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上海中医药大学附属曙光医院东院治疗腋臭多少钱上海市第十人民医院开双眼皮手术多少钱长宁区opt嫩肤多少钱 Today in History: Saturday, December 29, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月29日,星期六On Dec. 29, 1989, playwright Vaclav Havel was elected president of Czechoslovakia by the country#39;s Federal Assembly, becoming the first non-Communist to hold the post in more than four decades.1989年12月29日,由捷克斯洛伐克联邦议会选举剧作家瓦茨拉夫·哈维尔为总统,成为四十多年以来首位当选总统的民主人士。1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral in England.1170年,托马斯·贝克特在英国坎特伯雷大教堂被谋杀。1808 Andrew Johnson, the 17th president of the ed States, was born in Raleigh, N.C.1808年,美国第17届总统安德鲁·约翰逊在北卡罗来纳州罗利出生。1845 Texas was admitted to the union as the 28th state.1845年,德克萨斯州成为联邦第28个州。1851 The first American Young Men#39;s Christian Association was organized, in Boston.1851年,第一个美国基督教青年会组织在波士顿创办。1890 U.S. troops killed as many as 400 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee, S.D.1890年,在Wounded Knee, S.D.,美军杀害的苏族印第安人多达400人。1916 Gregory Rasputin, the monk who had wielded powerful influence over the Russian court, was murdered by a group of noblemen.1916年,对俄罗斯法院施加过巨大影响的僧人Gregory Rasputin被一群贵族谋杀。1940 Germany began dropping incendiary bombs on London during World War II.1940年,二战期间德国开始向伦敦投掷燃烧弹。1996 War-weary guerrilla and government leaders in Guatemala signed an accord ending 36 years of civil conflict.1996年,厌战的游击队和政府领导人在危地马拉签署协议,结束了36年的内战。1998 Khmer Rouge leaders apologized for the 1970s genocide in Cambodia that claimed 1 million lives.1998年,红色高棉领导人对1970年柬埔寨种族灭绝造成100万人死亡事件表示道歉。1999 The Nasdaq composite index closed above 4,000 for the first time, ending the day at 4,041.46.1999年,纳斯达克综合指数首次收于4000点以上,当日收盘达4041 .51点。2007 The New England Patriots became the first NFL team in 35 years to finish the regular season undefeated when they beat the New York Giants 38-35 to go 16-0.2007年,新英格兰爱国者队以38-35击败纽约巨人队获得16-0胜利,成为35年来首个在国家足球联盟常规赛中保持不败的队伍。 /201212/217578上海复旦大学附属华东医院韩式三点多少钱

上海交通大学医学院附属仁济医院美容中心交通大学医学院附属新华医院减肥瘦身价格费用 Show pearly whites to be proud of! Find out the correct brushing technique with VideoJug and look after your smile for an overall improvement in appearance. Learn how to brush your teeth properly in this helpful .想要自豪地展示自己珍珠般炫白的牙齿吗?VideoJug带你寻找正确的刷牙技巧,并教你怎样微笑来提升整体形象。在这段帮助性的视频中,我们带大家学习怎样正确刷牙。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 toothbrush,some toothpaste,1 dispensing tablets (or disclosure tablets),some mouthwash,some dental floss1把牙刷,一些牙膏,1片配方药片,一些嗽口药水,一些洁齿用牙线Step 2: When to brush2.什么时候刷牙You should brush your teeth twice a day, to keep them and your gums healthy. This removes the plaque from your teeth,prevents bad breath, cavities, gum disease and keeps your mouth healthy.每天应该刷牙两次才能保牙齿和牙龈健康。可以去除牙菌,防止口腔异味,龋齿,牙龈疾病,保持口腔健康。Step 3: Rinse your toothbrush3.清洗牙刷Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly in case any bacteria has built up on it since the last time you used it.彻底清洗牙刷,防止上次使用过后有细菌在牙刷上滋生。Step 4: Put on the toothpaste4.挤牙膏For children put a smear of toothpaste on the toothbrush and adults a pea sized blob.儿童只挤上一点牙膏就可以了,成人可以挤豌豆粒大小的牙膏。Step 5: Brush the teeth5.刷牙Hold the brush at a slight angle to the gums.牙刷稍微倾斜,与牙龈保持一定的角度。Move the brush in small circular motions across the surface of the teeth. Don#39;t press too hard on the teeth, or you could damage your gums.刷牙齿表面时牙刷轻轻的转圈,不要把牙刷太用力压在牙齿上,否则可能损伤牙龈。Make sure that you cover the front of the teeth and the back of the teeth.确保刷到牙齿的前后两面。Use the top of the brush in an up and down movement to clean the back of the front teeth.用牙刷的顶端上下移动来清洁门牙的背面。Step 6: Get round the back6.臼齿It#39;s very important to make sure you clean the back teeth thoroughly. You might have to pull out your cheek a little to get a better angle.确保彻底刷干净臼齿是非常重要的。你可能需要稍微张开脸颊来形成一定的角度。Step 7: Bad breath7.口腔异味Use the brush to lightly sweep the tongue too. Bacteria can gather here and this is what causes bad breath.用牙刷轻轻刷一下舌头。细菌也可能在舌头上聚集,这是造成口腔异味的原因。Step 8: Dispensing tablet8.配方药片To check whether you have done a thorough job, use a dispensing tablet. Chew on it, until it#39;s fully dissolved. Then look at yourself in the mirror.用配方药片来检查刷牙是否彻底。咀嚼药片,直到完全溶解。然后在镜子里看一下。It attaches itself to bacteria and plaque so you can see if there#39;s any left.这种药片可以吸附细菌和牙斑,所以你能够看到是否还有残留。Brush the areas where the plaque is now visible.If you do this over a few days you will see if you tend to miss certain areas.再刷一下还可以看到牙斑的地方。坚持几天之后看一下牙斑的范围是否会缩小。Step 9: Spit9.吐出牙膏沫When you have finished brushing your teeth, spit the toothpaste out. Don#39;t rinse out your mouth. It#39;s better to leave the residue on your teeth to protect them.刷完牙之后,把牙膏沫吐出来。不要漱口,把牙膏沫残留继续留在牙齿上提供保护作用,这样能够达到更好的效果。Step 10: Finish off10.完成Once a day you should also floss your teeth. If you like, use a mouth wash too, to really strengthen your teeth.每天一次用牙线清洁牙齿。如果你愿意的话,也可以每天使用漱口药水来加固牙齿。Step 11: WARNING11.警告If your gums bleed a lot when you brush your teeth, see your dentist right away. No matter how good your brushing is, you should visit your dentist for a check-up twice a year.如果刷牙的时候牙龈大量出血,立即去看牙医。无论你的刷牙技巧有多好,每两年也要去看牙医进行检查。Thanks for watching How To Brush Your Teeth感谢收看“怎样正确刷牙”视频节目。 /201209/201664上海治疗青春痘医院

上海瘦脸针多少钱It#39;s going to take 223 miles of steel pipe and concrete waterway,整个工程需要,223英里长的钢管与混凝土水渠120 miles of railroad track,218 miles of power lines,500 miles of road.120英里铁轨,218英里电力线和500英里公路If Mulholland can pull it off,he#39;ll completely transform not just LA,but the entire state.若穆赫兰能够成就此举,他将彻底改变洛杉矶乃至整个加州The first giant step in creating the largest agricultural economy in the country.这是在美国建立最发达农业经济过程中 所跨出的第一步But it will come at a cost.但这一步也将付出代价The Los Angeles Aqueduct.5 years, 5,000 men.洛杉矶引水渠的建设,耗时5年,5000劳力223 miles of steel and concrete that change the face of the West.223英里钢筋混凝土改变了整个西部的面貌At the time, the largest water project in the world.这是当时世界上最大的水利工程It cost the lives of 43 men.43人为此献出了生命Finally, in 1913...it#39;s finished.终于,在1913年工程竣工了This is yours!胜利是属于你们的It is your own fidelity and unfaltering courage that made the work possible.是你们的兢兢业业,你们的坚韧不拔,让这一切变为可能The aqueduct is completed, and it is good.引水渠已经完工 非常不错The aqueduct saves Los Angeles.引水渠拯救了洛杉矶The city grows from 250,000 in 1900 to 2 million in 1930.让这座城市的人口从1900年的25万激增到1930年的200万The federal government#39;s investment in projects that move water in the West is more deeply formative of the character of the Western region than all the cowboys and sodbusters and wagon trains and pioneers there ever were.联邦政府投资兴修水利的这项举措对于西部地区的影响是所有牛仔、农夫、马车队 此前的拓荒者远不能及的But for Owens Valley,the source of the water, it#39;s a disaster.但对欧文斯谷,这个水源地而言 这简直是灭顶之灾The lake is sucked dry, creating a giant wasteland.湖泊被彻底抽干 造成了大面积的荒漠Local farmers attempt to blow the aqueduct up,over 10 times.当地的农民曾试图炸毁引水渠不下10次But it#39;s an unwinnable contest.但这无异于螳臂当车This was controversial stuff.这是一个倍受争议的工程There was a lot of backroom politicking,a lot of buying people off.期间有很多政治上的暗箱操作,花了很多钱才摆平This made a lot people unhappy.这触怒了很多人This devastated a region of California,the source of that water,并给水源地区以毁灭性的打击but it was enormously beneficial,但它的巨大收益却不容小觑and in fact, one could argue Los Angeles could not have grown in the way it did,without Mulholland architecting that aqueduct of water being brought to that area.事实上,甚至可以说洛杉矶能有今日的繁荣离不开穆赫兰所兴建的这条引水渠所引来的淡水 /201212/217010 上海市闵行区中医医院冰点脱毛多少钱奉贤冷冻点痣多少钱



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