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  • Every day, hundreds of thousands of us pop into coffee shops. While we sip our cappuccinos, we may connect our smartphones to the cafes’ Wi-Fi network, and catch up with friends via services such as Facebook.每天都有好几十万人光顾咖啡馆。我们一边啜饮着卡布奇诺,一边用手机上着免费Wifi,刷着Facebook等社交网围观朋友近况。As well as socialising, we may use the time and free access to a wireless connection to get on top of our finances. That #163;75 you owe the plumber can be paid instantly by accessing your bank’s website or app. Transferring money from your savings account to your current account is nothing more than a few taps on your screen.除了社交,我们也会利用这空闲时间和免费网络处理一下财务问题。比如说,你能登录网上或者应用来还欠水管工的75英镑,而且马上就能到账。只需要在手机屏上轻敲几下,你就可以把储蓄账户的钱转到消费账户,就是这么简单。But what coffee drinkers do not suspect is that lurking among their fellow latte lovers are bank robbers.但是慢悠悠喝着咖啡的人们从没想到,盗贼会潜伏在他们周围那些爱喝拿铁的顾客里。Unbeknown to you, this modern form of bank robber is silently harvesting all your private data. The only sign of his thievery is perhaps a little smile as your bank log-in details appear on his screen, y for him to copy and paste before plundering your account within seconds of you finishing your coffee.你不知道的是,这种新型网银盗贼悄悄地收集着你的私人数据。盗窃发生的迹象几乎是无痕的,你的网银登录信息出现在他屏幕上之后、他微微一笑,然后就可以复制粘贴你的账号密码,不等你喝完咖啡就刷光你的卡。In short, you’ve just been mugged — but you’ll only realise when you later go to a cash machine to withdraw some money, and discover that every penny in your account has been cleared out. During an anxious phone call to the bank, you’ll learn that an online thief has hacked into your account and stolen all your money.简单来说,你刚刚被盗了——但是只有你去取款机取钱、发现卡里一分钱都没有了的时候,才会发现自己被盗。等到你焦急地给打电话时,你就会明白是一个网络小偷黑了你的网银,偷光了你的钱。One route is through your phone’s wireless ‘Bluetooth’ function, which, when switched on, allows it to ‘talk’ to other enabled devices nearby. This means that a hacker sitting near you can use his Bluetooth-enabled laptop to connect to your device without your knowledge. This process is sometimes called ‘bluejacking’ or, more properly, ‘bluesnarfing’ (from the slang word ‘snarf’ which means to eat, drink or devour).网银失窃有时是通过蓝牙功能,打开蓝牙、周围也开着蓝牙功能的手机就能接收到你的信息。也就是说,一个坐在你旁边的黑客可以用他开着蓝牙的电脑来连接你的手机,而你对此一无所知。这种方式有时被叫做“蓝牙盗窃”,或者更多被叫做“蓝牙吞噬”。(所谓吞噬,就是说对方吃掉了你的信息,有时还有钱)The more common method is for crooks to use your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection. They rely on the fact that most of us are blase about the security of the networks we connect to.更常见的盗窃手段是利用你手机的Wifi连接,他们就是欺负我们一般人对于Wifi的安全性毫不关心。For example, when you are in a coffee shop, your smartphone will present you with a list of available Wi-Fi networks that you can use to connect your phone to the internet. The majority of these networks are run by legitimate companies, but sometimes they are actually created by a criminal sitting nearby with little more than a laptop.比如说,你在咖啡馆的时候,手机能搜到一大堆Wifi,链接这些Wifi就能够手机上网了。这些Wifi中大多数都是合法的,但是也有的就是你旁边的黑客仅用一台手提电脑创建的网络。These networks are often given innocent-sounding names, such as ‘Free Public Wi-Fi’, that gull smartphone users into logging in. On the surface, everything seems normal, and you will be able to connect just as you would with a legitimate Wi-Fi service.这些Wifi一般都有个纯洁无辜的名字,比如“免费公共无线”,好骗你们上钩。表面看来一切正常,能上网能下载,和你连接合法Wifi一样。However, because you have connected to a network controlled by a thief, he can monitor everything you do, enabling him to vacuum up passwords and login details for your bank account. In fact, the process is so simple that the thieves can steal thousands of pounds in just a few hours while sitting in their local Starbucks.不过,因为你连了一个由盗贼控制的Wifi,你干嘛他都看得见,所以他就能读取到你的网银密码和登录信息。事实上,这个过程不过是举手之劳,所以小偷们只需要在附近的星巴克坐上几个小时,就能偷到好几千英镑。 /201405/302458
  • ;Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter,; the social networking company#39;s former creative director, Doug Bowman, said in a 2012 announcement about the latest redesign of the Twitter logo. Its slightly goofier predecessor had a tufted head and was sometimes accompanied by the company name; Bowman#39;s new bird was a sleeker update. Resembling a mountain bluebird with a dash of hummingbird thrown in, the Twitter bird has a beak and body that point toward the sky in what Bowman called ;the ultimate representation of freedom, hope and limitless possibility.; Unlike previous iterations since the company#39;s 2006 launch, all of which were named ;Larry the Bird; after the Boston Celtics legend, the current logo is known simply as the Twitter Bird.“Twitter就是这只鸟,这只鸟就是Twitter,”社交网络公司Twitter的前任创意总监道格·鲍曼(Doug Bowman)2012年宣布Twitter标识的最新设计时说。它的上一代略显笨拙,头上有一簇毛,有时附上公司的名称;鲍曼的新小鸟线条更明快。它类似山地蓝知更鸟,带有一点蜂鸟的影子,它的嘴和身子伸向天空,用鲍曼的话说,是“自由、希望和无限可能性的终极体现”。从2006年公司创立时的版本到此前的版本都命名为“大鸟拉里”(Larry the Bird),这个名字来自波士顿凯尔特人队的传奇人物拉里·伯德(Larry Bird)。目前的标识被简单地称为Twitter小鸟。The original Larry, to which the present icon bears little resemblance, was created by Simon Oxley, a British graphic designer who has since produced many mascots for online companies. The blue bird was just one illustration he offered for sale on the iStock website in 2006, where someone at Twitter bought it for about (you can still download a variation of it for the bargain price of ). As early adopters of the platform may recall, Oxley#39;s bird is a slender, serene fellow, adorned only by a stylized eye and perched on a branch that splits off into an elegant Japanese--influenced gathering of curlicues.现在的标识和最初的大鸟拉里几乎没有相似之处,最初版本是英国平面设计师西蒙·奥克斯利(Simon Oxley)创作,他后来为很多网络公司设计了吉祥物。那只蓝鸟只是他2006年在iStock网站上销售的一个插图,Twitter公司的人花了约15美元买下了它(现在你仍可以以11美元的特价下载一个类似的插图)。Twitter的早期用户们可能还记得,奥克斯利的小鸟更纤细、安静,只装饰着一只艺术化的眼睛,栖息在树枝上,那个树枝分裂成一个优雅的日式花饰。When Twitter selected his design, Oxley wasn#39;t even aware of the company#39;s existence. ;I seem to recall a friend sending me an email telling me,; he says now. ;It was fun to witness more and more sightings and see CNN and the B mentioning it with images of my bird alongside the story.; But because companies aren#39;t permitted to use iStock images as official logos, Twitter soon left Oxley#39;s bird behind. Biz Stone, a company founder, came up with the initial design for the first in-house bird logo, fine-tuning it by 2009 with the help of Philip Pascuzzo, a designer. A year later, they created yet another version of the logo — its cartoonish features silhouetted away — which was eventually further streamlined by Bowman into its current form.Twitter选择奥克斯利的设计时,他甚至没听说过这家公司。“我好像记得有个朋友给我发邮件说起这家公司,”他说,“我越来越多地看到自己的图标,CNN和B在提到该公司的创业故事时也会提到我的小鸟图标,这让我挺高兴的。”但是因为公司不准使用iStock上的图标作为正式标识,Twitter很快抛下了奥克斯利的小鸟。公司创始人之一比兹·斯通(Biz Stone)想出了内部小鸟标识的最初设计,2009年在设计师菲利普·帕斯库佐(Philip Pascuzzo)的帮助下对它进行了微调。一年后,他们创作了另一个版本——卡通化的剪影——它最后被鲍曼进一步精简成了现在的样子。As for Oxley, though his bird is no longer in wide circulation, he expresses only pleasure at having been a part of tech-start-up history — and he remains a loyal fan of the species. ;I do like birds, very much,; he says. ;I grew up in the English countryside, surrounded by them. Dawn chorus begins each morning at 4 a.m.; Tweet, tweet.至于奥克斯利,虽然他的小鸟不再广泛流传,但他为自己成为一家科技公司创办史的一部分而感到高兴。他仍是那个物种的忠实粉丝。“我真的很喜欢鸟,”他说,“我在英国乡下长大,周围全是鸟。清晨4点就能听到鸟鸣。”啾啾,啾啾。 /201409/326807
  • The goal to lose weight is the most popular New Year’s resolution, as more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.一项新研究发现, 媒体所提供的一些指责肥胖者的信息可能会让他们的体重有增无减。这些信息把超重者看成懒惰、意志薄弱和自我放纵的人,认为他们会导致医疗成本的增加。那些认为自己超重的女性在看了有关指责肥胖者的文章之后,控制自身饮食的能力会下降。However, before launching into a new diet, caveat emptor, as some new findings by University of California - Santa Barbara researchers suggest many directives may be counterproductive.研究表明,文章和广告中所暗示的肥胖症只和人的自控能力有关的这种消息,会使体重超重的人感到更加无助,从而更加无法控制自己的饮食。In a new study, psychology professor Dr. Brenda Major discovered that the weight-stigmatizing messages presented by the media —the ones that characterize overweight individuals as lazy, weak-willed, self-indulgent and contributing to rising health care costs —may be tipping the scales in the wrong direction. Major believes that some of the approaches may actually lead to weight gain.研究人员指出,如果有关减肥方面的信息能够把重点放在良好的健康和身体锻炼上,而不是关注体重和体重指数,那么所收到的效果将会更好。 /201401/273846
  • Eight out of ten women #39;edit#39; their holiday snaps before uploading them to social media so only their slimmest angles are shared, according to new research.据英国《每日邮报》报道,最新调查显示,八成女性往社交网站上传照片之前,都会修图,好让朋友们看到自己苗条漂亮的一面。Most women will also delete unflattering pictures of themselves even if other people in the frame look good.多数女性还会删除自己拍得不好看的照片,即使这些照片中其他人拍得不错。More than half of women (58 per cent) will remove pictures taken by their husbands or boyfriends to make sure only the most flattering pictures survive.为确保只留下照得最好看的照片,超过半数女性(58%)都会删除丈夫或男朋友为其拍摄的照片。And women take charge of distributing holiday pictures in 74 per cent of couples.74%的情侣中,女方占据发布假日照片的主力。The unflattering picture black-out was revealed in a new survey of 1, 000 women by the diet firm Forza Supplements.近日,饮食公司能量供应商( Forza Supplements)一项新调查曝光这类不好看的照片。The poll highlighted the five pictures women most hate of themselves on holiday.该调查列出五种女性最不喜爱的度假照。Number one were those showing them sitting down with a bare midriff showing rolls of fat around the tummy.排名第一的是女性身穿露脐装坐着的照片,肚子上的赘肉显露无疑。The second worst picture nightmare is being caught with tight jeans and a muffin top bulging out of the sides.被抓拍到身穿紧身牛仔、肚腩肉呼之欲出对女性而言是第二大恶梦。The third picture #39;no no#39; is being shot with a double chin and fourth on the blacklist were obvious drunken shots.第三种不尽人意的照片是拍到双下巴;而女性喝得醉醺醺的照片被列入了黑名单第四位。The final picture nightmare is those taken straight after swimming where the hair is wet and unkempt.最后一种不得女性欢心的照片,是游泳过后头发湿漉漉、乱糟糟的邋遢样。The Forza survey found that 95 per cent of holiday-makers now share their pictures via social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or simply by emailing them on PCs and phones.该调查还发现,目前,95%度假者通过脸书、Instagram(增译:一款运行在iPhone平台上的照片分享应用程序)和推特等社交网站分享她们的照片,或利用个人电脑或手机发送邮件。A staggering 76 per cent of women have been #39;embarrassed#39; after a friend or relative have shared a picture of them which they didn#39;t like.难以置信的是,76%女性表示,曾因亲戚朋友分享她们不喜欢的照片而感到尴尬。A further 57 per cent have asked friends or relatives to delete pictures from sites like Facebook because they were unflattering.更甚一步,57%女性曾要求亲戚朋友删除脸书等网站照片,只因她们拍得不好看。The most popular reason for picture deletions was, #39;because I looked fat.#39;删除照片最常见理由是:“因为我看起来很胖。”The overwhelming majority of women (82 per cent) admitted that they edited holiday pictures - removing pictures of themselves which were unflattering even if the other people in the frame looked good.绝大多数女性(82%)承认其度假照经过筛选——删除自己拍得不好看的照片,即使这些照片其他人拍得不错。More than third of women (34) use filters on sites such as Instagram to make themselves look better in pictures before sharing them with friends.超三分之一女性(34%)在向好友分享照片前,都会事先使用如Instagram等网上滤镜美化照片。A quarter of women said they had been inspired to edit their holiday pictures because they were #39;intimidated#39; by beach pictures of celebrities looking great in their bikini such as Elle Macpherson and Gwyneth Paltrow.四分之一女性表示,她们曾对诸如艾拉-麦克弗森(Elle Macpherson)和格温妮丝-帕特罗(Gwyneth Paltrow)等名人惊艳无比的比基尼沙滩照感到自愧不如,如今,修图软件却鼓舞了她们。Forza Supplements#39; sales shoot up by a third between May and August as women go on diets to prepare for the beach.由于多数女性为沙滩美照而节食塑身,能量供应商公司今年5至7月份的营业额增长了三分之一。Lee Smith, managing director of Forza Supplements, said: ‘It is very clear that women rule the roost when it comes to holiday pictures.能量供应商总经理里·史密斯(Lee Smith)表示,“很明显,一提到度假照,女性们都当仁不让。‘Whether they take the pictures or not, they decide which shots get shared with family or friends and they will delete any in which they looking overweight.不管是不是她们拿相机,她们都可以决定分享哪张照片给家人朋友,同时可以删除任何自己看起来显胖的照片。‘They are not slow in gently asking friends to remove pictures which they don#39;t like.’并且,在要求朋友删除这类照片时,她们语气从不温和平缓。” /201408/317557
  • She#39;s been complaining on Twitter about suffering from a cold and Lady Gaga was taking no chances as she braved the chill in New York on Wednesday.雷人教母Lady Gaga 日前在她的推特上抱怨自己饱受感冒的折磨,为了御寒,Lady Gaga全副武装走上纽约街头。看来她有了这整套装备,就再也不怕寒冷了。The mother monster - who will turn 28 in two days - wore a thick oversized polo neck sweater as she emerged from her apartment and black trousers with boots.2天后将迎来28岁生日的 Lady Gaga 走出纽约公寓时,身着一件超大号黑色高领厚毛衣,黑色宽松裤子和黑色亮面尖头皮靴。While it#39;s not surprising she chose a pair of gloves, Gaga#39;s huge green furry mitts were typically of the star#39;s eccentric style and ensured she stood out from the crowd while staying warm.当天她还带了一双绿色怪兽长毛手套,整套搭配在人群中是很抢眼。这看上去的确有点古怪,但是这副手套看上去就很保暖。While there was no sign of her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, 32, things are going strong between the pair.当天却没看到她的男朋友,32岁的男演员泰勒·金尼。他们正处于如胶似漆的恋爱状态。The Alejandro hitmaker recently admitted she is the submissive one in their relationship, something which surprised those who know the star as a strong female role-model.最近Lady Gaga向外界透露,她在这段关系中是顺从的一方,这着实让很多认为Gaga在恋爱关系中会是强势女强人的人大跌眼镜。#39;He is totally in charge. I mean when I am home I am like, shoes are off, I#39;m making him dinner,#39; she told. #39;He has a job too and he is really busy!#39;“完全就是他做主。我是说回到家里,我一般脱掉鞋子为他做晚饭。他今天也有工作而且非常忙。”(Gaga近期在Sirius XM晨间秀中分享了她和男友泰勒之间的趣事。)Gaga continued: #39;I#39;m in charge all day long. The last thing I wanna do is tell him what to do.Gaga 还补充道:“我整天都很忙,我最不想做的事就是告诉他他该怎么做。”Recently, Akon claimed his record label cut ties with Gaga because her career is on the decline.最近,爱情得意的Lady Gaga事业却起色不大。阿肯声称他的唱片公司已经减少了与Lady Gaga有关的活动,因为她的事业已经开始走下坡路了。 /201404/287442
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