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People who witness injustice and want to expose it, and now they can because they have a camera in their pocket all the time.目睹不公正想揭露它的人们现在可以做到了,因为他们的口袋里现在一直都装着一部相机。Our commitment goes beyond the products themselves to how theyre made.我们的承诺超出了产品本身,延伸到了它们的制作方法。To our impact on the environment. To the role we play in demanding and promoting equality. And in improving education.到我们对环境的影响;到我们在要求、促进平等方面所发挥的作用,到改善教育。We believe that a company that has values and acts on them can really change the world.我们相信,一个有自己的价值观并践行它的公司能改变世界。And an individual can too. That can be you. That must be you.一个人也可以做到。可以是你。那一定是你。Graduates, your values matter. They are your North Star.毕业生们,你的价值观很重要。他们是你的北极星。And work takes on new meaning when you feel you are pointed in the right direction.当你觉得你奔向正确的方向时,工作呈现出新的意义。Otherwise, its just a job, and life is too short for that.否则,它只是一个工作,对生命而言太短暂了。We need the best and brightest of your generation to lead in government and in business. In the science and in the arts. In journalism and in academia.我们需要最优秀、最聪明的一代领导政府和商业。在科学和艺术界。在新闻和学术界。There is honor in all of these pursuits. And there is opportunity to do work that is infused with moral purpose.对这些的追求给你以荣耀。现在你有了做充满道德目标的工作的机会。You dont have to choose between doing good and doing well. Its a false choice, today more than ever.你不必在选择行善和做得很好之间选择。这是一个错误的选择,今天更是如此。Your challenge is to find work that pays the rent, puts food on the table, and lets you do what is right and good and just.你面临的挑战是找到工作,付得起房租,能养家糊口,同时还能做对的、善的、正义的事。So find your North Star. Let it guide you in life, and work, and in your lifes work.所以找到你的北极星。让它指导你的生活,工作,和你人生的事业。Now, I suspect some of you arent buying this. I wont take it personally.现在,我怀疑你们中的有些人对我以上说的并不买账。我相信你们是对事不对人。Its no surprise that people are skeptical, especially here in Washington.毫无疑问的,人们是多疑的,尤其是在华盛顿。Where these days youve got plenty of reason to be.现如今你有足够的理由现如今你有足够的理由这样想。And a healthy amount of skepticism is fine. Though too often in this town, it turns to cynicism.持有一定程度的怀疑态度是好事。然而往往这里的很多人变得愤世嫉俗。To the idea that no matter whos talking or what theyre saying, that their motives are questionable, their character is suspect, and if you search hard enough, you can prove that they are lying.变得开始认为,无论谁说的话或说的什么,他们的动机都值得怀疑,他们的人格都值得怀疑,如果你足够努力地搜索,你可以明他们在撒谎。201512/416921。

Lets give it up a round of applause 让我们用热烈掌声感谢那些for those paying out-of-state tuition, shall we? 付高额州外学费的同学 好吗Because without those people 因为 没有这些人tomorrow instead of wearing gowns and mortarboards 今后你们将不再是穿着长袍和方帽毕业youd be graduating in ponchos made of hefty bags 而是穿着大麻袋制成的斗篷with used pizza boxes on your head 头顶旧批萨盒毕业But as has been stated before 不过就像我之前说的the most impressive ranking of all 最令人印象深刻的排名是has got to be Playboy once again naming you 杂志又一次将你们评为the number one party school in America 美国排名第一的派对学校Now to be clear, I only Playboy for the rankings 申明一点 我看 都是只读排名but Im not surprised by this honor 我对这个荣誉并不惊奇because I have seen you in action 因为我亲眼见过When I used to visit back in the day 我原来还总是回到这里I spent a fair amount of time at the Phi Kapp house 花不少时间到Phi Kapp屋which at that time had no doors 它当时没有门because apparently they kept getting partied off hinges 门显然是因为派对太疯狂 而从铰链上掉了下来and I wont go into more about those days 过去那些往事我就不多讲了because I do not remember them 因为 我记不得了and you know this is an impressive institution 你们知道 这是一所令人钦佩的大学because it rejected my application 因为它拒绝了我的申请Yes in the spring of 1984 I applied as a transfer student 对 1984年春 我作为转校生提出申请and at the time you could send your essay in after the rest of the application 而当时 你可以在申请过后再提交论文Well apparently the admissions board 显然 招生委员会took issue with the content of my essay 对我论文的内容产生了异议which was none because I never sent it 但是压根就没有 我根本就没有提交201603/429418。

And yet, when I went to look at alternative treatments,当我去了解其它偏门疗法时I also gained perspective on other treatments.我也接触到了其它疗法的不同的视角I went through a tribal exorcism in Senegal that involved a great deal of rams blood我研究过塞内加尔一个部落的净化仪式,他们在仪式中使用了大量的公羊血and that Im not going to detail right now,这里我就不详细讲了but a few years afterwards I was in Rwanda working on a different project,但是几年之后,当我去卢旺达参与另一个项目时and I happened to describe my experience to someone,我向一个当地人介绍了那个仪式and he said, ;Well, you know, thats West Africa, and were in East Africa,他说,“嗯,你知道,那是西非,我们这里是东非and our rituals are in some ways very different,我们的宗教仪式有一些不同的地方but we do have some rituals that have something in common with what youre describing.;但是我们也有一些地方是共通的,(我们的方法)跟你描述的那种有些相似And I said, ;Oh.; And he said, ;Yes,; he said,然后我说,“哦”。 他说,“是的”,然后他继续说道;but weve had a lot of trouble with Western mental health workers, especially the ones who came right after the genocide.;但是西方世界跑过来的心理治疗师给我们添了不少麻烦,尤其是那些大屠杀之后跑来的心理医生们And I said, ;What kind of trouble did you have?;于是我问他,“什么麻烦?”And he said, ;Well, they would do this bizarre thing.他说,“是这样的,他们做的事情很古怪They didnt take people out in the sunshine where you begin to feel better.他们并不会让人去阳光下活动,虽然这会让人感觉舒They didnt include drumming or music to get peoples blood going.他们不使用音乐或打鼓的方式激发人们的情绪They didnt involve the whole community.他们不会让整个社区参与其中They didnt externalize the depression as an invasive spirit.他们也没有将抑郁外显化为一种恶灵进行驱逐Instead what they did was they took people one at a time into dingy little rooms相反的,他们将那些(抑郁的)人单独地带到一个昏暗的小房间and had them talk for an hour about bad things that had happened to them.;花一个小时让他们回忆发生在他们身上的悲惨的事情。”He said, ;We had to ask them to leave the country.;他说,“我们只能请他们离开这个国家了。”Now at the other end of alternative treatments, let me tell you about Frank Russakoff.现在,我想分享另外一种替代的疗法,弗兰克·若萨克夫接受了这种替代疗法Frank Russakoff had the worst depression perhaps that Ive ever seen in a man.弗兰克的抑郁症可能是我见过的最严重的抑郁症之一He was constantly depressed.他一直处于抑郁状态He was, when I met him, at a point at which every month he would have electroshock treatment.当我刚见到他的时候,他每个月都要接受电休克治疗Then he would feel sort of disoriented for a week.所以他每个月第一周会被电的迷迷糊糊Then he would feel okay for a week.第二周变得正常起来Then he would have a week of going downhill.第三周开始情绪又开始走下坡路And then he would have another electroshock treatment.然后他就会寻求下一次电休克治疗And he said to me when I met him,当我开始见到他的时候,他说;Its unbearable to go through my weeks this way.“这种(电休克的)周期对于我而言是无法避免的I cant go on this way, and Ive figured out how Im going to end it if I dont get better.我不能这么下去了。我知道如果我不能够变好起来意味着什么But,; he said to me,“但是”,他对我说,;I heard about a protocol at Mass General for a procedure called a cingulotomy, which is a brain surgery,“我听说麻省总院最近在进行医疗实验,实验一种脑手术,叫扣带回切开术and I think Im going to give that a try.;我想我会去尝试一下。”And I remember being amazed at that point我至今都记得当时我听到后的惊喜的心情to think that someone who clearly had so many bad experiences with so many different treatments想想这样一个人经历了如此多的悲惨经历,忍受了那么多的治疗方法still had buried in him somewhere enough optimism to reach out for one more.骨子里依然有一种与生俱来的乐观要去尝试新的东西And he had the cingulotomy, and it was incredibly successful.后来他做了扣带回切开术,出乎意料地成功Hes now a friend of mine.他跟我现在成为了朋友He has a lovely wife and two beautiful children.他有一个可爱的妻子和两个漂亮的小孩He wrote me a letter the Christmas after the surgery, and he said,那次手术的圣诞节后,他写了一封信给我,他说;My father sent me two presents this year,“我的父亲今年寄给我两件礼物First, a motorized C.D. rack from The Sharper Image that I didnt really need,一个是某个品牌的车载CD架,我不是很需要but I knew he was giving it to me to celebrate the fact that Im living on my own and have a job I seem to love.但是我知道他是给我这个的目的是想要庆祝一下,我可以重新开始并且有了一份喜欢的工作And the other present was a photo of my grandmother, who committed suicide.另外一件礼物是我外婆的一张照片,她自杀了As I unwrapped it, I began to cry, and my mother came over and said,当我拆开包装的时候,我开始哭泣,我的妈妈过来问道Are you crying because of the relatives you never knew?‘你哭是因为你从来没有见过外婆么?’And I said, She had the same disease I have.我说,‘不,是因为她的痛苦,我同样经历过。’Im crying now as I write to you.写这封信的现在,我又忍不住哭泣Its not that Im so sad, but I get overwhelmed,不是因为悲伤,而是因为我再也无法承受I think, because I could have killed myself,我想我曾经也可能会自杀but my parents kept me going, and so did the doctors, and I had the surgery.但是我的父母给了我勇气,还有治疗我的医生们,还有这个手术Im alive and grateful.我活着,心怀感恩We live in the right time, even if it doesnt always feel like it.;我们活在美好的时代,虽然有时候看起来很糟。”201602/426775。

Unlike any other creature on this planet, human beings can learn and understand, without having experienced. They can think themselves into other peoples places.与这个星球上任何其他的动物不同,人类可以学习和理解未曾经历过的事情。他们可以换位思考,能够设身处地去体会他人的感受。Of course, this is a power, like my brand of fictional magic, that is morally neutral. One might use such an ability to manipulate, or control, just as much as to understand or sympathize.当然,这种能力就像我在小说里虚构的魔法一样,没有邪恶之分。有人可能会利用这种能力去操纵或控制别人,也有人选择用它去了解和同情他人。And many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are. They can refuse to hear screams or to peer inside cages; they can close their minds and hearts to any suffering that does not touch them personally; they can refuse to know.而很多人不愿去运用他们的想象力。他们选择舒适地生活在自己经验所及的范围内,从来不愿费心去想想如果生在别处会怎样。他们会拒绝去听别人的尖叫,不愿看一眼囚禁的笼子;对于与自身无关的苦难,他们会封闭自己的内心;他们会拒绝了解这一切。I might be tempted to envy people who can live that way, except that I do not think they have any fewer nightmares than I do. Choosing to live in narrow spaces lead to a form of mental agoraphobia, and that brings its own terror. I think the willfully unimaginative see more monsters. They are often more afraid. What is more, those who choose not to empathize enable real monsters. For without ever committing an act of outright evil ourselves, we collude with it, through our own apathy.我可能会受到诱惑,去嫉妒那样生活的人。但我不认为他们做的噩梦会比我更少。选择生活在狭窄的空间会导致不敢面对开阔的视野,那种生活同样会有恐惧。我认为不愿展开想象的人会看到更多的怪兽,他们往往更会感到害怕。而且,那些没有同情心的人会激活真正的怪兽。因为尽管他们自身没有作恶,但他们对于罪恶无动于衷,这已足以使他们成为作恶者的共谋。One of the many things I learned at the end of that Classics corridor down which I ventured at the age of 18, in search of something I could not then define, was this, written by the Greek author Plutarch: What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.18岁时,为了追寻我当时还无法解释的东西,我踏上了学习古典文学的征途并汲取了许多知识,其中一点便是希腊作家普鲁塔克所说:我们的内在修养将会改变外在的现实。201402/275013。

I was really moved by these experiences,我被这些真实的故事深深打动了and I decided that I wanted to write about them我之前计划只是写一本书来记录not only in a book I was working on, but also in an article,但是现在我觉得远远不够,我还要写一篇文章and so I got a commission from The New York Times Magazine to write about depression among the indigent.所以我跟纽约时报杂志说好,写一篇有关低收入群里中抑郁症的报告And I turned in my story, and my editor called me and said,当我写好之后,我的编辑打电话给我说;We really cant publish this.;我们真的没办法发表这个And I said, ;Why not?;然后我问, ;为什么?;And she said, ;It just is too far-fetched.她说, ;故事太牵强了;These people who are sort of at the very bottom rung of society这些人生活在接近社会底层的地方and then they get a few months of treatment and theyre virtually y to run Morgan Stanley?然后他们经过了六个月的治疗,然后他们就可以去管理根史坦利了?Its just too implausible.;太没有说力了She said, Ive never even heard of anything like it.;她说, ;我从来没有听过这样的事情;And I said, ;The fact that youve never heard of it is an indication that it is news.;然后我说, ;你从没有听说过;恰恰说明这个是一个新闻;And you are a news magazine.;而且你们是一家新闻媒体啊So after a certain amount of negotiation, they agreed to it.来回协商了几次之后,他们同意发表了But I think a lot of what they said was connected in some strange way但是他们说的话让我想了很多,他们这种态度跟另外一个观点多少有点关系to this distaste that people still have for the idea of treatment,即很多人还是反感抑郁症需要治疗这个观点the notion that somehow if we went out and treated a lot of people in indigent communities,好像这就意味着我们会开始大规模的开始治疗低收入者that would be an exploitative thing to do, because we would be changing them.这将是一件带有剥削性质的事情,因为我们是在改造他们There is this false moral imperative that seems to be all around us看起来我们所有的人都受到一种教条的影响that treatment of depression, the medications and so on, are an artifice,即治疗抑郁的疗法也好,药物也好,都是人造的产物and that its not natural.并不是自然的结果And I think thats very misguided.我觉得这完全是使入歧途了It would be natural for peoples teeth to fall out,虽然人老了掉牙是很自然的时候but there is nobody militating against toothpaste, at least not in my circles.但是这并不影响任何人使用牙膏,至少我的周围没有And people then say, ;Well, but isnt depression part of what people are supposed to experience?人们可能会接着问, ;那么, 抑郁本身不应该是我们注定需要经历的一个过程么Didnt we evolve to have depression?难道抑郁不是我们的演化的结果么Isnt it part of your personality?;难道这不是你个性的一部分么To which I would say, mood is adaptive.对此我的看法是,情绪是有适应性的Being able to have sadness and fear and joy and pleasure对于我们而言,能够感受喜怒哀乐and all of the other moods that we have, thats incredibly valuable.以及其它丰富的情感意义重大And major depression is something that happens when that system gets broken.而当一个人总是抑郁的时候,那一定是他的情绪系统出问题了Its maladaptive.不再能够适应环境了People will come to me and say,有些人会跟我这样说,;I think, though, if I just stick it out for another year, I think I can just get through this.;;即便如此,我想如果我自己再多熬一年,我就可以走出抑郁了And I always say to them, ;You may get through it, but youll never be 37 again.对此我总是这样回答, ;或许你能够自己走出来,但是失去的青春你再也找不回了Life is short, and thats a whole year youre talking about giving up. Think it through.;人生苦短,你现在却在跟我说要浪费一年的时间,你再想想Its a strange poverty of the English language, and indeed of many other languages,关于抑郁这种情感,英语中用来形容的词出奇地少,当然别的语言也多不到哪里去that we use this same word, depression,我们用depression这一个单词to describe how a kid feels when it rains on his birthday,即用来描述一个小孩子生日那天下大雨的心情and to describe how somebody feels the minute before they commit suicide.也用来描述一个自杀者自杀前一分钟的感觉People say to me, ;Well, is it continuous with normal sadness?;人们会问, ;这是不是就是长时间的悲伤?;And I say, in a way its continuous with normal sadness.某种意义上可以这么理解There is a certain amount of continuity,悲伤和抑郁之间有一定的连续性but its the same way theres continuity但是他们之间的连续性就像是between having an iron fence outside your house that gets a little rust spot悲伤可以看成是你房子周围的铁栅栏有一点生锈了that you have to sand off and do a little repainting,你需要用沙纸打磨一下重新喷漆and what happens if you leave the house for 100 years但是如果你的房子100年没有人住了and it rusts through until its only a pile of orange dust.那么铁栅栏会锈蚀到只剩下一堆黄锈And its that orange dust spot, that orange dust problem,悲伤和抑郁的差别就好比生了一点锈和锈蚀到什么都没有了thats the one were setting out to address.后者是我们要解决的问题201602/427515。

So for any of us in this room today,今天在座的各位,lets start out by admitting were lucky.我们先承认我们是幸运的。We dont live in the world我们没有生活在our mothers lived in, our grandmothers lived in,我们母亲和我们祖母生活过的那个世界,where career choices for women were so limited.在那时女性的职业选择是非常有限的。And if youre in this room today,今天在座的各位,most of us grew up in a world大多数人成长于一个where we had basic civil rights,女性有基本公民权的世界。and amazingly, we still live in a world令人惊讶地是,我们还生活在一个where some women dont have them.有些女性还没有这些权利的世界。But all that aside, we still have a problem,但除上所述,我们还有一个问题,and its a real problem.它是一个实际问题。And the problem is this:这问题是:Women are not making it在世界各地,女性没达到to the top of any profession任何职业anywhere in the world.的高管职位。The numbers tell the story quite clearly.这些数据很清楚地告诉我们这实情。190 heads of state --190个国家元首里,nine are women.九位是女性领导。Of all the people in parliament in the world,在世界上议会的总人数中,13 percent are women.13%是女性议员。In the corporate sector,在公司部门,women at the top,女性占据高位,C-level jobs, board seats --C级职位,董事会席位tops out at 15, 16 percent.高管职位比例占15%,16%。The numbers have not moved since 2002自从2002年起这数据没变化过and are going in the wrong direction.有下降趋势。And even in the non-profit world,即使在非营利的行业,a world we sometimes think of我们有时认为这一行业as being led by more women,是被更多女性所领导的,women at the top: 20 percent.女性领导人占20%。We also have another problem,我们还面临着另一个问题,which is that women face harder choices就是女性between professional success and personal fulfillment.在职业成功和个人价值实现中所面临的艰难选择。A recent study in the U.S.美国最近一个研究showed that, of married senior managers,表明,已婚高管人员,two-thirds of the married men had children三分之二的已婚男性高管人员有孩子and only one-third of the married women had children.只有三分之一的已婚女性高管人员有孩子。A couple of years ago, I was in New York,几年前,我在纽约,and I was pitching a deal,出席一个协议,and I was in one of those fancy New York private equity offices在那种别致的纽约私募投资办事处中的一个you can picture.你能想象到的。And Im in the meeting -- its about a three-hour meeting --我在这个大约有3小时的会议上,and two hours in, there kind of needs to be that bio break,过了2小时,有个间歇休息,and everyone stands up,所有人都站起来,and the partner running the meeting这会议组织者starts looking really embarrassed.开始显得的确很尴尬。And I realized he doesnt know我意识到他不知道where the womens room is in his office.在他办公室哪里是女洗手间。So I start looking around for moving boxes,所以我开始寻找移动厕所,figuring they just moved in, but I dont see any.盘算他们刚搬进来,但我没有看到任何移动厕所。And so I said, ;Did you just move into this office?;然后我说,“你是刚搬到这办公室吗?”And he said, ;No, weve been here about a year.;他说,“不是,我们在这儿已经有一年了。”And I said, ;Are you telling me我说,“你能否告诉我that I am the only woman这一年来,to have pitched a deal in this office in a year?;我是唯一一个来这间办公室的女性吗?”And he looked at me, and he said,他看着我,说到,;Yeah. Or maybe youre the only one who had to go to the bathroom.;“是的。或者说你可能是唯一一个要上女性洗手间。”So the question is,所以问题是,how are we going to fix this?我们该怎样解决这样的尴尬?How do we change these numbers at the top?我们怎样改变这些高管职位的比例?How do we make this different?我们怎样使这个变得不同?I want to start out by saying,我首先想说,I talk about this --我谈这个about keeping women in the workforce --女性就职because I really think thats the answer.因为我的确认为我们得找到。In the high-income part of our workforce,在我们劳动力的高收入的部分,in the people who end up at the top --在高管的人员中Fortune 500 CEO jobs,财富500强首席执行长官中,or the equivalent in other industries --或在其它类似的高管行业中,the problem, I am convinced,我确信,问题is that women are dropping out.是女性被排除在外。Now people talk about this a lot,当下人们对此谈了很多,and they talk about things like flextime and mentoring他们谈到像弹性时间和指导and programs companies should have to train women.和公司应该培训妇女的计划的事。I want to talk about none of that today,今天我不想谈这些even though thats all really important.尽管所有这些事都非常重要。Today I want to focus on what we can do as individuals.今天我想关注作为个人我们所能做到的事。What are the messages we need to tell ourselves?我们要告诉给自己的事是什么?What are the messages we tell the women who work with and for us?我们告诉给女同事和打工的女性的事是什么?What are the messages we tell our daughters?我们要告诉给我们女儿的事是什么?201509/397063。

So now, just, this is an abrupt transition here.现在切换一下话题There was three years where I actually did have a real job, sort of.有三年时间,我有了真正的工作(在某种程度上算)I was the head of a college department我担任了一个学院部门的主管teaching games, so, again, it was sort of a real job,负责教游戏,算是某种意义上的真正的工作,and now I just got to talk about making as opposed to making them.而现在我只是谈一谈做游戏而不是真正的去做出来。And I was at a dinner. Part of the job of it, when youre a chair of a department, is to eat,有一次我参加了一个宴会。当你是一个部门头头的时候,你的工作之一就是“吃”,and I did that very well, and so Im out at a dinner with this guy called Zig Jackson.这项工作我完成的很好。某次宴会上我认识了这这个人,叫齐格·杰克逊。So this is Zig in this photograph. This is also one of Zigs photographs. Hes a photographer.这张照片里的人就是齐格,他自己的摄影作品。他是一名摄影师。And he goes all around the country taking pictures of himself,他在全国各地跑来跑去,为自己拍照,and you can see here hes got Zigs Indian Reservation.在这张照片里你可以看到他的“印第安人保留地”系列照片。And this particular shot, this is one of the more traditional shots.再来看这一张,这是较传统的照片之一。This is a rain dancer.这是一位祈雨舞者。And this is one of my favorite shots here.这也是我最喜爱的照片之一。So you can look at this, and maybe youve even seen things like this.接下来我们来看这张照片,也许你曾经看到过类似的东西。This is an expression of culture, right?这是一种文化的表达,对吗?And this is actually from his Degradation series.这张照片实际上是他的“退化”系列中的一张。And what was most fascinating to me about this series is just, look at that little boy there.这个系列最吸引我的是,看看那里那个小男孩。Can you imagine? Now lets, we can see thats a traditional Native American.你能想象吗?现在,我们可以看到这是一位典型的美洲原住民。Now I just want to change that guys race.现在我想改变那家伙的种族。Just imagine if thats a black guy.想象一下,如果这是一个黑人。So, ;Honey, come here, lets get your picture with the black guy.;然后,;亲爱的,到这里来,我们来给你和这个黑人拍张照。;Right? Like, seriously, nobody would do this.是吗?说真的,没有人会这么做。It baffles the mind. And so Zig, being Indian, likewise it baffles his mind.这个想法太使人困惑了。齐格,作为印第安人,同样感到困惑。His favorite photograph -- my favorite photograph of his,他最喜欢的照片——也是我最喜欢的一张,which I dont have in here is Indian taking picture of white people taking pictures of Indians.但这里没有是一个印第安人正在拍摄一个给印第安人拍照的白人的照片。So I happen to be at dinner with this photographer,总之我碰巧与这个摄影师参加同一个宴会,and he was talking with another photographer about a shooting that had occurred,当时他正与另一个摄影师谈论一起刚刚发生的击案,and it was on an Indian reservation.发生在印第安人保留区。Hed taken his camera up there to photograph it,他当时带了相机准备到那里拍照,but when he got there, he discovered he couldnt do it.但当他到了那儿,他发现他做不到。He just couldnt capture the picture.他总是没有办法按下快门。And so they were talking back and forth about this question.所以他们翻来覆去地讨论这一问题Do you take the picture or not?你会拍摄击案的照片么?And that was fascinating to me as a game designer,他们的对话让我有了从未有过的想法,because it never occurs to me, like, should I make the game about this difficult topic or not?比如,作为一个游戏设计者,我是否应该设计涉及沉重主题的游戏?Because we just make things that are fun or, you know,我们通常制作的游戏都是有趣的,或是让人恐惧的will make you feel fear, you know, that visceral excitement.你知道,那种让人本能地感到兴奋的游戏。But every other medium does it.但所有其他的媒介都会这么做。201601/424578。