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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活改变生活的真理Your heart knows more than your head so listen to it. 你的心比你的头脑知道得更多,所以照着内心说的做吧We often have a tendency to overthink life and end up making it more difficult than it needs to be. 我们经常会什么事都想太多,最终把人生变得更加复杂,其实人生本不该复杂Living from your head as opposed to your heart,invites fear, logic, and endless analysis to stop you from doing things that will radically transm your life.与跟从内心相反,听从大脑而活,是让恐惧、逻辑和无尽的分析来阻止自己去做颠覆生活的事Tune into your heart and let it be your guide, I promise you wont be sorry you did.还是聆听你的内心吧,让它成为你的向导,我保你不会后悔end up lt;非正gt;(以…)结束; 最终成为[变得]; 最后处于例句:We will end up living in a society where life is cheap.我们最终将生活在一个视人命为儿戏的社会radically adv. 根本地; 彻底地;完全地; 激进地例句:I think we may have to rethink our policies fairly radically.我认为我们可能要对我们的政策进行根本的反思.更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 13Not a word. 【Part One】Good morning , everybody. Welcome to the programme in the morning. I'm Juliet. There's a simple way to say"Don't talk about it ." The speaker doesn't want the person to discuss the subject. What's it? Let's listen to a simple situational dialogue first and do your hardest to find it.Mike : I've heard you started working CIA.Jane: Yes, I have . But not a word to anyone about it .Mike: 听说你开始在为中央情报局效力了Jane : 嗯,是啊但不要跟任何人说Now have you spotted it ? It is :Not a word. The Chinese it is "什么都不要说"or"不要提" If we want to express "对某人不要提及", or"对某是不要提及"or "关于某事不要对某人提及" ,how should we put all of them? They are : "Not a word about something.""Not a word to somebody.""Not a word to somebody about something." The structure is similar to "talk to (with) somebody about something". In addition , CIA is the short m of Central Intelligence Agency. Please remember "Not a word". Let's call it a day . See you next time. 请写下您对该节目的感想,由您的持与关注,我会做得更好 5I am beat. 我真的累垮了【Andrew’s Note】To be beat”is not to be physically beaten, but to be so tired you feel like you were.“To be beat”并不指身体上挨打,而是你所感到的身心疲惫[1] This weekend, Marston had nothing important to do but household chores, trimmingand watering his flowers. He began to realize that he should try to find something to do to while awayhis weekends.[] This morning when I saw him, he remarked in high glee(高兴之至), ;You wont believe your ears, Mr. Yan, but I worked another wonder today. I found great fun in trimming my back garden a whole morning. However, I am beat. Trimming the flowers is really a backbreaking job. But now Ive got a sense of success because I got everything in apple-pie order.;[3] I said, ;I only know a gardener has to take his time trimming, but you just finished off all your work. So even a professional gardener cant hold a candle toyou as far as efficiency is concerned. Next time you just give me a word, and I will come over to share part of the tedious work. When you are tired out, you just take a breath(歇一口气). I can try to discipline myself and cultivate my character(修身养性)by learning how to trim plants.;[] ;No, no. It is not my habit to bother others when I can handle everything. You know, laboring on the weekends is another way to enjoy life. You can work away your worry and care that way. ;[5] It follows thatwe should not only work our way intoachievement at our jobs, but also try to enjoy ease and comt at leisure(闲暇;从从容容地). Only by taking this positive attitude can we keep work and rest in proper proportion.[1] 周末,马斯顿没有什么重要的事儿可做,就干点家务活,修剪花木或给花木浇水他想明白了,应该找点事儿做,好消磨周末的时光[] 今早我见他的时候,他高兴得不得了,对我说:“也许你不信,阎先生,我今天又创造了个奇迹整个上午,我把后院的花木全都修剪一遍,好高兴喽可把我累坏了修剪花木可是件苦差事儿不过我把一切都收拾停当,还蛮有成就感的”[3] 我说:“我只知道园丁会慢悠悠修剪花木可你却一口气就把活儿干完连专业的园丁也要甘拜下风了下次跟我说一声,我来帮你你累了就歇一口气我想学着修剪花木,也好修身养性”[] “不,不我能对付的事情,不习惯麻烦别人知道吗,周末劳动一下也在享受生活呀一干起活来,什么烦恼和忧愁都忘掉啦!”[5]由此看来:我们不仅要兢兢业业取得工作成就,还要充分享受闲暇时的安逸和舒适我们有了这种积极的态度,才能劳逸结合 197***Thousands were left stranded a second day after the cold weather brought severe disruption to transport across the country.left stranded---stuck in the middle of a journey, not able to continue and not able to go backstrand:to leave somebody in a place from which they have no way of leaving 使滞留 VN usually passive The strike left hundreds of tourists stranded at the airport. 这场罢工使成百上千的游客滞留在机场.severe disruption 严重干扰,中断very bad interference with normal services meaning roads are closed and train and air services reduced 019399

南极被人们称为第七大陆,是地球上最后一个被发现、唯一没有土著人居住的大陆南极大陆的总面积为90万平方公里,相当于中国和印巴次大陆面积的总和,居世界各洲第五位整个南极大陆被一个巨大的冰盖所覆盖,平均海拔为350米南极洲蕴藏的矿物有220余种 摘自百度贴吧 01

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Effective Prioritizing有效排列事物的优先次序This world is complicated. We are pulled in multiple directions every day, willingly, or not. 世界是错综复杂的无论我们愿不愿意, 我们每天都会受到到多种方向力量的影响Smart people have a strict list of priorities, with interpersonal relationships at the top. 聪明的人有精确的事情优先级列表,顶端是人际关系There is a difference between having a priority listand living one life according to the list.有优先级列表和照优先级列表生活是有区别的High-value people are excellent time, emotion, and energy managers who carefully allot their personal resources according to their priority list. 高价值的人能很好地管理时间、情感和能量,能根据优先级列表仔细分配个人资源If a time-consuming objective of low value arises,it is eliminated. The majority of time, emotional, and energy resources are given to nurture and sustain important relationships. 耗时而价值低的事情就会从中去掉大部分的时间、情感上和能量上的资源用来培养并维持重要的人际关系The high-value person understands that quality relationships with people are all uniquely temporary and thus invaluable高价值的人知道和人之间关系的好坏都是暂时性的,因而是无价的priority 优先权例句:Things should be taken up in order of priority.办事应有个先后次序interpersonal adj.人与人之间的; 人际的例句:A more telling criticism is that he reduces ethics to interpersonal relationships.一个更有力的批评是他把道德规范简化为人际关系allot 分配例句:The government is y to allot houses in that area.政府准备在那个地区分配住房eliminate 排除,消除例句:Can we ever eliminate poverty from the world?我们有朝一日能消除世上的贫困吗?[本节目属] 5571

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Change up your eating habits改善饮食培养良好的饮食习惯Get Saucy对自己狠点吧Baking your favorite muffins, pancakes or bs usually calls a hefty dose of butter and sugar. 烤一下你最爱的马芬、煎饼或者面包,通常会配上一大勺黄油和糖To keep these favorites in your meal plans, change out the butter and sugar applesauce. 要想一直吃自己最爱的食物,恐怕你要舍弃黄油和糖了,改吃苹果酱吧Doing so not only reduces caloric intake, but it also adds a healthy boost of dietary fiber.这样不但能减少卡路里摄入,还能增加对健康有益的纤维muffin n.(涂牛油趁热吃的)英格兰松饼,(常含小块水果等)杯状小松糕; 玛芬例句:You cant use that to get the cute guy and the Iast bIueberry muffin.你不能用这个理由又得到帅哥又拿最后一个松饼dietary adj.饮食的,规定食物的例句:The liver not only is the receptor of dietary fat.肝脏是日粮脂肪的接受者[本节目属] 785

提出建议-- :1:31 提出建议Sentences(句子)1 .I advise you to see a doctor.我劝你去看看医生. It'll do you good to have a rest.休息一下对你会有好处3. You have to cut down smoking.你必须少抽烟. Just try again.你再试试看5. Why not have lunch with me?何不跟我们一起吃午饭呢?6. Let me do it.让我来做吧7. You might do something else now.你不妨先干别的事8. You'd better talk it over with him.你最好和他好好谈一谈9. I'd rather you apply that position.我觉得你该去申请那个职位. You would be wise to buy a bike.你最好买一辆自行车Dialogue(对话)Model 1A: Do I need to carry out the plan now?我需要马上实施计划吗?B: No, you'd better not.最好现在不要实施A: Could you offer me some advice?你能给我些建议吗?B: I recommend you to think it over我建议你认真考虑一下Model A: You should take good care of Yourself你应该好好照顾自己B: What do you mean妙this?你的意思是……?A: You have to cut down smoking.你得少抽烟B: Thank you. I'll try to give it up.谢谢我会设法戒烟的Model 3A: Have you today's newspaper? There's a very good job opporty.看今天的报纸了吗?有一个很好的工作机会B: I'd rather you didn't apply that position.我倒觉得你不该去争取那个职位A: Why?.为什么?B: You can't compete with the postgraduates.你可不如那些研究生有竞争力

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