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上海祛痘医院得洪性范交通大学医学院附属儿童医学中心做丰胸手术价格费用The US has warned Russia that it will soon suffer casualties from its “misguidedmilitary intervention in Syria, as Nato stepped up support for Turkey in its stand-off with Moscow.美国警告俄罗斯称,俄将很快因其在叙利亚展开的“错误”军事干预而遭受伤亡。目前,北约(Nato)在土耳其与俄的对峙中加大了对土的持。Speaking after a meeting of Nato defence ministers in Brussels, Ashton Carter, US defence secretary, urged Moscow not to escalate its military presence in Syria and spoke out against violations of Turkish air space and other “unprofessional behaviourby Russian forces.在与北约各国国防部长于布鲁塞尔举行会晤后发表讲话时,美国国防部长阿什顿愠Ashton Carter)敦促俄不要升级在叙利亚的军事存在,并对俄军侵犯土耳其领空的行为及其他“不专业的行为”表示了公开反对。“This will have consequences for Russia itself, which is rightfully fearful of attacks upon Russia,said Mr Carter. “And I also expect that in coming days, the Russians will begin to suffer casualties in Syria.”“这将给俄自身带来后果,它担心自身会遭到攻击,有这种想法是正常的,”卡特表示,“此外我还预期,未来几天俄将开始在叙利亚遭受伤亡。”Russia’s dramatic intervention in the Syrian conflict topped the agenda at Thursday’s defence ministers meeting. Russia on Wednesday mounted its heaviest bombing operation in Syria to date, launching 26 long-range cruise missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea at rebel forces in Syria. Russian ground attack aircraft based at Latakia also struck targets across the country.俄对叙利亚冲突展开的大规模干预是周四北约国防部长会议的首要议题。周三,俄在叙发动了迄今最为猛烈的轰炸行动,从里海上的军舰向叙反政府武装发射了26枚远程巡航导弹。拉塔基Latakia)基地的俄对地攻击机还袭击了叙利亚各地的多个目标。Russian aircraft twice violated Turkish airspace this week, angering Ankara and pitching Nato into another dangerous stand-off with the Kremlin. Nato officials say the violations were deliberate. Moscow has insisted they were navigational errors.俄飞机本周两次侵犯土耳其领空,这不但激怒了土耳其,还令北约与俄陷入又一场危险的对峙中。北约官员表示,俄是故意侵犯土耳其领空。莫斯科方面则坚称是导航失误导致的。Russia has carefully couched its intervention as an operation aimed at destroying the terror organisation Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra, an affiliate of al-Qaeda.俄煞费苦心地把其对叙展开的干预描述为旨在摧毁恐怖组织“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)及基地组al-Qaeda)分Jabhat al-Nusra的行动。However, Washington and its allies whose own campaign against Isis has entered its second year insist Moscow’s activities are designed to shore up the regime of Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president.然而,美国及其盟友(它们一方发起的打击ISIS的行动已进入第二个年头)坚称,俄方的行动是为了撑叙利亚总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)的政权。Russia’s bombing on Wednesday was co-ordinated with a new ground offensive from the Assad regime against rebel targets, many of them moderate forces aligned with the US, supported by Iran-backed militias.俄周三展开的轰炸是与阿萨德政权发动的打击反政府武装的新地面攻势协调进行的。Western military officials and diplomats have watched with growing concern as Russia has increased the size of its forces in Syria. Michael Fallon, the UK defence secretary, said: “Russia is making a very serious situation in Syria much more dangerous随着俄扩大在叙军事存在,西方军事官员和外交官员越发感到担忧。英国国防大臣迈克尔法伦(Michael Fallon)表示:“俄正在大幅加大叙利亚严峻局势的危险性。”Speaking on Wednesday, Douglas Lute, US ambassador to Nato, said reinforcements in the past week meant Russia had around 1,000 troops in the country and advanced ground weaponry at Latakia.美国驻北约大使道格拉斯戠Douglas Lute)周三发表讲话时表示,过去一周俄在叙利亚增强了军力,该国在叙已部署了000名军事人员,在拉塔基亚部署了先进的地面武器。来 /201510/402738宝山区中西医结合医院玻尿酸价格费用 President Barack Obama has admitted that his failure to pass ;common sense gun safety laws; in the US is the greatest frustration of his presidency。奥巴马总统承认未能在美国通过“常识性安全法”,是任职期间遭受的最大挫折。In an interview with the B, Mr Obama said it was ;distressing; not to have made progress on the issue ;even in the face of repeated mass killings;.He vowed to keep trying, but the B’s editor Jon Sopel said the president did not sound very confident。接受B采访时,奥巴马表示,“尽管反复出现击事件”,但未能作出改变,因此感到“沮丧”。他发誓表示将继续尝试,但B编辑Jon Sopel表示,听起来,奥巴马并不自信。However, Mr Obama said race relations had improved during his presidency. But with just 18 months left in power, he said gun control was the area where he has been ;most frustrated and most stymied; since coming to power in .但奥巴马总统表示在任期间,种族关系得到了改善。奥巴马的任期还8个月,他表示009年当权以来,的管控是“受到阻碍”最多的一个领域;If you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it’s less than 100. If you look at the number that have been killed by gun violence, it’s in the tens of thousands,; Mr Obama said. ;For us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing.; 。“自9.11恐怖袭击之后,因恐怖袭击受害的美国人不00人。但有成千上万人死于暴力。”奥巴马说道。“但我们解决不了这个问题,这着实让人苦恼。”Mr Obama has pushed for stricter gun control throughout his presidency but has been unable to secure any significant changes to the laws。奥巴马任职期间一直努力实行更加严格的管控,但并没有能对相关法律作出实质性的改变。President Obama seemed very confident and very relaxed, as if he felt things were starting to go his way .After the midterm elections, Mr Obama looked as if he was walking around with a very heavy weight on his back, feeling very frustrated。之前,奥巴马总统很自信也很放松,仿佛事情开始按照他的期望发展。但中期选举之后,奥巴马肩上似乎扛起了重担,倍感失意。But since then he’s had the diplomatic deal with Cuba, the nuclear agreement with Iran, an Asian trade deal and several other successes. Suddenly, he has a spring in his step. He feels like he’s achieving quite a lot at the moment and he still has ambitions to achieve an awful lot more。但自此之后,奥巴马先后与古巴签订外交协议,与伊朗签订核计划协议,与亚洲签订贸易协议并取得其他若干成就。突然间,奥巴马的脚步轻松起来。他感觉此刻取得的成就甚多,他仍然是雄心壮志,期待取得更多成就。On race relations, Mr Obama said recent concerns around mass incarcerations were ;deserve intense attention; but insisted progress had been made。就种族关系来说,奥巴马表示与大规模囚禁相关的问题值得引起“广泛关注”,但他坚持表示已经取得了进展。Children growing up during the eight years of his presidency ;will have a different view of race relations in this country.;在奥巴马8年任期中成长起来的孩子,“会对种族关系有不同的认识。”Mr Obama was speaking to the B at the White House before departing for Kenya. Talking about how he was feeling after his recent successes, he said ;every president, every leader has strengths and weaknesses;. ;One of my strengths is I have a pretty even temperament. I don’t get too high when it’s high and I don’t get too low when it’s low,; he said。奥巴马出访肯尼亚之前在白宫接受了B的采访。谈到对最近取得的成功的看法时,奥巴马表示:“每个领导者都有优势和不足。”“我的一个优势是,我拥有平和的心态。情况好时不骄傲;情况差时不气馁。”来 /201507/387928MOSCOW Russia has deported several Polish and one German diplomat in recent days, the latest in a series of tit-for-tat expulsions that have come along with mounting tensions between Russia and European governments over the crisis in Ukraine.莫斯科——近日,俄罗斯驱逐了几名波兰外交官和一名德国外交官,这是一系列针锋相对的驱逐事件中最近的一起。之所以会采取这种举动,是因为俄罗斯与欧洲国家的关系,因为乌克兰危机而变得日益紧张。The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that ;a number of Polish diplomats; were being sent home in retaliation for the ;unfriendly and unfounded; expulsion of Russian diplomats from Poland this month.俄罗斯外交部周一宣布,“一些波兰外交官”将被遣送回国,以回敬波兰本月对俄罗斯外交官“不友好且无根据”的驱逐。Separately, the German government said on Monday that one of its diplomats had been asked to leave Russia in what it called a ;retaliatory measure,; confirming a report in Der Spiegel over the weekend.德国政府周一单独表示,一名德国外交官被要求离开俄罗斯,德方称这是“报复性举措”。德国政府的这一表态印了《明镜》杂Der Spiegel)周末的一篇报道。Czarek Sokolowski/Associated Press俄罗斯驻华沙大使馆,摄于周一。俄罗斯与波兰官方确认,两国相互驱逐了对方的外交官。Relations between Russia and the West are at their worst since the Cold War, despite the tentative cease-fire between the Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraines southeast. Fighting has continued to simmer there, and each side has accused the other of repeatedly violating the agreement.俄罗斯与西方的关系进入了冷战以来最糟糕的状态,尽管乌克兰政府与乌克兰东南部的亲俄分裂分子已初步达成停火协议。当地的战斗仍难平息,双方都指责对方多次违反协议。Meanwhile, Western governments have imposed sanctions on Russia for its seizure of Crimea and its support for the rebels, and Moscow has retaliated with import bans on some Western products.同时,因为俄罗斯夺取克里米亚并持反叛分子,西方政府对其实施了制裁;作为回应,莫斯科也开始禁止进口一些西方产品。The rhetorical temperature has been rising. President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine said in an interview with the German newspaper Bild that though Ukraine prefers peace, it is ;prepared for a scenario of total war.;双方的措辞也变得日益激烈。乌克兰总统彼得罗·O·波罗申科(Petro O. Poroshenko)在接受德国报纸《图片报Bild)的采访时说,虽然乌克兰更希望和平,但它“已经为爆发全面战争做好了准备”。For his part, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia told the German television station ARD in an interview released on Sunday that he was concerned about ;ethnic cleansings; in Ukraine and the possibility that the country could become ;a neo-Nazi state.; He said that Russia would not allow Ukraine ;to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents,; suggesting that the Russian military could carry on more covert incursions into eastern Ukraine.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)则在周日播出的一则采访中,告诉德国电视台ARD,他对乌克兰的“民族清洗”和乌克兰变为“一个新纳粹国家”的可能性感到担心。他表示,俄罗斯决不允许乌克兰“消灭那里的所有人,他们所有的政敌和对手”,这表明俄罗斯军方将对乌克兰东部发动更多隐蔽的进攻行动。Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany warned in a speech in Sydney, Australia, on Monday that the mounting frictions could have grave consequences.周一,德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)在澳大利亚悉尼的演讲中警告称,不断升级的擦可能会带来严重后果。Stressing the importance of learning the lessons from the world wars that devastated the Continent, Ms. Merkel said that ;old-fashioned thinking in spheres of influence, where international rights are being trampled, cannot continue.;默克尔强调,各国必须从世界大战中汲取教训,称“关注势力范围的旧式思维,即国际权利遭到践踏的局面,不能再继续下去”。According to a copy of her speech released by her office in Berlin, Ms. Merkel noted that ;there are still powers in Europe that refuse reciprocal respect and conflict resolution through democratic means that follow the rule of the law, that count on the alleged right of the strong and disregard the strength of the law.; She added, ;This is exactly what happened at the beginning of the year, when Russia annexed Crimea in violation of international law.;根据默克尔在柏林的办公室所发布的演讲稿,默克尔指出,“欧洲仍有些大国拒绝互相尊重,拒绝通过符合法治原则的民主途径来解决冲突,而是依赖于强国所宣称的权利,不尊重法律权威。”她接着说,“今年年初的情况正是如此,当时俄罗斯违反国际法,吞并了克里米亚。”Ms. Merkel lamented the damage that had been done to ;the friendship that has been established between Russia and Germany in the past 10 to 15 years,; relations that she said were ;a good foundation for the development of relations, not only between our two states, but also between Russia and Europe as a whole.;默克尔对“俄罗斯与德国在过去105年里建立的友谊”受到破坏感到惋惜,她形容这种友谊“为发展两国关系,以及俄罗斯与欧洲的关系,奠定了良好的基础”;It will be a pity if we let it go to waste,; she said.她说,“如果白白糟蹋这种友谊,那会很可惜。”European Union foreign ministers decided on Monday to broaden the unions sanctions against individual leaders of the pro-Russian rebellion, but did not adopt any new economic sanctions against Russia.欧盟各国外长周一决定,扩大欧盟对个别亲俄叛乱领袖的制裁范围,但没有对俄罗斯实施新的经济制裁。The diplomatic expulsions have often come with direct or veiled accusations of spying.上述驱逐外交官的举动,通常伴有直接或含蓄的间谍指控。The Russian Foreign Ministry statement about the Polish diplomats on Monday said they were being deported ;for activity incompatible with their status.; It did not give specifics about the expelled diplomats, but an official in the Polish Foreign Ministry said they were three military attaches and one employee in the embassys political section.俄罗斯外交部周一就驱逐波兰外交官一事发表声明称,这些外交官因为“一些不符合他们身份的行为”遭到驱逐。声明没有提到这些外交官的详细情况,但波兰外交部的一名官员表示,遭到驱逐的是三名武官和使馆政治处的一名官员。The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity under the ministrys rules, said Poland had expelled equivalent people from the Russian embassy in Warsaw several weeks ago. ;We expected Russians to respond in exactly the same manner, and so they did,the official said. ;As far as we are concerned, the case is closed.;这名官员表示,波兰在几周前驱逐了俄罗斯驻华沙大使馆的四名官员。“我们预料到俄罗斯人会以同样的方式回应,他们的确这么做了,”该官员说。“就我们而言,事件已经结束。”根据外交部的规定,这名官员要求匿名。Poland deported the four Russian diplomats in connection with the arrests of a Polish Army officer and a Russian-born lawyer. Marek Biernacki, Polands minister of justice, said both men were spies for the Main Intelligence Directorate, Russias largest foreign intelligence agency.波兰逮捕了一名波兰军官及一名生于俄罗斯的律师,驱逐四名俄罗斯外交官的举动与此事相关。波兰司法部长马雷克·别尔纳茨Marek Biernacki)表示,被捕的两人都是俄罗斯总参谋部情报总局(Main Intelligence Directorate)的间谍,该机构是俄罗斯最大的对外情报机构。The German case was similar. The report in Der Spiegel said Germany had expelled a Russian diplomat for spying while stationed at the Russian consulate in Bonn, prompting the Russians to send a German diplomat home.德国驱逐事件的情况与此相似。德囀?明镜》杂志报道,德国因为一名俄罗斯外交官在俄罗斯驻波恩领事馆任职期间从事间谍活动而将其驱逐,促使俄罗斯将一名德国外交官遣送回囀?;We deeply regret this unjustified action, and have made this clear to the Russian government,; said a German government official who did not give his name, in keeping with policy regarding sensitive diplomatic issues. He declined to give any further information.一名德国政府官员表示,“我们对这种不正当的行动深感遗憾,并已经向俄罗斯政府阐明这一态度。”根据涉及敏感外交问题的政策,这名官员要求匿名。他拒绝透露更多信息。Russia has leveled spying accusations of its own. On Saturday, a report on Russian state television claimed that Aleksejs Holostovs, a former member of the Latvian Parliament, had been expelled from Russia. In the report, Mr. Holostovs said he was sent to Russia to spy for Latvias intelligence services, which he said were controlled by the C.I.A.俄罗斯也提出了间谍指控。周六,俄罗斯国家电视台报道称,前拉脱维亚国会议员阿列克谢耶斯·霍洛斯托夫斯(Aleksejs Holostovs)被驱逐出俄罗斯。霍洛斯托夫斯在报道中表示,他被派到俄罗斯,是为拉脱维亚情报机构开展间谍活动,他称该情报机构受美国中央情报局(CIA)控制。Russia has also claimed to have arrested an Estonian intelligence officer, Eston Kohver, on Russian soil carrying ,000 in cash and a Taurus pistol. Estonia has said that Russian agents crossed the border under the cover of smoke grenades and electronic jamming to abduct Mr. Kohver.俄罗斯还声称,在俄罗斯境内逮捕了一名爱沙尼亚情报官员伊斯顿·科瓦Eston Kohver)。科瓦尔携带着6000美元(约.7万元人民币)现金和一把金牛座(Taurus)手。爱沙尼亚表示,俄罗斯情报人员在烟雾弹和电子干扰的掩护下,越过边境劫走了科瓦尔。来 /201411/343221上海市宝山区中西医结合医院脱毛手术多少钱

奉贤区奉城医院激光祛痘价格费用Samra Kesinovic, 17, and her friend Sabina Selimovic became poster girls for ISIS after they arrived in Syria in April 2014.17岁的Samra Kesinovic和她的朋友Sabina Selimovic014月到达叙利亚后,便成为IS的“模特”。A number of Austrian newspapers have reported that Samra has been beaten to death for attempting to leave Raqqa, although official government sources are refusing to comment on individual cases.很多奥地利报纸已经报道Samra试图离开拉卡而被殴打致死,尽管官方政府拒绝对个人案件作出。According to The Local, one newspaper es a Tunisian woman who lived with Samra and Sabina in Raqqa. The Tunisian woman, who was not named in the report, said she was able to escape from ISIS.根据地方新闻,报道援引一名曾与Samra和Sabina在拉卡同住的突尼斯妇女。这位没有被报道名字的突尼斯妇女说她庆幸能够逃离出IS。Earlier this year, a ed Nations official says one of the two Austrian girls who fled their middle class homes in Vienna earlier this year to fight in Syria has definitely died in the conflict.今年年初,一名联合国官员曾说,这两名叙利亚航班上来自维也纳中产阶级家庭的女孩中已确定有一人在叙利亚境内的冲突中死亡。They first went to the Turkish capital Ankara by plane, and then on into the southern Turkish region of Adana. After that, their tracks were lost.据悉,两名女孩首先乘飞机从维也纳飞往土耳其首都安卡拉,然后去往了土耳其南部的阿达纳。在这之后,她们两人双双失踪。But they appeared on social networking sites branding Kalashnikov rifles and surrounded by armed men - photos which Austrian police said acted as recruitment posters for young girls.当她们的形象再次出现在社交网站上时,她们都手握卡拉什尼科夫自动步,周围簇拥着全副武装的男子。奥地利警方认为,这张照片是IS为吸引更多年轻女孩而拍摄的。David Scharia, a senior Israeli expert of the ed Nations Security Councils Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTED) said: We received information just recently about two 15-year-old girls, of Bosnian origin, who left Austria, where they had been living in recent years; and everyone, the families and the intelligence services of the two countries, is looking for them.联合国安全理事会反恐怖主义委员会(反恐执行局)的以色列高级专家David Scharia表示:“我们曾经收到过有关这两名有着波斯尼亚血统的15岁女孩的消息,她们离开了近几年生活的奥地利,她们的家庭以及国家的情报部门都在寻找她们。”He added: Both were recruited by Islamic State. One was killed in the fighting in Syria, the other has disappeared.他还补充道:“她们都是被IS招募的,但是现在她们其中一个已经在叙利亚的冲突中身亡,另一人也不知所踪。His confirmation comes three months after the Austrian government said it had informed both sets of parents of the girls that one of them might have been killed.而在他发言3个月前,奥地利政府表示,两名女孩其中一人的父母之一也可能已经被杀害。An Islamic preacher from Bosnia living in Vienna, Mirsad O., known by the Islamic name of Ebu Tejma, was allegedly responsible for the radicalization of the two young girls. Authorities say he brainwashed them into joining the jihad. He denies this.一名住在维也纳的来自波斯尼亚的伊斯兰“传教者”Mirsad O.(其伊斯兰名字为“Ebu Tejma”)被认为是诱导这两名女孩加入IS的罪魁祸首。官方认为,他曾为两个女孩洗脑以使其加入异教,而他否认这一说法。Mirsad O. was arrested for his role in an alleged terrorist funding network based in Austria in November.十一月他因涉嫌资助宣传以奥地利为基地的恐怖主义网站而被逮捕。来 /201511/412383上海长海医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 Despite strong opposition from China, the Obama administration authorized a .83 billion weapons sale to Taiwan Wednesday, marking the first U.S. arms shipment to the island in four years.奥巴马政府不顾中国的强烈反对,于周三授权了一8.3亿的对台军售,这是四年来第一次美对台的军火运输。Consisting almost exclusively of defensive weapons, the military package includes two U.S. Navy guided Oliver Hazard Perry class missile frigates, amphibious assault vehicles, and anti-aircraft and anti-ship systems, according to David McKeeby, a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of States Bureau of Political-Military Affairs.根据美国国防部发言人大卫·柯比的话,美国这次对台军售几乎全是防御性武器,包括两艘美国海军使用的奥利弗·哈泽德·佩里级导弹护卫舰,两栖突击车,以及防空和反舰系统;U.S. arms sales to Taiwan are guided by the Taiwan Relations Act and based on an assessment of Taiwans defense needs,; McKeeby said.“美国此次对台军售是以台湾关系法为指导的,这个决定完全是基于台湾的防御需求。”柯比说;Our longstanding policy on arms sales to Taiwan has been consistent across six different U.S. administrations,; he added. ;We believe our consistent policy has contributed to the security of Taiwan, and has also supported the maintenance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.;“我们对台湾军售的长期政策已经在6任总统的任期内得到执行,”他说道。“我们相信售武行动将加强台湾安全以及维持台湾海峡地区的和平和稳定。”China, which views Taiwan as part of its indivisible territory, has consistently opposed U.S.-Taiwan weapons sales and reiterated that stance Wednesday, summoning Deputy Mission Chief Kaye Lee of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, according to a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.根据中国外交部的公开声明,中国将台湾视为其不可分割的领土,对美国对台军售表示强烈反对。并且于周三召见了美国驻华使馆临时代办李凯安,重申了立场。The statement from Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang called the deal ;a serious violation of international laws as well as Chinas territory and security interest.;中国外交部副部长郑泽光在声明中称这场军售“严重违反国际法和国际关系基本准则,严重损害中国主权和安全利益”;To safeguard our national interests, China has decided to take necessary measures, including imposing sanctions against the companies involved in the arms sale,; Zheng said, according to state news agency Xinhua.根据新华社报道,郑泽光说:“为了维护国家利益,中方决定采取必要措施,包括对参与此次美方向台湾出售武器的企业实施制裁。”来 /201512/416814上海曙光医院西院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

上海哪里去疤好Amsterdam (AFP) - Faced with anincreasingly segregated education system, Dutch immigrant children have takento the streets of their ethnically mixed Amsterdam neighbourhood seeking;white; pupils to attend their schools and help their integration.阿姆斯特丹(法新社)——由于隔离教育的不断加剧,荷兰移民小孩走上种族混杂的阿姆斯特丹社区的街道,试图通过这种方式寻找白人同学加入他们学校,从而帮助他们融合。Around 100 schoolchildren Arabs, Turks,Africans, Moroccans accompanied by their parents and teache rs, woreprovocative dazzling white T-shirts emblazoned with ;Is this white enoughfor you?;.大约00名小学生——阿拉伯人,土耳其非洲人和洛哥人;在父母和老师的陪伴下穿着具有挑畔性的耀眼的白T恤,衣上的文字是“这对你来说够白了吗?”Dutch native Annelies, 10, and immigrantsdaughter Aminata, 11, have been friends since kindergarten and are also wearingthe shirts, which have ;All children have the right to integrateMwritten on the back.10岁的荷兰本地人Annelies1岁的移民小孩Aminata自幼儿园起就是朋友,他们也穿上了白T恤,衣背面的文字是“所有孩子都具有融合的权利”。They ;want more white children in theschool to learn about each others cultures,; said Aminata, her smilingface framed by dangling African braids during Fridays protest.他们;想要学校里有更多的白人学生,从而相互学习批次的文化;Aminata说道,在周五的抗议活动中,她面带微笑,系着一条非洲式的辫子;Its important for later,; saidthe blonde-haired Annelies. ;When were grown upwe will have to deal with different cultures, we should aly start learningto live together.;;这对以后是非常重要的;金发的Annelies如此说道;当我们长大时,我们还是得面对不同的文化,所以我们现在就应该学习如何生活在一起;;At the moment theres only one boy inour class who is 100 percent Dutch, although we live in a mixed neighbourhood,its ridiculous,; she said.;目前在我们的课堂里只有一个男生是百分百的荷兰人,尽管我们住在一个种族混扎的社区里,所以这是很荒谬的,;她说。来 /201505/376772 上海褐青色痣多少钱闵行区中心医院做双眼皮价格费用




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