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上海玫瑰整形激光去斑多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院胎记多少钱上海市第六人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱 Today in History: Monday, January 07, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月7日,星期一On Jan. 7, 1789, the first U.S. presidential election was held. Americans voted for electors who, a month later, chose George Washington to be the nations first president.1789年1月7日,美国举办了第一届总统大选。美国人投票持选举人,一个月后乔治·华盛顿当选美国第一任总统。1800 Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the ed States, was born in Summerhill, N.Y.1800年,美国第13届总统米勒德·菲尔莫尔在纽约夏山出生。1927 Commercial transatlantic telephone service was inaugurated between New York and London.1927年,商业跨大西洋电话务在纽约和伦敦之间开通。1942 The World War II siege of Bataan began.1942年,二战期间,围攻巴丹半岛拉开序幕。1953 President Harry S. Truman announced in his State of the Union address that the ed States had developed a hydrogen bomb.1953年,杜鲁门总统在他的国情咨文中宣布美国已经开发了一颗氢弹。1955 Singer Marian Anderson made her debut with the Metropolitan Opera in New York, becoming the first black person to perform there as a member.1955年,歌手玛丽安·安德森在纽约大都会歌剧院亮相,成为第一为在那表演的黑人演员。1959 The ed States recognized Fidel Castros new government in Cuba.1959年,美国承认古巴菲德尔·卡斯特罗新政府。1972 Lewis F. Powell Jr. and William H. Rehnquist were sworn in as the 99th and 100th members of the Supreme Court.1972年,路易斯F.鲍威尔Jr 和威廉H·伦奎斯特宣誓就任最高法院第99和第100位成员。1979 Vietnamese forces captured the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, overthrowing the Khmer Rouge government.1979年,越南军队占领柬埔寨首都金边,推翻红色高棉政府。1989 Japanese Emperor Hirohito died at age 87.1989年,日本裕仁天皇去世,享年87岁。1996 A major blizzard paralyzed the eastern ed States, claiming more than 100 lives.1996年,一场大暴雪使美国东部陷于瘫痪,100多人的丧命。1997 Newt Gingrich became the first Republican re-elected House speaker in 68 years.1997年,纽特·金里奇成为68年里首位连任众议院议长的共和党人。1999 President Bill Clintons impeachment trial began in the Senate.1999年,比尔·克林顿总统的弹劾审判在参议院开始。2005 Actor Brad Pitt and actress Jennifer Aniston announced they were separating after four years of marriage.2005年,男演员布拉德·皮特和女演员詹妮弗·安妮斯顿在经过四年婚姻后宣布离婚。2006 American journalist Jill Carroll was abducted in Iraq and a translator was killed. (Carroll was released unharmed after 82 days.)2006年,美国记者卡罗尔在伊拉克被绑架,一名翻译被杀。(卡罗尔在82天后被安全释放。)2006 Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, facing corruption charges, stepped down as House majority leader.2006年,面对腐败指控,德州共和党众议员汤姆·迪莱辞去众议院多数党领袖。 /201301/219372If youre longing to spend more time with the Sandman, your dream will come true by heeding this advice.如果你想多点时间和周公约会,遵循以下建议,你的梦想可以变成现实。You Will Need你需要Doctor医生Comfortable mattress舒适的床垫Room-darkening shades较暗的光线Cool temperatures凉爽的温度Ear plugs耳塞White noise machine白噪音机器Dietary adjustments饮食调节To-do list (optional)备忘录(可选)Sleep mask (optional)睡眠面具(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Make time for sleep1.留出睡觉时间Make time for sleep no matter how hectic your daily schedule, and commit yourself to going to bed and getting up at the same times each day.无论你的日常生活多么忙乱,一定要留出睡觉时间,严格遵守作息时间。Adults require about 8 hours of sleep, but the amount varies among individuals.成年人平均每天需要八小时的睡眠时间,但是个体之间有所不同。Step 2 Rule out disorders2.拒绝紊乱Rule out sleep disorders which may interfere with sleep, seeking your physicians advice if necessary.排除一切可能干扰睡眠的紊乱状态,如果有必要的话向医生寻求建议。Step 3 Create a relaxing environment3.创建轻松的环境Create a relaxing and quiet sleep environment. Use a comfortable mattress and room-darkening shades, and establish a cool,comfortable temperature.创建轻松安静的睡眠环境。使用舒适的床垫,将室内光线调暗,设置凉爽舒适的温度。If stress is shortening your night, make a to-do list, mentally setting it aside until morning.如果压力导致你的夜晚睡眠时间很短,列出备忘录,然后让它从脑海中淡忘,一直到第二天早上。Step 4 Address lifestyle issues4.解决生活方式问题Address your lifestyle. Shift workers and people with jet lag typically employ such techniques as keeping sunlight out of the bedroom, using ear plugs, and using a white noise machine.改变自己的生活方式。如果经常出差需要倒时差,可以通过调节光线,使用耳塞,或者使用白噪音机器等技术。If light shows into your bedroom, use a sleep mask.如果卧室内光线太强,使用睡眠面具。Step 5 Avoid electronics5.避免电子产品Avoid electronics at bedtime. Turn off your cell phone, and keep TVs and computers out of the bedroom to avoid distractions.睡觉时间不要使用电子设备。关闭手机,把电视机和电脑搬出卧室,避免干扰。Step 6 Adjust your diet6.调整饮食Adjust your diet, avoiding caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime and allowing 2 to 3 hours between eating and bedtime.调整饮食,把咖啡和酒精放在离卧室比较远的地方,睡前两三个小时不要吃东西。Step 7 Make the most of bedtime7.充分利用睡眠时间Make the most of bedtime using these tips, especially if youre a new parent or your situation otherwise temporarily creates short nights. The Sandman will wait.根据以上建议充分利用睡眠时间,尤其是如果你刚刚为人父母,或者外界环境暂时让你的睡眠时间很短。周公会等你的。Sleepy drivers in America are responsible for 100,000 accidents each year leading to 1,500 fatalities.在美国,困倦的司机每年造成100,000起事故,其中1,500起致命。 /201303/227694长宁区同仁医院整形美容中心

浦东新区周浦医院做双眼皮手术价格费用Cranking is an art that is essential for the new motorist to become proficient in.用曲柄启动是由新手到熟练司机的基础It is always a good plan.这一直是个好方法undoubtedly a good idea to learn to steer first.毋庸置疑,最好首先学习操控方向盘Steering is a very simple manipulation.操控方向盘是很简单的操作An excellent plan for the beginning is to find a long, straight and slightly downhill road,free of other traffic...一开始最好找一条又长又直,有点下坡且没有其他交通工具的道路Roscoe takes his customers for a test drive.罗斯科带着他的客户进行了一次试驾Most are used to a horse and buggy.许多客户们习惯了马匹和轻型马车The majority of first-time drivers completely ignored corners.大部分首次开车的人完全忽视了转弯Instead of using a brake,they shouted ;Whoa; at the top of their lung power.不会用刹车,他们就用尽全力喊;吁;Often, they demand I teach his wife and every kid old enough to reach the pedals.通常,他们要求我教他们的妻子和那些能踩到踏板的孩子们Americas love affair with the automobile has begun.美国人和汽车的不解之缘由此开始The American has a great sense of freedom and not being tied to one place.美国人有着很强烈的自由意识,不会被束缚在一个地方If I dont like it here,Im gonna pack everything in the car.如果我不喜欢这里,我就将所有的东西打包上车They dont require anybodys permission,they dont have to sign out,and the automobile really enables that.不需要任何人的批准,不需要登记离开汽车就可以做到这点When I came to America,the first thing I want to think about,;How can I get hold of a car?;我来到美国时,首先考虑的是怎样弄到一辆车I had a love affair with cars from the very beginning,一开始我就疯狂地爱上了汽车because this method of movement that can enable you to see vast, expansive space is something I never experienced in China.因为那种移动方式,能够带我领略天地的广阔无垠,这是我在中国从未有过的感受Never.This is something I wanted to do almost more than anything else, is to buy a car.前所未有,当时的我对于一辆汽车的渴望胜过其他的一切Roscoe Sheller is one of Americas pioneer car dealers.罗斯科·谢勒是美国第一代汽车经销商Today America drives 2.7 trillion miles a year in vehicles that are descendants of Henry Fords Model T.如今美国人驾驶着福特T型轿车的后代们每年行驶总里程高达两万七千亿英里Cars.By the roaring 20s,they are transforming the lives of millions.汽车,在蓬勃发展的二十年代扩大了百万人的居住范围Now you dont have to live near work.人们不再被迫居住在工作地周围Cities explode outwards, creating giant suburbs.城市疾速扩张,大面积的郊区发展起来Brand-new highways are built.随之建立的是全新的高速路Shopping malls with giant car parks.配有巨大停车场的购物中心The biggest urban sprawl of all, Los Angeles,the center of a massive entertainment industry.其中城市扩张范围最大的是洛杉矶,这个庞大的业中心800 films produced a year in the 1920s,double the amount today.二十年代时,年产电影已达800部,而如今是那时的两倍A feverish land grab is in full swing.一场;圈地运动;正如火如荼地进行着High in the hills, a real-estate syndicate buys 500 acres.一名开发商在高山上买下500英亩土地They hire stonemasons from Italy to build luxury mansions overlooking the city.并专程从意大利雇来石匠来建造能够俯瞰城市的奢华别墅Dream homes fit for oil tycoons and film stars.这是为石油大亨与影星量身建造的梦幻屋To kick off their investment:the biggest advertising sign on the planet.为向世人明其价值,世界上最大的广告牌诞生了4,000 light bulbs announce the name of this luxury development.Hollywoodland.4000枚照明灯向世界宣告着豪宅的名字,好莱坞庄园 /201212/216485静安区激光去除雀斑费用 上海市长征医院做抽脂手术多少钱

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