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IBM v Carnegie CorporationIBM vs 卡耐基基金会The centenarians square up迎来百岁生日的IBM和卡耐基基金会一决高下Both IBM and the Carnegie Corporation will turn 100 this month. Has the multinational business or universal philanthropy done more for society? 本月,IBM和卡耐基基金会都将迎来100岁生日。谁对社会贡献更大呢,是IBM这个跨国集团还是遍布世界的慈善机构卡耐基基金会?Jun 9th 2011 | NEW YORK | from The Economist the print edition “ONE simple way to assess the impact of any organisation is to answer the question: how is the world different because it existed?” That is the test set out by Sam Palmisano in the foreword to a new book celebrating the 100th birthday of IBM, the firm he has run since 2002. But another organisation is also turning 100 this month—the Carnegie Corporation of New York, a flagship of American philanthropy. Mr Palmisano’s insight is too good to limit to only one of the centenarians. A better question is: which has done more for the world, one of its leading companies or one of its most influential charities? “评定任何组织影响力的一种简单的方法就是回答一个问题:由于它的存在,世界有什么不同?”这个测验是IBM的首席执行官彭明盛(Sam Palmisano)在一本庆祝IBM100周岁的新书的前言中提出的,他自2002年起掌管IBM。但是本月还有一个组织也将迎来100岁生日——美国慈善的旗舰、纽约的卡耐基基金会。彭明盛先生的想法非常好,对这两家百年公司和机构都适用。一个更恰当的问题是:作为世界领先公司之一的IBM和世界上最具影响力的慈善机构的卡耐基基金会,哪个对世界的贡献更大?At first glance, IBM and the Carnegie Corporation seem to be engaged in such different endeavours that comparing them might seem about as sensible as comparing apple orchards and orange groves. Making money has always been the main aim of the company formed in 1911 by the merger of three small producers of mechanical accounting machines, scales and time recorders, and renamed International Business Machines 13 years later. By contrast, the Carnegie Corporation explicitly set out to create a better world by giving away what remained of the great fortune of its industrialist founder, Andrew Carnegie. Yet both can assert that they have made the world a better place during the past century, and it is far from obvious which claim is stronger. 乍一看,IBM和卡耐基基金会从事的是两种如此截然不同的事业,以至于比较它们就好像比较苹果园和橘子林一样不靠谱。1911年,三家生产会计机、磅秤和计时器的小型公司于合并成立了一间新公司,13年后改名为国际商业机器公司(IBM),赚钱一直是这家公司的主要目标。与之形成对比的是,卡耐基基金会在创立伊始就明确要通过捐赠其创始人工业家安德鲁卡耐基(Andrew Carnegie)巨大财富的剩余来创造一个更好的世界。但是两者都可以自称它们在过去的一个世纪中让世界变得更美好,不过还远远不清楚究竟哪一方的声明会更有力。201106/140597Imagine you could find an explanation for anything in the universe from the smallest events possible to the biggest.This is the dream which has captivated the most brilliant scientists and science staff.Now they think they may have found it.The theory is breathtaking and has an extraordinary conclusion that the universe were living is not the only one.设想你能为宇宙中从最小到最大事件这样的每一件事找到一个解释。而这就是最杰出的科学家和很多科学工作者每天都梦寐以求的。现在,他们认为自己可能已经找到了这个解释。这个理论是惊人的而且有着非凡的结论,那就是我们生活的宇宙不是唯一的一个。;There could be an infinite numbers of universes each with a different law of physics.Our universe could be just one bubble floating in an ocean of other bubbles.;可能会有无限量的宇宙,每一个都有不同的物理规律。我们的宇宙可能仅仅是一个漂浮在一片海洋泡沫中的一个而已。;Everything you are about to hear is true,at least in this universe it is.所有你听到的声音都是真实的,至少在这个宇宙中是这个道理。For almost a hundred years,science has been haunted by a dark secret,that there might be mysterious hidden worlds beyond our human senses.Mistakes had long claimed there were such places.They were they said full of ghosts and spirits.The last thing science wanted was to be associated with such superstition.But ever since the 1920s,physicists have been tried to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery.When they tried to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles like electrons,they found it was utterly impossible.They had no single location.科学一直被一种黑暗的神秘所困扰已经有将近一百年的历史。那就是也许在我们的感官之外存在着隐藏的世界。尽管早已宣称有这样的地方纯属谬论。而这个充满鬼神的地方却一直有人坚信。科学要做的最后一件事就是与这些迷信连接。自从20世纪20年代以来,物理学家们一直在试图弄懂一种异样的发现。他们试图找出像电子一样的原子的确切位置,而他们发现这根本是不可能的。它们没有单一的位置。;When went studies Puppis and ylems,we found the reality is foreign strangers than anybody would have invented in the former infection.Part of views really do have the possibility of in some sense being in more than one place at one time.;;在研究的过程中,我们发现现实是外界陌生人会比一些人在早先感染前就已经发明出来了。部分的观点确实有可能在某种程度上,存在不止一个地方。;The only explanation which anyone could come up with is that the particles dont just exist in our universe.They flee into existence in other universes too,and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes.All of them slightly different.In a fact,theres parallel universe in which Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo.In another,the british empire held on to its American colony.In one you re never born.唯一的解释是任何人都可以想出粒子不只是存在于我们的宇宙中。他们逃到别的宇宙,也有可能存在无穷多个这样的平行宇宙。它们所有都略有不同。事实上,在平行的宇宙中,拿破仑赢得了滑铁卢战役。在另一方面,大英帝国仍然把美国当作殖民地。而你则不会出生。;Essentially anything that can happen,does happen in one of the alternatives,which means thats superimposed on top of the universe that we know of,is alternative universe when Al Gore, as a president,is still alive.;;本质上任何事情都可能发生,以另外一种选择发生,这意味着在我们知道的宇宙的基础上产生了叠加,它是另一个世界。而艾伯特;戈尔作为总统时,他还活着。;Beside it was so uncomfortable that for decades scientists dismissed it.除了有些忐忑不安,几十年来科学家们一直对它不屑一顾。词语解释:1. superimpose v. 叠加2. infinite a. 无限的3. exist v. 存在16371512月20日,香港大学、香港理工大学、香港浸会大学和香港教育学院在沪联合举行新闻发布会,公布了2010年招生计划。除本科生外,香港高校明年均希望吸纳更多的内地研究生。Hong Kong Colleges Eye on Prospective Postgrads from Chinese Mainland As more outstanding high school graduates from the Chinese mainland choose to study in Hong Kong, universities in the city are also promoting themselves and trying to net more mainland students for graduate studies.Our reporter Zhao Kun takes a closer look.Tan Ying is a senior college student from North China University of Technology in Beijing. This afternoon, she arrives early at Tsinghua University for a campus talk, where the City University of Hong Kong is to introduce their master's and doctoral programs in the department of Media and Communication.Instead of looking for jobs or struggling to attend a mainland graduate school upon graduation, Tan Ying hopes to continue her studies at a college in Hong Kong and at the same time switch her current business administration major to a media-related field."I'll face cutthroat competition if I choose to apply to a mainland graduate school, not to mention that I'd like to change my academic focus as well."Graduate-level admission procedures vary greatly between universities in Hong Kong and the mainland. The latter emphasizes subject-oriented exams, while the former is largely based on a student's overall undergraduate performance, much like the admissions system of most American universities. But tuition in Hong Kong is generally much cheaper than in Western schools. Tan Ying says:"I guess everybody takes the U.S. as their top choice for overseas study. But my family cannot afford the high expenses of an American college, which roughly costs 500,000 yuan for a two-year degree. But a one-year program in Hong Kong charges 150,000 yuan at most, including accommodations and other daily expenses."Standing on a price advantage and well aware of the benefits brought by mainland students, universities in Hong Kong have stepped up their competition for the best brains in the country. Professor He Zhou is deputy director of City University."Our benefit is to have a better student body and a good mix of students from a variety of cultures. That way, Hong Kong's local students can benefit as well as the mainland students."Meanwhile, he doesn't mind talking about the school's economic gains either."For some of our master's programs, we are self-financed. Therefore, by admitting more students into our program, we get more tuition fees and these expenses are associated with their studies in Hong Kong."Currently, high school students from the mainland can only study in Hong Kong by taking the National College Entrance Exam and take up only 10 percent of newly admitted undergrads. But the graduate programs don't set fixed recruiting as, and mainland students can be admitted only by submitting required materials. This means universities in Hong Kong have a larger admission capacity for prospective post-grads. And compared with undergraduate applications, students may also find entering a graduate program in Hong Kong easier, though the job hunting one year later may not appear any easier.For China Drive, I'm Zhao Kun.12/93407

Moon is shrinking, say astronomersThe Man in the Moon has become the latest victim of contraction in the housing market.Astronomers reporting on Thursday in the US journal Science said they had found previous undetected landforms which indicate that Earths satellite has been shrinking... albeit by only a tiny amount.The intriguing features, called lobate scarps, arefaultscreated when the Moons once-molten interior began to cool, causing the lunar surface to contract and then crinkle, they said.Relative to the Moons age, estimated at around 4.5 billion years, the contraction is recent, occurring less than a billion years ago, and is measured at about 100 meters (325 feet).Lobate scarps were first spotted near the lunar equator in the 1970s bypanoramiccameras aboard the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions.Fourteen new faults have been been spotted inhigh-resolutionimages taken by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.The new discoveries show that the scarps are globally distributed and not clustered in equatorial regions, and this provides powerful evidence for the contraction scenario.The investigation was headed by Thomas Watters of the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the Smithsonian Museums National Air and Space Museum, Washington.Vocabulary:fault: a break in the continuity of a body of rock or of a vein, with dislocation along the plane of the fracture(断层)panoramic: birds-eye, as from an altitude or distance(全景的)high-resolution: having or capable of producing an image characterized by fine detail(高分辨率的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112022

A new study finds that men who drink a lot of coffee are less likely to develop potentially fatal prostate cancer. It's the latest study to show a beneficial effect from one of the world's favorite beverages.新的研究发现大量饮用咖啡的男子不太容易罹患致命的前列腺癌。这项最新研究显示,咖啡这种世界上广受欢迎的饮料能够产生对人体有益的效果。The study included about 50,000 men who reported their coffee consumption in questionnaires every four years. Over more than two decades, the moderate coffee drinkers were somewhat less likely to develop any form of prostate cancer. But lead author Kathryn Wilson of the Harvard School of Public Health says the real difference showed up when the researchers looked at the most serious prostate cancers.这项研究有5万名男子参加,他们每四年在答卷上报告一次有关咖啡饮用量的问题。经过20多年的追踪调查,咖啡饮用中等的人群不太容易出现任何种类的前列腺癌。但是调查报告的主要撰写人、哈佛大学公共健康学院的凯瑟琳.威尔逊说, 在研究人员观察一些最严重的前列腺患者时,真正的差异显现了出来。"Men who drink six or more cups of coffee per day had a 60 percent lower risk of lethal prostate cancer than men who drank no coffee," she says. "And we saw this reduction in risk for both regular and decaffeinated coffee."她说:“每天喝6杯以上咖啡的男人比不喝咖啡的人患前列腺癌症的机会少了60%。我们看到不仅是普通咖啡,去咖啡因的咖啡也有同样功效。”Coffee is a chemically complex brew, full of antioxidants and other compounds that may affect the development of prostate cancer. 咖啡是一种含复杂化学成分的饮料,具有丰富的抗氧化物质和其他化合物质,这些都能影响前列腺癌的发展。201105/137364The Shaolin monks of China are famous for fighting skills and acrobatics, but above all, for their ability to somehow manage their senses. Does this really not hurt or do they just not mind the pain? To prepare themselves for their grueling acts, the monks use one of the oldest forms of pain control—meditation. “We have to focus 100 percent. We need willpower to channel our Qi, our spiritual energy. When we meditate, we channel this spiritual energy throughout our body.” Meditation starts by changing how the body works: The heart slows, pumping less blood; the muscles relax. Relaxed muscles means[1] less tension, which means less pain. But the strangest effect occurs in the brain. Astonishingly, although the brain is still alert, meditation lessens the emotional reaction to pain. It’s like turning down the volume. So when pain sensations hit, they have little effect. That’s how the monks can tolerate what for anyone else would be extraordinary pain. Vocabulary Mix:grueling: Physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion.折磨的,使精疲力尽的:对生理或心理上的要求达到极限的。参考中文翻译:中国少林寺的和尚以格斗技能和杂技著称,但是最重要的是,他们控制自己感觉的能力。是真的不痛还是他们不在意这种疼痛呢?为了准备好迎接那些类似折磨的行为,那些和尚们应用最古老的方法来控制疼痛——冥想。“我们必须百分之百的集中注意力。我们需要自己的意志力来运气,我们的精神能量。当我们陷入冥想状态时,我们可以使我们的精神能量在体内贯穿。”冥想从改变人体的工作开始:心跳减慢,泵出更少的血液;肌肉放松。肌肉放松意味着紧张度减少,疼痛减少。但是最神奇的作用发生在大脑。令人惊讶的是,虽然大脑仍然是警觉的,冥想状态减轻了对疼痛的反应,就好象降低了音量。所以当疼痛来袭,基本上也起不到什么作用。这就是常人难以忍受的疼痛少林寺和尚却可以忍受的原因。单词注解:meditation 名词 沉思,默想;冥想 【宗】默念,默想 沉思录 200811/57260Boy Scout badges LI boy scout wins all merit badges possible Life saving first aid. . Shawn Goldsmith is the most highly decorated an eagle scout can be. The 18-year- old has earned every single merit badge there is , all 121 of them. The everyday with something different, and these are skills that I would remember for the rest of my life. It took Shawn 5 years to get the first half of their merit badges, the rest less than 5 months. He did it for his zealing grandmother. She's like, "Shaw, why don t we both follow with this? You really, you aly half way there, and I really think you can do it. Everyone thought I couldn’t do it. So, That most time. . . she always believed me. Sadly, his grandmother passed away when Shawn was just 18 badges shy of reaching the extraordinary. His grandfather then made of his mission to see shawn succeed, with / help from scoutmaster Joe Acquafreddaat a troop 240 in the Bronx, who at first was skeptical. I said Mr. A , you said if you can see it, you can be it . so then he was , he couldn't say no. Shawn reached his goal last month, while a freshman in Binghamton University where he's a business major with a love for politics. In high school he interned for Senato Charles Sehumer and a couple of days ago met one of his icons, Mary Michael Bloomberg, a businessman and fellow Eagle scout. And it’s no surprise that Shawn one day wants to go into politics and take with him the public office the skills and expertise he learnt in scouts, mainly honesty and integrity. I see how great politicians , how they fall so easily. These, one lie and they get caught doing it. So not only is morally correct, which is one of the parts of scout law and oaths , to be morally shame. It s worth it in the long run. you have my vote, Shawn. Rob Royer, Picks News at ten.01/60735

US Senate Democratic Leaders Outline New Agenda美国会民主党人阐述主要议事日程  A day after a new Democratic-led U.S. Congress was sworn in, lawmakers are focusing on an ambitious agenda. Senate Democratic leaders Wednesday outlined their priorities, which range from passing an economic stimulus plan to addressing new global threats and closing the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 美国民主党人领导的新一届国会宣誓就职一天以后,议员们把关注点转向了雄心勃勃的国会议程。参议院民主党领袖星期三阐述了首要议程,包括通过一个经济刺激计划,因应全球范围新的威胁,以及关闭美国在古巴关塔那湾的拘留中心。Topping Democrats' agenda is an economic stimulus plan that will put the growing number of jobless Americans back to work. 民主党人所制定日程上的首要项目是刺激经济的一揽子计划,通过这一计划可以给越来越多的美国失业者创造就业机会。"The American people realize we have such a difficult time with the economy. It is in the state of crisis. It's not thousands of jobs being lost each month, but now hundreds of thousands of jobs lost each month," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. 参议院多数党领袖哈利.里德在一次新闻发布上说:“美国人民了解我们在经济上的困难时期。现在已经进入危机状态。目前的失业状况已经不再是每个月增加数千人,而是每个月增加数10万人。”Senate Republicans are open to a stimulus package, but say tax relief must be an essential part of the plan. 参议院共和党人对一个刺激经济一揽子计划持开放的态度,但是表示减少税款必须是这一计划的重要部分。Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke at a separate news conference.  参议院少数党领袖麦康内尔在另一个新闻发布会上说:"I also think we should take a look at the tax portion of the stimulus package, take a look at reducing the middle class tax rate," he said. “我还认为我们应该关注这个刺激方案中有关税收的部分,关注降低中产阶级税率的问题。”President-elect Barack Obama, who takes office January 20, wants Congress to pass a stimulus package by early next month, at the latest. 即将于本月20号宣誓就职的当选总统奥巴马希望国会最晚在下个月初以前通过这一刺激方案。On national security, Democrats want to draw down U.S. combat troops from Iraq and put more emphasis on the fight against al-Qaeda.  在国防问题上,民主党人希望削减美国在伊拉克的作战部队,在打击基地恐怖组织方面加强力量。"We will strengthen nonproliferation and protect our nation from other deadly weapons and will share more effectively in the fight against terrorism by transitioning our strategy in Iraq and refocusing our resources on al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and other emerging threats," said Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, the number two Democrat in the Senate. 来自伊利诺伊州的迪克.德宾议员是参议院民主党的第二号人物,他说:“我们将加强核不扩散的工作,并保护我们的国家免受其他致命武器的攻击,我们还要在反恐斗争中通过移交我们在伊拉克的战略更有效地分享成果,并把我们的资源重新集中在基地组织、阿富汗、巴基斯坦,以及其他正在出现的威胁上面。”Democrats are also eager to end Bush administration detainee policies. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, the incoming chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, discussed legislation she introduced this week that would close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay.  民主党人也渴望结束布什政府的拘留政策。来自加利福尼亚的黛安.范斯坦是参议院情报委员会新任主席,她讨论了本周由她本人提出的关闭美国在关塔那湾拘留中心的议案。"The need the close this facility is clear: along with the abuses at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo has been decried throughout the world. It has helped our enemies recruit, it has reduced America's credibility worldwide, strained relationships with our allies, and created a misguided dual legal system," she said. “关闭这个中心的必要性是清楚的:和在阿布格拉布虐囚的情况一样,关塔那中心也遭到了全世界范围的谴责。它帮助我们的敌人招募更多人员,导致美国在全世界的信誉下降,使我们和盟友的关系出现紧张,同时也产生了导向错误的双重法律体系。”The legislation would also limit interrogation procedures by the Central Intelligence Agency and end the outsourcing of coercive interrogations to government contractors. 这项立法还提出限制中央情报局的审讯程序,禁止跟政府签署合同的机构使用这种强制性的审讯程序。Other issues on the Democrats' agenda include immigration reform, health care and education. 民主党人的日程中还包括移民改革、健保和教育等其他议题。Besides passing legislation, members of the Senate will hold hearings on President-elect Obama's cabinet nominees. The first hearing is scheduled Thursday for former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, Mr. Obama's choice to head the Department of Health and Human Services. 除了讨论通过立法以外,参议院议员还要举行审核当选总统奥巴马提名的内阁成员的听会。第一个听会订于星期四举行,讨论奥巴马选择的卫生与公共务部部长提名人选前参议院多数党领袖汤姆.达什尔。Although the hearings can be held before Mr. Obama's inauguration, senators cannot vote to confirm nominees until after the new president is sworn in to office later this month. 监管这些听会可以在奥巴马宣誓就职之前举行,但是到本月稍后新总统就任以后参议员们才能投票决定这些内阁人选。01/60727Women in Turkey 土耳其妇女Behind the veil 面纱背后Women’s influence in politics is growing, but it is still small妇女在政治中的影响越来越大,但这影响还是很小May 12th 2011 | ISTANBUL | from the print edition THIS week in Istanbul 13 European countries signed a Council of Europe convention on combating violence against women. All 47 members were urged to comply. Turkey pushed hard for the convention, which calls for hotlines, shelters and legal aid for abused women.这个星期13个欧洲国家在伊斯坦布尔签署了一项有关与反对妇女的暴力作斗争的欧洲委员会条约。敦促所有4个成员国遵守。土耳其极力推行为受虐待妇女呼吁热线,庇护所和法律援助的条约。 So it should. Turkey ranks with Russia as one of the worst countries in Europe for abuse of women. By the government’s admission, five women a day were killed by abusers in the first seven months of . A chilling new report from Human Rights Watch, an advocacy group, suggests that the situation is getting worse. It finds that 42% of women over 15 have suffered physical or sexual violence; they are vulnerable even when pregnant. Asli, a 21-year old Kurdish woman, was injected with poison, beaten and raped by her husband and in-laws, and locked in a barn without food or water. She decided to seek help from local prosecutors after her father-in-law burned her arm and declared that “I didn’t just get you here for my son, but also for my pleasure.” But the prosecutors never contacted her, and she now fears for her life. Asli’s story is all too common. 土耳其应该这么做。土耳其同俄罗斯一起被列为欧洲虐待妇女最严重的的国家之一。政府承认,年前7个月每天有五位妇女被虐待者们杀害身亡。一个利益团体(或利益集团)---人权观察的一项令人不寒而栗的新报道表明情况正在恶化。人权观察发现15岁以上42%的女性曾遭受过身体或性暴力行为;甚至她们怀时,她们还是容易受到攻击。一位21岁的库尔德妇女阿斯利(Asli)曾被注射毒药,被其丈夫及公婆殴打和强奸,并被锁在仓库里且不给食物和水。在她被她公公烧毁了手臂并声称“我要你来我们家不仅仅为了我儿子,而且还为了我自己寻欢作乐。”后,她决定从当地检察官那儿寻求帮助。但是检察官们从来没有联系过她,她现在担心她的性命。阿斯利的故事实在太普遍了。201105/136227Liverpool and China利物浦与中国Here comes the yuan人民币驾到A city’s bid to revive its fortunes through the local and the global利物浦努力通过本地特色和全球投资重振其经济Sep 3rd 2011 | LIVERPOOL | from the print edition AT THE new Museum of Liverpool (above), a sleek limestone affair of Danish design, the city’s Chinese community, which began with an influx of sailors at the start of the 19th century, gets an exhibit to itself. The emphasis seems a little odd, until you consider the city’s regeneration strategy, which rests on a characteristically 21st-century mix of the local and the global. The aim is to use Liverpool’s storied past to attract investment from around the world—and from China in particular.在一座丹麦风格的优美石灰石建筑——新建的利物浦物馆里(上图),城市的华人社区开了一个展览会。利物浦的华人社区兴起于19世纪初期大量中国水手涌入城市之时。如此强调这件事,似乎有些奇怪,除非你仔细考虑过城市的复兴策略。利物浦的复兴策略的基础是一个典型的21世纪本地特色与全球投资的混合体。这个策略的目的在于:利用利物浦赫赫有名的历史吸引来自世界各地的投资,尤其是中国。Liverpool has been through tough times. Once an imperial entrepocirc;t, the city built its wealth on the exchange of slaves, cotton and commodities. But the end of empire, the rise of air travel and the advent of shipping containers slashed maritime employment after the 1960s. Manufacturing failed to compensate for the losses, even if a cultural efflorescence led by the Beatles accompanied the economic woes.利物浦曾经历艰难困苦的时期。从前,作为帝国的贸易中心,利物浦通过交换奴隶、棉布和日用品创造财富。但是在19世纪60年代之后,大英帝国的衰落、航空交通的兴起和集装箱船的出现这种种因素使航海业的员工被大幅裁员。即使披头士在经济萧条下引起了一场文化繁荣,制造业仍无法弥补这种损失。Many problems persist. A city that held 856,000 people in 1931 now houses just over half that number. In the suburb of Anfield, home to Liverpool Football Club, an aborted regeneration scheme has bequeathed row after blighted row of boarded-up houses; gardens are overgrown with weeds and poppies sprout on street corners. The proportion of people on state benefits is twice the national average, as is the proportion of Liverpudlians who lack formal qualifications. Health is poor and life expectancy is low. Only two-thirds of residents work—41% of them in the public sector, which puts the city at especial risk in an era of government austerity.很多问题继续存在。一个在1931年人口为85万6千的城市,如今的居住人数却只有那时的一半多一点。利物浦足球俱乐部的所在地安菲尔德郊区曾实行过一个复兴策略,但最终流产,遗留下来的是一排又一排门窗被木板钉住的房屋,景象一派衰颓;住宅的花园里野草丛生,街头角落处罂粟疯长。安菲尔德郊区领取政府救济的人数比例两倍于全国平均水平,利物浦没有正式文凭的市民比例也是如此。健康状况相当不堪,平均寿命也不高。只有三分之二的居民有工作——其中41%在政府部门上班,在政府采取紧缩财政措施的年代里,这种情形会使城市的处境特别危险。201109/152524

India's Congress Party Starts Work on Forming a New Government印度国大党开始讨论组建新政府 In India, the ruling Congress Party got down to the job of choosing partners and forming a new government, a day after it beat forecasts to win a better-than-expected victory in general elections. The Congress Party-led alliance has won 261 seats in the 543 member parliament, while its main rival, the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party trails with 159 seats. The remaining seats have been won by an array of smaller parties. 在印度,执政的国大党接下来的工作是挑选合作伙伴和组建新政府。一天前,国大党跌破很多观察家的眼镜,在议会人民院选举中赢得出乎意料的胜利。国大党领导的联合进步联盟在543名议员组成的下院中赢得了261个席位,而其主要竞争对手、反对党人民党以159席落后。余下的席位则分别由一系列小党获得。Top leaders of the Congress Party met in New Delhi Sunday to identify small groups and lawmakers who will help the party get a parliamentary majority. 印度国大党最高领导人星期天在新德里会见了一些小团体和议员,他们将有助于国大党获得议会的多数席位。The Congress party-led alliance won what is being hailed as a "spectacular victory" in a country where no party has come close to a parliamentary majority in nearly two decades. 国大党领导的联盟获得了被誉为“壮观的胜利”,这个国家已经有将近20年没有一个党接近赢得议会的多数席位。The Congress-led alliance is less than a dozen seats short of an outright majority in parliament. 国大党领导的联盟离赢得议会人民院的绝对多数还差不到12个席位。Congress Party spokesman, Rajiv Shukla says the party can easily pick up the support it needs to craft a workable coalition. 国大党发言人拉吉夫.舒克拉说,这个党可以轻而易举地获得它所需要的持,组建一个可行的联盟。"Well, we are very close to the magic figure of 272, people have given us a clear mandate, lot many small groups and independents they are available, more than willing to support the government," said Shukla.他说:“嗯,我们已非常接近魔术数字272 ,选民给了我们明确的授权,许多小团体和无党派人士都非常愿意持政府。”Political analysts say although the Congress Party will continue to head a coalition government, its strong showing will give it ample room to implement policies without being hamstrung by regional and leftist parties, as happened during its last term in office. 政治分析人士说,虽然国大党将继续领导一个联合政府,但这个党在选举中的强劲表现将给与这个党在施政方面足够的空间,从而不会受到一些区域政党和左翼政党的钳制,如上届议会所发生的那样。Top Congress Party leaders are also discussing the formation of the Cabinet, which is expected to see the induction of some younger leaders. 国大党领导人还讨论了组阁的问题,一些年轻领袖有希望进入内阁。There is some belief that will include Rahul Gandhi, son of Congress Party President, Sonia Gandhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said he would like him to join the government.据信入阁的青年人包括拉胡尔.甘地,他是国大党主席索尼娅.甘地的儿子。印度总理辛格说,他希望拉胡尔.甘地加入政府。Rahul Gandhi is being toasted as the man who led the party's resurgence, particularly in the key state of Uttar Pradesh, where the party had been decimated in recent decades.拉胡尔.甘地被誉为领导国大党复兴的关键人物。特别是在重镇北方邦,该党近几十年来一直表现不佳。Gandhi's strategy has been to energize younger leaders and voters in a country where most politicians are old, but two thirds of the population is under 35 years old.甘地的竞选战略激励了印度年轻人和这个国家选民。印度的大多数政客是老人,但三分之二的人口在35岁以下。Gandhi says reviving the party remains his main goal.甘地说,恢复他的党仍然是主要目标。"My job is to change the politics of this country, using youngsters," said Gandhi. "My job is to try and empower youngsters in this country."他说:“我的工作就是要改变这个国家的政治,重用年轻人,让年轻人拥有权力。”Rahul Gandhi is the heir apparent of the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, which has been at the helm of the Congress Party for decades. He is aly being projected as a future prime minister.拉胡尔.甘地显然已经称为尼赫鲁-甘地政治王朝的继承人,甘地家族领导国大党有长达几十年的历史。他已被预测为未来的印度总理人选。Political analysts have called the decisive victory of the Congress Party a vote for stability in a country tired of the enormous influence wielded by regional, leftist and caste based parties in the federal government. Many of these parties - particularly leftist parties fared poorly in the elections.政治分析家把国大党的胜利称为决定性胜利,选举胜利标志着选民投票赞成印度的稳定,在这个国家,一些以地区,左派和种姓为基础的政党试图在联邦政府发挥巨大的影响力。其中许多政党,特别是左派政党,在这次选举中表现差强人意。The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party is also discussing the reasons which led to its poor performance.主要反对党印度人民党也在讨论其表现不佳的原因。05/70154Dying out渐失其势Little by little, countries are ditching the death penalty各国逐渐放弃死刑On September 19th Abdul Hamid al-Fakki, a Sudanese, was executed in Saudi Arabia for the crime of “sorcery”. On September 21st Troy Davis, a black man convicted of shooting an off-duty white policeman, was executed in the American state of Georgia. Protests that the evidence against him was flawed proved fruitless.9月19日,苏丹人阿布杜尔·哈米德·阿尔法基在沙特被以“巫术”罪处以死刑。9月21日,黑人特洛伊·达维斯因杀一名下班后的白人警察,在美国佐治亚州被处决。此前,曾有人抗议称据有瑕疵,但未起到作用。Despite these cases the death penalty, on the statute books since the days of Hammurabi, is disappearing in much of the world. More than two-thirds of countries have done away with it either in law or in practice. The latest is Benin. In August the west African country committed itself to abolishing capital punishment permanently. The number of countries that carry out judicial killings fell from 41 in 1995 to 23 in 2010, according to Amnesty International, a pressure group. China (chiefly), Iran, North Korea, and Yemen accounted for most of the executions. Votes against the death penalty at the UN General Assembly have passed with big and growing majorities since 2007. Capital punishment has virtually gone in Europe (only Belarus still uses it, most recently in 2010). This year China whittled down its list of crimes punishable by death.尽管出现了这些死刑案例,但这种自汉谟拉比法典即明令在册的刑罚在世界大多数国家都已消失。三分之二以上的国家在法律上或实践中废除了死刑。最新废除死刑的国家是西非国家贝宁。今年8月,贝宁宣布永久废除死刑。根据压力集团“大赦国际”的统计,仍在执行这种法律杀戮的国家从1995年的41个减为2010年的23个。中国(占大部分)、伊朗、朝鲜和也门执行了绝大多数死刑。自2007年以来,每年联大都以绝对且不断增加的多数票通过决议,要求废除死刑。欧洲实际上已经废除了死刑(只有白俄罗斯还保留,最近于2010年执行过)。今年,中国削减了适用死刑的罪名。Yet for all the apparent momentum, capital punishment remains entrenched in the Middle East and north Africa, and in parts of Asia, notably China. Jacqueline Macalesher of Penal Reform International, a lobby group, thinks the Arab spring could be a new spur to abolition, though she worries that executing political enemies may prove attractive in the short run.尽管废死刑的势头很强,但中东、北非与亚洲部分地区仍坚持不愿放弃之。游说组织“刑法改革国际”的杰奎琳·马卡莱舍尔认为,阿拉伯之春可能成为废除死刑的新动力,但她也担心,在短时间内,处决政治对手也可能颇有吸引力。The other big exception is America, where two-thirds of states still have the death penalty. A leading Republican candidate for the presidency, Rick Perry, is governor of Texas, the state that uses it most. The state has carried out a record 236 executions in his nearly 11 years as governor. Mr Perry says he loses no sleep over it, and many voters feel the same.美国是另一个例外的主要国家,其三分之二的州仍有死刑。共和党重量级总统候选人里克·佩里是德克萨斯州州长,该州死刑案例最多,在佩里任州长的近11年内共执行了创纪录的236例死刑。佩里表示,他对此并不担心,许多选民也持同样看法。But the abolitionist trend seems inexorable. In March Illinois became the fourth state in four years to scrap the death penalty. Maryland, Connecticut and California may follow suit. Squeezed state budgets are eroding enthusiasm. The cost of fighting protracted legal battles and maintaining separate facilities for those condemned to death looks increasingly unaffordable when schools and libraries are being closed. California alone has more than 700 people on death row.但废除死刑的趋势看起来不可阻挡。3月,伊利诺伊州成为四年内第四个废除死刑的州。马里兰、康乃狄克与加利福尼亚也可能跟进。地方财政紧缩影响到各州坚持死刑的意愿。目前,因财政紧张,学校与图书馆纷纷关闭。在这种情况下,冗长的诉讼过程以及单独关押被判死刑者所耗费用不赀,显得越来越难以负担。仅加利福尼亚一州,就有700名被判死刑而未决者。Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, a pressure group that espouses abolition, ascribes increasing unhappiness over the death penalty to a long-term growth in sensitivity to human rights. A growing number mind that the death penalty in America falls disproportionately on blacks and poor people. The chance that innocent folk may be executed counts for more, with many, than the deterrent effect of capital punishment (itself questioned by academic studies). Gruesome details about the mechanics of executions also stoke public disquiet.持废除死刑的压力集团“平等司法倡议”创始人拜延·斯蒂文斯表示,长期以来人们对人权的关注度不断增加,因而对死刑的容忍度日趋下降。越来越多的人认为,在美国获死刑者中,黑人与穷人比例过高。许多人对无辜者被错杀的关切也超过了对死刑威慑作用(研究结果对此提出置疑)的认可。执行死刑过程中可怕的细节也增加了公众的不安感。Pressure to get into international clubs has also propelled abolition. The Council of Europe, a Strasbourg-based talking shop that requires members to accede to the European Convention on Human Rights, has made the death penalty a bar to membership. That (plus other things such as election rigging) has left Belarus’s application with rigor mortis.融入国际社会的压力也促进了有关国家废除死刑。设在斯特拉斯堡的清谈组织欧洲委员会要求其成员国加入“欧洲人权公约”,死刑遂成为加入该委员会的障碍。这(以及操纵选举等其它情形)令白俄罗斯加入该委员会的申请决无生机。201110/157815China’s train crash中国高铁追尾Curiouser追查真相的公众The angry response to the Wenzhou crash continues温州追尾事故继续引发公众的愤怒Aug 6th 2011 | BEIJING | from the print edition THE official death toll from the high-speed rail collision near the east-central city of Wenzhou on July 23rd now stands at 40, with 191 injured. Among the tens of millions in China who now share their thoughts on the nation’s microblogging outlets are many who suspect the toll is even higher. Whatever the true numbers, other casualties may be counted in the disaster and the nature of its clumsy handling afterwards. One of these is the credibility of the government.七月二十三日,在中国东部城市温州附近发生的高铁追尾事故的官方死亡人数现在为40人,同时有191名伤者。 在中国数千万通过微来分享自己的观点的网友中,他们大部分都怀疑死亡人数甚至更多。不论真实人数是多少,其他的损失可能会算入这次事故中,以及事故发生后地处理不当。 其中一点就是政府的公信力。Days after the crash, many continue to gripe openly about the government’s response, and to doubt anything officials say. Complaints focus not only on whatever neglect caused the accident—officials say it was a signalling flaw—but also on the government’s callousness in trying to clean up the site. It buried one of the stricken rail carriages and restored rail services, all before rescue operations had ended.在事故发生后的几天中,很多人继续公开地的对政府的回应表示不满和质疑。这些不满不仅集中在所有可能导致事故的忽略因素—官方称其是信号系统的问题—也集中在政府在处理现场时的冷漠上。 政府在抢救工作停止前,他们埋了一节撞毁的乘客车厢并且重新运行了高铁。201108/148412

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