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You will need: 你需要carrots胡萝卜apples苹果oranges桔子celery芹菜lemon柠檬In this easy to follow guide the Nutrition Angel shows you how to create your own juice recipes, as well as what fruits and vegetables work well together.在这段简单的指引中,营养专家将向你展示怎样打造自己的果汁食谱,以及哪些水果和蔬菜混合在一起效果最好。Prep:5m Total:5m准备5分钟 总5分钟Step 1: Choose Your Ingredients1.选择材料Start with carrot combined with apple, celery or orange. Graduate to more complex varieties or more hardy greens with a sweetener like lemon or apple.首先,胡萝卜和苹果,芹菜或桔子混合。逐渐增加更加复杂的种类,或者更多耐寒绿色蔬菜与更甜的水果,例如柠檬或苹果混合。Step 2: Choose Your Juicer2.选择榨汁机Use a juicing machine. The best kind are masticating juicers with pins that extract the most juice. Centrifugal juicers spin and mash up the ingredients but they make a lot of froth.使用榨汁机。最好的就是有钢栓的咀嚼式榨汁机,能够榨出最多果汁。离心式榨汁机旋转并捣烂材料,但是会产生很多泡沫。Thanks for watching How To Make Your Own Juice Recipes.感谢收看“如何打造自己的果汁食谱”视频节目。视频听力由。 /201312/269386I met Olubi and some of the other warriors in his village我和奥卢比及村庄里的其他战士会面to find out about their relationship with the local pride.以了解他们和当地狮群的关系How many lions are there around here?村庄附近有多少头狮子Around here, there are about 100.大概100头吧So they all have names?他们有名字吗Every single lion has a name. A Maasai name.每头狮子都有个马萨伊名字And when you see a lion,你们见到狮子时do you know how it#39;s going to behave?知道它会如何行动吗It depends on the lion.那取决于狮子For a Maasai warrior, lions are nothing to be scared of.对于马萨伊勇士 不会惧怕狮子But if I saw a lion, a lion would be likely to attack me.但如果我看到狮子 它会袭击我吧Only if you threaten it.除非你挑衅它Mmm, well, I hope the next lion knows that.好吧 我希望下只狮子能明白Olubi killed his first lion when he was just 17,奥卢比17岁时杀了第一只狮子after it attacked his cattle.那头狮子袭击了他的牛群Unfortunately, the lion turned out to be pregnant.不幸的是 那只狮子怀了And that led to a remarkable turnaround.而那导致了一个大转变 Article/201406/305729视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》Around here, you have to take every opportunity,在这里生存 必须把握住每个机会be it for food, for water or for mates.获取食物 水和配偶Female Grevy#39;s are a fickle bunch.雌格氏斑马群是个流动的群体The herd have decided to move on.马群决定继续前行了All of them.毫不留恋地离开The stallion may never see them again.这匹种马也许再也见不到她们了But there#39;s a chance that one is now carrying his foal.但马群中很可能已经有雌马怀了他的骨肉In this harsh land that must count as a triumph.在这片险恶的大地 那已经算是完胜了The sun#39;s power cannot, however, reach far underground.然而 太阳的威力无法震慑地底世界Below, in stark contrast,与地面不同 地下的环境conditions are stable and tolerable.十分稳定 易于忍受And home to one of the planet#39;s strangest mammals.这里生活着地球上最奇怪的哺乳动物 Article/201404/291644without becoming totally whipped. Trust us: the rewards will be well worth it.不需要每天被鞭策。相信我们:回报将非常值得。You Will Need你需要Thoughtfulness体贴Attention to detail注意细节And a generous nature慷慨大方的本性Steps步骤STEP 1 Be respectful1.恭敬有礼Be respectful and considerate. Professional matchmakers say the vast majority of women request men with those qualities.Put the toilet seat down. It#39;s the number one complaint women have about men, according to one survey and spitting isn#39;t far behind.恭敬有礼,体贴入微。专业的媒人表示,大多数女性要求男性具有这些品质。马桶盖要放下来。根据一项调查,这是女性抱怨男性最多的一件事,而且高居首位。STEP 2 Listen and respond2.倾听并回应Listen attentively and respond accordingly. If she tells you she has a big exam in the morning, call her that afternoon to see how it went. Better yet, sneak an encouraging note into her purse.聚精会神地倾听,并作出相应的回应。如果她告诉你她早上进行了一场考试,下午打电话给她看看情况如何。更好的是,偷偷地在她钱包里放一张鼓励的便条。Give her your undivided attention. Don#39;t ask, ;How was your day?; while turning on the TV.给她独一无二的注意力。不要一边打开电视机一边问她“今天过得怎么样。”STEP 3 Send flowers3.送花Send flowers for no reason. All it takes is a phone call and a credit card!送花给她,不需要任何理由。你只需要打一个电话,然后用信用卡付就可以了。Send her favorite flower, rather than the standard red roses, or present her with something personal, like a book or CD you know she#39;d like.送她最喜欢的花,而不是标准的玫瑰花,或者送个她一些个性化的东西,比如你知道她喜欢的一本书或一张CD。STEP 4 Show her off4.把她介绍给别人Show her off. Not being introduced to a boyfriend#39;s friends is a number one pet peeve with women.把她介绍给别人。不被介绍给男友的朋友是女性抱怨最多的事情。STEP 5 Make her laugh5.让她笑Maintain your sense of humor. Seventy percent of singles say a person who makes them laugh is even more attractive than someone who makes them think.保持幽默感。70%的单身人士表示,能让他们笑的人比能让他们思考的人更有吸引力。In a recent Hallmark magazine survey, women voted for dinner at their favorite restaurant and a movie of their choice as the perfect date.在贺曼杂志最新的一项调查中,女性投票认为在最喜欢的餐馆就餐和看自己选择的电影是最完美的约会。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/329711

Even if you#39;re the world#39;s fastest typist, you can help avert carpal tunnel syndrome – a ligament inflammation that causes numbness in your wrists, hands, or fingers – by following these tips.即使你是世界上最快的打字员,你也可以避免腕管综合症。遵循下面的建议,避免导致手腕,双手或手指麻木的韧带炎症。You Will Need你需要A neutral wrist position正确的手腕姿势Frequent breaks经常休息Stretching exercises伸展运动And a wrist splint手腕夹板A medical evaluation医学评定Steps步骤STEP 1 Keep a neutral wrist position1.保持正确的手腕姿势When at a computer or other workstation, adjust the height of your chair if necessary, so that your forearms are level with your keyboard. Keep your hands and wrists in line with your forearms.在电脑或其它工作台前,如果必要的话调整椅子的高度,让前臂和键盘持平。双手和手腕与前臂保持一条直线。Don’t flex your wrists while typing.打字的时候不要收缩手腕。STEP 2 Take frequent breaks2.经常休息Take breaks every 10 to 15 minutes to rest your fingers and wrists if you are doing something that requires repetitive hand and wrist movements.如果你的工作要求双手和手腕重复性的动作,每10至15分钟停一下,让手指和手腕得到休息。STEP 3 Stretch your fingers and wrists3.伸展手指和手腕Exercise your fingers and wrists every 20 to 60 minutes. Extend and stretch both hands as if you were holding up a wall. Hold that position for five seconds and repeat several times. Make a tight fist with both hands, then bend wrists downward and hold for five seconds. Repeat several times.每20至60分钟活动一下手指和手腕。伸展双手,就好像你扶着一面墙。这个姿势保持5秒钟,重复几次。双手握拳,然后手腕向下弯曲,坚持5秒钟。重复几次。STEP 4 Wear a splint4.佩戴夹板Consider wearing a wrist splint to keep your wrist neutral while you work. Wearing one while you sleep can also help maintain good wrist position.考虑佩戴手腕夹板,这样就可以在工作的时候保持手腕姿势正确。睡觉的时候佩戴夹板也可以帮助保持正确的手腕姿势。STEP 5 See a doctor5.看医生If you experience numbness, tingling, or pain, visit your doctor for a medical evaluation.如果你感觉到麻木,刺痛或疼痛,请医生进行专业的医学评定。Carpal tunnel syndrome is most common in middle-aged women.腕管综合症在中年女性中最常见。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/279790

At long last, Vieira scored and put French out of their misery.最后维埃拉攻入一球救法国于水火。 Article/201403/278757

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