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The enjoyment of these things, like the enjoyment of the moon, the snow and the flowers, must take place in proper company, this I regard as the thing that the Chinese artists of life most frequently insist upon that certain kinds of flowers must be enjoyed with certain types of persons, certain kinds of scenery must be associated with certain kinds of ladies, that the sound of raindrops must be enjoyed, if it is to be enjoyed fully, when lying on a bamboo bed in a temple deep in the mountains on a summer day;that, in short, the mood is the thing, that there is a proper mood everything, and that wrong company may spoil the mood entirely. Hence the beginning of any artist of life is that he or anyone who wishes to learn to enjoy life must, as the absolutely necessary condition, find friends of the same type of temperament, and take as much trouble to gain and keep their friendship as wives take to keep their husbands, or as a good chess player takes a journey of a thousand miles to meet a fellow chess player.享受这三件东西,也如享受雪月花 草一般,须有适当的同伴中国的生活艺术家最注意此点,例如:看花须和某种人为伴,赏景须有某种女子为伴,听雨最好须在夏日山中寺院内躺在竹榻上总括起来说,赏玩一样东西时,最紧要的是心境我们对每一种事物,各有一种不同的心境不适当的同伴,常会败坏心境所以生活艺术家的出发点就是:他如更想要享受人生,则第一个必要条件即是和性情相投的人交朋友,须尽力维持这友谊,如妻子要维持其丈夫的爱 情一般,或如一个下祺名手宁愿跑一千里的长途去会见一个同志一般The atmosphere, theree, is the thing. One must begin with the proper conception of the scholar studio and the general environment in which life is going to be enjoyed. First of all, there are the friends with whom we are going to share this enjoyment. Different types of friends must be selected different types of enjoyment. It would be as great a mistake to go horseback riding with a studious and pensive friend, as it would be to go to a concert with a person who doesnt understand music.所以气氛是重要的东西我们必须先对文士的书室的布置,和它的一般的环境有了相当的认识,方能了解他怎样在享受生活第一,他们必须有共同享受这种生活的朋友,不同的享受须有不同的朋友和一个勤学而含愁思的朋友共去骑马,即属引非其类,正如和一个不懂音乐的人去欣赏一次音乐表演一般 3661Day 1 第1天A Grain of Sand 一粒沙子William Blake 威廉·布莱克To see a world in a grain of sand 一颗沙里看出一个世界And a heaven in a wild flower, 一朵野花里一座天堂Hold infinity in the palm of your hand 把无限放在你的手掌上And eternity in an hour. 永恒在一刹那里收藏 8936 Companionship of Books第六课 以书为伴A man may usually be known by the books he s as well as the company he keeps;通常可由一个人所阅读的书以及所结交的朋友而知其为人; there is a companionship of books as well as of men;因为书可作伴就和人可作伴一样;and one should always live in the best company, whether it be of books or of men.而且人们应该永远与最好的为伴,不管是书或是人A good book may be among the best of friends.一本好书可能就是最好的朋友之一It is the same today that it always was, and it will never change.这本书往昔如此,今日亦复如此,而且永不改变It is the most patient and cheerful of companions.所有同伴中,它是最有耐心而且最令人愉悦的一位It does not turn its back upon us in times of adversity or distress.我们不论身处逆境或困境,它都不会背弃我们It always receives us with the same kindness, amusing and instructing us in youth,and comting and consoling us in age.它永远总是那么仁慈地接纳我们,我们年轻时,它给我们快乐与教导,而我们年华老去时,则给我们安抚与慰藉Men often discover their affinity to each other by the love they each have a book.人们常发现他们对彼此的喜爱乃是由于他们对某本书的共同爱好所使然The book is a truer and higher bond of union.书更能真实而又强有力地凝聚感情Men can think, feel,and sympathize with him each other through their favorite author.人们可以透过他们共同喜爱的作者彼此作心灵、感情的交流They live in together, and he, in them.他们活在作者的世界里,而作者亦活在他们的心中A good book is often the best urn of a life enshrining the best that life could think out,好书往往是人生的宝库,里头蕴含着人生的思想精华, the world of a man life is, the most part, but the world of his thoughts.因为大体而言,一个人的生活世界不过就是他的思想世界Thus the best books are treasuries of good words,the golden thoughts, which,remembered and cherished, become our constant companions and comters.最好的书就是藏有金玉良言一一亦即伟大思想的宝库,我们若能牢记并珍惜这些金玉良言,它们就会一辈子跟着我们、安慰我们Books possess an essence of immortality.书具有不朽的特性They are by far the most lasting products of human eft.它们是为人类努力创造的最为持久的成果Temples and statues decay,but books survive.庙宇和雕像会腐朽,而书依然长存Time is of no with great thoughts, which are as fresh today as when they first passed through their authors minds ages ago.与伟大的思想相较,时间则显得微不足道,这些伟大的思想至今仍然鲜明,鲜明得就像多年前它们才从作者的脑海里浮现出来一样What was then said and thought still speaks to us as vividly as ever from the printed page.当时的言词及思想至今仍透过书本生动地与我们沟通Books introduce us into the best society; they bring us into the presence of the greatest minds that have ever lived.书引导我们与最优秀的人为伍;它们带领我们到古今最伟大的思想家的面前We hear what they said and did; we see them as if they were really alive; we sympathize with them, enjoy with them,grieve with them;我们可以听见他们的所言所行 我们可以见到他们,仿佛他们仍活在世上;我们与他们情感交流,与他们共喜共悲;their experience becomes ours, and we feel as if we were in a measure actors with them in the scenes which they describe.他们的经验变成我们自己的经验,而我们觉得自己仿佛了有些像演员,与他们共同在他们所描述的场景中一块演出 86

啃嚼语段:They found the right house, and climbed the dark stairs to a miserable little room.他们找到了死者的家,爬上黑暗的楼梯,走进了一个破破烂烂的小屋Some children watched them from the shadows as they entered.几个孩子从黑影里看着他们走进来Something lay beneath a blanket on the floor in one corner. A man and an old woman stood near the body.在屋子一角的地上,一条毯子蒙着什么东西,旁边站着一个男人和一个老妇Oliver was afraid to look at them. With their thin faces and sharp teeth, They looked like the rats he had seen outside.奥利弗害怕看他们他们面孔削瘦,牙齿尖锐,看起来就像他在外面街上看到的老鼠As Sowerberry began to measure the body a coffin, the man knelt on the floor and cried out, ;She starved to death,I tell you!That;s why she died!;索尔贝里先生开始量尸体,看需要多大的棺材站在旁边的男人跪在地上,大声地喊了起来:“她是活活给饿死的呀!我告诉你,她就是为这个死的!”He fell to the floor, and all the children behind him started to cry.他倒在地上,身后的孩子们都哭了起来Sowerberry and Oliver, their work done, left as fast as they could.索尔贝里和奥利弗忙完了活计,就赶快离开了语段精讲:第一、短语学习1. look like:看起来好像......Even when she was dressed up she didnt look like a chosen person.她即使穿戴打扮一番,也不能引人瞩目 You are genteel enough, you look like a lady. 你是够文雅的,看上去象个大家闺秀. measure... ...:量尺寸做......The tailor measured me (up) a suit.裁缝给我量尺寸做衣3. kneel on the floor:跪在地板上The little child kneels on the floor and beg his mother’s pardon.这孩子跪在地板上,请求他的妈妈原谅啊他. cry out:大声疾呼,大喊He felt an irresistible impulse to cry out at the sight. 他看到那景象,情不自禁想要大声叫喊 5. fall to the floor:倒在地板上He gave a strangle cry and fall to the floor.他发出一声受扼的叫喊, 随即倒在地板上6. from the shadows:从阴影中At once another figure crept out from the shadows of the house. 屋影下立刻走出一个人 第二、写作语汇1. a miserable little room:令人难受的小房间呢. dark stairs:黑暗的楼梯. in one corner:在一个角落5. beneath a blanket:在毯子下6. thin faces:削瘦的脸颊7. sharp teeth:尖锐的牙齿第三、语法点拨1. With their thin faces and sharp teeth, they looked like the rats he had seen outside.:划线部分是介词短语做伴随状况状语,with在这里的意思是“有”. Sowerberry and Oliver, their work done, left as fast as they could.:划线部分是独立主格结构做时间状语小编心语:该节目的讲解部分由可可编辑编写如有出入,请给予指正,谢谢 88

Amy: I think rearranging the furniture will make the living room look more spacious. Donrsquo;t you?我想要重新安排起居室里的家具来使屋子宽敞些你说呢?Jacob: Uh, sure.当然可以Amy: Can you help me move this couch against this wall?你能帮我移动下长沙发,让它靠着墙吗?Jacob: Okay, but are you sure you want it over there? Because itrsquo;s really heavy and a pain to move.好吧,但是你确定想放在那里吗?沙发很沉,搬起来很费劲Amy: Irsquo;m sure. Letrsquo;s move the loveseat across from it. Now, can you move the recliner into the corner?我确定我们将双人沙发从那儿移过来现在你能将活动躺椅搬到墙角吗?Jacob: Uh! Here?这里吗?Amy: Umm...a little to the left. Perfect!再往左边点好了!Jacob: Are you sure?你确定吗?Amy: Absolutely! Okay, the end tables go on each side of the couch, and the coffee table goes between the couch and the loveseat.当然茶几要挨着长沙发,矮茶几放在长沙发和双人沙发之间Jacob: Where do you want the ottoman and where do the lamps go?软垫椅子放哪儿?台灯放哪儿?Amy: Put the ottoman next to the loveseat. The table lamps go on the end tables and the floor lamp should go next to the recliner.椅子挨着双人沙发台灯挨着茶几,地灯靠着活动躺椅Jacob: Therersquo;s no room the rocking chair.没地方放安乐椅了Amy: Hmm;I guess the rocking chair can go into the guestroom.我想安乐椅可以放到客厅Jacob: What about the credenza?书柜呢?Amy: Yoursquo;re right. This new configuration wonrsquo;t work.你说得对这种布置不行Jacob: You mean you want to put everything back to where it was?你是说要把东西都放回原处?Amy: Yup, wersquo;re back to square one!恩,恢复原状rearrange vt.再排列, 重新整理spacious adj. 宽敞的couch n.长沙发loveseat n.双人沙发recliner n.活动躺椅end table 茶几coffee table 矮茶几ottoman n. 软垫椅子table lamp 台灯floor lamp 落地灯rocking chair 安乐椅guest room 客室credenza n. 书柜configuration n. 结构; 布置back to square one 问题回到原态 98

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