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When youre fishing in water teeming with predators,youre never gonna be the fastest hunter.在与掠食者竞速的垂钓过程中 你永远占不了上风Theres a fish on the line, but not for long.有条鱼上钩了 可好景不长Wow. Look at that head.Trying to take the fish off.瞧那脑袋 想把鱼夺走Thats one battle I dont mind letting him win.我不介意让它赢得这场战役Man, did you see the size of that?Okay.伙计 看见它那庞大的身躯了吗 好吧Tell you what,my nerves are gonna be a wreck at the end of this trip.告诉你吧 等这趟冒险结束 我估计就要神经衰弱了Hes pretty delighted now.它正偷着乐呢Ive been rafting in the crocodile-infested floodplains of Australias northern territory,我正乘筏穿越澳大利亚北部地区 一片鳄鱼出没的漫滩but the waterway has just reached a dead end.但水路走到了尽头Its looking like the end of the road for this raft.这个筏子的使命貌似要结束了Getting loads shallower, again, here.Its looking properly dry ahead there.又到了浅滩 看起来前面的路都很干了We want to keep heading that way.Lets ditch the raft, go on foot again.我们要继续朝那个方向走 丢掉筏子 继续跑路Theres a croc skull.Try and get this out.这有个鳄鱼头骨 把这家伙弄出来Man, look at the size of that.Man, look at those teeth.瞧啊 多大一个脑袋啊 瞧这牙齿If that came down on you,they say its the same force as a truck landing on top of you.要是它扑上来 那咬力就如同被一辆卡车碾过Take you, death-roll you,and then literally just rip you limb from limb.Bad way to go.咬住人后 它会拼命地拉扯 然后将你撕成碎片 一命呜呼了201701/488566原味人文风情:The Zika virus could sp to four million people this year. So what is it? It was discovered in Uganda in the 1940s, then detected in a few other places over the years. It broke out in the Americas and the Caribbean in 2015. Zika is transmitted through a particular species of mosquito that lives mostly in tropical regions. That includes parts of the U.S.寨卡病毒今年可能会扩散到四百万人身上。所以寨卡病毒是什么?它在1940年代于乌干达发现,接着几年来在其它几个地方被检测到。寨卡病毒在2015年于美洲和加勒比海地区爆发。寨卡病毒是透过一种大多生存在热带地区的特殊品种蚊子传播。那包含美国的一些地方。There was evidence that the virus could be transmitted through other means too. Zika has been linked to paralysis and birth defects. Brazil has seen a spike in babies born with a certain kind of brain damage. Officials are now warning pregnant women not to travel to places where theres an active Zika outbreak.有据显示这病毒也可能会透过其他方式传播。寨卡病毒被和瘫痪及先天缺陷作连结。巴西已经发现有某种脑部受损的新生儿数量大幅增加。官方目前正警告怀妇女不要到寨卡病毒正在流行的地方旅游。Generally though, Zika symptoms are mild, and most people infected dont notice anything. There is no treatment for the virus, and officials say finding a vaccine could take up to a decade.然而一般来说,寨卡病毒的症状很轻微,而大多数受感染的人什么都不会注意到。这种病毒并无治疗方法,而官方表示要找到疫苗可能会花上长达十年的时间。201605/444651

You tell your friend that the claims hes making are pretty absurd你告诉朋友他的观点很荒唐and that he has no evidence for them whatsoever.而且也没什么据。Instead of addressing the issue, he tells you that if they were so absurd,他并没有就这个问题做相应的解释,反而告诉你,如果这些观点是荒唐的,1.6 billion other people wouldnt believe in them.那其他16亿人口就不会相信了。Congratulations, youve unfortunately just been served argumentum ad populum.恭喜,你很不幸的受到了群众思维的影响。Apparently just because 1.6 billion people believe in something, it must be true.显然,仅仅是因为16亿人相信某事,那就一定是真的吗。According to the same logic, the world must have been flat a few thousand years ago根据相同的逻辑,在几千年以前这个世界一定是平的,而不是圆的since a lot of people believed in that too.因为很多人都相信它是平的。Your friend tells you that her grandma only ate carrots her whole life and she lived to be a 109 years old.朋友告诉你,她的奶奶一生只食用胡萝卜,并活了109岁。You tell her, ;Okay, cool. Good for her.; But she’s not content with that.你说,“那太好了。”但是她并仅仅满足于你这种赞美。She wants you to only eat carrots as well.她想让你也只吃胡萝卜。If her grandma had such great results, youll surely have great results as well.如果她的奶奶有个如此美好的结局,那么你也会是一样。You tell her that you look at evidence through scientific studies你告诉她通过科学研究你看到了据,involving large sample sizes for what is ideal to eat but she doesnt understand.这些研究包含了很多理想膳食的样本,但是她不明白。In her world, smoking is beneficial since theres a 109-year-old smoker somewhere in the world right now without lung cancer.在她的世界里,吸烟是有益的,因为在世界上的某个地方有个109岁的烟民,他并没有患肺癌。A friend of yours tells you that he started using this new soap一个朋友告诉你他开始用新的肥皂了and his acne have been getting much better.而且他的痤疮得到了有效的缓解。You realize that that might very well be true, but youre also skeptical.你觉得这可能是非常真实的,但你仍然有所怀疑。You share this with him and he gets mad. What do you mean?你分享了你的想法,他不乐意了。你什么意思?He knows for a fact that ever since he started using this soap his acne have been getting better.他只知道一个事实,那就是自从他用来这种肥皂他的痤疮变好了。You tell him that yes, while that could be true, it could also be because were getting more sun now cause its the summer.你告诉他是的,这有可能是对的,但是也有可能是因为夏天到了,天气变热He changed his diet a little while ago, and that also might be affecting it.他不久前刚刚调整了饮食,这也有可能对他的痤疮产生影响。He also got a new job and might be less stressed. You bring up all these points他也换了一份压力不太大的新工作。你罗列出这些观点and tell him that even though the soap could be legit, you cant really say for sure.并告诉他,尽管肥皂有那个功效,你也不能说的太绝对。Hes still mad. He doesnt understand that correlation does not prove causation,他依然很生气。他不明白关联性并不能明因果性,especially with his impressive sample size of 1.尤其是在只有他这一个样例的前提下。Your friend tells you that he loves the thought of being massaged by the spaghetti monster and his tentacles for eternity.朋友告诉你他喜欢让意大利面飞行怪永远给他的这个想法You ask him if he has a reason to believe in something like that.你问他,他是不是有什么理由来相信这种类似的想法。He tells you that its so consoling to him.他告诉你这让他觉得很安慰。What is your alternative? You die and then there might be nothing?你有什么选择呢?你能去死然后装作什么都没发生吗?All you can tell him is, ;I don’t know?;你所能告诉他的就是“我不知道?”That kind of uncertainty sounds terrible and isnt very consoling,那种不确定听起来很可怕,一点也不让人欣慰,therefore the whole spaghetti monster gently caressing you for eternity thing must be true.因此飞行怪永久给你的事情是真的。A friend of yours tells you that Zeus exists and that he is the one true God.朋友告诉你宙斯是真实存在的并且是真神。You ask him if he has any reason to make that claim or if theres any way he can prove that statement.你问他有什么理由得出这个结论,又或者是他怎样可以明这个陈述。He laughs at you and tells you, ;Well, how about you prove that he doesnt exist.;他蔑视一笑并问你,“你怎么能够明他不存在呢。”You tell him you cant do that,你告诉他你不能明他不存在,just like you cant disprove that there isnt a teapot orbiting somewhere around the sun right now就像是,你根本没法明围绕太阳运行的茶壶是不存在的一样,even though we would never just assume that a teapot like that existed.尽管我们从来不会去假设有那种茶壶的存在。He laughs again and says, ;See...You cant disprove it therefore Zeus exists.;他又笑道,“瞧…你反驳不了,因此宙斯是存在的。”You want to bring up the point again that the burden of proof lies on the person making the claim你想再次表明举责任是由声明人承担的,but at this point you hopefully realize that youre not really going anywhere with this但此时你要意识到你这么做毫无意义,and perhaps have an even more important realization that you really need some less shitty friends.可能你更需要意识到的是你真的需要一些高情商的朋友。201706/514040

North Korea says it successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time.朝鲜称首次成功发射一枚洲际弹道导弹。The launch was just a test — the 11th one conducted by North Korea this year, at least that we know of. And the timing of it likely wasnt an accident.这次发射仅仅是一次试验,是今年朝鲜进行的第十一次试验,至少我们知道的。时间可能不是意外。The order to launch the missile reportedly came from Kim Jong-un on the eve of July 4, or Independence Day in the U.S.据报道,金正恩发射导弹的命令来自于7月4日前夕,即美国独立日。Officials are still trying to determine if the missile was indeed an ICBM. But some analysts say it had the range to strike Alaska.官员们仍在试图确定导弹是否确实是洲际弹道导弹。但一些分析家表示,它的射程可以袭击阿拉斯加。The test came despite repeated warnings from the U.S., Japan and China. China, an ally of North Korea, has been under intense pressure to crack down on its neighbor in the east.试验一再遭到美国,日本和中国的警告。中国作为朝鲜的同盟国,一直以来面对巨大压力制裁朝鲜。U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted hours after the launch, asking if Kim Jong-un has ;anything better to do.;发射后数小时,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普发推特,询问金正恩是否有“更好的事情要做”。Trump also suggested China should come down on the country and end the ;nonsense.;特朗普还建议,中国应该惩罚朝鲜,结束“无意义的废话”。译文属。201707/516460

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