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上海botox多少钱上海复旦大学附属中山医院割双眼皮手术多少钱A city in central China now has free parking spaces reserved for drivers who need to answer the call of nature while on the road.中国中部一座城市现在出现了免费停车位,专为需要在路上去洗手间的司机保留。Spaces have been marked in yellow on main roads in Xi#39;an, close to 50 of the city#39;s public toilets, the Hua Shang Bao newspaper reports.据《华商报》报道,西安市50个公厕附近的主要道路上都标记了黄色专用停车位。Each one is designated as a ;special toilet use; space and there#39;s a 15 minute time limit for drivers who park in them, so anyone who tries to take advantage of the spots to go shopping will be fined.每个区间被指定为“如厕专用”,并为司机提供了15分钟的停车时限,任何试图利用该区域去购物的人都将会被罚款。The city#39;s traffic police are also asking people to report any cars that occupy the spaces long-term.西安市的交警也呼吁人们对任何长期占用该空间的汽车进行举报。One local driver told China Daily that he was pleased to find a place where he could pause for a quick toilet break without having to pay.一位当地司机在接受《中国日报》采访时表示,他很高兴能找到一个可以针对快速如厕而停车,且不必付费用的地方。And this is only the first phase of city#39;s plan for loo-friendly spaces. Xi#39;an has more than 1,300 public toilets and traffic police say they#39;re looking to create more reserved parking so that people can easily make use of the facilities.这只是西安市厕所友好空间计划的第一阶段。该市目前有超过1300个公厕,交警表示,他们正在开设更多的预留停车位,以便人们可以方便地利用这些设施。 /201702/491135静安去除黄褐斑多少钱 上海去黄褐斑

上海市浦东新区周浦医院激光去痘手术多少钱An “exercise pill” that could reduce the need for visits to the gym is a step closer, say scientists.科学家称,他们离制造出“运动药丸”从而减少人们前往健身房次数的目标更进一步。A study found that suppressing production of the protein myostatin increased muscle mass.一项研究发现,阻止肌肉生长抑制蛋白的生成可以提升肌肉质量。Although the research was conducted in mice, the team hopes it will lead to human treatments.尽管这一实验还停留在试验小白鼠的阶段,科研团队希望后续能够用于人类治疗。Lead researcher Dr Joshua Butcher, from Augusta University in Georgia, US, said: ;Ultimately, the goal of our research would be to create a pill that mimics the effect of exercise and protects against obesity.来自美国乔治尼亚州奥古斯塔大学的首席研究员约书亚?布彻士说:“我们实验的最终目的是创造出一种药物,拥有和运动一样的功效并且可以预防肥胖症。”;A pill that inhibits myostatin could also have applications for muscle-wasting diseases, such as cancer, muscle dystrophy and AIDS, Myostatin is known to be a powerful ;brake; that holds back skeletal muscle growth.;“阻止肌肉抑制素生成的药物同时也可以用于治疗肌肉萎缩类疾病,比如癌症、肌肉萎缩病还有艾滋病。肌肉抑制素广为人知的作用就是有效抑制骨骼肌的生长。”Studies suggest that obese people produce more of the protein, making it harder for them to exercise and build up muscle.研究表明,肥胖的人会产生更多肌肉生长抑制素这种蛋白质,这让他们更难进行运动和增肌。;Given that exercise is one of the most effective interventions for obesity, this creates a cycle by which a person becomes trapped in obesity,; said Dr Butcher.布彻士说:“而运动又是防止肥胖的最有效方式之一,这就导致肥胖的人陷入恶性循环。”The researchers bred four groups of lean and obese mice that were genetically programmed either to produce uninhibited levels of myostatin or to be completely lacking in the protein.研究人员饲养了四组瘦弱和肥胖的小白鼠,其基因设定分别为无限制释放肌肉抑制素和完全不释放肌肉抑制素。As expected, mice with no myostatin became markedly more muscular.同预期一样,体内不释放肌肉抑制素的小白鼠明显肌肉更强壮。Obese mice unable to produce myostatin remained fat, but they were also stronger and showed markers of heart and metabolic health on a par with their lean counterparts.那些不能释放肌肉抑制素的肥胖小白鼠依然保持肥胖,但同时也变得更加强壮。与瘦弱的对照小白鼠相比,它们的心脏和新陈代谢表现的更加健康。They were in dramatically better shape than obese mice with unrestricted myostatin production.与那些无限释放肌肉抑制素的小白鼠相比,这些小白鼠的体型要健康得多,这令人惊讶。Dr Butcher added: ;In our muscular obese mouse, despite full presentation of obesity, it appears that several of these key pathologies are prevented.布彻士补充道:“这些肌肉发达却肥胖的小白鼠,尽管依然表现出肥胖的症状,但一些关键的病理症状没有发生。”;While much more research is needed, at this point myostatin appears to be a very promising pathway for protection against obesity-derived cardiometabolic dysfunction.;“虽然还需进行大量研究,但目前看来,肌肉抑制素似乎对于治疗由肥胖导致的心血管功能异常很有帮助。”The research was presented at the American Physiological Society#39;s annual meeting, Experimental Biology 2017, in Chicago, US.该研究在美国芝加哥举办的美国生理学协会2017年实验生物学年会上作了报告。 /201705/507748上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心绣眉多少钱 上海脱体毛哪家医院好

崇明县做眼角除皱手术多少钱China will increase pension allowances for disabled soldiers, families of fallen soldiers and Red Army veterans, authorities said last Friday.中国当局上周五表示,将提高对残疾军人、阵亡战士和红军老兵家庭的抚恤津贴。Disabled persons, including soldiers, police and civil servants, will see their pensions raised 10 percent.包括士兵,警察和公务员在内的残疾人的抚恤金将上调10%。The same increase will go to families of fallen soldiers in urban areas and veterans of the Red Army (the military forces of the Communist Party of China 1927-1937).同样,城市地区阵亡战士家属和红军老兵(1927-1937年中国共产党军队)的抚恤金也将上调10%。After the adjustment, a soldier disabled in conflict will be eligible for up to 66,230 yuan (about 9,930 U.S. dollars) per year.此次调整后,因战致残的军人将有资格每年获得66230元(约9930美元)抚恤金。For those disabled performing official duties or due to disease, the top pensions will rise to 64,140 and 62,040 yuan respectively, the statement said.该声明指出,对于因公和因病致残的军人,抚恤金将分别上升到64140和62040元。The adjustment, the 26th since 1978, has unified standards for the families of fallen soldiers in urban and rural areas for the first time.这是自1978年以来第26次调整,并且首次实现了阵亡战士家庭的抚恤金标准的城乡统一。 /201610/470196 上海市第六人民医院丰胸多少钱上海市第八人民医院激光去痘多少钱



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