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上海人民医院激光去红血丝多少钱上海玫瑰整形美容医院褐青色痣怎么样上海玫瑰丰胸效果 China is bracing for its second bond default by a central government-owned company, offering one of the biggest tests yet of Beijings willingness to impose market discipline on lossmaking state groups.中国即将迎来第二例央企债券违约,这给中国政府让亏损国企从市场纪律的意愿构成了一个最重大的考验。A unit of one of the elite club of 112 big enterprises directly owned by the central government, China National Erzhong Group employed a workforce of more than 13,000 in 2012, when it had assets of Rmb25bn. But a slowing economy saddled with industry overcapacity has hobbled the heavy industry group, leading to losses of Rmb8.4bn in 2014.中国第二重型机械集团公司(China National Erzhong Group,简称二是由国资委监管的112家大型央企之一012年的员工总数超过1.3万人,资产规模为250亿元人民币。但经济放缓以及行业产能过剩重创了这家重工业集团014年亏损达84亿元人民币。Its looming default comes just a week after Beijing unveiled guidelines for an overhaul of state-owned enterprises aimed at improving their financial performance. SOEs control broad swaths of the economy but are heavily indebted and trail their privately owned counterparts in efficiency and profitability.就在一周前,中国政府公布了国企改革指导意见,旨在提高国企财务表现。国企占据中国经济很大比重,但负债累累,而且在效率和盈利能力方面都逊于私营企业。China National Erzhong Group, which makes smelting and forging equipment for use in the power generation and aviation sectors, is a case in point. A subsidiary was delisted from the Shanghai Stock Exchange in May after four straight years of losses.二重生产发电和航空领域使用的冶炼和铸造设备。今月,在连年亏损后,该集团一子公司从上海交所(Shanghai Stock Exchange)退市。“Under the influence of the macroeconomic environment, the demand for the companys main products remains depressed, and our industry is suffering from severe overcapacity, making competition unusually fierce and causing the price of our products to slide lower,Erzhong said in a filing late on Monday.二重周一晚在一份文件中表示:“受宏观经济环境影响,公司主要产品需求持续疲弱,我们所在的行业正遭遇严重产能过剩,这使得竞争异常激烈,并导致我们产品的价格下跌。”The company suspended trading of Rmb1bn in five-year notes sold in 2012, citing ;uncertainty; about whether it could meet a Rmb56.5m (.9m) interest payment due next week.该公司暂停了2012年发行的10亿元人民币的5年期债券的交易,指原因是“不确定”能否付下周到期的5650万元人民90万美的利息。China is on track for its slowest economic growth in a quarter of a century amid a slowdown in construction and manufacturing. Policymakers want to shift the economy away from smokestack industries towards consumption and services; the SOEs are concentrated in heavy industry, which thrived under the old growth model.在建筑业和制造业放缓之际,中国将遭遇25年来最慢经济增速。政策制定者希望中国经济从生产性工业转向消费和务业;大部分国企从事重工业,在旧的增长模式下,重工业曾一度繁荣。For years, banks and bond investors paid scant attention to company fundamentals when lending to SOEs, assuming that the government would prevent any default. High-profile bailouts strengthened this perception. Economists say that has led to moral hazard, enabling state groups to rack up ever more debt and engage in wasteful investment.多年来,在向国有企业发放贷款时,和债券投资者几乎甚少关注企业基本面,他们以为政府会防范违约。高调纾困加深了这种看法。经济学家表示,这引发了道德风险,使得国有企业得以累积更多债务并进行浪费型投资。But in April Baoding Tianwei Group, which makes power generation equipment, became the first state-owned company to default on bonds when it missed a Rmb86m interest payment. Tianwei is still in bankruptcy and it remains unclear if bond investors will end up taking losses.但今月,生产发电设备的保定天威集Baoding Tianwei Group)成为中国首家债券违约的国有企业,该公司未能到期600万元人民币的利息。天威现在已破产,目前还不清楚,债券投资者最终是否会承担损失。Beyond the debt issue, Erzhong is also a test case for the vision of SOE reform that calls for increasing efficiency by merging state groups to create even larger companies. In 2013 China’s cabinet approved a takeover of Erzhong by China National Machinery Industry Corp (Sinomach) but the merger failed to stem losses.除了债务问题,二重还将测试国企改革的愿景,改革计划呼吁合并国企缔造更大规模的企业,从而提高效率013年,中国国务院批准了中国机械工业集团(Sinomach)收购二重的计划,但合并未能阻止亏损。The reform guidelines released this month appeared to be a compromise between conservatives who favour consolidation of state-owned companies and liberals who advocate a more market-oriented approach based on bringing in private investors.本月公布的改革指导意见似乎是持国企整合的保守派与持引入私人投资者实施更多的以市场为导向策略的自由派之间的妥协。The plan called for classifying state groups between commercial and non-commercial entities. While commercial businesses should strive to maximise profits, those with a national security or public service function may continue to enjoy state support. It is unclear where a company such as Erzhong, with its connections to the defence industry, would fall.该计划呼吁把国企分成商业类和公益类。商业企业应努力实现利润最大化,而那些具备国家安全或公共务职能的企业可能会继续享受政府持。目前还不清楚,像二重这种与国防工业相关的企业属于哪一类。Additional reporting by Ma NanMa Nan补充报道 /201509/400634My daughter has a high IQ. I’ve always sensed it, and eventually, proved it with a test. At least once a month we have this ritual. “I’m not learning anything,she says to me, as she’s faced with her after school homework. “School’s not about getting smarter,I tell her, “It’s about working harder.”我女儿的智商挺高。在她小的时候我就有这种想法,后来带她做了智商测试,结果不出所料。每月我们至少进行一次以下例行公事的对话。她面对着课外作业,对我说:“我每天上学学不到任何东西。”我则教导她说:“上学并不是为了让你变聪明,而是让你更努力。”Having spent the past two decades watching people rise and fall in the innovation economy, I’ve never been convinced that IQ has much clout. In fact, I think it’s a burden if you think it does. It’s not smarts, it’s not talent, it’s not even luck or chance that separates the risers from the fallers it’s grit.在职场中经历0年的风雨,见多了人们在创新经济中的沉浮,我一直认为IQ在职场中并不是那么重要。非但如此,如果你真把IQ看得过于重要,反而会成为一种负担。我认为真正在创新经济中主宰人之沉浮的因素并不是机敏精明、天资聪颖、幸运或机遇,而是“坚韧”。The term “gritwas made popular in academic circles in 2013 by Angela Duckworth, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania Psychology. Calling it the “quality of being able to sustain your passions, and also work really hard at them, over really disappointingly long periods of time,she explained that people with grit are people who can overcome stress and use failure as a means to achieve their ultimate goals.2013年,“坚韧”这个词在学术圈流行起来还要归功于宾夕法尼亚大学心理学系教授安吉拉o达克沃什。她把“坚韧”解释为“在漫长、沮丧而艰难的岁月中,能够撑你的热情,敦促你为目标奋力工作的品质”,她认为坚韧的人能克压力,把失败化为追逐终极目标的手段。I’ll add grit isn’t just working hard; it’s continuing that effort long after the fat lady has begun singing. It’s finishing the race when you’re dead last. It’s seeing failure as a simple, necessary step to achieve what you want. To me, grit is an indomitable spirit.除此之外,我认为坚韧并不是只有努力工作这一层含义;它还包括在目标达成后仍然努力不停歇。是奔跑到生命最后一刻的精神。坚韧的人,把失败看得简单,就是通往梦想的必须。我理解的坚韧,是一种不屈不挠的精神。Duckworth and her colleagues were able to use their measure of grit to predict successful outcomes in everything from the Scripps National Spelling Bee to graduation from Chicago public schools. Students with grit continuously prevailed over those with high IQs.达克沃什及同事用他们设计的“坚韧量表”测量人们的坚韧度,并据此成功预测了很多事情,包括斯克里普斯全美拼字比赛的优胜者和芝加哥公立学校的毕业率等等。坚韧的学生总是能压倒性地超过那些聪明的学生。It’s a funny thing when something as seemingly concrete as IQ gets trumped by what most people assume are just a personality trait. I’m with Duckworth, though. Grit can be measured.大部分人认为坚韧只是一种个性品质,所以他们觉得,一种无形的个性品质竟然能把IQ这种似乎可以视为有形的特质比下去有点可笑。但我同意达克沃什的看法。坚韧是可测的。And when I hire, it’s the number one thing I look for in a candidate. If you want to be gritty, here’s what I ask of you.在招聘员工的时候,我最首要的关注点在于候选人是否坚韧。如果你想变成一个坚韧的人,下面这几点是你必须要做到的。Know how to fail.知道如何失败。If you’ve ever done any prototyping, you’ll know that failure is systemic to the model. You get to a place where you’re 70% right, implement your idea, and learn from the data produced by your mistakes. Innovation requires failure, and yet somehow, our schools still teach us to avoid it. What a disservice we do when we tell children with high IQs they shouldn’t be capable of failure, so long as they try. In doing so, we close off their chance for learning. When I hire, I look for the person who failed the first time around and came back a second time with an arsenal. I don’t just want the risk-takers, I want the people who use those risks and failures to learn. Grit is resilience.假如你用过原型法,你就会明白失败是完善原型系统的必须。当你设计的原型最初有70%成功保的时候,贯彻你的想法,并从错误中得到资料,用于进一步改进系统。创新需要失败,但是学校却在教导我们规避失败。我们在高智商的孩子们尝试做某件事的时候,不断提醒他们不要犯错,这样做对他们其实是一种伤害。我们这么做是剥夺了他们学习的权利。招聘新员工的时候,我寻找的是经历过第一次的失败,总结经验后再次参加面试的人。我不只需要敢于冒险的员工,我需要能从风险和失败中总结经验的员工。坚韧是一种复原力。Forget the grade.忘记个人成绩。Grit is working hard without the need for recognition. My friend Jane Park, CEO of Julep, told me that the biggest problems she and her peers have with young hires is that they’re working for the A grade and not for the team. You want to be gritty? Put in your time not for your own betterment, but for the team’s betterment. Be dependable and follow through for your team. Make it your goal to show up for something bigger than you.坚韧是努力工作,无需认可。聚丽(Julep)首席执行官珍妮o帕克是我的朋友,她曾跟我谈起她和同行们发现的一个问题,就是年轻雇员在工作中存在一个共性,他们工作是为自己能崭露头角,而并不是为了整个团队。你想变成坚韧的人吗?努力让整个团队进步,而不仅仅是为了你个人。依靠你的团队,为你的团队坚持到底。以此为目标,超越一己私利的局限。Be an owner.做自己的主人。A recent study showed that 80% of graduating seniors expect that their future employers will train them at their new jobs, while in reality, less than 50% will receive any such training. Grit means owning your own learning. If you want to learn something, don’t wait. Go after it with everything you’ve got, and when you show someone in an interview how you did x, y and z you’ll not only showcase your skill but your grit.最新研究表明,80%的毕业生希望未来雇主能在他们初入职场的时候提供职业培训,但事实上,只有不0%的毕业生才能接受岗位培训。坚韧的人能自主学习。如果你有学习新知识的想法,就要立刻行动。拼尽全力追逐目标,在面试时向面试官展示你何如做到某件事的时候——你不但展示了技能,还有坚韧的品格。Throw away your entitlement.扔掉光环。Your IQ tells employers nothing. A school name on a diploma and GPA tell employers nothing. Throw those signifiers away, and show us who you really are. Being authentic and present in your own skin and not relying on any name, person or score that’s grit. That’s what we want to see.对雇主来说,智商说明不了什么,学位书上的学校名称说明不了什么,考试的平均分也说明不了什么。把这些乱七八糟的符号都丢掉,告诉我们你到底是什么样的人。不依靠任何名字、人物或分数的包装,展示一个真实、自信的你——这就是坚韧。这就是我们想要看到的。Live life outside of your comfort zone.走出安乐窝。It sounds cliché, but it’s grit at its finest. Become comfortable in the uncomfortable. You won’t regret it. I talk about grit from the standpoint of a CEO. But grit is something applicable everywhere. Grit is what makes you stand out not just in a company or in school, but in life. At the heart of it, grit means striving for progress and never yielding in pursuit of your passions.这句话看起来毫无新意,但却是对坚韧最好的诠释。做到随遇而安,你绝对不会后悔。我以CEO的身份谈了我对坚韧的看法。但坚韧适用于所有事情。无论是在公司或是在学校,甚至在生活中,坚韧都能让你出类拔萃。坚韧的含义中最为核心的一点是为进步而奋斗,在追求的道路上决不屈。来 /201406/308322上海眼袋手术

上海市第九人民医院做隆鼻手术多少钱Emma Morano, Europe’s oldest person and the second-oldest in the world, marked her 116th birthday by offering to sing her favourite song for visiting well-wishers, Italian media reported.爱玛莫拉诺是欧洲年龄最大的人,在世界上排名第二。意大利媒体报道,她为来访的祝福者唱了她最喜欢的歌来庆祝她16岁生日。Morano, one of only two women alive certified to have been born in the 19th century, reached the milestone on Sunday in her one-bedroom flat in Verbania, a small town in the Piedmont region of north-west Italy.莫拉诺是仅存的两位生9世纪的女性之一,周日她在韦尔巴尼亚自己的一室公寓中到达了人生的里程碑,韦尔巴尼亚是一个意大利西北部山麓地带的小乡村。“I’m fine, I’m fine and as long as it stays like that I will remain with you,she was ed as saying. “You know I have a beautiful voice, if you like I can sing Parlami d’amore Mariù [Talk to me about love, Mariu].”“我很好,我很好,只要一切保持不变,我就会一直与你同在,”她引用了一句谚语,“你知道我有美丽的嗓子,如果你喜欢的话,我可以唱‘Mariu和我谈谈爱情’给你听。”In an interview with the New York Times earlier this year, Morano attributed her longevity to having left a violent husband in 1938, shortly after the death of her only child at seven months, and to eating three eggs a day for much of her life.在今年年初纽约时报的一篇采访中,莫拉诺将她的长寿归因于1938年失去她唯一7个月的孩子后,离开了她野蛮的丈夫,还有在她人生大多数日子里,每天吃3个鸡蛋。Diagnosed with anaemia at 20, she was advised to eat two raw eggs and a cooked one every day, a regime she maintained for 90 years.0岁被诊断为贫血后,她被建议每天吃两个生鸡蛋和一个熟鸡蛋,这个习惯她保持0年。Susannah Mushatt Jones, the American who is the only other member of the 116 club, also attributes her longevity to many decades of living on her own, having been married for only five years between 1928-33.Susannah Mushatt Jones,另一16岁的美国人,也将其长寿归因于几十年独自居住,只在19283年结年。The Brooklyn resident is also a regular egg eater although she prefers hers scrambled and served with four rashers of bacon.这位布鲁克林的居民也常常食用鸡蛋——尽管她更喜欢将鸡蛋和四片培根一起炒着吃。译文属原创,,不得转载。来 /201512/414426上海市普陀区中心医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 The Congressional Budget Office recently put out new budget projections and commentators have had a series of feel-good moments about it. Debt is under control, they say. Projections of Medicare costs continue to fall, they point out. The CBO’s estimates of future interest rates, and hence interest payments, have come down as well, they echo. Amidst all of the congratulations, it is worth pointing out two facts that might give one pause in claiming “victoryin the deficit wars.美国国会预算办公室(Congressional Budget Office)最近公布了新的预算估算报告。这份报告已经让人士迎来了一系列感觉良好的时刻。他们表示,债务已经得到控制。他们指出,联邦医疗保险(Medicare)的预期成本将继续下降。他们还宣称,根据国会预算办公室的估算,未来的利率水平也将下降,利息出因而将减少。在一片欢呼雀跃声中,值得指出的是,有两个事实可能会延缓他们宣布赢得这场赤字战争“胜利”的时间。First, the overall debt level is aly high relative to historical norms. At its current level of 74%, the ratio of federal debt-to-GDP is at its highest ever, except for seven years around World War II. At that time, the debt ratio peaked at 106% at the end of the war and then fell rapidly, due to low interest rates, inflation, and a generation’s worth of strong economic growth that we can only hope to see again anytime soon.首先,和历史正常水平相比,美国政府的债务总额仍处于高位。目前,联邦政府债务占美国GDP4%,除了二战前后的7年,这是该比率有史以来的最高水平。二战结束时,美国的政府债务占GDP的比率为106%,但随后快速下降,原因是低利率、低通胀以及维持了二三十年的强劲经济增长。如今我们只能盼望着这样的经济发展势头能在短时间内再次出现。Now, however, the debt-to-GDP ratio is not projected to fall. It is projected to creep up slowly over the next decade and then more rapidly in the future. It used to be the case that people worried about whether the debt would increase to high levels like 74% of GDP. Now, we have arrived there. Before the Great Recession, even with the major tax cuts, new entitlements, increased domestic spending and the expanded military operations of the Bush administration, the debt-to-GDP ratio was just half as big as it is now.但是,政府债务占GDP比率预期不会下降。今后十年内,这个数字预计将缓慢上升,随后还将迅速增长。以前,人们担心政府债务将达到很高的水平,比方占GDP4%。而现在,这已经成为现实。在“经济大衰退(Great Recession)”之前,就算布什政府大幅度减税,增加社会福利,提高国内出并扩大军事行动规模,那时的政府债务占GDP比率也只有现在的一半。It is interesting that many people who thought former U.S. president George W. Bush’s agenda was unaffordable back when the debt-to-GDP ratio was half as big as it is now feel that a ratio of 74% is nothing to worry about as debt is predicted to rise further.有意思的是,在当时的情况下,许多人都认为美国负担不了乔治oWo布什总统的开计划。如今,在政府债务占GDP比率达到74%,并且预期还将进一步增长之际,这些人却觉得没什么可担心的。But higher deficits, as the CBO reminds us, will crowd out investment, reduce economic growth and reduce the increase in living standards for the population as a whole. More generally, if sustaining a high debt-to-GDP ratio were politically and economically costless, one would have seen many more countries, before the Great Recession, in high net debt territory. After all, countries could spend more and cut taxes with impunity if the debt-to-GDP ratio didn’t matter. In fact, very few were above 70 percent. It is not a good place to be historically nor comparatively.然而,就像国会预算办公室所提醒的那样,赤字增多会挤占投资空间,降低经济增长率,降低美国民众生活水平的提升速度。更广义地讲,如果居高不下的政府债务占GDP比率不产生任何政治和经济成本,许许多多国家就会在“经济大衰退”之前出现高额净负债。毕竟,如果政府债务占GDP比率无关痛痒,许多国家就可以毫无顾忌地增加开并减税。而实际上,政府债务占GDP比率超过70%的国家少之又少。无论是以往,还是和别的国家相比,如此高的政府债务都不是好现象。Second, the current projections of the deficit could prompt unwarranted complacency because they reflect both an improving economy and underlying spending and revenue trends. The figure below shows the CBO’s baseline projection that deficits are basically flat at just under 3% of GDP over the next five years, then rise slightly.其次,目前预测的赤字水平可能会让人们无端地产生自满情绪,原因是这样的预期既暗含了经济好转,还体现了政府出和收入趋势的改善。从下图可以看出,在国会预算办公室预测的基准情景中,今后5年内,政府赤字占GDP的比率基本上都将保持%以下,随后略有上升。But this can be misleading. Adjusted for the state of the economy, the deficit is actually getting bigger. As CBO and others project, the long, slow economic recovery will continue the next few years, bringing the economy very close to full employment by about 2018. The improvement of the economy reduces the deficit automatically as tax receipts rise and payments for programs like unemployment compensation fall. To separate the effects of the economy from the effects of policies, analysts examine the cyclically adjusted deficit, which removes the effects of the business cycle for a more meaningful look at the state of the deficit.但这可能使人产生误解。按照经济形势进行调整后,政府赤字实际上会变大。正如国会预算办公室和其他机构预计的那样,今后几年的美国经济将继续处于长期缓慢复苏状态,美国经济差不多要018年才会非常接近充分就业水平。随着税收逐渐增多,失业救济等出项目不断减少,经济好转将自动降低赤字。为区分经济的作用和政策的作用,分析师考察的是剔除了周期性因素的赤字,它消除了经济周期的影响,以便更有意义地观察赤字情况。As shown in the figure, the cyclically adjusted deficit is projected to rise sharply over the decade, from about 1.5% of GDP this year and next to more than 3.5% in the out years. (Under a more realistic alternative fiscal scenario, the cyclically adjusted deficit rises to about 3.8 % of GDP in the out years.) A full employment deficit of 3.5% of GDP is serious the highest since 1990, when policy makers saw deficits caused Bush to violate his own “ my lips, no new taxespledge and led lawmakers to enact a deficit reduction package and significant budget reforms.如图所示,剔除周期性因素后,今后十年政府赤字预计将急剧上升,今明两年将占GDP.5%左右,随后几年这个比例将超过3.5%(在更为现实的财政环境下,随后几年的政府赤字占GDP的比率将达到.8%)。在充分就业状态下,赤字占GDP的比率达.5%是个严重问题——这990年以来的最高点。当时,决策者认为赤字致使布什总统违背了他自己做出的“仔细听着,我不会增加税收”这一承诺,并促使国会通过了一揽子削减赤字措施,还进行了重大预算改革。Long-term fiscal policy is not a crisis. It is not even the most important issue facing the economy this moment strengthening the recovery is and the fiscal situation should not stand in the way of changes along those lines. Deficit projections have come down the last few years and are subject to uncertainty.长期财政政策不会带来危机。它甚至都不是目前美国经济面临的最重要问题——现在最重要的是加快经济复苏。财政情况不应该妨碍基于这些原则而进行的调整。在过去几年中,对赤字的预期不断下降,而且存在不确定性。But don’t confuse these points with claims of victory in the debt wars. There is still a long way to go and a lot to gain from dealing with fiscal policy choices in the right way at the right time.不过,不要把这些和宣称我们赢得了债务战争胜利混为一谈。我们还有很长的路要走,还需要用合适的方法在合适的时候通过选择财政政策来争取很多东西。Bill Gale, the Arjay and Frances Miller Chair in Federal Economic Policy in the Economic Studies Program at Brookings Institution, is an expert on tax policy, fiscal issues, pensions, and saving behavior. He is also co-director of the Tax Policy Center and director of the Retirement Security Project at Brookings.比尔o盖尔在布鲁金斯研究所(Brookings Institution)经济研究项目Arjay and Frances Miller Chair教席研究员,专攻联邦经济政策,是税收政策、财政问题、退休金和储蓄行为专家。他还是该研究所税收政策中心联席主任和退休保障项目的负责人 /201409/327319宝山区人民医院减肥手术多少钱

上海公立三甲医院激光脱毛多少钱If the objective of a terror attack is to sow chaos, the Ankara bombing, which comes less than three weeks ahead of a bitterly contested snap election, appears to have done the job.如果恐怖袭击的目的是制造混乱,那么安卡拉爆炸案似乎已经达到了目的。这起爆炸案距土耳其提前举行的、紧张激烈的议会选举只有不到3周时间。A day after the deadliest attack of its kind in Turkey’s history with as many as 128 people claimed dead by opposition politicians though official figures remain at 95 outrage is growing amid claims of official negligence, the country’s politicians are at each othersthroats, a ceasefire between Kurdish insurgents and security forces appears to be dead in the water, and talk of a renewed civil war no longer appears to be premature.反对派政治人士称,这起爆炸案导致多达128人死亡,尽管官方的死亡数字仍5人。它是土耳其历史上遇难人数最多的一次恐怖袭击。惨案发生一天后,土耳其国内愤怒情绪不断高涨,人们纷纷指责政府官员失职,该国的政治人士正在互掐,库尔德反政府武装与土安全部队之间的停火似乎已经夭折,内战再起的传言似乎已不再是杞人忧天。Instead of bringing the country together, the bombing threatens to tear it further apart, analysts say.分析人士表示,这起爆炸案没能让土耳其团结起来,而是可能会让该国进一步分裂。With the Kurdish south consumed by violence, the economy rapidly decelerating, and with part of the electorate intent on seeing its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as a saviour, and the other seeing him as a corrupt autocrat, Turkey is aly badly, deeply divided. Any chance of that changing rapidly diminished over the weekend.由于库尔德控制的土耳其南部地区暴力活动不断,土经济迅速恶化。一些选民倾向于将土总统雷杰普吠伊普埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)视为救世主,另一些选民则将他视为腐败的独裁者。土耳其已是严重分裂,上周末发生的事情让短时间内改变这种局面的机会变得更加渺茫。said Sinan Ulgen of Carnegie Europe. “The degree of existing polarisation was so big that it prevented consensus.The attack is certain to “increase the uncertainty of election results,added analysts GlobalSource Partners in an emailed note.卡内基欧洲分Carnegie Europe)的锡南踠尔根(Sinan Ulgen)表示:“现有的分歧是如此严重,共识很难达成。”GlobalSource Partners的分析师在一份电邮报告中也表示,此次袭击肯定会“加大选举结果的不确定性。”In a statement published on Saturday, just hours after the Ankara bombing, the Kurdistan Workersparty (PKK) announced that it would cease armed hostilities against Turkish targets so as to calm tensions ahead of the November 1 parliamentary vote, unless it was attacked first. Clashes between the insurgents and security forces resumed in July and have since claimed hundreds of lives.在上周六——即在安卡拉爆炸案发生几小时后——发布的一则声明中,库尔德工人PKK)宣布,除非自己首先遭到攻击,否则将停止针对土耳其目标的武装敌对行动,以便1日的议会选举前缓和紧张局势。库尔德武装与土安全部队之间的冲突在7月重启,之后已导致数百人死亡。The PKK’s offer appears to have fallen on deaf ears. On Sunday, the Turkish army announced that it had bombed the group’s positions in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq. The same day, two soldiers were reported killed in clashes with the PKK in Erzurum, in the country’s east.库尔德工人党的提议似乎未被理睬。上周日,土耳其军方宣布,它已轰炸了库尔德工人党位于土东南部以及伊拉克北部的阵地。同一天,据报道有两名土耳其士兵在该国东部埃尔祖鲁姆(Erzurum)与库尔德武装的冲突中丧生。The resumption of those clashes, which have claimed hundreds of lives since July, appears to play into the hands of the group believed to be responsible for the Ankara bombing, Islamic State. “Isis is the party that would benefit most from this action,said Haldun Solmazturk, a retired brigadier general in the Turkish army, referring to the attack and its aftermath.土国内冲突再起似乎对伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰ISIS)有利。ISIS据信应对安卡拉爆炸案负责。土军退役准将哈尔敦∠尔马兹蒂尔Haldun Solmazturk)在提到这起爆炸案及其后果时表示:“这次行动的最大受益者将是ISIS。”On the one hand, Mr Solmazturk says, the group appears to be forcing Turkey to think twice about further involvement in Syria. On the other, it is trying to distract the Kurds, its most formidable foes on the ground, by fanning the flames of its conflict with Turkey. By pitting one of its enemies against the other, says Mr Solmazturk, “it is killing two birds with one stone索尔马兹蒂尔克表示,一方面,ISIS似乎正迫使土耳其重新考虑对叙利亚的进一步干预;另一方面,该组织正通过加剧库尔德人与土耳其的冲突,来分散库尔德武装的注意力。库尔德武装是ISIS在地面战中最可怕的敌人。索尔马兹蒂尔克表示,通过让ISIS的敌人互相打斗,“该组织正一箭双雕”。Wolfango Piccoli, an analyst at Teneo Intelligence Whatever the result of the elections, the fallout from the Ankara attack will be hard to contain, especially as the fight between the PKK and the state threatens to spill over into sectarian conflict. “Whether this crisis will unfold in an outright disaster for the country’s political and economic stability,Wolfango Piccoli, an analyst at Teneo Intelligence,said, “is now a matter of when rather than if.”不管选举结果如何,安卡拉爆炸案的后果很难控制,特别是在库尔德工人党和土政府之间的斗争可能蔓延为教派冲突之际。Teneo Intelligence的分析师沃尔夫安戈皮科利(Wolfango Piccoli)表示:“说到这场危机会不会演变为该国政治经济稳定面临的一场严重灾难,现在看来这已不是一个会不会的问题,而是何时会的问题。”来 /201510/403313 President Barack Obama told the nation on Sunday that the recent shooting of 14 victims in California was an “act of terrorism as he warned that the threat from terrorism had “evolved into a new phase美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(barely-chilled)上周日发表全国讲话,称加利福尼亚州最近发生的、导4人死亡的击案是“恐怖主义行径”。他警告称,恐怖主义威胁已“发展到一个新阶段”。Speaking from the Oval Office in a rare prime time address, Mr Obama said there was no evidence that the couple suspected of the massacre had belonged to a terror group, but that it was clear they had “embraced a perverted interpretation of Islam that calls for war against America and the West奥巴马在电视节目的黄金时段发表了这次讲话,这种情况是不多见的。他在椭圆形办公Oval Office)发表讲话时表示,没有据表明涉嫌制造了此次屠杀的那对夫妇隶属于某个恐怖组织,但他们显然“欣然接受了对伊斯兰教的歪曲解读,这种解读呼吁对美国和西方开战”。In a speech designed to counter criticism that he was not doing enough to tackle terrorism amid the rise of Isis, particularly following the recent attacks in Paris, Mr Obama said that the US would “prevail by being strong and smart这次讲话旨在反驳外界的批评。外界批评奥巴马未在伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰ISIS)崛起之际、尤其是未在最近巴黎恐怖袭击之后采取足够措施来打击恐怖主义。奥巴马表示,美国将“靠坚强和机智来战胜(恐怖主义)”。“The threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. We will destroy Isil and any other organisation that tries to harm us,said Mr Obama. “Our success won’t depend on tough talk, or abandoning our values or giving into fear. That’s what groups like Isil are hoping for. Instead, we will prevail by being strong and smart, resilient and relentless.”“恐怖主义威胁是切实存在的,但我们将会战胜它。我们将摧毁ISIS和任何其他企图伤害我们的组织。”奥巴马说,“我们无法靠说狠话、放弃我们的价值观或向恐惧屈来取得成功——那些是ISIS这样的组织所希望的——相反,我们将靠坚强机智、坚韧不拔来战胜(恐怖主义)。”Rejecting calls from some Republicans to send large numbers of troops to Syria and Iraq to combat Isis, Mr Obama said the US “should not be drawn once more into a long and costly ground warin those countries.奥巴马拒绝采纳一些共和党人发出的、有关向叙利亚和伊拉克派遣大量士兵来打击ISIS的呼吁,他表示,美国“不应再次被拖入”这些国家“旷日持久且代价高昂的地面战争。”“That’s what groups like Isil want. They know they can’t defeat us on the battlefield... they also know that if we occupy foreign lands, they can maintain insurgencies for years, killing thousands of our troops and draining our resources, and using our presence to draw new recruits.”“这是ISIS这样的组织所希望的。他们知道自己无法在战场上打败我们……但他们也知道如果我们占据外国领土,他们就可长年维持武装叛乱,杀害我们成千上万的士兵,耗尽我们的资源,并利用我们的存在来招募新成员。”Mr Obama said the US strategy of using air strikes, small numbers of special fighters and working with local forces in Iraq and Syria would “achieve a more sustainable victorywithout “sending a new generation of Americans overseas to fight and die for another decade on foreign soil奥巴马表示,美国的战略是发动空袭、派遣少量特种兵以及与伊拉克和叙利亚当地武装合作,这种战略将“取得更可持续的胜利”,而且不必“把新一代美国人派到海外、在外国领土上又死战十年”。Although the FBI previously said that the shootings were an act of terrorism, officials have urged people not to draw firm conclusions about the case. “I would caution people not try and define either of these two individuals right now,attorney-general Loretta Lynch said on Sunday.尽管美国联邦调查局(FBI)此前表示加州击案是恐怖主义行径,但美国官员敦促人们不要就此案下确定的结论。美国司法部长洛蕾塔霠奇(Loretta Lynch)表示:“我要提醒人们不要现在就试图给上述二人中的任何一人下定义。”FBI director James Comey told reporters not to make too much of the fact that the two suspects had been in contact with people under investigation by the bureau, in an indication that those contacts could have been superficial. Investigators are still combing through every detail of the lives of America-born Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik.美国联邦调查局局长詹姆斯科米(James Comey)告诉记者们,不要对这两名嫌疑人一直与联邦调查局所调查的人员联络这一事实做过度解读——这说明,这些联络可能是浅层次的。调查人员仍在仔细梳理在美国出生的赛义德里兹万法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)及其巴基斯坦妻子塔什费恩氠利Tashfeen Malik)生活的每一个细节。来 /201512/414900上海做眼线多少钱上海市第九人民医院光子嫩肤多少钱



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