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上海玫瑰整形做隆鼻手术多少钱上海市浦东新区周浦医院修眉多少钱Finance and Economics;The euro crisis;A firewall full of holes;财经;欧元危机;漏洞百出的防火墙;The euro zones rescue strategy still does not add up;欧元区救助策略依然一盘散沙;There is a new swagger among European financial officials these days. As bond sps narrow, share prices rise and the euro strengthens, many policymakers are convinced the crisis has been solved. At a G20 gathering of finance ministers in Mexico City on February 25th-26th, for instance, the European delegates were touting their success. It is a far cry from the browbeatings they suffered during 2011.当前,欧洲财政官员们流露出新的自大情绪。随着债券息差缩小,股票价格上涨,欧元势头强劲,众多决策者坚信这场危机已经终结。如2月25日-26日在墨西哥城召开的20国财长会议上,欧洲代表不断吹嘘他们的成功。这与他们2011年危机中恐惧的样子可真是天壤之别。This mood of confidence can largely be credited to the European Central Bank (ECB) and its provision of liquidity to banks. But add in Greece’s second bail-out deal, tough new euro-zone fiscal rules, bold reforms in Italy and Spain and—so the argument goes—it is clear that the Europeans are serious about fixing their problems. Just in case, the imminent introduction of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), a permanent rescue fund, as well as an increase in the IMF’s resources, also mean that a solid firewall is being erected to cope with another conflagration.这种自信情绪很大程度上要归因于欧洲央行及其向提供的流动资金。但是,一些人还考虑到第二轮对希腊的救助、强硬的欧元区新财政政策以及意大利和西班牙大刀阔斧的改革,因此出现了一种说法:欧洲显然是真的想解决问题。为了以防万一,欧洲即将推出一项永久救助基金——欧洲稳定机制(ESM),国际货币基金组织也将增加其资金,这意味着一道坚实的防火墙正在竖起,以应对另一场“大火”。Unfortunately, with one exception, every part of that argument is weaker than it looks. The exception is the ECB’s Long Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO), which provides banks with three-year liquidity at its main interest rate, currently 1%, against a wide array of collateral. On February 29th the ECB announced that it had lent another EURO530 billion (2 billion), taking the amount of three-year money it has pumped into the banking system over the past two months or so to more than EURO1 trillion (see chart). It is hardly surprising that markets are perkier.可惜的是,这种说法的每个方面都没有看起来那么坚实,但其中有一项是例外。这个例外就是欧洲中央的长期再融资操作(LTRO),LTRO按其主导利率,在提供大量的抵押品作为担保的情况下,向其提供三年期流动资金来,当前主导利率为1%。2月29日,欧洲央行宣布又借出5300亿欧元(7120亿美元),这一举措使其在近两个多月的时间内向系统注入的三年期资金超过1万亿欧元(见图)。难怪市场会变得更加傲慢。The amount lent at the second auction was slightly higher than expected, and went to far more banks than the initial auction in December. Since so many small banks have now tapped LTRO, hopes are rising that as well as slowing the pace of bank deleveraging and propping up sovereign-bond markets, the liquidity may encourage new lending to the real economy.第二次竞标的贷款量略高于此前预期,获得贷款的数量也大大超过12月的首次竞标。LTRO不仅放缓了减债的步伐,撑了主权债券市场,同时也因为众多小型现已从LTRO获得资金,人们越来越期望流动资金能够刺激新贷款流向实体经济。It might, but all that money could also have nasty long-term side-effects. Hawks at the ECB are aly muttering about the problem of banks becoming addicted to cheap central-bank funds. And by encouraging Italian or Spanish banks to buy their governments’ bonds, LTRO reinforces the close links between the peripheral economies’ sovereign debt and the health of their banks.三年期贷款可能有这种作用,但也可能产生长期的负面影响。欧洲央行的鹰派已经开始抱怨各国沉溺于央行的廉价基金。三年期贷款刺激了意大利或者西班牙用所获资金购买国债,将次要经济体主权债务与其健康状况捆绑得更紧。LTRO has bought time, however. So, too, has Greece’s latest rescue package. Germany’s Bundestag approved its share of the funds on February 27th. The temporary downgrade of Greek bonds to “selective default”, as a result of moves to restructure private creditors’ debt, has caused few ripples. In the short term a chaotic default has almost certainly been avoided. But few believe the Greek rescue plan will actually work. Eventually Greece will either need more help from its rescuers or will face default and perhaps an exit from the euro.但是,LTRO买的是时间。最新一次希腊救助计划也是如此。2月27日,德国联邦议院批准了德国在该基金中承担的份额。希腊调整私人债权人债务的一系列动作导致其债券被临时降级为“选择性违约”,但却没有什么影响。短期看来,希腊几乎不可能出现违约动荡。但是,也几乎没有人相信希腊救助计划真的管用。最终,希腊要么向救助者寻求更多帮助,要么面临违约,也许还要退出欧元区。What matters, therefore, is how well the euro zone uses the time it has bought itself. The signs are worrying. Policymakers’ overwhelming (and misguided) focus on budget austerity is facing increasing resistance. Spain announced on February 27th that its 2011 budget deficit, at 8.5% of GDP, was even bigger than first expected. It wants to renegotiate the 2012 deficit target of 4.4% of GDP.因此,关键是看欧元区怎么用好自己买到的时间。现在的迹象令人担忧。决策者误入歧途,过分强调预算紧缩,现在面临了越来越多的抵抗。2月27日,西班牙宣布其2011年预算赤字为GDP的8.5%,高于先期预测。西班牙欲就其2012年的赤字目标进行重新协商,该目标为GDP的4.4%。More worrying still is the lack of progress in building permanent defenses against a loss of confidence in another sovereign’s bonds. Much faith is placed in the ESM, to be launched on July 1st. This EURO500 billion fund is supposedly stronger than the current iteration, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), because it is enshrined in legal treaties and because EURO80 billion of its capital will eventually be paid in, whereas the EFSF relies on guarantees. Although Germany still resists, most euro-zone members hope to run both funds simultaneously, which implies a theoretical cash-chest of EURO750 billion.更令人担心的还是针对另一种主权债券信心缺失的永久防御建设未取得进展。很多人寄希望于7月1日将启动的欧洲稳定机制(ESM)。这笔5000亿欧元的资金可能比当前的机制——欧洲金融稳定基金(EFSF)——更为有力,因为ESM有法律条约作保障,并且其800亿欧元资本最终会兑现,而不是像EFSF那样只靠担保。尽管德国依然反对,但大部分欧元区成员国都希望两项基金同时运行,若同时运行,将意味着理论上会有7500亿欧元的基金。The trouble is that this money is not actually to hand. The EFSF, whose AA+ credit rating was put on negative watch by Standard amp; Poor’s this week, must find its funds in the bond markets, and there is little evidence that it can raise a lot of money fast. And cash-strapped countries, such as France, are reluctant to pay in a lot of capital to the ESM quickly.问题是这笔钱还没有到手。信用等级为AA+的EFSF本周被标准普尔公司设为负面观察,EFSF必须要在债券市场找到资本,但是还没有迹象表明EFSF可以快速筹到巨款。而资金短缺的国家,如法国,不愿意立即向ESM大量注资。The Europeans’ reluctance to put a hefty amount of real money at risk has weakened the second part of the firewall, the IMF’s resources. In Mexico City G20 members made it clear that they would not stump up cash for the fund until there was a “credible” commitment from Europe.欧洲国家不愿意冒险投入大量现款,这一点削弱了防火墙的第二部分——国际货币基金组织(IMF)的资金源。在墨西哥城召开的G20会议上,成员国明确表示在欧洲国家做出可靠承诺前,他们不会向该基金注资。Worse, even if it were fully in place, this is still a rather flimsy sort of defence. Relying on vast infusions of money from the IMF could actually worsen the problems of a country like Italy, since the fund’s presumed preferred-creditor status(IMF) would push private bondholders further down the pecking order. Nor are the amounts being talked about enough to remove the risk of panic. As Willem Buiter of Citigroup points out, the weaker members of the euro zone collectively need to borrow some EURO2 trillion over the next two years.更不妙的是,即使资金全部就绪,这也只能是一层脆弱的抵御。事实上,依靠IMF灌入大量资金对于像意大利这样的国家来说会将问题恶化,因为该基金的预期优先债权人身份会将私人债券持有人推向更低的社会等级。这笔数目也不足以消除出现大恐慌的风险。正如花期公司的维勒姆?布提尔指出的那样,在未来两年内,欧元区较脆弱的成员国共需借款2万亿欧元左右。To get properly on top of its debt problem, Europe needs to be bolder. A growing chorus argues that this must entail some form of joint liability for countries’ debts. A proposal from the German Council of Economic Experts for a European Debt Redemption Fund, which would mutualize all euro-zone members’ debts above 60% of GDP, with strict rules to pay them off over 25 years, is gaining traction in some quarters. Germany itself remains staunchly opposed to anything that smells of Eurobonds, and the current period of calm has only reinforced that resistance. Meanwhile, the clock ticks.要想恰当地处理好债务问题,欧洲还需要更加大刀阔斧。越来越多的人认为欧洲国家需要为债务问题负连带责任。德国经济专家委员会提出的欧洲债务赎回基金的建议在部分地区得到了响应。该基金吸收了欧元区各国债务占GDP 60%以外的部分,制定严格的制度使他们在25年内还清。德国本身坚决反对任何带有欧洲债券味道的东西,当前的风平浪静只是增强了这种抵抗。与此同时,钟表指针滴滴答答地走着。 /201301/219826上海市第六人民医院金山分院做祛疤手术多少钱 上海好的瘦小腿整容医院是哪家

上海长海医院韩式隆鼻多少钱松江区妇幼保健医院整形科 Books and Arts; Book Review;Bulgakov and Stalin on stage;文艺;书评;舞台上的布尔加科夫与斯大林;Men and monsters;Two new plays explore the relationship between art and tyranny;人与怪物;探讨艺术与极权统治之间关系的两部新剧;Even without the constraints of censorship, Stalins reign lends itself to surrealism. How else to convey its mad caprices, the incomprehensible scale of his cruelty and the spiralling paranoia? Two new London productions that, coincidentally, involve Stalin and the novelist Mikhail Bulgakov, make apt use of surreal fantasia. Catch either, or ideally both, if you can.即便没有审查制度,斯大林的统治之下,艺术也会走向超现实主义。不然还有什么方式,可以表达其统治的反复无常,以及其人不可理解的残酷程度和日益增强的偏执呢?伦敦最近的两部新剧,恰好以超现实的幻想曲,让斯大林和小说家米哈?布尔加科夫走到了一起。两者中任一方面都值得玩味,如果你能,也可以兼顾双方。The new version of “The Master and Margarita” by Complicite, a British company justly renowned for its daring theatre, is set to tour Europe after a short, triumphant run at the Barbican. The unwieldy zaniness of Bulgakovs great novel—whose action involves the devil and his retinue visiting Stalins Moscow, the blighted affair of the eponymous characters, and the masters novel about Pontius Pilate and Jesus—somehow hasnt deterred stage adaptations. In this one, Simon McBurney, Complicites director, doubles down: rather than trying to simplify, he mashes up the stories, echoing and embellishing them in multimedia. There are projections, sound loops, puppetry and nudity: a painfully emaciated Christ; a flying, nude Margarita.以大胆的舞台著称的英国Complicite公司推出了新版《大师与玛格丽特》,在巴比肯的短暂上演大获成功,计划接下来去欧洲巡演。布尔加科夫这本伟大的小说带有一种不受配的癫狂:魔鬼极其随从造访斯大林的莫斯科,同名人物的事迹以及大师所著关于比拉多和耶稣的故事。但这些都没有阻碍舞台剧本的改写。Complicite公司的总监Simon McBurney认为,不应当简化原著,而是把整个故事融为一体,并通过多媒体手段加以呼应和装饰。电脑投影,环绕音响,木偶人像和大胆裸露都得以应用。瘦骨嶙峋的耶稣痛苦地受难,还有赤身裸体悬在空中的玛格丽特。The result is a dark carnival of theatrical effects, which is demanding, sometimes overwhelming, only occasionally misfiring. Like ers of the book, some members of the audience may yearn for more of the comic demons, in particular the giant, lecherous cat. But the overall impact highlights the novels underlying themes: the hypocrisy of many but compassion of some; the way craven people get the callous rulers they deserve, yet now and then rise to a nobility that deserves better.这一切的结果便是各种舞台特效在黑暗中的狂欢。全场气氛被跳动起来,有时甚至无法抵抗,只有某些时刻会显得过火。和原著的读者一样,现场的一些观众可能也会渴望看到更多动画制作的怪物,尤其是那只巨大的充满色情意味的猫。但总体效果还是突出了小说暗藏的主题:多数人的伪善和少数人的悲悯;懦弱的民众从暴君是自食其果,虽然不时的那点高尚,似乎值得更好的统治。“Collaborators”, a coruscating new play at the National Theatre, imagines a relationship between Stalin and Bulgakov himself. Directed by Sir Nicholas Hytner and written by John Hodge, previously best known as the screenwriter for “Shallow Grave” and “Trainspotting”, the production will soon transfer to the Nationals main Olivier stage after opening at the smaller Cottesloe. Bulgakov (Alex Jennings) is coerced to write a play about the dictators early years to celebrate his 60th birthday. In return, along with his life and his wifes, he is promised the un-banning of his subversive drama about Molière—grotesque, masked scenes from which intrude on the main story, as do comically appalling passages from the Stalin tribute.在国家剧院上演的《合作者们》也是一部引人注意的新剧,假想了斯大林与布尔加科夫之间的故事。导演是Nicholas Hytner,编剧是John Hodge,之前凭借《浅坟》和《猜火车》为人所知。这部新剧在Cottesloe开演之后,很快会转至更大的国家奥利弗主剧院演出。剧中布尔加科夫(Alex Jennings饰)被迫写一部关于独裁者早年经历的剧本,以庆祝他的60岁诞辰。回报就是他得到允诺,他关于莫里哀的反动剧作不会被禁演。于是这个剧作中的奇怪晦涩的场景会不时插入到为斯大林献礼的剧作中,传达出既滑稽又恐怖的信息。That, in the event, is written by Stalin, who summons Bulgakov to secret meetings. The actual Bulgakov did write a never-performed play about Stalins youth; Stalin telephoned and took an interest in him, though there is no record that they met. Simon Russell Beale (pictured above) is a chillingly hilarious Stalin; substituting a West Country burr for the original Georgian accent, he is cunning and charming, manipulative, menacing and intellectually insecure. While Stalin hammers out the script, Bulgakov, struggling with his compromises and conscience, is obliged do his collaborators paperwork, which slides from steel-factory targets, to grain allocations, to death as.这一段在剧中,是由斯大林所写,他召见布尔加科夫密见。现实中布尔加科夫的确写过一部关于斯大林青年时期经历的剧本,但从未被搬上舞台。斯大林和他通过电话并表示过赞赏,但并没有他们会面的记录。Simon Russell Beale(如图)扮演了一个冷酷却又惹人发笑的斯大林,用西方粗喉音代替了他原来的乔治亚时期的口音。他世故圆滑,富于魅力,控制欲强,具有威慑力同时又反复无常。在剧中,当斯大林敲定剧本台词时,布尔加科夫在妥协和良知之间摇摆挣扎,但不得不完成这一合作的剧本,内容涉及炼钢厂目标,谷物分配,甚至死刑名额。Both productions explore the relationship between tyranny and creativity: the artistic kind, but also the humbler urge to create private love and lives in crushing times. “The Master and Margarita” proclaims that “manuscripts dont burn”. “Collaborators” is less sure of arts resilience: “the monster always wins”, Stalin insists. “Collaborators” hints at the structural similarities between writing and governing. Both are lonely work, requiring the imposition of an arbitrary order on unseen, notional individuals—only, in the case of the tyrant, the people are real.两部新剧都探讨了集权统治和艺术创造之间的关系:在集权压制的时代,关于个人情爱和生活的艺术创作的动力极其微弱。《大师与玛格丽特》宣称“手稿不可被真正焚毁”。《合作者们》则并未如此确定艺术的自我恢复能力,毕竟“怪物们总是胜利”,这是剧中斯大林坚持的台词。这两部作品都算是脱离现实,涉及到对那些未见的个体施加强制命令,只有在暴君统治之下,居中的人民才活在真实当中。 /201209/200626上海中山医院治疗疤痕多少钱

上海玫瑰整形医院做双眼皮多少钱What a light bulb and an egg have in common? The shell of an egg and the glass exterior of a light bulb have more than one thing in common. First, both protect something delicate inside: the exterior of the light bulb keeps the delicate internal wiring protected and an eggshell protects a developing chick.The need to protect chicks and wiring requires that eggshells and light bulbs be structurally strong.电灯泡和鸡蛋有什么共同点呢?鸡蛋的外壳和灯泡的玻璃外罩的相同点可不止一处。首先,两者都在保护内部脆弱的东西:灯泡的外罩保护精细的内部接线,而蛋壳保护还未孵化的小鸡。为了保护小鸡和灯丝,要求蛋壳和灯罩的结构性很强。Second, both are made of thin material. A chick, y to hatch, has to be able to peck its way through the shell. And because light bulbs are usually made of opaque rather than clear glass, the glass exterior must be thin so that light can shine through.其次,两者都由薄型材料构成。一只待孵化的小鸡必须能够破开蛋壳钻出来。且因为灯泡通常由不透明的玻璃做成,所以玻璃外罩要很薄,这样灯光才能透过灯罩射出去。So how can a structure be strong and yet made of thin material at the same time? By using a carefully-designed oval shape. Picture for a moment a square egg. If you took that imaginary object in your hand and squeezed it very hard between your thumb and finger, the pressure youd exert would be localized in the exact part of the flat surface your thumb and finger were pushing. Even a slight pressure would be great enough to break the thin shell into pieces.那么什么样的结构即坚固同时又能由薄层的材料制成呢?通过利用一种精心设计的椭圆形。暂且先描绘一个方形的蛋。假设你把这个虚构的对象拿在手里,用拇指和食指用力挤压,你施加的压力会落在拇指和食指接触到的平面上。即使是轻微的压力也足以将薄薄的蛋壳打得粉碎。But if you do the same thing to a real egg, the force you exert is not localized in one point, but is distributed into all directions around the surface of the egg. Though you can eventually break an egg by doing this, it takes a great deal more force to do so. Of course, its no coincidence that the shapes of light bulbs and eggs are similar. When the light bulb was invented and perfected, it was patterned after a shape that nature had come up with hundreds of thousands of years ago.但是如果你挤压一个真正的鸡蛋,那么你施加的压力并不着力在一个点上,而是分散在蛋壳表面的各个方向。尽管你最终还是可以将鸡蛋捏碎,但在那之前你要使更多的劲。当然,灯泡的形状跟鸡蛋相似并不是偶然现象。灯泡的发明和完善还是仿照了大自然几十万年前就有的形状。原文译文属!201301/220892 Business Health insurance in America The doctor octopus商业 美国的健康保险 章鱼士Obamacare is making health insurers bigger奥巴马的保健计划正在使健康保险公司变得更加庞大THE future of Barack Obamas health law is uncertain.奥巴马健康法案的前景还不明朗。Its main provisions will not come into effect until 2014; the Supreme Court may strike it down before then.其主要条款要到2014年以后才会生效;并且在生效之前也可能会被最高法院毙。But Americas insurers are aly transforming.尽管如此,美国的各大保险公司已经随机而动了。They were big before; now they are growing bigger.过去,它们很庞大,现在则正在变得更大。On October 24th Cigna, an insurer based in Connecticut, said it would pay .8 billion for HealthSpring, which offers services and insurance to the elderly.十月二十四日,坐落在康涅狄格州的保险公司Cigna声明,它将为收购HealthSpring付38亿美元,后者的主要业务是为老年人提供务和保险。It is the latest deal to extend insurers tentacles into new areas of health care.这是Cigna公司拓展健康保险新领域的最新举动。The question is whether they might actually improve it.问题是它会不会真的去提高该领域的务质量。Good, cheap health care has long eluded America.长期以来,美国都没有既好又便宜的卫生保健项目。Doctors are paid for each service, so they deliver as many as possible, necessary or not.医生的每项务都是付费的,因此,不管有没有必要,他们都会推销尽可能多的务项目。Insurers protect margins by micromanaging claims and hiking premiums.保险公司靠权利的细微调控和额外费用的大幅提高来保障利润。These perverse incentives are addressed, faintly, by Obamacare.奥巴马健康法案中模糊地提到要改革这些不当的动机。For example, there are pilots to reward hospitals for the quality rather than the quantity of their care.比如,法案中的一些导则规定,奖励那些致力于提高务质量而不是务数量的医院。Mostly, however, the reform deals with the symptoms of muddled incentives: high premiums and poor access.但是,大部分的改革内容则是针对那些让人不解的怪症,即高额的额外费用同时又难以得到的健康保健务。For insurers, reform holds opportunity and peril.对于保险公司来说,改革即润育着机会同时也存在风险。From 2014 the law will require everyone to buy health insurance and offer subsidies to those who cannot afford it.法律规定,从2014年开始每个公民都要买健康保险,同时对于那些付不起保险费用的公民给与补贴。As more people buy insurance, firms revenues will more than double to .2 trillion by 2019, predicts the Boston Consulting Group.波士顿咨询公司预计,截止到2019年,当更多的人买保险之后,保险公司的收益会达到一万两千亿美元,是现在的两倍多。However, profits will be squeezed, thanks to a new tax, a minimum standard for benefits and new scrutiny of increases in premiums.但是,由于新税法,利润上限制度和新的监管酬金增长制度的实施,保险公司的利润将会缩减。Faced with all this, insurers are keen to diversify.面对这些新变化,保险公司都热衷于多样化的经营。Many are hedging against a volatile private market by turning to the public one.为了预防私营市场的不稳定性,许多公司转向了国营(政府经营的)市场。More states are asking insurers to run Medicaid, the programme for the poor.更多的州政府要求保险公司经营管理针对穷人的医疗补助项目。HealthSpring will help Cigna tap the market for Medicare Advantage, private plans that use public money to cover the old.HealthSpring帮助Cigna叩响了公共市场医疗保险优越性的大门,即通过私企的计划方案,来达到利用公共资金务老年人市场的目的。Humana, aly a leader in public health programmes, has bought two Medicare firms this year (so far) and WellPoint has bought one.已经是公共健康项目领头羊的Humana公司,今年(截至目前)已经收购了两家医疗保险公司;WellPoint公司也收购了一个。For these insurers, Medicare Advantage gives access to baby-boomers.对于这些保险公司来说,医疗保险优越性给它们打开了面向婴儿潮时期出生的人群。It is also a testing ground for Mr Obamas new health ;exchanges;, where consumers will be able to buy health insurance from 2014.同时,这也是奥巴马新健康;契约;的试验场,新契约规定从2014年开始消费者都将能够购买健康保险。Both are highly regulated markets that court consumers directly.两个业已高度规范化的市场将同时直接务于消费者。Insurers are sping into new businesses. Last year Aetna bought a health information technology (IT) company.保险公司也正在将其业务扩展的新的领域。去年Aetna公司收购了一个健康信息科技公司。Humana recently bought a chain of clinics. Its new Medicare plans both provide care and pay for it.Humana最近也收购了一个连锁经营的诊所,它的新型医疗保险计划是即提供健康务项目,同时也提供付务费用的项目。The thinking is that this will give Humana the means to keep more of its customers healthy.思考一下可知,这将给Humana公司更多的手段,去保其客户得到更多的健康务。Others are doing the same.其他公司也正在做和Humana公司一样的事情。edHealth Group, the biggest health insurer, has been extending its reach for some time.美国最大的健康保险公司,联合健康集团(edHealth Group)拓展其业务已经有一段时间了。Two non-insurance subsidiaries aly account for 20% of its billion annual revenue:其两家非保险业务的子公司的营业收入已经占了其年度营业额940亿美元的20%,OptumInsight, an IT business, and OptumHealth, which owns doctors groups and provides services to help hospitals improve care.这两家公司分别是OptumInsight,一家IT公司,和OptumHealth,一家拥有医生团队并且为医院提高健康务提供持的公司。These ventures do not just create new revenue streams, argues Sheryl Skolnick of CRT Capital, a broker-dealer. They strengthen eds main business.经纪公司CRT Capital的Sheryl Skolnick说,这些风投不仅仅创造了新的公司收入,它们巩固了联合健康集团的主营业务。This is most obvious when OptumHealth buys a doctors group.最明显的例子是OptumHealth收购了一个医生组织。In August it announced that it would acquire Monarch HealthCare, in California.今年八月份,OptumHealth宣布它将收购位于加州的Monarch HealthCare。Bart Asner, Monarchs chief executive, predicts that Optum will help his doctors be more efficient, monitor patients conditions and keep them healthier.Monarch的首席执行官Bart Asner预计,OptumHealth公司将会帮助他的医生更加高效,并协助医生监护病人,使病人变得更健康。ed will enjoy revenue from owning Monarch.联合健康公司将会很高兴分享拥有Monarch公司而带来的收益。But as one of six insurers that contracts with Monarch, it will also benefit from patients lower costs.但是作为与Monarch公司签订合约的六个保险公司之一,它也将会从更低的病人务价格中;受益;。This virtuous circle extends to hospitals that ed does not own.这种良性循环扩展到了不属于联合健康集团的医院。Historically insurers have fought with hospitals over payments.历史上保险公司总是在付费用的多少上与医院开战。But now insurers are testing pay-for-performance contracts.但是现在,保险公司正在实验按绩效付酬的合约。Hospitals can use Optums services to improve their operations, creating new revenue for Optum and new savings for eds insurance business.医院能够利用Optum的务来提高它们自己的务质量,这样在为Optum创造效益的同时也为联合健康集团的保险业务节省了开。This strategy might begin to align the insurers interests with those of its former adversaries.这项策略可能会开始将以前互为对手的医院的利益与保险公司的利益拉到同一条船上。 /201212/215301上海丰下巴哪个专家好青浦区妇幼保健医院点痣多少钱



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