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第一句:What the weather ecast tomorrow?对于明天的天气,天气预报怎么说的?A: What the weather ecast tomorrow?对于明天的天气,天气预报怎么说的?B: The weather ecast said it going to be cloudy.天气预报说明天多云第二句:Will it rain tomorrow?明天会下雨吗?A: It so nice to enjoy all the beautiful scenery in such a lovely day.在这么晴朗的一天欣赏美景真是太棒了B: Yeah, will it rain tomorrow?是啊,明天会下雨吗?A: I think it will continue to be fine.我是不会变天的 去一个地方参观时,天气是个不得不考虑的要素,有关天气的表达法还有:Do you get much rain during the summer?你们这儿夏天雨水很多吗?It doesnt look promising today.今天天气看起来不太好What the climate like in Australia?澳大利亚的天气怎么样?What the weather going to be tomorrow?明天天气怎么样? 19635.Sacsayhuaman5.萨克塞瓦曼Not far from the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu lies Sacsayhuaman, a strange embankment of stone walls located just outside of Cuzco. The series of three walls was assembled from massive 0-ton blocks of rock and limestone, and they are arranged in a zigzag pattern along the hillside. The longest is roughly 00 feet in length and each stands some fifteen feet tall. The monument is in astonishingly good condition its age, especially considering the region propensity earthquakes, but the tops of the walls are somewhat demolished, as the monument was plundered by the Spanish to build churches in Cuzco. The area surrounding the monument has been found to be the source of several underground catacombs called chincanas, which were supposedly used as connecting passageways to other Inca structures in the area.萨克塞瓦曼——由奇怪的石头墙组成的堤岸,位于距离著名的印加城马丘比丘不远的库斯科市外这成系列的三道墙由许多重达0吨的岩石和石灰岩组成,沿着山腰呈锯齿形排开最长的一个大约00英尺,高均为大约英尺这个遗址存在之久、保存之完好,令人惊讶,尤其是考虑到其位于地震多发带但是,墙体的顶部不同程度地遭到破坏,因为西班牙人曾掠夺石块用来在库斯科建造教堂人们发现萨克塞瓦曼的周边地区是数个地下墓穴的源头,这些墓穴是女奇卡诺人的人们推测它是连接此地区其他印加建筑的通道The Mystery谜团Most scientists agree that Sacsayhuaman served as a kind of tress of barrier wall, but this has been disputed. The strange shape and angles of the wall have led some speculate that it may have had a more symbolic function, one example being that the wall, when seen next to Cuzco from above, ms the shape of the head of a Cougar. Even more mysterious than the monument use, though, are the methods that were used in its construction. Like most Inca stone works, Sacsayhuaman was built with large stones that fit together so perfectly that not even a sheet of paper can be placed in the gaps between them. Just how the Incas managed such expert placements, or, that matter, how they managed to transport and lift the heavy hunks of stone, is still not fully known.科学家们一致认为萨克塞瓦曼曾被用作围墙的堡垒,但是仍然有人质疑这个墙的奇怪形状和棱角使人们推测也许它具有更多象征作用,其中一个例子就是站在库斯科边界俯瞰墙体,它看起来像一头美洲狮相比它的用途,更神秘的是这些墙是如何建造的如众多的石制品一样,萨克塞瓦曼也是由巨大的石块完美地契合而成,石块之间拼接得如此天衣无缝,甚至连一张纸也塞不进去至于印加人如何创造出如此杰作,或者说,他们是如何将那么巨大的石块搬运堆砌起来,仍然是个不解之谜.The Easter Island Moai.复活岛的埃石像One of the most iconic series of monuments in the Pacific islands is the Moai, a group of huge statues of exaggerated human figures that are found only on the small, isolated island of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island. The Moai were carved sometime between 50 and 00 AD by the island earliest inhabitants, and are believed to depict the people ancestors, who in their culture were held in the same regard as deities. The Moai were chiseled and carved from tuff, a volcanic rock that is prevalent on the island, and they all feature the same characteristics of an oversized head, broad nose, and a mysterious, indecipherable facial expression. Scientists have determined that as many as 887 of the statues were originally carved, but years of infighting among the island clans led to many being destroyed. Today, only 39 are still standing, the largest of which is 30 feet tall and weighs over 70 tons.埃石像是太平洋岛屿上一系列最具标志性的遗迹之一,它是一组巨大的夸张的人物雕像,人们在一个叫拉帕努伊小孤岛(Rapa Nui),也称复活岛上发现了它埃石像是由该岛最早期居民于公元50年至00年间雕刻而成人们认为,埃石描绘的是该岛最早期居民的祖先,他们的文化视其祖先为神灵埃石像是用岛上常见的的凝灰岩和火山岩刻雕刻而成它们都具有相同的特征,即超大的头部,宽大的鼻子和神秘的难以辨认的面部表情科学家们认为,起初雕刻的数量有887座之多,但多年的岛上部落的内讧致使很多石像遭破坏如今,只剩下39座,最大的一个有30英尺高,70多吨重The Mystery谜团While there is a fairly solid consensus on why the Moai were erected, how the islanders did it is still up debate. The average Moai weighs several tons, and years scientists were at a loss to describe how the monuments were transported from Rano Raraku, where most of them were constructed, to their various locations around the island. In recent years, the most popular theory is that the builders used wooden sleds and log rollers to move the Moai, an answer that would also explain how the once verdant island became almost totally barren due to deestation.对于为什么竖立埃石像,人们达成了广泛的共识;但是,对于岛上居民是怎样做到的,人们还是争论不休埃石像平均重达数吨,多年来科学家仍然无法得知埃石像是如何从拉诺拉拉库(Rano Raraku)——埃石像的生产基地——运到岛上各处的近年来,被广为接受的理论是,建造者们用木制的雪橇和圆木移动埃石像,砍伐森林这一说法也解释了该岛由茂密的森林变为不毛之地的原因3.The Georgia Guidestones3.佐治亚引导石While most of the mysterious monuments on this list only became that way as centuries passed, the Georgia Guidestones, also known as American Stonehenge, are one landmark that was always intended to be an enigma. The monument, which consists of four monolithic slabs of granite that support a single capstone, was commissioned in 1979 by a man who went by the pseudonym of R.C. Christian. A local mason carefully crafted it so that one slot in the stones is aligned with the sun on the solstices and equinoxes, and one small hole is always pointed in the direction of the North Star. Most interesting, though, are the inscriptions on the slabs, which an accompanying plaque describes as ;the guidestones to an Age of Reason.; In eight different languages, the slabs offer a strange ten-point plan to ensure peace on Earth that includes vague proclamations like ;prize truth–beauty–love–seeking harmony with the infinite,; to very specific commands like ;maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.; Comments like this one have made the Guidestones one of the most controversial landmarks in the ed States, and they have long been protested and even vandalized by groups that would like to see them demolished.本榜单上的大部分遗迹都是因为数个世纪的洗礼而变得神秘佐治亚引导石,又被称为美国版的巨石阵,是一个令人费解的地标性建筑佐治亚引导石于1979年由一位化名R·C·克里斯蒂安的人委托建造,由四块巨大的厚板花岗岩撑一块顶板组成为了让石头的狭缝对齐在二至点和二分点的太阳,一个小小的洞总是指向北极星的方向,一位当地的石匠对此精雕细琢然而,最有趣的是石板上所刻的文字——;一个理性时代的引导石;石板用八种语言提出了奇怪的条计划,这条计划旨在保护世界和平,它包括模糊的宣言,类似于;珍视真—美—爱—寻求宇宙和谐;,也包括非常具体的表述; 将人口控制在5亿以内,以保持人与自然界的平衡;这样的表述让佐治亚引导石成为美国最受争议的地标建筑之一一些人在抗议,甚至组织志愿者对其进行破坏The Mystery谜团 all their controversy, very little is known about who built the Guidestones or what their true purpose is. R.C. Christian claimed he represented an independent organization when he commissioned the landmark, but neither he nor his group has spoken up since its construction. Since the monument was built during the height of the Cold War, one popular theory about the group intentions is that the Guidestones were to serve as a primer how to rebuild society in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust.对于一切争论,即是何人建造的引导石,建造者的真正目的又是什么,这些很少有人知道R·C·克里斯蒂安声称,在委托修建引导石的时候,他代表一个独立的组织但是,引导石建好后,R·C·克里斯蒂安和他的组织并没有说明修建的目的引导石是在冷战最紧张的时期而修建的,对于修建的目的,一个主流的观点就是,引导石将在核灾难后引导如何重建这个世界.The Great Sphinx of Giza.狮身人面像Sphinxes are massive stone statues that depict the body of a reclining lion with the head and face of a human. The figures are found all over the world in different ms, but they are most commonly linked with Egypt, which features the most famous example in the m of the Great Sphinx of Giza. Incredibly, the statue is carved out of one monolithic piece of rock, and at 0 feet long, feet wide, and 66 feet tall, it is considered to be the biggest monument of its kind in the world. Historians largely accept the function of the Sphinx to have been that of a symbolic guardian, since the statues were strategically placed around important structures like temples, tombs, and pyramids. The Great Sphinx of Giza appears to be no different. It stands adjacent to the pyramid of the pharaoh Khafra, and most archeologists believe that it is his face that is depicted on that of the statue.斯芬克斯(也称狮身人面像)是一些巨石雕像,它们有着倾斜的狮身和人的头像世界各地都发现了这类雕像,形态各异然而说到狮身人面像,人们主要想到的还是埃及,那里有最著名的狮身人面像令人难以置信的是这座雕像是在一整块巨石上雕成的,其长0英尺,宽英尺,高66英尺也被看做是世界上最大的狮身人面像历史学家普遍认为,因为狮身人面像的位置在庙宇、墓穴和金字塔这些重要建筑物周围,非常考究,所以狮身人面像是象征意义上的守护者狮身人面像似乎也没有什么特别的它就在哈夫尔法老(the pharaoh Khafra)的金子塔附近多数考古学家认为,狮身人面像的脸实际就是哈夫尔法老自己的脸The Mystery谜团Despite its reputation as one of the most famous monuments of antiquity, there is still very little known about the Great Sphinx of Giza. Egyptologists might have a small understanding of why the statue was built, but when, how, and by who is still shrouded in mystery. The pharaoh Khafra is the main suspect, which would date the structure back to around 500 , but other scientists have argued that evidence of water erosion of the statue suggests that it is much older and perhaps even predated the dynastic era of the Egyptians. This theory has few modern adherents, but if true it would mean the Great Sphinx of Giza is even more mysterious than previously believed.尽管狮身人面像作为世界上最古老的雕像之一而享誉世界,但是世人对它仍知之甚少埃及古物学者可能对建造的原因略知一二,但是,修建的时间、修建的方法以及由谁主持修建仍然是个迷最可能的建造者可以追溯到公元前500年的哈夫尔法老但是其他的科学家认为雕像上有水侵蚀的迹象表明,建造的时间还要更早,或许可以追溯到埃及王朝那个时代现代人很少有人持这一理论,但如果事实果真如此,这将意味着狮身人面像要比我们之前想象的还要神秘1.Stonehenge1.巨石阵Of all the world famous monuments, none has gained as much of a reputation pure, simple mystery as Stonehenge. Stonehenge has been inspiring debate among scholars, scientists, and historians since the Middle Ages. Located in the English countryside, the landmark is believed to date back to 500 , and consists of several mammoth pieces of rock arranged and piled on top of one another in what appears at first to be a random design. The site is surrounded by a small, circular ditch, and is flanked by burial mounds on all sides. Although the rock mations that still remain are undoubtedly impressive, it is thought that the modern version of Stonehenge is only a small remnant of a much larger monument that was damaged with the passing of time, and it is largely believed that the building process was so extensive that it could have lasted on and off anywhere from 00 to 7000 years.世界所有著名的遗址中,没有哪个能像巨石阵般单单因其纯粹和神秘获得举世瞩目自中世纪以来,巨石阵便一直引发学者、科学家和历史学家们的讨论巨石阵坐落于英国的一个小村庄,它可以追溯到公元前500年这些巨大的石头一个个的堆砌起来,看似一种不经意的设计巨石阵周围环绕着一条细小的圆形沟渠,同时四周还有些许坟丘环绕毋庸置疑,巨石阵遗迹令人震撼,但是人们认为现存的巨石阵只是那些随着时间流逝而消失的大规模石头遗址的一小部分人们普遍认为,建造的程序非常宏大,断断续续有00至00年的时间The Mystery谜团Stonehenge has become renowned puzzling even the most brilliant researchers, and over the years the many gaps in the history of its construction, the nature of its use, and the true identity of its builders have become known as ;The Mystery of Stonehenge.; The Neolithic people who built the monument left behind no written records, so scientists can only base their theories on the meager evidence that exists at the site. This has led to wild speculation that the monument was left by aliens, or that it was built by some eons-old society of technologically advanced super-humans. All craziness aside, the most common explanation remains that Stonehenge served as some kind of graveyard monument that played a role in the builders version of the afterlife, a claim that is backed up by its proximity to several hundred burial mounds. Yet another theory suggests that the site was a place spiritual healing and the worship of long dead ancestors.巨石阵因其自身的谜团而举世闻名,即便是最资深的研究人员也无法解开谜团多年来,其建造的历史、用途、以及建造者的真实身份仍然不详,被统称为;巨石阵之谜;新石器时代的人们建造巨石阵,但是没有留下文字记录,科学家们只能把他们的理论建立在现存遗址上那星星点点的据之上而这就引起了大家广泛的猜想:巨石阵是外星生物遗留下的;或者是远古社会所建,而他们的科技远超人类的文明不考虑这些奇怪的想法,在这些所有的猜测中,最让人容易接受的解释是巨石阵是一种墓地专用的纪念碑,意味着建造者的来世,这一说法也因巨石阵周围的众多坟丘的明而得到很多人的认同然而,另一个理论认为,巨石阵是精神的治疗中心以及祭拜祖先之地翻译:风舞落月8+7 前十网

第一句:How long will the return ticket be valid?往返票期限是多少天?A: A ticket to Paris.一张去巴黎的车票B: Single or return?单程还是往返票?A: Return. How long will the return ticket be valid?往返票,往返票期限是多少天?B: Two months.两个月第二句:How long are the tickets available?这些车票的有效期是几天?A: How long are the tickets available?这些车票的有效期是几天?B: Three days.三天一般的车票都会有有效期,以上是询问车票的有效期的常用说法相关的问法还有:How long is the round-trip ticket good ?往返票的有效期是多少天? 198

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  5.A Copyright Claim Could Have Balkanized The Internet5.一份差点分裂万维网的版权文件Imagine living in a world where ;the; Internet had been replaced by multiple Internets, where competing browsers were completely incompatible, inmation was kept on strict, closed loops, and getting online meant choosing which company vision of the web you wanted to buy into. Thered be no vast, shared experience like Twitter, no popular list-based websites, and no Internet as we know it. In 199, this world nearly happened.想像一下,如果我们生活在这样一个世界——在那里英特网被分散独立,不同的浏览器之间完全不兼容,信息被封锁,而上网也变成选择购买哪间公司的网络版本那儿也没有诸如推特这样的大型分享平台,没有最受欢迎的网站,也不存在我们所知的网络199年,世界差点就变成那样In an interview with Time magazine in 01, Tim Berners-Lee revealed that he seriously considered patenting the web not long after its launch. He and a friend consulted with lawyers about going the money route and setting up their own company, something which potentially could have made them both millions. Ultimately, Berners-Lee rejected the idea, preferring to focus on the tech side of things and keep the web open to all. That decision could have easily gone the other way. Had that happened, you wouldnt be ing this now. In , TechDirt compiled a list of potential differences if the web had been patented, and the results were insane. Youd have no Google. Search would be abysmal. Everyone would be restricted to tiny, walled gardens, only able to communicate and interact with those subscribed to the same company. Smartphones would have probably never come about. Our whole world would be less connected and more technologically backward.《时代杂志01年的一则采访中,蒂姆·伯纳斯·李表示他曾认真的考虑过在创办网络不久后为其申请专利他和一个朋友向律师咨询过融资和创办公司的事这很有可能使他们成为百万富翁最后,伯纳斯·李放弃了这个想法,他更倾向于关注高科技方面的东西,并向大众开放万维网这样的一个决定做得很艰难如果事情真如那样,你现在就不可能读到这个文章在年,TechDirt列出了万维网申请专利可能带来的改变结果令人疯狂!我们没有谷歌,几乎无法搜索每个人被限制在小小的防护墙内,只能够与购买了相同公司网络的人交流智能电话也许永远不会见诸于世整个世界不像现在这样高度连接在一起,并且技术也落后很多.A School Bus Almost Helped Timothy McVeigh Escape Justice.一辆校车差点帮助蒂莫西·麦克维逃脱法律制裁On April 19, 1995, a truck packed with a powerful fertilizer bomb exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The blast killed 8 people, including 18 children. At the time, it was the worst terror attack committed on US soil. By sheer dumb luck, the bomber, Timothy McVeigh, was pulled over 90 minutes later driving without a license and arrested carrying a concealed weapon. But luck nearly swung back in McVeigh favor. Two days later, he came within minutes of being set free.1995年月19日,一辆满载炸药的车在俄克拉荷马城的阿夫尔莱德·默拉·巴尔迪联邦大楼外爆炸8人死于这场爆炸,其中包括18个儿童那是当时美国最严重的一次恐怖袭击但罪犯蒂莫西·麦克维运气太好了,爆炸发生90分钟后,他因无驾驶被逼停,警察搜查出他藏匿的武器并将其拘捕但是幸运再次眷顾了这个罪犯,两天后,他就被释放了At the time, no one thought this that disheveled loner could be connected to the blast. The CIA thought Saddam was responsible, and the FBI was gunning Islamic terrorists. McVeigh was just a guy being held on a concealed carry charge and was due to make bail any minute. The day after he was arrested, he was to go bee a judge, but the hearing was delayed due to an ongoing divorce case. The very next day, he was brought in again. He would have certainly gone free had it not been an unknown bus driver. That morning, the judge son had just missed his school bus. Instead of going to McVeigh hearing, the judge had to drive his son to school. This delay meant that McVeigh was still in the courthouse when the FBI called up, urgently asking the police to detain him. If that bus had been running slightly behind schedule, or if the judge son had gotten y faster, the bomber would have made bail and vanished into the morning heat. How long it would have taken to recapture him, or if he would have killed again, is anyone guess.那时,没人会将这位衣冠凌乱的独居者与这次的爆炸联系在一起美国中央情报局认为萨达姆才是罪魁祸首,而美国联邦调查局则在大肆杀伊斯兰教的恐怖分子麦克维则成了一个虽因携带武器入狱但能分分钟被保释的人拘留的后一天,他本应去法庭,但一场进行中的离婚案件延迟了听会之后,他再次被带入法庭若非因为一名无名巴士司机,他绝对会被早早地释放那天早上,法官的儿子恰好错过了校车,于是他不得不先载他儿子去学校再去审判麦克维这个延迟意味着麦克维在这段时间一直被扣留在法院,所以FBI才有时间调查清楚爆炸事件,并立即致电警察将他逮捕若这辆校车来的稍晚一些,或是法官的儿子赶上了校车,这位罪犯就已经被保释且消失在晨雾中了谁也不知道什么时候才能再次抓到他,也不知道他是否会再次行凶3.A Change Of Weather Could Have Altered European History3.天气的变化可能会改变欧洲历史The Battle of the Teutoburg est in AD 9 is a military engagement that almost nobody has heard of. Fought between three Roman legions and local Germanic tribes, it ended in a blistering defeat the Romans. But it could easily have gone the other way. If it had, the entire course of European history would have changed dramatically.公元前9年的条顿堡林山之战是一场几乎无人知晓的军事战斗罗马的三个军团和当地日耳曼部落发生了战争,且以罗马的迅速惨败告终然而,罗马当时差一点就赢了如果是那样,那么整个欧洲的历史会产生翻天覆地的变化The ambush was a major psychological setback the Romans. Around ,000 legionnaires were slaughtered in the most gruesome way possible, their heads nailed to trees as a warning to the empire. As a direct result, Emperor Augustus halted Rome expansion. A border was set up along the Germanic frontier that lasted 00 years. Subsequent emperors were warned against trying their luck there. the descendants of the Germanic tribes, the battle was just as important. It became known as the ;big bang; that started the German nation. This myth would eventually become an important part of German nationalism. It would even be used by Adolf Hitler to inspire hatred against the Jews. However, victory the tribes was not a egone conclusion that day. In his phenomenal essay ;What If?; Lewis H. Lapham argued that any number of things from tiredness to slightly drier weather could have thrown the battle to the Romans. In that case, world history would have changed completely. Germany would have come under Roman rule, Germanic languages would be replaced by Romance ones, and the Remation would likely never have happened, nor would the Thirty Years War or World War I. The modern world wouldnt just be different; itd be completely unrecognizable.因为曾被伏击,所以这种战术给罗马人造成巨大心理创伤约000的军团队员被以最残忍的方式屠杀了,且头还被敌人钉在树上来作为对罗马帝国的警告而直接导致的结果是,罗马君主奥古斯丁停止了扩张罗马边境划定了持续00年的国界,来警示后代君主别在那试运气对日耳曼部落后代而言,这场战争也是极其重要的日耳曼民族从那时开始兴盛这个传说最后成了日耳曼民族的重要部分它甚至被阿道夫·希特勒用于激起人民对犹太人的怨恨然而,那天部落的战争并非定局在刘易斯拉帕姆的著名论文《如果当时是这样中,他说道,如果德国人疲倦一些或者是天气稍干一点,都有可能令罗马获胜那样的话,世界历史就会完全改变德国会臣于罗马,德语也将被罗马语替代,新政改革很可能不会发生,更不用说三十年战争或一战了世界格局将会重新;大洗牌;.A Piece Of Advice Could Have Killed One Million People.小小建议可能杀害数百万人In politics, what you dont say can frequently have even more impact than what you do. US Secretary of Defense William Perry, this point was cibly rammed home in the summer of 199. At the time, tensions on the Korean Peninsula were about to boil over. North Korea was rushing to get a nuclear bomb at its Yongbyon facility. South Korea wanted to stop them. As the guarantor of South Korean integrity, the US was duty-bound to get involved.政坛上,没说出口的话更有影响力这句话充分体现在美国国防部长威廉·佩里身上199年夏,朝鲜半岛核武器问题岌岌可危,一边是朝鲜着急在宁边制造核弹,一边是韩国又想阻止邻国大哥这样做作为韩国的强大后盾,美国注定要来插一脚On June , Perry and Joint Chiefs Chairman John Shalikashvili were called in to brief President Clinton. Clinton wanted to discuss the possibility of bombing Yongbyon. The main sticking point was the potential nuclear contamination that could result. Perry himself was certain that the US could take out Yongbyon without washing the peninsula in radiation. However, he was equally certain telling the president that this would result in the bombing being green-lit. This would in turn ignite a catastrophic war. At the last minute, Perry chose to keep silent. The bombing was delayed. It turned out to be the right decision. Two days later, Jimmy Carter flew to Pyongyang as a private citizen and brokered a peace deal. The crisis ended without a shot fired. The Pentagon later released its scenarios what would have happened if war had come that fateful day. They predicted a minimum of one million dead Koreans, the total destruction of Pyongyang and Seoul, and the deaths of at least 50,000 American servicemen.同年6月日,克林顿总统召集佩里和美军参谋长联席会议主席约翰·沙利卡什维利展开小型作战会议若朝鲜发射核弹则会造成全球大范围的核污染,克林顿当即提出轰炸宁边核设施的想法佩里本人确信美军能够拿下宁边,同时不会让核辐射危及整个半岛,相当于默许了轰炸的行动一旦开战,后果可不是闹着玩的,美韩两国肆无忌惮地拼武器,遭遇灭顶的可是咱小老百姓但佩里在最后一刻选择了沉默,轰炸行动也就此无限期推延我们今时今日的美好生活印了佩里的选择是正确的两天后美国前总统吉米·卡特以自己独特的;私人;身份飞往平壤斡旋,与朝鲜政府签订了《朝核问题框架协定,不损一兵一卒,危机就此化解五角大楼后来预言:假如这场战役打起来,仅平壤和首尔两个城市的伤亡人数就达到一百万,而美国也至少损失5万名士兵这简直是在拍灾难片啊!1.One Man Death Nearly Reignited World War II1.二战差点因为一个美国兵的死重燃战火Anthony Marchione has a dubious distinction. While flying over Japan, he became the last American serviceman to be killed during World War II. His legacy could have been far, far worse. Marchione death very nearly reignited World War II.安东尼·马尔基奥内的死让人煞费脑筋飞越日本上空执行任务时,他成为了二战最后一个被杀害的美国士兵,他去世的后果可是很严重很严重的,二战差点没结束!At the time, Japan had aly surrendered. The bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima had brought Hirohito to the table, and the emperor had aly survived a palace coup attempt by his warmongering generals. Standard history tells us that the war in Asia was over, but not all of Japan got the message. South of Tokyo, the 3nd and Yokosuka air groups vowed to fight on. If any Allied aircraft tried to fly over Tokyo, they would shoot them down. Care to guess what happened next? On August , General Douglas MacArthur decided to test the Japanese commitment to the surrender by sending four bombers over Tokyo. Although the group flew out and returned unscathed, MacArthur sent them out again. On August , the planes flew over the 3nd and Yokosuka groups, who took potshots at them. Worried that his peace was now unraveling, MacArthur sent the planes out one last time. If the Japanese attacked, he decided it would show that the ceasefire had aly broken down. They did. The rebel Japanese groups overwhelmed the Allied bombers. In the ensuing firefight, Staff Sergeant Joseph Lacharite was severely wounded, and Anthony Marchione was killed. MacArthur now seemingly had evidence that the Japanese were preparing to fight on. Logically, he should restart aerial bombing immediately. Such an act would have certainly reignited the war. Luckily, a peace delegation was scheduled to meet MacArthur the next day. The general decided that if they showed up, the Tokyo attack must be due to disloyal rebels. If they didnt, the war was back on. The delegation showed up. Had MacArthur restarted the war after Marchione death, it would have led to a protracted battle in the Pacific. Millions more would have died. A third atomic bomb would probably have been dropped. World War II would have dragged on months or years to come.日本政府当时已经投降美军在长崎和广岛投下的原子弹迫使天皇举了白旗,而他那好战的将军还在投降前发动了宫廷政变正史告诉我们此时二战在亚洲战区已结束,然而这个消息却没有传达到整个日本帝国南边的3和横须贺空军战队仍浴血奋战,对敌机是看到一架打一架后果可想而知8月日美国将领道格拉斯·麦克阿瑟为确保日本已经投降派了架轰炸机飞往东京上空,尽管全员平安返航,麦帅还是让他们第二天再飞了一趟日轰炸机再次光临日本,飞越3和横须贺空战部队上空时遭到袭击麦帅惊呆了:日本人这是诈降吗?!于是轰炸机的第三次日本之旅开始了,麦帅认为这次行动若仍遇到袭击则说明美国与日本的战斗仍未结束不过轰炸机最后还是挨了子弹;诈降;的日本军队对到来的轰炸机火力大开,参谋官约瑟夫·朗沙西堤身负重伤,安东尼·马尔基奥内更是被直接击毙,麦帅这下总算抓到小日本想重燃战火的把柄了照理说他应该马上部署空军展开有力的回击,若此情节发展,二战恐怕就无法结束了吧好险呐,麦帅的日程表显示翌日会有日本和平使节前来拜访他就琢磨着,小日本如期而至吧,这肯定是叛乱军的责任;没出现的话就继续开战!使节如约前来,二战以此告终假使麦帅真的在马尔基奥内身亡后立马反击,太平洋的战火势必蔓延,世界又将生灵涂炭!很可能还会迎来第三、第四颗原子弹……战争又要持续到何年何月啊!审校:suyiee 来源:前十网 535


  Life is incredibly short, as the following last photos will show you. We must learn to appreciate each and every day we wake up on Earth, and enjoy the company of our loved ones as much as possible. If you take away anything from the following final photographs to make you appreciate life, we hope it just how lucky we all are to be here.就像以下的照片所呈现的一样,生命极其短暂我们必须学会感激生活中的每一天,尽可能享受我们所爱之人的陪伴如果你能从以下张让你感激生活的照片中收获些东西,我们希望那是你意识到了,每个人都能相安无事地生活是一件多么幸运的事.Jackie and John Knill.洁姬·尼尔和约翰·尼尔On th January , the bodies of John and Jackie Knill, a Canadian couple, were found on a beach resort in Thailand, following the tragic tsunami that struck on 6th December, . The Ocean earthquake resulted in the death of approximately 30,000 people in countries. Weeks later, a Seattle man, who was in Thailand relief work, discovered a damage camera. While he discarded the camera, he kept the memory card. Later, he downloaded the images to discover photos of the Knills enjoying their holiday. The above photo is the last image of the sea bee the wave hit the shore, and it was taken at 8.30am on 6th December by the Knills. The man who discovered the camera luckily recognised the couple from the missing person website, and so contacted their two sons in Vancouver, Canada. The man even drove all the way from Seattle to Vancouver to present the sons with the final images of their parents and their holiday.年1月日,人们在泰国的海边度假胜地发现了加拿大夫妇洁姬和约翰的尸体这件事发生在年的海啸灾难之后,当时这场印度洋地震袭击了个国家,约3万人而丧生几周后,一个在泰国从事救援工作的西雅图人发现了一个损坏的相机他丢掉了相机,却留下了记忆卡后来他把卡里的图片下载下来,发现是尼尔夫妇在海边度假时拍摄的照片上图是海啸袭击前最后一张印度洋的照片,由尼尔夫妇拍摄于月6日早晨8点30分发现相机的西雅图人很巧合地在失踪人口网站上找到了该夫妻,从而联系到他们在加拿大温哥华的两个儿子这个男人甚至从西雅图一路驱车到温哥华,只为把这对父母度假时最后拍摄的照片交还给他们的儿子9.Robert Budd Dwyer9.罗伯特·巴德·德怀尔Robert Budd Dwyer was a politician who years served at a Republican member of the Pennsylvania State Senate, and went onto serve as the Treasurer of Pennsylvania until his death in 1987. He was, however, convicted of accepting a bribe, and so called a press conference to announce his resignation. Facing a punishment of up to 55 years imprisonment and a 0,000 fine, Dwyer took matters into his own hands. At the press conference, which was broadcast live on TV to Pennsylvania audiences, he out his speech and began to hand out enveloped to staff. Holding the final envelope in his hand, Dwyer pulled out a gun and said: ;Please leave the room if this will offend you;. His friends and cabinet members pleaded with Dwyer to put the gun down, leading him to stutter as he spoke to his audience. Bee anyone could stop him, Robert Budd Dwyer pulled the trigger, dying in his office.罗伯特·巴德·德怀尔是宾夕法尼亚州参议院的一名共和党成员,其任期长达年之久之后他又效力于宾夕法尼亚州的财政部直至1987年离世然而罗伯特却因受贿而被判刑,接着召开记者招待会来宣布辞职面对长达55年之久的监狱之灾和高达30万美元的罚款,德怀尔决定自己了结一切在向宾夕法尼亚州观众直播放送的记者会上,他发表讲话并把信封分发给工作人员之后德怀尔手里拿着最后一个信封,从里面掏出一把,并说到:;如果这会冒犯你,请离开这个房间; 朋友和内阁成员恳求德怀尔把放下,德怀尔只是结结巴巴地跟观众说话由于在此的人都没能阻止他,罗伯特·巴德·德怀尔扣动扳机,在办公室当场身亡8.RMS Titanic8.英国邮船泰坦尼克号This is believed to be the last photo of RMS Titanic, as she embarked on her maiden voyage to New York. However, the ill-fated liner never completed her journey, as she collided with an iceberg 00 nautical miles south of Newfoundland, Canada, on th April 19 at .0pm. A few hours later, the ship sank, taking the lives of over 1,500 people. Only 7 people survived the maritime disaster.据说,这是泰坦尼克号在开启它前往纽约的处女航前拍摄的最后一张照片然而这倒霉的邮轮并没能完成它的旅程19年月日晚上点0分,邮轮撞上加拿大纽芬兰以南00航里处的冰山几小时后,邮轮沉没,超过00人葬身大海,仅7人在这场海难中得以幸存7.Rysard Siwiec7.雷塞德·斯威斯Rysard Siwiece was a Polish ant and is known as the first person to commit suicide by self-immolation in protest against the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia. Whilst the image was captured on camera (shown above) on th September 1968, the Polish press did not mention the incident. His story was gotten until the fall of communism in 1989.雷塞德·斯威斯是波兰的一名会计师,因率先以自焚的方式来抗议苏联入侵捷克斯诺伐克而出名尽管照片拍摄于1968年9月日,但波兰媒体并未对此事进行报道直到1989年共产主义垮台之前,雷塞德的事迹都不为人们所知晓6.Jim Clark6.吉姆·克拉克This is the last close-up image of the two-time Scottish mula 1 World Champion, Jim Clark On 7th April 1968. Here he can be seen sitting on the grid in the mula vehicle he later lost his life in. Jim Lotus 8 untunately veered off the race track and crashed into trees. Many people recalled his unease the entire weekend, which some believe is shown in the above photograph.这是摄于1968年月7号,两届苏格兰一级方程式锦标赛冠军吉姆·克拉克最后的特写镜头照片里的吉姆坐在位于比赛始发处令他丧命的次级F赛车里,悲剧产生的原因是他的车;莲花8;号不幸偏离赛道而撞到树上事件发生后的整整一个星期,很多人回忆说吉姆当时显得有些不安关于这一点,一些人认为可以在上面的照片中发现5.Jewish Ghetto5.犹太人区,000 Jews were killed during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 193, which was an act of Jewish resistance that occurred in the Warsaw Ghetto in German-occupied Poland during WWII. The remaining 50,000 residents were captured and transported to either concentration or extermination camps. The above image shows an unnamed Jewish man leaping to his death from the top story window of an apartment block. It was taken at 3 and 5 Niska Street.在193年的华沙犹太区起义期间,1.3万犹太人被杀这场起义是二战时犹太人为了反对德国占领波兰在华沙区进行的抵制运动区内剩下的5万名犹太居民被捕,并送到了集中营或屠杀场照片中,一个不知名的犹太人从公寓楼的顶层窗户跳下,不幸坠亡拍摄地点位于尼斯卡大街的3号到5号.Indonesia AirAsia Flight 850.印度尼西亚亚洲航空8501航班This photo was taken by 3-year-old Hendra Gunawan Syawal, a passenger on the doomed AirAsia flight QZ8501. Here he can be seen smiling with friends in the cabin, as the plane prepares take-off from Surabaya airport in Indonesia. The friends were heading off to Singapore to celebrate New Year, and sent the photo to a friend shortly bee take-off. On th December , the aircraft crashed into the Java Sea due to bad weather. All 5 passengers onboard, and seven crew members, lost their lives.这张照片的拍摄者是3岁的亨得利·古纳万·施娅,QZ8501航班悲剧的乘客之一照片上可以看到一脸笑容的亨德利与朋友们坐在机舱里,当时飞机正准备从苏腊巴亚机场起飞他们将要前往新加坡庆祝新年,并且在飞机起飞前不久把这张照片发给了一个朋友年月号,由于天气恶劣,飞机在爪哇海坠毁,5个乘客和7位机组人员全部丧生3.Anne Frank3.安妮·弗兰克This is believed to be the last photograph of Anne Frank, standing with her sister, Margot, in 19. It is thought to have been taken bee her family were discovered and arrested on th August, 19. Sadly, Anne died a few days after Margot at Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi concentration camp in 195. The exact date of their deaths were not recorded.据说这是安妮·弗兰克生前的最后一张照片,拍摄于19年,当时她和玛格特站在一起人们认为在19年8月日,安妮的家人暴露行踪、被纳粹党逮捕之前这张照片就已经存在了195年,玛格特被关进位于卑尔根-贝尔森的纳粹集中营,没过几天安妮也不幸去世没有相关记录表明这些人具体的死亡时间.St Louis Mayor.圣路易斯市长William Becker, Mayor of St Louis, can be seen above buckling in a flight with fellow dignitaries on 1st August, 193. Following this photo, the glider tragically crashed and no-one survived the untunate accident.由图片可见,193年8月1日,圣路易斯市的市长威廉贝克和其他的政要官员一起搭乘飞机不幸的是,滑翔机后来意外坠毁,无人生还1.Moira Smith1.莫伊拉·史密斯Moira Smith was just another NYC police officer on th September, 01, but when the World Trade Center began to collapse following a terrorist attack, she proved she was no ordinary officer. The above photograph shows Moira helping Ed Nicholls into an ambulance, just bee she headed into the lobby of the south tower to find another person to help. minutes after this photo was taken, the building collapsed with Moira inside. May we never get the heroism shown that day, and the many lives lost in this tragic event.在01年的;9;事件中,莫伊拉·史密斯原本只是纽约市的一名普通警员,然而当世界贸易中心遭受恐怖主义袭击开始坍塌时,她明了自己并不是一个普通的警察上面的照片中,莫伊拉帮助爱德华·尼克尔斯进入救护车进行医治,当时她正要到南边大楼的大厅去救其他人但就在这张照片拍摄的分钟后,莫伊拉所在的大楼倒塌了愿我们永不会忘记莫伊拉在那天所展现出的英勇气魄,也不会忘记在这场悲剧里逝去的诸多生命翻译:lisha 编辑:烟囱 来源:前十网 8

  If you are looking to travel and want to go back in time here are ten great historic travel destinations the history buff on the go. From Castles to Great Walls to Pyramids here you will find Historical destinations that everyone should visit.如果你正打算旅游,想去看看历史的样子,那么接下来这里就会为历史爱好者介绍十大具有历史感的旅游目的地从城堡到长城,再到金字塔,你会看到人类应该前去参观的十大历史旅游胜地.European Castles.欧洲城堡Dotted all throughout Europe there are thousands of Medieval and Baroque castles that conjure up images of fairytale princesses and chivalrous knights. They were not only built as protective tresses but also as the homes of feudal lords and kings that showed their wealth and status. Some of the most impressive examples include Germany Neuschwanstein Castle, France Palace of Versailles, Ireland Blarney Castle, Sintra Palace in Portugal, Turkey Topkapi Palace, Prague Castle in the Czech Republic and Leeds Castle in England.成千上万个具有巴洛克式风格的中世纪城堡散落在整个欧洲这些城堡让人联想到童话故事里公主和骑士的场景城堡的建造不仅是为了保护要塞,也是封建贵族和骑士的家同时,也彰显了他们的财富和地位其中最具影响力的城堡有:德国的新天鹅堡、法国的凡尔赛宫殿、新西兰的布拉尼城堡、葡萄牙的辛拉特宫殿、土耳其的拉普拉卡宫殿、捷克共和国的布拉格城堡和英国的利兹城堡9.Stonehenge9.巨石阵While there are several theories around the functionality of this Neolithic monument, no one can argue that within minutes of arriving you find yourself pondering the mystery of Stonehenge. The major rivaling theories are that it was either built as an astronomical observatory or religious site while others believe that the bluestones were thought to have healing powers. Construction first began around 3000 and was carried out in three separate stages hundreds of years apart.虽然新石器时代的历史遗物有着许多原理,无可争议的是仅是在短短几分钟之内,你会发现自己正在思索巨石阵的神秘之处其主要原理是,巨石阵的建造既不是用作天文研究也不是作为宗教场所,其中,有些人相信蓝石具有治愈功能初次建造大约是在公元前3000年而后在0年里历经3次间断的修建后得以完成8.Angkor Wat8.吴哥窟Angkor Wat is easily the most recognizable temple in Cambodia as well as one of the most beautiful. It was built in the early th century by King Suryavarman II to act as his state temple and capital city. The best example of Khmer architecture, which includes many bas-reliefs and devatas, Angkor Wat is unique in that it is the only such temple that is oriented towards the west.在柬埔寨,吴哥窟是最易识别的神殿,也是最美神殿之一作为本国的神殿和首都,苏耶跋二世在世纪早期将其修建完成高棉建筑风格的最佳典范包含许多浅浮雕和仙女蒂娃坦,吴哥窟在这一风格中成为了唯一一座朝向为西的神殿7.The Great Wall of China7.中国长城One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall is an impressive feat of engineering. The Wall is the product of 1 centuries of building and rebuilding that began in the 5th century , and was used to protect the Empire of China from Xiongnu attacks. Although sections of the current wall, which dates back to the Ming Dynasty, are in total disrepair, near tourist centers it has been well preserved and even reconstructed to give visitors a glimpse of its mer glory.作为世界七大奇迹之一,长城的建造是一项震惊世界的工程壮举它是1世纪建筑重建的产物,建于公元前5世纪用以抵御匈奴入侵,保障古代帝王的统治现如今,长城要追溯到秦朝其部分完全摧毁,而靠近旅游中心的长城被保护得很好有的甚至得以重修以此让游客一睹长城昔日的辉煌6.Machu Picchu6.马丘比丘Machu Picchu, known to many as ;The Lost City of the Incas;, is the most impressive remainder of the Incan Empire. It was built in 6 AD and abandoned only a hundred years later, which saved it from plunder and destruction at the hands of Spanish conquistadors, who were unaware of its location. American historian Hiram Bingham rediscovered Machu Picchu in 19. The three primary structures are the Temple of the Sun, the Room of the Three Windows and the Intihuatana Stone, an astronomical clock or calendar that has been dubbed ;The Hitching Point of the Sun;.马丘比丘因;印加迷失的城市;而为人所熟知它是印加帝王让人印象最深刻的标志建造于公元6年,仅0年后便被抛弃这一结果也使得马丘比丘在西班牙征者的掠夺和摧毁中得以幸存美国历史学家还拉姆·宾汉于19年重新发现了马丘比丘它最基本的三大建筑是:太阳神殿、三窗神殿和拴日石其中拴日石有一个天文时钟或一本日历,它们被授予;太阳要点;的称号5.The Parthenon5.帕台农神殿The Parthenon is an elegantly crafted symbol, not only of Ancient Greece, but also of the very roots of democracy. The current building was built Pericles in the mid-5th century as a Doric temple to the goddess Athena and also as a treasury the Delian League. Many of the sculptures, referred to as the marbles, have been removed and now reside in the British Museum, the Louvre and other museums despite efts by the Greek government to return them to their proper place.帕台农神殿不仅是古希腊优美的标志性建筑,还是民主政治的根源这一建筑建造于公元前5世纪中期同时,它还是提洛同盟的财富这里的许多大理石雕像早已被转移,现属于英国物馆、卢浮宫和其他物馆尽管希腊政府正努力促使其回归正位.The Taj Mahal.泰姬陵The Taj Mahal is one of the most stunning structures in the world and the story behind its construction is just as beautiful. The Taj was built between 3 and 53 by Emperor Shah Jahan to serve as a mausoleum and monument to his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It was constructed by twenty thousand workers from marble and inlayed with twenty-eight different kinds of precious and semi-precious stones from across India and Asia.泰姬陵是世界上最杰出的建筑结构之一在建造前,它还有一个美丽的故事泰姬陵由国王沙贾汉在3年至53年期间完成,它作为国王爱妻——慕塔芝玛的陵墓和纪念碑泰姬陵是由00位工人用大理石和来自印度和亚洲的种不同种类的珍贵石头建造而成3.Petra3.佩特拉古城The ancient Nabataean capital of Petra was built around 0 and was a site where many ancient trade routes converged making its residents very wealthy. Some of the major attractions are the Theatre and the Monastery, but the most recognizable is the Al Khazneh, commonly referred to as the Treasury, that use was a mystery until a recant excavation found that the Khazneh is really a tomb, probably of the royal family.古老的纳巴泰大约建于公元前0年,它是许多古老的贸易路线的必经之地,这一条件使得当地居民繁荣富裕该地最具吸引力的是剧场和修道院,而卡兹尼神殿则最易识别我们通常视其为国库它曾一度神秘莫测,直到有人挖掘并表明该神殿实则是一座属于贵族家庭的坟墓.Rome.罗马The Eternal City is filled with some of the most stunning and iconic architecture in the world. Layers of Ancient Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque buildings are to be seen at almost every turn. However, no trip to Rome is complete without taking in the Coliseum, the Roman um, the Pantheon, the Circus Maximus, the Arch of Constantine, Fontana di Trevi and at least one of the many historic piazzas throughout the city.不朽之城有些震惊世界的建筑风格和建筑标识古罗马的每个阶层,中世纪和文艺复兴时期,巴洛克风格建筑几乎出现在每一个时期的转角处如果你没有去观看竞技场,去感受罗马法庭,去参观万神殿,也没有去看看大竞技场和君士坦丁,甚至没有去许愿池许愿,那么这绝对是一场不完整的罗马之行在这里有许多具有历史意义的广场,其中至少有一个贯穿了整个城市1.Egypt1.埃及Egypt it one of the most culturally rich countries in the world and one of the most ancient tourist spots in the world having played host to many visitors from ancient Greece and Rome. Of course the site that is most synonymous with the image of Egypt is the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx at Giza. Other must see sights include the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, the Egyptian Museum, Saqqara, Luxor and Karnak, all of which will make you feel like youve taken a step back in time to the lands of Ancient Egypt.埃及是世界上最富有文化底蕴的国家它也是世界上最古老的旅游地之一埃及曾接待了来自古希腊和罗马的游客毋庸置疑,最具埃及风格的是大金字塔和吉萨的斯芬克斯(Sphinx,带翼的狮身女怪)而其他景点包括:帝王谷、阿尔辛贝神殿、埃及物馆、塞加拉、卢克索和卡纳克神殿所有的景点都将给你一种置身于古埃及土地上的感觉翻译:何韵 来源:前十网 9837

  Our Earth boasts many hidden powers. Most remain (at least partially) mysterious to us, but every day, a bit more is revealed. Some days, we discover the mechanics behind major events. At this rate, it should only take us 0 million years or so to shut the book on Earth.我们的地球有着诸多未解之谜大部分(至少某种程度上)仍然是个谜,但是我们每天都会破解一点点终有一天我们会发现那些重大事件背后的真相,以目前探索地球奥秘的速度来看,还需要一亿年左右我们才可以揭开地球的神秘面纱.What Caused The Siberian Crater?.西伯利亚坑洞是怎样形成的?In August , a gaping crater appeared on the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia. This was an interesting phenomenon, because other than sinkholes in Florida, giant holes usually dont appear randomly. Geologists traded theories on the origin of the crater, while paranoid skeptics suggested wacky explanations like meteors and extraterrestrial influences.年8月,一个巨大的坑洞出现在西伯利亚的亚马尔半岛上这是一个有趣的现象,因为除了佛罗里达的溶洞,大型地洞一般不会突然出现地质学家相互交流了研究坑洞成因的理论,而偏执的怀疑论者提出了一些怪异的理论,比如来自流星和地球之外的其他影响To solve the mystery, scientists erred on the side of sensibility and jumped into the bottomless maw. The craters (plural, as many others are being discovered) were not the result of advanced alien weaponry. A much more terrestrial and much less glorious explanation surfaced—methane. Measurements revealed that methane concentrations within the crater bowels approached percent. Air is normally about 0.0009 percent methane.The offending gas seeps up from thawing permafrost. And as global temperatures rise, clumps of methane bubble toward the surface faster and faster. Once the welling methane blobs reach a critical threshold, the gasses blast through the Siberian crust. This is supported by the mysterious Siberian pits resemblance to explosion craters, rather than sinkholes or cavities med through implosion. Debris strewn around the site are the telltale sign of mighty booms.为了揭开这个谜,科学家们表现得十分感性,跳进了深不可测的大洞这些坑洞(包括其他逐渐被发现的洞口)并不是外星生物先进的武器造成的有一种没那么耀眼夺目的解释与地球联系更紧密,认为其原因就是甲烷有测量表明,火山口内部的甲烷含量高达%而空气中甲烷的正常含量大约为0.0009%这种刺激性气体从逐渐融化的永冻土中渗透出来,随着全球气候变暖,源源不断的甲烷气泡越来越快地向地表聚集当这些不断上冒的甲烷气泡达到一个临界值时,这些气体就会爆炸,冲破西伯利亚地表那些神秘的西伯利亚矿井就是佐,它们与这些爆炸的坑洞极其相似,而与那些内陷而成的溶洞或者山洞不一样散落在坑洞周围的碎片就是发生过猛烈爆炸的痕迹9.What Causes Earthquake Lights?9.地震光的成因是什么?Earthquake lights would be awesome events if not the earthquake part of the equation. These mysterious flashes have been observed in various ms such as orbs and pillars. And many explanations have been volunteered, including, you guessed it, aliens. Scientists, however, theorized the cause was a perfect storm of piezoelectric ces and geologic trauma.如果不是因为地震会带来极大破坏,地震光会是让人感到惊喜的东西这些神秘的光早已引起人们的注意,它们以各种形状出现,比如球形和圆柱形人们对地震光产生的原因提出了多种解释,包括外星人然而科学家们提出理论认为,具有压电效应的力和地质变化交互作用产生了巨大影响,形成了这些现象The true cause appears to be different. Instead of previously implicated quartz-rich rocks, earthquake lights seem to be caused by sparking volcanic rocks because igneous materials like basalts and gabbros are rife with pores and tiny defects. Imagine Earth as a pint of ice cream. The basalts and their ilk are the swirls of fudge, vertical ribbons of cooled magma that have solidified into veins of porous rock. These structures reach down many miles and act as conduits escaping electrical ces. When seismic waves plow through, they spark the rocks to life, transming them into makeshift battery cells. The electrical buildup is then released psychedelically, in vibrant rainbow bands shooting from the ground. However, the volcanic rocks necessary to produce these trippy effects are rarely found in adequate amount. Theree, earthquake lights are not often observed.真正的原因有所不同地震光似乎并不是由之前暗指的石英含量丰富的岩石形成的,而是由燃烧的火山岩造成的,因为像玄武岩和辉长岩这一类的火成岩充满了气孔和细微的瑕疵把地球想象成一品脱冰激凌玄武岩这一类的岩石就像一卷卷软糖,冷却的岩浆就像垂直的丝带,凝固在有气孔的岩石中这些结构向下绵延几英里,像导体一样起到导电的作用地震波在层层岩石间传播,点燃了岩石的生命,把它们变成了临时的电池然后这些带电的岩石会释放光芒,形成一种迷幻的效果这时就会有明亮的虹般的光带突然出现在地面上然而,火山岩产生迷幻效果的场景很少出现,地震光并不是经常被人们看见8.Can Hurricanes Help Invasive Species?8.飓风能帮助入侵物种吗?Researchers from Nova Southeastern University have found an unlikely cause of the proliferation of invasive marine species—hurricanes. Lionfish have multiplied like crazy in recent years, ravaging indigenous ecosystems by voraciously gobbling up resources and producing many ugly babies. Overall, hurricanes have increased lionfish migrations by 5 percent and strengthened their numbers by percent. The situation is so dire that landlubbers and seamen alike are implored to eat more lionfish.诺瓦东南大学的研究人员发现了导致外来海洋生物扩散的罕见原因——飓风近年来,狮子鱼疯狂地成倍增长,它们贪婪地吞噬资源,大量繁殖,破坏着当地的生态系统总体而言,飓风导致发生迁移的狮子鱼猛增了5%,并且使它们的数量增长了%面对如此可怕的情形,当地人和水手都被要求食用更多的狮子鱼The Floridian straits served as lionfish ground zero, but since 199, the invaders have been busy and are now found in worrying numbers throughout the Bahamas as well. Scientists were stumped. How were these normally sedentary creatures able to travel so freely? The answer is through no eft of their own—the fish were obliviously whisked away by shifting ocean currents. The oceanic conveyors responsible the lionfish exodus were hurricanes, which redirect sea currents as they rumble through the tropics and subtropics. Researcher Matthew Johnston likens these pathways to express lanes on a superhighway.Strong ocean currents normally m a barrier and keep the lionfish sequestered from the ocean at large. But when a large storm rolls through, the barrier is switched off as strong northern flows are diverted eastward. Lionfish babies and eggs are swept away by these intense flows, and the invasion continues.弗洛里达州海峡是它们的聚集地,但是自199年以来,它们频繁入侵,数量多得令人堪忧,巴哈马群岛也出现了这样的情况科学家们不知如何是好这些通常长期生活在一个地方的动物是如何自由迁移的?从它们自身可以毫不费力地找到:狮子鱼是被改变方向的洋流冲走的飓风是把大量狮子鱼转移到其他地方的海上传送带洋流发着低沉的声音流过热带和亚热带时,飓风改变了它们的方向研究员马修·约翰斯顿把这些路径比作高速公路上的车道通常强劲的洋流会形成一个屏障,阻碍狮子鱼大量进入海洋;但是当大风暴席卷而来,北边的洋流转而向东流去,屏障消失小狮子鱼和鱼蛋被卷进强烈的海流,物种入侵便继续扩散7.Why Was The Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami So Large?7.为什么东日本地震海啸如此之大?The 9.0 magnitude Tohoku earthquake that devastated Japan in March was an absolute monster—the fifth-largest in recorded history. But the ensuing tsunami was uncharacteristically massive and impacted the island at an odd spot, scientifically speaking. The mystery persisted until NASA remembered it had two serendipitously aligned satellites that captured the tsunami in real-time. The chance of such a satellite being pointed in the right direction was one in million. The ESA also had a set of eyes on the event. The data, oceanographic measurements accurate to the centimeter, revealed the devastation was caused by not one, but two tsunamis.年3月袭击日本东北部的9级大地震简直就是恶魔,这是有史以来第五大地震但是随之而来的海啸规模大得非比寻常,并且波及了一个位置奇特的岛屿这一直是未解之谜,直到NASA偶然发现有两颗卫星实时捕获了海啸的情况,谜团才有了合理的解答欧洲航天局也对此事件进行了跟进海洋学的测量数据精确到了厘米,发现造成这次破坏的海啸不是一个而是两个The brutal earthquake launched two massive wave fronts at the island nation, and these two systems combined into what science has eloquently dubbed a “double tsunami.” The catastrophe offered researchers their first definitive glimpse at this destructive phenomenon. Twin tsunamis had been implicated in previous disasters. example, in 1960, a Chilean tsunami crossed large swaths of the Pacific Ocean to take 0 lives in Hawaii and Japan. But now that researchers have witnessed a bona fide merger, theyll be able to predict future events, improve hazard maps, and devise better evacuation routes.强烈的地震向日本传递了两次大型的震波,并且两次震动合二为一,科学上形象地称为“双重海啸” “双重海啸”被实在之前就引发过灾难例如,1960年,智利海啸波及太平洋很大面积,并且带走了夏威夷和日本的0条人命但是如今,研究人员已经见了整个合并过程,他们将能够据此预测未来的事件,优化风险地图,规划更好的疏散路线6.What The Terrestrial Version Of A Black Hole?6.何为地球上的黑洞?Black holes are the most exotic, unimaginable objects in the universe. Researchers have found an Earth analogue in South Atlantic vortices, which boast aquatic event horizons from which nothing escapes—at least until the dissolution of the vortex.黑洞是宇宙中最奇特的并且令人难以想象的物体观察者们在大西洋南部的漩涡里发现了一种与黑洞类似的东西The individual vortices are mere babies compared to their progenitor, the mighty Agulhas Current, which traverses the Indian Ocean bee doubling back on itself. When the physics are just right, the looping current spawns little eddies that flow out into the ocean at large. These eddies have life spans of many months and are surprisingly similar to their feared cosmic counterparts. one, theyre surrounded by impregnable walls of swirling water, as black holes are enveloped by a shroud of orbiting photons and other celestial matter. Anything that ventures into this no man land is assimilated into a singularity and is never heard from again. The oceanic eddies also feature central singularities from which materials cannot escape. In this way, the eddies m their own independent microenvironments. Researchers are keen to investigate how these whirlpools contribute to the circulation of marine detritus, tiny organisms, and waters of differing temperatures and salinities. Researchers are optimistic about finding similarly turbulent vortices produced by other terrestrial processes, such as eolian black holes whipped up by hurricanes.这一个个漩涡和它们的祖先相比只不过是个小不点,强大的阿古拉斯海流在流回自己的发源地之前都会穿过印度洋在物理环境合适的情况下,循环的洋流会产生小漩涡,而这些小漩涡一般会流入海洋这些漩涡能存在几个月时间,并且它们与宇宙里那些让人闻风丧胆的黑洞惊人的相似举例来说,它们被漩涡流坚固的水墙所环绕,就像黑洞被在轨道中运行的光子和其他外太空的物质所包围一样任何物体想要冒险冲进这个“真空”般的地方都会被这个奇点卷入,并且不会再被找到海洋中的漩涡也具有中心奇点的特征,任何物质都无法逃脱就是在这种情况下,那些漩涡构成了他们自己的一个小环境观察者们热衷于研究这些漩涡是如何促进海里的碎石屑、微小生物、不同温度及咸度的海水进行循环的,并且对于能否找到其他地理活动形成的类似的湍急的漩涡,比如由飓风形成的风成黑洞,他们也很乐观翻译:步懒懒6+5 前十网 9



  Conversation 3A: Good afternoon. What can I do you?B: Can you show me some ties and handkerchiefs?A: Certainly, sir. How about this new design?B: It doesnt suit me, Im afraid.A: And this one?B: Too dull me.A: How do you like that one, next to this?B: Please let me see that.A: This is a Japanese product and of the finest material. Please feel it, it very soft.B: Yes, it better an d softer than that one. How much is it?A: 60 yuan, sir.B: Too expensive.A: You must consider its quality, sir. That one of the best we have, and the most beautiful.B: No. How about 0 yuan?A: OK. A:下午好我能为您做什么吗?B:请给我看一些领带和手帕好吗?A:好的,先生这种新款式怎么样?B:恐怕不是和我吧A:那这一条呢?B:太老气了A:旁边的那一条好吗?B:请给我看看A:这是日本产品,用最好的料子做成的请摸摸看,很柔软B:是的,比那一条好点儿,也更柔软多少钱?A:应该看看它的质量啊,先生这是我们所有产品中最好的一种了,也是最漂亮的B:不,0元怎样?A:好吧 1


  There is arguably never a more beautiful time to see the world than when the leaves turn red and golden.当叶子颜色渐变为红色和金色时,可以说是全球最美的时节It in the autumn season that mountains and sweeping valleys are aglow.如今,秋意渐浓,山脉和山谷遍布红色And there are multiple ways to see the changing leaves.观赏秋叶的方式有许多种Visitors in Manhattan might like to take to the skies and swoop over a dazzling Central Park by helicopter, while ramblers in Abisko National Park in Sweden will also be rewarded with eye-catching foliage.曼哈顿的游客可以乘坐直升飞机,飞上蓝天,而后冲向炫目的中央公园,而漫步于瑞典阿比斯库国家公园的人们将同样被迷人的秋叶景观所吸引Kayak along the Bonshaw River on Prince Edward Island in Canada, meanwhile, and there a prize of golden leaves reflecting in shining waters.在加拿大的爱德华王子岛,沿着邦肖河划着独木舟,一时间,金色叶子的影子映射在光亮的水面上Some of the best autumn colours can be easily viewed from the road, though, with The Rockies and the Smoky Mountains offering the adventurous truly memorable autumnal moments.或许,我们透过林荫大道即可感知秋色,但落基山和大烟山确为我们提供了一段让人记忆深刻的秋日冒险时光Here we picks out some of the best places witnessing magnificent autumn hues.在此我们选出了几个观赏绚烂秋色的最佳胜地The spectacular sight of Mount Nantai and Lake Chuzenji in Nikko, Japan, is even more incredible in the autumn.位于日本日光城的男体山及中禅寺湖,其壮美景象在秋日愈发迷人New York may be famous its skyscrapers but a helicopter ride over Central Park as the leaves turn orange is just as breathtaking.纽约或以其天大楼闻名于世,然而在秋叶变黄之际,乘坐直升机穿越中央公园更是美的令人惊叹A kaleidoscope of colours surrounds a bridge in Bear Mountain in New York during an autumn season.秋季时分,纽约大熊山间的一座桥被秋色环绕,色斑斓,变化万千The intensely red autumnal trees in Sweden Abisko National Park contrast starkly with the snowcapped mountains rising above them.在瑞典阿比斯库国家公园,分外显眼的红色秋木与高起的雪山形成鲜明对比The fairy tale-like Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany, looks even more magical while encircled by autumnal trees.在德国巴伐利亚,宛若仙境的新天鹅堡在秋木的环绕之下愈显梦幻Double the value: Rent a kayak on Bonshaw River on Prince Edward Island in Canada a superb view of autumn foliage on land - and reflected in the water.双重收获:在加拿大的爱德华王子岛,租一独木舟,泛舟于邦肖河,可以同时享受岸上的和水中倒映的绝佳秋色Golden temple: The trees surrounding Osaka Castle in Japan look truly vibrant as winter approaches.日本大阪城周,秋木环绕,虽隆冬渐至,颇显生气If travelling by land suits you more, the dramatic Rockies in Canada look spectacular when surrounded by autumnal leaves.如果认为自己更适合陆路旅行,那么一定要去加拿大的落基山,颇为雄伟尤其待到漫山秋叶时,好不壮观Exploring the Bieszczady Mountains is one of the most exciting things to do in Poland, and there is arguably never a better time to go than when the landscape is a golden haze.[en在波兰,最令人激动的事情之一就是于毕斯兹扎迪山内探险而且,当宛若金色雾霭的秋叶笼罩山间之时,毋庸置疑,正是去那儿的绝佳时节If you are considering a wine tour in the Loire Valley in France, why not go in the autumn when the vineyards have mesmerising hues.如果你计划在法国的卢尔瓦河谷来一场美酒之旅,为何不选择在葡萄园呈现迷人之色的秋日出发呢?See the fiery-hued mountains reflected in Lake Sylvenstein in Bavaria, Germany, as you drive over the Sylvenstein Dam.在德国巴伐利亚,当你驱车行驶在Sylvenstein大坝上,你会看到湖面上倒映着的绯色山景Taking a hot air balloon is a great way to see autumnal colour stretching out towards the horizon, and one of the best places this is in Vermont in the US where the landscape is 75 per cent est.在美国,乘坐热气球是一种观赏秋色的绝佳方式,且看那无边秋色延至地平线而佛蒙特州则作为乘热气球赏秋色的最佳地点,那里75%都被秋木覆盖The sun rays illuminate an aspen grove at Oxbow Bend in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, with storm clouds over the Tetons.在怀俄明州的大蒂顿国家公园,阳光穿透乌云,照射在Oxbend Bowd的杨树丛上The range of trees and lakes in Adelaide Hills, part of the Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia, are a colourful mix during autumn.秋季时节,在阿德莱德山,南澳州的部分高山岭地区,一排排秋木与湖区色层叠,交相辉映 a breathtaking drive, journey along the highway across the Smoky Mountains to see winding roads with bright hues.可以来一次难忘的驾车之旅,驾车循着高速路横跨大烟山,沿途道路蜿蜒,色明丽Rows upon rows of tangy-coloured grapes can be seen in the vineyards of Napa Valley in Calinia.在加利福尼亚州的纳帕谷地,葡萄园中那一排排葡萄颜色格外鲜明 a jaw-dropping landscape Queenstown in New Zealand has arguably some of the best going. And this is enhanced when the farmlands turn golden.凭借其令人惊叹的迷人风光,新西兰皇后镇可以说是最佳去处之一,尤其当整个田地披上金色之后,这种说法就更加确凿了 189

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