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She was dancing. My crippled grandmother was dancing. I stood in the living room doorway absolutely stunned. I glanced at the kitchen table and sure enough-right under a small, framed drawing on the wall-was a freshly baked peach pie.她在跳舞我那身有残疾的祖母居然在跳舞我站在客厅的门口,被彻底惊呆了我扫了一眼厨房的餐桌,果不其然,在餐桌上;;墙上那幅小小的镶框画像的正下方;;有一块新鲜出炉的烤蜜桃派I heard her sing when I opened the door but did not want to interrupt the beautiful song by yelling I had arrived, so I just tiptoed to the living room. I looked at how her still-lean body bent beautifully, her arms greeting the sunlight that was pouring through the window. And her legs; Those legs that had stiffly walked, aided with a cane, insensible shoes as long as I could remember. Now she was wearing beautiful dancing shoes and her legs obeyed her perfectly. No limping. No stiffness. Just beautiful, fluid motion. She was the pet of the dancing world. And then shersquo;d had her accident and it was all over. I had that in an old newspaper clipping.当我推门进屋的时候,我听到了她在唱歌,但我不想大喊自己回来了,不想打断那美妙的歌声,于是我踮着脚尖走到客厅我看着她那依然消瘦的身体优雅地弯下,她的手臂迎向从窗口倾泻而入的阳光而她的腿;;自我能记事以来,她总是拄着拐杖,穿着便鞋,走起路来腿脚僵硬可现在,她正穿着美丽的舞鞋,而她的双腿完全听从着她的配不再蹒跚,不再僵硬只有优美、流畅的动作她曾是舞蹈界的宠儿可是后来她遭遇了一场意外,舞蹈生涯而结束我是从一张老旧的剪报中读到这个的She turned around in a slow pirouette and saw me standing in the doorway. Her song ended, and her beautiful movements with it, so abruptly that it felt like being shaken awake from a beautiful dream. The sudden silence rang in my ears. Grandma looked so much like a kid caught with her hand in a cookie jar that I couldnrsquo;t help myself, and a slightly nervous laughter escaped. Grandma sighed and turned towards the kitchen. I followed her, not believing my eyes. She was walking with no difficulties in her beautiful shoes. We sat down by the table and cut ourselves big pieces of her delicious peach pie.她缓缓地转身做了一个足尖旋转,见到我站在门口她的歌声嘎然而止,还有她那优美的动作,一切停止得如此突然,感觉像是从一场美梦中被人摇醒了突如其来的寂静冲击着我的耳朵祖母看起来很像是一个伸手从饼干罐里偷吃却被抓了个正着的小孩,我不禁发出了一阵略带一丝紧张的大笑祖母叹了口气,转身走向厨房我跟在她身后,还是不敢相信自己的眼睛她穿着那双美丽的舞鞋,行走自如我们坐在了桌边,从她那美味的蜜桃派中切出了大大的几块,俩人一起吃;So;; I blurted, ;How did your leg heal?;;那么;;;我脱口而出道,;你的腿是怎么好了的?;;To tell you the truth;my legs have been well all my life,; she said.;跟你说实话吧;;我的腿一直都挺好的,;她说;But I donrsquo;t understand!; I said, ;Your dancing career; I mean; You pretended all these years?;可是我不明白!;我说,;你的舞蹈事业;;我是说;;难道这些年来你一直在假装?;;Very much so,; Grandmother closed her eyes and savored the peach pie, ;And a very good reason.;;的确如此,;祖母闭上眼睛,品尝着蜜桃派,;而且是因为一个非常好的理由;;What reason?;;什么理由?;;Your grandfather.;;你的祖父;;You mean he told you not to dance?;;你是说,他让你不要再跳舞了?;;No, this was my choice. I am sure I would have lost him if I had continued dancing. I weighed fame and love against each other and love won.;;不,这是我自己的选择我确信如果我再继续跳舞的话,我就会失去他了我权衡名利和爱情孰轻孰重之后,选择了爱情;She thought a while and then continued. ;We were talking about engagement when your grandfather had to go to war. It was the most horrible day of my life when he left. I was so afraid of losing him, the only way I could stay sane was to dance. I put all my energy and time into practicing;and I became very good. Critics praised me, the public loved me, but all I could feel was the ache in my heart, not knowing whether the love of my life would ever return. Then I went home and and re- his letters until I fell asleep. He always ended his letters with lsquo;You are my Joy. I love you with my lifersquo; and after that he wrote his name. And then one day a letter came. There were only three sentences lsquo;I have lost my leg. I am no longer a whole man and now give you back your freedom. It is best you get about me.rsquo;;她想了一下,然后接着说道;当你祖父不得不去从军参战的时候,我们已经到了谈婚论嫁的阶段了他离开的那段日子是我一生中度过的最可怕的时期我很害怕会失去他,能让我不至于疯掉的唯一方法就是跳舞我把我所有的精力和时间都投入到了练习之中,于是我成为了很棒的舞者家对我好评连连,公众对我钟情有嘉,可我唯一能感觉到的却是我心中的痛,因为不知道我一生的挚爱是否能平安归来然后我回到家里,一遍又一遍地读着他的来信,直到睡去他总是在信的结尾写着lsquo;你是我的幸福爱你一生rsquo;然后才是他的签名但有一天我又收到了他的来信信中只有三句话lsquo;我失去了一条腿我不再是一个完整的人了,所以现在我将自由归还给你你最好还是把我忘掉吧rsquo;;;I made my decision there and then. I took my leave, and traveled away from the city. When I returned I had bought myself a cane and wrapped my leg tightly with bandages. I told everyone I had been in a car crash and that my leg would never completely heal again. My dancing days were over. No one suspected the story;I had learned to limp convincingly bee I returned home. And I made sure the first person to hear of my accident was a reporter I knew well. Then I traveled to the hospital. They had pushed your grandfather outside in his wheelchair. There was a cane on the ground by his wheelchair. I took a deep breath, leaned on my cane and limped to him. ;;于是我立刻做出了决定我向众人告别,离开了这个城市当我再度归来的时候,我为自己买了一副拐杖,并用绷带把我的腿包得紧紧的我告诉每一个人,说我遭遇了一场车祸,我的腿再也不可能完全复原了我的舞蹈生涯就此结束了没有人怀疑这个故事;;我在回家之前已经学会如何惟妙惟肖地跛行我确保第一个听说我出车祸的是一位我熟知的记者接着我来到了你祖父所在的医院他们用轮椅把他推了出来在他轮椅旁边的地上有一副拐杖我深深吸了一口气,靠在我的拐杖上,一瘸一拐地向他走去;By now I had gotten about the pie and listened to grandma, mesmerized. ;What happened then?; I hurried her when she took her time eating some pie.此刻,我已经忘记了那块蜜桃派,入迷地听着祖母说话;然后发生了什么事情呢?;当她停下来吃了几口派时,我追问道;I told him he was not the only one who had lost a leg, even if mine was still attached to me. I showed him newspaper clippings of my accident. lsquo;So if you think Irsquo;m going to let you feel sorry yourself the rest of your life, think again. There is a whole life waiting us out there! I donrsquo;t intend to be sorry myself. But I have enough on my plate as it is, so yoursquo;d better snap out of it too. And I am not going to carry you-you are going to walk yourself.rsquo;; Grandma giggled, a surprisingly girlish sound coming from an old lady with white hair.;我告诉他,他并不是唯一失去了一条腿的人,尽管我的腿没给截掉我给他看了关于我发生车祸的剪报lsquo;所以,如果你觉得我会让你在余生自怨自艾,想都别想在外面还有全新的生活在等待着我们!我不打算为此而顾影自怜而眼下我要做的事情已经够多的了,所以你最好也赶紧给我振作起来而且你可别想我会背你;;你要自己向前走rsquo;;祖母咯咯地笑着,这位满头银发的老妇人令人吃惊地发出了少女般的笑声;I limped a few steps toward him and showed him what Irsquo;d taken out of my pocket. lsquo;Now show me you are still a man,rsquo; I said, lsquo;I wonrsquo;t ask again.rsquo; He bent to take his cane from the ground and struggled out of that wheelchair. I could see he had not done it bee, because he almost fell on his face, having only one leg. But I was not going to help. And so he managed it on his own and walked to me and never sat in a wheelchair again in his life.;;我一瘸一拐地走开了几步,然后让他看我从口袋里掏出的一样东西lsquo;现在让我看看,你还是个男子汉我可不会说第二次rsquo;他弯下腰从地上拿起他的拐杖,挣扎着从那副轮椅中站出来可以看得出他之前从未这样做过,现在只有一条腿的他差点扑倒在地但我没打算帮他接着他设法自己站稳了,向我走来,而且在他的后半生里再也没有坐回到轮椅上;;What did you show him?; I had to know. Grandma looked at me and grinned. ;Two engagement rings, of course. I had bought them the day after he left the war and I was not going to waste them on any other man.;;你给他看了什么东西呢?;我一定要知道祖母看着我咧嘴而笑,说道;当然是一对订婚戒指了在他从军参战的第二天我就买了这对戒指,我可不想把戒指浪费在任何其他男人身上;I looked at the drawing on the kitchen wall, sketched by my grandfatherrsquo;s hand so many years bee. The picture became distorted as tears filled my eyes. ;You are my Joy. I love you with my life.; I murmured quietly. The young woman in the drawing sat on her park bench and with twinkling eyes smiled broadly at me, an engagement ring carefully drawn on her finger. 我看着厨房墙壁上的那幅画像,那是多年前我祖父亲手绘就的我眼中满含泪水,眼前的画像变得模糊起来;你是我的幸福爱你一生;我轻声低语道画像中的年轻女人坐在公园长椅上,眼神清亮,笑容可掬地看着我,她的手指上被精心地画有一枚订婚戒指 58特别声明该文章为语段选自《书虫之《苔丝,语段精讲为可可编辑编写品嚼语段At first he stayed up in his room most of the time in the evenings,ing and playing his harp.起先,到了晚上他就待在自己的房间里,靠读读书、弹弹竖琴度过大部分时间But he soon preferred to human nature by taking his meals in the general dining-room with the dairy people.可是不久,他更愿意到公共餐室和奶场其他人一道吃饭,来体会人类的天性The longer he stayed, the more Clare liked living with these simple country people.和大家在一起的时间越长,克莱尔就越喜欢和这些淳朴的乡下人生活在一起No longer did he see them as lacking in intelligence.他不再把他们看做缺乏智慧、没有见地的人了He realized they were no different from him: he and they were all people walking on the dusty road which ends in death.他领悟到他们跟他没有什么不同:他和他们一样都是风尘仆仆的赶路人,他们的最终归宿都是死亡He began to like working outside.He was learning about nature and about life.他开始喜欢上户外的工作了他在学习更多关于自然和关于生活的知识He came to know the changing seasons,morning and evening,different winds,waters and mists,shade and silence,and the voices of nature.他渐渐感悟到了变化的四季,清晨和黄昏,各种各样的风,水域和云雾,阴影和沉寂,以及自然界发出的种种声音All this he had never known bee.对这一切,他过去是一无所知的 55Cesar:Rise and shine! It time to get to work.恺撒:太阳照得好高了!快起床,该去工作了Karol:What?! It four oclock in the morning. The sun isnt even up yet.卡罗尔:什么? !现在才早晨点太阳都在赖床好么Cesar:You live on a farm now.恺撒:你现在是在农场里生活We have a lot of chores to do bee sunup and we need to start doing them now.太阳出来前我们有很多家务事要做而且现在就要开始干活Karol:Ill milk the cows later. Let me sleep to a decent hour.卡罗尔:等下我会挤牛奶让我再睡个美美的回笼觉吧Cesar:All right, you can milk the cows a little later, but we have to feed and water the animals now.恺撒:好吧,你可以晚一点挤牛奶,但我们现在必须伺候牲口吃喝We also have to clean out the stalls and groom the animals bee we start repairs on the fences.我们得在开始修理栅栏前必须清理畜栏及为牲口清洁Karol:Why cant we do those things when the sun is up and we can see what were doing?卡罗尔:为什么不等太阳出来再干,那样我们就能看清楚在干什么啊?Cesar:Because well need daylight hours to tend to the crops.恺撒:因为我们白天要忙农作物的事情Were done with planting, but well need to do the watering and weeding.我们得栽种,但是我们需要浇水和除草Just be glad that the harvest is three months away.还有3个月就收获了,高兴吧Karol:I dont think Im cut out to be a farmhand.卡罗尔:我不认为自己适合农场的这些粗活Cesar:You should have thought of that bee agreeing to spend the summer at your uncle farm. Now move!恺撒:同意在叔叔的农场度过这个夏天之前你就应该有所觉悟了现在给我下床!Karol:But I thought Id spend the days learning how to ride horses.卡罗尔:我以为会投入更多的时间学习如何骑马Cesar:City girls!恺撒:你这娇生惯养的城里姑娘! 189Piero: Whatrsquo;s all this?皮耶罗:这是什么?Annie: Irsquo;m visiting my sister and brother-in-lawrsquo;s new ranch next month and Irsquo;m getting y it. I know Irsquo;m a city girl, but I plan to fit right in on that ranch and work alongside all of the other cowboys.安妮:我下个月要去拜访我和夫的新牧场我正做准备呢我虽是个都市女孩,但我计划到时候好好表现一下,和那里的牛仔们一起工作Piero: Well, you look the part. Yoursquo;ve got your cowboy hat, a lasso, and are those chaps?皮耶罗:嗯,还真像那个派头你的牛仔帽、套索、皮套裤都准备好了吗?Annie: Yes, of course. How else could I ride with them on the cattle drive?安妮:是的,当然了我在牛场里还需要用什么东西?Piero: Cattle drive? Are you sure itrsquo;s a working ranch?皮耶罗:牛场?你确定那是一个使用中的牧场吗?Annie: I think so. Why would they buy a ranch if they donrsquo;t plan to have horses and livestock?安妮:我想是的如果他们不打算饲养马匹和牲畜,他们为什么要买一个牧场?Piero: Donrsquo;t ask me. Whatrsquo;s all that stuff in the bags?皮耶罗:我不知道这个袋子里是什么?Annie: Thatrsquo;s all equipment Irsquo;ll need to ride a horse: a bridle, a bit, and ta-da ndash; my own saddle!安妮:是我骑马时需要的装备:笼头、嚼子,还有我自己的马鞍!Piero: This is all stuff that they should have at the ranch aly, donrsquo;t you think?皮耶罗:这些东西牧场都已经准备好了,不是吗?Annie: Yes, but Irsquo;ll need to go horseback riding this weekend to practice.安妮:是的,但我本周末需要去练习骑马Piero: Thatrsquo;s a good idea. Have you been riding horses long?皮耶罗:好主意你一直骑马吗?Annie: This weekend will be my first time.安妮:这个周末将是我第一次骑马Piero: Yoursquo;re riding a horse the first time this weekend and you plan to work at your sisterrsquo;s ranch next month?皮耶罗:这周末你第一次骑马,然后下个月你打算在你的牧场工作?Annie: Sure, how hard could it be? Itrsquo;s just like riding a bike, right?安妮:当然这很难吗?就像骑自行车一样,对不对? 778

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