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上海市闵行区中医医院瘦腿针多少钱浦东新区南汇中心医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格费用The ground here is permafrost, a mixture of soil and ice frozen together. A group of Russian scientists have teamed up with NASA to drill down into it in search of microorganisms. It's work that's been done in Russia for years. People found the microorganisms in permafrost in the end of 19th century. It was done especially in Russia when people found mammoths. Back then it was the mammoths they were after. But David Gilichinsky's team have now drilled so deep that they've reached permafrost that was laid down millions of years ago. The frozen cores were taken back to their laboratory. Samples were taken from the centre of the core. Then they looked for signs of life. They discovered that bacteria can survive in the permafrost for far longer than anyone had thought possible. They found bacteria which may turn out to have been at minus twenty degrees for more than ten million years. We have some data, but we are not sure 100%. But probably we have now isolated bacteria from Antarctic permafrost. It's between 8 and 15 million years old. Bacteria have been buried alive here in frozen ground since before the beginning of human evolution. If life can survive in Antarctica for 15 million years, then something could be waiting to be revived on Mars. These discoveries put new urgency in the quest to find water on Mars. There was now a real possibility that they might find something alive. So authorisation came from the very top: send more missions to Mars. NASA launched several probes with the express purpose of mapping the composition of the Martian surface.permafrost: Perennially frozen earth, with a temperature below 32 °F (0 °C) continuously for two years or more. Permafrost is estimated to underlie 20% of the Earth's land surface and reaches depths of 5,000 ft (1,500 m) in northern Siberia. It occurs in 85% of Alaska, more than half of Russia and Canada, and probably all of Antarctica. Permafrost has a significant effect on plant and animal life, and it presents special problems in engineering projects. All land use in permafrost environments must take into account the terrain's special sensitivity; if the delicate natural balance is not maintained, extensive degradation and ecological damage may resulthuman revolution:Evolution of modern human beings from nonhuman and extinct hominid forms200809/48547上海玫瑰改脸型手术需要多少钱 Oil Prices Rebound After OPEC Announces Production Cuts欧佩克拟减产 油价起落因投机?   Oil prices began bouncing back Wednesday after members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed to a modest production cut of 500,000 barrels a day, during a meeting in Vienna. 石油输出国组织欧佩克星期三在维也纳举行的会议上决定把原油日产量减少52万桶。与此同时,一个独立机构的研究报告显示,造成石油价格大起大落的主要因素是投机行为,而不是供求关系。In a marathon meeting lasting until early Wednesday, ministers from OPEC's 13 member states agreed to produce a limit of 28.8 million barrels a day. At a news conference, OPEC President Chakib Khelil translated that limit into real terms. 欧佩克的这次马拉松式会议直到星期三凌晨才结束,与会的13位石油部长们最后总算同意小幅减产,把日产量限制在2880万桶。欧佩克轮值主席、阿尔及利亚能源和矿业部长哈利勒(Chakib Khelil)在记者会上说:"I think, if you do your own calculation, probably it will be a lowering of production by about 520,000 barrels," he said." “我想,假如你们自己计算一下,这相当于每天减产大约52万桶。”Khelil says the decision takes effect immediately, with a 40-day time frame for it to be implemented. To a certain extent, it comes as a surprise. Earlier indications suggested members might hold production steady, despite plummeting oil prices in recent months, partly because of a restrengthening dollar and tough economic times. They fell below 0 a barrel, Tuesday, for the first time since April. 哈利勒表示,这个减产决定立即生效,并且要在40天内贯彻执行。从某种程度上讲,这个决定有些出人意料。早先有迹象显示,欧佩克成员国可能会保持产量不变。石油价格最近几个月来有所下降,主要由于美元止跌反弹,全球经济发展普遍减缓。而且这个星期,石油价格一度下跌到每桶一百美元以下,那是今年四月以来的头一次。Khelil suggests that trend might continue, despite OPEC's production cut. 哈利勒认为,尽管欧佩克决定减产,但是油价恐怕会继续下滑。"My hunch is probably the price will still be going down, despite the decisions that we're making," Khelil said. "So, I don't think this will affect the consumers in any way because, first of all, there is an over supply, everybody agrees with that." “我觉得油价仍会下跌,虽然我们做出了减产的决定。所以,我认为我们的决定不会对消费者产生任何影响,因为,无论如何,石油市场现在是供应过剩,每个人都认同这一点。”Analysts are divided over whether prices will continue to fall. Some suggest that more storms such as those that have battered the Caribbean and the ed States could cause prices to rise. 然而分析人士对于油价是否会继续下跌存在分歧。有些专家认为,如果出现更多类似袭击了加勒比海和美国的飓风或热带风暴,油价恐怕还会再次攀升。200809/48211奉贤区奉城医院祛疤手术价格费用

上海附属医院治疗青春痘多少钱Ministerial-Level Korea Nuclear Talks Set for Singapore六方会谈下周将举行部长级会议  The State Department said Friday all six parties to the talks on North Korea's nuclear program will convene at the ministerial level for the first time next week in Singapore. The meeting will bring together Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her North Korean counterpart, Pak Ui Chun. 美国国务院星期五表示,参加北韩核项目问题六方会谈的各方将于下星期在新加坡首次举行部长级会议。美国国务卿赖斯和北韩外务相朴义春都将出席。The six-party meeting, on the sidelines of an ASEAN foreign ministers dialogue in Singapore, is being described here as an informal gathering. But it will nonetheless be a significant milestone in the Chinese-organized nuclear negotiations, which have been underway since 2003. 这次六方部长级会议将在东南亚国家联盟外长在新加坡举行论坛期间召开,被称为一次非正式会议。不过,在由中国主持的北韩核项目问题六方会谈中,这次会议仍然是一个重要的里程碑。北韩核项目问题六方会谈从2003年开始举行。North Korea agreed in principle in 2005 to give up its nuclear program in exchange for energy aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties to the talks - the ed States, Japan, Russia, South Korea and host China. 北韩2005年原则上同意放弃核项目,以换取从参加会谈的其它各方得到能源援助和外交好处,这些国家是美国、日本、俄罗斯、韩国和东道国中国。A detailed agreement was completed last year, and the process gained momentum in late June when North Korea issued a promised declaration of its nuclear activities, and the ed States begun the process of lifting sanctions against the reclusive communist state. 各方去年完成了一份协议。北韩今年6月底申报先前保过的北韩核项目活动清单,美国启动了开始解除对这个与世隔绝的共产党国家的制裁的程序,使销毁北韩核项目的工作出现强劲的势头。Briefing reporters, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the ministerial-level gathering will be a useful follow-on to a heads-of-delegation meeting held earlier this month in Beijing. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克在向记者介绍情况时说,这次部长级会议是这个月初北京六方会谈团长会议的继续,非常有帮助。McCormack said the ministerial talks would be loosely structured and unlikely to produce any specific outcome. But, he said, the talks would be important in that in the wake of the North Korean declaration, the ministers will begin to chart the final phase of the process yielding a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. 麦科马克说,这次部长级会议的安排比较松散,不大可能产生具体结果。不过他表示,这次会议的重要性在于,在北韩申报核项目活动清单之后,各方部长将开始为朝鲜半岛无核化进程的最后阶段制定计划。"We have made progress up to this point, all the parties," said McCormack. "North Korea has made progress on fulfilling its commitments. We are doing so ourselves, as are the other parties to the six-party talks. And once we complete phase two, we are going to be moving to a crucial phase, phase three, and that phase ends with the de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula. There are no interim steps, and that means North Korea being completely out of the nuclear business." 麦科马克说:“到目前为止,参加六方会谈的各方都取得了进展。北韩在履行承诺方面取得了进展。我们自己也在取得进展,六方会谈其它各方都在取得进展。一旦我们完成第二阶段,我们就要进入关键的阶段,就是第三阶段,这个阶段最终要实现朝鲜半岛无核化。没有什么过渡性阶段,也就是说,北韩要彻底放弃核项目。”McCormack said there was no current plan for Rice to meet separately with her North Korean counterpart but he expects them to interact fully in the six-way session.  麦科马克说,赖斯目前没有单独会晤北韩外相的计划,不过他预计双方在六方部长会议上会充分互动。The agreement reached last year anticipates a formal ministerial level conference and McCormack said such a meeting will still be held, and that the Singapore discussion is not a substitute for it. 去年达成的协议预定要召开一次正式的部长级会议。麦科马克说,这个会议仍然会举行,在新加坡的这次会议不会取代正式的部长级会议。Rice is scheduled to be in Singapore next Wednesday and Thursday, on a foreign tour that takes her first to Abu Dhabi early next week for informal meetings with Gulf foreign ministers. 赖斯计划利用出访时间于下星期三和星期四到新加坡。在这次出国访问期间,她将首先于下星期早些时候到阿拉伯联合酋长国的阿布扎比出席海湾国家外长非正式会议。After the ASEAN-related meetings in Singapore, she visits Australia and New Zealand and attends a meeting of Pacific island leaders in Samoa. 赖斯在新加坡出现与东盟有关的会议之后,将访问澳大利亚和新西兰,并且到萨亚出席一个太平洋岛国领导人会议。200807/44329上海玫瑰整形美容疤痕多少钱 20-year-old Danielle Evans is proof that dreams really come true. Come on in here, Danielle. This Arkansas native beat out some pretty stiff competition to become America's Next Top Model. And before she hits the runway, she's stopped by our buzzer. How are you and congratulations! Thank you. I'm great, I mean, I'm the new face of CoverGirl. What can I say, my life has completely changed. Just amazing.Now, you were watching the past 5 seasons before you ever(Right.) got on this show.(Right.) Did you ever imagine that this would be you? And you've overcome some pretty amazing obstacles. You were dehydrated, you were sick in Thailand; you've changed your look a little bit. Tell us what Tyra has done for you. Um, Tyra has done a lot for me. She's like a mentor to me, you know, she's giving me advice personally as well as, you know, modeling advice and I mean the experience was amazing. NO, I never thought in a million years, I would be standing here talking with you, you know, being the winner of America's Next Top Model, but it is great. Now you had a thick Arkansas beautiful southern drawl. That's changed. Tell me about that. You guys had a pretty heated discussion over that and, and your teeth. Yeah, Talk us, talk to us about that.Well, I'm from the south, and I'll never change who I am, I'll never deny my roots. I'll always be from the south, but I realize that to be in this industry you have to know when to turn it on and when to turn it off.(Danielle, I love you!) You know, so, it's all about compromise. Um, I didn't close the gap all the way. I still have some other which is my signature trademark, so, you know.You look beautiful (Thank you), congratulations, a 100,000-dollar contract with CoverGirl, a Ford model, you are gonna be in Elle magazine. 200809/49058宝山区人民中医院丰胸价格费用

上海玫瑰整形美容医院眼周细纹怎么样ADB Predicts Slowdown in Growth, Sharp Rise in Inflation for Asia亚行预测亚洲国际经济增长将放缓The Asian Development Bank predicts that developing economies in Asia will see slower growth and rising inflation in the coming year. The bank says high oil and food prices and a prolonged slowdown in industrial countries are casting a shadow on the economic outlook. 亚洲开发预测,今后一年,亚洲发展中国家经济增长速度将放缓,通货膨胀率将升高。亚行说,高企的石油价格和食品价格以及工业化国家经济持续低迷,为亚洲经济前景蒙上了一层阴影。The Asian Development Bank says risks to Asian economies are much higher today than it had predicted in its annual outlook in April. Ifzal Ali, the ADB's chief economist, says one of the biggest risks arises from uncertainties about how long the financial crisis in the ed States will last. 亚洲开发说,和今年4月发布的年度经济前景预测相比,亚洲经济现在面临的风险要高得多。亚行首席经济学家伊夫扎勒.阿里指出,最大的风险之一来自于人们不能确定美国的金融危机会持续多长时间。Speaking in Hong Kong on Tuesday, he said the turmoil on Wall Street in the past two days has added to the uncertainty. 阿里星期二在香港发表谈话时说,华尔街过去两天来的动荡更强化了这种不确定因素。"And higher levels of uncertainty means greater volatility and this will of course impact on levels of both business confidence and consumer confidence," said Ali.  阿里说:“更大的不确定性意味着更大的动荡,这当然会对企业和消费者的信心产生影响。”Stock markets around the world have tumbled since the news late Sunday that the U.S. investment company Lehman Brothers would file for bankruptcy and that other financial firms faced massive problems. The ADB says growth across developing Asia will slow to 7.5 percent this year and 7.2 percent next year - down from a record nine percent rate in 2007. Inflation is predicted to reach 7.8 percent in the region this year.  亚洲开发说,亚洲发展中国家的经济增长今年会放缓到7.5%,明年为7.2%,都低于2007年创记录的9%。亚洲地区通货膨胀预计今年将达到7.8% 。The outlook is clouded by persistently high oil and food prices. The non-profit lender forecasts that the recent drop in oil prices will be short lived and that prices generally will remain above 0 a barrel until at least 2020. And even though prices of food staples such as rice have fallen to more sustainable levels in recent months, the ADB says the problem is far from over as demand grows and supplies remain tight. 经济前景受到持续走高的石油和食品价格的影响。亚行预测说,最近石油价格的下跌只是临时性的, 至少在2020年之前,石油价格会保持在每桶100美元以上。虽然主要粮食价格如大米价格最近几个月已经下降到一个可以维持的水平,但是亚行说,问题还远远没有的到解决,因为需求还在增加,供给仍然紧张。The situation is made worse by economic downturns in the ed States and Europe, the main buyers of Asian goods. Most exports from the region are doing badly - be it garments, toys or computers.  美国和欧洲经济的下滑使亚洲地区的形势更加严峻,因为美欧是亚洲产品的主要购买方。不论是装、玩具还是电脑,亚洲多数出口商业绩不佳。For years, many international investors bet that robust growth in Asian economies would shelter them from weakness in the U.S. and Europe. Ali says that gamble has not paid off. 多年来,很多国际投资者都将赌注下在增长强劲的亚洲经济上,期盼以此来免受美欧经济疲软的影响。但分析人士阿里说,这笔赌注还没见收效。"What happens in New York and London spills over into Asia within hours," he said. "One point that I would like to make loud and clear: the myth of decoupling has been exploded in the last eight months!" 他说:“纽约和伦敦的混乱几个小时就影响到了亚洲。有一点我要大声讲清楚:过去8个月来那种(可以与美欧经济)分离的迷思已经破裂了!”Ali says there are a number of short-term policies governments in the region need to implement to ride out the storm. They include bringing inflation to heel and phasing out unsustainable subsidies for fuel, fertilizer and food. He says developing countries in Asia need to sacrifice growth now to avoid entrenched inflation. 阿里说,亚洲国家政府可以采取一些短期政策来度过这场风暴。这些政策包括抑制通货膨胀,逐步取消对石油、化肥和食品的补贴。他说,亚洲发展中国家需要牺牲发展进度,防止陷入通货膨胀。200809/48955 Bush Sets New Targets for Curbing Growth in Gas Emissions布什:努力遏制温室气体排放增长 President Bush says the ed States will strive to stop the growth of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. The pledge came as representatives of 17 countries headed to Paris for talks on climate change. 布什总统说,美国将在2025年之前努力遏制温室气体排放的增长。布什总统在17个国家的代表前往巴黎就气候变化问题举行磋商之际做出上述承诺。 President Bush says the ed States is aly on a path to reduce the growth of greenhouse gases by 2012. He says it is time to set an even more ambitious target. 布什总统说,美国已经走上在2012年前减少温室气体增长的道路。他说,现在是设定一个更加大胆目标的时候了。"We have shown that we can slow emissions growth," he said. "Today I am announcing a new national goal: to stop the growth of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025." 他说:“我们已经展现出我们能放慢排放量的增长。现在我宣布一个新的全国目标,在2025年之前遏制温室气体排放的增长。”He says the goal can be met through a mix of incentives and development of new, cleaner energy technology. He says power plants must lead the way. 他说,通过刺激手段以及发展新型、清洁能源技术能够使这个目标得以实现。他说,发电厂必须要做出表率。"To reach our 2025 goal, we will need to more rapidly slow the growth of power sector greenhouse gas emissions so they peak within 10 to 15 years and decline thereafter," said Mr. Bush. 他说:“为了达到2025年的目标,我们必须要加快减慢发电行业温室气体排放的增长,让发电行业在10到15年内达到排放峰值后开始下降。”In a speech from the White House, the president did not offer a detailed formula to cut dangerous emissions, which scientists say trap heat from the sun leading to gradually rising temperatures on Earth. He said a specific plan of action to meet the new targets will need to be worked out in consultation with the U.S. Congress and private industry. 布什总统在白宫讲这番话时并没有详细阐明减少危险的二氧化碳排放的计划。科学家们说,温室气体挡住太阳释放出的热量,导致地球气温逐渐上升。他说,在跟美国国会和私营企业进行磋商后,将制定出一个实现新目标的具体行动计划。Negotiations with U.S. lawmakers are likely to be tough. Congress is leaning toward mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions, an approach the president rejects. 不过,布什政府同美国国会的磋商可能会相当艰巨。国会倾向于强制设定温室气体排放的最高限额。但布什总统对此表示反对。"Bad legislation would impose tremendous cost on our economy and on American families without accomplishing the important climate change goals we share," he said. 他说:“不好的法律将给我们的经济和美国家庭造成巨大费用,但却实现不了我们分享的重要气候变化的目标。”White House officials defend the decision to revise the administration's climate change policy with only eight months to go in Mr. Bush's term. They note Congress is about to start work on new legislation dealing with the environment. And they stress the 17 leading industrialized countries taking part in the Paris negotiations this week hope to have an agreement by the end of next year, meaning the groundwork must be laid now.  白宫官员为布什政府修改气候变化政策的决定进行辩护。布什的任期现在仅剩下8个月的时间。白宫官员说,国会将着手制定应对环境的新法律。他们强调,本星期出席巴黎磋商的17个主要工业化国家希望在明年底之前达成一项协议,这就是说,现在必须要为将来的协议打下基础。The president's proposals fall far below European goals to reduce emissions. 布什总统的建议远低于欧盟减少排放量的目标。And environmental activists say the position taken by the president amounts to too little, too late. Senator Barbara Boxer, the Democrat who chairs the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, calls his approach the height of irresponsibility.  环境活动人士说,布什总统提出的减排目标太小、太晚。参议院环境和公共工程委员会主席芭芭拉.克瑟认为,布什政策不负责任到了极点。But Mr. Bush defends it as realistic.  但是布什却认为他的方案非常务实。"If we fully implement our strong laws, adhere to the principles I've outlined, and adopt appropriate incentives, we will put America on an ambitious new track for greenhouse gas reductions," he said. 他说:“如果我们全面贯彻我们强大的法律,信守我规划的原则,并采取适当的刺激手段,我们将让美国走上一个大胆的温室气体减少的新轨道。”The president warns climate change is a global problem, and U.S. action alone is not enough. He says other countries must come up with their own goals for cutting greenhouse gases. 布什总统警告说,气候变化是个全球性的问题,仅靠美国的行动是不够的。他说,其它国家必须拿出他们减少温室气体的目标来。The Paris talks on Thursday and Friday will address possible steps to protect the planet after the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. 星期四和星期五在巴黎举行的磋商将讨论在京都议定书2012年期满之后采取什么可行的措施保护我们的地球。The ed States is the only major industrialized country that did not ratify the protocol, although it emits more greenhouse gases than any other country. 美国是唯一一个没有签署京都议定书的发达国家,尽管美国的温室气体排放量比任何其它国家都多。 200804/35462上海长海医院打美白针多少钱上海中医药大学附属曙光医院东院治疗腋臭多少钱



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