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上海市奉贤区奉城医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱上海复旦大学附属闵行医院做丰胸手术多少钱金山区人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱 The most accurate predictor of earning power is literacy. According to a number of international studies, it is a better indicator than years of education.Literacy does not just mean being able to , but also refers to how well you cope with the written language. This is greatly affected by the number of words you heard or as a child, or have learned since. For this reason, immigrants often have low literacy levels in the language of their new country. Improving literacy is something you can work on at any time, on your own, without going to school or taking special programs.Nearly all publications thus reduce the complexity of written communications, as measured by various ability indicators. This is undoubtedly a sensible idea for communicating with and appealing to the majority of people. However, if you as an individual want to improve your word power, you should head in the opposite direction. Time Magazine and Newsweek are only written at a Grade 10 level and most popular novels are at a Grade 7 to 10 level. If everything you is at a grade 10 level or less, your literacy level will stagnate. Try to more challenging material to increase your literacy fitness and earning power.Give yourself a literacy workout, regularly. Soon, you will see a difference in the way you use words and in the way people react to your input. Here's how:Find articles on the Internet: Look for articles that are interesting but a little difficult or complex to digest. There is almost no limit to the variety of content available on the web, at all levels of difficulty. BNET and Gutenberg are just some examples of great sources of articles and e-books.Push yourself beyond your comfort level. You may do most of your ing away from the computer, but the Internet is a great place to hone your skills. On the Internet you can identify the difficulty level of different types of ing, as I will explain. In addition you can access online dictionaries and other language resources which can help you.Know the complexity of your ing material: Find out where your comfort level is. Copy a sample page from a source or article that interests you and paste it into Google Documents. There you can go to File/Word Count and you will see several ability indicators. I use the Automated Reader Index which indicates the number of years of schooling required to understand a text.Now try to content that is a level or two higher, whatever that level is. Keep challenging yourself with harder and harder material until you are comfortable with content that is at an index of 12 or 15 or higher. Once you have an idea of the complexity of different types of ing you can target this kind of content for your off line ing too.Measure the richness of the vocabulary: While you have selected text still on your clipboard, go to Tom Cobb's Vocabulary Profiler. There you can see how many words are within the first 1000 most frequent words, how many are "academic" (AWL), and how many are Off-List words. Try to get to the point where you are comfortable ing material that has around 10% or more words in both the AWL and the Off-List categories. Don't hesitate to use online dictionaries and other word learning systems for increasing your vocabulary, if you need to.Listen and : If you want to train your brain to become comfortable with complex language content, seek out sites which offer audio with transcripts for free download. Voice of America, and Interesting Things of the Day are but two examples of such sites. To improve your ability to complex content, listen to the same content as you are ing. This is an effective way to learn languages, and works wonderfully for improving your ing skills, whatever your level.Writing that seemed unnecessarily complicated or confusing will gradually seem clear. If you are up to it, try something like James Joyce's Ulysses. I could never Proust, but I now enjoy him through audio books.Try an example. Listen to and this article on Biometrics. It has the following profile:Readability Index: 15 years of educationFirst 1000 frequency words: 70 %Academic Word List words: 8 %Off-List words: 13 %You can train yourself to get used to language that at first seems difficult to understand. As your language skills improve, you will find that your writing and oral expression will also improve. You will not need to take those remedial writing, or "higher level thinking" courses which are offered in college to students with poor literacy skills. And your earning potential will increase, for life. /200804/34781Porsche unveiled the entry-level SUV it hopes will beat out rivals like Mercedes’ GLK and BMW’s X3.日前,在洛杉矶一个秘密的地点,保时捷(Porsche)发布了一款入门级SUV,该公司希望这款车将击败梅赛德斯奔驰(Mercedes)的GLK和宝马(BMW)的X3等竞争对手。The 2015 Porsche Macan is a small sport activity vehicle built on Volkswagen’s MLB platform (which it shares with the Audi2015款保时捷Macan是一款小尺寸运动活力车(SAV),使用大众汽车的MLB平台(与奥迪Q5和A4同一平台),不过外观与奥迪车型截然不同。Audi Q5 and A4) but that looks radically different from anything at Audi. Indeed, it’s very Porsche, sharing the side angles of a 911 and the height of a Cayenne—its front end is also very similar to its bigger brother—while repping even the Boxster a bit in the styling of its air intakes and side profile.事实上,这款车非常“保时捷”,采用与保时捷911相同的侧角,与卡宴(Cayenne)相同的车高——车身前部也非常类似于这位老大哥,此外甚至进气格栅和侧边轮廓都略微模仿了Boxster的风格。Porsche is hoping the entry-level SUV will fill out its portfolio the same way the Panamera (luxury sedan) and the Cayenne (luxury SUV) evened it out past the sports car core it developed with the 911, Cayman and Boxster. Audi, with its Q5, and Land Rover with its Evoque have also entered this mix, which is the best-growing and most profitable segment in the car industry today. Initial “cautious estimates” from top brass at Porsche put the Macan volume around 50, 000-55, 000 units sold per year; more recently they’re saying that sales numbers could reach as high as 75, 000 units, which would mean Macan would represent almost half of Porsche’s total volume.保时捷希望这款入门级SUV能像豪华轿车Panamera和豪华SUV卡宴一样,补全其产品组合,甚至超越保时捷在开发911、卡宴和Boxster过程中形成的运动汽车核心技术。奥迪旗下的Q5、路虎旗下的揽胜极光(Evoque)均属于这个细分类别,是如今汽车行业发展最快和利润最高的一块。保时捷高层的一开始给出的“谨慎预估”认为——Macan的年销售量将在5万至5.5万辆左右,最近他们表示销售数字可能高达7.5万辆,这意味着Macan可能将占据保时捷总销量的差不多半壁江山。Macan comes offering a choice from two engines for its new ride: a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that gets 340 horsepower (it’s the same engine as the one in the Panamera) or a 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 that gets 400 horsepower. Those’ll get the car to 60 mph in as quick as 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of 164mph. No diesel or hybrid options are available now.Macan提供了两种引擎选择:3.0升双涡轮V6引擎(与Panamera的引擎一样)及3.6升双涡轮V6引擎,前者提供340马力,后者则为400马力。这两个引擎将使Macan最快在4.4秒内加速至每小时60英里,最高速度达到164英里每小时。目前该车还没有推出柴油或者混合动力版本。Off-road capability in the Macan comes in the form of an Off-road mode optimized to provide traction in dirt and snow; the suspension can be raised for an approach angle of 26.6 degrees and departure angle of 23.6 degrees—decent figures considering the smaller nature of this vehicle.Macan的越野性能体现在其越野模式,该模式专门进行了优化从而能在泥地和雪地情况下提供牵引力,该车的悬挂可以调高至接近角26.6度而离出角23.6度——考虑到该车身材较小,这是非常不错的数字。Inside, the Macan has leather-appointed sport seats, center-mounted dials, a 5-inch color display and a sport steering wheel. Upgrades like a Sport Chrono package, lane departure warning, active cruise control and carbon fiber trim abound. Expect the price to start around , 000.在车内,Macan配置皮革运动座椅,采用中央仪表盘设计,5英寸色显示屏以及运动式方向盘。升级项目包括Sport Chrono组件、车道偏离警告系统、主动巡航控制系统,此外车身多处采用碳纤维材料设计。预期该车的起步价约为5万美元。The Stuttgart, Germany-based automaker built this car to help its bottom line in the same way the Cayenne did 10 years ago — and from the looks of things last night, it fills that small-SUV gap nicely. It will likely be Porsche’s next best-seller.这家位于德国斯图加特的公司之所以打造这款车,是为了像10年前推出卡宴一样帮助增加利润,从当晚的发布情况来看看,该车完美地填补了小型SUV的空白。Macan可能将成为保时捷下一款畅销车。 /201312/267419上海第九医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱

杨浦区妇幼保健医院脱毛多少钱Long before the iPhone made him the god of gadgets, Steve Jobs launched his tech career by hacking land lines to make free long-distance calls.史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)通过iPhone成为电子设备教父,不过他很久之前就开始了高科技事业,做的是盗用本地通话线路从而实现免费远程通话。Bob Dylan’s band, the Golden Chords, lost a high-school talent competition to a tap dancing act.鲍勃·迪伦(Bob Dylan)成为金牌音乐家之前,在高中达人秀比赛中输给了一个踢踏舞表演。Behind every success story is an embarrassing first effort, a stumble, a setback or a radical change of direction. It’s these first clumsy steps on the road to fame and fortune that fascinate writer Seth Fiegerman, who edits the blog OpeningLines.org, a collection of case studies on the origins of famous careers.探究每个成功故事,你总能看到起步时的窘迫,蹒跚前进,被失败打击,或是突然决定转向。这些通往名利财富路上的笨拙的起步吸引了作家塞斯·菲格曼(Seth Fiegerman),她收集了关于成功事业起点的众多案例,并编写了客OpeningLines.org(起步线)。“When you see someone who’s very successful, you almost imagine that it was a foregone conclusion, that they’re a genius, that they were destined for great things, ” says Fiegerman, who began the blog in 2009, after an early setback in his own career. “I think the big takeaway is failure and setbacks, far from being uncommon, are in many ways essential.”2009年,菲格曼在事业受挫后选择开。”当你看到某些成功人士时,你总会想象他们的成功是必然的,他们都是天才,注定建立丰功伟业,“她说:”我认为 最重要 的是经历失败与挫折,不甘于平庸。“After Fiegerman, now 26, graduated from New York University in 2008, he landed a coveted first job as a research editor at Playboy magazine. But he had worked there for just half a year when management announced that most of the staff would soon be laid off.今年26岁的菲格曼于2008年毕业于纽约大学。大学毕业后,他拥有了一个令人艳羡的工作——《》杂志的研究编辑。但他仅仅在这个工位上工作了半年,公司就开始大规模裁人。As unemployment loomed, Fiegerman felt adrift. He began to explore the Playboy archives, discovering a trove of interviews with celebrities ranging from Marlon Brando to Malcolm X. Many of these successful people shared tales of their less promising early days, and Fiegerman quickly became obsessed with these origin stories.面对裁员的危机,菲格曼感到茫然无措。他开始研究《》杂志档案,并发行了一系列珍贵的名人访问,包括马龙白兰度(Marlon Brando,美国最棒的男演员),马尔科姆·X(Malcolm X,非裔美国人权利提倡者)等等。这些成功人士都经历了看似前途渺茫的开端,这些成功起源的故事很快吸引了菲格曼。“It kind of paired well with this feeling that I had of, ‘Oh my God, what do I do?’” Fiegerman says. “And I found solace, in some ways, ing about the obstacles that famous figures had to overcome.””这些故事与我彼时心情契合,我总在想‘老天,我该怎么办?’“菲格曼说:”在某些方面,通过阅读那些名人克困难的故事,我找到了安慰。“He began devouring biographies and soliciting interviews with writers and musicians he admired, using the blog to document the fits and starts that began the careers of the famous and the infamous. Success, he learned, was less a matter of innate talent and more the product of perseverance, a willingness to stumble and stand up again and again.他开始大量阅读传记,并恳请自己欣赏的作家和音乐家接受采访,这些人有成名的也有事业低迷的,菲格曼把他们的事业开端的起起伏伏记录进客。在调查中他发现,成功更多是源于坚持而非天赋。要有勇气屡败屡战。“You kind of assume that great geniuses are like Mozart, ” Fiegerman says. But few successful people were child prodigies, and prodigies don’t necessarily find success. “Most people don’t stick to it.””你可能觉得天才都是像莫扎特那样的,“菲格曼说。但事实是几乎没什么成功人士是神童,神童未必成功。”大多数人不喜欢坚持一件事。“Author Jennifer Egan stuck with it. She told Fiegerman that her first novel was so bad even her mother hated it. But Egan kept writing, and her writing got better—in 2011, she won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel about growing old in the digital age, A Visit From the Goon Squad.作家詹妮弗·伊根(Jennifer Egan)做到了坚持。她告诉菲格曼他的第一部小说糟到连她母亲都厌恶。但伊根并未放弃写作,而且有了进步。2011年她的一篇描绘在数字时代老去的小说《打手队的来访》(A Visit From the Goon Squad)赢得了普利策奖(Pulitzer Price,美国新闻界最高荣誉)。Knowing about a hero’s early flops and foibles might disillusion some fans, but Fiegerman finds comfort in rough beginnings. “The only thing that would have disappointed me is if I’d researched all these guys and women and found out that they got it right on the first try, because, OK, I did not, ” Fiegerman says with a laugh.了解一个英雄人物早期的失败和缺点也许会使某些粉丝的幻想破灭,但菲格曼却从中得到慰藉。”如果发现这些人首次尝试就成功我倒要失望了,因为我自己的起步并不是如此。“菲格曼笑着说。Like his subjects, Fieger-man found that his own early setback wasn’t permanent. He landed a new job in journalism, and today he works at the tech news website Mashable, covering, appropriately enough, start-up businesses. While he has less time for the blog, he hopes his collection of origin stories will help other young people realize it’s OK to fail.正如他的受访者,菲格曼发现起初的失败并不是永久的。他开始尝试记者工作,如今他在科技新闻网站Mashable工作,可以说还包含很多起步阶段的业务。虽然写客的时间少了,他希望自己收集的这些成功故事的起源可以帮助其他年轻人,告诉他们要允许失败。“I hope some of them benefit from it, ” he says. “But if nothing else, I feel like I benefited from it a little bit.””我希望有人能从中受益,“他说:”但就算没什么效果,我觉得自己已经获益良多了。“ /201303/228201长宁区人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱 一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我是剩女我怕谁?最佳损友会来陪!译者:koogle上海市中山医院纹眉毛多少钱

上海做脱毛哪个医院好 谈恋爱成大学生最大消费Students spend more on love than books, according to a survey conducted this summer.A survey conducted this summer suggests students in Shenyang lavish most of their money on the opposite sex.The survey, conducted by Lixinfang, a student mental health centre at Shenyang Normal University, shows almost half of all undergraduates' daily spending goes on their girlfriends or boyfriends.The rest is spent on their lodgings, 30 per cent, hairdressing and clothes, 5 per cent, and study fees, 3 per cent.This means money spent on their partners comes in at No 1, while money spent on study comes last.The surveyors interviewed 1,000 college students in Shenyang, Liaoning Province."This result is astonishing. We never knew that they spent so much on their partners rather than on their studies," said Zou Rulian, director of the centre."It is their own business as they are all over 18 years old, but the point is that they live on their parents, not themselves," said Zou.According to the survey, 69 per cent of students spent over 10,000 yuan (US,250) a year, a figure that included tuition fees and daily expenditure.Statistics from the Shenyang Statistics Bureau show last year the average monthly salary in Shenyang was 1,366 yuan (US1), 134 yuan (US) less than the national average."One undergraduate costs more than half the annual income of average families in Shenyang. But students do not spend on study, they spend on something else," added Zou.Wang Dan, at the local Dongbei University, spends around 1,000 yuan (US0) every month, with over half going on dating.He receives 700 yuan (US) from his family each month. In addition, Wang has part-time jobs, like tutoring a high school student, to bring in extra income."It is my duty to buy my girlfriend food, clothes and other things. I'd like to do more part-time work to afford this," he said.(Agencies)今年暑期的一项调查表明,沈阳大学生将大部分的生活费花在了自己的女友或男友身上。这项由沈阳师范大学“理心坊”学生心理健康中心开展的调查显示,本科生每天近一半的开销都花在了女友或男友身上。剩下的生活费中,30%用于住宿,5%用于美发和买衣,而只有3%用在学习上。由此看出,大学生的“恋爱”开在几项开中位居第一,而学习开却最少。调查者们对辽宁省沈阳市的1000名大学生进行了访问。“理心坊”心理健康中心主任邹如莲说:“调查结果让人很惊讶。我们以前根本不知道大学生将这么多的钱花在了自己的女友或男友身上,而不是用来学习。”邹主任说:“这是他们自己的事,因为他们都是超过18岁的成年人了,但关键是他们现在还是靠父母供养,自己还没有经济来源。”据调查,69%的大学生一年的学费和生活费达到1万元以上。沈阳统计局的有关数据显示,去年,沈阳市居民的平均月工资为1366元,比全国平均水平低134元。邹主任说:“在沈阳,供养一个大学生的年开销占普通家庭年收入的一半以上。但是大学生没把钱花在学习上,而是花在了谈恋爱上。”东北大学学生王丹每月花销1000月左右,其中有一半多用于谈恋爱。王丹父母每月给他700元生活费。此外,他自己还做一些兼职赚外快,如,当家教。他说:“给女朋友买吃的、穿的和用的是我的义务。为此,我愿意做更多的兼职。” /200803/32398普陀绣眉多少钱上海武警总医院激光去斑多少钱



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