正当美国国会仍然就政府提出的七千亿美元拯救金融市场计划争吵不休的时候,美国规模最大的之一--华盛顿互惠--却由于无法承受其巨大的房贷坏帐而破产。这是美国历史上破产倒闭的规模最大的一家。With financial markets reeling over the recent crisis on Wall Street, the collapse of Seattle-based Washington Mutual could not have come at a worse time.当金融市场由于华尔街最新的危机而苦苦挣扎之际,总部设在西雅图的华盛顿互惠的倒闭,的确是雪上加霜。Federal regulators moved quickly, seizing the troubled mortgage lender late Thursday and selling the thrift's banking assets to U.S. investment bank J.P. Morgan for nearly billion. 联邦监管人员行动迅速,于星期四傍晚冻结了这家身陷困境的房贷发放机构的资产,然后以将近二十亿美元的价格转售给美国投资根大通公司。The Federal Deposit Insurance Company, FDIC, insures Americans' bank deposits of up to 0,000. But it says because of the deal it will not have to use its assets to cover Washington Mutual's deposits. 美国联邦储蓄保险公司为储户十万美元以下的储蓄投了保,但是表示,由于转售交易的达成,联邦储蓄保险公司不必利用自身的资产向华盛顿互惠的储户付赔偿。The FDIC had aly spent billions of dollars in its takeover of IndyMac, which collapsed in July. Some analysts say a Washington Mutual failure could have used up half the money in the government insurance fund.今年七月抵押贷款公司IndyMac破产的时候,联邦储蓄保险公司已经付出了几十亿美元。一些分析人士表示,假如华盛顿互惠破产,联邦储蓄保险公司将不得不动用一半的政府保险资金。J.P. Morgan Chase said it plans to close less than 10 percent of the two companies' branches. The bank has not yet decided which to close. Kelsey Wesley, a Washington Mutual employee says employees are nervous. But adds the company, commonly known as WaMu, has been good to them in the past. 根大通公司表示,将关闭两家公司百分之十以下的分行,但是没有明确说明将关闭哪些分行。华盛顿互惠雇员凯尔西·韦斯利说,的雇员都感到紧张担心。但是他也表示,公司一向待雇员很好。"I'm not gonna say that is not gonna happen but no matter what WaMu has a really impressive severance package and I think that's going to be carried on even if there is a merger," he said. 韦斯利说:“我并不是说这种事情不会发生,但是不管怎么说,华盛顿互惠向员工提供非常好的解聘待遇。我认为,即使公司被兼并,这些待遇也会得到执行。”John Graybill, another Washington Mutual employee said he is optimistic.华盛顿互惠另一位名叫约翰·格雷比尔的雇员说,他感到乐观。"Of course we are going to have some uncertainties and some questioning about what's going on. Have I been nervous? Sure. That's the nature of the whole beast," he said. "When a large company gets bought out you wonder about your job. Are heads gonna roll? You just don't know but we have faith in our bosses and the people upstairs." 他说:“我们当然对眼前发生的一切感到不安,心里也会有很多问题。我是否感到紧张?当然紧张。这正是问题的根源。一家大公司被别人收买购,你自然担心你的饭碗。是否会有人被炒鱿鱼?你心里没底,但是我们对我们的老板和管理层有信心。”FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair says this will be a seamless transition for the bank's customers. She says there will be no interruption in services and bankers can expect business as usual.联邦储蓄保险公司主席希拉·布莱尔表示,对于华盛顿互惠的顾客来说,过渡将会非常平稳。她还说,务不会受到影响,一切都照常如故。Washington Mutual has been saddled with billions of dollars of debt because it heavily invested in selling risky subprime mortgages to customers who later defaulted on them. 华盛顿互惠把很多资产投在高风险的次级房贷上,但是由于很多贷款者无法偿还贷款而负债高达几十亿美元。This is J.P. Morgan's second purchase of a financial institution left vulnerable by the subprime mortgage crisis. It bought Bear Stearns for more than two-billion dollars earlier this year.这是根大通第二次出手购买由于次级房贷危机而摇摇欲坠的金融公司。今年早些时候,根大通以二十多亿美元的价格收购了贝尔斯登公司。200809/50736

  Now past and present members of the Royal Ballet have gathered to celebrate the company's 75th anniversary. The party at the Royal Opera House in London brought together hundreds of dancers including Alina Cojocaru and Antoinette Sibley, the 1960s' soloist. Our art correspondent Nicholas Glass went along.The Royal Ballet has been thinking about this for a while now, 75 years old this year, so why not have a party, and invite everyone who has ever been with the company. At Covent Garden this afternoon more Princess Auroras , exiled Ordets and Sugar Plum Fairies (上面都是皇家芭蕾舞团表演剧目中的角色, 都加s是因为来了很多演员嘛,这么多年了,他们都演过这些角色)than any self-respecting balletomane could count. It's something about the posture, the way they place the feet, that tells you these are or were dancers.The company, we always say it's like a family, more so than actors, we have a real closeknit family cause we are together 24 hours a day.It's something I haven't met before. It's completely wonderful, I mean there're so many people that I haven't seen in, maybe even 30 years. And of course I keep meeting people who're saying they've just met someone / they haven't seen in 40 years.This was a bit like a school reunion, lots of hugs and kisses, and occasional so looking about trying to see if she could recognize anyone from her year.This way...Are there any more oldies like me, anywhere?Uhm, well, you'll find them if there are...Downstairs, the bust of the formidable Dame Ninette de Valois, reminds us all who started the whole thing off back in 1931, upstairs books to be signed decade by decade. Remembering exact dates could be difficult."Was remembering your dates, was a hard trip?""Oh, yeah, I know, I could, really, I'm, I'm caught. I saw somebody there, that I, I 'd love to see, Judy Lerop, Do you know Judy Lerop?"The photo helps havn't found her yet."No, no, I havn't found her yet , but a man put on no his looks like, the 50 years, is something it's let.Inevitably the one many names in the book for the 1930s, but Madam De Valois was vividly remembered."So you both remember Madam?"Oh, hoho, who will forget her?We wouldn't be here without her. I mean, you know, that / she was / our lives.Can you tell me what she was like. Is that possible?Yes.Oh, she will be called, in so many ways you call, she was fantastic, she was impossible, she was, made you laugh, she made you cry, she did everything, she was everything...She could, she could be very irritating, and she could do us something that you totally unexpect, totally unexpected....I mean very, very kind and compassionate(Yeah.), complete mix, that's why, that's why, this is all here. Yeah.Another departed company member who had to be remembered was Sir Frederick Ashton. He gave the Royal Ballet much of its early repertoire.I remember, I knew him. It was 1938, he was very young, tough, wanted his own way, lovely, and, a man with, that had great humor, wonderful humor.Was he?Oh, very,always a little slight remark would be getting in somewhere.The Royal Ballet laid on the pretty decent 75th birthday sp. It goes with green tea and later champagne. The cake was created by a former dancer, decorated with characters from Royal Ballets, the Red King from Checkmate , the Zebra from the Still Life at the Penguin Cafe, who was cut by the youngest member of the company, 18-year/ old dancer with one of those interesting ballet names Demelza Parish. Unlike the Ashton centenary last year when some people were offended not to be invited to the celebration, everybody was included this time, and a good time, it's had by all.Onto the weather now.200805/39347

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