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Seeing the #39;Low Battery#39; alert on your smartphone is enough to send anyone into a frenzy. But a group of researchers have developed a solution that not only lets you power your own device, but allows you to share your charge with others in need - without using a power pack.手机显示电量不足时我们就会莫名感到焦虑。一组研究人员已经找到了解决办法,不仅可以让你自己给自己的设备充电,还可以在没有电源组的情况下将自己的电量分享给需要的人。Called PowerShare, this technology consists of flexible coils and docking aids embedded in a smartphone or smartwatch to transfer power to devices just by touching them together.这款名为“能源分享”的设备主要由软线圈和对接工具组成,将其贴在智能手机或智能手表上,只要把另一只手机贴上去就可以“借”电来充。There are a number of products on the market that provide Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for smartphone users that power their phones without the need of an outlet. Although power packs and mobile hand generators are good back-ups, they can be bulky and a nuisance when traveling.市面上可供智能手机用户在无需电源插座的情况下充电的无线输电设备不在少数。虽然一些电源组和移动手摇发电还可以起到救急作用,但是对于旅行者来说笨重又麻烦。Once the technology is placed inside a smartwatch or smartphone, simply tap it with another device and watch it charge.只要在智能手表或智能手机应用此项技术,两种设备轻轻碰触便可进行充电。The creators estimate that around 12 seconds of charging would give users one minute of talk time and two minutes would generate enough power to watch four minutes of a .发明者估计,用户只需充电大约12秒便可通话1分钟,充电2分钟可看视频4分钟。The average Wireless Power Transfer gadget consist of at least two coils, one located in the power transmitter and the other in the power receiver, reports LiveScience.美国生活科学网报道说,通常无线输电设备至少包含两个线圈,一个在功率发射器中,一个在功率接收器中。As electricity moves through the power transmitter coil, it creates an electromagnetic field that sends a charge to the next coil.当电流穿过功率发射器中的线圈时会产生电磁场,向接收器输送电量。To develop PowerShare, researcher experimented with a variety of different power transmitters and receiver coils.为了研发“能源分享”设备,研究人员对多种不同的功率发射和接收线圈进行试验。In order to recreate the magnetic shielding, they used ferrite plate and copper tape placed on the back of coils – this hindered transmitted energy from getting close to human tissue.他们将铁酸盐板和铜带置于线圈背部形成磁屏蔽,这样可以避免传输的电量过于接近人体。The researchers also found that flexible coils can be used in the system and are ideal for smartwatch straps.他们还发现这种软线圈正好适合,是智能手表带的最佳选择。#39;Our design emphasizes safety, minimizes form factor, presents flexible coils and shows real world power transfer up to 3.1 volts,#39; said the researchers.研究者表示:“我们的设计以安全性为主要考量,最小化外形因素,以软线圈为材料,真正实现了电力传输高达3.1伏特。However, just like most new technology PowerShare does have its limitations – twice as much energy needs to be transmitted as is received.然而,与大多数新技术一样,“能源分享”也有自身的局限性,即接收的电量只有发送电量的一半。 /201605/446116

Second-quarter profits at Tencent, whose products range from instant messaging and social networks to online games, exceeded expectations as it continued to expand its mobile gaming business.腾讯(Tencent)第二季度利润超出预期,产品范围涵盖即时通讯、社交网络和网络游戏的这家中国科技集团,正继续扩大其手机游戏业务。The Shenzhen-based tech group, which recently led a consortium that bought an 84 per cent stake in Clash of Clans maker Supercell for .6bn, made a net profit of Rmb10.7bn (.6bn) in the three months to June 30.总部位于深圳的腾讯在截至6月30日的三个月实现净利润107亿元人民币(合16亿美元)。该集团最近牵头一个财团,斥资86亿美元买下《部落冲突》(Clash of Clans)的开发商速波赛尔(Supercell) 84%股份。This exceeded forecasts of Rmb9.5bn and was a 47 per cent increase on the same period a year ago. Revenue rose 52 per cent year-on-year to Rmb35.7bn.腾讯二季度净利润超过了95亿元人民币的预测,同比增幅达到47%。营收同比增长52%,至357亿元人民币。Like rival Alibaba, which this month also posted better than expected second-quarter figures, Tencent has been increasing the proportion of revenues it generates from smartphones.像本月也报告好于预期的第二季度业绩的竞争对手阿里巴巴(Alibaba)一样,腾讯不断提升其从智能手机实现的营收比重。During the second quarter it made Rmb9.6bn in revenue from smartphone games, a 114 per cent increase on the same period a year earlier.第二季度,腾讯从智能手机游戏实现96亿元人民币营收,同比大增114%。Overall, online game revenues increased 32 per cent year on year to Rmb17.1bn.总体而言,网络游戏营收同比增长32%,至171亿元人民币。The vast majority of gaming revenues — whether on smartphones or PCs — comes from in-game add-ons, where users can pay for virtual perks such as new weapons in combat games.绝大部分游戏营收——无论是智能手机游戏还是电脑游戏——来自于游戏中的额外消费,比如用户花钱购买虚拟物品,如战斗游戏中的新武器。Aside from the trend towards mobile gaming, a shift towards mobile advertising has helped push up profits, according to Elinor Leung, analyst at CLSA, a Hong Kong-based investment group.总部位于香港的投资集团里昂券(CLSA)的分析师梁向奕(Elinor Leung)表示,除了转向手机游戏的趋势外,向手机广告的转移也帮助推高了利润。Using a model similar to Facebook, the company recently began to include ads in public areas of its popular WeChat messaging app, where they appear among posts from individual users and official public accounts.使用类似于Facebook的模型,该公司最近开始在广受欢迎的微信(WeChat)即时通讯应用的公共区域投放广告,这些广告出现在个人用户和官方公共账户发布的帖子中间。WeChat alone had 806m active monthly users in the second quarter, representing 34 per cent year-on-year growth.仅微信在第二季度就拥有8.06亿月度活跃用户,比上年同期增加34%。 /201608/461532

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