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上海市第一人民医院宝山分院整形中心上海市闵行区中医医院做双眼皮多少钱Nadal makes history 纳达尔创造历史 CNN's Mark McKay has a recap of the men's final at Wimbledon and the latest news from the Tour De France.The new men's tennis rankings are out. And Raphael Nadal has a surprise surprise close the gap on world No. 1 Roger Federer. 545 points now separate the two men. The Spaniard could end the Swiss star's stay at the top place Federer has been since February 2004, before the end of this season. Of course Nadal's epic victory Sunday in the gentlemen's singles final at Wimbledon was what scent his start. Sorry if you haven't heard by now and I am surprised you haven't. The Mallorcan won his first crown of the All England Club and halted Federer's run to five consecutive titles in the process. This match went to distance all five sets and went into the record books as the longest men's championship match in the history of Wimbledon. Doctors have advised Nadal now to take a few days' rest. He has a sore knee. He won't be playing in this week's Mercedes Cup in Germany. Raphael, meanwhile, will reflect on winning Wimbledon. I would love to win here. I mean you know, Hum, today was my first, my third final. And I just focused all the time, and believing the victory all the time, and that's that's what I think. Do you think this will change your life because it's like some piece of history, you know, first Spanish person for 42 years. Well, this, piece of history, yes, because we didn't win for the last 42 years. You know, but that doesn't kind of change my life, for sure not. Are you the best player in the world right now? No, I did very well for the last couple of months though. For the last few months, I've played better than Roger. But I am still No. 2. How was it during the rain delays, how tough was it to keep concentrated? And how did the first one affect you because it seemed that when you guys came back on court, Rorger managed to get the upper hands? Well, he played very well every time. You know, so I didn't know. I just accepted, we know that the rain's gonna, the rain's gonna be there. Then I just, what's to say, was called my rethink. On the cycling, protesters made their presence known Monday at the Tour de France. Four riders taking part in the 129-kilometer third stage were stopped by the group whose members were waving banners about thirty kilometers from the finish line in Nantes. An intervention by none other than the Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme apparently walked to wonders the protestors were soon hustled away from the cyclists.参考中文翻译:最新男子网球世界排名出炉。Raphael Nadal拉近与世界第一Roger Federer的距离。545分是两人之间的分界线。这位西班牙选手有可以在本赛季结束之前终止Federer从2004年2月以来世界第一的位置。当然Nadal周日在温布尔登男子单打决赛中历史性的胜利预演了这种可能性。如果你没有听说过他的话很遗憾,而且我会很惊讶你居然没有听说过他。这位纳达尔人赢得了全英格兰俱乐部的第一顶桂冠,阻碍了Federer争夺五连冠的进程。这场比赛远远超过所有的5场比赛,是温布尔登男子比赛历史上最长时间记录。建议Nadal休息几天,因为他患有膝关节痛,不能参加本周在德国举行的梅赛德斯杯比赛。同时,Raphael将对应的温布尔登比赛作出反应。我很高兴能够赢得本次比赛。我的意思是,你知道,今天是我参加决赛的第三场。我一直都集中精力,一直相信能够胜利,这就是我所想的。从某种意义上来说,这也创造了一项历史,你知道,42年来第一个西班牙人,你认为这会改变你的生活吗?哦,这是一个历史,因为过去42年来我们西班牙人都没有赢得过比赛。你知道,但是这不会改变我的生活,确定不会。你现在是世界上最好的网球运动员吗?不,然而在过去的两个月里我竭尽全力。过去的几个月里,我比Roger表现好。但是我仍然排在第二位。在下雨的时候情况怎么样呢?在那么恶劣的环境下你是怎么集中精力的呢?第一场比赛对你有什么影响呢?因为你们回到场上的时候,Rorger似乎占了上风?他每次都打的很好,你知道,所以我不清楚。我只是接受现实,我们知道雨会一直下,我们无法改变。那么应该怎么说呢,那唤起了我对形势的重新思考。在自行车比赛中,抗议者周一出现在Tour de France。该组织的成员在距离终点30千米的法国南部城市南特挥舞旗帜。这次阻挠是由Tour de France的主任Christian Prudhomme造成的。不久抗议者就慌乱的弃自行车运动员而去。 200812/57870金山妙桃隆胸假体多少钱 Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man who admits to killing 77 people last month, allegedly contributed to a range of online neo-Nazi, nationalist and anti-Islam forums. Now the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency, Europol, is launching a special investigation into non-Islamist extremism in Scandinavia.承认上个月杀死77人的挪威男子布雷维克据称在互联网上的一些新纳粹、民族主义和反伊斯兰论坛发表言论。现在,欧盟的刑事情报机构欧洲刑警组织正在对北欧的非伊斯兰极端组织进行一次特别调查。Ideas sping through InternetReginald Peters runs the online blog of the anti-Islam group, the English Defence League, and posts on its forums.雷金纳德.彼得斯在网上开了一个反伊斯兰组织的客,名叫捍卫英语联盟,并且在这个论坛上发表文章。He says the Internet is a good way to sp his ideas. "We no longer really communicate by letter, by concrete mail as such. So this is the only way for people to communicate with other people who agree with them or if they don’t agree with them," Peters said.他说,互联网是传播他的思想的一种良好的途径。他说:“我们不再通过写信,通过有形的邮件进行联系。因此,互联网是人们相互交流的唯一方式,无论他们是否同意对方的观点都是如此。”The English Defence League stages street protests against what it calls the Islamification of Britain.“捍卫英语联盟”发起街头抗议活动,反对它所称的英国的伊斯兰化。It has been in the spotlight since Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik claimed to have links with the group, which it denies.自从挪威的布雷维克声称他与这个组织有联系以来,捍卫英语联盟就成为公众注意的中心。不过,该组织否认布雷维克的说法。Breivik admits to carrying out the terror attacks in Norway last month that left 77 people dead.布雷维克承认,他上个月在挪威进行了恐怖袭击,造成77人死亡。Just before the attack, he posted a 1,500-page, anti-Islam manifesto online.就在那次袭击之前,他在网上发表了1500页的反伊斯兰宣言。201108/147344IAEA Frustrated Over Lack of Transparency in Iran, Syria原子能机构批伊朗叙利亚核不透明  The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency expressed frustration Thursday that neither Iran nor Syria been completely transparent about their alleged nuclear activities. 国际原子能机构总干事星期四对伊朗和叙利亚在它们核活动方面缺乏透明度表示失望。The International Atomic Energy Agency is holding a two-day meeting to examine reports on the alleged nuclear activities of Iran and Syria, both of which has sparked international concern. In comments before the commission on Thursday, agency chief Mohammed ElBaradei said neither country had done enough to assuage concerns about their programs.  国际原子能机构正在举行为期两天的会议,审查有关伊朗和叙利亚核活动的报告,这两个国家都引起国际社会的不安。国际原子能机构总干事巴拉迪星期四在对该机构理事会讲话时说,这两个国家都没有作出足够的努力来解除人们对它们核项目的担忧。He urged Iran to clarify a number of issues about its nuclear program and to stop obstructing an IAEA probe into intelligence materials that the ed States says shows the country studied how to design atomic bombs. 他敦促伊朗澄清关于它核项目的一些问题,并且停止阻挠国际原子能机构探查情报资料,美国说,这些资料显示伊朗曾研究如何设制原子弹。"There remain a number of outstanding issues, relevant to the alleged studies and associated questions identified in my last report to the board which give rise to concern and need to be clarified in order to exclude the existence of a possible military dimension to Iran's nuclear program. Regrettably, the agency has not been able to make substantive progress on these issues," he said. 巴拉迪说:“仍然有许多悬而未决的问题。这些问题和我在给理事会报告中所指的研究和相关问题有关。这些问题引起人们关注,需要加以澄清,以便排除伊朗核项目可能具有军事目的的疑虑。很遗憾,原子能机构没有能在这些问题上取得实质性的进展。”Western nations fear Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb. But Tehran insists the purpose of its nuclear enrichment program is to make energy. 西方国家担心伊朗企图制造原子弹。但是德黑兰坚持说,它的浓缩铀项目是为了产生能源。ElBaradei said also Syria has failed to clear suspicion that a desert site bombed by Israel last year was a nuclear reactor.  巴拉迪说,人们怀疑以色列去年轰炸的叙利亚沙漠地区的设施原是一个核反应堆,叙利亚也没能排除这方面的怀疑。"As I stated in the report, while it cannot be excluded that the building in question was intended for non-nuclear use, the features of the building, along with the availability of adequate pumping capacity of cooling water, are similar to what may be found in connection with a reactor site," he said. In light of this, it is important that Syria provide the agency with documentation in support of its statements concerning the nature and function of the destroyed building."  巴拉迪说:“正如我在报告中所说的那样,虽然不能排除那个引起疑问的建筑物不是用作核活动的,但是这栋建筑物的特点,包括它抽冷却水的适当能力,类似于反应堆设施可能具备的特征。鉴于这一点,叙利亚有必要向国际原子能机构提供文件,实它所说的这栋被炸毁建筑物的性质和功用。”In remarks to reporters earlier this week, the head of Syria's atomic energy commission ruled out follow-up visits to the site by IAEA experts. The IAEA's board has nonetheless approved a Syrian demand for technical assistance in planning a civilian nuclear power plant over U.S. objections. 叙利亚的原子能委员会主席在本周早些时候向记者发表讲话时排除了国际原子能机构专家后续访问的可能。但是国际原子能机构理事会不顾美国的反对,批准了叙利亚的要求,即在规划一个民用核电厂方面向它提供技术援助。200811/57395上海市同济医院隆胸多少钱

上海市第九医院韩式三点多少钱The.First.EmperorMajesty, it would be my honor to serve you as Prime Minister.Let’s not talk about these things tonight, but you should confirm Uncle Lv Buwei as your Prime Minister as soon as you can. We all think it’s for the best. Sleep now. Good nightI should serve you and guide you as a father. Nations like Qin have always been run as a feudal family business by man like Lv Buwei. But there is a revolution coming that will change all that. First, here in Qin, and ultimately the whole of China. The revolution will be led by a young scholar named Li Si. Just months after Ying Zheng becomes King, Li Si arrives at his court, looking for a job. But the man who hires and fires here is the Queen’s lover Lv Buwei, now Prime Minister. Impressed by Li Si’s obvious ambition, he is quick to take him onto his staff. It’s an impulsive decision he will come to regret. Prime Minister Lv Buwei allows Li Si an audience with the young king without taking care to be present himself. We are the strongest state within the seas. By taking advantage of our own strength and the weaknesses of our enemies, surely with the power Qin has at its disposal it will be possible to completely wipe out the feudal lords, uniting the whole world under one rule. This kind of opportunity, Sire, only comes once in ten thousand years. Yet destiny rarely ever creates a man great enough to take advantage, but I believe the great ruler is you, Majesty, and the time is now.07/77696宝山做鼻尖整形多少钱 Oscars Toned Down Amid RecessionThe Oscars may be the worlds most famous film awards, but even THEY cant escape the recession. This year, even the freebies handed out to the stars make a nod towards the economic downturn, as Skys Amanda Walker reports.The gleaming surface betrays the fact that like the rest of the world, Hollywood is experiencing an economic slump. In the build-up to the Oscars, Alley is putting on its bits of show of shimmering decadence. But beneath the surface, times are harder than theyve been in decades. But its only just beginning. Cateros ,a party organizer, say plans for Oscar’s celebrations have slowed and budgets for festivities have been cut, some by as much as 75 percent. This is what to know as a gifting switch, where anyone whos remotely famous gets freebies bestowed upon them. These vendors noted a photographer of Cate… with their product can have as much impact as an expensive ad campaign.“Looking around here, there is plenty being given away there is gadgets, like this blue tooth, enable sun glasses over here. Pieces of pop par, y to be given out, but there is also opportunity here to give something to charity and not to the fact that ...decatives… can been seen as a bit sensitive in this tough times. Over time the effect of the downturn on the movie industry could be dramatic.”“If you survive that recession, I think you will just beginning to start an act to, how it’s going to affect the real financing in those studios in Hollywood, how its really going to affect them in a number of films going to make. I imagine, significantly. I imagine that they will be seen major problems with certain studios that will be major, pulling back on the whole series of different productions levels. I think you will see a big effect in the next couple of years.”But there are few better places in the world, putting on the show; Hollywood has always been a depth of creating illusions. Its likely we will see more uplifting films like Slumdog Millionare, aimed at distracting us from the financial worlds. Asides from that, the audiences may not see the impact of the recessions, but the studios will be struggling, and there is no Hollywood ending in sight, I’m Amanda Walker, Sky news, Los Angeles03/64061上海交通大学医学院附属仁济医院激光除皱手术多少钱

上海治疗青春痘最好的医院Afghan, Pakistani Representatives Hold Jirga on Taliban Conflict巴阿部落领袖及政府代表开始会谈A suspected U.S. missile strike has killed 20 people in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal regions. The attack came hours before Pakistani and Afghan tribal leaders and government representatives began two days of talks about the Taliban insurgency in both countries. 被怀疑是美军发动的一次导弹袭击在塔利班控制的巴基斯坦部落地区造成20人死亡。袭击发生几个小时之后,巴基斯坦和阿富汗部落领袖以及政府代表开始就两国境内塔利班反叛武装问题展开为期两天的会谈。Residents of South Waziristan said the early morning missile strike hit the home of a Taliban commander outside the main town, Wana. Local residents reported some foreign militants were among the dead. 南瓦济里斯坦的居民说,清晨发射的导弹击中了主要城镇瓦纳郊外一名塔利班指挥官的房屋。据当地居民报告,死者当中包括几名外国激进分子。Since late August, more than 12 such missile strikes have hit targets mainly in the North and South Waziristan tribal agencies, which are considered key strongholds of Taliban factions that also operate in Afghanistan.  去年8月以来,这类导弹袭击共发生了12次以上,主要目标是南、北瓦济里斯坦的部落特区。据认为那些地区是同时也在阿富汗活动的塔利班派系的主要聚集地。During the same time, Pakistan's military has been engaged in heavy fighting in the Bajaur tribal agency, where the army claimed this week that more than 1,500 militants and 73 soldiers have been killed since the operation began.  与此同时,巴基斯坦军方在巴焦尔部落特区与激进分子展开了激烈战斗,军方这个星期说,这次行动开始以来,已经有1千5百多名激进分子被击毙,73名士兵阵亡。Despite the increase in U.S. missile strikes and the intensified efforts of the Pakistani military, there is also growing support for using negotiations and diplomacy to resolve the Taliban conflict.  尽管美军增加了导弹袭击频率,巴基斯坦军方也加大了行动力度,但也有更多的人持通过谈判和外交途径解决与塔利班的冲突。Last week Pakistan's parliament passed a resolution supporting peace talks as the government's top priority. This week, a group of Afghan tribal leaders, clerics and government officials arrived in Islamabad for talks with their Pakistani counterparts on the Taliban insurgency.  上星期,巴基斯坦议会通过决议,持政府将和谈作为优先重点。这星期,一些阿富汗部落领袖、神职人员和政府官员抵达伊斯兰堡,就塔利班反叛武装问题同巴基斯坦方面展开两天的会谈。At the start of the two-day meeting traditionally known as a jirga, Pakistan's foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said both countries acknowledge that the Taliban insurgency must be resolved through diplomacy.  会谈开始时,巴基斯坦外长库雷希说,两国都承认,必须通过外交途径解决塔利班反叛武装问题。"There is an increasing realization that the use of force alone cannot yield the desired results. For lasting success, negotiations and reconciliation must be an essential part of the process" Qureshi said. 他说:“人们越来越认识到,只靠武力不能取得预期的结果。为了持久的成功,必须使谈判和妥协成为这个进程的重要组成部分。”Since the last Pakistan-Afghanistan jirga held in Kabul more than a year ago, relations between the two countries have worsened and the Taliban insurgency has strengthened. Afghan officials have accused elements of Pakistan's intelligence and military institutions of helping insurgents plot attacks in Afghanistan. 自从巴基斯坦和阿富汗各方一年多以前举行上一次会谈以来,两国关系有所恶化,塔利班反叛活动有所加强。阿富汗官员指责巴基斯坦情报部门和军方机构中有人帮助反叛分子策划在阿富汗境内发动袭击。Despite the difficulties, officials in both countries say there is now more support for working together to negotiate an end to the conflict. Unlike last year, representatives from Pakistan's tribal agencies are attending the talks, citing the minor but hopeful progress that was made during the last round.  尽管存在这些困难,两国官员都表示,现在人们更加持展开合作,通过谈判结束冲突。与去年不同的是,巴基斯坦部落特区的代表现在也参加了会谈,表示自上一轮会谈以来取得了微小但有希望的进展。Some critics in Pakistan say the talks are meaningless unless U.S., NATO and Taliban representatives attend. But the leader of Afghanistan's delegation, former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah, said searching for common ground at this stage is the best way forward.  巴基斯坦一些批评人士认为,除非美国、北约和塔利班的代表也出席,否则这些会谈毫无意义。但是阿富汗代表团团长、前外交部长阿卜杜拉说,在目前阶段,寻求共同立场是取得进展的最佳途径。"Through the decisions of the peace jirga and the discussions that we have here we will explore those opportunities further and hopefully what we decide here will help us to expedite the process of dialogue and reconciliation," Abdullah said. 他说:“通过和平会谈的决定以及我们在此展开的讨论,我们将进一步探索那些机会,但愿我们在这里做出的决定将帮助我们加快对话和妥协的进程。”The talks among 50 officials and tribal elders from both countries are expected to continue through Tuesday. 预计,这50名官员和部落长老的会谈将持续到星期二。200810/54264 Cristiano Ronaldos baby son born to American womanCristiano Ronaldo’s baby son was born to an American woman in June, according to reports in Portugal.The Real Madridwinger, 25, announced that he had become a father on Facebook and Twitter during the weekend.The child’s mother wishes to remain anonymous and has agreed to leave the footballer as soleguardian, the statement said.Ronaldo’s mother, Delores, and sisters Elma and Katia are preparing to raise the child, according to the Portuguese newspaper Correio de Manha.The family is reportedly dealing with the paperwork necessary to move the baby from the US to Portugal. Ronaldo has homes in Los Angeles and Miami.The winger, who moved to Real Madrid from Manchester ed for a record fee of 80 million pounds (1.2 million) last year, said on Saturday that he was overjoyed to have become a father.He wrote: “It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy. As agreed with the babys mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship.“No further information will be provided on this subject and I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these are.”Ronaldos current girlfriend, the Russianlingeriemodel Irina Shayk, reacted to the news on Facebook, writing: ;My boyfriend is now father of a boy.;Ronaldo captained Portugal during their World Cup campaign in South Africa, which ended with a 1-0 defeat to Spain in the second round last Tuesday.Vocabulary:winger:a person who plays a wing position(边锋)guardian:One who is legally responsible for the care and management of the person or property of an incompetent or a minor.(监护人)lingerie:underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel worn by women.(妇女贴身内衣)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108382上海长海医院做去疤手术多少钱上海复旦大学附属浦东医院激光点痣多少钱



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