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上海第九人民医院整形科光子嫩肤手术多少钱上海妇保医院双眼皮多少钱上海丰胸大概需要多少钱 Composting layers堆肥层Functionally, the Urban Death Project isless like a spa and more like a farm. Composting large bodies has been donebefore – those bodies just haven’t been human. There’s a lot of researchandexperience among cattle ranchers and farmers for composting the bodies of theirlarge farm animals, and it’s work that Spade was able to look at when designingher system. People might baulk at the idea of using mechanisms designed forcattle carcasses on humans, but it’s a system that is well understood andtested. And Spade’s design for the Urban Death Project is certainly a bit more refinedthan your average livestock composting heap.在功能上,“城市逝者计划”更像是一个温泉,一个农场。分解大型遗体的项目之前有人做过,但是这些并不是人类的尸体。有大量关于分解大型农场动物的尸体的研究和经验,以供斯佩德在设计自己的系统时参考。人们可能会拒绝使用专为牲畜的分解尸体的办法,但这已经是广为人知并实验成熟的办法。斯佩德的设计的“城市逝者计划”一定要比平时牲畜堆肥更加精细。The Urban Death Project system would behoused in a three-storey building, with the composting segment divided intothree main regions. The top layer consists of a bed of sawdust and wood chips.It’s where the body is laid during the ceremony, and where friends and familycan gather. Because the body is meant to compost, it isn’t treatedwith any of the embalming fluids or chemicals that a body intended for burialmight be.“城市逝者计划”系统分为三层,堆肥段分为三个主要区域。顶层由一层木屑和木片组成,在哀悼仪式进行时,遗体将被放置在这里,朋友和家人可以在周围聚集。逝者遗体不会像进行土葬那样使用防腐液或化学物质,以便之后进行分解处理。Beneath the top layer is a set ofcomposting bays, and each body eventually settles down into one as it slowlydegrades. This decomposition region is the largest part of the setup. Theprocess is collective and continual: as older bodies descend into the core, newbodies are added on top. At the bottom is a layer for screening and sorting,sifting out whatever might have descended all the way to the bottom, andharvesting the rich compost that the bodies have generated. It would take a fewmonths for each body to find its way there, into the finished compost, and, asthe Urban Death Project website says, “This compost is sacred, both its pastand its potential.” Family members and friends are encouraged to take some ofthis sacred compost with them, to use in their own gardens. What is left willbe used in city parks. “In this way, the dead are folded back into the fabric of the city,”the websitesays.顶层下面是一组堆肥槽,随着遗体不断降解,最终落入对应的堆肥槽里。这个分解装置是整个系统中最大的一部分。在这里遗体将统一进行分解,过程持续不断:当时间较长的遗体不断分解完成,新的遗体被放置上上面。底部是筛选和分类,筛除已经分解到底部的物质,获取遗体产生的堆肥。此过程要经历数月,才能完成堆肥。“城市逝者计划”网站说,“这样产生的堆肥,无论从他的过程还是潜在含义,都是神圣的。”该计划鼓励家庭成员和朋友带走一些神圣的堆肥,用在自己的花园里。剩余的堆肥将使用在城市公园里,“这样,逝者重新成为了城市的一部分,”网站说。The idea of your body being compostedalongside others might not sit well with some. But Seidel doesn’t mind the ideaof being without a single, specific tombstone or urn. After all, she says, whatultimately is the point? “So somebody can say, ‘There’s Grace! She’s stillliving, I mean she’s dead, but there she is!’” she says. “We commingle withother human beings and animals our whole lives, we share everything. I hopepeople remember me by photos, by things I’ve said, by books I’ve written, Ihope that’s how people will remember me, not by a pile of ashes or a pile ofdirt, but by good memories –because that’s the only way we can live forever.”想到自己的身体将要和别人的一起进行分解,可能有些人会感到不适。但是赛德尔不介意没有一个专属的墓碑或骨灰盒。毕竟,她说,到底什么才是重要的呢?“有人说,格蕾丝在这!她还活着,我是说她已经死了,但她埋在这里!她说。“在我们的一生中,我们与其他人和动物接触交往。我希望人们记得我的照片,我说过的话,我写的书,而不是一堆灰烬或一捧尘埃,我希望人们想到我会想起这些美好的回忆,因为这是我们唯一得以永生的方式。”The system is designed to be able to take alarge number of bodies, but Spade is planning on limiting it to two a day –giving enough time for a ceremony in the morning and one in the evening.“Putting more than that seems to be pushing it and there’s no reason to dothat.”该系统设计处理大量的遗体,但斯佩德计划限制在一天两个的规模,这样上午和晚上都可以有足够的时间安排哀悼仪式。“安排更多会形成压力,我们没有理由这样做。”Because, really, the Urban Death Projectisn’t just a system for the disposal of bodies. Spade wanted to design a placewhere people could have funerals, and celebrate the lives of those they havelost. “People like to create and tweak their own rituals,” she says, “so I lovethe idea that we could create a framework for ritual that isn’t set instone, but gives someone a space for ritual.”因为事实上,“城市逝者计划”并不仅仅是一个用于处理尸体的系统。斯佩德是在设计一个人们举行葬礼,缅怀逝者的地方。“人们喜欢创造和调整自己的仪式,”她说,“所以我们可以建立一个仪式的框架,不是篆刻在石碑上的,而是一个举行仪式的空间,我喜欢这样的想法。And when it comes to convincing people thatcomposting is a legitimate option, both Spade and Seidel say that it hasn’tbeen as hard as you might think. Seidel doesn’t have any children to convinceof her decision to have her body composted, but she says that everyone she’stalked to about it has ultimately accepted the idea. Even her best friend – whowas initially surprised by Seidel’s plan – has accepted her decisions. When theday of Seidel’s funeral arrives, her loved ones will be part of a very natural –andpersonal –send off.据斯佩德和赛德尔所说,说人们相信堆肥法是一个合法的做法并没有想象的那么难。赛德尔没有孩子说她采用堆肥法,但每一个谈到此事的人最终都接受她的这个观点,包括她最好的朋友——起初对她的想法感到非常惊讶,最后接受了她的决定。因此当赛德尔葬礼那天到来的时候,她所爱的人将为她进行一个非常自然的——私人的——送别仪式。 /201604/438579徐汇打美白针一针多少钱

上海玫瑰医院去疤痕多少钱上海市长征医院激光去痘手术多少钱 South Korea#39;s government has announced a host of measures to encourage people to make more babies, as concerns grow over the country#39;s stubbornly low birth rate.由于多年以来持续的低出生率,近日,韩国政府公布了一系列举措以鼓励人们多生育。Couples seeking fertility treatment will get state financial support regardless of their income level from September, the Korea Herald reports.据韩国先驱报报道,自9月起,将不治疗的医疗补助对象扩至所有收入阶层。The help is currently limited to lower-income couples, but the change means everyone will now be eligible for at least 1m won (0) per session, with the lowest earners receiving 2.4m won.这项措施目前只针对低收入人群,不过本次改变意味着每个人都有资格享受每季至少100万韩元(约900美元)的补贴。收入最低的人补贴为240万韩元。South Korea#39;s birth rate has plummeted since the 1960s, with little change in recent years despite billions of dollars in government spending. Health Minister Chung Chin-youb says ;all possible efforts; must be made to reverse the decline.自上世纪60年代起,韩国生育率就开始大幅下降,尽管政府已开数十亿以刺激生育,近年来的效果却微乎其微。卫生部长郑镇烨表示,将用尽所有可能的措施以扭转这一下滑的情况。Other measures announced include a guarantee of three days unpaid leave for those receiving fertility treatment, effective from July next year, and increased paternity leave payments for fathers welcoming a second child.其他公布的措施还包括自明年7月起生效的进行不治疗的三天无薪假,而对于生育二胎的夫妻,将提高男职工的陪产假工资。Households with three or more children will also be given priority admission to public childcare facilities, the paper says.该报道称,子女数在3名以上的家庭在申请入学公办托儿机构时将享有优先权等。In the first five months of 2016, births were down by 5.3% compared to the same period last year, the Korea Times reports.据韩国时报报道,2016年的前5个月的生育率比去年同期下降了5.3%。Critics of the government#39;s approach say the problem isn#39;t money but rather South Korea#39;s corporate culture, where employees are often expected to work long hours and don#39;t feel they can take time off for childcare.针对政府措施的批评人士指出,这并非是钱的问题,而是韩国的企业文化造成,员工通常都得加班,所以他们抽不出时间来照顾孩子。 /201609/464337杨浦做隆胸多少钱

上海人民医院激光去痘手术多少钱Suddenly, they are everywhere: stretched across balconies, flapping from car antennas, and pinned to coat lapels the world over in a moving display of solidarity with the community that was brutally terrorised on Sunday after a bigoted assault at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. At first glance, the rainbow flag’s joyous refraction of colour may seem a strangely sunny response to the dark savagery of the deadliest mass shooting in US history. But as we watch its jubilant stripes bind together communities around the globe, it is worth pausing to reflect on the origin of a cultural symbol that was propelled into iconic status nearly 40 years ago by heartbreaking tragedy.突然间,它们变得无处不在:在阳台间飘扬,在汽车天线上迎风舞动。在佛罗里达州奥兰多市一家同性恋夜总会周日受到疯狂攻击后,它们被作为一个移动标识,呼吁惨遭恐袭打击的社会团结起来,被全世界人民别到胸前。乍看之下,虹旗喜庆的色似乎是对美国历史上最致命的击案本身黑暗野蛮的一种奇怪的正面响应。但是,当我们看到它的欢腾条纹将全球社区联和为一体时,值得停下来深思一下这个文化符号的来源:是近 40 年前那个令人心碎的悲剧才使它具有了象征性意义。According to the US gay activist Gilbert Baker, who is credited with creating the emblem in the late 1970s, the idea behind the flag’s bold design emerged in 1976 – the year the ed States celebrated the bicentenary of its independence as a republic. Still reeling from the twin traumas of withdrawal from the Vietnam War in 1973 and the first ever resignation of a US President in 1974, following the Watergate scandal, America strove to conjure from national malaise a feeling of patriotism. Key to the summoning of such spirit was the restorative display across the country of the Stars and Stripes, whose simple geometry masked the intensity of the psychological, political, and social turmoil seething underneath. 美国同性恋活动家吉尔伯特#8226;贝克(Gilbert Baker)被认为是这一标志的发明者,当时还是上世纪 70 年代末期,而该标志大胆设计背后的理念却出现在 1976 年,这一年,美国举行了庆祝独立 200 周年的纪念活动。在 1973 年从越南战争撤军及 1974 年水门事件后美国总统第一次辞职的双重打击下,美国力图从全国的低迷情绪中感召爱国主义精神。当时美国在全国各地到处飘扬着星条旗,它简单的几何图面下掩饰了强烈的心理、政治和社会动荡。It was against this turbulent backdrop that San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person ever to be elected to public office in California, encouraged Baker in 1977 to devise a unique symbol for the gay community – an insignia of pride capable of affirming social independence. “Flags”, Baker has since asserted, “are about proclaiming power.” As a drag queen whose appetite for flamboyant clothes in the glam-obsessed 1970s was bigger than his wallet, Baker became a dab hand with a sewing machine – a skill he would later put to use in producing political banners. Hypnotised by the talismanic intensity of the US flag and its ability to transmute itself in art and fashion – from pricey Pop Art paintings by Jasper Johns to grungy denim patches – Baker was drawn to the deceptive simplicity of a field of stacked stripes as a symbol for many stitched together as one.正是在这个动荡背景下,旧金山市监事哈维#8226;米尔克(Harvey Milk),即第一个在加利福尼亚公开同性恋身份的公职人员,鼓励贝克在 1977 年设计一个同性恋社区的独特象征,一种能够肯定其社会独立性的骄傲标志。贝克曾断言,“旗帜是力量的宣言。”作为易装皇后(即男扮女装者),贝克对 70 年代华丽装的痴迷大于赚钱的诱惑,他后来成为使用缝纫机的能手,并将这种技能用于随后的政治旗帜生产中。从贾斯培#8226;琼斯(Jasper Johns)昂贵的波普艺术绘画到破旧的牛仔布补丁,贝克着迷于美国国旗的护身符力量及其在艺术和时尚领域自我蜕变的能力,他也被这种多个堆叠条纹合为一体的符号的迷惑性简单艺术所深深吸引。In contemplating how, precisely, he should reinvent that pattern, Baker was aware that any design he produced would compete in popular imagination with a painful, if resilient, logo by which the gay community had long been identified. In Nazi concentration camps, men imprisoned because of their homosexuality were marked out by a pink triangle affixed to their clothing. In the decades following the end of World War Two, gay communities around the world stripped the pink badge of its intended humiliation and defiantly re-inflected it with pride. But however heroic that reclamation of meaning may have been, in Baker’s mind the symbol was still haunted by the ghosts of Hitler and the Holocaust. The gay community, he believed, deserved a fabulous emblem entirely of its own fashioning. “We needed something beautiful,” Baker concluded, “something from us.”在考虑如何才能准确地重新设计这一样式的时候,贝克意识到,他的任何设计都将要与人们所熟知的同性恋社区所经历的痛苦与坚韧不拔的想象力相符合。在纳粹集中营,许多男子因为同性恋原因被囚禁,他们的衣物上会贴有粉红色三角形。二战结束后的几十年里,世界各地的同性恋社区将带有故意羞辱意味的粉红色标记建成条状,他们怀着骄傲,大胆地将其重新活用。尽管英雄主义可能已经复苏,但在贝克心里,这个符号依旧受到希特勒和大屠杀阴影的困扰。他认为,同性恋社区应该有一个完全自己塑造的理想标志。贝克总结道,“我们需要一些美好的事物,它们来自我们中间。”Blue sky thinking蓝天思路Journalists and historians have expended a great deal of energy speculating how, exactly, the rainbow eventually suggested itself to Baker in 1978 as an appropriate phenomenon for conversion into the dimensions of a flag. A frequently cited hypothesis links the rainbow to the resplendent aura of the actress Judy Garland, long considered a gay icon (her role in the film The Wizard of Oz has yielded the colloquial slang-phrase “friend of Dorothy” as a term for a gay man), and to her famous performance of the song Over the Rainbow.记者和历史学家花费了大量精力猜测 1978 年的虹标志究竟怎样浮现在贝克的脑海中、并被他转化为旗帜的。一个常被引用的假设是,将虹标志与女演员朱迪#8226;嘉兰(Judy Garland)的辉煌光环以及她著名的歌曲——“飞跃虹”(Over the Rainbow)联系起来。嘉兰也长期被视为同性恋偶像(根据她在《绿野仙踪》电影中的角色,同性恋者已被通俗的称为“多萝西的朋友”)。Other writers have noted that strong bright colours (such as the green carnation Oscar Wilde wore to signify his sexual orientation) have for centuries served as shorthand for homosexuality. But in an interview that Baker gave last year to the Museum of Modern Art, after the flag’s prototype was acquired for its permanent collection, he suggested that the rationale for selecting the rainbow was more elementary than these theories assume: “It’s a natural flag”, he insists. “It’s from the sky.”其他一些作家则注意到,几个世纪以来,有强烈对比的颜色可以用来简单指称同性恋(如作家王尔德佩戴的绿色康乃馨表明了他的性取向)。但在去年,在第一面虹旗被永久收藏后,贝克接受现代艺术物馆的采访时透露,他选择虹标志的理由比这些理论假设要简单得多:“这是一面自然的旗帜,”他坚持说。“它来自于天空。”It also has echoes in history, though its use in earlier cultural contexts around the world did not deter Baker from persevering with his sprightly spectral design. Since at least the late 15th Century, and the incorporation of the rainbow flag by the German theologian Thomas Müntzer in his reformist preachings, the symbol has been seized upon by religious and social activists to draw attention to their causes. A version was unfurled in the 16th Century during the German Peasants’ War to signify the promise of social change. In the 18th Century, the English-American revolutionary and author of the influential political tract Rights of Man, Thomas Paine, advocated for the adoption of the rainbow flag as a universal symbol for identifying neutral ships at sea. The flag has since been flown by Buddhists in Sri Lanka in the late 19th Century as a unifying emblem of their faith, by Indians annually on 31 January to commemorate the passing of the spiritual leader Meher Baba, and, since 1961, by members of international peace movements.它在历史上曾引起共鸣,但在世界各地早期文化背景下的使用并没有打消贝克想保留这一风格明快的光谱型设计的念头。至少自 15 世纪后期以来,在德国神学家托马斯#8226;闵采尔(Thomas Müntzer)将虹旗与他的改革派布道结合起来以后,这个标志已经被宗教和社会活动家用来提升社会对其事业的关注。其中一个公开的版本是,16 世纪德国农民战争期间,它被用来表示对社会变革的承诺。18 世纪,英裔美国革命家托马斯#8226;潘恩(Thomas Paine)主张采用虹旗作为海上识别中立国船只的通用符号。他曾撰写有影响力的政治手册——《人的权利》(Rights of Man)。自 19 世纪后期以来,虹旗被作为佛教徒信仰的一个统一象征在斯里兰卡飞扬;每年 1 月 31 日,印度人会用虹旗纪念其精神领袖美赫巴巴(Meher Baba)的逝世;而自 1961 年以来,虹旗也被国际和平运动的成员广泛使用。Colour therapy色疗法In its initial incarnation, Baker’s rainbow flag consisted of eight colours – two more than the version now recognised internationally as an emblem for the LGBT community – and each colour was assigned a symbolic meaning. A band of hot pink (representing sexuality) ran across the top of the flag in the original scheme, followed by red (which stood for life), then by orange (for healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), turquoise (magic), indigo (serenity), and violet (spirit) at the bottom.贝克最初的虹旗设计由八种颜色组成,比目前国际上公认的同性恋、双性恋及变性者(LGBT)社区象征版本要多出两种颜色,并且每一种颜色都被赋予一个象征意义。根据最初的方案,亮粉色带(代表性)穿过旗帜的顶部,下面依次为红色(代表生命)、橙色(代表愈合)、黄色(代表阳光)、绿色(代表自然)、天青色(代表魔力)、靛蓝色(代表宁静)和底部的紫色(代表精神)。Displayed for the first time in the ed Nations Plaza in downtown San Francisco in June 1978, this eight-striped version was produced by a team of 30 volunteers commandeering the washing machines of a public laundromat in order to rinse the dye from the fabric and the wide attic space of a gay community centre, where the individual strips were ironed and sewn together. This is the version that Harvey Milk would have known, if all too briefly, in the few short months before he and the Mayor of San Francisco, George Moscone, were shot to death in City Hall on 27 November by a deranged former colleague of Milk’s.1978 年 6 月,八色虹旗第一次在旧金山市中心的联合国广场上展示。这面八色虹旗是由 30 名志愿者共同制成,他们占领了一个公共洗衣店的洗衣机,用来冲洗布料上的染料,并在一个同性恋社区中心宽敞的阁楼间内,将单个的布条熨平并缝制在一起。哈维#8226;米尔克(Harvey Milk)本应有机会见到这一版本,尽管时间短暂。就在八色虹旗出现几个月之后的 11 月 27 日,他和旧金山市长乔治#8226;莫斯康尼(George Moscone)在市政厅被米尔克的一个疯狂的前同事射杀身亡。Demand for the rainbow flag accelerated in the aftermath of the murders for display at gay pride parades and at events organised in honour of the slain champion of LGBT rights. For a variety of practical reasons, Baker was forced to whittle the design down, first by dropping the top band of hot pink (a pigment that proved difficult to source) and then turquoise (inclusion of which, for reasons of symmetry, made displaying the flag as a vertically-hung banner from lampposts awkward). In the 38 years since Baker offered his invention as a universal symbol of gay pride, proliferation of its prismatic joy has been impressively steady. In 1994, a mile-long version of the flag, which streamed through the streets of New York to mark the 25-year anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village (a crucial moment in the gay liberation movement), set a record for the longest flag ever produced and helped plant the symbol permanently in social consciousness. 在谋杀案余波的同性恋骄傲游行中,在对被杀害的 LGBT 权利持者组织的纪念活动中,对于虹旗的展示需求在急剧升温。由于各种实际原因,贝克被迫简化设计,首先去掉了顶部的亮粉色带(被明是缺少颜料来源),然后去掉了天青色(出于对称原因,为了便于将旗帜垂直挂在路灯柱上)。自从贝克提供自己的发明作为同性恋骄傲的通用象征以来,已过去 38 年,但它所带来的棱镜般的喜悦却与日俱增。1994 年,为了纪念 1969 年发生在格林尼治村的石墙暴动(同性恋解放运动的一个关键时刻)25 周年,一面长达一英里的虹旗在纽约街头涌动,它创造了最长旗帜的记录,并帮助这个象征标志在社会意识中生根。Now the flag is everywhere. On 12 June, it was waved by marchers in the first major gay pride rally ever held in Ukraine. Between 24 and 26 June, the flag will be flown for the first time above the UK Parliament to celebrate the London pride weekend. In 2015, Facebook introduced a rainbow filter afterthe US Supreme Court decision ruling that same-sex marriage was legal nationwide. But the backlash to that in Russia and the Middle East, and events in Orlando, are reminders that this is not just a flag for celebration. Though ostensibly ebullient in its design, Baker’s creation is nevertheless thed by perseverance and tinged by pain. “Flags”, he is said to have exclaimed on the 20th anniversary of the symbol’s birth, “are torn from the soul of the people.”目前,虹旗已出现在世界的各个角落。6 月 12 日,在乌克兰有史以来第一次重大的同性恋骄傲游行中,虹旗被游行者挥动。6 月 24 日到 26 日,它首次在英国国会上空飞扬,用来庆祝伦敦的同性恋骄傲周末。2015 年, 在美国最高法院判决裁定同性婚姻合法后,Facebook 推出了虹滤镜功能。但虹旗在俄罗斯和中东受到强烈抵制,加上奥兰多事件,这些都在提醒大众,虹旗并不仅仅只是庆祝的标志。虽然虹旗设计在表面上让人感觉热情洋溢,但贝克的作品仍然代表着百折不挠和痛苦的忧伤。贝克在该标志诞生 20 周年的时候宣称,“旗帜是从人的灵魂中扯下来的”。 /201606/451495 金山区去抬头纹多少钱黄浦区驼峰鼻矫正多少钱



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