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THE government in Thailand will not be looking forward to June, when America’s State Department releases its annual report on the trafficking of humans. As in recent years, Thailand’s section will make for nasty ing. It will, yet again, prove to be an embarrassment for America’s oldest ally in the region.美国国务院将于6月发布的《年度人口贩运报告》对泰国政府没有寄予太多期待,近几年的报告中泰国形象不佳,作为美国在这一地区最长久的盟友,今年的报告将再次使其难堪。The country likes to think of itself as a civilised and sophisticated society. But according to the State Department, when it comes to problems of illegal immigration and forced labour, Thailand is on a par with Afghanistan, Chad, Iraq and Niger. Thailand sits on the “Tier 2 Watch List”, a notch above the worst of the worst. If it slips down this year, as it might, it will join a rogue’s gallery including Eritrea, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe. If America’s usual procedures were followed, relegation would trigger sanctions against Thailand, including the blocking of relations with the IMF and the World Bank. That almost certainly will not happen—Thailand’s goodwill is too important to America. But that the possibility even exists is extraordinary enough.泰国自诩为文明先进的国度,而在非法移民和强迫劳动问题上,美国国务院认为它和阿富汗、乍得、尼日尔等国可以相提并论。泰国被列入仅略好于最差者的“第二类观察名单”,若今年其排名再次下滑(这有可能),它将被视为同厄里特里亚、苏丹、叙利亚和津巴布韦一样的流氓国家。一般情况下,美国将对降级国家采取制裁措施,包括切断其与国际货币基金组织和世界的关系。不过对于泰国来说这几乎不会发生,因为泰国的声誉对美国至关重要。但存在这种可能性就足以引起重视。The Thai government has long overlooked abuses. About 2m legal immigrants and perhaps as many illegal ones keep several labour-intensive parts of the Thai economy afloat. Most of the immigrants are from neighbouring Myanmar; others are from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and further afield. Undocumented workers are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Smuggled into the country by unscrupulous brokers, they are sold into factory and other low-end jobs in ways that can amount to debt bondage.泰国政府长期以来对虐待工人现象熟视无睹。约200万合法移民及数量相等的非法移民撑起泰国经济的劳动密集型产业。他们大多来自邻国缅甸,还有的来自孟加拉国、柬埔寨、老挝、菲律宾和其他更远的国家。无工人极易受到剥削,他们被无良蛇头贩进国内,然后被卖到工厂从事低级劳动,沦为债奴。The shrimp industry has come under particular scrutiny. It is worth about billion a year to the Thai economy. In the cavernous shrimp-peeling sheds in Samut Sakhon province south of Bangkok, observers have documented instances of workers suffering physical abuse, remaining unpaid and having their papers confiscated. In last year’s report on human trafficking, the State Department asserted that in Samut Sakhon, nearly three-fifths of workers “experience conditions of forced labour”.每年为泰国经济贡献约10亿美元的养虾业已受到特别调查。在曼谷南部龙仔厝府空荡的剥虾大棚中,调查员记录下一宗宗案例:工人们遭受肢体虐待,被拖欠工资,件被扣。在去年的人口贩运报告中美国国务院称龙仔厝府近五分之三的工人有“被强迫劳动的经历”。At sea, in the shrimping fleets, it is even worse. Sompong Srakaew of the Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation, an NGO, says that young Burmese often need to work for six months in order to pay off a bond to the broker who smuggled them in. Some are forced to stay at sea for several years. When the ships put into port, brokers patrol the quays to ensure that crews stay on the boats, out of sight of the authorities. A UN survey found that of 49 migrant fishermen interviewed, 29 said that they had witnessed skippers murdering crewmen when they were too weak or sick to work.海上捕虾船的情况更糟。非政府组织“劳工权利保护网络基金会”的颂蓬沙卡说,年轻的缅甸人往往需要工作6个月来付偷渡费给蛇头,一些人被迫留在海上呆好几年。渔船进港时,蛇头在码头上严密巡逻,确保船员们都留在船上以避开警察的视线。在联合国对49名外来渔民所做的一项调查中,29人说他们亲眼目睹了船长杀害体弱或生病而丧失劳动能力的船员。Unsurprisingly, such reports prick the conscience of American consumers. A backlash in the ed States has grown against Thai seafood products. In September one large seafood importer and distributor, Mazzetta, suspended its dealings with a supplier, Thai Royal, after a film exposed working conditions at one of its factories. Consumer boycotts in America, however, appear not to be hurting the shrimp industry much. Action taken by the American government would hurt much more.毫无疑问,这样的报告激起了美国消费者的义愤,针对泰国海鲜产品的制裁行动已经展开。9月一部电影揭露了供应商“泰国皇家渔业公司”一处工厂的工作状况,之后美国一家大型海鲜进口和分销商“玛兹塔”暂停了和它的贸易。不过美国消费者的抵制对泰国养虾业的冲击似乎有限,美国政府的行动才会对其产生重大影响。Thai officialdom is complicit in labour abuses. At the top, Thai ministers pay too little attention to the problem. Further down, policemen, immigration officials and others collude with brokers and factory owners. It creates what the State Department calls an “enabling environment” for human trafficking.泰国的官僚体系是虐工共犯。在上层,泰国的部长们对此关注极少,下面的警察、移民局官员等人与蛇头和工厂老板沆瀣一气。美国国务院称这些现象为人口贩运创造了“有利环境”。A Thai law against human trafficking, passed in 2008, is clear enough. But it is too often ignored by those who are meant to enforce it. The discrepancy between the volume of trafficking that is believed to be going on and the rates of arrest by the Thai police is startling. In 2011, for instance, the marine police did not report a single case of forced labour in all its inspections of fishing vessels heading out to sea. Neither did they find any cases to report during more than 1,000 inspections of fishing boats beyond coastal waters. The vessel owners, like some factory owners, are presumably being tipped off.2008年泰国通过的一项打击贩运人口的法律极为详尽,但执法者却经常对它置若罔闻。实际贩卖情况和警方逮捕人数之间的差距令人吃惊。例如,2011年海警在对出港渔船的检查中没有报告一例强迫劳动的情况,对沿海水域作业的渔船的1000余次检查中也没有发现并报告任何情况。据推测,船主和那些工厂老板一样事先便已得到消息。At the end of last year the government introduced a new attempt to crack down on trafficking. It insisted that every illegal immigrant should now get temporary papers and be properly registered, or face deportation. In theory, giving workers more legal protection from dodgy employers is a good idea. In practice, it has merely created new opportunities for graft. A passport and its attendant visa, work permit and other papers is expensive enough, costing the equivalent of over 0. But Maung Toe of the Migrant Justice Programme, which helps Burmese seafood workers in Mahachai, the town with the largest Burmese population in Thailand, reports that some are being hoodwinked into parting with five times that amount.去年年底政府采取了新的措施打击人口贩卖。政府要求每一个非法移民必须获得临时件并按规定进行注册,否则将被驱逐出境。从理论上讲,在黑心的雇主手下做工的工人得到更多的法律保护是个不错的主意,可事实上这仅仅是为贪污腐败制造了新的机会。办理护照和随后的签、工作许可等其他件非常昂贵,花费超过100美元。但“移民公正项目处”的貌都说,一些人被骗付了5倍的价钱。“移民公正项目处”旨在为泰国境内最大的缅甸社区玛哈猜的缅甸工人提供帮助。At that price, some workers will choose to remain in the shadows. Nonetheless, so bad is the exploitation of illegal workers that most of them now seem to be registering for the new papers. One incentive for them to do so is that they are more likely to get paid a new national minimum wage, of a day. The government says 1.2m people have registered, and it has extended the deadline to March 16th. Maung Toe reckons that conditions will improve for the newly legal migrants, “but not by much”. Maybe, though, just enough to save the government’s blushes?这样的价格使一些工人选择继续保持沉默。不过目前看来对非法工人的严酷剥削还是使大多数人开始注册新的件,原因之一是这样他们会更容易获得每天10美元的新的全国最低工资标准。政府称已有120万人注册,并将截止日期延后至3月16日。貌都估计新的合法移民的状况将会有所改善,“但毕竟有限”。不过,如果说目的仅仅是为政府遮羞,是不是已经足够了呢? /201303/229703

Lemon and polenta cake柠檬粟米蛋糕6oz/175g unsalted butter, softened175克无盐黄油,室温下放软8oz/225g caster sugar225克糖霜7oz/200g ground almonds200克杏仁粉3 large eggs三枚大鸡蛋Zest of 4 whole lemons and juice of 14个柠檬的皮,切碎;一个柠檬的汁4oz/115g polenta115克粟米粉/玉米粉1 tsp baking powder一茶匙泡打粉(发酵用)Pinch of salt一小辍盐* Preheat the oven to 325F/160C/gas mark 3. Line an 8; (20cm) tin with baking parchment.预热烤箱至160摄氏度,将烤箱纸铺在一个8寸的蛋糕模具上。* Put all the ingredients in a food processor and whizz to a smooth batter.将所有材料混合搅匀。* Spoon into the lined tin and bake for 45-50 minutes, until a skewer pushed into the centre comes out with no uncooked batter on it. Cool in the tin.将混合物倒入模具,烘烤45-50分钟。最后可以用叉子伸入蛋糕中间试探,如果没有湿湿的、没烤熟的部分,就好了。然后等它在模具中冷却,就可以开动啦! /201211/211628




  We#39;ve all been there – nature unexpectedly calls when you are in the great outdoors and you quickly take a discreet pee.我们都曾有过这种经历-参加大型户外活动时突然内急,只好偷偷找个地方小便。A man in Ohio was apparently caught in this very predicament today and promptly relieved himself.奥巴马今天在俄亥俄州举行演讲时,有人显然就遇到了这种窘况,但他迅速地找了个地方小便。However, the gentleman in question was a Secret Service agent in charge of protecting the POTUS and seemingly took a leak in full view of Barack Obama and his hundreds of supporters, who were just yards away.此人恰恰是负责保护总统安全的一名特工,但他看似是在奥巴马及其数百名持者眼皮底下小便,当时人们就在几码开外。The Secret Service employee, who was standing to the side of the stage where Obama was addressing his Cincinnati fans, was snapped seemingly mid-flow by a photographer from Politico.当时奥巴马正在辛辛那提对持者演讲,而这名特工站在演讲台一侧的不远处。《政治家》杂志的一名摄影师拍到他看似在小便。Unsurprisingly, as soon as the photograph was posted to Twitter it became a sensation. Some commentators cheekily suggested that the man was especially foolish for peeing uphill.这张照片刚刚上传到推特,自然就引发了轰动。一些者认为,这名特工在山坡上小便简直是愚蠢。The Secret Service confirmed that the man was their employee and swiftly added that he was not urinating.美国特勤局实此人确实是负责总统安保工作的特工,但很快补充说他不是在小便。The agency claimed that their employee was simply following protocol and was facing away from the President to look out for any threats that may be headed his way.特勤局称,这名特工当时只是按照规定背朝奥巴马,查看面对的方向是否有威胁。Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan told Politico: #39;There is no accuracy to the reporting associated with this photo thus far.#39;特勤局发言人爱德温-杜诺文告诉《政治家》杂志说:“目前对这张照片的报道全是胡扯。”Judging from the photo at the centre of the storm, the agent could have convincingly claimed that he was texting or playing a game of Angry Birds when the incriminating picture was taken.从这张照片来看,这名特工本就可以说拍照时自己正在发短信,或者在玩儿“愤怒的小鸟”。The embarrassing incident happened while Obama continued his campaign in the swing state of Ohio.当时奥巴马总统正在摇摆州俄亥俄州继续他的竞选活动。 /201209/200839

  They may forget anniversaries and buy last minute Valentine’s gifts from petrol stations, but men are, apparently, more romantic than women.他们可能会忘记结婚纪念日,或者到最后一刻才在加油站买情人节礼物,但是男人显然比女人更加浪漫。A survey found that while 48 percent have fallen in love at first sight, a mere 28 percent of women could claim the same.一项调查发现,48%的男性曾一见钟情,而自称有过一见钟情经历的女性只有28%。The research, published in new book The Normal Bar, questioned 10,000 people worldwide about their attitude towards love and relationships.发表在新书《The Normal Bar》中的这一调查询问了全球1万名男女对爱情和感情关系的态度。Using data collected from their online survey, the book aims to dispel the myths surrounding sexuality and relationships, shed light on what a real 21st century relationship entails and help make your own relationship more satisfying.这本书采用了从在线调查收集来的数据,目的是揭开蒙在性爱和感情关系上的神秘面纱。该书揭示了21世纪感情关系的真面目,对提高人们感情生活的满意度也有帮助。The survey, which is ongoing, contains 1,300 questions and touches on everything from sex to the most attractive physical features to personality traits a prospective partner looks for, the Washington Post reported.据《华盛顿邮报》报道,这项仍在进行中的调查包含了1300个问题,涉及从性到最吸引人的身体特征再到潜在伴侣寻求的个人特质等方方面面。Other interesting figures from the survey included the finding that only 74 percent of people are happy in their relationship and 66 percent of those questioned believe their partner is their soulmate.调查还发现了其他一些有趣的数据,例如只有74%的人对自己和恋人的关系感到满意,66%的被调查者认为他们的另一半是自己的灵魂伴侣。But perhaps the most interesting - albeit worrying - discovery was that having sex without emotional ties outside a relationship was not technically regarded as an affair by many.但也许最有趣的——尽管也是令人担忧的——发现是:许多人认为和伴侣之外的其他人发生的没有感情的性行为严格来讲并不叫外遇。While only 15 percent of those asked admitted to having had an affair, the number confessing to being unfaithful shot up dramatically when the question was phrased as ‘sex outside your current relationship’.只有15%的受访者承认自己有过外遇,但当这一问题改了个说法,变成“你现在的感情关系之外的性行为”时,承认自己不忠的人数量急剧增加。A third of men and 19 percent of women then said they had indulged in extra-marital relations.在回答这一问题时,三分之一的男性和19%的女性表示自己曾有过婚外情。The books goes on to explain that for many, the secret to a happy relationship includes having regular date nights, using pet names, holding hands, passionate kissing, back rubs and frequently saying #39;I love you#39;.这本书解释道,对于许多人而言,快乐恋情的秘诀包括有定期的约会之夜、使用昵称、手牵手、热吻、互相搓背、经常说“我爱你”。But the most important factor that almost everyone surveyed agreed on, was communication.但是几乎每个被调查者都认同的最重要的因素是沟通。In unhappy relationships, a lack of communication was cited as the number one reason for it breaking down.在不快乐的感情关系中,缺少沟通被认为是恋情失败的第一大原因。 /201304/236553


  After friends of mine landed at busy Newwark Airport, they were unable to attract the attention of any porters to help with their luggage. In desperation, the husband took out a five-dollar bill and waved it above the crowd. In an instant, a skycap was at his side. Sir, observed the porter, you certainly have excellent communication skills.我的朋友们在繁忙的纽瓦克机场着陆后,他们却不能招呼到脚夫来帮他们搬行李。无奈,丈夫拿出一张五美元的钞票在人群上面摇晃。 一个带宽边帽的人马上来到他身边。“先生,”脚夫说道,“很明显你有绝妙的交际技巧。” /201304/234110。




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