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上海第九人民医院疤痕多少钱上海中山医院去眼袋多少钱上海瑞金医院纹眉多少钱 So, the rainy season has finally finished in Japan and now every day is getting hotter and hotter, especially in Tokyo日本的雨季终于结束了,现在越来越热,特别是东京and today it was around 30 degress, so it#39;s boiling hot here and I#39;m boiling as you can see right now今天差不多有30℃,现在热得发烫,你也看见了,我都要烤熟了and I know the perfect thing to eat on a summer#39;s hot day. So I#39;ll take you there today, lets go我知道有个东西特别适合夏天吃,今天我就带你去,走吧Today we#39;ve come to a local neighbourhood west of Tokyo called Sangenchaya我们来到了东京西部一家叫作“三轩茶屋”的地方It’s only 2 stops away from Shibuya, but you can aly feel a big difference in the atmosphere这间小店离涩谷仅两站地,但你能明显感觉到气氛不一样Off the main road in the back streets we find ourselves an old traditional shaved ice shop在远离主干道的小街上,我们发现了一间传统的刨冰店When you start seeing lines for shaved ice, you know summer#39;s arrived当你看到刨冰店前有人在排队,你就知道夏天到了Shaved ice is definitely a must eat in summer and it gives you a taste of what Japanese summer is like刨冰是夏天必吃的东西,它能告诉你日本的夏天是怎样的This shop here has been running for 40 years and is loved by the locals这间小店已经经营了40年,一直很受当地人喜爱While there are many trendy shaved ice out there now虽然现在周围多了很多时髦的刨冰店this shop keeps the simple and traditional taste of Japanese shaved ice这间小店一直都保持着日本刨冰传统而朴素的味道Ishibashi-san cuts the ice just before it starts to melt giving it a soft cotton candy texture莲司奶奶将即将融化的冰打碎,使其变得绵软and then she puts different coats of sweeteners on top再淋上不同口味的甜味剂There are lots of flavours you can choose from and the price ranges from 500~1000yen有很多口味供你选择,价格在500到1000日元There were so many flavors to choose from and I couldn#39;t decide口味多到我不知选哪个好However, in the end I decided to go with the green tea flavour for 800yen但最后,我要了个800日元的抹茶刨冰and mannnnn did it taste good after a days work啊,工作一天之后吃上一杯刨冰岂不好and if you#39;re one of those people who love to take photos of your food before you eat如果你喜欢在吃东西前先拍照trust me, this is not one of those foods you should do it with相信我,千万别选这个because you#39;ll end up like me having to drink it and have green tea instead of shaved ice因为最后你会像我一样,不是在吃刨冰,而是在喝绿茶So, this was my first shaved ice for summer 2016这是我2016年夏天吃的第一个刨冰and I#39;m sure with the hotter weather coming up, I will be eating a lot more我相信天气会越来越热,我也会吃更多刨冰So, thank you for watching until the end of the and here is my previous about what not to wear in Japan最后,很感谢你一直看到最后,这是我关于在日本不能穿什么的视频So, I#39;m really glad some of you found it really helpful or enjoyed the 非常开心有人觉得它很有用,或者喜欢这个视频and it was nice to hear about some of the things you guys wear也很高兴听你们说你们穿什么I always enjoy ing the comments from you guys我也真的很喜欢看你们的So, feel free to leave me a comment down below or a request you would like to see me do希望你可以在视频下方,或者说说你希望我录什么样的视频So, thank you for watching and I will see you in my next 感谢收看,下次视频再见 Article/201707/516819Beneath these delusions of omnipotence, though,Richard remained neurotically insecure.在如此疯狂的严密保护下 理查神经质般地缺乏安全感On the merest suspicion of treason,he rashly condemned John of Gaunt#39;s son,Henry Bolingbroke, 仅仅是心存怀疑会遭到背叛 他仓促地宣判冈特的约翰的儿子 亨利·林布鲁克有罪to ten years in exile without even the pretence of a show trial.流放十年 甚至省略了装模作样的公审If such summary justice made the English nobility uneasy,what happened next left them stunned.这样的即决裁判令英格兰贵族惶恐不安 而接下来发生的事情则令他们目瞪口呆When John of Gaunt finally died,Richard decided to increase Bolingbroke#39;s sentence to banishment for life,冈特的约翰最终去世之时 理查决定将林布鲁克 由放逐加刑为死刑and seized the young Duke#39;s inheritance,the valuable Lancastrian estates,in the name of the Crown.以君主之名 剥夺了这位年轻公爵的继承遗产 以及兰开斯特家族的宝贵土地The magnates of England must have looked at this and said, He#39;s got to be stopped or it#39;s my turn next.英格兰的大人物们看到此番情景都说 必须要阻止他 否则下一个遭殃的就是我Richard was one blunder away from disaster.The final, fatal distraction was Ireland.理查即将铸成大错 最终 爱尔兰将他推向深渊He had decided to bring the Irish princes to heel,他决定远征爱尔兰 将其收入囊中but he took just enough soldiers to leave himself defenceless at home and not enough to cow the Irish nobles.但他带走的兵力 足以让自己的家园不堪一击 却不能撼动爱尔兰的贵族们And before he could finish his business there,he heard news that Henny Bolingbroke had landed with an army on the Yorkshire coast,还未解决爱尔兰的战事 他就听说亨利·林布鲁克 带领一军队在约克郡海岸登陆and the alienated English lords had flocked to his banner.被疏远的英格兰贵族都聚集在他的麾下By the time Richard returned,had landed with an army on the Yorkshire coast,of the southern and eastern heartland of England.待理查回国之时 林布鲁克已经占领了 英格兰南部和东部的中心地带 /201612/482028上海市仁济医院整形中心

上海腋臭如何治疗And I need just grab the hold of another vine to stop my self falling down into the abyss.然后我正好抓住另外一根藤蔓 以防我掉到深谷中去More luck than good judgement.我能踩上岩棚是侥幸多于精准判断In the Dominican Republic,I face another grueling challenge with jungle vines.在多明尼加共和国 我在丛林藤蔓中遇到了另一个挑战Man, it#39;s killing,killing on the arms,This time I plan to climb up them.天啊 真是痛苦 我的胳膊快不行了 这次我打算顺着藤蔓爬上去But that will invole a 180 foot of pain.但是这高达180尺 真是痛苦The main camera will film the climb from the bottom of the ravine.主摄像机会从谷底部向上拍摄I will take a small camera with me to record the action.我会带个小摄像机记录我的行动But loose wire and the extra weight,just added to the challenge,Within minutes,I know this was gonna be an epic.但是松散的线路和多于的重量 无疑给我带来更大的挑战 几分钟之后 我就知道这次攀爬史无前例My arms absolutely scremning hard.But they are just on proper fire.我的双臂啊 绝对在哭喊 整只手 像着火一样Inch by inch I drag myself and that camera out the vine.一点一点 我慢慢向上爬 还带着摄像机After an hour, I was near the top.历时一小时 我终于快到顶了Okay, it#39;s over the lap of the thing One very tired,Bear!我已越过崖顶 太累了 就是我In Alabama,blocked by 200 foot cliffs,the only way to reach the valley bottom was to desend a tree.在阿拉巴马 我被200英尺的峭壁阻碍 到达谷底的唯一途径就是从树上滑下去This time camera man Simon wants to follow me.这次摄像师西蒙要跟我一同行动It was all ropes man, Dave#39;s job to get him down safely.这是绳索专家戴夫的任务 让他安全着陆 Article/201606/448698上海仁济医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 上海市曙光医院胎记多少钱

长宁区手臂激光脱毛多少钱All those little rice grains are actually.Ohh! yow! I#39;m getting devoured here.这些小米粒似的东西 事实上 啊 我被咬了一大口Here you go, some larvae I#39;ve knocked off there.Good just to pick up and eat.拼命咬我 看 把蚁卵甩下来 再捡起来吃掉Pound for pound,the larvae contain more protein than beef.Grab a load.一磅蚁卵 所含蛋白质比一磅牛肉的还高 再来一口But I#39;d have to gather hundreds of them,and that would mean being eaten alive.但生吞几百团卵 才能凑够一磅It#39;s not worth persevering with this one.太麻烦了 半饱足矣Okay, that#39;ll do me. I#39;m out of here.Ahead of me, the ground starts to rise sharply.吃够了 走 前方山坡很是陡峭The jungle just tends to be riddled with these sort of gorges.丛林里这种溪谷特别多Now, they block your path,and trying to find a way across them is always a challenge.很碍事 总是挡路 想要凌空过河 很不容易It#39;s just sheer walls there and a lot of white water, as well.看那峭壁 下面急流白浪的Getting across this could save hours of traversing through thick, overgrown jungle.如果能够过河 就不用在林中摸索几小时了This is definitely, definitely an option.Have a look at this fella.爬树倒是不错 上来看看See, this tree probably goes at least halfway across the gorge,看 这棵树几乎横跨两岸but there#39;s a long way down that and onto rocks if something going wrong.Big branch reached across.不过这特别高 下面是急流岩石 掉下去就惨了 有根粗枝横架着How strong that is, I don#39;t know,but I#39;m normally getting better than this.Okay, let#39;s try this.不知道够不够坚韧 真是环境凶险 行 来吧 Article/201607/454490 Part 2 食之1:居家饮食英语口语900句文本下载 /200708/16696上海市仁济医院去痘多少钱上海玫瑰整形美容医院治疗疤痕好吗



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