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Its used to change the scene.它被用来转换话题。So for example, this Sally person says,比如说,这个萨莉说,So I need to find people to chill with and Jake says, Haha,you could write a dissertation about Haha too, but we dont have time for that.Haha so youre going by yourself? Why?我想找个伴儿来陪我然后,杰克说,哈哈你也可以写一篇关于哈哈的论文,但是我们没有时间聊它了。哈哈,所以你自己去?为什么?For this summer program at NYU.是今天夏天在纽约的项目。Haha. Slash Im watching this with suns players trying to shoot with one eye.哈哈。对了,我正在看这个视频,太阳队的球员正试着用一只眼投篮。The slash is interesting.这个Slash在这里很有趣。I dont really even know what Jake is talking about after that,我都不知道杰克这之后到底在说些什么,but you notice that hes changing the topic.但是大家注意到他在转换话题。Now that seems kind of mundane,这看上去很平常,but think about how in real life,但是想想我们的现实生活,if were having a conversation and we want to change the topic,如果我们在谈话中想转换话题,there are ways of doing it gracefully.有很多很好的方式。You dont just zip right into it.你不会随便地单刀直入。Youll pat your thighs and look wistfully off into the distance,你会拍拍大腿然后若有所思的看着远方,or youll say something like, Hmm, makes you think when it really didnt, but what youre really what youre really trying to do is change the topic.或者你会说,嗯...来假装你在思考着,但实际上,实际上你正在试图切换话题。You cant do that while youre texting,你没有办法在短信里这么做,and so ways are developing of doing it within this medium.所以在这个交流媒介里产生了各种转换话题的方法。All spoken languages have what a linguist calls a new information marker-or two, or three.任何口语都有语言学家称作的一个或者两到三个的新信息标记词(话题转换词)。Texting has developed one from this slash.短信用这个slash(斜线)作为一个新信息产生的标记。So we have a whole battery of new constructions that are developing, and yet its easy to think,于是我们有了这些充满活力的新语言结构,然而人们还是很容易的认为,well, something is still wrong.还是有问题。Theres a lack of structure of some sort.它(短信)缺乏某种结构。Its not as sophisticated它不像华尔街日报上使用的语言as the language of The Wall Street Journal.那么有深度。Well, the fact of the matter is,实际上,look at this person in 1956,看看这个人在1956年写的,and this is when texting doesnt exist,那时短信还没有出现,I Love Lucy is still on the air.我爱露西(美国50年代当红肥皂剧)还在热播。Many do not know the alphabet or multiplication table,很多人都不会拼写字母或者背乘法口诀表,cannot write grammatically Weve heard that sort of thing before,也不会按照语法写作—我们以前就听到这种抱怨,not just in 1956. 1917, Connecticut schoolteacher.并不仅仅在1956年。1917年,康涅狄格州的教师也这样。201511/411816。

  • So to all those who voted for me and to whom I pledged my utmost, my commitment to you and to the progress we seek is unyielding.就让我对所有为我投票同时我发誓尽我所能来为你们奉献的人以及我们所追求的那未曾屈的进步表示感谢。You have inspired and touched me with the stories of the joys and sorrows that make up the fabric of our lives. And you have humbled me with your commitment to our country. Eighteen million of you, from all walks of life-women and me, young and old, Latino and Asian, African-American and Caucasian, rich, poor, and middle-class, gay and straight, you have stood with me. And I will continue to stand strong with you every time, every place, in every way that I can. The dreams we share are worth fighting for.你们用编织成我们生命的有悲有喜的故事鼓励着我、感动着我。在你们为国家所做的贡献之下,我显得无比卑微。1800万选民,来自不同行业的女人和男人、年轻人和老年人、拉丁血统和亚裔朋友、黑人朋友和高加索人民、富有的人、贫穷的人、中产阶级、同性恋者或异性恋者,你们曾站在我这一边。我也将一如既往地坚定地站在你们的一边,无论何时何地,用我所能的一切方式。我们共同的梦想是值得你我为之奋斗的!Remember, we fought for the single mom with the young daughter, juggling work and school, who told me, ;Im doing it all to better myself for her.;请记住,我们曾奋斗,为了那个有一个小女儿、拼命工作学习的单身母亲,她曾对我说:“我做的一切都是为了能使我为女儿做得更好。”We fought for the woman who grabbed my hand and asked me, ;What are you going to do to make sure I have health care?; and began to cry, because even though she works three jobs, she cant afford insurance.我们曾奋斗,为了那个握住我的手问道:“你会怎样做来确保我能得到健康治疗?”然后开始哭泣的女人,因为她尽管做三份工作仍无法承担医药费。 /201307/249289。
  • I realize 我意识到that with my brain 我能使用脑which is only this big 虽然它只有这么一点大and if you have ever met my old boss 你们见过我原来的老板没quite a bit smaller 他的还要更小but with your brain, you can imagine all of that 但使用脑 你能想象所有这些With your brain, you can understand the process of science 使用脑 你能理解科学过程It is enabling us to make these remarkable discoveries 这让我们能够进行了不起的发现and build this remarkable facility 建造了不起的设施and have this remarkable traditional academic traditions 获得了不起的学术传统With your brain, you can realize that this is wonderful 使用脑 你能认识到这个的美妙this is remarkable, this is venerable, this is worthy of respect 这很了不起 这很值得尊崇 令人敬畏So class of 2014 二零一四届毕业生们heres wishing you the joy of discovery 我希望你们能够享受发现的快乐keep reaching, keep seeking 持续寻找 持续探索keep using your abilities to bring out the best in those around you and in yourself 持续使用自己的能力 发挥你和周围人的最大潜能As you do, you can and you will, dare I say it, change the world 我敢说 这样做之后 你就能 而且会 改变世界This has been an honor. Thank you all very much. Thank you 我很荣幸 非常感谢大家 谢谢I love you, thank you 我爱你们 谢谢Thank you, wow, thank you 谢谢 哇 谢谢Go down it, the class of 2014 勇往直前吧 2014届毕业生们Thank you 谢谢Good morning, everyone 大家早上好My name is Ahmed Abdelal 我叫艾哈迈德·阿布德拉尔and Im the Provost of UMass Lowell 马萨诸塞大学洛厄尔分校教务长I would like add my congratulations to those of you have aly heard today 我和前面的嘉宾一同 祝贺你们的毕业Completing your degree program has required sacrifice, commitment and hard work 完成学业过程中 你们付出了很多艰辛和努力We are indeed proud of your accomplishments 我们为你们的成就感到自豪and we join your family and friends in applauding you 我们将和所有亲朋好友一起 向你们鼓掌祝贺Candidates for baccalaureate degree... 学士学位候选人……201511/408912。
  • And were replacing that with the largest industrial project in the history of the world,将它转变成史上最大的工业项目,which is producing the most high-carbon greenhouse gas emitting oil in the world.生产温室气体排放量最大的高碳油类。And were doing this on the second largest oil reserves on the planet.这就是我们在世上第二大石油蕴藏地所做的事。This is one of the reasons why Canada,这就是为何加拿大,originally a climate change hero-we were one of the first signatories of the Kyoto Accord.它原本是环保英雄-我们是第一批签署京都议定书的国家之一。Now were the country that has full-time lobbyists in the European Union and Washington, D.C.现在我国派驻全职说客在欧盟及华盛顿特区。threatening trade wars when these countries talk about wanting to bring in positive legislation to limit the import of high-carbon fuels,以贸易战争为要挟,当这些国家希望立法限制高碳燃料进口,of greenhouse gas emissions, anything like this,讨论温室气体排放等相关议题时,at international conferences,在国际会议中,whether theyre in Copenhagen or Cancun,无论在哥本哈根或坎昆,international conferences on climate change,在讨论气候变迁议题的国际会议中,were the country that gets the dinosaur award every single day as being the biggest obstacle to progress on this issue.我们是荣获“化石奖”(颁给破坏国际气候变化谈判的国家)的国家成为谈判进展的最大阻碍。Just 70 miles downstream is the worlds largest freshwater delta,河流下游70英哩处是世上最大的淡水三角洲,the Peace-Athabasca Delta,和平-阿萨帕斯卡尔三角洲,the only one at the juncture of all four migratory flyways.它是四条候鸟迁徙路线唯一交会点。This is a globally significant wetland,这是对全球来说具有重要意义的湿地,perhaps the greatest on the planet.或许是世上最大的湿地。Incredible habitat for half the bird species you find in North America, migrating here.它是北美半数迁往此处的鸟类物种栖息地。And also the last refuge for the largest herd of wild bison,也是世上最大野牛群最后的避难所,and also, of course, critical habitat for another whole range of other species.此外,当然也是许多其他物种的重要栖息地。But it too is being threatened by the massive amount of water being drawn from the Athabasca,但它也深受来自阿萨帕斯卡尔河的大量水流威胁,which feeds these wetlands,它灌溉这片湿地,and also the incredible toxic burden of the largest toxic unlined impoundments on the planet,同时带来大量毒性物质来自世上最大的露天毒性蓄水池,which are leaching in to the food chain for all the species downstream.进入下游所有物种的食品链中。201511/409229。
  • And yet 16 guys with very high IQs and very decent people entered into that game. 我所不能理解的是,这16 个如此高智商的能人怎么就会玩这样一个游戏。You know I think it is madness. 简直就是疯了。It is produced by an overall reliance to same extent on things. 某种程度上,他们的决定基本上都依赖于一个客观上的联系。You know those guys would tell me back at Salomon, a six Sigma event wouldn’t touch us,or a seven Sigma event. 他们在所罗门兄弟公司时和我说过,一个六或七西格玛的事件是伤不了他们的。But they were wrong. I mean that history does not tell you the probabilities of future financial things happening. 但是他们错了,历史是不会告诉你将来某一金融事件发生的概率的。And they had a great reliance on mathematics. And they thought that the data of the stock told you something about the risk of the stock. 他们很大程度上也依赖于数学统计,他们认为关于股票的数据掲示了股票的风险。It doesn’t tell you a damn thing about the risk of the stock in my view. 我认为那些数据根本就不会告诉你股票的风险!And Sigmas do not tell you about the risk of going broke in my view and maybe now in their view too. 我认为数据也不会掲示你破产的风险。也许他们现在也这么想了。But you know I don’t like even use them as an example, because they are, I mean the same thing in a different way could happen to any of us probably, 亊实上,我根本不想用他们来作例子,因为他们的经历换一种形式,很可能发生在我们中的任何一个人身上。where we really have a blind spot about something that is crucial, because we know a whole lot of something else. 即使我们懂得再多的知识,只要在关键处有盲点,就很可能会功亏一篑。It is like Henry Kauffman said the other day:people who are going broke in this situation are of two types, the ones who know nothing and the ones who know everything. 正像亨利·考夫曼所说的,破产的多是两类人:一是一窍不通者;一是学富五车者。It is sad in a way. 这其实是令人悲哀的。I urge you, at anything, we never basically borrow money. 我建议你们,不管在什么情况下,都不要借钱。I mean we get insurance business in duty, but I never borrowed money,I never borrow money even when I had 10,000 bucks basically, what difference did it make? 我们是从来不借钱的,即使有保险做担保。即使是在我只有1万美元的时候,我也决不借钱。借钱能带来什么不同吗?I was having fun as I went along and it didn’t matter whether I had 10,000 dollars or a million dollars or ten million dollars, 只凭我一己之力时我也乐趣无穷。一万美元,一百万美元和 一千万美元对我都没有什么不同。you know like if I had a medical emergency or something that come along like that.当然,当我遇到类似紧急医疗亊件的情况下会有些例外。But I was going to do the same things when I had a lot of money as when I had a very little money. 不过,在钱多钱少的情况下,我都会做同样的亊情。If you think about the difference between me and you, in terms of how we live, 如果你从生活方式的角度来想想你们和我的不同,you know, we wear the same clothes basically, SunTrust gives me mine, but you...so we wear the same clothes, we eat, you know, we all have chance to drink the juice of God here. 我们穿的是同样的衣,当然我的是 SunTrust给的;就吃的来说, 我们都有机会喝上帝之泉,We all go to McDonald’s or better yet, Dairy Queen, and we live in a house that is warm in winter and cool in summer. 我们都去麦当劳,或者去好一点的地方,去奶酪皇后店;我们都住在冬暖夏凉的房子里。And we watch the Nebraska and Texas A amp; M game on big screen (TV). 我们都在平板大电视上看内布拉斯加大学和德克萨斯农工大学的橄榄球比赛。You see it the same way as I see it We do everything (the same). Our lives are not that different. 我们做同样的亊情。我们的生活没什么不同。You’ll be given some medical care when something happened to you while Ill be given some medical care. 有病时,你能得到不错的医疗,我也一样。The only thing we do is we travel differently, you know, I ride on a little plane, I love it. And that takes money. 唯一的不同可能是我们旅行的方式不同, 我有我的私人飞机来周游世界,我很軎欢,这可能要花点钱。But if you leave that aside, if you leave that we travel differently, but other than travel, you know, think about it, think. What can I do that you cant do? 但是除了这个之外,你们再想想,我能做的你们有什么不能做呢?201308/254416。
  • These are the indicators of crisis, subject to data and statistics. Less measurable but no less profound is a sapping of confidence across our land-a nagging fear that Americas decline is inevitable, and that the next generation must lower its sights.这些是危机的迹象,这一点统计数据将予以明。不易于衡量但同样严重的是全国各地动摇的信心——一种挥之不去的恐惧感,认为美国将不可避免地走下坡路,下一代人不得不放低眼光。Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America-they will be met.今天,我告诉大家,我们面临的挑战确实存在,不仅严重而且是多方面的。它们不可能轻易或在一个短时间内被征。但是,美国,请记住——它们将最终被征。On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.我们今天聚集在这里是因为我们选择希望而非恐惧,选择齐心协力而不是冲突对立。On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.我们今天在这里宣告,让斤斤计较与虚假承诺就此结束,让窒息我们政治为时太久的相互指责和陈词滥调就此终结。We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that predious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation; the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.我国仍是一个年轻的国家,但用圣经的话说,现在是抛弃幼稚的时候了,是我们让永恒的精神发扬光大的时候了,是选择创造更佳历史业绩的时候了,是将代代相传的宝贵财富、崇高理想向前发展的时候了。上帝赋予所有人平等、自由和充分追求幸福的机会。201405/302482。
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