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A doctor in the western Indian state of Gujarat has been arrested for allegedly raping a patient with dengue fever.根据报道,由于强奸了一名患登革热的女病人,印度西部古吉拉特邦的一名医生于日前被逮捕。The doctor attacked the 21-year-old woman in the secluded intensive care unit of the hospital in Ahmadabad last Sunday, police said.警方表示,上周日,在阿默达巴德一家医院隐蔽的特护病房,这位医生强奸了一名21岁的女病人。Another worker of the hospital has also been arrested for allegedly helping the doctor carry out the crime.据悉,医院的另一名工人也因帮助医生作案而被逮捕。Police said the doctor gave the patient strong drugs to make her unconscious, before sexually assaulting her. The Apollo Hospital said it was ;fully co-operating with the police;.警方表示,该医生给病人下了大剂量的药物使其昏迷,然后实施了性侵。事发的阿波罗医院表示将“全力配合警方调查”。;Since the investigations are ongoing, we would not like to comment on the incident,; the NDTV website ed Sandeep Joshi, an official at Apollo Hospital, as saying.新德里电视台援引阿波罗医院官员桑迪普·乔希的话称:“由于案件正在调查中,所以在结果出来前我们将不会再作出回应。”The doctor is a Pakistani national who has been working in India on a long-term visa since last year, NDTV reported.据新德里电视台报道,这名医生是巴基斯坦人,自去年起持长期签在印度工作。Rape and gender crimes have been in the spotlight in India in recent years after the brutal gang rape and murder of a student in 2012 in Delhi.自2012年德里残酷的轮奸案和学生谋杀案被报道后,近年来,印度越来越多的强奸和性暴力丑闻开始曝光。In response, tough new anti-rape laws were introduced in the country. However, brutal sexual attacks against women and children continue to be reported across the country.相应地,这个国家也引入了严厉的反强奸法案。不过,针对印度妇女及儿童的性暴力事件仍然在被持续报道。 /201609/466769。

A new website which features an interactive map showing where and when famous Chinese poets from the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties lived has taken the Internet by storm.近日,一个以互动式地图为特色、可以显示出唐(618-907年)宋(960到1279年)时期的诗词家们何时生活在何地的新网站在互联网上迅速蹿红。Created by several Chinese historians, the Poet Life Map received more than 2.2 million views in the two days after its launch at the end of March.这份诗人生活地图由几位历史学家制作,在3月底上线后仅两天,其点击量就超过乐220万。;I think it#39;s brilliant. What a shame that I discovered that many Tang poets had been to more places than I have,; Tan Hao, a Shanghai-based media worker, told the Global Times.在上海一家媒体公司工作的谭浩在接受《环球时报》采访时表示:“我觉得这个主意非常棒。当我发现许多唐代诗人比我走过的地方都要多时,我感到很惭愧!”;Our goal is to create a chronological and geographical literature map for teaching and research purposes,; Wang Zhaopeng, a professor at the South-Central University for Nationalities and head of the project, told news website The Paper.中南民族大学的王兆鹏教授、同时也是这个项目的负责人,在接受《澎湃新闻》采访时称:“我们的目标是创建一份时间与空间上相互衔接的文学地图,用于教学和研究。”For researchers of literature or history, a major challenge they face is that information about ancient poets or poetry as related to a particular place tends to be scattered among countless text materials.对于文学或者历史研究人员来说,他们面临的一个重大挑战就是,与一个特定的地点相关的古代诗人或者诗歌的信息往往分散在无数的文字资料中。With this map, researchers can select a particular city or region and see a list of all the great poets and writers who once lived there as well as information concerning what works they wrote during their stay there.有了这份地图,研究人员可以选择一个特别的城市或者地区,然后就能看到一系列曾经居于此地的伟大诗人和文学家,以及在这段时期内他们曾创作了哪些作品。Wang explained that the project took five years and involved over 100 participants.王兆鹏解释称,这个项目前后共花了5年的时间,有100多人参与制作。;Now that we#39;ve made some progress, I think the map will not only prove useful for research but also help trigger people#39;s interest in ancient Chinese poetry,; Wang said.他表示:“现在我们取得了一定的进展,我认为这个地图不仅对于科研有一定作用,还能帮助激发人们对中国古诗词的兴趣。”Heading to the website (http://sou-yun.com/poetlifemap.html), one can find a map of China covered in markers. Clicking on a particular marker will reveal a text box with information about the region#39;s poetry history.前往网站(http://sou-yun.com/poetlifemap.html), 你可以看到一张满是标记的中国地图。点击一个特别的标记,会弹出一个文本框,上面介绍着这个区域的古诗词历史。For example, clicking on Hangzhou in East China#39;s Zhejiang Province reveals that ;from 667 to 1315, a total of 93 poets once lived here and 1,841 poems were written here.;比如,当你点击中国东部的浙江省杭州市时,它就会显示:“从公元667到1315年,共有93位诗人曾在此地停留,在此创作了1841首诗词。”Additionally, the map keeps track of when a particular poet stayed in the place and at what age, such as ;731, Du Fu, 19 years old; for Hangzhou.此外,地图上还能追踪一个特别的诗人在某个年纪居住在哪里。比如“杜甫,公元731年,19岁”在杭州。 /201704/505621。

A new college that aims to reinforce ;traditional Chinese values; among new brides and mothers will open in Henan Province, media reported.据媒体报道,一所旨在提升新婚女性和母亲们的“中国传统价值观”的新学院即将成立。Courses on offer include e-business and communications, as well as other apparently motherhood-related fields such as etiquette, Chinese classics and ;ideological education.;该学院所提供的课程包括电子商务和通信,以及如礼仪、中国经典和“思想教育”等其他明显属于妈妈们的领域的课程。Enrollment at the Mother College of Henan in Zhengzhou, expected to start in March, is only open to married women, school officials said at a press conference last Wednesday.上周三,据学院方面一名管理人员表示,“母亲学院”的办学地点设在河南郑州,预计将从明年三月份开始招收学员,并且只针对已婚女性。Co-sponsored by the Henan Women#39;s Federation and Zhengzhou University, the school aims to answer President Xi Jinping#39;s call for a return to ;traditional family values; in society.由河南省妇联和郑州大学联合主办的这所学院,旨在响应习近平主席的号召,在社会上恢复“传统家庭价值观”。Representatives of the school said they hope to promote gender awareness they feel is not addressed at traditional universities with courses targeted specifically for women.据院方代表表示,他们希望用专门为女性量身定制的课程来提升性别意识,他们认为传统大学教育并没有强调这一点。Faculty at the school will include experts on women#39;s studies, parenting and psychology.学院的师资队伍将包括妇女研究、育儿和心理学方面的专家。According to official data from 2015, women make up 49 percent of Henan#39;s residents, or 46.75 million.据2015年的官方数据显示,河南省人口女性占比达到了49%,共有4675万人。 /201611/477299。