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上海市第六人民医院切眼袋多少钱上海宝山区中西医结合医院激光脱毛多少钱61. Tea shop,茶馆;茶馆英语也可说成teahouse. gradation,等级,层次在片段中主持人还说到了grade,grade在片段中同样表示等级There are many gradations between good and bad.在好与坏之间还有许多不同的层次3. inexpensive,花费不多的,价钱低廉的inexpensive shoes价钱不贵的鞋子 357闵行区中医医院祛痣价格费用 —Hello, I want a cab. —OK. What address is it? — East 3nd Street. —Right. The cab will be there in a few minutes. —Would you mind passing the salt, please? —Certainly. —What's your job? —I'm an ant. —Oh! Do you enjoy it? —No. I don't really like it. It's boring. —Where do you come from? —Indonesia. —Oh! Which part? —Jakarta. —Really? —Can you speak German? —Yes, I can. I speak it very well. —Where did you learn it? —I lived in Germany when I was a child. —What else can you speak? —Well, I know a little Italian. —I think a businessman should be good-looking. —No, I don't agree. —Would you like a drink? —No, thank you. I don't drink. —Are you sure? —Yes. I'm quite sure. Thank you very much. —What about a soft drink then? —Oh, alright. Lemonade would be fine. —Thank you very much the meal. —Not at all. I'm glad you could come. —You must come and have a meal with me some time. —Yes. That would be nice. —Have you heard about the Prime Minister? —No. —She's gone to China! —Really! —How do you spell interesting? —I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G. —Thank you very much. Tim talked to Harry about the lecture. Harry: What did you think of the lecture? Tim: I thought it was very interesting. Harry: Did you really? Tim: Yes, didn't you? Harry: Certainly not. I thought he talked a lot of rubbish. Tim: So you think you know more than he does. Harry: Well, take coal instance. Tim: What about it? Harry: Coal won't become important again. Tim: Why not? Harry: It's too dirty. They won't be able to find people to work down coal mines in the future. Tim: They'll invent new kinds of machinery. Harry: Nonsense. The only sort of power they'll use in the future is atomic power. A reporter from a local newspaper is interviewing some students on the subject of students and money. Reporter: Excuse me. Are you a student? Student 1: Yes, I am. Reporter: give my asking you, but do you have to take a part-time job in the ho1idays? Student 1: Not really. My parents are fairly well off so I get an allowance from my father. Reporter: You're lucky, aren't you? Student 1: I suppose so. Reporter: What about you? Are your parents wealthy? Student : No, certainly not. Reporter: Do you work during the holidays? Student : Well, last Christmas I did two weeks as temporary postman, then in the summer I spent four weeks fruit picking, and I do a bit of baby-sitting, so I manage. Reporter: Thank you. My name is Robert. I am eighteen years old and I am French. I am not married. Sylvia is small and fair. She is seventeen and she is a student. The tall boy with fair hair is eighteen years old and he comes from Sweden. He works in a record shop. The small boy with dark hair is seventeen. He is Spanish, but he does not live in Spain. He lives in France. He works in a hotel. 9上海市第二人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱

上海华山医院做丰胸手术多少钱上海隆胸医院 The little words that work marriage magic - Spike创造婚姻奇迹的小字眼 - 斯派克Using terms of endearment like honey or sweetheart from time to time is a small but important way to keep a marriage loving.使用母女情深是一个小而重要的方法来保持婚姻的爱These terms make the other person feel loved and special. There are some other words that can help make your spouse feel special and aware of how much you love and appreciate him.这样会使对方感受到特殊的爱还有一些其他的语言,可以帮助使你的伴侣感受到特别的爱,并意识到你到底有多喜欢和欣赏他;Thank you.; We would not never thank a friend or co-worker helping us out.“谢谢你”,我们不会永远去感谢朋友或者同事吧But sometimes we get to thank the person who we love most our spouse. All couples get now and then to thank each other all they do. But thanking each other is a good habit to fall into because gratitude is necessary the growth of love.但是有时候,我们会忘记那个我们爱的人:另一半所有的夫妇会忘记,过后再去谢谢那为他们付出的但是感谢对方是表达出爱意的一个好习惯Knowing that their actions are appreciated makes a couple more giving toward each other, and the more you give to each other the more your love will grow.他们知道自己的行动是对对方的一种欣赏给得别人越多,你就会成长的越多;Please.; Please, like thank you, is easy to get to say, but it too is very important in a relationship. Because it is another way of letting your partner know you dont take him granted and that his time and eft count.“请~”就像“谢谢”一样,很容易忘记说但是在一段关系里,非常中意因为这是另外一种让你的伙伴不会认为他是无用或者是浪费时间和精力的方法;You are great.; Do you know that this sentence can make him feel good about himself all day? Now that you know how nice it makes him feel to be complimented, you should try to do it as often as you can.“你很棒!”你知道这句话可以让他兴奋一整天吗?你会看到他回感到很满意,所以应该尽力的去做到As an added bonus, he will begin paying compliments to you more often. This is not surprising since, experts, say, compliments are a two-way street.另外,他也会给你很多赞美的话这并不奇怪,因为专家说,赞美是一条双行道So the more compliments you give, the more you get. Often couples will think nice things about each other but not verbalize their thoughts because theyre just not in the habit of doing so. But when one of them starts, the other will pick up on the cue and begin doing the same.,你赞美的越多,你得到的也越多经常夫妻会认为好东西对彼此但不是用言语表达他们的想法,因为他们只是不习惯这样做但是,当开始的时候,会选择提示开始做同样的事;I love you.; in a new way a small variation such as ;I love you more each day; can make a big difference in how you feel about each other.;我爱你”用另外一种方式:我爱你每一天可以让你有一个你如何对彼此的感觉影响很大的When you say ;I love you; the exact same way over and over, your spouse may start to discount it.当你用同样的方式,一遍一遍地对她说“我爱你”时,她会开始厌烦了On the other hand, a fresh phrase can help keep the relationship fresh.另一方面,新颖的表达会带来不一样的新鲜感 instance, you can express your love him by saying ;Im so glad youre in my life.; Im sure he will be really impressed and touched, and you two will feel closer.例如,向他表达爱时你可以说“很高兴,我的生命里有你”我相信他回被深深的打动,你们的关系会更近一步了 38356九院纹眉毛多少钱

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