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I am so happy to meet you,they showed me this several days ago能见到你太开心了 前几天有人给我看了这个视频And I was like,please,can we have him on the show,can I meet him.我当时就是说 可以请他上节目吗 我可以采访他吗What an inspiring story that is.Okay.So take us to that day,the accident,What were you doing and what cause this多么让人振奋的故事啊 给我们讲讲事故当天的事吧 当时你在做什么 怎么发生的Oh,first may I thank you,Its so good to be here.You know how excited I am.Thanks a lot,Its excited to have you首先 十分感谢 能来这里太棒了 我真的是非常激动 很高兴你能来Yeah,It was about eight years ago that I was coaching at Silver Star,there freestyle club there大约八年前 当时我在银之星俱乐部做教练 那是一个自由式滑雪俱乐部And ended up doing a speed check,about 3 quarter of the way up the end run to this big jump那次做速度检测 导致了过高的跳跃Its like,I dont know,12 feet tall and 15 feet back from the landing hill大概有三米半高 距离着陆点四米And that wasnt enough speed from where I had assumed would be good,so I went to the very top开始速度不够 没有达到我的预期 所以我从最高点开始滑And felt like I was going a bit fast when I started,but I thought,you know maybe as I got down to the transition and off the jump,Speed would be right而且起步有点儿快了 但我想 到了过渡坡的时候再跳 速度应该刚好But ended up overshooting the landing hill,over-rotating the trick可最终跳得太远了 做技巧翻过头了How high were you about,like?They told me about 10 stories.Ten stories in the air?Ten stories当时跳了有多高 大概十层楼吧 在空中十层楼 十层楼那么高How many stories,I dont know,what youre supposed to be when you do that trick,eight,four stories我不知道几层 正常情况下应该跳多高 八层还是四层楼那么高You should be two or three stories to the landing hill and I just took it way too far 应该是两到三层楼 当时跳得实在太高了and missed the landing hill completely,landing in the flats at the bottom完全飞出了着陆的区域 落到了山底的平地Wow,ok,so you knew when you were in the air,uh,oh right?Thats when you realize是不是在空中的时候你就发觉 啊哦 糟了No,I realize in the transition.It was uh,oh,when I was in the air,It was like oh,no.还在过渡的时候就发现了 心里啊哦一下 等到了空中 我觉得 哦 死定了 /201609/465155According to research conducted at the University of Colorado, living in low-income neighborhoods puts young people at a higher risk of obesity.根据科罗拉多大学的研究,生活在低收入地区的年轻人有更高患肥胖的风险。Dr. Adam Lippert, an assistant professor at Colorado University in Denver says The research demonstrates that the long-term residential experiences of teenagers can affect their life-long health.丹佛科罗拉多大学助理教授亚当士称,研究表明青少年长期居住的经历会影响他们的终身健康。Researchers examined census data for 12,164 adolescents in grades 7 through 12, who were then followed for 13 years.研究人员考察了12164名7至12岁青少年的人口普查数据,他们随后被观察13年。The data showed adolescents living in poorer neighborhoods were more likely to be obese, or to become obese, than those living in higher-income areas. 数据显示,相比于生活在收入高的地区,生活在贫困地区的青少年更可能肥胖,或变得肥胖。Even just moving to low-income neighborhoods was shown to increase the risk.甚至仅仅是移居到低收入地区都会增加风险。Over longer periods of time spent living in destitute areas, the researchers saw a correlation between a lack of exercise amenities, healthy food sources and increased stress with the higher risk for obesity.在贫困地区度过的时间越长,研究人员发现缺乏锻炼设施、健康的食物来源以及增加的压力与高肥胖风险的相关性。译文属。201603/431773

the only thing she said is can you wrap the ceremony before the Deal or not Deal,cause someone wins a million.他给的唯一建议就是在“一掷千金”节目前结束婚礼 因为有人赢了一百万So we had to rush it.所以我们得匆忙的完成婚礼So when the ceremony was over,we all went to the patio for dinner.在婚礼结束后 我们去后花园用了餐and this was the table setting.这是我们的餐桌摆设and theres my mamas did the calligraphy for the plate settings,and这是我妈妈为餐桌设计的书法we started with the small salade and we grazed on those flowers.我们的首道菜就是小盘沙拉 吃完后直接就食用那些花and then we had a cake from the Sweet Lady Jane that is beautiful beautiful cake,之后我们切Sweet Lady Jane蛋糕店的结婚蛋糕 蛋糕非常非常好看according to the tradition,you are supposed to keep top part of the cake for your one year anniversary.按照传统 人们应该保留蛋糕最顶端那一层用于结婚周年庆but it was delicious,so we didnt leave any但这蛋糕非常美味以至于我们吃得一点不剩but also according to tradition,you are supposed to offer slices to the guests,而且按照传统 我们应该把蛋糕分成块 分发给大家we didnt know that ahead of time但我们之前不知道 所以and then the day was amazing and it was exhausting though那天真的非常开心 但是也累人this is us actually in the middle of the day这张照片呢 当时是在中午taking a little cat nap,just against each others我们两个靠着彼此的前额打了个小炖了thats how to go sleeps,against each others forhead,and I that.我们就这样睡着了 前额靠前额 我觉得是这样的we passde it off like we were doing our first slow dance,thats what I thought.我觉得我们像是在跳我们的第一曲慢舞actually that was our first dance and I wanna share my second dance with you all.实际上 那真的是我们的第一舞 现在我想跟你们一起分享我的第二舞 /201607/456856

The Next IdeaSix years ago, an IT solutions provider outsourced their New Jersey jobs to ... Detroit. GalaxE.Solutions initiated their ;Outsource to Detroit; campaign to encourage new technology workers to come to the Motor City.Now, IT companies in the city are searching for every candidate they can. Ryan Hoyle, vice president of talent and business solutions for GalaxE.Solutions, said jobs continue to go unfilled.;Detroit started to really have that turnaround,; Hoyle told Stateside. ;Weve exhausted the population of qualified IT resources.;Hoyle is teaming up with area companies to train new workers with ExperienceIT, an eight-week program that aims to teach the skills that arent taught in a traditional classroom setting. Hoyle said over 90 percent of the last two cohorts landed jobs with the companies who gave them the experience they needed.Among the companies in the partnership are DTE Energy, Titlesource and Quicken Loans. Hoyle describes the relationship between each company as a ;co-ompetition.; After participants complete the training program, the companies look to hire new IT workers like Chandra Floyd, who described herself as having ;nerdy inclinations; that showed at her former job as a special events manager for a Detroit venue.;I was the designated person around the office to help troubleshoot things,; Floyd shared on Stateside. ;Eventually, I became the system administrator for one of the databases. And I realized I absolutely loved it.;But even though she found that love for IT, Floyd knew she lacked the experience to get into a full-time job. Thats when she found ExperienceIT and submitted an application for the program. She received her acceptance notice and resigned three days later from the job she had for 11-years.Today, she works for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and tests software quality before it goes into the market.Heres a clip of Floyd talking about how the program helped her:;Take the leap and do it,; Floyd encouraged prospective IT workers. ;What I saw in Experience IT … was something I needed in my life.;Hoyle hopes that ExperienceIT can expand in the future to train more people like Floyd, and to continue filling the citys growing IT job market.;This is really a passion project for us. We are companies who have invested in Detroit, and we understand that we need to be part of this economic turnaround,; said Hoyle.GUESTSRyan Hoyle is the vice president of talent and business development for GalaxE.Solutions, one of the seven companies behind ExperienceIT.Chandra Floyd is a graduate of ExperienceIT. She now works for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.201606/449804Well, youre gonna love those whirlpool washer and dryers.你们都会爱上惠而浦·迪卡普里奥洗衣烘干机的I called them Cabrio but they are Cabrio.我说成了可普里奥 应该是卡布里奥But you are gonna love them. And, Congratulations.你们会爱上它们的 再次恭喜你们And thats just a...We received countless tweets,emails and calls about our next guest.这只是...我们收到了无数的推特 电子邮件 和电话 都是关于下一位嘉宾的She is a fearless seventeen-year-old battling brain cancer.她是一名坚强的十七岁少女 无畏地对抗脑瘤I wanted to meet her. So Courtney Wagner.Come on down.我想见见她 考特尼·瓦格纳 上台来吧Hey, Courtney. Oh my God.This must be not real.Hi Courtney Hey How are you doing?I am doing very well. - Yeah.嘿 考特尼 我的天哪 这不是真的 考特尼 你好 你好...你现在怎么样 非常好 -是吧 So- I am here on your show, so I am.那么-我真的上了你的节目了I know you thought you were just coming to the show.It must feel really really good.我知道你一直很想上我的节目 一定感觉很棒吧Because you have so many people campaigning.因为有这么多人持你上节目We started seeing all these hash tags,and all these people writing signs and wanting you to be on the show.有很多人在推特上;话题;你 大家都在写推 希望你上我的节目That must make you feel good.这一定感觉很棒Yeah, I was um, I was a little surprising to see you like a thousand of people liked my moms page that she created it.是的 没错 能见到你我很激动 好像有一千人 赞了我妈妈做的主页Then they are just,They are all just amazing trying to get me here, and they...他们就是...他们太棒了 他们想尽办法让我来到这里And they did it.They did it. We saw. - Yeah.I cant believe I am here.他们做到了 他们做到了 我们都看见了 是啊 不敢相信我真的来了 /201510/402923Journalism in America美国新闻业Digital resurrection数字复兴Some moderately good news in the news industry新闻业的好消息IN FEBRUARY Vice, a media firm that caters to youngsters who like their news with a dollop of sass and hip-hop, toured the opulent residence of the ousted president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, and posted the online. “It looks like a weird dictatorship theme park,” the sardonic reporter told the camera. A new report by the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, finds that a third of Americans now watch news s online, about as many as say they watch news on cable television. Among those aged 18-29, around half do.传媒公司Vice迎合年轻人的口味播报充满狂言妄语的新闻及嘻哈音乐。今年二月,该传媒公司的记者参观了已被罢黜的乌克兰总统亚努科维奇豪宅并将视频传到了网上。“这个地方就像一个怪异的独裁主题公园”记者颇具讽刺性地对着摄像机说道。智库皮尤研究中心最近发表了一个新的报告,该报道显示近三分之一的美国人在网上看视频新闻,约近乎三分之一的人称他们在有线电视上看新闻。在那些18-29岁的年轻人中,近一半的人在网上看新闻。In years past Pews “State of the News Media” reports have been sombre, chronicling the evisceration of jobs and the gutting of news budgets. This year, however, Pew sounded more optimistic, pointing to the slew of digital-news services, such as Vices online news channel, that have sprung up recently. Around 5,000 full-time jobs have been created at 468 digital-news firms, according to Pew. Many online-news firms have hired high-profile journalists away from big publications, such as the New York Times and Washington Post, and are launching bureaus around the world (although not nearly as many as have been shuttered by newspapers).在过去的几年,皮尤中心有关“新闻媒体的状况”的报告都是阴郁的,长久以来都是老生常谈的就业问题和新预算。但是今年,皮尤似乎更为乐观,指出数字新闻务局势的回转,比如说Vice在线新闻频道,最近如雨后春笋一般冒出来。根据皮尤的数据,468家数字新闻公司已经创造了近5000个全职岗位。许多在线新闻公司从大型出版社挖墙脚,雇了许多高知名度的记者,如纽约时报级华盛顿邮报,并在全球广设分局(尽管并非很多由于纸质新闻业而惨遭关闭)。Digital news firms used to do little besides rehashing traditional newspapersstories. Now they are starting to feature more original articles. Last year Business Insider, a business-news site, ran a profile of Marissa Mayer, the boss of Yahoo. At 23,000 words, it was as long as a novella. “Online you can afford to do that. In a magazine youd go broke,” says Henry Blodget, the boss of Business Insider. Buzz Feed, which used to be known for casting out “click bait” online, now claims around 170 full-time staff, including a Pulitzer-prize winner, Mark Schoofs, who has been hired to run a new investigative team.数字新闻公司过去除了重复传统新闻报纸的故事之外很少写自己的东西。而现在他们正开始创作更多原创的文章。去年,商业新闻网站“财经内幕”就写了一篇文章概述雅虎的老板玛丽莎·梅耶尔,该文章字数达到2.3万,已然是一部中篇小说了。“你可以在网上这么做,若是在杂志上你就直接破产了”,该杂志的老板亨利·布洛杰特声称。Buzz Feed,曾经因网上清楚“点击诱惑”而闻名,现拥有约170名全职员工,其中包括普利策奖获奖者Mark Schoofs,他目前负责一个新闻调查组。Lower costs explain why so many digital news firms, like Silicon Valley start-ups, are launching today. Ken Doctor, a newspaper analyst, reckons it costs as little as m to start a “credible” digital news offering. Financiers and philanthropists are investing in news: eBay founder Pierre Omidyar put 0m into a new non-profit, First Look Media. All this has injected hope into a beleaguered industry. Last month Marc Andreessen, a venture capitalist, predicted that journalism may “be entering into a new golden age” and that the news industry would grow ten- or a hundredfold.低成本运行解释了为什么现在如此之多的新闻公司就像硅谷的暴发户一般地崛起。新闻分析人肯·多科特回想当时打造可靠的数字新闻产品仅需500万美元。现在金融家和慈善家都在投资新闻:易趣网创始人皮尔斯·奥米戴尔投资了2,5亿元运营一个新的非盈利网站First Look Media。所有的这些为这个四面楚歌的行业注入了一缕希望。上个月,风险资本家Andreessen预测新闻业将“进入一个新的黄金期”并且新闻业的利润将增长十倍甚至百倍。Journalism is at least becoming more participatory. Pew finds that around half of social-media users share news articles or s, and comment on them. Around 7% of American adults have posted their own news to a social network, or submitted one to an established news site. Interactive features are doing particularly well. Last year the New York Timess most popular “article” was a quiz in which people could test whether they spoke more like a Los Angeleno or a Louisianan.至少现在新闻业变得越来越具参与度了。皮尤研究中心发现近乎一半的社交媒介用户分享新闻视频和文章并且在上面发表。约7%的美国成年人将他们自己的新闻视频传到社交网站,或转交至已存在的新闻网站。交互式的特写做的尤其出色。去年,纽约时报最受欢迎的文章是一个小测试,通过该测试人们可以知道他们的口音是更像洛杉矶人还是更像路易斯安娜人。Some positive news is welcome, but newsrooms continue to bleed jobs (see chart). The rise of digital-media firms has done little to restore local news coverage, which has suffered with the closure of many local papers. Digital-news firmslong-form narratives and investigative journalism may grab attention, but they are unlikely to compensate for projects that will never take place again in old newsrooms because of budgetary woes.积极的新闻总是受欢迎的,但是新闻编辑室持续削减全职编辑(见图)。数字媒体公司的崛起为重建本地新闻报道做的事少之又少,当地许多报刊倒闭。数字新闻公司长篇的叙事手法以及调查性新闻或许能吸引读者的眼球,但是他们依然不能弥补那些由于预算困难而不再恢复其在新闻编辑室的位置。Facebook users may be ing news, but they spend on average only a minute and a half on a news site each month if they come from Facebook, about a third of the time that visitors spend if they go to a newspapers site directly. And digital may be growing, but its advertising only accounts for around 10% of all digital ad revenues, and viewing growth has slowed. Even television news is not having an easy time. In 2013 the three big cable news channels—CNN, Fox and MSN—lost around 11% of their combined audience during prime-time. The news industry today resembles Newtons third law of motion, says Amy Mitchell, Pews director of journalism research: for every action, there is an equally strong reaction. The momentum might have shifted online, but gravity is still pulling everyone down to earth.脸谱网的用户或许在读新闻,但是如果消息来自脸谱网,他们平均一个月花一分半钟看新闻,若他们直接进入新闻网网页,访客花费的时间约占三分之一。数字视频或有增长,但是其广告收入仅占所有数字广告收入的10%,并且据观察增长已放缓。即便是电视新闻日子也不好过。2013年,三大新闻频道,美国有线新闻网、福克斯和微软全国有线广播电视新闻公司黄金时间流失了约11%的共同观众。今天的新闻业与牛顿的第三运动定律很像,皮尤新闻调查中心的主任Amy Mitchell如是道,每一步都会有同等强烈的反应。新闻业的发展势头或许已经转向了网络,但是重力作用依然在将人们往地上拽。译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201601/424176

Eastern Ukraine乌克兰东部Fighting on坚持战斗As the battle continues and the death toll mounts, the West imposes more sanctions战争持续,伤亡增多,西方国家加强制裁THE two presidents could not have offered a greater contrast. Announcing new sanctions against Russia on July 16th, Americas Barack Obama a prepared statement and took no questions. Minutes later, Russias Vladimir Putin staged an off-the-cuff press conference in Brazil to assail the sanctions legitimacy. He let emotion take hold, reaching a crescendo during a riff about the “tears of mothers, widows and orphans” in Ukraine.两位总统都无法达成更好的协议。7月16日美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马宣读了准备好了的声明,宣布对俄罗斯的新制裁并不回应任何问题。几分钟之后,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京在巴西举行了即席记者招待会来质疑制裁的合法性。他在说到乌克兰“母亲、遗孀和孤儿的眼泪”等反复出现的字节时被情绪影响,音量逐渐加强。The new sanctions come at a crucial juncture in Ukraines war. The death toll, both civilian and military, is rising as the fighting creeps into Donetsk and Luhansk, eastern Ukraines two biggest cities. Russia has not stopped its support for rebel forces, and has even ramped up equipment transfers following the fall of rebel-held Sloviansk two weeks ago. Kiev has implicated Moscow in the recent downing of two Ukrainian military aircraft. After an air strike demolished an apartment block in the city of Snizhne on July 15th, Ukrainian officials called it a Russian provocation, saying none of their planes took off that day. That would imply Russia sending a jet more than 20 kilometres (12 miles) across the border to bomb a residential neighbourhood and poison opinion against Kiev, a cynical notion even for Mr Putin. But to blame Ukraine is to accept that the countrys armed forces are dangerously incompetent or stunningly cruel. Neither version suggests the conflict will abate soon.新的制裁正好出现在乌克兰战争的关键点上。平民和军方的死亡总人数因为乌克兰东部两个最大的城市顿涅茨克和卢汉斯克战火蔓延而不断增加。俄罗斯并没有停止对乌克兰叛军的持,甚至在两周前叛军控制的斯洛伐克沦陷后,将转让的装备提升了。基辅因最近两家乌克兰军用飞机的坠毁与莫斯科纠缠不清。在7月15日一架飞机撞毁了一栋位于斯尼日内的公寓楼后,乌克兰官方称之为俄罗斯的挑衅,并称乌克兰的飞机在那天均没有起飞。这就意味着俄罗斯派遣了一架飞机越过边境线至少20千米(约合12里),向邻国住宅区投放炮弹,并且刻意抹黑基辅,这即使对普京来讲也过于愤世嫉俗。但是怪罪乌克兰就是承认这个国家的武装力量过于不称职或者惊人的残忍。不论是哪个版本的说法都表明矛盾不会很快结束。The main targets of the new sanctions are two prominent banks (Vneshekonombank and Gazprombank ) and two energy firms (Novatek and Rosneft). The sanctions do not yet cut the companies off from international business or block their assets. Instead, they restrict access to American debt and equity markets, barring loans of more than 90 days maturity. Eight defence firms, a few individuals and a Crimean shipping firm face more traditional asset freezes. The European Union has promised to follow suit, with the names of “entities and persons” affected to be released shortly.新制裁的主要目标是两个主要的(Vneshekonombank和 Gazprombank)和两个能源公司(Novatek和Rosneft)。但制裁并没有切断这些公司与国际商务的关系,也没有冻结它们的资产。相反,它们只是限制进入美国债券和股票市场,禁止借贷超过90天的贷款。八家防务公司,少数个体公司和一家克里米亚半岛的船运公司面临着更加传统的资产冻结问题。欧盟承诺也会跟着美国做,取名为“实体与个人”并且会很快产生影响。The sanctions effect will depend on whether Mr Putin finds that another blow to his countrys wobbly economy hurts more than one to his pride. So far he has bridled, saying the decision would have a “boomerang effect” and that American-Russian relations were being driven to a “dead end”. In any case the fighting in eastern Ukraine has taken on a momentum beyond his control. Kievs “anti-terrorist operation” is alienating locals. Since the fighting began three months ago, 478 civilians killed, and 1,392 have been wounded. The anger on the ground may be creating conditions for what Alexander Golts, an independent Moscow-based defence analyst, calls “a long partisan war”.制裁的效果取决于普京能否对俄罗斯摇摇欲坠的经济伤害甚于对他本人骄傲的打击。到目前为止他对此表示不屑一顾,并称决议将会产生“回旋效果”,并且美俄关系将会进入“死胡同”。无论如何乌克兰东部的战争已经超出它的控制范围了。基辅的“反恐作战”正使当地人疏远。自从3个月前战争开始,478名平民死亡,1392名平民受伤。现场的愤怒可能会将情形变为莫斯科国防分析师亚历山大·高斯所说的“长期党派战争”。The rebels attitude is “victory or death”. At one militias base on the edge of Donetsk, where shelling has ravaged residential areas, three weary soldiers take cover in a bomb shelter. “People dont fully comprehend what is happening,” says one, referring to stunned locals who peek out of their windows when they hear the sounds of battle. He might have been speaking of the outside world. At another base, away from the fighting, few think it will stop soon. “Its not fucked up,” says Maksim, giving a soldiers assessment. “Its completely fucked up.” A brawny ex-paratrooper, he once served in the same Ukrainian army he now fights against. He promises to stand till the end.叛军的态度是“不成功便成仁”。在一个民兵组织驻扎的顿涅茨克的边境,那里的炮击已经摧毁了居民区,3名疲惫不堪的士兵躲在一个防空洞里。“人们并不能完全明白繁盛了什么。”一名士兵说道,指的是震惊的当地人在听到战争的声音时还透过窗子偷看。他或许一直都在说外面的世界。在另一个远离战争的基地中,几乎没人认为这会很快结束。“这还没到一团糟的地步。”马克西姆在给一位士兵做评估时说。“这已经是一团糟了。”一位强壮的前任伞兵说,他曾役于他现在攻击的同一乌克兰军队。他保不到最后一刻绝不倒下。译者:邵夏沁 校对:邵灵玲译文属译生译世 /201508/390198Are we alone?And it ties into all the big questions: how do we get here? where are we going?Are we a part of a bigger picture?我们是否孤单这个问题又涉及到其他大的疑问,比如我们来自何方,又要去到哪里?我们是不是一幅更大画面的一部分?But for the longest time ,the question was taboo to science.但很长一段时间,这个问题却是科学研究的禁忌。Before the Mid-1990s ,it was considered somewhat embarassing to even address the question, because looking for alien life seems a little frighteningly close to science fiction.在20世纪90年代中期前,即使是谈论这类问题都被认为是很难堪的,因为寻找外星生命听起来很吓人好像科幻一样。For decades ,the farthest we got in looking for aliens was imagining them on the silver screen.(What is your name?) After all,alien life needs a hull, and we havnt even find a planet outside our own solar system.几十年以来,我们在探索外星生命之上,最多就是在银屏上想象他们的样子,你叫什么名字?毕竟外星生命需要一个家,而我们还未在太阳系外找到一个行星。Scientists in fact never talked about planets around other stars. There is no way to detect them.科学家们实际上从不谈论围绕其他恒星的行星,因为没办法侦测到它们。And so it was one of those domains of science that you couldnt answer and therefore you didnt talk about it.所以这是一个我们回答不了的科学领域,以致于我们就不会去谈论它了。Then in 1995, a stronomer discovered a planet orbiting a star 50 light-years from earth. And since then they found hundreds more.在1995年,一个天文学家发现了一个距离地球55光年围绕恒星运转的行星,从那之后,天文学家们又发现了数百个。For the first time, in human history ,we realized that our sun with its 8 major planets that go around,it is just one type of a planetary system ,one example of billlions.这是人类历史上首次我们发现我们的有8个主行星围绕的太阳只是几百万个行星系统中的一种形式。These discoveries are exciting ,but dont expect to dial up ET on these planets anytime soon.这些发现着实令人兴奋,但别对很快就会发现外星人抱太大希望。Well ,its been a spectacular ride in the last decade to find these planets,most of them are giant planets.过去几十年对行星的寻找真的是很惊人,他们多数都是大行星。Most of the worlds we found are gas giants which probably couldnt support life.我们大多找到的是不太有可能持生命的巨大的气体星球。You cant stand on pneumas ,no hard surface,they are large balls of hydrogen and helium gas like Jupiter and Saturn.你不能站在那些星球上,因为那里没有坚固的地面,它们都是由氢气,氦气等组成的大气球,比如木星和土星就是这样。We have found a few rocky planets with hard surfaces ,but they are many times more massive than earth,and contain the most hostile environments you could ever imagine.我们虽然找到了一些有地面的岩石行星,但它们比地球大很多倍,并且上面的条件恶劣到你无法想象。One such planet, CoRoT-7b,orbits so close to its star that surface temperatures reach as high as 3000 degrees.Sunlights here does not bring the sound of birds song,instead its an Armageddon of volcanic explosions.例如CoRoT-7b,它与自己的太阳如此之近以致星球表面温度高达炙热的华氏3000度,这里的阳光带来的不是优美的鸟鸣,而是巨大的火山爆发。 译文属201512/416601

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