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Deflationary pressures at China#39;s manufacturers have reached their strongest in a year-and-a-half.中国制造业通货紧缩压力达到两年半来的最高点。As key commodity prices continue to drop, China#39;s producer price index tumbled to a year-over-year pace of -2.7 per cent pace last month.在一些关键的大宗商品价格继续下跌之际,上个月中国的生产者价格指数(PPI)大幅下跌,同比跌幅为2.7%。PPI has now been caught in deflation for 33 months. The -2.7 per cent print is half a point lower than October, as a slowing economy and a turning housing market weakens demand for industrial goods.这使得中国的PPI已连续33个月处于通缩状态。由于经济放缓以及楼市的逆转降低了对工业品的需求,上个月2.7%的跌幅比10月份还扩大了0.5个百分点。Forecasters were looking for deflation of -2.4 per cent.分析师曾预期PPI同比下跌2.4%。Moody#39;s Analytics said before the figures hit:“Producer prices continue to fall, because of the oversupply of many industrial goods. The slowdown in housing is causing excess supplies of steel, cement and other sectors. Ample supply of global commodities such as iron ore and crude oil are also pushing input costs down.”在该数据公布之前,穆迪分析(Moody#39;s Analytics)曾表示:“由于许多工业品供过于求,生产者价格继续下滑。楼市增长放缓正在导致钢铁、混凝土及其他产业的过度供给。此外,铁矿石和原油等全球大宗商品的充足货源,也压低了输入成本。”Meantime, inflation for consumers remains benign. CPI slowed to 1.4 per cent year over year - the slowest since November 2009. The CPI index was as high as 2.5 per cent earlier in the year but prices have subdued as the property market cools.与此同时,消费品通胀依然保持温和状态。消费品价格指数(CPI)同比增长率放缓至1.4%,这是2009年11月以来的最低通胀率。今年早些时候,中国CPI通胀率曾高达2.5%。不过,随着楼市降温,物价也已受到抑制。 /201412/348048

It isn#39;t the easiest time to be a low-level Chinese official. Gone are the days of sweet gifts from ardent well-wishers. Real-estate ambitions have to be curbed. Belts must be tightened.中国低级别官员的好日子已经一去不复返了:不会再有人来送礼,不能再奢望有多套房产,还得勒紧裤腰带过日子。Now, it seems, they have to get their feet wet like the rest of us.现在,他们似乎必须跟其他人一样,不能有丝毫的特权。An official in flood-hit Jiangxi province was relieved of his post after a picture showed him accepting a piggyback ride, according to the official Xinhua news agency on Monday. The reason, it seems, was that the official was sporting what looked like a pretty swell pair of leather shoes.根据官方媒体新华社周一的一则报道,江西省的一名官员被免职,因有照片显示他被人背着探视洪涝灾区。让人背的原因似乎是这名官员怕弄湿他那双漂亮的皮鞋。Images of the official dangling from the neck of another man quickly made their way online, where they drew protests. The photo was apparently taken during a search for children who went missing during the flood, which has stricken part of Jiangxi and Hunan provinces and dumped heavy rain in the surrounding area.这张官员被人背着探视灾区的照片很快在网上流传开来,遭到很大非议。这张照片显然是在搜寻洪灾中失踪儿童时拍摄的。这次洪灾严重冲击了江西、湖南部分地区,周边地区也有很大降雨量。Chinese media identified the man as Wang Junhua, the vice director of an unspecified government office in the city of Guixi. He could not be reached and phone calls to the Guixi government offices rang unanswered.中国媒体确认这名官员名叫王军华,是贵溪市政府办公室副主任。记者未能联系到他置评,打到贵溪市政府办公室的电话也无人接听。In a post on its official Weibo account ( in Chinese), the Jiangxi provincial press office identified the ride-giver as Ding Xianbao, a clerk in Mr. Wang#39;s office.江西省政府新闻办在官方微中称,背王军华的人叫丁先保,是王军华办公室的科员。It marked the second time in nine months that a Chinese official lost his job over a piggyback ride. In October, an official in Zhejiang province was canned after a villager gave him a ride to spare his footwear.这是九个月中第二起中国官员因被人背着蹚水而被免职的事件。去年10月,浙江省一名官员就因怕弄湿鞋被人背着视察灾情而遭免职。 /201406/307984

Russia has broadened its crackdown on McDonald’s to more than 200 separate investigations, in a campaign that makes the US fast food group one of the biggest casualties of Moscow’s festering stand-off with the west over Ukraine.麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)成为俄罗斯因乌克兰问题与西方尖锐对峙中最大的牺牲品之一。俄罗斯政府近日加大了对这家美国快餐连锁集团的打击力度,对其门店展开了逾200项调查。The latest salvo subjects almost half of McDonald’s outlets in Russia to probes over hygiene or finance.在最近这次全面行动中,麦当劳在俄罗斯近一半的门店遭遇了卫生或财务方面的调查。In August, Russia’s consumer protection agency ordered four of the company’s largest restaurants to suspend operations over a host of alleged hygiene violations and shortly afterwards added another five to the list.今年8月,俄罗斯消费者保护机构曾以涉嫌违反诸多卫生条例为由,令麦当劳四家最大门店暂停营业。此后,该机构又关停了五家麦当劳门店。At the time, the decision was seen as a political message aimed at mollifying anti-western sentiment and demonstrating that Moscow was responding to sanctions imposed by the US and the EU, which have crippled Russian banks and corporates in their ability to access global capital markets.当时,此举被视为莫斯科方面安抚国内反西方情绪、回应欧美制裁的政治信号。此前,美国和欧盟(EU)的制裁措施导致俄罗斯的和企业无法从全球资本市场中融资。But since then, regulatory moves against the chain’s outlets have mushroomed. “Right now, more than 200 probes have been initiated,” McDonald’s Russia said in a statement released on its website at the weekend. It said a court had extended the consumer watchdog’s temporary closure of the initial nine restaurants and added that it would appeal against the decision.不过自那之后,对麦当劳分店的调查不仅不见减少,反而继续迅速增加。上周末,麦当劳俄罗斯分公司在网站发布一份声明,表示:“目前,俄罗斯政府已启动了逾200项调查。”该公司表示,俄罗斯一家法院已延长了最初九家分店的临时停业期,并表示将就这一裁决提起上诉。McDonald’s has 450 restaurants in Russia, more than 100 of which are in Moscow and the surrounding region. More than 60 are in St Petersburg and the surrounding region, the country’s second big metropolitan area.麦当劳在俄罗斯拥有450家分店,其中逾100家位于莫斯科及其周边地带,还有逾60家位于俄罗斯第二大都市圈圣彼得堡及其周边地带。The company did not give details on which of these were affected apart from the initial nine, which included four in Moscow, two in the affluent Urals city of Yekaterinburg, two in the southern Russian city of Volgograd and one in Sochi, the Black Sea resort that hosted this year’s Winter Olympics.在麦当劳最初受到调查的九家分店中,四家分店位于莫斯科,两家位于富裕的乌拉尔城市叶卡捷琳堡,两家位于俄罗斯南部城市伏尔加格勒,还有一家位于主办了今年冬奥会的黑海度假胜地索契。除了这九家分店之外,麦当劳并未就具体哪家分店受到调查提供进一步细节。 /201410/337035

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