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Playboy launches new "safe-for-work" websitePlayboy on Tuesday launched a new, non-nude website that it described as being safe-for-work and a "satirical antidote to the drudgery of the work day."Produced specifically for the Internet, www.TheSmokingJacket.com contains posts and viral content in categories such as Girls, Entertainment, Sex, Videos and Lifestyle.It also provides links to other s around the web as well photos from the Playboy archives."The smoking jacket isn't just something I like to wear around the mansion," Playboy's iconic founder Hugh Hefner, 84, says in a posted on the site. "It's Playboy's safe for work website. Next to the mansion, it's the best hangout on the planet."Playboy's traditional magazine business has been hard hit by declining circulation and advertising revenue as people turn to free pornography on the Internet.On Tuesday, the new site had posts such as "How to Get Laid at Work," and "How to Hang Out with Porn Chicks".Photos include a sp of Playmate Kimberly Phillips in lingerie and a smoking jacket. From the archives, there's the 1983 Playmate Playoffs featuring bikini-clad women with classic Farrah Fawcett-styled hair competing in water-soaked events.The Playboy.com web site, which contains nudity and longer lifestyle articles, has 6 million unique monthly visitors to its site, Playboy said.Vocabulary:drudgery: menial, distasteful, dull, or hard work(单调乏味的苦差事,繁重无聊的工作)viral content: a piece of online content (e.g., an article, a , a picture, a quiz, a game or anything else) that raises certain emotions on people, creating an urge on them to share that content in one way or another.(传染内容,指网上的文章、视频、图片、问答、游戏或其它内容,能引发人们的某种情绪,促使人们通过某种途径与人分享这些内容。)smoking jacket: a loose-fitting jacket for men, often of a heavy fabric and trimmed with braid, worn indoors, esp. as a lounging jacket.(男士宽松便)get laid: to have sexual intercourse with someone(做爱)playoffs: a series of games or matches, as between the leading teams of two leagues, in order to decide a championship(选手得分相等时的最后决赛)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109530Auto sales jumped sharply in the ed States last month as consumers came back to showrooms to check out the newest models. The world's top two automakers gained the most traction in February, bolstered in part by consumers migrating to more fuel-efficient vehicles. Toyota and General Motors posted the biggest year-over-year gains but other automakers are also reporting robust sales.2月份新推出的各种车款把大批美国人吸引到车行,导致美国当月汽车销量激增。全球最大的两家车商丰田和通用的销售业绩最为突出。当然,消费者对省油车的兴趣日增对于销量也起到一定作用。除了丰田和通用的年度销量增长创下历史新高外,其他车商也有不俗表现。Auto dealerships enjoyed their best month since August , when the government's cash for clunkers program gave the industry a much needed boost. Auto analyst George Magliano says U.S. sales surged 27 percent in February, easily beating aly high expectations.自从年2月美国政府推出“现金换旧车”计划之后,美国的汽车销售就再没有这么红火过。不过,汽车行业分析师乔治·马格里亚诺说,今年2月,美国车市又火了一把,销量同比上升了27%,大大超过业界的预期。"We are getting this with less incentives, better pricing, higher transaction prices," he said. "The mix of vehicles is better. The people are buying the top end of the line as opposed to the entry model."他说:“这次的特点是优惠手段少了一些,价格更具优势,成交价格更高。市场上的车型更加优化。人们热衷于购买高端车款,而不只是专注于底端产品。”General Motors, which emerged from bankruptcy last year, led the pack with a 46 percent increase in business. And number one Toyota, which was hurt by massive recalls last year, was up 42 percent.刚刚在去年走出破产保护的通用2月份销售业绩最为抢眼,上涨了46%。全球最大车商丰田去年一度陷于召回困境,2月份的销量也大幅上涨了42%。Ford Motor Company, the only U.S. automaker to refuse a bailout, gained 14 percent - while Chrysler posted a 13 percent increase ahead of its public offering expected later this year.福特是美国唯一一家拒绝接受政府就助的汽车公司。其销量上升14%,克莱斯勒预计今年晚些时候实施公开募股,其销量上升13%。Ford sales analyst George Pipas attributed the higher numbers to improved consumer confidence and pent-up demand.福特公司的销售分析师乔治·皮帕斯说,销售业绩主要来源于消费者信心的改善和需求在长期抑制后得以释放。201103/127325美国加州8岁女童珊卓拉.坎图(Sandra Cantu)上月27日出外玩耍失踪,尸体6日于住家附近的农场寻获。坎图被杀害后装入一只行李箱,弃置在农场水塘旁。警方10日以绑架和杀害坎图的罪名逮捕涉案的主日学教师梅莉莎.哈克比(Melissa Huckaby,28岁)。1. The Maersk Alabama is back in port in Kenya. The American ship whose captain is still being held hostage by pirates off the coast of Somalia arrived with the other 19 crew members. The US is still trying to secure the release of the captain. 2. Police in California have arrested this woman in the kidnapping and murder of Sandra Cantu. The eight-year-old's body was found in a suitcase that was submerged in a pond. Police say they don't know of any motive.3. A backer of an Afghan law that critics say legalizes marital rape has rejected the international outcry as foreign meddling. The law says a husband can demand sex with his wife every four days unless she is ill and it regulates when and for what reasons a wife may leave her home alone.4. It will take the Easter Bunny quite a bit of effort to carry these eggs around. These large colourful creations are being put in several cities in Croatia and will be sent overseas as well including to the US.04/67082

Intellectual property知识产权Many patents, still pending悬而未决的专利Congress tweaks, but does not overhaul, America’s patent system国会将对美国专利制度进行小幅修改Sep 10th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition AFTER years of dithering, America is set for patent reform. On September 6th a bill proposing to change the system passed its highest procedural hurdle in the Senate. With Barack Obama supportive, this means the America Invents Act could soon be signed into law.徘徊犹豫了多年,美国终于着手专利改革。9月6号,整改议案过了最艰难的一关——参议院。得到总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马的持,美国发明法规将很快能正式写入法律。Instead of the “first to invent” principle, which America currently uses, patents will be awarded to inventors who are the “first to file”. This is similar to the system most other countries use. The aim is to avoid long and difficult legal arguments over who was the first to come up with an idea.美国专利目前遵循“第一发明”原则,将改为授予第一个申请注册的人。目前大部分国家都实行这种规定,这样可避免对第一发明人的确定争论不休,难以确定。As in most cases of patent law it is not going to be that simple. One criticism is that being first-to-file gives big and sophisticated organisations, highly experienced at the difficult job of filing for patents, an advantage over smaller outfits that may be technically brilliant but not legally savvy. Another problem is that first-to-file may make companies rush to put in for a patent before their invention is truly y.如专利法中涉及的案例很多都不能简单的界定。有一种批评意见是,申请注册专利会造成庞大复杂的机构,特别是申请过程更是项困难的工作,小型机构的优点在于技术上的优越而不只是合法的专业知识。另一个问题是专利的申请可能促使一些公司在一些发明尚未成型时就急于将其注册。201109/154473What ate dinosaurs?谁吃了恐龙Old crocs古鳄鱼Even in their heyday, dinosaurs were not quite as dominant as popular myth makes them out to be即便是在全盛时期,恐龙并非像民间传说所理解的那样占绝对统治地位ONE answer to the question, ;What ate dinosaurs?; is, obviously, ;Other dinosaurs.; The ropod predators like Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus loom large in the imagination of every lover of prehistoric monsters, and their animatronic fights with the likes of Diplodocus and Stegosaurus are the stuff of clicheacute;. Science, though, tries to look beyond the obvious, and at this yearrsquo;s meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology, held in Las Vegas, some of the speakers asked whether the top predators of the Mesozoic era really were all dinosaurs. Their conclusion was ;no;. Another group of reptiles, until recently neglected, were also important carnivores. And it is a group that is still around today: the crocodiles.;谁吃恐龙;很明显,其中一个是:;其它恐龙;每个史前怪兽爱好者的脑海里浮现出的是像霸王龙、翼龙这样的兽脚类掠食者,电脑制作的它们与梁龙、剑龙的打斗也成为俗套。而科学试图不落窠臼。今年,在召开的古脊椎生物学会会议上,一些发言人问到中生代顶级掠食者是否全是恐龙,结论是;否;。直到最近还被忽视的一类爬虫,同样是重要的食肉动物,正是仍然存活于今的一个族群:鳄鱼。That the past role of crocodiles (or, strictly, crocodilians, since they came in many sizes and shapes, not all of which resemble the modern animals) has been underestimated was suggested a few years ago by Paul Sereno. Dr Sereno, a palaeontologist at the University of Chicago, uncovered a crocodile-dominated ecosystem from about 100m years ago (the middle of the Cretaceous period), in what is now north Africa. Besides water-dwelling giants similar to (though much bigger than) todayrsquo;s animals, he found a range of forms including vegetarians and species that ran on elongated legs;more like dogs than crocodiles. That discovery has prompted other fossil hunters to look elsewhere. As a result, even the well-studied rocks of North America are revealing that dinosaurs did not have it all their own way in the ecosystems of the Mesozoic;as Stephanie Drumheller of the University of Iowa and Clint Boyd of the University of Texas at Austin explained to the meeting.几年前,芝加哥大学古生物学家保罗bull;赛伦诺士提出鳄鱼过去的角色(或者从严格意义上讲是鳄鱼目动物,因为它们形状大小各异,并非所有都类似现代鳄鱼)被低估了,在今天的北非,他发现了一个一亿年前(白垩纪中期)由鳄鱼占主导地位的生态系统。除了与现代鳄鱼同为水生巨兽外(但远比现代的大),他还发现了一系列包括食草的、用长腿行走的;;比起鳄鱼来更像的种群及形态。这一发现促使其他化石探寻者着眼于其它地方。结果是,即便是那些出自北美的已经研究得很透彻的化石也显示出恐龙并非占据中生代生态系统全部位置。;;正如衣阿华大学的斯蒂芬妮bull;庄姆海勒以及位于奥斯汀的德克萨斯大学的克林特bull;依德在会上说的那样。The Cretaceous equivalent of zebra and antelopes;the victim species in every wildlife documentary about the dramas of the African savannah;were herbivorous dinosaurs called ornithopods. Frequently, these were taken by theropods. But not always. When Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd examined the bones of juvenile upper-Cretaceous ornithopods dug up in Utah they saw marks on one skeleton that looked suspiciously like those modern crocodiles inflict when biting and tearing at their prey. On examining these marks more closely, they found a crocodilian tooth stuck in one of them.白垩纪被称为鸟脚亚目食草恐龙其地位相当于斑马和羚羊;;每部有关非洲大草原的纪录片中被捕杀的种群。这些恐龙经常被兽脚亚目食肉恐龙捕食。但不总是这样,当庄姆海勒与依德对犹他州出土的白垩纪年幼的鸟脚亚目食草恐龙的化石进行检查时,他们在一副骨架上发现了看上去像是遭受现代鳄鱼撕咬的痕迹。在对这些痕迹进一步检查后,他们发现一颗鳄鱼目动物牙齿嵌在其中一块骨头上。Crocodile tears鳄鱼的眼泪It was not a large tooth. Its size suggests the animal which made it was no more than a metre and a half (about 5 feet) long. Such a predator would have been unable to take on an adult ornithopod. Nevertheless, this tooth is the first unarguable proof that crocodilians did indeed snack on dinosaurs. Moreover, it helps to confirm suspicions that the other crocodile-bite-like marks that Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd have discovered really are what they look like. By combining that with an analysis of the whole site, the two researchers argue that what they have discovered is a dinosaur nesting ground that was being raided by crocodilians.这颗牙不是很大,其尺寸表明牙齿的主人不超过一米五(约五英尺)这样的掠食者本不能捕食一头成年鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。但无可争辩的是,这颗牙是第一个鳄鱼目动物拿恐龙当点心的据。此外,这也有助于消除对庄姆海勒与依德发现的其它看似鳄鱼咬痕的怀疑。结合对这个地区的分析,两位研究者认为他们所发现的是一个遭到鳄鱼目动物偷袭的恐龙筑巢地。Such suspicions have been aroused before. Other sites in Utah are known to be dinosaur nesting grounds, since eggs are found there. Crocodilian bones frequently turn up at such sites. Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd, however, seem to have nailed the connection down. Juvenile dinosaurs, at least, were indeed the prey of crocodilians. But what about adults?这样的怀疑以前也出现过。由于发现了恐龙蛋,人们知道犹他州还有其它恐龙筑巢地。在这些地区,鳄鱼目动物化石经常被发现。可庄姆海勒与依德像是要明确这一关系,年幼恐龙至少是鳄鱼目动物的猎物,那么成年的呢?More than mere morsels不仅仅是少数To investigate that question, Martin Lockley at the University of Colorado, Denver, and Spencer Lucas of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, turned to one of the most famous fossil phenomena on the planet;the dinosaur freeway that runs through Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. This collection of tracks, scattered over several sites of the same age along the coast of an inland sea, is thought to mark an ancient migration route. The traces of more than 1,380 individual animals can be distinguished. Most, but not all, were ornithopods. Some were small carnivorous dinosaurs;the sort that might pick off young stragglers in the way that the crocodilians identified by Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd did. But there is, Dr Lockley and Dr Lucas realised, something missing from the picture. When they looked for traces of big predatory dinosaurs, they found none.为了弄清这一问题,丹佛科罗拉多大学的马丁bull;洛克里以及新墨西哥州自然历史物馆的斯派瑟bull;卢卡斯将目光转向世上最著名的化石现象之一;;横穿科罗拉多、新墨西哥、堪萨斯、俄荷拉荷玛的恐龙公路。于同一年代沿着一个内陆海海岸分布在数个地区,这一汇集恐龙踪迹的地区被认为是标出了一条古老的迁徙路线。人们能区分出超过1380种不同动物的踪迹。绝大部分是鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。一些是小型食肉恐龙;;正如庄姆海勒与依德所确认的鳄鱼目动物那样,这些恐龙会截杀年幼离群的食草恐龙。但洛克里与卢卡斯士明白,图上遗漏了一些东西。当他们寻找大型掠食恐龙的线索时,他们什么也没发现。That is ecologically absurd. Unless, of course, the top predator of the system;the one that could hunt down adult ornithopods;was not a dinosaur at all. And, when Dr Lockley and Dr Lucas re-examined the tracks they found that that was exactly what was going on. Instead of theropod footmarks, they found those of crocodilians. More than a quarter of the places where the dinosaur freeway surfaces have yielded signs of crocs. And they were big: sometimes more than four metres long. That is certainly large enough to take on an adult ornithopod.从生物学上讲,这是荒唐的。当然除非生态系统的顶级掠食者;;即是能捕杀成年的鸟脚亚目食草恐龙的;;并不完全是恐龙。而且,当洛克里与卢卡斯士对这些线索进行重新检查时,他们发现那正是曾经所发生的。在出土的恐龙公路上,超过1/4的地区已发现鳄鱼的踪迹。而且它们很大:有时超过4米长,大到足以捕杀一头成年鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。Such megacrocs, then, could easily have acted as top predators in this ecosystem. But that does not completely explain the absence of theropod tracks. Modern migrating herbivores fall victim to many sorts of carnivore: big cats, wolves and hyenas, to name but three. The marshy conditions of the dinosaur freeway (the reason its footprints formed, and have survived) may, though, have favoured crocodilians over predators that had evolved on drier land. In that sort of environment even a big theropod would constantly have been looking over its shoulder. Perhaps the real reason why they did not plant their footprints on the dinosaur freeway is that they might have ended up as prey, as well.这样的巨鳄能在这样的生态系统中轻松担当顶级掠食者的角色。但这并不能完全解释兽脚亚目食肉恐龙的缺位。现代迁徙类食草动物成为众多食肉动物的牺牲品:大型猫科动物、狼、鬣,就拿这三样来说。然而,比起在干燥陆地上进化的掠食者,恐龙公路所处的湿地环境(形成并使恐龙足迹得以保存的原因)也许更受鳄鱼目动物欢迎。在那样一种环境下,即便是一头巨大的兽脚亚目食肉恐龙也会不时回头张望。它们为何没有在恐龙公路上留下足迹呢?真正的原因或许是它们同样亡于其它掠食者。201111/161456U.S. economic impact on China 美国经济对中国的影响 As China prepares to release GDP and inflation data, investors worry about negative spillover from the U.S. markets Investors around the world have been on a wild ride, stemming from the concerns about the world's top economy, the ed States. While the global equity markets have taken a tumble, what's the economic impact at all. Here in Asia, investors might get some insight first thing Thursday morning, When one of the fastest growing economies in the world, China, releases its closely-watched GDP data along with inflation figures.We're looking at the number of 10.1% for second quarter of GDP. So it is a slowdown, but you know, 10% is still a kind of double-digit growth.The news from China will come on the hills of a second day of testimony from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who's noted that the US economy continues to face "numerous difficulties".The possibility of high energy crisis, tighter credit conditions and a still deeper contraction in the housing markets, all represent significant downside risks to the outlook for growth.As the US consumer spending continues to slow in the rest of the year, and the growth in export from China and rest of Asia will come into slow as well.This is the Dow sits near its lowest level in nearly two years. The US dollar's taken a dropping, falling to new lows against the Euro. And investors are trying to get a handle on the troubles facing housing finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Even oil which had been heading in only one direction up 80% since July of last year, has seen its biggest one-day plunge this week in 17 years. But in the end.We think that it's too early for China now to worry about slowdown. The inflation is still the major risk.So maybe a bit of slowdown for China isn't such a bad thing, after all.Alex Zober, CNN, Hong Kong. 参考中文翻译:中国准备公布GDP和通货膨胀相关数据,投资者担心美国市场对中国消极的溢出效应。世界各地的投资者由于担心美国经济的衰退而四处奔走。由于经济的影响,全球券市场急速下跌。周三上网,世界上发展速度最快的经济体,中国公布了最新的GDP和通货膨胀数据,使得亚洲的投资者们初窥端倪。第二季度,GDP增长10.1%,增长速度减慢,但是,10%仍然是很快的增长速度。当联邦储蓄主席Ben Bernanke暗示美国经济将继续面临一系列问题。来自中国的新闻受到Ben Bernanke的实。能源危机,信贷紧缩,房市萎缩都反映了将来的经济增长非常困难。由于美国今年后期出持续减少,中国和亚洲其他地区的出口量也会相应下降。道琼斯指数下跌到两年来的最低水平。美元贬值,相对欧元下跌到了新低。投资者试图找到解决房产巨头Fannie Mae和Freddie Mac面临的问题的方法。石油价格去年6月以来上升了80%,本周一天之内降幅却达到17年来最大。但是最终结果还不知晓。我们认为中国目前担心经济衰退还为时过早。他们最大的问题是通货膨胀。所以中国经济增长稍有减缓并不是坏事。 200812/57871

Immigration移民问题Let them come让移民来得更猛烈些吧!The West should be more welcoming to migrants—there’s competition from the East for them西方应该更加欢迎移民,不然东方就把他们竞争走了Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition IMMIGRATION is a sensitive subject at the best of times, and this is not one of them. The economic crisis has destroyed millions of jobs in rich countries, making their governments especially touchy about the impact of immigration on the demand for indigenous labour.即便是在光景好的年代,移民也是个敏感话题,更何况如今光景衰败。发达国家在经济危机中失去了千百万的就业岗位,因此,政府对移民影响本土劳动力需求的问题显得尤为敏感。Such concerns are illogical, because immigration is counter-cyclical. Recession in rich countries has discouraged some would-be incomers from trying their luck. America, for instance, has seen a sharp decline in Mexicans trying to cross its southern border. Immigration to Europe has slowed. Some studies also suggest that increased inflows of migrants are a leading indicator of a pickup in growth.这样的担忧毫无逻辑,因为移民是反周期性的。发达国家的经济衰退已经让一些潜在移民望而却步。比如说,从美国南部边界进入该国的墨西哥人数量已经大大减少了。欧洲的移民量也在减缓。一些研究还表明移入居民的增加是经济增长好转的先行指标。201108/151624Pentagon Welcomes Pakistani Raids, Calls for Sustained Effort Against Terror Networks美国促巴持续打击恐怖分子大本营  The Pentagon has welcomed Pakistan's raid on alleged terrorist bases in its northwestern region, but says counter-terrorism efforts need to be made on a sustained basis. 美国国防部欢迎巴基斯坦对据称是恐怖分子大本营的西北地区进行突袭,但是同时表示,反恐努力应当具有持续性。Press Secretary Geoff Morrell says neither Pakistan nor India has asked the U.S. military for help in responding to the Mumbai attacks. But at a news conference Tuesday he welcomed Pakistan's raids in its tribal areas, which are reported to have netted the alleged mastermind of the attacks. 美国国防部新闻发言人莫雷尔说,不论是巴基斯坦还是印度,都没有要求美国军方帮助应对孟买袭击事件。在星期二的新闻发布会上,莫雷尔表示欢迎巴基斯坦突袭西北部落地区,据称那里是孟买袭击策划人的老巢。"We see it as a positive step," he said. "I think what all the problems we have emanating from Pakistan, terror-wise, is that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with on a sustained basis, that it can't be done in fits and starts, that there needs to be a constant and vigilant effort to go after the terrorist networks that exist there and throughout the region." 他说:“我们认为这是一个积极的步骤。我认为,我们面临的所有这些来自巴基斯坦的有关恐怖主义的问题,需要持续性努力才能解决,而不是时断时续的努力能解决的问题。需要契而不舍地在全地区追踪当地恐怖主义网络。”Morrell said the ed States is prepared to help both Pakistan and India deal with their terrorism problems, but he would not comment on whether the ed States has asked for any specific action, such as access for its experts to the captured terror suspects.  莫雷尔说,美国随时准备帮助巴基斯坦和印度对付恐怖主义的问题,但是他不愿透露美国是否提出了任何具体要求,例如允许美国专家接触被抓获的恐怖嫌疑人。President-elect Barack Obama has called the terrorist safe havens in northwestern Pakistan the biggest threat to the security of Americans.  美国当选总统奥巴马将恐怖分子在巴基斯坦西北地区的藏身地称为对美国安全的最大威胁。During a speech at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, President Bush said Pakistan has some of the most dangerous "ungoverned spaces" in the world. He said the ed States wants to help Pakistan and other countries get control of such areas. 布什总统在纽约州西点军校的一次演讲中说,巴基斯坦有世界上最危险的“无人管理的地带”。他说,美国希望帮助巴基斯坦和其他国家把这类地区控制起来。"The Pakistani people and government understand the threat because they have been victims of terror themselves," said Mr. Bush. "They are working to enforce the law and fight terror in the border areas, and our government is providing strong support for these efforts." 布什说:“巴基斯坦人民和政府懂得这种威胁,因为他们本身曾经是恐怖主义的受害者。他们在加强执法,打击边境地区的恐怖分子,美国政府对这些努力提供强有力的持。”U.S. air strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas, which have resulted in a number of civilian casualties, have been sharply criticized by officials and the Pakistani public. But President Bush repeated that while the ed States wants to help partner nations deal with their own terrorism problems, it will do whatever it must to protect its troops just across the border in Afghanistan. 美国在巴基斯坦部落地区进行的空袭造成了一些平民的伤亡,因此遭到巴基斯坦政府和公众的尖锐批评。但是布什总统重申,美国希望在帮助盟国对付他们国内恐怖主义问题的同时,也会尽一切努力来保护边界另一侧驻阿富汗的美国部队。In a column in Tuesday's New York Times newspaper, Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari said Pakistanis understand the threat of terrorism because they have repeatedly been the victims of it. He says terrorists have killed nearly 2,000 Pakistanis so far this year alone. He said he is determined to fight terrorist groups in his country, but he also warned Indian officials and ordinary citizens not to use the Mumbai attacks to stir up anti-Pakistan feeling and to push for military action. He said if that happens, the Mumbai terrorists will have accomplished their mission. 纽约时报星期二刊登了巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里的文章。他说,巴基斯坦人了解恐怖主义的威胁,因为他们不断地遭受恐怖主义的袭击。仅今年一年,恐怖主义就已经提夺去了2千多名巴基斯坦人的生命。扎尔达里说,他决心在巴基斯坦和恐怖主义抗击到底,但是他警告印度官员和普通公民不要利用孟买袭击事件挑动反巴基斯坦的情绪,推动军事行动。他说,如果发生这种情况,孟买恐怖分子才真正达到了目的。200812/58530British men are gearing up to spend a small fortune in presents to mollify their wives and girlfriends for all the time they intend to spend watching this summer's soccer World Cup, a new survey showed.A Flower Council of Holland survey of 1,000 Britons showed men are prepared to spend 20 pounds (.86) a time or slightly more saying sorry for being glued to the gogglebox or heading down to the pub to watch matches with their mates when the tournament kicks off in South Africa this week.However, the research also reveals that women, while appreciating expensive gifts, are just as happy with a bunch of flowers (33 percent), followed by chocolates (22 percent) or a good meal (15 percent) and most put the value of expected apologetic booty at just under nine pounds per incident."In response to these findings, a clever new iPhone app has been unveiled to make sure our men stay firmlyin the public house rather than the doghouse during the four-week period," the Flower Council of Holland said in a statement.The free "ScoreAtHome" app helps you find the nearest florist to the pub so you can call through your floral apology while still sipping a pint. It also allows you to check the latest football scores on the go.【Notes】Vocabulary:gear up to do sth.: 准备好做某事mollify: to make somebody feel less angry or upset 使平静;抚慰be glued to sth.: to give all your attention to something 全神贯注看着某物gogglebox: lt;英口gt; 电视机kick off: when a football game or a team, etc.kicks off, the game starts (指足球比赛等)开球,开始booty: valuable things that are stolen, especially by soldiers in a time of war 战利品be in the doghouse: if you are in the doghouse, somebody is annoyed with you because of something that you have done 受冷落;失体面;丢脸on the go:活跃;忙个不停201006/105781

Candidates Focus on Economy, Key States in Final Week of US Presidential Campaign投票日迫近两大党候选人奋力冲刺The U.S. presidential election campaign is moving into its final week, and both major candidates are making their closing arguments to voters before the November 4 election. Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama and Republican John McCain have campaigned Monday in Ohio and are each beginning their day Tuesday in Pennsylvania, before moving on to other important states where the race is close. 美国大选选战进入最后一个星期,两个主要政党候选人都在利用11月4号投票日之前的这几天向选民做最后陈辞。Democrat Barack Obama continues to lead in the national polls and in most of the key states that will hold the balance in next week's election. 民主党总统候选人奥巴马继续在全国民调和大部分将左右下周选举结果的关键州的民调中领先。But Obama cautioned a crowd in Ohio not to take the election for granted, and to get out and work hard in the closing days of the campaign.  但是奥巴马在俄亥俄州告诫持者不要以为胜券在握了,要走出去,在竞选的最后几天继续努力。"Do not believe for a second that this election is over," he said. "Do not think for a minute that power concedes. We have a lot of work to do. We have to work like our future depends on it in this last week, because it does depend on it this week!" 奥巴马说:“一时一刻都不要以为这场选举已经结束了。一时一刻都不要以为执政党认输了。我们还有许多工作要做。我们要象未来就取决于最后这个星期那样工作,因为,未来的确取决于这个星期。”Obama is focused on a message of change and unity in the final days of the campaign. He says if elected he would unify the country, including Democrats and Republicans, to take on the economic challenges at home and the security challenges abroad. 在最后冲刺的日子里,奥巴马的重点是变革和团结。他表示,如果当选,他会把整个国家--包括民主党人和共和党人--团结起来,对内迎接经济挑战,对外迎接安全挑战。But Obama is not backing away from his central contention that his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, represents a continuation of what he calls the failed policies of President Bush. 不过奥巴马并没有放松对他的共和党对手麦凯恩参议员的重点攻击,称麦凯恩将传承的是布什总统失败的政策。"John McCain might be worried about losing an election, but I am worried about Americans who are losing their homes and their jobs and their life savings," said Obama. "I can take one more week of John McCain's attacks, but this country cannot take four more years of the same failed politics and the same failed policies. It is time to try something new!" 奥巴马说:“麦凯恩可能担心输掉选举,而我担心的是正在失去住房、失去工作、失去毕生储蓄的美国人。我可以让麦凯恩再攻击我一个星期,但是这个国家不能让同样的失败政治和同样的失败政策再继续4年了。现在是推陈出新的时候了。”Senator McCain also campaigned in Ohio, and he focused on the economy, which the polls show is the number-one issue in the election. 麦凯恩参议员也在俄亥俄州进行竞选活动。他把重点放在经济方面。民调显示,经济是本次大选的首要议题。"With one week left in this campaign, the choice facing Americans is stark," McCain said. "My economic goals and policies are very clear." 麦凯恩说,“竞选只剩下一个星期了。美国人面临严峻的选择。我的经济目标和政策是非常明确的。”McCain again distanced himself from the economic policies of President Bush, and noted that Americans want change. 麦凯恩再度与布什总统的经济政策保持距离,并且表示美国人希望改变。McCain also continued his attacks on Obama's tax proposals, which some of his supporters compare to socialism. 麦凯恩还继续抨击奥巴马的税改建议。"And that is the problem with Senator Obama's approach to our economy," said McCain. "He is more interested in controlling wealth than creating it, in redistributing money instead of sping opportunity. I am going to create wealth for all Americans by creating opportunity for all Americans!" 麦凯恩说:“这就是奥巴马参议员的经济计划存在的问题。他更感兴趣的是控制财富,而不是创造财富;是重新分配钱,而不是扩大机会。我会通过给所有的美国人创造机会,为所有美国人创造财富。”Many political experts believe McCain is running out of time to close the gap in the polls in the final days of the campaign."What is driving this election is dissatisfaction with the party now holding the White House," said Allan Lichtman, a presidential historian at American University in Washington. "Nearly 90 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. The economy is in meltdown. George Bush is the most unpopular president in the history of polling, which goes back to the 1930's."The fact that both major presidential contenders were in Ohio on the same day this late in the campaign reflects the state's influential status in presidential elections. No Republican has ever won the White House without carrying Ohio. And John Kennedy in 1960 was the last Democratic candidate to win the presidency without carrying Ohio. Obama has a narrow lead over McCain in the latest polls in Ohio. 两位主要的总统候选人在竞选接近尾声时,选择同一天前往俄亥俄州,这正反映出该州在总统大选中所具的影响力。没有一个共和党人在未拿下俄亥俄的情况下入主白宫。上一个没有攻下俄亥俄州但却赢得总统大选的民主党候选人是1960年参选的约翰·肯尼迪。最近的民调显示,奥巴马在俄亥俄以微小的优势领先于麦凯恩。200810/54355A new U.S. Congress has convened in Washington. Republicans now control the House of Representatives, and Democrats have a reduced majority in the Senate, giving the ed States a divided legislature.The 112th Congress features scores of new Republicans. Most are still getting settled in their new offices and learning their way around the Capitol.美国第112届国会中出现了数十名共和党新成员。其中大多数人刚刚在新办公室安顿下来,了解着国会的情况。But the new legislators come infused with the ideological fervor that fueled their successful campaigns. They view last November's election as a national rebuke of President Barack Obama's economic stewardship and a mandate to scale back the size and scope of the federal government.但是这些新议员充满着理想的热情,正是这种热情帮助他们竞选成功。他们把去年11月的国会中期选举结果视为民众对奥巴马总统国家经济指导政策的不满,以及对缩小联邦政府规模和范围的要求。Kentucky freshman Republican Senator Rand Paul told CBS' Early Show he will not vote to raise the limit on federal borrowing unless spending is drastically cut. "All the new people coming to Washington are going to insist that if we raise the debt ceiling, it has to be linked to something,” he said. “From here on out, we are going to balance the budget."肯塔基州新任国会参议员、共和党人兰德.保罗告诉哥伦比亚广播公司《早间秀》节目说,除非政府大幅缩减开,否则他将不会投票持提高政府借债的限额。他说:“所有来到华盛顿的新任议员都会坚持这一点,那就是如果我们提高借债限额,这必须与其他举措联系起来。从现在开始,我们要平衡开。”The Obama administration says failure to raise the debt ceiling would cause the U.S. government to default on its loan obligations and produce a catastrophic financial crisis.奥巴马政府表示,如果不能提高借债限额,就将导致美国政府无法偿还国债,并带来一次灾难性的金融危机。201101/122804German fans want revenge grilling of oracle octopusSome Germans are calling for a public roasting of the oracle octopus who correctly picked the winner of all six of their national soccer teams World Cup matches -- including a bitter defeat to Spain on Wednesday.Paul, a two-year-old octopus in a German aquarium, turned into a global celebrity for hisuncannyability to predict the winner of all Germanys matches -- even a group stage defeat to Serbia and an ousting by Spain in the semi-finals.;Nothing beats grilled octopus,; said Dolores Lusch, a Germany fan who works on a Berlin fish stall. ;Cut him up in thin slices and grill him on all sides with a dash of lemon juice, olive oil and garlic on it. Delicious!;Not an ordinarily superstitious people, Germans became believers in Pauls possiblepsychicpowers. The country was shocked and distraught when he picked Spain to win aftertippingGerman wins over Argentina, England, Ghana and Australia.German newspapers and websites were filled with suggestions of what to do with Paul -- most involved cooking and eating him.;Throw him in the frying pan,; wrote the Berliner Kurier newspaper in a popular sentiment echoed by Die Welt, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the Hamburger Abendblatt and other newspapers.Pauls picks have become news across Germany and around the world. German networks have had live reports on Pauls picks.On Friday, Paul will tip the winner of Saturdays Germany-Uruguay match for third place as well as the winner of the Spain-Netherlands final on Sunday. Networks in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands are planning live coverage.Vocabulary:uncanny:having or seeming to have a supernatural or inexplicable basis; beyond the ordinary or normal; extraordinary(离奇的,不可思议的)psychic:outside of natural or scientific knowledge; spiritual(有特异功能的,通灵的)tip:to provide with a piece of confidential, advance, or inside information(预言……获胜;事先说……会成功)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108581

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