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新华网北京2月20日电 综合新华社驻新加坡、马德里记者报道:美国东部时间2月18日,美方不顾中方强烈反对,执意安排总统奥巴马会见达赖喇嘛。海外一些华侨华人纷纷谴责美国政府这一严重损害两国关系的行为,并指出达赖挟洋自重的行径必将惨遭失败。 Some overseas Chinese have criticized US President Barack Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama in Washington on Thursday. They say splitting Tibet from China is the Dalai Lama's real intention for the meeting.Du Ping is a Singaporean expert on international relations. He told Xinhua news agency the Dalai Lama has made a point of meeting Western political leaders. Du says the real intention is to keep the "Tibetan issue" in the news, raise funds and seek more room to maneuver.Du says without support from the West, the Dalai Lama's personal influence will be greatly weakened.He also says the meetings between successive US presidents and the Dalai Lama lack international moral basis and common sense.Criticism has also been launched in an open letter to the US Embassy in Madrid. Representatives of more than 20 ethnic Chinese organizations in Spain say the Dalai Lama has never ceased his activities to split China since fleeing abroad in 1959.The letter urges people in Western countries not to be misled by the Dalai Lama, nor to fail to see through his real motive of secession.201002/96925US House Adjourns as Democrats, Republicans Feud Over Health Care, Other Measures 众院休会 两党就医保等分歧严重 Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress engaged in procedural battles and traded allegations on Wednesday as lawmakers attempted to conclude work on legislative priorities near the end of the congressional session. Senate Republicans used procedural tactics to delay Democrat's efforts to move toward a vote on health care reform, while House lawmakers approved a defense bill and a job creation measure amid partisan bickering over responsibility for the U.S. economic situation.星期三,美国国会议员试图在议会会期结束之前完成对一些当务之急法案的审议工作,民主共和两党议员打程序战,并且互相指控。参议院共和党人试图利用程序手段来拖延民主党试图尽快对医保法案投票的努力。在就谁该对美国经济现状负责的争论中,众议院通过了一项国防出法案以及一项增加就业机会的法案。In a day of frenetic activity before it formally adjourned for the year, the House approved the last of 12 government spending bills for the 2010 fiscal year that began last October.众议院在今年正式休会之前,度过了紧张的一天,通过了2010财政年度12项政府出议案的最后部分。2010财政年度由今年10月份开始。The 6-billion defense appropriations measure includes 8 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Senate began considering the bill late on Wednesday before adjourning.这个高达6360亿美元的国防拨款中,有1280亿用于伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争。参议院星期三晚些时候在休会之前就此议案开始审议。Congress will have to approve more money for Afghanistan in the new year, estimated at between billion and billion, to support President Obama's 30,000 U.S. troop surge. As part of a package of bills, the House also approved a 4 billion measure aimed at easing the difficult U.S employment picture by creating new transportation and other infrastructure jobs, providing more financial aid to U.S. states and local governments and expanding unemployment benefits.作为成套议案的一部分,众议院也通过了一项总值1540亿美元用于缓解美国就业困难的议案。其中包括创造新的交通和其他基础设施建设工作,为州政府和地方政府提供更多的财政援助,以及扩大失业救济。Debate on this and other matters was marked by complaints from the Republican opposition about what they call out-of-control spending by Democrats and President Obama. Republican Jeb Hensarling of Texas:关于这个议案及其他问题的争论,一个特点是,共和党抱怨民主党和奥巴马总统的出失控了。来自德克萨斯州的共和党议员贺萨林说:"You cannot spend your way into more jobs, you cannot borrow your way into more jobs, you cannot bailout your way into more jobs," said Jeb Hensarling. "That is not the recipe."“你不能花钱来买工作,你不能借钱来买工作,你也不能靠救济来创造工作。这根本就不是解决办法。”12/92582Dear Annie: My girlfriend and I have been together for three years. When we first started dating, "Mary" unexpectedly became pregnant and we now have a beautiful child who is our life's joy. I would like to ask Mary to become my wife. Here's the problem: Money is pretty tight with a toddler, so buying an expensive engagement ring will be difficult. Is cubic zirconium worth looking into? I thought I'd get a nice-looking CZ ring and, when things settle down, maybe replace it with a real diamond. 我和女友在一起已经3年了,当我面刚开始约会时,"Mary"意外地怀了,我们现在有了一个漂亮的小孩,孩子给我们生活带来了很多乐趣。我想向Mary求婚。问题在于:要养一个小孩钱很拮据,所以买一个昂贵的订婚戒指是很难的。能考虑买铝合金戒指吗?我愿想买一个漂亮的铝合金戒指,当事情定下来后,用真的砖石戒指来替换。My initial thought is to be upfront with Mary and tell her. Do you think that's a good idea? We have a joint checking account, so she'll know all about my purchases. Is there a good way to mask how much the ring costs? - Perplexed in the Midwest 我最开始想和Mary直说。你认为这样做好吗?我们的账户是2人共有的,她会知道我买什么东西了,有好办法来掩饰戒指的花销吗?Dear Perplexed: Don't lie to Mary about the value of the ring. Women can be very understanding about not getting a diamond, but they don't like being fooled. And if you are serious about replacing the ring later, it doesn't matter what the original is made from. As for hiding the cost, you can put aside small amounts of cash until you have enough to purchase the ring and Mary will never know what you paid for it. P.S.: Best wishes on your upcoming engagement.戒指的价值不要和Mary撒谎。女人们对不买砖石戒指是可以理解的,但是她们不喜欢被欺骗。如果你真的想事后换下了,那最先的戒指是什么材料都不重要。至于隐藏花销,你可以先却出小笔钱知道你有足够的钱来购买戒指,Mary从不会知道你用这些钱买什么了。祝福你们婚礼。 【生词注释】unexpectedly (adv.) 意外地;突然地toddler (n.) 幼儿;刚学步的小孩engagement (n.) 订婚;约会look into 研究;考虑to settle down 稳定;安身to be upfront 直接;坦白purchase (n.) 购买;採购perplexed (adj.) 令人困惑的;麻烦的to be fooled 被欺骗;遭愚弄upcoming (adj.) 接近的;即将来临的201110/157717

The Republican nomination共和党提名The dance of the seven tweets七推特之舞The former speaker starts a presidential campaign前众院议长开始总统竞选 May 12th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition NEWT GINGRICH entered the race for president much as he has conducted himself throughout his political career: chaotically. In March his aides let slip that he would make a big announcement during a stop at the state capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, only to retract the whole plan for reasons that still remain opaque. Then on May 9th his staff used Twitter to declare that two days later he would issue a tweet, along with an update to his Facebook page, that would mark his entry into the race. All this tweeting about possible future tweets kept commentators puzzling (which may have been part of the point) but finally, on May 11th, the immortal words “Today I am announcing my candidacy for President of the ed States” appeared on Mr Gingrich’s feed, in between a plug for an upcoming television appearance and an enthusiastic mention of a book about the Berlin wall.纽特金瑞奇此次进入总统竞选,一如他自己在其整个政治生涯所演绎过的:很混乱。三月份他的助手们无意中透露过,他将会在佐治亚州亚特兰大州议会厅逗留期间做一重大宣布:由于各种仍保密的原因要取消整个竞选计划。然而5月9日他的工作人员通过微宣布,两天后他将发布一条推特,同时更新他的脸书,以此标志他加入总统竞选。这个关于未来可能的推特的推特完全令时政员们感到迷惑(哪个会是重点所在即正式的宣告呢)但最终,5月11日,“今日我将宣布竞选美国总统”这个不朽词句,出现在金瑞奇先生所供的新闻播料中,就在为一个即将播出的电视演出所作的插播和一本关于柏林墙的书的热推之间。Mr Gingrich’s affinity for social media notwithstanding, most Americans think of him as a figure from the past. He was first elected to Congress in 1978. In 1994 he was the inspiration behind the Contract with America, a manifesto that helped the Republicans to win a majority in the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. As a result, he became speaker, and proceeded to duel with Bill Clinton, the president of the day, over both budgets and Mr Clinton’s personal life.金瑞奇先生与社交媒体关系密切,尽管如此,多数美国人记起的还是他以往的形象。1978年他第一个当选为国会议员。1994年他提出的“与美国签约”的竞选纲领帮助共和党40年来首次羸得众议院多数席位。结果,他成了众院议长,并在比尔克林顿就任总统期间,在预算和克林顿私生活上,继续与其抗衡。201105/137009

They are driven to move, to move and to multiply. Possessed by the most insatiable need to breed, they will journey to brutal Afican battle fields, and grow on south Atlantic shores. For the sake of their young, they will blacken the skies, and terrorize rainforest floras. Right now, the world's wild parents are on the march, on the way, on the run. And these are the tales of thier sacrifice, the most moving stories on earth, the stories of the great migrations. Winter, in the south Atlantic, one of the worst places in the world to be left behind. But that is Johnny crook's * life . Here on the death of archipelago north south America, this bird of pray cleans to life, waiting for the migrants to return. Now, the flare of September dawn announces its spring's feeble arrival. 他们天生就要迁徙,不断迁徙并繁衍后代。拥有最满足需要的品种,因此他们将旅行到凶残的非洲战场,在南大西洋海岸繁衍。为了他们的年轻一代,他们就将天空染黑,恐吓热带雨林。现在,世界上的野生父母们在一路上行进。这是它们牺牲奉献的故事,地球上最动人的故事,大迁移的故事。 冬天,在南大西洋,这块世界最糟糕的地方之一,但这是强尼的生活。在南美洲北部死亡群岛,这种鸟祈祷清洁生活,等待着移民返回。 现在,耀眼的9月黎明已经宣告了朦胧的春天即将到来。201111/161011

Film-industry subsidies电影业补贴Unilateral disarmament单边裁军After a decade of escalation, a stupid trend may have peaked 历经十年增长,愚蠢的跟风计划可能巅峰已过Jun 9th 2011 | LOS ANGELES | from the print editionLights, cameras, subsidies, action!LOTS of states would love to be California and have their own little Hollywood. Film crews would then come to town and spend money in hair salons and hotels, and local politicians could pose with film stars. So why not call it “economic development” to justify the huge tax credits that lure film producers? As of last year, more than 40 states had such incentives, costing them a record .4 billion. 灯光,摄像,补贴,开始!许多州都希望像加利福尼亚一样,能拥有一个自己的好莱坞,哪怕很小。摄制组人员到时来到小城,美发厅、宾馆收入倍增,本地政界人士可与电影明星一起合影留念。那么为什么不称之为“经济发展”以明吸引电影制片商的巨额税收减免是值得的?去年开始,40多个州都出台了发展电影业的刺激措施,成本达到了破纪录的14亿美元。Even California itself plays the game, believing that it has to defend itself against the poachers. In 2003, when only a handful of states (principally Louisiana and New Mexico) offered incentives, California made two-thirds of America’s big-studio films. Now it makes far fewer than half. Film LA, an organisation that co-ordinates permits for film shoots in Los Angeles, says that without California’s own tax credit, “2010 would have been the worst year” since the mid-1990s for filming in Hollywood. As its marketing blog gibes: “It is extraordinarily unlikely that the 137 productions that filmed in Michigan since 2007 chose to shoot there for creative reasons, a favourable climate or a deep and talented film-crew base.”加州也参与到这场游戏之中,他们必须要保住自己的优势,以免受到后来者的冲击。2003年,只有很少几个州(主要有路易斯安娜和新墨西哥)出台鼓励政策,当时2/3的主要美国电影由加州生产。现在这个比例远远低于1/2。Film LA是洛杉矶的电影摄制协调授权机构,他们表示,加州如果没有税收优惠政策,2010年的好莱坞影业将成为1990年代中期以来最糟的一年,正如它们营销客的一篇文章所说:“ 2007年以来有137部电影选择在密执根州拍摄,因为那里富有创意、环境宜人、人才辈出,这种说法绝无可能。”201106/140894

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