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上海市华山医院激光祛痣多少钱虹口区人民中医院疤痕价格费用听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):When the Flint water disaster exploded, the state began sending emergency supplies to the city: millions and millions of dollars worth of bottled water, filters and cartridges.Detroit Free Press reporter Paul Egans front-page story this week suggests the state overpaid for those supplies, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Egan found that instead of using a formal bidding process, the State went directly to Georgia-based Home Depot to buy the supplies. And it failed to seriously seek bids from Michigan companies.In response to Egans report, Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich of Flint called for an investigation into how the state bought those water supplies.“Every dollar wasted could have been used on providing services to families in Flint that were affected by this,” Senator Ananich said. “We should always be trying to use taxpayers money wisely.”The states reliance on Home Depot as its exclusive supplier has also raised questions. According to the Free Press report, the company has ties to one of Gov. Snyders top aides. That connection deserves further scrutiny, Senator Ananich told us.“Clearly, the story in the Free Press shows it was at the very least careless--and potentially, it was steered toward a friend of someone in the Governors office,; Ananich said. ;Those allegations should be taken seriously and looked into.”Listen to the full interview above.201610/471007上海绣眉的价格 静安区人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院祛痣多少钱Migrants in the Dominican Republic多米尼加共和国的移民No place like home何处为家乡The travails of the children of Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic在多米尼加,海地移民的孩子承受着艰难困苦NIGHTMARE is about to end for some 24,000 people in the Dominican Republic (DR).For months a court ruling has in effect rendered them stateless, in the process straining the countrys tense relations withHaiti, its poorer neighbour on the CaribbeanislandofHispaniola.But for many others, the ordeal is continuing.多米尼加共和国将近24000海地移民的噩梦即将消散。几个月以来,一项法庭裁决致使他们进入了无国籍的窘境,因而使得多米尼加共和国和它在加勒比伊斯帕尼奥拉岛上家徒四壁的邻居海地关系愈发紧张起来,除此以外,其实很多时候移民苦难的余烬都生生不息。Until a decade ago the children of Haitian migrants who were born in the DR were recognised as Dominican nationals, even if their parents had immigrated illegally.The rules began to change in 2004, and in 2010 a new constitution made a legally resident parent a requirement for citizenship at birth.Then, last September, a ruling of theConstitutional Courtdenied citizenship to the offspring of illegal immigrants who had arrived before that change.但10年前的一项规定带来一线转机:即使父母双方都为非法移民,但在多米尼加出生的孩子仍为多米尼亚公民。但2004年,政策开始发生变化,2010年新颁布的宪法规定,只有合法公民的孩子出生后才具有公民资格,去年9月,宪法法庭又规定,若海地非法移民在2010年法律调整前抵达多米尼加,则他们的孩子不具有公民身份。The government maintains that these revisions justly removed an anomaly and conform with practice elsewhere.Yet the children concerned—many well into middle age—were at a stroke reclassified as foreigners, and have since been refused new identity documents.Instead they were told to request new papers from their purported country of origin, even though the vast majority have never been toHaiti, speak only Spanish and cannot prove they are eligible for Haitian citizenship.多米尼加政府表示,这些修订以合法的方式抹去了本国法律的特殊性,与其他国家一致。但该法律牵涉的孩子已步入中年,突然失去公民资格无异于晴天霹雳,从今往后也无权持有新的多米尼加身份,而必须申请本土国身份,但他们大多从未去过海地,只能说一口西班牙语,无力明他们具有成为海地公民的资格。Relations on Hispaniola have been tense ever sinceHaitioccupied the DR in 1821-44, but this time the world took notice.Pressure groups and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights condemned the ruling.Caricom, a group ofCaribbeancountries, suspended the DRs membership application.Meanwhile Michel Martelly,Haitis president, caused a stir by ing a Dominican journalist who called the decision “civil genocide”.All that left Danilo Medina, who was inaugurated as the DRs president just a month before the ruling, in a fix.His nation can ill afford to be ostracised, yet capitulating would make him look weak.He would risk seeming too friendly toHaiti, which Dominican politicians have long used as a rhetorical punchbag.Joaquin Balaguer, a strongman who ruled the DR intermittently for 30 years, once warned of a “peaceful invasion” of Haitian immigrants.Leonel Fernández, who was Mr Medinas predecessor and is married to his vice-president, won a close election in 1996 after accusing his darker-skinned, Haitian-descended rival of wanting to reunite the two countries.海地1821年侵占多米尼加,直到1844年多米尼加才独立,两国关系自此剑拔弩张,但这一次世界终于开始关注这里的紧张局势,利益集团和美洲人权委员会都谴责了海地对多米尼加的统治,加勒比国家集团——加勒比共同体搁置了多米尼加的加入申请,与此同时,海地总统米歇尔·马尔泰利因为引用一位多米尼加记者的话,称该决定是“种族灭绝”而引起混乱,这将多米尼加新上任一个月的总统达尼洛·麦迪纳置于尴尬处境,多米尼加固然不能承担孤立无援的代价,但举手投降未免也显得自己是把软骨头,对海地示好更是暗含成为多米尼加政客众矢之的风险,毕竟此举此前就一直受其含沙射影的攻击。强硬派所罗拉·巴拉格曾断断续续统治了多米尼加30年,他曾警告说海地移民会形成“和平侵略”势力。麦迪纳的继任者莱昂内尔·费尔南德斯嫁给了麦迪纳在任时的副总统,在对这位黑皮肤,海地裔的总统一番指手画脚称其企图再次联合两国后,他在1996年赢得大选。In the end, Mr Medina and his legislative allies chose a cautious middle path.For the group most starkly disadvantaged—the 24,000 people with previously valid Dominican identity papers—help is on the way.On May 23rd the president signed a law reinstating their citizenship.Although Dominican bureaucracy can be arbitrary and arduous, they are now formally eligible to renew their birth certificates, driving licences and passports.People without such documents who can still prove to the authorities satisfaction that they were born in the DR—a group that includes 21,000 children born from 2007-10—will also get a reprieve.After a two-year waiting period they will be eligible to apply for naturalised citizenship, which carries all the rights of the native-born except the ability to hold high office.最终麦迪纳及立法机关还是谨慎的选择了一条折衷的道路,24000名海地移民现有身份已经失效,深受其害,但对于他们的救助正落实到位,5月23日,麦迪纳签署了一项法案,重新授予他们公民身份,虽然多米尼加政府有时专横霸道,难以对付,但它如今确实正式授予海地移民新的出生,驾驶执照和护照。其他一些人比如2007至2010年间出生的儿童,即使没有身份,只要能向官方明他们出生在多米尼加,也能延期2年申请公民身份,除无权担任高级要职外,享有所有国民权利。However, the law offers no solution for the biggest group involved: those who were born in the DR to parents without legal residence, but cannot demonstrate it.They will in effect remain stateless and officially eligible for deportation, though they have nowhere else to go.A UN survey of 2013 found there were 244,000 people in the DR whose parents were undocumented foreigners, meaning around 200,000 may be in this predicament.但该法律并未给最大受害群体指明一条出路,这些人的父母没有也无力明合法身份,他们无家可归,流离失所,处于驱逐出境的当口。联合国2013年的调查显示,在多米尼加,244000人的父母都是无身份的外国人,这就意味着将近200000人或许还将深陷此等窘境。Human-rights groups angrily point out that the new law thus leaves most of the people affected by the ruling in limbo.All the same, Mr Medinas meticulous segmentation of the problem will probably relieve much of the political pressure.People who aly had identity papers tend to be richer and more influential than those who did not; many of the most outspoken victims of the court decision were educated professionals who could use the media and lobby effectively.The new system placates this high-profile group, while leaving those on the fringes of Dominican society to fend for themselves.人权组织愤言新法律的出台无法改变大多数被统治阶层水深火热的境况。但麦迪纳这种管窥蠡测的做法将再一次减轻政治压力,比起那些没有身份的群体,已经获得的人更为富裕,也更具影响力,很多对法庭决定坦言不满的受害者都是一些受过教育的专业人士,他们能有效运用媒体,游说打动人心,新的体系平息了这些高姿态群体的怒火,但那些处在多米尼加社会边缘的人民只能自力更生。译者:张孟夏译文属译生译世 /201506/382376上海市中西医结合医院祛除腋臭多少钱 Well, lets start out today by getting in the old Time Machine and going back to early May 1954. That was just before the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed segregation in public schools.Lets suppose the Michigan Legislature saw this coming, and so rammed through a bill saying that no matter what the Supreme Court did, Michigan would still provide funding for segregated schools, especially, faith-based segregated schools.What do you suppose would have happened?Well, the courts would have ruled Michigans law unconstitutional. Unconstitutional on two grounds; its improper to use tax dollars to aid an establishment of religion, and because no state law can contradict a federal law or ruling.I think I learned that principle in high school, but, incredibly, most members of the state legislature seem to have been sick that week.Yesterday, they sent bills to the governor that would allow faith-based adoption agencies to deny applicants to whom they have a religious objection and still receive state aid. The governor isnt saying whether he will sign them.In a way, I dont blame him. Looked at it one way, he ought to veto these bills immediately; they are plainly designed to aid an establishment of religion.But it would also be prudent to wait till we see how the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage itself. If the justices do rule that same-sex couples have a right to marry, no agency receiving state funds should have the right to discriminate against them, period.Forty-eight years ago today, interracial marriage was illegal in fifteen Southern and border states. People actually were arrested for marrying someone of a different color. The next day, the Supreme Court said all those laws were unconstitutional.We dont yet know how the high court will rule on same-sex marriage, or what the scope of that ruling will be. We do know they will rule before the end of this month. All of which makes passing laws right now that might be affected by that ruling sort of asinine.You might wonder why our lawmakers arent spending their time and energy doing something useful, like crafting a responsible solution for the roads. The answer seems to be that they want to please the religious right, and that Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof is strongly supportive of faith-based adoptions, since he is the result of one.Well, one voice that ought to be heard in this debate is that of the doctors who see young children.The state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics urged the governor to veto these bills, saying they were not only unconstitutional, but bad because, they said, ;we should not place limitations on loving families that seek to adopt such children.;What evidence I have seen indicates that, if anything, same-sex couples make better parents than heterosexual ones. For one thing, you really have to work hard at getting children if you are in that situation; it is pretty hard to have them by accident.In any event, adoption agencies that put any religious restrictions on who they serve shouldnt be receiving one cent of state or federal money. Theres something called the First Amendment that should have made that pretty clear.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201506/380601青浦区人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

上海减肥中心Hi Simon,Hello Ellen,Its been a week,I know its been a week嘿 西蒙 你好 艾伦 一周过去了 我知道一周过去了I just said its so weird now being on your show我是说现在出现在你的节目上真不可思议Cuz you know we are kind of being working together你知道我们在一起工作so I kind of feel a little insecure right now,Oh dont,I do,dont所以我现在感觉有一点局促 噢 不要 我会 不要So I asked you this last week if you were getting sad在最后一周我问你是否感到难过you think youll be sad either tonight or tomorrow,how are you feeling right now你认为你将会在今晚还是明天难过呢? 你现在的感觉如何you know its interesting as I watch the top of the show你知道吗 这场秀的开始非常有趣you know when I was listening to your audience sing当我听你的观众们唱歌时just when you think there is no talent left in this country就是当你认为这个国家没有有天赋的人幸存时I would really like to formally invite all of you to audition for next year show,I try to help you我真的想要正式地邀请 你们所有人来面试明年的秀 我试着帮你No hes on another show, hes trying to sabotage me now.I will not do that,but are you getting sad不 那时他在上其他节目 他只是阴谋破坏而已 我不会那么做的 你感到难过吗?are you saying that your audience couldnt sing very well,no, some of them were excellent你是说你的观众们不能够唱得很好吗 不 他们中的一些非常棒anyone of them particular,yeah you were particularly good还有一些是例外 对 你特别棒you are exactly what we are looking for,yeah on the X-Factor,but are you getting sad你就是我们要找的 对 那个X-Factor 你感到难过吗you seem like you are in a really good mood看起来你真是一个好脾气I know you are moving on to something really great and important,but its the end of something for 9 years我知道你将接手一些真的很好 重要的事 但它终结了一个9年的历程To answer your question,I kind of have the combination of the two回答你的问题 我将把这两点结合起来Im feeling a bit sad now,because you know we needed that我现在的确有一点悲伤 因为你懂的 我们需要那样but at the same time,did you remember that last few weeks when you were leaving school但与此同时 你记得你离开学校的 最后几周吗and you kind of couldnt wait to get out,Its a little bit like that你的感觉是迫不及待地要解放 这就有一点点像那个 /201606/448700 上海复旦大学附属华山医院整形美容上海复旦大学附属华东医院光子嫩肤多少钱



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