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China#39;s gravitational wave research project ;Tianqin; is looking for global researchers and offering annual salaries of up to 1 million yuan (3,000).我国引力波研究工程;天琴计划;正在全球招募研究人员,并为这些人员提供了年薪达到100万元(折合15万3千美元)的待遇。The research fields include gravitational theories, space gravitational experiments, and high precision detecting.研究领域包括引力理论、空间引力实验和精密测量技术。The project hopes to recruit advanced overseas professionals, young overseas talents, professors (including the Yangtze River Scholar Professors), associate professors, instructors, researchers and postdoctor fellows.该工程希望能招募到包括海外专业人才、海外高层次青年人才、教授(含长江学者特聘教授)、副教授、讲师、研究员和士后。Team leaders in five areas, including drag-free control and lunar laser ranging, are to have annual salaries of between 500,000 to 1 million yuan.包括无拖曳控制技术、月球激光测距技术等五个领域招聘团队负责人,年薪达到50万-100万人民币Tianqin was initiated by Sun Yat-sen University at its Zhuhai campus in July 2015. With an estimated cost of 15 billion yuan, Tianqin will be carried out in four stages over the next 15 to 20 years, ultimately launching three high-orbit satellites to detect the waves.2015年7月,中山大学珠海分校正式启动了“天琴计划”,据估计该项目研究成本达到了150亿元,并且在接下来的15到20年分四阶段实施,最终发射三颗地球高轨卫星进行引力波探测。The project will soon start construction of a number of facilities, including an observatory and a laboratory on Fenghuang Mountain in Zhuhai City.据悉,该项目马上将会开始一些设施的建设,其中就包括珠海市凤凰山的天文台和实验室。Luo Jun, president of Sun Yat-sen University and the initiator of Tianqin, said the project has allied with several domestic universities and institutes, and has also begun cooperating with international researchers, including core members of LIGO.中山大学的校长、天琴计划的带头人罗俊表示,该项目已经与国内几所大学和研究所结盟,并且已经和包括LIGO核心人员在内的众多国际科研人员展开了合作。 /201603/428866Oxford Dictionaries #39;Word Of The Year#39; Is . . . An Emoji?“笑哭”表情符成牛津词典“年度词汇”We all know that life without emojis, (the small digital icons that we use ad nauseam) would be extremely boring. Hence, it is only fitting that the editors of the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary chose - The emoji with the tears of joy as its #39;Word of the Year#39; for 2015.我们都清楚,如果生活中少了这些表情符号的调味,会变得多么无聊。那么词典界的权威——《牛津词典》的编写者把“哭笑”表情加入2015“年度词汇”这件事,就显得合情合理了。The company that announced its unusual word choice on November 16th said that it was picked over several other traditional contenders. Among them were #39;refugee#39;, #39;sharing economy#39; and #39;on fleek#39;. However, it was this simple emoji that resonated with the editors because it appeared to best describe the ;ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015.;11月16日,《牛津词典》对外公布了其对这个在其他传统竞争者中杀出重围的非传统词汇的选择。 而那些传统词汇包括:“#39;refugee(难民)”、“sharing economy(股份制经济)”和“fleek(连连)”。然而也正是这个简单的表情符号引起了编写者们的共鸣,因为它最好的体现了2015年的社会思潮、人们的心情和关注点。They also thought that this was a good year to pay homage to the emoji. For though they have been around since the late 1990#39;s, the use of the digital icons and the word that describes them, has escalated sharply this year. Besides, emojis are now used by people of all ages, not just teenagers.他们也觉得今年是关注表情符号的时候了。虽然这些电子表情符号在90年代末就出现了,但今年才开始在世界迅速范围火起来。除此之外,表情符号现在为各年龄段人群所使用,并不限于年轻人。Also, though the word stems from the Japanese language - e (picture), moji (character or letter), the digital icons can be understood by everyone regardless of the language they speak. Hence it only makes sense to acknowledge their importance to global communication.虽然这个词起源于日语,e(日语中“图片”词汇的发音),moji(日语中“文字或字母”的发言),这个表情符号却为各种语言的人群所理解和喜爱。那么现在把它的重要性上升到全球高度就不足为奇了。As to how they selected from the thousands of emojis that are available? The company says that they partnered with a leading mobile technology company SwiftKey to determine the most popular emoji. Turns out that #39;tears of joy#39; is the most used icon. According to SwiftKey, made up 17% of all emojis used in the U.S. A and an astounding 20% in the ed Kingdom!编写者们为何从上千个表情符号中选中了“哭笑”表情呢?《牛津词典》表示,他们是和电信公司领军者SwiftKey公司合作,一起进行了筛选,最终发现“哭笑”表情最受欢迎。据SwiftKey公司称,在美国所有的表情中该表情使用率为17%, 在英国则有20%之多。Though this is the first time the Oxford University Press has selected an image for its #39;word of the year#39;, it is not the first time they have tried to incorporate modern lingo into their 150-year-old publication. In 2013, in recognition of the growing popularity of self-portraits, the editors selected #39;selfie,#39; for the #39;Word of the Year#39;!虽然发行150年之久的《牛津词典》出版社第一次评选一个表情为“年度词汇”,但这并非他们第一次尝试在词典中加入潮词。早在2013年,“自拍”大幅流行之时,编写者们就把“Selfie(自拍照)”这个词选为了“年度词汇”。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/413366From the people who brought you sexy Olaf the snowman and sexy Mickey Mouse, comes a new addition to the list of racy Halloween costumes that make you cringe a little bit: sexy Donald Trump.继性感版的雪宝奥利弗套装和米奇套装之后,这个让人有点难为情的性感版万圣节套装排行榜上又多了一员:性感川普套装。Risque online costume and lingerie shop Yandy.com is selling a limited-edition outfit called the ;Donna T. Rumpshaker,; for .95. That price includes a white sleeveless collared shirt, red tie, royal blue faux blazer and matching ;booty shorts.;专门售卖性感套装和女士内衣的网站“美国买家”新推出一款名为;Donna T. Rumpshaker; 限量版套装,售价69.95美金,其中包括一件白色无袖翻领衬衫、红色领带、宝蓝色的人造革夹克和一条配套的超短紧身裤。For an additional .95, shoppers can also purchase the matching ;Making America Great Hat,; and for .95, the ;Comb Over Politician Wig.;另外,与之配套的还有标有“让美国再度强大”口号的帽子和“政治家地区援中央的假发套”,这两件物品需要另外购买,售价分别为7.95美金和9.95美金。According to a survey released by the National Retail Federation last Monday, political costumes tied for 10th place in its annual top costume list for adults (though this likely wasn#39;t what they had in mind).上周一,美国零售联合会发布的一项调查显示,成人套装年度最火排行榜中,政界套装排名第十(虽然这很可能颇为出人意料)。;As we#39;ve seen for several years, Hollywood and pop culture both have a tremendous impact on how adults and their children decide to dress the part each Halloween, and it#39;s evident some of the biggest newsmakers of the year will be out in full force this fall,; NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.“据我们多年的观察,好莱坞电影和流行文化很大程度上影响了大人和孩子们如何选择万圣节套装。今秋,很多年度新闻人物形象也将会在万圣节套装中亮相。”美国零售联合会的会长和首席执行官马修·肖表示。Also new to Yandy this year: The ;Miss Cartoon Cutie Costume,; a sexed-up take on Charlie Brown#39;s yellow and black shirt and shorts, and the ;Underwater Best Friend Costume,; which bears a suggestive resemblance to Spongebob Squarepants#39; best friend Patrick.今年“美国买家”网站还新推出了以查理·布朗的黑黄相间的T恤短裤为原型的性感“卡通甜心”套装,以及令人联想到海绵宝宝的好朋友派大星的“水下好朋友”套装。The Donald Trump costume isn#39;t the only outfit stirring up controversy. A take on Caitlyn Jenner#39;s Vanity Faircover caused social media backlash more than two months before the holiday.川普套装并非唯一引发争议的套装。今年万圣节前两个月,一套以凯特琳·詹纳《名利场》封面造型为原型的装曾一度在社交媒体上受到强烈抗议。 /201509/401419

Australians are addicted to credit cards and have racked up the biggest ever debt on plastic at more than billion. And the alarming new statistics released by the Reserve Bank of Australia found our record credit card blowout is far from slowing down.据报道,澳大利亚人似乎对使用信用卡上瘾。据统计,该国人民信用卡债务已超过520亿澳元,打破了记录。此外,据澳大利亚储备发布的最新数据显示,信用卡债务完全没有要减少的迹象。The latest jump was fuelled by shoppers overspending at Christmas after they accumulated a record high on plastic for the month of December by plonking billion onto credit.最近的债务飙升是因为消费者在圣诞节期间过度消费而造成的,仅在12月这一个月内,澳洲人的信用卡债务就达到了280亿澳元。Yellow Brick Road spokeswoman Lyndsey Douglas said the soaring national credit card debt was directly ;linked to growing household spending pressures.; ;Credit cards are a convenient tool but they shouldn#39;t be used as long-term debt or for living expenses.; she said.Yellow Brick Road的女发言人Lyndsey Douglas表示,全国信用卡债务飙升与不断增大的家庭出压力有直接的关系。她说:“信用卡是一种很方便的工具,但是不应该用作长期债务或者用于生活出。”Some cards attract interest rates higher than 20 per cent for customers so for those who fail to pay off their card in full they will pay a hefty price. Financial comparison website spokeswoman Sally Tindall said while the overall debt on cards was a concern she warned people to avoid getting trapped in a ;debt cycle.;据悉,有些信用卡向客户收取高于20%的利息,所以那些不能全额还款的人们将为此付出昂贵的代价。金融对比网站的女发言人Sally Tindall表示。在对信用卡总债务堪忧的同时,她也警告人们要避免陷入“债务循环”。;We are relying on credit cards more and more and that#39;s OK if you are paying it off in full. However the amount on cards accruing interest is down from a high of about billion to about .1 billion.;“我们越来越依赖信用卡,如果你可以还清卡债的话,这当然没有问题。但是卡产生利息的金额已经从大约370亿降到了321亿。”On a 00 card debt with an average interest rate of about 18 per cent, by making the minimum monthly repayments it would cost a customer more than ,100 in interest and take them 33 years to pay off.如果一个用户有五千澳元的卡债,平均利率为18%,每月按最低金额还款,总利息将超过17100澳元,要花33年时间才能还清。 /201602/426898

Recent research compare the sedentary behaviour to smoking, warning it could slash years from your lifespan. Now, researchers at the University of Texas, have added their weight to the argument. They found standing for up to six hours a day, can cut fat levels by a third.长久稳坐不动同吸烟一样严重危害身体健康,近期美国得克萨斯大学的一项研究表明,久坐不动易导致肥胖,但是减肥也并没有那么困难,每天“罚站”6小时,便可能掉肉1/3,自愿“罚站”瘦得快!Being upright, rather than slumped at your desk, in front of the TV or on the train to work, for one quarter of the day is linked to a 32 percent decrease in the chance of becoming obese.研究发现,站着乘地铁、看电视、上班加起来超过6小时,发胖几率可降低32%。They found that among men, standing a quarter of the time was linked to a 32 percent reduced likelihood of obesity (body fat percentage). Standing half the time was associated with a 59 percent reduced likelihood of obesity. But standing more than three-quarters of the time was not associated with a lower risk of obesity.在对7000多位成年人的站立习惯、体质指数、体脂率和腰围进行调查后,美国专家发现,男性每天站立6小时,发胖机率降低32%,站12个小时,发胖几率不到40%,但是久站和久坐都伤身,每天站超过18小时并不会降低发胖风险。In women, standing a quarter, half, and three quarters of the time was associated with 35 percent, 47 percent, and 57 percent respective reductions in the likelihood of waist size. The US scientists looked at the standing habits of more than 7,000 adults and compared their body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and waist size.女性站立6小时,12小时、18小时发胖机率分别降低35%,47%和57%,腰部也会因此变细。 /201511/408348

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