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Venezuela Releases Data on Health Crisis委内瑞拉发布健康危机数据After nearly two years of not revealing any data about its nation health, Venezuela has released a disturbing report. Since July , malaria cases have increased by 76%. There has also been a sharp increase in maternal and infant deaths. Venezuelan citizens say that they are often turned away from hospitals unless they have their own supplies and medicine. With such a shortage of medical supplies, hospitals have also become a place thieves. Many patients buy medicine on the black market because it the only way to get it. There is also a shortage of medical staff. In the past few years, approximately % of medical professionals in Venezuela have left the country due to the health crisis.委内瑞拉近两年没有发布任何关于国民健康的数据,最近它发表了一份令人不安的报告自年7约起,疟疾病例上升了76%产妇死亡和婴儿死亡率也大幅度上升委内瑞拉市民称他们经常被医院拒接,除非他们自己带有物资或药品医疗物资奇缺,医院也常被小偷光顾很多病人都在黑市上购买药品,因为这是唯一的办法医疗人员也紧缺过去几年中,委内瑞拉大约有%的医疗人员因为健康危机而离开了这个国家译文属原创,,不得转载 5653

American people's observance of MLK DayFrom Memphis, where Dr. Martin Luther King died, to Saint Louis in the Midwest today, to Los Angeles, Americans honor the civil rights leader, who changed the world by his bravery, his leadership and his vision. "I have a dream today.""I remember crying like a baby. I remember saying this is the America I want to be a part of. "Bill Clinton at King's Church in Atlanta, linking him to the success of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama."We've got all these different people seeking the presidency. And guess what? It's all possible because of Martin Luther King's vision of the beloved commy."Republican Mike Huckabee was in the front pew. At a King Parade in Florida, Mitt Romney offered advice to African Americans. "Teach kids that they should get married bee they have babies and encourage the mation of families. It’s an enormous advantage to kids."President Bush was with kids at the King library in Washington’s Birthday observance."It's an opporty (to) renew our deep desire America to be a hope of, a land of promise everybody." That was King's message. "He was prophetic enough and patriotic enough to celebrate America and yet challenge America to rise up." "T.T.A. We all have a dream", a message celebrated by millions today.I am Steve Handelsman , N News, Washington. 56

Live saving, first aid..拯救生命,急救Shawn Goldsmith is the most highly decorated that Eagle scout can be. The 18-year-old he has earned every single merit badge there is, all 1 of them.肖恩bull;戈德史密斯是最牛的童子军这位18岁的少年已经赢得了全部1枚奖章The everyday there was something different, and these are skills that Ill remember the rest of my life.每天都是与众不同的,我会用一生铭记这些奖章It took Shawn 5 years to get the first half of these merit badges, the rest, less than 5 months. He did it his grandmother.肖恩花了5年的时间才得到这些奖章的一半而剩下的则是用了不到5个月的时间,他所做的一切都是为了他的祖母She said Shawn, why dont we go through all this. ;you really have there and I really think you can do it.;Everyone thought I couldnt do it most part ...she always believe in me.她说肖恩,为什么我们不经历这一切;你真的可以,我真的相信你能做到;每个人都认为我做不了这件事,而她总是相信我Sadly, his grandmother passed away when Shawn was just 18 badges shy of reaching the extraordinary. His grandfather then made his mission to see Shawn succeed, with the help from scout master Joseph Auquafredal a troop 0 in the Browns, who at first was skeptical.不幸的是,当他的祖母去世,肖恩只是得到了他认为害羞的18枚奖章而已,他希望达到与众不同的目的他的祖父看到了他的使命,在童子军队长约瑟夫bull;阿奎费德罗的帮助下,肖恩获得了成功,而这名队长起初持怀疑态度I said Mr.Auquafredal,you said if you could see it, you could be it so then he was, he couldnt say no.我说阿奎费德罗先生,你曾说过你会看到,他不会说出拒绝的话语Shawn reached his goal last month, well a freshman in Binghamton University where he is a business major with a love politics and a high school intern Senator Charles Schumer and a couple of days ago met one of his icons Neil Michael Bloomberg, a businessman and a fellow Eagle scout.肖恩在上个月达到他的目标,他成了一名大学新生一名老童子军对他进行指导And there no surprise that Shawn one day wants to go into politics and take with him the public office the skills and expertise he learned in scouts, mainly honesty and integrity.还有一点也不出乎意料之外,肖恩总有一天要进入政坛, 他在童子军学会的技巧及专业知识主要是诚实和正直I see how great politicians hardly fall so easily. There is one lie and they get caught doing it so not only he is morally correct which is winner parts of scout law and oaths to be morally shame. It, it worth, it in the long run.我看到伟大的政治家们几乎那么容易下台他们被抓不仅是道德上是不正确的,而且他们也是童子军法律和道德的耻辱这值得长远考虑You have my vote, Shawn. Rob Royer, Picks News at ten.如果有那么一天,肖恩,我会投你一票我是罗勃bull;罗尔,这里是皮克斯新闻点档节目注:听力文本来源于普特 997

1.axis n. 轴;轴线;轴心国The shaft turns about its axis. 轴围绕自己的轴线转动Every axis has a principal node type . 每个轴具有一个主节点类型.The rising and setting of the sun 日出日落3.phonograph n. 留声机;电唱机Between the fireplace and the phonograph table is a stand newspapers. 在壁炉和放唱机的桌子之间有一个放报纸的架子He invented not only the phonograph, but the entire sound recording industry. 他不仅发明了唱机,而且还有整个录音工业. jiggle vt. 轻摇Electrons can jiggle and wiggle in a more energetic manner. 原子能以更有力的方式旋转与振动5.latitude n. 纬度;界限;活动范围Prolong the sponge along the longitude and latitude at an altitude. 沿着经度和纬度在一个高度延长海绵

Giancarlo:Whoa, where are you going?吉安卡洛:哇,你要去哪里?I thought we were going to hang out.我想我们要出去逛逛的Alana:Im going to work.阿拉娜:我要去工作Giancarlo:Work? I didnt know you got a job.吉安卡洛:工作?我不知道你找到了工作Alana:Im busking on Main Street.阿拉娜:我要去街上卖艺Giancarlo:You mean youre panhandling? That not working.吉安卡洛:你的意思是要去行乞?这可不是工作Alana:Im not panhandling. Im working tips.阿拉娜:我不是行乞我是靠本事吃饭I perm, try to draw a crowd, and then pass the hat.我表演,试着吸引人群,然后收钱Giancarlo:Can you really make money that way?吉安卡洛:真的能赚到钱吗?Alana:Youd be surprised.阿拉娜:你会很惊讶的I got the idea from Danielle and her friends.我的灵感来源于丹尼尔和她的朋友们A group of them do street theater and comedy routines.他们一群人表演街头戏剧及喜剧A friend of theirs juggles and does acrobatics.一个人表演杂耍和杂技Another guy does magic tricks.另一个人则是魔术Giancarlo:And they do all this on the street?吉安卡洛,他们都是在街上做这些吗?Dont they get hassled by the cops?警察不会找他们的麻烦吗?Alana:The cops occasionally tell them to move along or tell the crowd to disperse, but if theyre respectful and nobody complains, they get left alone.阿拉娜:警察偶尔告诉他们离开或告诫人群散开,但如果他们受人尊重,而且没有人抱怨的话,他们会独自离开Hey wait, where are you going?嘿,等等,你要去哪里?Giancarlo:Im going with you.吉安卡洛:我要和你一起I want to give this street perming a try.我想试试街头表演Alana:What can you do?阿拉娜:你会做什么呢?Giancarlo:Im a man of many talents.吉安卡洛:我是一个才华横溢的人Alana:Are you?阿拉娜:你吗?Giancarlo:Dont look so surprised!吉安卡洛:别那么惊讶! 97

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