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虹口区妇幼保健医院治疗痘痘多少钱上海市第六人民医院东院治疗狐臭多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院激光脱毛多少钱 These are actually penile组织浴槽中放置的blood vessels that we have in a tissue bath.是真的阴茎血管组织Think of this as the brain.把这个看作是大脑This is the brain and the spinal cord.这是大脑和脊髓When you#39;re becoming aroused,当你性唤起时 your brain switches on.大脑就会激活We can mimic this by switching on我们可以通过打开这些等同于the equivalent of the central nervous system in the brain.中枢神经系统的开关来模拟这一过程It sends electricity down它将电流传递到to the tissue bath and across the tissues,组织浴槽中 穿过组织and when we pass an electric current across these当电流通过小片的阴茎组织时small pieces of penile tissue, they relax and它们就会松弛下来ultimately that#39;s what happens during penile erection.事实上 这就是阴茎勃起的过程Relaxed penile blood vessels mean阴茎血管松弛more blood flow to the penis, and so an erection.意味着更过血液流向阴茎 导致勃起What Chris did was take penile blood vessels克里斯从阳痿病人体内from impotent men,提取了阴茎血管组织vessels that didn#39;t respond当大脑开关被打开的时候 when he flicked the brain switch,血管组织并没有产生反应and then added UK 92480 to the tissue bath.随后将UK92480加入组织浴槽中What was most amazing about this study最不可思议的事情发生了was that we saw a restoration of erectile response.阴茎组织重新出现了勃起反应It#39;s very rare in any tissue preparation在任何组织标本里 由功能障碍to convert dysfunctional to normal function, and so now到功能正常的转变都是很罕见的we were really onto something因此我们现在所经历的这一切that could only be described as special.只能用一个词来形容 特别 Article/201502/360081So LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol,低密度脂蛋白胆固醇很不健康and triglycerides - basically higher amounts of that还有过高的甘油三酯can lead to heart disease and age-related disease.会导致心脏病以及衰老相关的疾病We also see really nice decreases in blood pressure在测试过程中 我们也看到参与者over the course of the trials.血压有了显著降低So, again, another key heart disease risk factor.这是另一个心脏疾病的关键诱因In addition to so far rather limited human trials,迄今为止相当有限的人类测试之外there#39;s lots of good evidence from animal studies还有许多来自动物研究的有利迹象that alternate day fasting, ADF,表明了隔日禁食即ADFis safe and effective.是安全且有效的I#39;m convinced enough to try it.这说了我去尝试它Yesterday I fasted.昨天我禁食了Today I feed.今天进食So hopefully, we will make it back...easily enough.希望我们能补偿你 用简单的办法Ooh, magical mystery tour! I like that!奇幻神秘之旅 我喜欢重点解释:1.lead to 导致例句:Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness.过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。2.in addition to 除 ... 之外(还)例句:In addition to an album, I gave him a pen and a pencil.除了一本照相簿外,我还给了他一钢笔和一铅笔。3.so far 迄今为止;到某个程度例句:I have had no reply from her so far.我至今没有得到她的答复。 Article/201510/406903上海市第六人民医院 韩式三点多少钱

普陀区人民医院隆鼻多少钱上海仁济医院做双眼皮多少钱 莎拉amp;#65381;卡明斯基讲述了她父亲阿道夫非同寻常的故事以及他在二战期间的活动-利用他在赝造方面的才智和天赋来拯救生命。这个来自TEDxParis的演讲原文是法语,携带英文字幕。 Article/201410/337072上海医学院附属医院打瘦脸针多少钱

青浦注射丰下巴费用We talk about the innate abilities and the learnt abilities,我们谈论天生的能力和习得的能力what we inherit and what we acquire,哪些是遗传的 哪些是后天获取的what we#39;re given by our culture, our society, our parents,哪些是我们的文化社会和父母给予的 and what we get from our genes.哪些是从基因中获得的Chapulin. - Cricket.Chapulin呢 -蟋蟀Cocone. -Children.Cocone呢 小孩I think both of those abilities, both of those sets of things我认为我们需要同时具备need to be in place for you这两大类能力to have the full, fully-fledged abilities with language.才能拥有成熟的语言能力And being able to identify all these components识别语言的所有这些成分and understand how they fit together并懂得如何适当地组合它们 may tell us what it is to be human.这种能力让我们成之为人类A cat.猫And somehow out of this complicated soup如果我们想要了解语言的起源 of interactions between people, language emerges,以及语言为什么是这样的and that#39;s really what we need to understand那就需要去了解if we are to understand where language comes from语言如何在复杂的人与人之间的and why it is the way it is,互动之中产生and it#39;s a really difficult problem.这件事情真的很难理解But answering the problem is important但解决这个问题相当重要because it defines us,因为它成就了如今的我们it defines who we are.决定了我们是谁 Article/201501/353819 There#39;s a pub behind me here just under neath this tunnel在这个隧道的后面有一个酒吧that#39;s made me remember a lot about my past.这让我涌起很多回忆It#39;s the pub on the river that my dad used to visit most evenings after finishing work.父亲每次打渔回来 都去那里喝酒And he would stand at the bar and as I understood it在我的记忆里 他会在酒吧驻留he would drink quite heavily get the train home喝很多酒 然后搭火车到我家附近go on to another pub and drink heavily there找个酒吧再继续喝then arrive eventually at the family home.最后才甘心回到家里I#39;ve got memories of him opening the door into the living room我印象中他每次打开家门进到客厅时where we#39;d often be sitting watching TV我们一般都在坐着看电视really worse for wear and hed just glance round the room父亲都已经烂醉 他一般只看一眼我们not say a word just shut the door and youd hear him go upstairs to bed.然后一句话也不说 关上门就上楼睡觉Did my dad worry about what it was doing to him?我爸有没有担心过喝酒的后果呢Most of dont.几乎是不会的Quite a few of us are going to push our drinking to the extreme.很少人会关心自己饮酒过量的问题I always tend to drink a little bit more than I should.我经常喝得比推荐量多I like to have that little bit extra.我喜欢那种飘飘然的感觉重点解释:1.glance round 环顾周围例句:She glanced round the room before she left.她略微环视了一下房间才离开。2.go upstairs 上楼例句:I see her go upstairs a moment ago.我刚才看见她上楼去了。3.worry about 为 ... 担心,为 ... 着急例句:Don#39;t worry about little things.别为琐事烦恼。 Article/201507/387155金山区妇幼保健医院整形上海瑞金医院去痣多少钱



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