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浦东新区南汇中心医院纹眉价格费用上海玫瑰医院怎么样Crowdfunding. The word itself wasnt even known less than a decade ago. But crowdfunding has become a powerful way to raise money.EquityNet tells us that more than billion in funding transactions will happen around the world this year. That is a 100% increase from billion last year.And the number of crowdfunding platforms and websites continues to grow: sites like IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Pledgie.Were accosted with all of those crowdfunding requests each time we go on Facebook or other social media. Is it all too much?Michigan Radios social media producer, Kimberly Springer, says crowdfunding has been around forever, with pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners and community events. The difference is that online funding makes it much more visible.Springer says crowdfunding originated from start-ups and the idea of allowing people to invest in companies directly.;Weve somehow managed to translate that into investing in one another and, in a lot of ways, where institutions have failed us,; she says.But as fundraising online has increased, it can exhaust us to figure out who or what is worthy of our money.A campaign last year raised ,000 on kickstarter to make potato salad, and this misuse of the medium has the potential to hurt campaigns that are more worthwhile.For charity organizations, there is Charity Navigator that details how money is being utilized. But for crowdfunding there is currently no way to truly verify that the money is being used properly, Springer says. Instead, you have to simply trust the source.Sites may also be beginning to monitor what is being funded, and some have shown they are willing to close down campaigns. Last year GoFundMe took down a womans campaign who was raising money for an abortion. But interventions are rare. Springer says there are many questionable campaigns out there, often without an outline of how they will use the money.As for the future of crowdfunding, Springer says,;I think it will continue along the lines of specialization and its going to be up to us to just be really conscious about what makes us feel good in our giving and who do we want to help.;201504/370236上海朝天鼻整形手术 Russian politics俄罗斯政治Fear and loathing恐慌与厌恶同在How the Kremlin is using the law for political ends克里姆林宫如何操纵法律以达政治目的For generations of Russian leaders, the law has been a tool of state power, not a limit on its abuse. In recent months, as Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, and his advisers have navigated an unfamiliar political environment, they too have fallen back on a kind of nominal legalism, in which the law is less for protecting the citizenry than an instrument of power.对于几代俄罗斯领导人而言,法律已经成为他们攫取国家权力的工具,而不再是限制权力滥用的利器。最近几个月以来,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京及其顾问开创了一种不同的政治局面,从而回归到了一种名义上的守法主义之路上。如此,法律与其说是用来保护民众利益,不如说是一种权力工具。As the Kremlin sees it, compared with uglier measures of neutralising dissent, the law is an “efficient and civilised tool” that allows for a certain “wiliness,” says Mikhail Krasnov of the Higher School of Economics. In practice, that means the law can be deployed selectively against political opponents, or laws can be drafted to solve immediate problems.俄罗斯高等经济学院教授米凯尔·克拉斯诺夫称,在克里姆林宫看来,相比其他“更卑劣的‘和谐’手段而言,法律这种“有效而文明的工具”留有一定的“周旋”余地。事实上,这就意味着当局可以选择性地使用法律来打压政敌,或者可以拟定相关法律解决迫在眉睫的问题。On September 14th a majority in the Duma voted to strip Gennady Gudkov of his seat in parliament, after a committee found him in violation of a law that prevents deputies from profiting from private business while in office. Mr Gudkov, a deputy with the left-leaning Just Russia party, says he was targeted for being the most outspoken member of a small anti-Kremlin group of lawmakers. Moreover, his past as a KGB lieutenant colonel made him not just an opponent, but a traitor.9月14日,杜马多数票决议剥夺根纳季·古德科夫的议员资格,因为某委员会裁定,古德科夫违反了俄罗斯禁止议员在职期间从私有企业牟利的法律。古德科夫是中左翼的公正俄罗斯党议员。他说,他之所以成为攻击目标,是因为他是一小撮反对俄罗斯当局的立法者中最直言不讳的一员。此外,他曾是克格勃的一位陆军中校,如此一来,他不仅被人视为政敌,还被当做叛徒。The committee’s allegation may indeed be true (though other politicians attract no ire for living strangely well on modest salaries). But Mr Gudkov’s version of events rings true. His troubles began only when he started speaking at anti-Putin rallies and giving impassioned speeches in the Duma against Kremlin-favoured legislation. He says that his expulsion shows that not only “is it possible to distort the law as convenient” but that “it’s possible to go entirely beyond the law without consequence.”委员会的指控也许的确没错(尽管其他官员薪资不高却过得出奇滋润,而且没有招致不满)但是古德科夫的说法听起来也不无道理。他开始在反普京集会中发言,在议会上慷慨激昂地反对有利于当局的立法时,麻烦就找上门了。古德科夫称,除名一事表明,当局不仅“有可能歪曲法律以图便利”,还“有可能完全凌驾于法律之上而不用承担后果”。The past months have been a busy season for the Russian legal system. In August three women from a punk collective, Pussy Riot, were sentenced to two years each in prison for an anti-Putin stunt in a Moscow cathedral. In June a package of new repressive laws was voted into force by the Duma. It raised fines for unsanctioned demonstrations and required foreign-funded NGOs to register as “foreign agents” (the authorities have just told one of the main sources of such grants,America’s USAID aid agency, to cease operations). Other laws recriminalise libel and create a blacklist of (loosely defined) offensive websites.过去几个月,俄罗斯法律系统忙得不可开交。八月,造反猫咪乐队(一朋克女子乐队)因在莫斯科救世主大教堂进行反普京表演而被判两年有期徒刑。六月,杜马投票通过了一系列新的压制性法律,提高了对未审批游行的罚金,并要求外资非政府组织注册为“外国机构”(当局还刚刚勒令此类资金主要来源之一——美国国际开发署在俄分机构停止活动)。其他法律还重新将诽谤定为犯罪,并将一些(宽泛定义上的)激进网站列入了黑名单。Taken together, these new laws are not as likely to be consistently enforced as much as they are meant to intimidate. Above all, the goal is to put the opposition and its supporters in a state of permanent legal jeopardy.总的来说,这些新规更多地是起威慑作用,而不一定会被一直执行下去。其最重要的目的是将反对派及其持者置于一种持久性的法律困境之中。The Russian legal code is a thicket of often contradictory rules and responsibilities. Ella Paneyakh of the Institution for the Rule of Law at the European University of St Petersburg says that owners of small and medium-sized businesses “cannot even keep track of the law, let alone decide whether to follow it.” That leaves them vulnerable to arbitrary predation by law-enforcement bodies.俄罗斯的法律条文错综复杂,充满了相互矛盾的条文和义务。圣彼得堡欧洲大学法治研究院的Ella Paneyakh称,中小型企业主“甚至无法读懂法律,更不用说决定是否会遵循它了”。这就让他们对执法部门的专制执法没有抵抗力。This sense of opacity and impenetrability gives the authorities the upper hand. The overall impression, says Igor Kalyapin of the Committee Against Torture, is that the “law is the property of those of who enforce it, and written exclusively for them.” Mr Kalyapin, who defends victims of police abuse in Chechnya, is now the subject of a criminal probe for releasing information from an ongoing investigation, a little-used law that even the main police investigator in the relevant case says should not apply. Mr Kalyapin attributes his legal troubles to his organisation’s work in documenting abuses in Chechnya.法律的不透明及晦涩使当局占了上风。联合国禁止酷刑委员会主席Igor Kalyapin说,法律给人的整体印象是:“法律是为法律执行者专门撰写的,归他们所有”。Kalyapin为车臣警察滥用职权的受害者辩护,现在却因泄露一项尚在进行的侦查的信息而接受刑事调查。禁止泄露调查信息是一条很少使用的法律,甚至连相关案件中的主要警方调查人员都认为其并不适用。Kalyapin认为,他身陷法律纠纷的原因在于他的组织记录了警察在车臣滥用职权的行径。The danger in using the law to solve short-term political problems, say people inside the Kremlin as well as its critics, is that it risks creating a precedent. Legal sanctions, even when subjectively applied, can take on a momentum of their own. In the Duma, members of ed Russia worry that their vote to expel Mr Gudkov might lead to a broader purge of Duma representatives who have commercial interests. For that reason, Mr Gudkov would have kept his seat if the vote had been secret, says a ed Russia deputy. “There is a lot of fear,” he says. “A lot of people came to the Duma so as to protect their business.”克里姆林宫内部人员及其员称,利用法律解决眼前的政治问题存在树先例的风险。法律制裁(一旦开了先例),便有可能一发不可收拾,即便施行者只是主观为之。统一俄罗斯党的杜马议员担心,他们驱逐古德科夫的决议会引发一场更为广泛的清除,导致其他从事商业活动的杜马议员被除名。一位统一俄罗斯党议员称,基于这个原因,如果投票是秘密进行的话,古德科夫还有可能保住自己的位子。“现在人人自危”,他说,“因为许多人进入议会就是为了保护自己的商业利益”。 翻译:陈莎莎译文属译生译世 /201607/455326虹口区哪家医院开眼角技术好

徐汇区人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱上海玫瑰美容医院去胎记多少钱 Cheaper oil降低的油价Both symptom and balm症状和疗法The oil price is tumbling. Is that good or bad news for the world economy?油价下跌对全球经济是喜是忧?AFTER declining gradually for three months, oil prices suddenly tumbled almost 4 on October 14th alone. It was the largest single-day fall in more than a year and brought the price of Brent crude, an international benchmark, to 85 a barrel. At its peak in June, a barrel had cost 115.在价格逐渐下滑了三个月之后,油价在10月14日突然跌落到近4美元。这是近一年以来油价最大幅的单次下跌,同时使得国际基准—布伦特原油的价格降至85美元每桶。而在6月份,布伦特油价曾达到每桶115美元的最高峰值。Normally, falling oil prices would boost global growth. A 10-a-barrel fall in the oil price transfers around 0.5% of world GDP from oil exporters to oil importers. Consumers in importing countries are more likely to spend the money quickly than cash-rich oil exporters. By boosting spending cheaper oil therefore tends to boost global output.一般来说,油价的下降将会促进全球经济的增长。每桶10美元的油价降幅将会导致原油进口商从出口商处得到世界GDP0.5%转移。比起现金充裕的原油出口国,进口国家的消费者更倾向于快速消费。增加低价油的消费演变成了全球输出的促进。This time, though, matters are less clear cut. The big economic question is whether lower prices reflect weak demand or have been caused by a surge in the supply of crude. If weak demand is the culprit , that is worrying: it suggests the oil price is a symptom of weakening growth. If the source of weakness is financial (debt overhangs and so on), then cheaper oil may not boost growth all that much: consumers may simply use the gains to pay down their debts. Indeed, in some countries, cheaper oil may even make matters worse by increasing the risk of deflation. On the other hand, if plentiful supply is driving prices down, that is potentially better news: cheaper oil should eventually boost spending in the worlds biggest economies.然而现在有一个经济疑问使得情况并不明朗,即低价反映的是需求疲软还是原油的供给过度? 如果罪魁祸首是需求疲软,那么这是令人担忧的:这表明原油价格是经济增长减缓的征兆。如果减缓的原因是金融(债务积压等原因),则原油的低价并不能明显地促进经济增长:消费者会用此剩余直接付他们的债务。事实上,在许多国家, 低价原油增加了通货紧缩的风险,甚至使得情况更加恶劣。另一方面,如果大量的供给才是价格下降的原因,那么这是一个潜在的好消息:低价原油会逐渐推动世界大型经济体的消费。The global economy is certainly weak. Japans GDP fell in the second quarter. Germanys did too, and may be heading towards recession (recent figures for industrial production and exports were dful). Americas growth has accelerated recently, but its recovery is weak by historical standards. Just before this weeks oil-price slump, the International Monetary Fund cut its projection for global growth in 2014 for the third time this year to 3.3%. It is still expecting growth to pick up again in 2015, but only slightly.全球经济确实是疲软的。日本以及德国的的GDP在第二季度下降,并且可能会进入不景气(近期的工业生产和出口的数据很不明朗)。最近美国的增长速度加快了,但是由于历史标准,其经济复苏是疲弱的。就在本周油价滑坡之前,国际货币基金第三次调低了2014年全球增长的预期至3.3%。虽然仍然预期2015年的增长会重振,但只是轻微地。Weaker growth translates into lower energy demand. This week, the International Energy Agency, an oil importers club, said it expects global demand to rise by just 700,000 barrels a day (b/d) this year. That is 200,000 b/d below its forecast only last month. Demand has been weak for a while but the recent slowdown—notably in Germany—took markets by surprise, hence the sharp fall in the price.增长的疲软转化为了能源需求的降低。本周,原油进口组织—国际能源署称期望今年全球需求会增长每日70万桶。这比上个月的期望降低了每日20万桶。需求将会持续疲弱,但近期,尤其是德国—的减缓让市场意外,因此价格急剧下降。But feeble demand is not the only explanation. There has also been a big supply shock. Since April last year the worlds total output of oil has been rising strongly. Most months output has been 1m-2m b/d a day higher than the year before. In September, this expansion jumped dramatically (see chart); global output was 2.8m b/d above the level of September 2013.但是需求的低迷并只有一个解释,这也收到了大量供给的冲击。自从去年4月,世界原油总产出回升强劲。大多数月份的产出为每日100万至200万桶,高于前一年。在9月,这种增长大幅跃升(据表);全球产出是每日280万桶,高于2013年9月的水平。Most of the growth in supply has come from countries that are not members of OPEC, the oil exporters club—from America in particular. Thanks partly to increases in shale-oil output, the ed States pumped 8.8m b/d in September—13% more than in the year before, 56% above the level of 2011 and not far short of Saudi Arabia. Russian oil production is also inching up, suggesting sanctions have not yet begun to be felt in its oilfields. In September, its output rose to 10.6m b/d, within a whisker of the highest monthly figure since the collapse of the Soviet Union.供给增长主要来自OPEC成员国,出口国组织—尤其是美国。归功于页岩油产量的增长,9月美国的产量是每日880万桶,比一年前高出13%,高于2011年56%,追近了与沙特阿拉伯差距。俄罗斯原油产量依旧稳步提升,表明原油领域至今还未受到制裁。在9月,其产量增长至每日1060万桶,几乎与前苏联的最高月份的数据相同。Non-OPEC production, though, has been rising for a while. The biggest recent change has come from within the cartel. In April, Libyas production—hit by civil war—crashed to just 200,000 b/d; by the end of September output was back up to 900,000 b/d and heading towards its pre-war level of 1.5m b/d. No less surprisingly, Iraqs output is rising, too. The upshot is that OPEC production started to grow again in September after almost two years of decline, compounding the impact of growing non-OPEC supplies.然而非OPEC成员国的产量一直在升高。近期最大的变化源于科特尔。在4月,利比亚的产量由于内战跌至每日20万桶;在9月末回升至每日90万桶,并趋近于战前每日150万桶的水平。同样意外的是,伊拉克的产量也在增长。结论是OPEC的产量在两年的衰退之后从9月开始回升,同时伴随着非OPEC国家的攻击冲击。With demand weak, much of the extra output has gone into rebuilding oil stocks in rich countries. But that cannot go on indefinitely. As the hoarding slows, prices are likely to weaken again—unless world demand picks up or oil production is cut.随着需求的疲软,大部分剩余的产出投入到了富裕国家原油存储的重建。但是这并不能持久,当囤积减缓时,价格似乎会再次下降,除非全球需求回暖或原油生产下降。Neither seems imminent. Antoine Halff, the IEAs chief oil analyst, points out that very little current production becomes uneconomic even at 80 a barrel. The break-even point for most American shale-oil producers has been falling as they have refined their fracking techniques, and is now well below 70 a barrel. So prices will have to fall further if they are to drive marginal producers out of business.但似乎二者都很遥远。国际能源机构首席石油分析师安托万·哈尔夫指出,80美元每桶并不是不经济的。大多数美国页岩油厂商的收平衡点在他们改善了fracking techniques之后,现在是低于70美元每桶的。如果他们想驱逐末端厂商,因此价格应进一步降低。New trade patterns reinforce the downward pressure on prices. OPEC exporters once informally carved up the world between them, with Nigeria and Venezuela selling to America, smaller Gulf states to Japan, and so on. But American oil imports have fallen from 309m barrels a month in 2010 to 236m a month now. European demand is weak. So everyone is competing for market share in Asia.新的贸易格局加强了价格的下向压力。OPEC的出口商曾经非正式地瓜分了世界市场,随着尼日利亚和委内瑞拉与美国交易,小海湾国家与日本交易等。但是美国原油进口从2010年的每月30900万桶降至现今23600万每月。欧洲的需求也是疲软。因此市场正在亚洲市场上角逐。Saudi Arabia shocked the rest of OPEC by cutting forward prices for Asian delivery and by increasing oil output slightly in September (by 107,000 barrels), at a time when other exporters wanted it to cut back. The organization is due to meet again in November. But as Kuwaits oil minister remarked recently, “I dont think there is a chance today that [OPEC] countries would reduce their production.” How soon—and how much—lower prices will translate into an increase in global demand, though, is far less certain.沙特阿拉伯 降低了亚洲交付的价格,并在9月增加了少量的原油产量(至107000桶)。此举震惊了OPEC的其他成员国。因此OPEC将在9月再次商谈。但是科威特的石油部长近日称,“我认为OPEC国家并没有削减他们产量的机会。”价格的降低以及其反应速度对全球需求的增长有影响,虽然这未能确定。译者:李美娜 译文属译生译世 /201410/337823上海市长征医院整形美容

上海交通大学医学院附属仁济医院激光除皱手术多少钱His mother Isabella was appointed regent, she and Mortimer now ruled England on Edwards behalf, but a deposed former king was a new dynastic problem.他母亲伊莎贝拉被任命为统治者,她和莫蒂默现在以爱德华的名义统治英国,但被罢免的前国王成为了新王朝的问题。Edward was brought here to Barclay castle, and these are original documents from the castle at that time.爱德华被带到巴克莱城堡,就在这里,这是那个时代城堡里的原始文档。Here we about the delivery of chickens to the kitchen of the kings father which is what Edward now was, and here is a record of his daily expenses, 5 pounds a day, quite a generous amount,我们了解到的送给现在国王父亲厨房肉鸡的数量,还有他的日常开销记录,每天5磅,相当慷慨的数量。And here its a report of a messenger being sent to Nottingham to inform Isabella concerning multi, the death of the kings father.这里还有一份信使送到诺丁汉通知伊莎贝拉关于多国王父亲死讯的报告。The death of Edward II solved Isabella and Mortimers problems, but there were aly questions about how Edward died, and killing a king was an offense against God and the natural order.爱德华二世的死使得伊莎贝拉和莫蒂默的问题迎刃而解,但已经关于爱德华如何死亡的问题渐渐浮出水面,杀君可是对神和自然秩序的亵渎。201411/343476 Were back.Im sitting here with the beautiful and talented Nicole Kidman.我们回来啦 坐在我身边的是美丽有才的妮可·基德曼In the movie ;Paddington;,you are playing a villain.I am.在电影《帕丁顿熊》里 你饰演坏人 是的Which is,and I have to say,I mentioned this earlier in the show,one of my all time favorite movie is ;To die for;.我不得不说 之前在节目里我提到过 我最爱的电影之一是《不惜一切》You play kind of a sociopath I would say in that film.Its such a great depiction.你在电影里扮演的是反社会的人 真是绝妙的演绎Do you like to play an evil or twisted character?你喜欢饰演邪恶或者扭曲的角色吗I mean,when youre at drama school,they always tell you theyre the best roles.在戏剧学校时 他们总会告诉你那些角色最好了So you kind of,I would like to in ;Paddington; have played the bears mommy,because I have little kids and they were mortified that I was playing the villain.在《帕丁顿熊》里我很想要扮演熊的妈妈 因为我有小孩子 他们会因为我演坏人而感到丢脸That must be tough when you have little kids when you say Im in the padding on the bear movie and the say,mommy,what part are you?这一定很难吧 当你有小孩子时 你说我参演了《帕丁顿熊》这部熊熊电影 他们会说 好棒 妈咪 你演谁And you say the one who wants to kill padding on the.你要说 我演的是要杀死帕丁顿熊的那个人I use the words stuff the bear because I play a taxidermist.Any bears national enemy.我用的词是“塞满熊熊” 因为我演的是录制师 熊的天敌就是录制师You did your own stunts in this movie,is that right?这部电影里的特技都是你自己做的Yes,when I first got there,they had me go literally 60 feet up.是的 我一到那 他们就把我吊上了 真的60英尺高They said quick,I go up the plane.They say no,no,its all safe.So they put you in wires and throw you 60 feet into the air?他们说快点 我刚下飞机 他们说没事的 很安全 所以他们用线吊着你 把你扔到了60英尺高的地方Yes,they told me it was safe.I mean,Im still here.是的 他们跟我说那很安全 我还活着No,you never listen.People are always telling me,go ahead and do that and then later when Im on fire,不 你决不能听 人们总跟我说 去吧 就这么做吧 很安全 晚些时候等我着火了I have a discussion with them.You werent scared or anything?我就得和他们谈谈 他们把你弄那么高你不害怕吗No,I was scared,I was really scared but everyone was so cool,about it I was like Ok.So I had to pretend to be cool about it.我很害怕 非常害怕 但大家好像都很镇定 我不得不假装我也很镇定201610/470248上海市第六人民医院东院吸脂手术多少钱上海哪家整形医院好




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