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The average American family spends several hundred dollars on clothes and supplies at the start of the new school year. Whittle down that bill with these tips.在新学年开始的时候,普通美国家庭要花费几百美元来购买衣和日用品。通过以下建议,尽量减少花费。You Will Need你需要Tax-free shopping days免税购物日Parents who swap乐意交换的父母Refurbished products翻新产品Bulk buying批量购买Price matching对比价格Steps步骤Step 1 Save on taxes1.节省税收Wait until your state#39;s tax-free days to shop. Many states have them in August so parents can save on back-to-school clothing and supplies.等到你所在州的免税日来购物。许多州都在8月设立免税日,这样父母在购买重返学校的衣物和日用品方面可以省钱。Find tax-free shopping dates at ;taxadmin.org;:http://taxadmin.org/.可以登录网站查看免税购物日期。Step 2 Swap for stuff2.交换物品Get together with other parents to swap school supplies. Or look for websites that specialize in parents looking to make trades, like ;swapmamas.com;:http://www.swapmamas.com/.和其他父母聚在一起交换学校用品。或者登录专门供父母进行交易的网站。Step 3 Consider refurbished items3.考虑翻新过的产品Consider buying refurbished products for pricey items if you want to score back-to-school bargains. Many refurbished items aren#39;t even used; they#39;re so-called ;open box; articles that consumers simply removed from the package before deciding to return them.如果想要买到比较便宜的东西,对于价钱昂贵的物品,可以考虑购买翻新过的。许多翻新过的物品甚至没有使用过,消费者刚刚打开包装就想退货。Step 4 Buy in bulk4.批量购买Contact your child#39;s school about participating in retailer programs that organize all supplies for the school year in a single box that parents can order. Because the items are bought in bulk, the savings can be up to 50 percent of the cost of purchasing the supplies on your own.联系孩子所在学校,参加零售项目,这种项目组织所有供应商在新学年开始的时候把所有用品装在一个盒子里,家长可以订购。因为这些物品是批量购买的,费用可以节约高达50%。If your school doesn#39;t offer a retailer program, band together with other parents to buy supplies in bulk.如果学校没有提供零售项目,可以和其他父母联合起来批量购买。Step 5 Ensure the lowest prices5.确保价格最低Check prices online and via circulars at several stores and then buy everything you need at a store that matches their competitors#39; lowest prices. Besides saving money, you#39;ll save the time you#39;d otherwise spend running around town for back-to-school bargains -- and who can put a price on that?在网上查看价格,或者对比几家不同商店的价目表,然后在相对价格最低的商店购买所有物品。除了省钱外,还可以节省在不同的商店之间转来转去的时间。谁又会为你的时间付金钱呢?Back-to-school spending is the second biggest buying spree of the year in the U.S., after winter holiday shopping.返校出是美国全年第二大消费狂欢节,仅次于冬季假期购物。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/256003UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just the facts -- Affirmative Action aims to improve opportunities for women and members of minority groups. 这就是事实——平权法案旨在提高女性和少数人群的机会。It started as a way to help people who had been discriminate against in the past. 它最初是一种帮助过去被歧视的人的方法。Critics argue that it uses reverse discrimination to accomplish its goals. 批评者说这一法案逆向歧视来达到它的目的。Affirmative action policies have been used in employment and education.平权法案在雇佣和教育中运用。AZUZ: Abigail Fisher says Affirmative Action is the reason why she didn#39;t get in the University of Texas. 阿比盖尔·费雪说她之所以没能进入德克萨斯大学的原因就是因为平权法案。She sued the school over its admissions policies, and the case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. 她起诉该校的录取政策,这一诉讼一直被送到了美国最高法院。The decision on it could come out today. 该案将会在今天得出决议。Joe Johns breaks down the details of the case and some of the arguments on both sides.乔·约翰斯分析了该案件的细节和双方的论点。Abigail Fisher dreamed of going to the University of Texas at Austin for most of her life. 阿比盖尔·费雪一生最大的梦想就是进入奥斯汀的德州大学。After applying, she didn#39;t get in, attending Louisiana State University instead. 申请之后,她没有选上,而是去了路易斯安那州立大学。But the rejection from U.T. led Fisher to file a lawsuit against the school claiming she was squeezed out, unfairly denied admission because of her race. 但德州大学的拒绝让费雪将学校告上法庭,声称她被排挤了,被不公平的拒绝录取因为她的种族。She is white. 她是白人。She said in a statement, ;There were people in my class with lower grades who weren#39;t in all the activities I was in who were being accepted into U.T., and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin.;她在一个声明中说,“有些成绩没我好又没参加过我所参加的所有活动的人被德州大学录取了,我们之间唯一的区别就是我们皮肤的颜色。Whether race should be part of the application process at the University of Texas is the issue before the Supreme Court. 种族该不该是得克萨斯州申请过程的一部分是最高法院所面临的问题。 /201303/228195

Olympics to help Japan#39;s economy? CNN#39;s John Defterios reports on how Japan hopes to benefit from winning the 2020 Summer Olympics.Well, we’ve seen the pass as Olympic burdens for host nation has not been viewed as an Olympic size opportunity for Tokyo in 2020. Tokyo Olympic specialist said it did not rely on recover marketing pitch, but instead, the IOC support Japanese capital is built as it means the safest and most reliable, something Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised despite the natural disaster Fukushima back in 2011. Prime Minister said the Game should help this country overcome 15 years of deflation. The government suggests it could help boost growth by 0.3% a year for the next 7 years, but US bank Morgan Stanley said it could be more than double that. Japan wants this bid not putting up the biggest budget for the 2020 Games. Let’s take a look what we are talking about here. While Tokyo in billion, Istanbul more than double that at billion, and Madrid come it with a low ball bid of billion. This was seen at a setback for Turkey after the toxins square put us back in June with concerns about instability soften the border in Syria. Istanbul is amassing in mass infrastructure build-up that includes new bridges, and it planned airport. The 2020 Games will take place just 3 years ahead of the 100 anniversary of the Turkish Republic. “We think it’s not easy, so for us, we were going to create the great legacy, so that’s…No, not yet. So we gonna say we have to go back and think and we’ll see.Turkey would have been the first majority mass population country to host the Games. And it has aspiration to be top 20 economy by 2023 with a GDP of trillion. For Madrid, it was the third time unlucky. The city’s put three straight bids in for the summer Games of 2012, 2016 and 2020. Again the EU debt crisis and soaring jobless rate were seen as major strikes against the Spanish. John Defterios, CNN, Abu Dhabi. /201309/256729Xi Jinping calls for rescue action on Kunshan blast习近平总书记对昆山爆炸事故作出重要指示President Xi Jingping and Premier Li Keqiang have assigned state councilor Wang Yong to lead a working team to look into the explosion in Kunshan, which left 68 dead and over 100 injured.受习近平总书记和李克强总理委托,国务委员王勇已率有关部门负责同志赴现场指导事故救援和应急处置工作,调查造成68人死亡,100多人受伤的这一爆炸事故。Xi Jinping called for comprehensive action and for rescuers to make sure the area is made safe for people and property.习近平总书记立即作出重要指示,要求有关方面全力做好伤员救治,做好遇难者亲属的安抚工作;查明事故原因,追究责任人责任,汲取血的教训,强化安全生产责任制。 Article/201408/318049

And to make matters worse, the bamboo leaves are frozen solid. But the panda has devised a cunning way of breaking the ice off.更糟的是,竹叶冻住了。但是熊猫发明了一个巧妙的方法来把冰弄掉。It rubs the bamboo over its snout. Unlike other bears, the panda can#39;t fatten itself up and hibernate through the winter.它用鼻子把冰蹭掉。不像其他熊类,熊猫不能通过冬眠来度过冬天。Bamboo is so low in energy that the panda must spend most of the day eating. Once it has exhausted one area, it must move on to the next.竹子的能量很低,熊猫不得不把大量时间放在吃上。一旦一个地方的竹子吃完了,熊猫必须继续前进到另一个地方。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201408/323094Now, it#39;s time to let nature take its course.现在该是顺其自然的时候了The crew will be back over the next two years摄影人员两年后会回来to see how life takes hold.探视珊瑚生长的状况At this site, the wreck has a very good chance在这个地点 沉船很有可能成为that it#39;ll be colonised by coral.珊瑚的移居地With luck and time, it#39;ll eventually become a full-scale reef.只需要一点运气和时间 它最后会形成完整的珊瑚礁Meanwhile, at the other end of the world,同一时间,在世界的另一端the Life team#39;s challenge is very different.制作团队面临截然不同的挑战Here in Antarctica, just getting underwater will be tough.在南极洲 光是潜入水底就相当困难In order to work in such a demanding location,为了在如此严苛的 环境下达成任务the team needed the help of the National Science Foundation,制作团队必须求助于 国家科学基金会的at the McMurdo polar research station.麦克马多极地研究站Everyone here has to be able to cope out on the ice if there#39;s an emergency.在这里每个人都必须具备冰上生存的能力 以防紧急状况发生So the Life team joins research scientists for survival training,所以制作团队和科学研究员to prepare them for any situation.一起接受求生训练 为所有的突发状况做好准备Even one like this.甚至是像这种情形 Article/201310/262051North Korea War Training Shown Off In VideoSoldiers in the secretive country practise shooting at mocked up Americans and South Koreans in a released by state media.朝鲜半岛局势不断升温,战争一触即发。朝鲜已进入最高水平的战斗准备状况,朝鲜军人纷纷表决战决心。朝鲜陆军以美军士兵图像为目标进行射击训练!新闻背景:据朝中社报道,4月1日,朝鲜平安南道、慈江道、咸镜南道举行军民大会,对朝鲜人民军最高司令部发表的声明表示持。驻韩美军司令部4月1日日表示,在朝鲜不断加强军事威胁的情况下,美国为了履行提供延伸威慑力的承诺,向韩国相继派遣了B-52轰炸机、“夏延”号核潜艇、B-2隐形轰炸机和F-22隐形战斗机。分析家说,美国高调宣布调派B-52轰炸机和B-2隐形轰炸机到朝鲜半岛参加韩美联合军事演习,似乎想要给朝鲜的咆哮火上浇油。韩国总统朴槿惠在与朝鲜的舌战中作出了迄今为止最强烈的表示。有关方面说,朴槿惠周一会见韩国国防部官员时,命令他们对来自朝鲜的任何挑衅作出及时有力的反应,而不必考虑政治后果。金正恩宣布要进一步加强核开发,以抗衡美国的威胁。此外,金正恩还明确表示有意继续研制、试射远程弹道导弹,强调加强核和导弹开发是“民族的生命”。金正恩强调,北朝鲜的核武器既不是换取美国美元的商品,也不是摆在对话平台和谈判桌上讨论的政治、经济交易对象。他明确表示将从质和量上加强核能力,进一步凸显对决美国的姿态。金正恩还呼吁要增产、试射远程导弹:“必须研制和发射大量先进的人造卫星。”朝鲜中央电视台报道朝鲜步兵训练的画面中显示,朝鲜军人在进行射击训练时以头戴铁帽的美军士兵图像为目标进行了训练,美军士兵图像上还写着“打倒美帝”的字样。 Showing off its fittest soldiers, footage released by North Korea state television shows the country#39;s leading athletes on military exercise, it#39;s designed to spell out one thing, everyone is prepared to fight if required, the past week has seen a ramping up of rhetoric in which North Korea promised to target US bases and on Saturday it announced it was in a state of war with South Korea. Leading national tributes to his father and grandfather on Sunday is now clear Kim Jung Un is unlikely to soften the secretive state#39;s hard line approach, but South Korea#39;s new president isn#39;t prepared to let this latest threats go unchallenged.If there is any provocation against South Korea and its people, there should be a strong response in initial combat without any political considerations, as the commander in chief of the nation#39;s forces, i will trust the army#39;s judgment who is directly confronting North Korea regarding the North#39;s sudden and blits provocation.But the north sees joint US, South Korea military exercises as the provocation, annual drills involving US B2 stealth bombers capable of delivering a nuclear strike, this time prompted the north to put its missile units on standby. Despite talk of war and weapons there is still collaboration between the two Koreas, hundreds of worker from the South prepared to cross the border to work at a joint industrial complex based in the North, while there have been threats to close it down, it remains open, a reminder the North relies in part on South Korea money.I#39;m a little nervous but what can i do, i have to go there to work, they have to make money too, the industrial zone is their source for earning dollars.But for North Korea#39;s leaders growing a strong economy will not come at the expense of military expansion.The new strategic decision to carry out economic construction and to build nuclear arm forces simultaneously is the most resonable one to meet the demand of the current situation.But as the diplomatic tensions heighten, the concern is this will they come a point when economic goals come second to North Korea#39;s military aims.Paul Harison, Sky news. /201304/234374

In such a crowded land, a tradition of eating everything with very little waste could be seen as commendable thrift.在这样拥挤的地方,用很少的消耗遍吃百物的传统,可能被看做值得称赞的节俭。The problem is that there are so many people eating wild food in south China, that the illegal supply chain stretches well beyond its borders, contributing to the disappearance of wildlife not only within China, but from other countries, too.问题是中国南方有这么多人在食用野生动物,非法食物供应链一直延伸并超越了国界,使得野生动物消失,不仅在中国境内,而且也包括其他国家。A visit to a traditional Chinese medicine shop reveals another aspect of the use of animals and plants. Dr. So has been practising for over 20 years. The most important part of his diagnosis is the pulse, examined in several places. Dr. So also observes the colour of the tongue and eyes, and asks questions about the patient#39;s taste, smell and even dreams.拜访一家中药店会发现动植物另一方面的作用。宋医生行医20多年了。他最重要的诊断方法是在不同部位号脉。宋医生也观察舌头和眼睛的颜色,并询问病人的味觉嗅觉甚至是梦。 重点讲解:1. see as认为;把…看作;eg. Others saw it as a betrayal.别人认为这是一种背叛。eg. The status quo is seen as untenable.维持其现状的观点看来是站不住脚的。2. contribute to促成;促使;是导致…的原因之一;eg. The report says design faults in both the vessels contributed to the tragedy.报告说两艘船存在的设计缺陷也促成了这场悲剧的发生。eg. A poor business plan and weak sales contribute to the closure of the company.差劲的经营规划与业绩不佳导致那家公司倒闭。 /201409/326430奥迪S6 2013超级碗广告,给你勇气。2012年中,“屌丝逆袭”的故事我们着实看了不少,无论是炒作还是恶搞,这些“励志故事”往往都能引起我们这些资深屌丝的极大反响与共鸣,奥迪似乎也看到了这一点,他们将一台绝对“高帅富”的S6与一位其貌不扬、气场不强的男孩结合在了一起,以奥迪S6的霸气为男孩增添逆袭的勇气。然而现在不妨让我们跳出来再重新审视这则广告,奥迪似乎也将自己比作这个男孩,面对各路强手的挑战,奥迪绝不退缩,鼓起勇气将“逆袭”进行到底。以下是英文文本:Mom: Look at you – so dashing – come on. Lots of people go by themselves.Sister: No they don’t!Dad:Hey, son have fun tonight.Dude: HEY!!(black-eye)Bravery. It’s what defines us. Article/201404/291669Yves Behar 和 Forrest North共同推出了一款外观时尚、动力强劲的电动托车。他们分享了当初他们是怎么从一起分享遥远的(但是相似的)的童年进而建立起友谊及合作关系启动梦想计划的经历。 Article/201404/291679

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